Grey's Anatomy S12E1 Script

Sledgehammer (2015)

RICHARD: Each of you comes here today hopeful...

MIRANDA: I have five rules. Memorize them.

Can anybody name...

MEREDITH: So, you might be thinking...

Rule number five, when I move, you move.

...I've been here before.

Trauma protocol...

This is familiar. This is old hat.

MEREDITH: Maybe you're wondering why are we here?

But I promise you're about to find out that everything has changed.


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What the hell are you doing?

You want to swing? It feels good.

No! No, no, no! We talked about this.

No, we mused about it. And then we went to bed.

I think it's a great idea. Let's open up the space.

Get a little light in here.

Or bad, it's a bad idea.

Who wants open or sun? Bad sun. I hate sun.

I'm used to living with someone who knows me, who knows not to change the channel during the commercials, someone who knows not to punch a hole in my living room wall.

You know, it's not that big of a hole.

We can probably just patch it right up.

I bet she tries to patch it up, instead of trying to just imagine the possibility.

But, I mean, it is Meredith's house.

I mean, it's my house. And I let her live there.

I should know better. Why don't I learn?

I take in strays because they're sad.

They're lonely and homeless.

The truth is strays are flea-ridden creatures who pee on your stuff.

Am I a stray?

I mean, she acts like I'm some kind of animal, when who does the dishes? Me. Yep.

Who makes sure the piles and piles of dirty laundry are fluffed and folded?


When she puts my clothes away, I can't find my own clothes in my own house.

I mean, they're probably just in your drawers.

It's a problem.

What's her problem?

It's just... She's just...

She's just impossible. Just impossible.

Hey, you excited?


April. She's coming in tonight, right?

Oh, um... Yeah.

I still think you should bow out of this anatomy class you signed up to teach.

I mean, pawn it off on Grey or someone else.

You're not gonna have time to teach a class once you've been appointed Chief.

Haven't been appointed yet.


Um, do you know her?

Uh, that's Dr. Tracy McConnell.

Chief Cardio at Hopkins, Yale Grad, Yale Meds.

SAGES award recipient.

She's Catherine's candidate for chief.

Dr. Webber.

Hey. It is such an honor.

I have been wanting to meet you for years.

Your work with islet cells, it's just absolutely inspiring.

Well, thank you. Thank you.


Oh, all right, I'm sorry. This is Dr...

Dr... Yeah, Miranda Bailey, of course.

Hello. Oh.

Uh, I'm afraid you may have gotten your times a little wrong, Dr. McConnell.

Our presentations to the board aren't until 4:00 p.m. Today.

Actually, I asked Dr. Webber if he wouldn't mind taking some time this morning to show me around.

You know, give me a little tour.

I wasn't invited on any tour.


You know where everything is.

Uh, don't you have some surgeries, Doctor?

Nothing that can't be pushed.

Great. Mmm.

Sounds fun.


That's one word for it.

CALLIE: So, what time's the thing tonight?

What thing?

For April. She comes back tonight, right?

Isn't... Aren't we doing a thing?

Big night, Avery. When's Kepner getting in?

No idea.

Then what time's the thing? There is no thing.

Should we clear Trauma One to remove the giant bug from Avery's ass?


Hey, I need advice.


I got tickets for this concert thing, and I'm thinking about asking Amelia, but she and I, we don't really go to things together.

Not that we couldn't, but should I, you know, ask her out?

What do you think?

I think you're over-thinking.

You're late.

I know. I'm sorry.

I got stuck behind a train that just stopped forever.

I'm sorry. You said a crash?

I mean, I should have done, like, turned around but they shouldn't be allowed to do that, right, just stop on the tracks?

I really don't care, okay? You missed rounds.

A pedestrian? Two pedestrians?

It's irresponsible is what it is, of the train.

Two pedestrians were hit by a train?


Oh, my God.

And they're alive?

Yeah. Oh, my God.

Two girls were hit by a train on their way to school.

Kids. Um...

They're just kids.


Jessica Tanner, 15 years old.

Moving train swiped her, then tossed her down the embankment.

GCS is 15. Pressure's 100 palp.

Right side took all the brunt. It's one big bruise.

JESSICA: There's a shortcut to school.

I take it every day over the tracks.

