Grey's Anatomy S12E12 Script

My Next Life (2016)

MEREDITH: Previously on Grey's Anatomy...

Goodbye, Derek.

Right, Meredith. MIRANDA: What do we got?

DOCTOR: Katie Bryce, 15-year-old female, new onset seizures.

Katie belongs to the new attending now, Dr. Shepherd.

It's a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

She's bleeding into her brain.

You earned the right to follow her case through to the finish.

I will discover that I am not just the other Dr. Shepherd.

I'm the wrong Dr. Shepherd.

I'm just not ready to forgive you yet.

Looking sharp. You got a hot date?

DELUCA: Uh, yeah, something like that.

When we're alone, she's so... She's a wildcat, huh?


MAGGIE: Richard. Pierce.

Do you really want this?

LAWYER: This is one of the simpler divorces I've seen.

You just signed divorce papers, and you don't want a drink?

What are you... What are you, pregnant? (CHUCKLES)

I think I am.

MEREDITH: "Any day where no one died is a good day. "

Someone said that once.

Wait. It was me. I said it.

Any day you wake up...


And your body's still moving...

Is a good day.

Keys. Where are my keys?

Did you check in your jacket pockets?

Ripped & Corrected By mstoll

MEREDITH: You can start over.


You can forget your past mistakes.

You can make a new start.

Live every day like it's your last. (LAUGHING)

All that crap they put on pillows and car bumpers...


It's all true.


You're alive.

Respect that.

Not everybody is.

This room is full of dead people.

I know it's easy to forget, but come on.

Something happened to them, a mistake, a disease, a stupid twist of fate.

They left their bodies here for us to learn from, to become better.

Let's have a little respect.





Time of death, 8:12.

Keps, call the plumber, would you?


Did he really just call the morgue "the plumber"?

Oh! Yeah. That's something we say over there.

They circle the drain, then they clog it. "Call the plumber."

Hunt's right. We hate that guy.

Hey, you got a minute?

Hi, yeah. What's up?

Um... Listen, I just got our last joint cell phone bill, and I'm pretty sure they still charged your card, so I just want to write you a check.

It's fine. No, no, no.

You shouldn't have to...

No, seriously, Jackson. It's fine.

If you're sure...

This one's on me.



You have to tell him.

Why? "Why"?

So he'll come back to me?

He doesn't want to be married.

A baby wasn't gonna change that. It shouldn't change that.

Because it's his baby. Because he...

I know. I know.

But I am happy for the first time in a year.

And as soon as I tell him, everything's gonna get all complicated.

And for right now... (SIGHS)

Obviously, obviously I'm going to tell him.

When I'm ready.


Oh! Hi. Hi.


MAGGIE: You're only wearing one boot.

I know. I was late. And I couldn't find the other one.



You think I'm bootless 'cause I'm drunk.

It's fine. I'm not drunk.

I just got my 60-day chip.

I am bootless because I had sex with Owen, and his stupid trailer is very dark.

And I was very late because of the sex, which was so great.

So I just thought, "Screw it."

I may not know where my boot is, but it's gonna be a great day.

I hate you. Don't hate.

I haven't had sex in days.

DeLuca and I almost got caught by Webber.

By Webber? So we had to cool it in the hospital.

And he's never got time.

Interns never have any freaking time.

So I never have sex.

I know where all my boots are.

Why me? I don't know.

Webber just said he wanted you today.

You know, every year, Webber singles out one intern to be his guy.

My first year here, it was me. He called us the Big Dogs.

Okay, well, why me, though?

Are you complaining right now? Because this is an honor.

You have been anointed.

Webber is on top of his own service.

You just listen and learn from a master.

You have got the golden ticket, my friend.

Dr. Webber. Here's your guy.

Good morning, sir.

I'm, uh... I'm really excited to...

You look tired.

A late night?


I have a consult with Robbins.

Great. Let's get started.

Okay. You can do rounds on my post-ops.

I've got a stack of intern applications on my desk that need filing.

3316 needs her drain checked, and 1242 could use a rectal exam.


