Green Lantern: First Flight (2009) Script

HAL: I'll tell you, Carol, it's quite a sight up here. All those stars, the blue water.

Reminds me of that night in Cabo. Remember?

FERRIS: Hal, stay on the flight.

A lot of sangria that night.

-Boy, could you put it away. -Hal.

-I don't know how we made it to the hotel-- -Hal, you're at 91,400 feet.

Ten feet higher, the window cracks and you're tapioca.

Just pushing it a little. Maybe we'll set a record for the company.

Please, Hal. For once in your life, no stunts, no surprises.


No surprises.

Find him.

FERRIS: Make this landing and we'll have a perfect flight, Mr. Jordan.

So does this mean I get a gold star, or just an incredible simulation?


What happened to the power?


Carol? Anybody?

If I have to fly this freaking park ride again....



My God.


It's all right.

My time has come.

You speak English.


It's the ring.

It has chosen you. Take it.


You are now a Green Lantern... of the protectors of the universe.

The Guardians will send for you.


...the ring...


What the hell?

FERRIS: --and when that weird glow cleared, the simulator was--


Was there an earthquake?

FERRIS: I guess it's okay, but a whole week?

Where are you going?

I don't know. I thought I'd do some exploring. See some new sights.

Not much else to do until we get word on the prototype.

Well, at least the simulator wasn't damaged too badly.

Hey, Carol, gotta run. I'll call you from...



So it's true.

Abin Sur really is dead.

Where is his body?

-I said, where is--? -It was blown up with the spacecraft.

I want it off.


The poozer's not even trained.


SINESTRO: Someone's been practicing.

And without a manual.

Let's all power down for a moment, shall we?

I don't think we've been properly introduced.

My name is Sinestro.

This is Boodikka, Tomar Re...

-...and you've met our charming Kilowog. -Heh.

-And you? -Hal Jordan.

Well, Hal Jordan...

...we are members of the Green Lantern Corps... elite, intergalactic force from the planet Oa.

Our superiors are a group of immortals known as the Guardians.

-Yeah. They're supposed to send for me. -That's right.

We're to bring you back for a little chat.

And in case you're wondering...

...this is not a request.

The ring isn't yours until the Guardians have decided.

-Okay. -Very good.

Tomar, would you do the honors?

We thought the trip might be easier for you in a more earthly construct.

Uh, thanks.

APPA ALI APSA: You must understand, earthling...

...the Green Lantern Corps is a privileged organization.

Not just anyone can join.

There are tremendous commitments.

Each Lantern is responsible...

...for patrolling one of 3600 sectors of the universe.

-But-- -Sort of like one cop per precinct.

Uh, yes. I-- I suppose.

HAL: My uncle was a cop.

-Yes, but-- -Thirty years on the Coast City police force.

He used to let me turn on the siren. Nice guy.

But more than that, the Green Lantern ring is a complex tool.

It takes someone with fierce concentration.

I think I got the hang of it.

He's got the hang of it.


Why are we even entertaining this? He's a human.

Yes, hard to get past that.

I'm afraid the human race of Earth does not have the most stellar reputation.

RANAKAR: The fact is humans are crude, base, fearful and untrustworthy.

GUARDIAN 1: Then there's the smell.

GANTHET: You can't condemn an entire species.

RANAKAR: You've said it yourself, Ganthet.

It's a wonder they've lasted this long.

Maybe you'd like me to list their atrocities.

Maybe our human can help us.

Maybe he has a few of his own.


Listen, buddy, I didn't ask for this ring.

You want it back, take it, because I've had enough of this crap.

Well, it appears we can add impertinence to their many qualities.

GANTHET: The human has a point.

If he were as unworthy as everyone says... power in the galaxy could have forced that ring on his finger.

Yet there it is, at one with him.

Guardian Council, if I may speak.

Please, Sinestro.

The Lantern of Sector 1417 is recognized.

Thank you, Appa Ali Apsa.

I'd like to make a proposal.

Allow me to take the human under my wing, test him out...

...see what he's made of.

That's my job.

People can surprise you if you give them a little incentive.

You have more important things on your agenda, Sinestro.

We have a deepening crisis at hand.

I understand, sir, but I thought the human could be of assistance.

It's a bit out of the ordinary...

...but I'd be interested in Sinestro's evaluation.

Shall we put it to a vote?

All in favor.


So be it. The human falls under your command, Sinestro.

Good luck.

I'm the trainer around here.

I know, I know.

-So, what now? -Now, I own your ass.

