Green Zone (2010) Script

...more airwaves silent and most explosions in the Iraqi capital.

Further explosions are unfolding in Tikrit, which is Saddam Hussein's ancestral hometown. well as blows from similar explosions are unfolding...

Just a few seconds ago, another huge blast shook this city.

Cruise missiles and airstrikes raining down here in a relentless assault on Baghdad.

There is no doubt tonight that war has begun...

...and the Iraqi capital is experiencing shock and awe.

Approaching target site three-five-niner.

All right, everybody, listen up.

It is a military storage site. Diwaniya.

Intel estimates possible nerve agents, choking agents, live pathogens, chemical-tipped missiles.

101 st has been here all morning, so the site is secure.

Everybody stay focused. This is it.

Shots fired, right side, 100 meters, tops.

We got shots fired. Right side, 100 meters.

Let's go. Move. Move!

Okay. Go ahead.

Who's the officer in charge?

Move! Move! Move!

Hey! Who's in charge?

Right here. Lieutenant Asira.

Chief Miller, Met-Delta.

What the fuck are all these looters doing here?

This is a WMD site. This is a high-priority site.

Look, I don't even have enough men to set up the perimeter.

We got a sniper in this tower right here.

In the big tower on the back?

In the big tower on the back.

I do not have enough men to go in and secure the inside of that compound.

Listen, listen. Intel says we got live chemical agents in this site.

Okay, we gotta move now! These looters...

I don't know what these people are carrying out right now.

I gotta get into this site. I'm going in.

Chief, you can't go in.

If you take your team in right now, it's on you.

Gather around. Gather around. Come on. Listen, here's the situation.

101 st sent 35 men and one butter bar down here.

They don't even have this place secure, so here's where we are right now.

Now, the weapons are in the northwest end of the complex.

There's a sniper holed up in the big tower there.

We're going to have to quickly take him out.

I'm going to take a recon element forward. I'm going to need C-BIST.

Marshall and Johnson, you come with me. Yes, sir.

Two shooters, Potts, Michaels. I'm going to need EOD.

Conway, bring Simms also. Right here, sir.

Ready, Chief. All right, stand by.

Chief, I gotta talk to you. This is fucked.

Listen, this is a disaster.

It is a disaster. They haven't secured dick.

I don't think we should go in yet, Chief. Let's get some acceptable intel.

No, no, no. Look at this! Jerry, I got no idea what's coming out here.

I gotta go right now.

Keep comms open. I'll be on five.

Get a second team ready.

Let's go! Move! Move!

Guys, get that shit off the truck now.

Roger that.

Right here, Chief.

I want you to stay right on the backs of your shooters, all right?

They will take you in. Roger that, Chief.

All right. We ready?

Yes, sir! Let's go. Go! Go! Go!

Move! Move!

The sniper! Hey, Sarge! Where is he?

He's right up there, but we can't get down the alley.

Okay, everyone, listen up.

Michaels! Michaels, listen. Hey!

The WMD are in this building. I need you to work your way to the rear door here.

See if you can get an angle on that sniper.

I want you to take C-BIST with you. Take Simms, also, with the long rifle.

Got it, Chief.

Hey, I gotta get across this alley.

I need some cover fire, all right?


When the 203 goes, we're going to go all the way down on the left side.

All right. Stand by. Roger that, Chief.

Let's go.

Met-Delta team, go!

Move, move! Let's go!

Move! Move!

I got him. He's on the fifth floor, southeast corner room.

I'm going to draw him out.

As soon as you see him, take him.


Now! Now! Now!

Got him?

We got him. Three coming out.

Michaels, send C-BIST over.

Go! Go! Go!

Potts, Keating, go! Go!

Second team, move! Let's go! Move! Move!

Move it!


Check. Check. Let's do it.

All right. Break out the gear. I want everyone in full MOPP.

Now you heard Chief. Get ready. Roll those seals tight.

I got it.

No readings in here, Chief.

All right, Conway, open it up.

Nothing but toilet parts over here.

Is this all pigeon shit?

Yeah, thing looks like it's been here about 10 years.


This is no WMD site.

Pack it up.

Hey Chief, we find anything?

The site's empty.

Standing by.

Hey, where did that intel come from?

Do you want me to double check the target number for you? Because I can.

No, no, we're in the right location. The schematic's right.

But who did it originate with? I mean...

Hey, did this come from the United Nations?

According to this data, Chief, this is our intel.

Yeah, but how would they think something was there?

This is the third straight time.

Let's go.

You heard the chief. Move out.

All right, pack this shit up and let's go.

Roger that!

Let's go! Move!

Step on it. Let's go.

Zubaidi will be on the middle chopper. Get tight on his exit.

Swing it around. Swing it around.

The DOD guy's here to meet him.

Reporting to you live from the tarmac here...

Ready for the close-up? Go, go, go!

That's Poundstone from DOD.

How's it going?

Great day.

Yup, you finally got him here.

Well, we feel like we're making progress. That's important.

So, what about the weapons?

I'm frustrated by that, too.

We're doing everything we can. We'll find the weapons, don't worry about it.

The whole world's watching. They want to know where they are.

Make sure Zubaidi and I are in the lead car, okay?

Jack, I want your guys to tail us.

You got it, sir.

Clark! What?

I need the source. I need Magellan.

Do you have any idea how sensitive this is?

We've got Magellan locked up so tight, I'm not even sure I can get to him.

You're the administration's go-to guy and you can't access your own source?

Lawrie, we're debriefing him.

It takes time. That comes first.

For Christ's sake, I've given you everything I got on the guy so far.

What more do you want? I don't want to hear it from you, I want to hear it from him.