Oh! Um... You know, actually, DeLuca...

Yes, sir.

What's this?

Dry cleaning. Address is on the card.


AMELIA: Edwards! Morning.

Uh, Pit's called for a consult.

I rounded on all of your post-ops.

Four aneurysm repairs, all doing fine.

Mr. Klein is awake and responsive.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. Edwards.

It's all good.

It is a great day, and you are bringing me down, Edwards.

Spill it.

It's like we're in a rut of clipping aneurysms

'cause that is all we do.

It would be nice to throw a glioma in there once in a while.

You're hoping for someone to have a brain tumor?

Just to mix it up a little.

Because you're bored of aneurysms.

I'm not complaining. I'm just...

You are. But I'll tell you what, if you are so bored, the next aneurysm that walks through that door, you will clip it yourself.

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

Okay, we'll take you up for a scan, and then we'll figure out what's going on.

Yeah, sit tight. Don't worry.

Her baby's fine.

Yeah, I'm betting it's an appendicitis. Mmm.


So, how'd it go? Hmm?

You left the bar with the girl in the jean jacket.

I would have put you with crop top. She looked smart.

(CHUCKLES) I mean, so how was it? Did you hit it off?

Oh! Um...

It was fine.

Fine? Yeah.



Patient's 25, complaining of new onset headache, transient numbness on the left side.

She passed out in gymnastics practice.

Do you know what I'm thinking?

AMELIA: You're thinking it's an aneurysm.

I'm thinking it's my aneurysm.

It could be a tumor. Don't say that.

This morning, you were praying for a tumor.


Hi. Katie.

Who are you? I asked for Dr. Shepherd.

And here I am.

No, you're not. Dr. Shepherd is a guy.


(SIGHS) Look, I was here before, years ago.

MEREDITH: My first year. My first day.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage. You're Katie Bryce.


DOCTOR: IV lost en route, started grand mal seizing as we descended.

MIRANDA: All right, get her on her side.

KATIE: And I didn't get stuck with someone this clueless, and that was, like, a nurse.

Oh, my God.

They still let you be a doctor here?

So, let me get this straight.

I had a thing. You guys fixed it.

Now the symptoms are back and worse.

I mean, I'm not having seizures yet, but I keep going numb, and my head...


We're not exactly sure what we're dealing with, Katie.

I was going to say your prelim neuro looks good.

The symptoms are different from last time.

(SIGHS) For the record, I don't want to go through that again.

You shaved my head.

I was, like, an ug-mo troll for weeks until I could get extensions going.

Did you guys screw this up last time?

Found it.

It's so old it's not even in the computer.

Webber had to show me the archive room.

You still doing pageants, Katie?

What was it, rhythmic gymnastics?

Nope. Stopped those.

Pageants got me a full ride to UW, though.

And now I coach gymnastics.

Two of my girls are Olympic qualifiers.

Wow. Impressive.

No offense, but are you gonna be operating on me?

Dr. Grey is not a neurosurgeon.

(SIGHS) Good. I mean, she was kind of a train wreck.

She kept getting me lost.

It was my first day.

Hey, Katie Bryce is back.

Katie who?

Katie Bryce.

Day one of my internship, mystery seizures, Cristina and I solved it, Derek operated.

It was my first surgery, Bailey. How do you not remember this?

You were an intern, Grey. You weren't even a person to me yet.


Okay. So, what do you think it is?

A re-bleed or... I don't know yet.

It feels like a tumor.

Could be a re-bleed or the clip slipped.

Well, I watched Derek place the clip. The clip didn't slip.

Meredith, clips slip.

Yeah, I'll get her to CT.

Order an angio, too, based on her history.



She's my patient. She came back.

AMELIA: She was Derek's patient. Now she's mine.

Oh, Katie Bryce!

When Derek had all of the interns chasing their tail for the answer...


And he was chasing your tail? Yes.

I'm gonna stay with you on this.

Mer, I have it.

My name is on the chart. I need to make sure that we...

I will update you.

I'm gonna go discharge a cancer patient.