Come on.

HAL: What's the crisis they were talking about?

A small matter of who's gonna control the universe.

Not that it's in the best hands as it is.

But first things first.

You are on sacred ground, Earth boy.

We're at the center of the universe.

This lantern contains the battery that powers all the rings.

It also contains all the known information of the cosmos.

A sort of atlas and who's who of space.

We're going to be playing in Sector 1215.

You need to be brought up to speed.

Stick your ring in the light, think 1215 and the battery will do the rest.



This isn't a travelogue.



Not bad. The last rookie fried his antennas off.

Glad I could impress you.

But you do.

Unlike the others, I like humans.

I admire their spirit and their natural contempt for authority.

It's well-founded here.

You mean the Guardians?

They were a power at one time, but now they've grown soft.

They've no idea what it's like on the front line.

But don't you worry, Earth boy.

They'll be taking notice of you. I need to know if you've got the stuff...

-...for what's ahead. -What's that?

We're going to get the butcher who killed Abin Sur.

SINESTRO: Cadmendoh is a pustule of a planet.

A breeding ground of criminal scum.

One time I suggested we clean it out with a meteor shower.

The Guardians thought I was kidding.

-Who we after? -A squidman named Cuch.

He killed Abin Sur?

With a smile.


I don't have this place in my files.

It's called Labella's.

It changes addresses frequently.

Is he Labella?

He's the bouncer.

Watch my back and keep your mouth shut.

BOTH: Aah!



Looks like a busy night.

Any chance Cuch has shown up?

Don't know no Cuch.

Booly, Booly, Booly. Look at you.

Like a big rubber Booly ball.

Bet I could bounce you off the wall.

I-- I haven't seen him. I swear!

You know who to come to when you do.




Maybe we should have come undercover.

What's the fun in that?



You should've let me know you were coming, baby.

Always surprising me.

Why you do that?

Could've made some cozy time.

I'm in a bit of a hurry, my dear.

I'm looking for Cuch.


Don't ask me.

I'm not his mother.

I heard he was in town.

Cuch left with the bug man, baby.

Long time ago.

Never come back to old Labella.

How come I don't believe you?

How come these suits got no zippers?

Aw, honey, you're not gonna slam Labella for a little moon ball.

I can't control all the shank that gets in here.

-Take it. -What?

A little incentive.

Maybe it will jog your memory.

Go ahead.



You're a bad boy, S-man.

What about Cuch?

I told you.


One more.


Sinestro, come on.

-Where is he? -I don't know.


Honey, I beg you.

Where's Cuch?

I don't know.


End this.

I know what I'm doing.

He always comes back to you after a job.


And he's here. He's close, isn't he?

Just tell me, Labella.

What do you mean? Where is she?





I'm going up.


-It's a fragger! -Aah!


CUCH: Aah!



I got lucky.


You defied me.

You could've killed her.

Let me tell you, friend.

The only way to operate out here is by fear.

They hit, I hit harder.

They attack, I annihilate.

I am the one constant, unassailable force against their chaos...

...and you made them forget that.

You think I enjoy this?

Look at the universe the Guardians have created.

We have the greatest power in the cosmos and what have they made us?

Garbage collectors!

We pick up the trash.

A thief here, a killer there.

Scum, dirt, filth!

There's no end to it, but there could be.

It's my dream that one day all this rot will be wiped away.

A new order will prevail, one that will end the chaos...

...but it won't be built by the faint of heart.

You got soft on me back there, Earth boy, and that I will not tolerate.

Everything okay? We heard there was a disturbance.

We're fine.

Hey, you got Cuchie.

Don't he look peaceful.

I'm taking him to the nearest substation. I want everyone with me.

-You all right? -Yeah.



Mind if I join you?

Might hurt your reputation.

Give them time.

You have to understand...

...Abin Sur, everyone loved him.

He had family, friends.

He was irreplaceable.

Any news on Cuch?

-They took him to interrogation. -Who's asking the questions?

Who do you think?


-Ouch. -I know. Sinestro can be difficult.

All right, he can be pretty damn arrogant.

Some of us are starting to worry about him, but he's under a lot of pressure.

-Yeah, saving the universe or something. -That's right.

Cuch is just a bit player.

The one we're really after is his boss, Kanjar Ro.

He's just a warlord.

Not anymore.

-Not since he found the yellow element. -Should I be taking notes?

This story goes back as far as time itself...

...when the only sentient beings were the Guardians.