I'll see what I can do.

How are you?

Welcome home, sir. We'll make this very brief.

How does it feel to be back, Mr. Zubaidi?

Did you ever think you'd see this day?

I'm an Iraqi citizen, returning free to the city of my birth.

I call on all Iraqis to celebrate our liberation from tyranny.

Bravo one, we've got two mechanics taking a look at it.

Tracking on the upgun is pretty well shot and the comm links are all shorted out.

What's the time frame on a replacement?

I want a squad list, now!

Hey, where's Colonel Bethel?

He's in the back, Chief.

Thank you.

Roy, let me meet you over here, okay?

Yeah, I'll meet you in there.

Hey, sir. Good to see you, Chief.

What's going on with the intel?

You don't want to get into that right now.

Well, we gotta talk about it. There's nothing there. These sites are empty.

We're going to be very careful, or there's going to be a huge shitstorm around here.

What do you mean?

They're blaming us for not moving fast enough.

We have to stay on task.

That's bullshit. The intel's no good.

Let's not make any waves, okay?

They don't want to hear that back in Washington.

All they're interested in is finding something they can hold up on CNN.

Sir, but we gotta talk about this. The intel is a problem.

Now is not the time, Chief.

Roo! On your feet!

Take your seats, people.

We're here this morning to give the General a check on where we are in our search for WMD and what our plans are for the next 48 hours.

To that end, I'm turning the floor over to Captain Jonathan Vaught.

Captain. Sir.

Welcome, sir.

Today we're going to be briefing you on WMD operations due to take place in and around the Baghdad area over the next 24 hours.

We're continuing to target high-priority sites, since all the folks back home are anxiously awaiting the information that we found these weapons.

We have a detailed media plan we've worked out.

We've coordinated with the public-affairs folks.

We have a good plan that involves the top-rated media in the United States and the UK so that they're prepared to cover all aspects of the good news.

Yeah? I had a couple questions about the intel for tomorrow.

Are we sure this is accurate?

It's solid. It's good to go.

What's the source?

Well, it's a human-source intel.

But it's solid. It's current as of 0400.

Was it the same source we've been using?

Every site we've hit on the way up here, we've rolled a donut.

Chief, how about we do this? Let's talk offline.

Give me a list of the places where you went, and the grids, and we'll make sure that you had the right information written down and that you went to the right places, okay?

Captain, the issue isn't the grids, sir. The issue's that there's nothing there.

Stand down, Chief. We need to move on here.

Don, hold on. Hold a second. Let's hear what the chief has to say.

Okay, sir, I'll give you an example.

We rolled into a site, Diwaniya, last week, okay?

101 st took casualties securing it for us.

We got in there and found it was a toilet factory.

I'm saying there's a disconnect between what's in these packets and what we're seeing on the ground.

There's a problem with the intelligence, sir.

Here's the thing, Chief.

These intelligence packages have all been vetted.

They're good.

Your job's to execute them, not worry about how they're put together.

Are we clear on that?

Yes, sir.

Good. Let's continue.

Sir, as I was saying, the intel is as recent as 0400 this morning.

It's actionable and it's solid.

All right, next up is Al Mansour, Baghdad.

It looks like it's some kind of underground storage site.

You got about 12 klicks of open highway to the city, but there's a lot of activity on that road, so tell everybody to keep their heads up.

All right.


All right. We're going to go chem. Yeah?

I'm gonna get all the lead teams up, all right?

Yeah, yeah.

Martin Brown, CIA.

Roy Miller.

Yeah, I know. I saw you at the meeting.

You're going to the Al Mansour site in Baghdad.

Yeah. You're wasting your time.

UN biological team hit it two months ago.

There's nothing there.

Fuck me.

Here's my card. You're right.

This thing doesn't add up.

The Iraqis don't fight, they don't use WMD, they let us walk in here and find the goddamn cupboard's bare.

There's something wrong here.

We gotta figure out what it is.

If you find anything, you've got my number.

That's affirmative. That's affirmative.

We took on some fire about four klicks back.

Pretty light, though. Nothing to worry about.

Oh, I gotta get some pictures of this.

Be my guest.

Heads up. Incoming.

Fucking Potts, you red-headed dick.

Hey, Wilkins, this is Chief. Get up here.

Hold on!

Yo, Kurry, let's go.

Please, get back. Please.

I want you to get a couple of the guys and clear out this traffic.

We're too exposed out here. We gotta keep moving.

Back from the truck. Sir, take it easy.


Please, step aside.

I need you to move the vehicle, sir.

Hey, hey, relax.


Don't you fucking touch me!

Motherfucker, let's go.

Hey! Shut the fuck up.

Back the fuck up!

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What's going on, Sergeant?

Chief, they're pissed off.

They say there ain't no water. All they want is water.

There's nothing we can do about that.

We just gotta get our vehicles moving.

I want you to get the men back in the vehicles now.

Hey! Hey! Get in the fucking car!

Get the fuck back! Get the fuck back in your vehicle!

Back from the truck. Get back from the truck.

Don't stop. No, sir.

Okay, so we're convening an Iraqi Freedom convention here inside the Green Zone tomorrow.

We are expecting to have representatives from all three main ethnic groups, the Kurds, the Shia and the Sunni, angling for different levels of power.

It is our hope that Ahmed Zubaidi will emerge in a leadership position.

Ben, are you satisfied that we're in a good place now?

I think we're in a good place now, except for, perhaps, the press we're getting from this looting issue.

Okay, well, let's table that for now.

In terms of stabilization...

Zubaidi hasn't been here for 30 years.

Well, he's the best bet we have right now for a stable democracy.