I will be back.

Counting the minutes.


You hitting the books?

Yeah, I have to. I have finals on Monday.

PENNY: Physics. I loved physics.

Yeah. It would have been easier when I was 20.

Well, but you're starting over.

It's impressive. Starting over is hard.

String theory is harder.

But I pass this, I graduate in June with honors.

Okay. You want to tell her how she did here?

Flying colors. All your follow-up labs came back clear.

Dr. Grey got all the mets off your liver.

No recurrence. So...

So, after 10 months... Say it.

You're cancer-free. Yes!

Thank you! Thank you so much!

Of course. Oh, man.

Okay, so, now are you going to call David?

You're a nag.

I kicked your cancer. We had a deal.

I need another month.

One more month, and I get my diploma.

Also, one more round of chemo, and then they take my headphone jack out.

And then I will.

How long's the redness been there?

I don't know. A week.

All right, put the books down. I need to take a look at that.

Damn it! I was almost out of here.


Hey. Hey.


So the ring is in your drawer.


What are you gonna do with it?

Well, what do you mean? It's in my drawer.

Are you gonna take it back?

Do you want me to take it back?

Well, it was...

It was probably expensive. It was.

And, uh, it's not doing anyone any good in your drawer.

Yeah, well, I didn't buy it for the drawer.

Look, you didn't say yes or no.

Is this no? Is that what you're saying?


"No," like, "no"?

Or, "no," like, "not no"?


I don't know.

(SIGHS) This was great!

Hey. The scans back on our appendix yet?

Robbins, we've been at this for a while.


I have facilitated in the introduction of over a dozen women for you.

Mmm-hmm. I mean, I'm invested in this project.

So when the results we're getting are "fine," we can do better than that.

Um... It was... It was better than fine.

It was...


You don't want to hear about this.

No, no, no, I think feedback is crucial to our success.

That way we can course correct if need be.

It was way better than fine.

It turns out that she's in real estate and an insanely good kisser.

And she...

I mean, she knows her way around the neighborhood.

Oh! Where'd you go? Everywhere.

(CHUCKLES) If you know what I'm saying.

From the hills to the low country and all around downtown.

Ah. I get... Yeah, yeah.

Oh, my... I'm sorry.

I got carried away. No, no, I asked.

Thought that you wanted to know.

I asked. Scans are ready.


I rounded on your post-ops, got your labs back, filed the intern applications, and picked up your dry cleaning.

They got the stain out of your purple sweater.


Yeah, so, you were right about the appendicitis.

All right, DeLuca, you can go get my surgery transcriptions.

Yes, sir.

(THUD) Oh.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Me? Oh, I'm fine.

(PANTING) I just never got time to eat today.


Don't kill the interns.

DeLuca, go eat. Quickly. Thank you.

Did you know 8% of all repaired aneurysm patients had a recurrence?

It's gonna be a tumor.

Statistics say aneurysm.

Her symptoms say tumor.

And if it is an aneurysm, you said I could clip it.

You said it's a great day.

And I agree with you, it is a great day. I feel great. (INHALES DEEPLY)

Uh, so I will clip it, right?


Crap. It's a tumor.

No. It's an aneurysm.

That's... That's an aneurysm? I've never seen one that big.

Yeah, I don't want to clip that.

Neither do I.

It does look infected.

It might be superficial, but it needs to come out.


You should have come in sooner.

I have a history paper due on Wednesday.

I'm supposed to blow that off? Plus two jobs.

I only fight cancer on the weekends.

So, there might be some blood, but you can look away.

Please, you guys have poked and prodded me forever now.

Oh, my God, that's a lot of blood.

Let's page cardio.

It's okay. That doesn't look okay.

I know. I know. It's scary.

Daphne, look at me.

You're okay.

That's normal? All that blood?

Let's hang FFP, platelets, one gram of TXA, and crossmatch her.

Where is cardio? Riggs is coming.

Ugh. Riggs.

Yes. "Ugh. Riggs" is here.

Daphne, right? What do we got?