She's tachy at 120.

All right, I'm gonna need a Doppler to check these extremities for pulses.

I tripped.

You know, my foot, it got stuck in between the tracks.

Try to stay calm, Jess. Have you seen the other girl? She...

She just showed up out of nowhere.

She tried to push me out of the way.

Somebody? I'm not sure what to do here!


OWEN: Help get the other patient inside.

Go. Torres.

Take a look at this. Oh...

Hey, it's gonna be all right, Jess.

We're gonna take care of you. Both of you. Okay?

Let's go. Go.

OWEN: Hang two units of "O" neg, check the pelvic binder, and prep her for a rapid-sequence intubation.

CALLIE: Any word on her name? Her parents?

ISAAC: I don't think she had any I.D.

CALLIE: Did you look? Did you check her bag?

MEREDITH: Okay, where do you need me?

She needs an ex lap.

One of her legs was ripped completely away from the other.

She has a wishbone injury.

The force of the train broke her pelvis and split her insides apart.

I'm gonna need to stabilize her pelvis and extremities, but not before you guys address her internal injuries.

Pupillary reflexes are sluggish.

She's gonna need a head CT to rule out a traumatic brain injury.

All right, you got a name for me yet?

No, but I found some textbooks.

Sophomore, junior, maybe. I'm guessing she's about 16 years old.

Okay, hang on, hang on. Quiet.


I want my mom.

Grey, we're gonna need to intubate. Okay.

We don't have much time. Go ahead.

Good. You're here.

She's got multiple complex injuries.

She needs to go to the OR for a washout.

Hemothorax on her right side that needs to be drained.


Have you seen her, the other girl?

Is she still alive?

Jess, can you tell me her name?

I don't know her. So...

You have the same hearts drawn on your arms.

I think you do know each other.

Her name's Aliyah.

And you two were out there together?


Your foot didn't get caught on the tracks, did it?

Honey, tell me what happened out there.

We just wanted to be together.

Dead or alive.

And this is one of our state-of-the-art radiology suites.

We have just installed new data-processing systems with simultaneous...

Simultaneous multi-slice holographic imaging.


I mean, that kind of imaging's the wave of the future.

Wave of the future. (CHUCKLING) I couldn't agree more.

Do you mind if I take a look around?

Be my guest.

Thank you.

TRACY: Is this the new SE-700?

Yes, we just had it upgraded.

Admit it. You like her.

She's a solid candidate, certainly.

But so is Bailey.

Bailey knows you too well.

You all have been together too long.

She doesn't push you, Richard.

MIRANDA: Better than that.

But in a chief, you need a chief who knows how to push back.

Are you implying she's soft?

Because Miranda Bailey is anything but soft.

I'm saying that she's too comfortable here.

We need someone who will make us uncomfortable, someone that'll walk in here and push us to be the best.

We need someone who will surprise us.

And you know it.

Instant access to case imaging would really assist with patient care.

You're only 15. You want to die?

It's more complicated than that.

You were standing in front of a train.

We weren't suicidal. We just...

Okay, Jess, I'm gonna tell you something personal about myself, okay?


I like men... Romantically, sometimes.

And I like women, too.

It's a big, big part of my life.

Can I ask you something personal about yourself?

Do you like girls?

Do you...

Do you like Aliyah?

I love her.

What were you two doing out there?

It's not that we wanted to die.

This was just...

The only way that we could stay together, you know, forever.

No. No, Jess. There are so many other ways.

I... Killing yourself solves nothing.

My parents...

(SIGHS) They're sending me away...

To a camp.

They come and get you in the middle of the night, and they take you to this place.

They change you.

They're gonna make me change my mind about Aliyah.

No, they won't. There's no way.

Those places don't work. They never work.

Your parents are doing this?

Please. Please, you can't call them.

Please don't tell them that I...

They're the whole reason why I'm even here.

Please. You can't call them.

DAKHIR: Aliyah's a good girl. She wouldn't miss school.

Why would she be out on the train tracks?

This doesn't make sense.

She suffered extensive injuries.

She needs surgery. I just need your consent.

She's... She's okay? She's awake? She can talk?

No, she's unconscious.

She did ask for her mother.

Her mother's dead.

If I could just have your consent for the surgery...