You find me 10 guys in Baghdad who even know who he is.

Well, he's our friend, Marty. He's been very helpful.

Our office is extremely satisfied with all the information that we've gotten from him.

Zubaidi's been selling us a crock of shit for years.

This guy is not reliable. His intelligence is not reliable.

His report chain is not reliable.

This is exactly why people are losing confidence in the Agency, Marty.

You're questioning every single piece of intelligence that's coming in, up to the point where we can't make any progress.

You cannot just hand this country over to an exile no one's ever heard of and a bunch of interns from Washington.

Well, you're a Middle East expert, Marty.

If you got a better idea, why don't you just throw it out here on the table?

We need to use the Iraqi army to help us.

This country is a powder keg of ethnic division.

Now Saddam is gone, they're the only ones who can hold this place together.

We're not selling that to the American people.

We beat the Iraqi army. Right.

Well, they're still out there and they're armed, and they're looking for a place in the new Iraq.

They're going to be waiting a long time.

They didn't all follow Saddam.

There are officers we can work with out there, if we make it worth their while.

Hey, let me tell you something.

We've spent too much American treasure and too many American lives for us to put a Ba'athist general into a position of power.

Have you any idea what's going on outside the Green Zone?

It's chaos. No police, revenge killings every night.

People are asking why we can't stop this.

We are losing the population. Democracy is messy.

Democracy is messy.

If you dismantle this country and cut out the army, you'll have civil war in six months.

I guarantee it.

Okay, let's move on.

We are continuing to hold at the intersection at Alpha-Charlie-three.

Calm down!

Listen to me, please!

Just listen. Sergeant Wilkins!

Get on the ground! My arm!

Hey, what's going on over there, Wilkins?

Chief, there's a local here. He's out of control.

Perry had to tackle him.

I'm on my way.

All right, back up.

You stay the fuck down.

What's going on? You are hurting me!

What's going on here, Sergeant?

This Hajji says he needs to talk to you about something.

I have no idea. He goes on and on and on.

Stay down.

Why are you doing this? Why you do it?

You agree someone do this to you?

Hey, Perry. Perry.

You let him up. Let him up.

You agree?

Up? I can stand up now?

Why you are doing this, huh? Why you are doing this?

You agree someone put your head in the dust like this?

You agree to be treated like this? This is not fair!

Hey, calm down.

I'm trying to calm down, but this guy, he put me on the floor!

Are you finished?

Yeah, I'm finished.

What's your name?

My name is Farid Youssef Abdul Rahman. You call me Freddy, okay?

I have information. I was driving like five minutes from here.

I saw some people, you know, like Saddam's men, like Ba'athist people.

They are meeting. They have a meeting near to here.

I saw you are... I don't know, you're digging here, and I come to tell you. Okay, just calm down. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Calm down. Calm down.

Why should I believe you, Freddy?

You think it's easy to come and talk to American?

You think it's easy? I come here, all these people, they're looking at me?

You stick me on the floor. I want to speak to you quietly, huh.

And you are digging in the ground.

Why you are digging in the ground?

You need to talk to these people. You know what they are saying?

You think someone can put something in this place with all these people watching and all these people don't know?

It's not logical.

I am here to help you, okay, Miller?

Come with me, Freddy. Come with me.

Chief, you good?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Sir, come this way, please.

Hey, Chief! Chief, what are we doing?

Hey, I'm gonna need his car keys. Freddy, give him your car keys.

My keys?

Chief, you don't believe this guy, do you?

Look, I wanna go real low-vis on this.

I want to take Freddy's car and I want to get maybe one other.

If we roll over there in those Humvees, they're going to see us coming.

I want to take Keating, Potts, Bronner on comms.

You gotta get me Michaels with the SAW and bring Perry over here.

What's up, Chief?

Hey, you guys ready to go to work?

Hell, yeah, Chief.

Chief, let me talk to you, please.


Chief, our mission is here.

What, you wanna sit around and dig holes all day?

I want to get something done.

All right, here's the situation.

This Iraqi just showed up with information that about two or three "K" west of here, there's a meeting taking place right now, possible high-value targets involved.

So I want to move on it.

In the first car, I want to take the Iraqi guy, Freddy.

Keating, you're going to drive, I'll ride shotgun.

Potts, you're in the back covering Freddy the entire time.

The rest of you guys are going to roll in the pick-up truck. Any questions?

Hey, Chief, how do we know this guy isn't leading us into a fucking ambush?

We don't.

Get your fucking game face on.


Hooah. Hooah!

All right, let's roll. You're not letting me drive, huh?

No, you're not driving.

Weapons ready.

It's Freddy, right? I'm Potts. Nice to meet you.

Fire it up!

Okay, Sergeant Perry, I want you to carry on straight.

Take your next left, take your next left and go around the back.

Roger that, Chief.

And if you stop here, it is the house on that corner.

Okay, pull up here. Pull up here.

Okay, be advised, it is the house on the southeast corner.

The big white house with the wall.

Heads up. Someone's coming out.

There were six or seven men with guns.

All right, we got a guy with a briefcase and another with an AK-47.

Perry, where are you? You in position?

In position, Chief. We got them.

Black BMW with three men.

I want to take the BMW.

As soon as he comes up our way, we're going to cut him off.

I want to take the BMW and then the house. Go, go, go.

Go, go, go!

Out of the fucking car! Get the fuck out of the car, now!

Perry, get on that door.

Get on that door.

Zip him up. Bronner, stay with him.

Everybody else, go, go, go, go, go!

On me. Stack on me.

Let's go! Let's go! Go, go, go!

On the fucking ground, now!