Daphne's portacath got infected, and when I removed it...

It was a gusher, looks like.

All right, I'll book an OR. No.

Daphne, I've given you some medicine to help your blood clot, so I'm just going to apply pressure and wait for it to work.

Well, I think we should move her, get a good look at the vessels.

Well, I'm hoping it just resolves itself here so we don't have to open her up and make it worse.

So you're just gonna keep holding pressure?

That's the plan. (GASPS) Katie Bryce.

Oh, you need to be somewhere? I can do it.

Are you leaving? No, no, I'm here.

It's just holding pressure.

She's my patient.

She's sort of my patient now. It's a cardiac case.

You can wait if you like.

All right. We'll wait a little while, and we'll see.

Blake, you need repeat coags every 30 minutes.

And push my chole and cover my post-ops.

And get an update on Shepherd's patient Katie Bryce.

Dr. Shepherd. Absolutely.


Dr. Grey was wondering if...

Yeah, tell her she's off the hook.

It had nothing to do with the old case.

Your original repair is fine.

Okay, great. This is new.

It was a frontal lobe aneurysm, the biggest one I have ever seen.

How big? Like...

This isn't charades, Blake. I need to see it.

She just wants to look at the scans.

Then why doesn't she come here and look at the...

She's busy with a patient.

You know what? So am I.

Tell her I don't have time to give her computer access.

Tell her she doesn't need to see the scan.


That's a monster.

MEREDITH: What's her approach?

Is she going to clip it or do a primary repair?

I don't think she's gone that far yet.

Well, find out!

Tell her if she wants to talk to me, she can come down here and talk to me and not keep sending her mole.

Tell her, "Thank you, Meredith, "for the overwhelming vote of confidence, "but I will use the approach I deem necessary."

And if she doesn't trust me, she can come down here and clip this thing herself.

And also, you can tell her to...

Yeah, I don't want to do this anymore.

What is your problem with Shepherd?

Mind your business.

I don't think she likes you very much.

Ooh, you picked up on that, huh? All right. All right.

Go tell Shepherd...

Tell her to not screw it up.

I think she gets that.

Ow, ow, ow, ow. All right, a little more lidocaine.

Ooh, maybe sailing. Maybe I should get a boat.

That's too much upkeep. Well, I need something, all right?

I feel like, you know, it's a new chapter.

Start something new. I need something that I can...

What about golf?

Nah, I think it's too clich馘, though...

Golfing doctors.

What did you do with your ring?

Ow. Ow. A little lighter. A little lighter.

Um... I didn't know what to do with it, so it's just in a drawer.

Right. It goes in a drawer.

And if she didn't say yes or no...

And April... I mean, she's, like, fine.

It's like she's better than fine.

You'd think that she was the one that was pushing for the damn divorce.

Sloan always wanted me to try golf.

I never liked golf. Love golf.

Just don't try hockey. Ow!

Jo doesn't know what she wants. Neither does Amelia.

One day, she wants to stop things cold, the next, she never wants it to stop.

If it keeps going like this... It's all a lot of upkeep.

If she didn't want a ring on her finger, why does she care what I do with it?

Because it's just sitting in that drawer like a loaded gun.

And every time we have sex or a fight, he could just pull it out and point it at me.

Do you even want the ring?

I don't want it... Right now.

Grey and Shepherd are gonna kill each other, and I'm going to die in the crossfire.

Grey needs to chill 'cause it's not even her case.

Shepherd could cut her some slack. It was her case.

It was supposed to be my case.

Do you think I should tell him to take it back?

Jo, you already did. If you wanted it, you'd be wearing it.

CALLIE: I mean, are you doing all right?

'Cause after Arizona and I got divorced, (SIGHS)

It felt like my insides were ripped out of me.

No. I mean... Yeah, it was awful.

It was amicable, I guess is the word.

Civil and polite and awful.

But, um, no.

I, uh... I feel good.

I feel really good.


You got divorced really different from how I did.

Hey, man, you got to take this, okay?

No, no, just take it. Just... Here.

You're exhausted. You're not too exhausted, right?