BOODIKKA: They built the lantern battery...

...long before the creation of the Corps.

The battery would power all the rings with the green element...

...the greatest energy source in the universe.

Where it comes from only the Guardians know.

But once it was installed, the Guardians had the ultimate weapon... maintain peace and promote justice in the galaxies.

Unfortunately, the battery had one vulnerability, the color yellow.

It's one part of the light spectrum that can resist the green...

...and the most concentrated source of yellow energy... the yellow element.

For eons, the Guardians had it hidden underground in another dimension...

...until Kanjar Ro found out.

When the Guardians discovered the theft...

...they called for an emergency meeting with the senior Lanterns.

Abin Sur offered to go undercover.

Within days, he had infiltrated Ro's ship...

...but there was no sign of the yellow element.

Kanjar Ro had taken it somewhere.

Abin Sur was about to report back to the Guardians when he was found out.


That's the way I heard it.

From there, Abin Sur made his way to Earth.

-And now you're here. -Jeez.

-You captured Cuch by yourself. -He tell you that?

No. I was in your head.


SINESTRO: As you know, Kanjar Ro was forced to abandon his ship...

...after Abin Sur's escape.

Now he's on the move again.

I just found out from Cuch...

...that Ro and his men are meeting at the Kadian Space Terminal at 1700 hours.

That's it? That's all you got?

Not that it isn't significant.

No. It's good to know. Needed. Necessary even.

I want everyone back here at 1600 hours.

We'll leave together. Are there any questions?

If not, then--


Excuse me.

APPA ALI APSA: This is not the first time we've had to reprimand you, Sinestro.

This cruelty is hardly the Guardian way.

He was resistant.

It made the process difficult.

-I did my best. -We should have been called.

We might have been able to use our telepathy to draw him out.

Time is running out.

And we're facing a foe who is hell-bent on destroying us.

The Green Lantern Corps is an ideal, Sinestro.

You don't save it by ignoring what it stands for.

This must not happen to Kanjar Ro.

The moment he is captured, he is to be brought to us.

We'll do the questioning.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

They will doom us all.

I'll need someone to watch this outer perimeter. Ch'p?

I always get the stink jobs.

-Let the new guy do it. -Whatever.

Fine. Let's go.

Don't trip over the luggage.

MAN [OVER PA]: Attention, travelers.

We apologize for this interruption in service.

The Green Lantern Corps has requested a routine scan of the spaceport.

There is nothing to be concerned about. Operations will resume momentarily.


That red-faced swine wants to flush me out.

What should we do?


The room. Get out.

I'll let you know when I'm done.

I am here.

Make yourself present.

Sinestro, I'm calling.

Make your presence known.

I'm here.

-What kind of stunt are you trying to pull? -You're a hard man to reach.

What do you want, a daily briefing?

It's dangerous to talk, even like this, especially with Abin Sur dead.

Communication, Ro. It goes two ways.

I swear I'm not squeezing you out.

-Where's the yellow element? -With the Weaponers.

The weapon is ready for pickup. We don't have long.

-Where? -I'm gonna tell you...

...surrounded by your pack dogs?

Don't try me, Ro.

I've put everything on the line for this: the Corps, the future, my life.

I am not going to be given the runaround.

Tell you what, we go to the Weaponers together, just you and me.

You get rid of your boys, I'll get rid of mine.

-Where are you? -In a waiting room.

I'll meet you at Station 50 in half an hour. But if I see one ring anywhere--

Just be there.

Tomar, we have a change of plans.

Come on. We're leaving.

But the rings...

Use your faders.


-Tell me you got him. -Not yet. How are you doing?

So far I've seen 10 shooting stars, one supernova and a baggage handler.

Tomar says Sinestro wants to re-deploy most of us to the next port.

Get over to the south perimeter. Tomar is meeting us there.


You okay?

Yeah. Something hit me.


Stay here.


Hold it, bug boy.

BUG BOY 1: Aah! BUG BOY 2: Aah!

TOMAR RE: Jordan, where are you?

Got a little pest-control problem.


Where is Kanjar Ro?

Sinestro. He's heading for the west gates.

Do whatever it takes. I need him alive.




-Nice move. -Hm.

All right, one at a time.

What are you doing? Where's Ro?

-Sinestro, these people-- -These people are irrelevant.

The Corps is on the line. Get that through your heads.

None of us, and therefore none of them are safe...

...until we get Kanjar Ro.

I don't care if we have to tear this place apart girder by girder.


It's him.