All right, down, down, down.

Clear! This side clear!

I've got no exit. Where's the back door? Michaels, with me!

Keating, on the stairs up!

Stairs down. Michaels, come with me down! Down!

With you, Chief.

Taking fire!

Look out!

Get ready to hook right.

Hook right!

I got stairs up.

Clear. It's clear.

This is Chief. Give me a sit rep.

This is Potts, got one wrapped up.

Keating, all clear out front.

Chief, this is Perry. I need you up here right away.

Coming in!

It's okay. Your husband is okay. Perry!

Look, Chief, you gotta do something.

They don't understand what the fuck I'm saying.

This is the mother, that's the mother. Enough! Enough.

Tell her to calm down. Say, "Calm down."

I don't understand her, Chief It's a different dialect.

Don't let her leave. Don't let any of them leave this room.

There's a body down there. Don't let them leave.

You got it, Chief.

Ma'am, you can't go downstairs.

You cannot go downstairs. Stay down.

Shut up! Shut up!

Watch yourself, Potts.

Get Freddy in here. Stand him up. I gotta talk to him.

Freddy, come here.

I don't want this. Hey, I need you to...

I come to you for information. I don't want this.

Listen, I need you to ask him questions for me.

Tell him you're my translator.

Ask him... Hey, what is this shit?

What is this? Is this on him?

Yeah, that was fucking in his back pockets.

He says he doesn't do anything.

Ask him his name.

His name's Seyyed Hamza.

Seyyed Hamza. Is this his house?

Is this your house?

Hey, listen, tell him he's gonna answer my questions or things are going to go very bad for him.

Ask him what the meeting was about.

Chief, I just got off the phone.

That license plate belongs to General Mohammed Al Rawi.

The Jack of Clubs.

Shut the fuck up!

Hey, Michaels, do you have that deck of cards?


Give me the Jack of Clubs.

Is that the guy? Was that the guy that went out the back?

Here it is, Chief.

Let me see. Let me see.

Is that the guy? That's the guy. I just saw this guy.

Bullshit! That's the fucking guy.

I just saw him downstairs.

This man. This is Saddam's top general.

Al Rawi? You know who this is? Al Rawi?

He say he don't know.

Al Rawi's in this house?

This is the guy I saw.

Okay, okay. Time's up. Okay, get everybody ready. We're leaving.

All right, he's got to know about WMD. He's coming with me.

Hey, Freddy, I want you to come with me.

Hey, Michaels! What's up, Chief?

Bring them all over to the wall.

Potts, I want you to get the guy. Get the guy and bring him to me.

Roger that, Chief.

Just sit him down against the wall. Yes, sir.

Sit those guys over there.

Come over here, Freddy. Come here. I need you to translate.

Tell him I want to know about weapons of mass destruction.

Does he know where the weapons are?

What? What? What do you know about weapons?

Where are the weapons?

He say only General Mohammed Al Rawi, he know about these things.

The special program is under his hand personally.

He's the only one who know the truth about these things.

Okay, how do I find Al Rawi?

How do I find Al Rawi?

He said, can you protect his family?

"If you protect my family, I will tell you how you find Mohammed."

"And then from him you will know the truth."

Okay, he's got a deal.

Ask him about the book.

What is it? Is it codes? Is it diagrams? Maps?

What the fuck?

All right, Scotty, head on down there.

Shorty, bag them and parade them. Yes, sir.

Hey, you Miller? Yeah.

Where are the other two?

Two what?

We're missing two pucks.

Anybody got eyes on the other two pucks? No, no, no!

These are my guys. Hold on. Hold on. These are my prisoners.

My prisoner now.

Hey! That's my translator! That's my translator!

What the fuck is going on?

I got a colonel waiting on these guys.

I got orders to get these guys back there.

They're en route right now.

Hey, white bread, calm down.

This goes way up higher than your people, all right?

Please, stand right there.

Come on. That prisoner's ours.

Well, he's mine now. Let's go.

Take care of my family!

What they are doing?

I did nothing!

The book! He's got my book!

Chief, what the fuck's going on?


Yeah, I got him. He says some guy took a book off him.

Book? All right, all right. Notebook.

He says something about a book.

His what?

You got his book. He says you got his fucking book.

Do you have the guy's notebook? Don't fuck around.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Get your fucking hands off me, asshole.

Just give me the fucking book, Miller.

All right.

I fucking asked you nicely!

Fuck you! I don't have a fucking book!

Have a nice war.

All right, let's get out of here!

Get off me!


Where's Freddy?

You mean the guy with the limp? Yeah.

He went over by the alleyway.

Fuck! I thought you were watching him.

Where's my weapon? Where's my weapon? Right here!

I gave him the book. I gave him the fucking book!

Potts, Michaels, go with him now! Go! Let's go! Let's go!

Bronner, hey! Come on!


Go! Go!

Go around! Seal it! Seal it!

You got it, Chief!

Get him, Potts.

Go left! Go, seal it, seal it.

I got him! Stop!


Get him! Get him! Get him!

What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck! Why are you running?

Why you are chasing me?

Give me the book.

Give me the fucking book!

Here the book. Here the book.

Why are you... What you are doing? I was going to bring the book back.

The man is putting Iraqis in the helicopter. He hit you in the face.

What you want me to do?

What I have to do for you to believe me?

Get everyone back to the trucks.


Hey, let's go. Let's go.

What more I have to do for you? Huh?

I come to you with information. You take the information, it's right.

You want the book. I have the book. I give you the book.

You think I can leave my car?

You know what this car, it means to me?

Even you have the key!

What happened to your leg?

My leg is in Iran.

Since 1987.