Excuse me. Excuse me. We're looking for our daughter.

Jessica Tanner. Can you find us a doctor?

I'm a doctor.

I'm one of your daughter's doctors, actually.

Well, where is she?

We want to see her immediately, please.

They said she was hit by a train?

Yes. DAKHIR: A train?

I think our daughters might have been out on the tracks together.

Jess was with your daughter?

What's her name? Aliyah.

I'm Dakhir Hamed.

You keep your damn daughter away from our little girl.

No one's taken a tab.

Why hasn't anyone taken a tab?

I don't know.

Uh... What I do know is the labs came back on the Wilbanks baby.

Everything looks good there.

My flier's perfectly placed.

It's clear, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, people have taken tabs from other fliers.

I'm sorry. Why do you need a roommate? You have a house.

Had a house. Callie and I sold it.

Now it turns out I need a little help in the rent department.

You'd be surprised how many patients can't afford my fees.

I mean, what am I gonna do?

Gonna look parents in the eye and tell them I can't treat their teeny, tiny, little sickly babies?


Do you need a place to live?

Me live with you? God, no.

I just... Uh, I already have a place.

Take a tab anyway.

I mean, someone has to take a tab.

It'll make other people take tabs.

It's like putting money in your tip jar.

It just encourages tipping.

I just... I'm gonna go...

Check on things...

Away from here.


3-0 Prolene.

I could use a little breathing room here.

A little more.

AMELIA: I can't move any more, or I won't be able to zero the neuro monitor.

OWEN: Everything okay?

AMELIA: She's just mad about the wall.

ISAAC: What wall?

MEREDITH: Just stand and suction. AMELIA: Not talking to you.

We did talk about taking it down.

MEREDITH: You talked about it. I was drinking tequila.

AMELIA: (CHUCKLES) Okay, you said it was a good idea.

I should remember. I was the sober one.

MEREDITH: I said I would think about it.

AMELIA: But the words that you said were, "Let's take the bitch down."

That was the tequila talking.

So, when you said this was my home, too, that I should think of it that way, that was the tequila talking, too?

Yeah, that sounds like something tequila would say.

Can you suction over here, please? OWEN: Mmm-hmm.

Hey, is it a load-bearing wall?

'Cause if it is, it can actually bring the whole house down.


Yeah, Aliyah and I, we like to pass notes at school.

The kind that you fold a million different ways.


And I kept them, every single one in a box under my bed, you know, so I could re-read them when I had bad days.

Bad days?

Sometimes kids at school...

People suck, you know, like to tease us, throw things.

And the other day, I came home, and my mom was in my room.

She had found my box of notes.

And she burned them in the fireplace.

Uh, Jess' parents want to see her and speak to her surgical team.

JESSICA: (GASPS) They're here?

Tell them she's in pre-op.

They will have to wait to see Jess until after surgery.

You're making Aliyah out to be some kind of terrible influence.

Because she is. She took advantage of our daughter.

Jess didn't know any better.

What are you talking about?

You don't know?

They think they're in love...

With each other.

They want to grow up and get married.


Honey, the doctors.


Uh, Jess has sustained multiple fractures, including two in her left leg that need surgical intervention immediately or she could lose use of her leg.

Unfortunately, she also needs her belly explored to evaluate the source of her internal bleeding.

There's also blood in her lungs, which required a chest tube.

Luckily, it seems to be stable at the moment.

We're taking her up now.

We'll update you after the surgery.

Bethany. Please, let him...

Shut up, Steven! Shut your stupid mouth!

If you had kept your mouth shut, Jess would be safe at camp right now.

But you had to give her the heads-up, didn't you?

It's okay. You had to tell her all about it.

Torres, don't.

What are you doing, Torres?

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure you understand what those places are like.

I know that you're trying to help your daughter, but that kind of camp is horrible.

It will not give her the kind of support that she needs.

I realize that you care about Jess, but...

Care about her? We love her.

She's our child. Our child.

Please, this doesn't concern you.

Jess' fear of that place is why she stepped in front of a train to begin with.

No, we are not doing this. She doesn't feel safe.

We are not doing this now!

You want to give parenting advice?

Talk to Clueless over there.

You have no right to talk to me about anything other than my child's medical care.

She's right to feel afraid. Those places are harmful.