-Unh. Ooh! -Ugh!


Push it.


-Huh? Yeah. -You all right?

Good shot.

KANJAR RO: They're going to reach us. -Time to lighten the load.

Holy crap!

We have to get through.

There's a rift ahead. We can get out home free.


LIEUTENANT: It's that guy from the port.

So why are you sitting here?






One bug left.


SINESTRO: I'd power down if I were you.

I'm the only one who knows where the Weaponers are.

Without me, you'll never find them.

Take me in, and I'll implicate you, I swear.

Come on, Sinestro. Put the ring down. We can still work this out.

-Sinestro? -I'm thinking.

What's there to think about?

Plan B. It could work.




TOMAR RE: Down here.

APPA ALI APSA: You entered the pilot's cabin on your own.

HAL: Yes, sir.

-And you did not see Kanjar Ro? -No, sir.

And you have no recollection of killing him?

I did not kill him.

Someone did, and he wore a Green Lantern ring.

You were the first ones there.

Actually, Tomar Re and Boodikka arrived on the scene first...

...but I was there soon after.

We followed the ship's vapor trail separately.

-And no one else was on the ship? SINESTRO: No.

But I think it's perfectly understandable what happened.

The human was attacked by Kanjar Ro...

...and in his last moments of consciousness, he struck back.

A clear case of self-defense.

He should never have put himself in that situation.

If he hadn't played hero... might have caught up with the ship and taken Kanjar Ro alive.

Now there's no telling into whose hands the yellow element might fall.

Perhaps you'd like to say something?

I didn't kill him.

Then who did?

Whoever took his Energi-Rod. I sure as hell don't have it.

By your brash actions... have placed the universe in absolute turmoil.

Excuse me, but the turmoil began...

...when the yellow element was stolen under your watch.

GUARDIAN 1: We've heard enough. GUARDIAN 2: Indeed.

Hal Jordan, it greatly disappoints me that in the judgment of this tribunal... have been found of insufficient discipline... carry on the duties of a Green Lantern.

Will the sergeant-at-arms please come forth?

You shall hand your ring over to Commander Kilowog.

Kilowog, you will keep the ring until the Guardians choose its successor.

GUARDIAN 3: And what of the yellow element?

I suggest we call a special session with our honor guard... devise our next strategy.

I can arrange that, sir.

If there is nothing more, this tribunal is over.

Are you my ride home?

We both volunteered. Kilowog has something to say to you.

I'm sorry I said the things I said about you.

You saved my life. You are a brave and bold Green Lantern.

Thanks, Kilowog.

-You gonna eat that? -Go for it.

-Quite a day, huh? -I'm sorry.

-Did you notice how calm he was? -Who?

Sinestro. He even defended me, in a half-assed way.

He's always been political.

Would he have known where the Guardians hid the yellow element?

-They trust him. -He hates them, you know.

He's critical.

Uh-uh. No, no. He can't stand them.

What did the Guardian mean when he said the Energi-Rod might be helpful?

Kanjar Ro controlled it through his thoughts. It might contain some psionic information.

Like where he put the yellow element?

Ranakar doesn't know his butt from his poozer.


Even if you had the rod... can't use it without Kanjar Ro's brainwaves...

...and that transmitter has been shut off for good.

-Are you ready? -Are we in a hurry?

This is him.


I know it's cold, Kanjar Ro.

I'm sorry about that.


You're in the morgue. You're dead.

-Dead? -I killed you.

I'm reconnecting synapses for some information. This shouldn't take long.

You remember the yellow element, right?


You left it with the Weaponers. Where are they?


One more time.


Perhaps you can show me. Let's sit up, shall we?

All right, now. Where are the Weaponers? Where is the yellow element?

Sector 324. Very good.

Can you be more specific?

-Qward. HAL: Wow.

Can you find the nearest pizza joint too?

Well, well, this is a surprise.

What's going on, Sinestro?

It's fairly evident, Kilowog.

I've been working behind the scenes to find the yellow element.

You killed Kanjar Ro.

To save his hide.

Careful now. You don't want to damage the Energi-Rod.

The core is quite unstable, I've been told.

You lied to the Guardians.

I've lied to everyone. I've had to.

-Why? -Think about it.

How did Kanjar Ro know exactly where to find the yellow element?

How was Abin Sur killed so quickly?

-Are you saying there's a traitor? -Of course.

Why do you think I wanted to work with Earth boy?

At least I could be sure he was clean.

You should've told the Guardians.

In due time.