Me, too, I fight for my country.

Freddy, listen. You give me your information.

I'm going to get you a reward for what you did today.


You think I do this for money?

You think I don't care about my country? I see what's happening.

You don't think I see what's happen in it?

And all the people now, even they have no water, they have no electricity.

You think I do this for reward?

You don't think I do this for me?

For my future? For my country? For all these things?

Whatever you want here, I want more than you want.

I want to help my country.

Who is this?

Hey, this is Chief Miller.

I have something I think you'd be interested in.

Listen, I don't have time to play games. Just tell me what you've got.

Well, this morning I came face to face with Mohammed Al Rawi.

General Al Rawi?

Yeah, the Jack of Clubs.

Come in and talk to me.

I'm in the Green Zone, Republican Palace. By the pool.

I'm on my way. Listen, make sure Johnson runs checks...

Hey, Sergeant Wilkins, I gotta talk to you.

We gotta go get our prisoner back, find this guy, Al Rawi.

Let Bethel handle it, please.

No. Bethel can't see past the files on his desk.

So, what, you're going to ring the doorbell now and ask Special Forces to hand him over? No.

I'm going to use the book and trade up and get some help.

What are you talking about?

Jerry, why the fuck do we keep coming up empty on all these sites?

There has gotta be a reason.

Chief, we're here to do a job and get home safe.

That's all. The reasons don't matter.

They matter to me.

With all due respect, Chief, I can't go with you on this.

Understood. I'm going to split the team.

I'm going to take my crew plus Sergeant Perry.

You report back to Bethel with everyone else, hooah?


Hey, Freddy. You want a job?


Good. Get in your car, follow us.

Where to, Chief?

Republican Palace.

This is not a good time, Lawrie.

I've waited long enough.

I told you, I'm doing the best I can.

This is not what I signed up for, Clark.

I put my reputation on the line with these stories.

I am not going to let you hang me out to dry.

Well, there's huge things at stake here.

I'm not going to let them be compromised because you need to sell some newspapers.

You knew the deal. I give you Magellan, you give me anonymity.

Listen, Clark, I'm done waiting, so is the paper.

You won't help me find Magellan, I'm going to find someone who can.

Right here.

Can you get me some more beers? Frisbee!

Oh, shit!

Oh, my goodness. We got enough time for that?

These guys got Domino's Pizza and fucking beer?

Get in the pool, man.

Sergeant Perry, I've gotta go talk to this guy, so you all are on your own for a little while.

Roger that.

Can we have beer?

Not one.

So, what happened?

We were digging at a site.

Local come up to us and give us a tip that there was a meeting going on with some high-value targets nearby.

We hit the house, and it turned out the guy was right. Al Rawi was there.

You sure it was him? Positive.

He had a security detail with him, and we exchanged fire with them and he slipped out during the firefight.

Now that's the book that I took off this guy, Seyyed Hamza.

He was the host of the meeting.

And I was in the process of figuring out what the fuck it was when SF showed up and snatched him.

God damn!

Okay, but where did they take him?

Because if you can get me access to this guy, I'll get Al Rawi.

Look, we're both after the WMD, right?

It's a little more complicated than that.

Well, not to me, it isn't.

All right, I'll make a call, get you reassigned.

There are some empty buildings on the other side of the compound.

Get out of uniform and report to my office in an hour.


How'd you get the bloody nose?

Oh, that's a long story.

You're in the 85th. That's WMD unit, right?

How did you know that?

It's right there on your rifle.

Lawrie Dayne, Wall Street Journal. How's it going?

You know, we haven't found shit yet. Hey, Sergeant Perry.

We'll find it. It's frustrating, right?

Little bit.

So what are you and Marty talking about?

Oh, you know I can't talk to you about that.

Oh, come on.

You come in fresh off the field to have a lemonade with Martin Brown?

Something's gotta be going on.

Well, you could ask him.

I'm asking you.

Does it make sense to you that we're still coming up empty?

No. No, it doesn't.

Someone told us they were there, right?

If you come across anything, call me.

I'll keep it in mind.

Where's he hiding? Where's Al Rawi?

Where's Al Rawi?

How long have they been going?

For about 10 minutes.

You want to see your wife and kids again? You have five kids.

You want them to see their father?

He says, "Please, do not involve my family in this situation."

"I swear to God..."

You're involved, so your family's involved.

All I want is an answer, where to look for this man, and you can walk out of here.

Where's Al Rawi? Where's Al Rawi?

And I want a name or an address.

Somewhere I can find General Al Rawi.

I am going to get an answer, and you know you're going to tell me something.

All right, I'm going to let go and you're going to give me an address.

Where's Al Rawi? Where is he?

The book! The book!

He says you need the book.

The fucking book again? What's in the book?

"The book, that's how you'll find him."

It has the names and locations of Al Rawi's safe houses.

Chief Miller around?

Yeah. Up the stairs, down on the right.

Hey, Chief, Clark Poundstone, Pentagon Special Intelligence Unit.

A great job bagging Hamza.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Walk you out?


You're with our MET Team, right? Yeah.

Well, the administration really appreciates the work you guys are doing.

We gotta get this WMD issue behind us so we can get on with the challenges of the future.

That's where this Hamza guy could be helpful.

He's confirmed a few facts for us.

Says your guys might have lifted a notebook from him.

Well, everything I got off him I gave to Martin Brown.

Why don't you ask him if he's got it?

I don't think Marty would go for that.

He's a hell of a guy, but he's been in the Middle East a long time.

He's got a lot of preconceived ideas.

Our unit's trying to get back to the raw intel.

Look, I don't want to throw Marty under a bus, but he doesn't like what we're coming up with.