They will damage her mentally, emotionally.

They are tantamount to child abuse.

Torres. You are out of line.

You are here for one thing and one thing only, and that is to attend to my child's injuries, to help my daughter.

That's it.

So you can either shut up and do the job that you are here to do, or I will get rid of you.

Sweetie, please.

Where do you think you're going?

Like you said, to help your daughter.

CALLIE: That woman was bullying her own child.

And, you know, don't even get me started on the husband.

He is useless. Useless.

ALEX: Poor kid's got no one in her corner.

CALLIE: Mmm-mmm.

MAGGIE: What would make someone do that?

I mean, why do people act like that?



ALEX: Why are you asking me?

'Cause you're a bully.

His scar looks pretty nice.

I'm just gonna apply a little more collagenase lotion here.

So, um, what is your plan with April tonight?

So, she's gonna come home from across the world to what, a locked house?

Why do you think it is that everybody thinks they have a right to a front-row seat to my marriage?

The show's closed. I'm not selling tickets.

Dr. Avery?


Your gastro flap harvest is ready when you are.

That's great!

Um, can you come dress this?


You know if Kepner wants a roommate?

Not if it's you.

(SCOFFS) Okay, what aren't you telling me? You know something.

Why don't people want to live with me?

(SIGHS) I'm being paged.

No, you're not. Nobody's paging you.


CALLIE: What, are you telling me I'm wrong?

I watched you push people around for years.

You bullied interns. You bullied nurses.

Hell, you bullied George.

ALEX: Don't go projecting all your stuff on me just 'cause you got picked on as a kid.

Oh, no. Nobody picked on Callie Torres.


Yeah, I was an easy target.

I didn't look like the other girls. I didn't act like them.

I had to learn how to stand up to people like Karev.

So I learned to fight. Titanium screw, please?

Tell you what, though, once you punch your first bully, the rest start to fall in line pretty quickly.

MAGGIE: So you were both bullies?

What? No. Mine was self-defense.

People you two used to call me "Li'I Maggot."

'Cause I was always younger than you and smaller...

And smarter.

And my lisp...

You guys had a field day with my lisp.

So I was "Li'l Maggot Pierth."


That's kind of cute.

No, it wasn't cute.

Not when I was begging not to be pantsed in the middle of the quad.

I mean, really think about that.

My pants were literally pulled off of me in front of other people.

Or when I was screaming for help after being locked in the janitor's closet and left there until the cops found me the next morning.

You want to know why bullies bully?

It's 'cause they can.

Maybe you got it worse at home, or maybe you're just bullying to keep from getting bullied, but really, it's because people like me, like this girl on our table, are alone.

And small and vulnerable.

And pushing us around makes you feel better about your sad, pathetic, little lives.

But not you guys, though.

You're cool... Now.


So, after we helped rebuild the hospital in Haiti, I took a team down to Houston to help the relief shelters after the flooding.


Um... So, why are you interested in moving to Seattle?

I mean, it sounds like your hospital's doing great work.

Oh, that wasn't through the hospital.

I fund most of those trips through my nonprofit.

It's a bit of a passion project of mine.

Your nonprofit. Well, now.

Um, I started the hospital's free clinic.

We're open Wednesdays and Fridays. (EKG BEEPING)

OWEN: She won't stop bleeding. Damn it!

AMELIA: She's maxed out on pressors. She can't tolerate this low a MAP.

MEREDITH: I'm clamping the hilum.

It's not working. Debakey.

Sorry, do you mind if I...

AMELIA: Come on, guys, she's crashing.

MEREDITH: You don't think I know that? Somebody page cardio.

You're gonna want to open her up with a sternotomy.

I'm sorry. Who in the hell's that?

Right, sorry. Hi. Dr. Tracy McConnell, Chief of Cardio at Hopkins.

I'm on a tour. Now, about that sternotomy.

MEREDITH: Patient's chest is already open.

I don't want to make another major incision just a few inches away. Where is cardio?

NURSE: They're saying Wexler and Hall are out.

Pierce is in surgery. OWEN: Find out how long.

MEREDITH: Okay, I want to try twisting the hilum. Towels.

You need to get control from a higher angle.

Her pulmonary artery is lacerated, which means you have about 90 seconds before she bleeds to death on that table.