No. No. No. Okay.


No! No!

(SIGHS) It's Webber. It's Webber?

Yeah, he's made me his guy now, which apparently means relentless pages and endless scut.

Webber has singled you out?

Yeah, anointed me, apparently.

Oh, okay. He knows about us. No. No.

Why would he make me his guy, though?

I don't know. Um, he's my father.

He's your what?

Yeah, maybe he doesn't know.

You said your folks are from Boston. (BREATHING HEAVILY)

Yeah, yeah, he's my biological father.

Maggie, he's your father?

Maybe it's just a coincidence.


Oh! I'm so screwed!

No, no, I'll ask him. I'll find out.

No, Maggie. I told him you were a wildcat.

What? Why? Why would you do that?

Webber's your father?

Hi. Ah.

What do you have?

Mitral valve.

I got Cross.

What about?

(CHUCKLES) No, I mean, my intern. I got Cross today.

(CLEARS THROAT) He's pretty good. A little green.

Who have you got? Ah, DeLuca.

Oh, you like him?

I've only worked with him a couple times.

Yeah, he's an intern.

You know, he shows potential. Mmm-hmm.

You know, he's calm in surgery. Steady.

Yeah, he's got great hands.

I beg your pardon?

In the OR. 'Cause he was an EMT.

I heard... Oh.

I think. I guess.

Um... Yeah, I think I heard that, too.

MAGGIE: Yeah. Yeah.

He's a great roommate. Dependable. Quiet.

What? DeLuca.


So, yeah, have fun with him today.

Or... Have a good...

Yeah. Bye.

Yeah. Bye. Yeah.

And these are the consent forms. There you go.

And this is a new one?


And this one's bigger.

It's a very thin, fragile balloon.

Even the tiniest disturbance walking around could pop it.

And if it pops, I die?

Why does this keep happening?

You're predisposed to aneurysms. It's just something that...

Dr. Shepherd fixed the last one.

I know. The other Dr. Shepherd.

He knew how to fix it.

Your first aneurysm was very difficult to diagnose, but it was easy to solve.

This one...

It's very risky.

Are you saying you can't do it?

I'm saying that I will do my very best.


We have to try.

Otherwise... I know. I just...

Are you as good as your brother?

Are you better than him?

ARIZONA: Camera scope seems jittery.

RICHARD: Hold the damn thing still, DeLuca.

DELUCA: Sorry, sir. I'm trying.

RICHARD: "Great hands."

So, are you gonna be seeing "Jean Jacket" again?

ARIZONA: No. Not her again.

She was fun, but a little crazy.

"Hoop Earrings," maybe. She was funny.

Tonight is, um, oh, "Artisanal Soap." Remember her?

RICHARD: You said she was ditzy.

ARIZONA: Yeah, she was. But she smelled like lilacs everywhere.

Robbins, how many women are you seeing?

Mmm, not that many. Right, DeLuca?

Hmm? Oh! I don't know. I mean, who's counting?


How would you know? You're never there.

Mr. Secret Lover spends every night at his girlfriend's place.

That's not true.

ARIZONA: I told you. He's the best roommate.

He has a girlfriend with her own place and clearly a crazy sex drive.

DELUCA: Is that the ileum just above the...

That's what that is. ARIZONA: Oh, yeah. (CHUCKLES)

He brought her to our place once.

Oh, my goodness.

I thought he was killing her in there.

She's a screamer.

RICHARD: All right, that's enough! (IMITATES SCREAMING)

Can we focus on the base of the appendix, please?


Here's her latest lab results.

Do you want me to book an OR now?

Septicemia. Pseudomonas.

PCR positive times two.

I can go in, try to get local control, maybe subclavian repair.

Yeah, but she's got a possible D-dimer with SIRS brewing.

We may have to.

I'm worried she may not withstand GA, though.

Do you want to dumb it down a little?

Okay, Daphne, your portacath got infected, and it's caused sepsis.

A big infection all over, which can cause your organs to fail.

If I take my hands off and you're not bleeding, we're good.