The guy's a dinosaur, and we need to get some new thinking going on around here.

There's an opportunity for you here, Miller.

I know Marty's pulled you in temporarily, but if you're looking for something more permanent, I can help.

We're doing a good thing here. We're going to rebuild this place.

People are watching us.

I'll keep it in mind.

You do that.

If you hear anything about that notebook, let me know.

Your friend from the Pentagon Special Intelligence Unit came to see me.


Yeah, Poundstone.

Poundstone's unit pushed all that WMD intel you've been chasing your tail on.

What? You mean Magellan?

Who is Magellan? Have you ever met him?


Poundstone's got him locked up tight.

That's why we gotta find out what's going on.

Here's the deal.

We checked the notebook.

It's a list of addresses around Baghdad, mostly Adhamiya.

It's a Sunni stronghold, very sympathetic to the army.

More than likely, that's where Al Rawi is.

The notebook's probably his line to his battalion commanders.

We all set?

Not yet. We're waiting on military support.

Push them hard. I want to get every address in that book.

So, what do you think that meeting was about?

What would you be talking about if you just got invaded?

You think Al Rawi wants to fight?

If we don't make him an offer, he will.

What? You're going to cut a deal?

You're going to cut a deal with the Jack of Clubs?

What do you think you're doing here, Miller?

You're off reservation for a reason. What is it?

Well, I came to find weapons and save lives.

And I didn't find shit.

I want to know why.

There are no easy answers. If you want that, go work with Poundstone.

All we got is hard choices.

You want to know what happened to the weapons?

We gotta find Al Rawi and bring him in.

He'll give us the truth about WMD and give us a shot at standing this country up without a bloodbath.

Do you want the job or not?

Yeah, I want it. Good.

Hamza's being held at the high-value target wing at Camp Cropper.

Poundstone's unit have him under wraps.

So, how are you going to get to him?

I'm not. You are.

Here's a pass.

We've got another prisoner there we can use to get you in.

Low-level Republican Guard, way below their radar.

Use him as an excuse to get to Hamza.

Here's a million dollars in cash.

Tell Hamza the money's his if he gives us what we need.

You tell him if he gives Al Rawi to me, keeps his mouth shut over there until I bring him in, I'll have him and his family out of the country by the end of the week.

You want me to tell him to not talk to the American interrogators?

That's right.

I thought we were all on the same side.

Don't be naive.


Pentagon just revoked your transfer.

You're being released back to your unit, effective immediately.

You chose the wrong side.

Follow me, Freddy. We gotta move fast.

Where do you think you're going?

Let us through. Step aside, please.

What the hell are you playing at? Get me Langley.

You are required to hand over all information.

White House authorization. I want the book.

DC's got too much riding on this to have you and some Ba'athist generals fuck it up.


Langley confirms.

I've got it!

Let's go. Stay out of this, Marty.

You all right here? Yeah.

Use local assets.

It's high priority.

Stay close to me, Freddy.

Put him down.


I'm here to see a prisoner.

Heads up, Sarge. Hey, Sergeant.

Hello, sir.

I'm here to see Abdullah Ferat.

I'm gonna have to search your bag.

What's up with Hajji?

He's my translator.

Arms up, legs apart.

Check it out.

What's that in your pocket?

It's my cigarettes.

Good to go. Here you go, sir.

Go ahead and take them back to IR-1.

Right here.

That's not necessary, Sergeant.

Standard procedure, sir.

Sergeant, I have to have a classified conversation with the prisoner.

You can go on and step outside.

Roger, sir. Be right outside.

Do you know why they brought him here?

He's here because he's in the Republican Guard, Freddy.

Hey, Sergeant.

Hey, listen, this guy just gave us a piece of intel.

You apparently have a prisoner in your HVT wing here named Seyyed Hamza.

He can ID him for me.

I gotta get him down here and ID him real quick.

You're going to need an EJ-75 for that, man.

Guys, I got a live op going.

I got a team in place ready to move on a target. I gotta do this now.

How long will it take?

Two minutes.

Just two minutes? That's it. Two minutes. Come on.

All right. Good, let's go. Hey, Freddy.

Put those bags on their heads.

OGA coming in for an ID check.

Hey, Hamza.

Get up.


Get a medic!

I said, get a medic!

Hey, get the medics on the phone. We've got a situation here.

He say, "Why did you do this to me?"

He say the general did everything you ask of him in the meeting.

What do you... What meeting?

What meeting?

He just say Jordan.

Clear the way! Clear the way!

What is going on here, Miller?

Coming through! Okay.

What does he mean, "Jordan"?

We gotta stop the bleeding. His pulse is weak.

I need to talk to you about Magellan.

I'm going to call you right back.

What you got?

I read your articles.

You said an Iraqi WMD source named Magellan met with US officials prior to the war.

I need to know about that meeting.

Oh, no. Come on, Miller. I can't discuss my sources with you.

Well, did you ever meet the guy? Do you know who he is?

Of course I didn't meet him. He's an Iraqi internal, for Christ's sake.

Then how do you know what he's saying is true?

Because I made contact through a reliable intermediary.

Reliable? Yes.

Have you ever even been to any of Magellan's sites?

You ever been to Diwaniya? Tikrit?


There's nothing there.

Magellan's intel is bullshit.

Who's the intermediary?

No. I'm not discussing sources, Miller.

Jesus Christ! This is the reason we went to war!

All right, then at least tell me how it happened.

How does this happen?

How does somebody like you write something that's not true?

Tell me!

What do you know?

Look, I got a phone call one day from a senior official in DC.

He says, "I've got a story for you."