I know that it seems redundant to make another large incision in an already-open chest, but if you do, in under a minute, you can have her sternum open and get a clear view of the field from an entirely different angle.

If the choice is between giving her two chest scars or letting her bleed to death, I bet she would choose the two scars.

OWEN: Grey?

You're down to 60 seconds.

MEREDITH: Okay, I need a saw and a sternal retractor.

AMELIA: On it. OWEN: Prep her for a sternotomy.

Right away.

MEREDITH: Got it. Here's the bleeder.

Okay, I'll need 4-0 Prolene and a pericardial patch, please.


Got it.

That was a hell of a save, McConnell.

It's not my save, sir. They did the hard work.

I just helped change their perspective a little.

Well, I should probably go...

Hey. Why don't people want to live with me?

Is it 'cause I have a kid or is it 'cause I'm a boss?

Like people don't want to live with their boss?

Hey, did you hear, Dr. Torres stabbed a white supremacist in the face?

Or a patient bit Karev and lost his finger or his eye or some...

Shut up and speak! What aren't you telling me?

Okay, have you ever been assigned back-to-back overnight NICU shifts, Edwards?

And I'm not talking for, like, a weekend.

I'm talking for months of long, terrible, quiet nights all alone in the NICU watching over 27 incubators full of fragile, dying, little lives.

You know how hard that is? Do you have any idea?

You are kind of a legend with the interns and residents.

Go on.

You're one of the Seattle Grace Five.

I survived a plane crash. Big deal.

And a car crash. And a shooting.

You might be immortal.

You mastered one of the most exclusive specialties basically overnight, and then you took Herman's job and her eyesight.

Okay, that's... That's just...

You have screwed dozens of interns, and you got them all fired.

You speak really fast, like superhuman fast.

You have a weird name.

You know, that's not true. That's not true.

I only slept with one intern, and I have an awesome name.

I mean, what, man?

Like, what? What else?

I mean, what...

Do people have a problem with the fact that I have one leg?

I mean, do people actually go there and talk crap about a one-legged person?

Because that's just discrimination against amputees.

They say you have two legs, and you are only pretending that one is amputated.

For the parking space. I...

We good?

Hey. Tell us something good.

Mer says Aliyah's hanging in there.

Well, that's something.

Also, Jess might not be going to that camp.

I may have made some calls.

Which one of you did it?

You called child protective services on me?

Is this a joke? Is this some game to you people?

If I want to send my child to a beautiful camp run by a lovely pastor then I have every legal right to do so, and it is none of your business.

Do you understand? Stay away from my little girl.

And stop filling her head with your faithless, inappropriate nonsense.

You repulse me. You're disgusting!


Oh, crap.

My heart was pounding, and there was a noise in my head and then her face was just coming at me and I was like, "Ah!"

And then... Ow, ow!

My fist had a mind of its own.

'Cause I didn't even know I was gonna punch her until she was punched.

Oh, my God! I lost control. I am a monster.

I would have paid money. Cash money. Like 1,000 bucks.

Worth every penny. It was beautiful.

Okay, what happened? Yeah, we want details.

And would someone page me, please, next time Pierce hulks out?

Think it's funny? It won't be when she loses her job.

I'm gonna lose my job?

You're not gonna lose your job. She attacked you.

Kind of. Right?

Okay, you weren't there. You don't know.

Oh, the lady deserved it. She got bigot-slapped.

You know she deserved it. It doesn't matter.

There's a right and a wrong way for us to conduct ourselves.

Mmm. You know what? Grey has a point.

Next time, leave the thumb outside the fist when you clench.

That way, you avoid bone damage. See?

Okay, bitch lady's fine medically, no real injury, but she is seriously pissed and out for your head.

See? Oh, God.

Is it true? Callie punched a homophobe?

Pierce punched a homophobe.

Ooh! Unexpected. High-five.

No. Yes!

Come on.

I have to go apologize to that horrible woman, don't I?

What are you doing?

MIRANDA: Scrubbing in on an open cholecystectomy.

Yes, no, I can see that, but what are you doing?

Why are you scrubbing in for a three-hour procedure when you have a presentation to the board in 45 minutes?

The patient is in terrible pain.

I have the ability to stop that pain, so I'm going to do that.