Let's get the yellow element first, Kilowog.

Then we'll all be heroes.

Take off your ring.

Don't be ridiculous. Boodikka?

Sorry, Sinestro. I don't think you can talk your way out of this one.

KILOWOG: Ugh! -Jeez.


He's still alive.

If she had killed him, his ring would have flown to the Guardians.

And we'd rather not have that happen just yet.

It was Jordan's idea to come here. I was hoping you'd be gone by now.

I told you he was bright.

You played me.

I needed to get inside your head, see if you should join our club.

But you're not easy to read.

We really need to talk about personal space.

It's not too late, Jordan.

Boodikka believes in my vision. Others will too.

But I could use someone like you who has the stones to get things done.

While the gnomes banish you...

...I offer you power, more power than you can imagine.

All I ask is for is your loyalty.

Now, you see, you had me. Right up until that last part.

And I thought humans were different.

Take care of him.

You can hide his body with Ro's. I shouldn't be long.




Knock me out, will you?






Good God.

You're a Weaponer.

I'm here for the yellow element.

You are not the one.

Kanjar Ro is dead. I was his partner.

He told me to come to Qward to pick the weapon up here.

He paid for it and now it's mine.

Listen, I don't have time for this. I--

Your friend... late.

The weapon is now in forfeiture.

It is yours to take.

This is your control.


WEAPONER: Our work is done.

We leave this world to return to our own.

The weapon is a mighty force.

The most powerful and absolute in your universe.

With one exception.





The imperfection...

...every weapon has.

Its user.

So they got Boodikka.

I start alone, I end alone.

TOMAR RE: The Guardians want to see you.

And I them.

What are you doing, Sinestro?

Only what's necessary, Tomar.

Oh, don't look so glum. The universe has become too big for the gnomes.

SINESTRO: There's a new day dawning.

A new sun rising.

RANAKAR: He was our most brilliant Lantern. A paragon of duty and service.

The cleverest of them all.

Perhaps too clever, Ranakar. We should have seen the signs.

Until Sinestro gets an opportunity to explain himself, I remain skeptical.

One thing's for sure, you took the ring off the wrong guy.

You ask me, you should give it back.

When you're ready.

It's lost its power.


He killed them all.



So it is true.

Yes, Ganthet. A new command is at hand.

-A new authority. -How dare you?

-It's an affront to-- -Shut your mouth, you stupid little troll!

You're nothing but a clutch of bickering old biddies, ineffectual and obstructionist.

In a galaxy screaming for order, you have cast a deaf ear...

...but all that ends now.

As demigods bound by your word...

...all of you are going to pledge your undying allegiance to me.

Like hell!

For once, Ranakar, we agree.

Give this up, Sinestro.


It must be difficult to relinquish power.

Let me give you some incentive.

You will have nothing. Not even your lives, in the end.

Gotta go, guy.


GANTHET: Stand back.

Good man.


What the hell?

Happy landings.

It's dead.



The Lanterns.

Yes, all the ones in space, with no power and no protection.

You are generals without an army, in a war you cannot win.

How many more have to die?

Enough, Sinestro. Please.

We will accede to your demands.

HAL: Come on, get green!

Oh, son of a....


The rings. Now.

Frankly, Kilowog, you weren't going to survive this anyway.



I'll be damned.

And you thought I was green before.




-Do you see him? -I--

I can't tell.

The bastard's here somewhere.

It's over, Sinestro.

I still have plenty of juice left in this ring. Enough to take yours for insurance.

You're not strong enough.

Just takes a little incentive.



Excuse me, poozer.

Jordan, can you hear me?

Come in, Jordan.

Where are you?

Falling. I forgot my chute.

Very creative.

Hey, I got a few tricks too.

APPA ALI APSA: Though we continue to mourn those who have fallen...

...during the tragic betrayal of recent days...

...we also celebrate our resiliency.

Our battery is repaired, our rings replenished...

...and our battle against the dark forces continues.

If we have learned anything from our last battle... is that great evil can arise from the most unexpected sources...

...but, most thankfully, so can great heroism.

I've asked Ganthet to lead us in our pledge.

If you don't mind, Appa Ali Apsa...

...I'd like to give that privilege to our newest Lantern, Hal Jordan.

Hear, hear.

What's the matter?

I just learned the thing this morning.

HAL: In brightest day--

ALL: In blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might...

...beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

I'm off.

Where are you going?

I've gotta go punch a clock with my other boss.

I can see where this is gonna be a long commute.