"The truth about Saddam's WMD programs."

So I go to meet him.

He puts the source report in my hands.

Magellan's product, the raw intel.

But when do you check the story?

He was a senior official, for Christ's sake.

He had access to Magellan's debrief.

All he asked was that I not disclose the location of the meeting.

The location.

Yes, in case I'd compromise the source.

It was Jordan, wasn't it?

The meeting was in Jordan.


You can keep your million dollars.

Al Rawi's Magellan.

They're debriefing Magellan. They've got him held tight.

Supposing they don't?

John, take care of the money.

Hamza said Al Rawi met US officials in Jordan.

Now Dayne said the same thing about Magellan.

That's more than a coincidence.

Maybe. It doesn't make any sense.

If Poundstone met Al Rawi in Jordan, what's he hiding?

Well, what if he told him something he didn't wanna hear?

What if he told him there were no WMD?

I want Al Rawi's movements outside Iraq.

January, February, 2003. Anything you got.

I'm on it.

It all makes sense. The bad intel.

Why our teams came up empty at those sites.

Maybe we're looking at this thing the wrong way around.

It's a theory.

You've got no proof.

Don't be naive.

Sir, Mohammed Al Rawi was in Amman, Jordan on February 5th, 2003.

That's three days before Magellan came online.

Give me Clark Poundstone's movements, same period.

Sir, we've got a DOD Gulf stream on the same date.

Passenger Clark Poundstone routed Washington, DC to Amman, Jordan.

Martin, we're getting reports of an attack on an Al Rawi safe house.

South Adhamiya.

Poundstone's hunting Al Rawi. He doesn't want the truth to get out.

I need to know where the next safe house is.

All clear, Chief.

Send Freddy!

Yes, sir! Freddy, on the move.

Freddy, I need you to translate.

Tell him I need to get a message to General Al Rawi.

Tell him I need to meet Al Rawi tonight.

Chief Miller on the phone for you, sir.

Yeah? I got him.

Tahir al-Malik, one of Al Rawi's battalion commanders.

Where is he? I let him go.

Look, I told him to get a message to Al Rawi.

I told him I'd meet him at the Adhamiya bus station tonight.

If I can bring him in alive, then we'll have our proof.

If he talks, then we'll get the truth about WMD.

All right, if you get in front of Al Rawi, offer him whatever you have to.

If you pull this off, there's still a chance we can hold this place together.

I'm headed there now.

You are serious to do a deal with Mohammed Al Rawi?

You know what already he do to this country?

We're just trying to save lives, Freddy.

There are people who think he can stop an insurgency.

All right, listen up, we're going to Adhamiya.

But look, we're going alone, so weapons check, comms check.

Make sure you're 100%. We got no support.

Hooah? Hooah!

You okay? Sergeant P, can I get a radio check?

Go to one. Miller, what you are doing?

Channel one. Roger that.

Look at what's happening.

I just need you to do your job tonight, Freddy.

Let's roll!

Thank you all very much. Admiral Kelly, Captain Card, officers and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln, my fellow Americans.

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.

In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.

All right!

Yeah? This is Briggs.

We got a problem.

My local assets are down.

I got a report saying it was US Army took them out and nobody called it in.

Where's Miller?

Stand by.

All right, listen up. I need everybody on a Blue Force Tracker.

Met-Delta 85th, XTF.


He's moving northwest towards Adhamiya.

ETA? Twelve minutes, sir.

ETA, 12 minutes.

He's meeting with Al Rawi.

Son of a bitch. He's on his way there right now.

All right, what do you want me to do?

Follow Miller. He'll lead you right to him.

And when you find Al Rawi, you take that son of a bitch out.

What about Miller?

He's off reservation. Miller can't bring in Al Rawi.

Don't let him get in the way.

I want to make that announcement.

Now? Just make it happen!

This is Vanguard 6 on the airborne command.

I need a C-2 bird with eyes over Adhamiya.

I want an ISO on all military radio and cell phone transmissions for a three-mile radius.

Alpha 1, this is Vanguard 6. Alpha 1, this is Vanguard 6.

Vanguard 6, this is Alpha 1.

Alpha 1, I need you to divert to Adhamiya Central immediately.

We have a high-value target identified, Mohammed Al Rawi.

This is a kill, no capture mission.

Roger that.

Here they are.

Yeah, I'll tell him. We're on our way.

Poundstone's just called a press briefing downstairs.

It's something big, Marty.

This is the bus station. It's just over there.

Stagger two teams.

I'm going to move across to the kiosk.

You give me 30 seconds to get across, then follow.

Someone just showed up. I'm going to follow.

Two minutes, people. Two minutes to the announcement.

He's going out the central alley, west.

Thank you all for coming at such short notice.

We have a major announcement.

This follows in lockstep with our commitment to eliminate the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and expeditiously transform Iraq into a modern, functioning democracy.

Ambassador Bremer has just signed an order immediately disbanding Iraq's remaining military forces.

The Coalition Provisional Authority hereby dissolves the entirety of Iraq's military and paramilitary forces, ministries of defense, information, military affairs, intelligence and national security.

All officers, soldiers, conscripts and other military figures are relieved of duty.

All military ranks, titles and status are canceled.

In addition, Iraq's ruling Ba'ath Party is dissolved with immediate effect.

Party members will be summarily fired from central and local government offices, hospitals, universities, schools and other public institutions.

This is the dawn of new leadership in Iraq, and let the world take note, change is coming to the Middle East at last.

Still moving southwest. Southwest.

Copy that.

You got him?

Yeah, I see him.

I lost contact.

Fuck! Get an angle!

Fuck, he's in the vehicle.