So, what, you're just gonna not show up for the presentation?

(CHUCKLES) It doesn't matter if I do.

Look, I just spent the day with Tracy McConnell.

She's chirpy and blonde with a perky, little ponytail.

And she's...

Fantastic, smart, talented.

I tried really hard to hate her, but I couldn't.

She's perfect. And Webber's ready to marry her.

Hell, I might marry her, too.

No offense. She's a catch.

And we'd be lucky to have her.

Hey, she may be the new Idris.

(CHUCKLES) Now, it's fine.

Okay, being Chief isn't the only thing that I...

I mean, I've got my son that I hardly see as it is. And you.

And I got this class that I got to start teaching.

So, you know, it doesn't matter.

It's fine, really.

Miranda, that's... No.

Leave it alone.

Okay? Just... Leave it.


Oh, hey. Uh, is the room still available?

Did your friends put you up to this? Did you lose a bet?

Or do you have a thing for feet? Or foot?


Uh, no.

Well, okay, hold on.

Why would you want to live with me instead of your intern buddies?

I don't, uh, have any intern buddies.

They think I posed as an attending on purpose and they made up all this stuff about me and it isn't even true.

Nobody wants to talk to me, let alone live with me.

It's okay. Thanks.

Um... Hold on. Just so you know, two months up front. Yeah? Okay. Mmm-hmm.

Well... Well, we can maybe... We can make this work.

BENJAMIN: Scrub out. I'll finish.

You can still make your presentation.

MIRANDA: DeLuca, will you escort Warren out of my surgery, please?



Don't even think about it. You do not know me.

Miranda, you are rolling over.

You are quitting in the middle of the race, and that is not okay.

Would you let me quit? Would you let Tuck quit?

Would you?

What did you tell Tuck when he wanted to quit the French horn?

He was a terrible French horn player, and still, what did you tell him? "You made a commitment."

"You made a commitment!"

And now who is first chair?

Tuck is.

Tuck is!

You don't quit. You don't roll over.

You don't let anybody take your chair!

Miranda Bailey, what chair are you?

First chair. Yeah, I cannot hear you.

What chair? First chair? First chair.

First chair! That's right!

Jess' injuries were extensive, but surgery went better than expected.

Oh, thank God.

Uh, Bethany wanted me to ask, do you know when Jess might be discharged?

She's, I guess, arranging for the camp to come pick Jess up from here, and...

DAKHIR: What? What are you saying?

There were complications during the surgery, and Aliyah lost a lot of blood, and her blood pressure was very low for some time.

And we just won't know if that caused damage unless she wakes up.

So, she might not wake up? That's what you're saying?

I'm sorry, is his daughter going to die?

I can't discuss another patient's personal information.

I'm so sorry.

This can't be... This shouldn't be happening.

We wanted to give her a future.

We came to this country when she was eight.

Two years later, my wife died.

My family, they said, "Dakhir, you have no business raising your daughter alone."

Maybe they were right.

What do I know about raising a girl, now a teenage girl, in America?

All I know is it's hard.

Aliyah doesn't confide in me.

Why would she?

In my community, we don't talk about things like this.

Aliyah's mother would have known what to say.

She always knew.

We came here to give her a future.

And now...

Do you have a picture?

Excuse me?

Of your daughter?

Here's... Here's Jess.

You can't tell now with the tube in her mouth, but she has the best smile.

This is Aliyah maybe a year ago now.

I took it at school after a game.

You know, I never realized, but I think that's your daughter with her.

They look really happy.

I don't believe we were introduced properly before.

I'm Steven.


Your patient's been out of surgery a while.

Did you wait to update the family until my patient was out of surgery, too?

...because this hospital is worth more than that.

Thank you. Thank you.


Bailey should be here by now.

Hi. Hello.

Sorry to interrupt, but Dr. Bailey has a request.

MIRANDA: I'm sure Dr. McConnell gave you an excellent presentation.

Scissor. Watch that tissue.

She would be excellent for the job.

But that's not the point.

The point is McConnell and I offer different things.

She is new and shiny. And she likes a good challenge.

I know. I spent the whole day with her.

She jumps into new challenges all the time.

And that's what this place is to her. Her newest challenge.

Until she finds her next one.

And her next.

But that's not me.