And if I do bleed?

Then I have to take you into the OR and try to stop the bleeding.

But if Dr. Grey's right, the surgery could make you worse.

I should have come in sooner.

Do you want to call David now?

No. I screwed up again.

Who's David? Your husband?

David is my son.

He was my son.

I made a bad choice.

I made lots of bad choices.

I chose all sorts of things over him.

I left him.

That was a long time ago.

Six years.

He's 20 now. He's in college.

He has another mother now.

(VOICE BREAKING) And I'm just a mess.

MEREDITH: You're not. Not anymore.

Call him. DAPHNE: Yeah.

When I've cleaned up my act, you know?

I want to have my diploma.

I want to show him that I can be someone he can be proud of.

Seems to me that you already are.

Yeah, and then I got cancer.

And that is not your fault.

Daphne, you have earned this.

I have watched you become a completely different person.

And he deserves to know you.

Please call him.


I'm not going back to him with more problems.

Okay. Are you ready to take a look now?

Let's just wait a little while longer, just to be sure.

OWEN: Hey, you paged? What's that?

This was Derek's?


But that's not why I paged.

I left a boot at your place this morning.

Yeah, yeah, I brought it in.

It was wrong of me to come over last night.

I should not be starting anything new.

Not now. Okay, here we go.

No, I screw everything up.

I don't want you to be one of those things. I...

Listen, what else have you screwed up?

Are you kidding me?

I nuked my relationship with Meredith.

I got kicked out of my place. I drank.

Sixty days ago. And you're doing great.


I hit 60 days for the fourth time in my life.

Ever since, I have been avoiding big cases like the plague.

I have just been doing aneurysm repairs until I know I'm ready.

And then today, I get this woman with a live grenade in her head who happens to be Derek and Meredith's surgical love child, and I get to screw this up now, too.


I think I'm gonna kill this girl.

Okay, you want to know what I think?

I think if there were any other surgeon's name on this old chart, you wouldn't be thinking twice about this.

Meredith doesn't think I can do it.

Who cares what she thinks?

Meredith is not a neurosurgeon.

And she certainly isn't you.

Why are you giving a second to what she thinks?

You're the one who has to do it, Amelia.

So just do it.


Daphne, are you cold?

I'm hot.

Grey, we got to move now. Okay. Let's get ready to move.

I need some extra lap pads and Surgicel right here by me.

Daphne, I'm gonna check and see how we're doing, okay?

NATHAN: No, wait.

Daphne, call your son.

(SOBS) Not like this.

It's been too long. He'll never forgive me.

Well, he might not, but you deserve the chance.

Okay, you made a bad choice, but you turned it around.

You've atoned.

All right, you've tried, you know that, so you have to forgive yourself.

Now, you deserve a chance to show him you tried.

He's right.

Let's call.






It's Daph...

It's Mom.

Okay, Katie, it's time to go.

All right. Let's move.


Just please don't kill me.



See you then.

He said he's coming.

He's coming to see me.


He sounded so grown-up.


Okay, let's hang some blood and push pressors.

Daphne, I have to check now, okay? Don't. I'm scared.

Hey, Daphne. We're here, okay?

Dr. Grey's here. She's just gonna take a look.


Ready, one, two, three.


Okay, okay. Okay, let's go.

NATHAN: Blake, we need an Ambu bag.

And let's keep the blood coming.

We got to go. Let's get her in there.

Ready? Let's go.


David said he was coming.

Is he coming?

He's on his way. Stay with me.


DEREK: All right, everybody.

It's a beautiful night to save lives.

Let's have some fun.


I told the morgue she's coming.


WOMAN: Nurse's station.

You called the morgue "the plumber."

It's habit.

It's different over there.

You work on people who...

It's part of their job to get hurt and die.

You never have to call the families.

Someone else does that.

It makes you...

Yeah, I'm trying to break that habit.

Why did you come here?

What happened with Owen's sister?

You're a friend of Owen Hunt's.

I figured he would have told you.

He said you put her in a helicopter, and it crashed.