God damn it! Stay on Chief!

Where the fuck did they go?

Did he get in the vehicle?

Let's go! Let's go! This is MET Team "D."

We need help. American soldier kidnapped!

We need help down here!

All units, we need help in the Adhamiya district.

Copy that, MET Team. This is Vanguard 6 and TF221.

What's your position and status?

Vanguard 6, we're five blocks south of the Adhamiya bus station.

Kidnappers heading east in two small cars.

Roger that. Met-D, I am en route.

I need you to return to your vehicles and await further instructions.

Falcon 16, this is Vanguard 6.

We have a US soldier abducted. We need eyes on those vehicles now!

Vanguard 6, this is Falcon 16.

Currently two klicks northeast of Adhamiya.

Establishing an area of perimeter and sweeping Adhamiya.

AOR 87, Alpha Tango.

We gotta get him out of there.

Get me Chief Miller now.

They've taken him. God damn it! They've taken him.

Vanguard 6, this is Falcon 16.

I've got your two vehicles moving rapidly.

The two vehicles just entered a garage.

There's a large water tower on top of the building.

Grid Kilo-Zulu-8732-6428.

Alpha 1, I'm going in on foot. Continue to target. Acknowledge.

This is Alpha 1. We're three klicks from target area.

All right, put us down. Find an LZ a klick from here.

Who are you?

General, my name's Roy Miller.

I'm a chief warrant officer with the US Army.

What do you want?

I came here to bring you in.

General, I'm aware that you had contact with a US official in the weeks leading up to the war.

I know you were ready to tell them everything about Iraq's WMD programs.

What programs?

There are no programs.

I told your official.

We dismantled everything after '91.

He told my government that you confirmed that the programs were still active.

He lied about what you said. That's why we're here.

Did anyone verify his story?


Your government wanted to hear the lie, Mr. Miller.

They wanted Saddam out, and they did exactly what they had to do.

This is why you are here.


Alpha 1, this is Vanguard 6. Give me your location.

Vanguard 6, this is Alpha 1.

We're half a klick away. Split up.

Alpha team, take the west side, Bravo team, take the east side of the objective.

I got north-south. Move to assault positions. Wait for my go.

ALPHA 1: Roger that.

So, do you have a message for me?

General, if you come in with me, there are still people in Washington who will work with you.

People who understand that we still need the Iraqi army to hold this place together.

Then why is your government disbanding the Army?

Making us outlaws.

Why take Iraq apart piece by piece?


I risked my life to tell you the truth about WMD.

"Tell the truth and you'll have a place in the new Iraq," they said.

So where is my place, Mr. Miller?

On a deck of cards?

Why are you really here, Miller?

You were supposed to lead me into a trap.

You will tell me now how they are planning to take me.

Everybody in position?

Vanguard Bravo in position.

Vanguard 6, this is Bravo 1. We're ready.

Vanguard 6, this is Alpha 1. We're in position.

You have to come in with me, General.

You will get nothing if you fight us.

You have to come in now before it's too late.

You think the war is over just because you are in Baghdad?

You will see.

It has only just begun.

Let's go.


Go! Go!

Come on! Move!

Let's go. Let's go.

Man down! Hit the rooftop!


Clear! Stack on Dutch!


"B" Team, go left. Last guy with me. Let's go!

I've got something.

Sir, I've got two hostiles headed east.

Sir, I got one more. There's one friendly in pursuit.


Vanguard 6, this is Falcon 16.

Two hostiles and one friendly have exited target site and are now moving through alley northeast of your location.

Keep the area clear.

I'm activating my transponder.

Bring me in. I want to cut them off.

Down, get down! Get the fuck down!

Vanguard 6, this is Falcon 16.

The targets have lost the friendly. Targets are now moving north.

Turn 45 degrees to your left, maintain intercepting course.

Turn! Turn!

I've lost visual contact.

I've got them!

Vanguard 6, this is Falcon 16.

Keep going your current direction.

The target is crossing open ground, headed north.

RPG! Shit!

Walk over.

Stop there.

You sure this is what they want back in Washington?

Put that weapon down!

Now, Freddy!

What the fuck did you do?

It is not for you to decide what happens here.

Get out of here, Freddy. Go home.

We're gonna be locking this area down.

There are gonna be soldiers everywhere.

Go home now, while you can.

Do you think you can form a successful government without Sunni involvement?

This is a new beginning for Iraq.

This is the end of tyranny and the beginning of freedom.

How long will US forces be in Iraq?

As long as they are needed.

Thank you. That's it.

Clark. Mr. Zubaidi.

It's a great day.

Indeed, indeed. Good to see you.

Welcome. Welcome.

How are you, gentlemen? How are you? Good, good.

So, does this mean there's going to be an election soon?

There's been a democracy deficit.

Can you comment about the action last night in Adhamiya?

Chief Miller.

It's a copy of my intel report. I wanted to give it to you personally.

Thank you. Is this Al Rawi?


Yeah, I heard about this.

There's some pretty strong language here.

But what's the point, Miller?

Do you think anybody's going to listen to you?

I know what you did.

What did you say?

You made him up to get what you needed.

Magellan. You made him up.

I don't know what you're talking about, Miller.

When you peddled that shit in DC, did they know it was a lie?

Or did they just never bother to ask?

Okay, okay.

Come on, none of this matters anymore. WMD? This doesn't matter.

What the fuck are you talking about? Of course, it fucking matters.

The reasons we go to war always matter!

It's all that fucking matters. It fucking matters.

At ease, soldier.

Do you have any idea what you've done here?

What's going to happen next time we need people to trust us?


We're not turning back, Miller.

We won.