See, I don't care if this place is the shiniest or the fanciest or if it's a beat-up hunk of junk.

As far as I'm concerned, it'll always be the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

This is not a stepping stone for me.

I believe in this hospital and what it can do.

And I want to push this bucket of bolts to do the most impossible things you have ever seen.

And then I'll do more because this is my challenge.

BENJAMIN: There's a bleeder on the fossa.

Yeah. Clamp. Use the argon beam.

Avoid CBD.


Let me.



This job was made for me. Staples.

This job belongs to me.


I've earned first chair.


And every single one of you already knows it.

Ready to close.

CATHERINE: Well, damn it.


Dr. Hudson to OR 3.

Is Jess still at her post-op x-rays?

Yeah, Dr. Torres took her a bit ago.


You have some nerve coming here.


Mrs. Tanner, I would like to apologize.

I was totally out of line before.

To think I trusted you to treat my daughter.


I am suing you and everyone else we have met in this godforsaken hospital.

Bethany, shut up!

No one is suing! No one is pressing charges!

The person who should be apologizing is you!

We almost lost our child today!

She almost died!

We are not sending Jess away!

This stops now. Do you hear me? It stops now.

Steven, what are you saying? This stops, or I am gone.

I will leave, and I will take Jess with me, and you will never see her again.

I don't care if she's gay.

I care if she's loved. I care if she's happy.

And that is what you should care about!

What is wrong with you that you don't?


MEREDITH: So, we were able to stop the bleeding, and she's stable.

So I thought you'd like to see her because she is awake.

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm here, Aliyah.

You're okay.

Jessica is okay, too.

Shh. Don't try to talk. It's okay.

I have something for you.

Jessica asked if I could read this to you if...

When you wake up.


"Dear my beautiful Aliyah..."

Well, I like her already.



Sorry. You know, I, uh...

I thought...

Why aren't you at home?

Because I thought you'd be at home.

Right, well, I just assumed that...

(SIGHS) It's fine. Just, um...

Go and sleep there tonight. A real bed and all.

Right. Real bed. Yeah. Thanks.

I've been flying all day. I'm exhausted. Dirty.


But we can talk tomorrow?

I really want us to talk, Jackson.

Good night.


Everything the light touches is yours.

You're stupid. (LAUGHING)

Congratulations, Chief.

JO: This looks amazing.

This is amazing.

Now, I love that you love feeding me, but I can't keep eating like this every night.

I'm gonna get fat.

What's wrong with being fat? I used to be fat.


That's funny. No, really.

I mean, not just roly-poly. I mean big.

I mean, it didn't matter much till what, I don't know, 5th grade, maybe? 6th?

And then suddenly, everybody seemed to care.

I got picked on a bunch.

I mean, stupid stuff, you know? Names, pranks.

They shoved me in a locker once, and I got stuck.

I was...

Well, I was the fat kid in class and the screw-up at home.

And it sucked. I mean, it was really hell.

So in the summer after 8th grade, when I basically spent three straight months on my bike riding everywhere, all day, every day, literally riding my ass off.

School started. Nobody recognized me.

I toughened up. I mean, I had to, you know?

Want more rice?

AMELIA: (LAUGHS) Who does that?

Who carpools to work with somebody in the morning and then leaves without them that night?

I can't believe she... She just left me.

I'm happy to give you a ride. Actually, I did want to...

I don't even want to go in there. I may lose it.

Not even kidding. I may...

What's happening?

You. Come here. I...


Sit. Good.

MEREDITH: I want you to stop and take a closer look at the body in front of you.

I live here, too, and that means I get a say.

And I say you two need to figure your crap out.

There's nothing special about it.

It's just a body.

So, why are you here? What's so different?

What's changed?

Sorry about the wall.


Jumped the gun.

I'm sorry I said you had fleas.

Meredith! What?

I don't...

I don't know how to talk to you. You are a lot sometimes.

I don't totally like you.

Wow. Okay.

But I don't have to, because you're family.

I love you.

My answer is...


The thing that has changed is you.

I want you to throw everything you think you know about anatomy out the window...

And look at this cadaver like you've never seen a human body before.

Now pick up your scalpels.

Place them below the xiphoid process.

Press firmly.

No regrets.

And let's begin.

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