All right, Meg and I were working in a field unit.

We needed to transport a patient.

There was only room on the chopper for one of us.

It was gonna be an ugly ride, unprotected airspace.

So I said I was gonna go.

Meg said it was her patient.

I told her no.

And we fought, and finally...

I mean, it was her patient.

I would have done the same thing if it was mine.

So I couldn't tell her no.

And the helicopter...

Never got there.

No one knows what happened.

Just disappeared.

No trace.

So he thinks you should have been on that helicopter.

I don't go asking about your dead husband, do I?


MAGGIE: Oh! Well... (LAUGHS)

Don't you look nice? Thank you.


Are you... Are you done for the night?

Yeah, I am. You know, I just...

Oh, good. Well, hey, have fun.

Thank you. Have a good night.

Yes, have fun with, um, who is it again?

Oh! Um... Artisanal soap.


Robbins, you're an outstanding surgeon.

Oh, thank you. And an extraordinary woman.

Oh, Richard. I'm super gay.

Like, I'm the gayest of gays. I'm lesbianic.

And you're a very handsome man.

That is very... Oh, cut it out.


Someone like you deserves someone very special...

A quality person.

And I worry that if you squander your heart with all of these many, many more frivolous...

Whoa, whoa. The thing about being my wingman is you can't also be my dad.

Richard, I owe you.

I'm too young and too fun to spend the rest of my life alone.

And I was... I was too scared to try, but you helped me remember what it was like when I was open and confident and fun and a little slutty.

You helped me be slutty again.

Well, I'm not sure I'd phrase it like that.

You helped me fly.

So, good job.

Thank you.

I got to fly now.


Keep it in the drawer.


I don't want it, but I don't want it gone.

So the drawer is good.

Just, um, keep it in the drawer.

Here. My half of the phone bill.

Oh. No. I told you. And I appreciate that.

But I don't want to leave anything undone.




Uh, you need anything?

What do you mean?

It's just... I mean, if you need anything, let me know, okay?

Did, um...

Did Arizona tell you...

I worked in peds. I figured it out.

You're, like, all happy all the time, kind of sweaty.

How far along are you?

Nine weeks.

He doesn't know?

Not yet.

Well, you should tell him before he figures it out, too.


DeLuca's working late.


Well, I needed some old case files uploaded into the computer system.


Well, that'll keep him here until dawn, at least.

DeLuca's a hard worker. Yeah, he is.

He really cares.

He's a good guy. Truly.

I like him.

Well, I suppose I could cut him some slack.

I appreciate it.

I like that you were looking out for me.


It's just gonna be nice to have all those charts uploaded.


Want to go get some dinner? I would love that.

MEREDITH: How is she?

She's great.

Am I missing my pageant?

She have deficits?

No. No. No deficits. Neuro exam checks out.

She's just a little loopy from the meds.

MEREDITH: Okay. Good.

Did you fix me?

Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Edwards did.

I fixed you last time. KATIE: Right.

I was such a bitch to you.

That was a long time ago.

You're all grown up now.

Yeah. You are, too.

I don't get lost around here anymore.

Dr. Shepherd fixed me?

She did.

She's very good.

What happened to guy Dr. Shepherd?

That's a long story.

You take care, okay?

Take care of that brain.



We're not starting something new. I don't accept that.

If it were new, I wouldn't have your boot. (CHUCKLES)

Now, if you want to start over, forget all that, start fresh, if that's easier for you, then we can do that, too.

However you want to do it. But let's...

Let's do it.

Just like new?

Yep. Square one.

What are you doing?

I barely know you. At least ask me out on a date first.


MEREDITH: We can start over. Every day.

We get second chances...

Just be prepared. She may look a little...

I know.

I mean, I haven't seen her in six years.

To become who we always wanted to be.

We can leave our past behind.

You sure you're ready for this?

Or we can learn from it.

And honor it.

Hi, David.


MEREDITH: We can decide it's never too late to change.

These people don't have that chance.

They left it to you.

They let you learn from them.

So let's say thank you.

And not screw it up.

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