Grey's Anatomy S12E13 Script

All Eyez on Me (2016)

MEREDITH: Previously on Grey's Anatomy...

Webber has singled you out? Yeah, anointed me.

He knows about us. Oh! I'm so screwed!

Maggie, I told him you were a wildcat. What?

Blake should be in our surgery.

PENNY: Callie, stop. No, I am sorry, but I can't just stand here and... You're embarrassing me!

PENNY: Stay out of it.

If you want to start over, let's do it.

Just like new? Square one.

What are you doing?

I barely know you. At least ask me out on a date first.

Did Arizona tell you...

I worked in peds. I figured it out.

ALEX: How far along are you? Nine weeks.

He doesn't know? Not yet.

Behold. Everything the light touches is yours.

Congratulations, Chief.

Meredith, you got really good at being alone.

Are you saying I can't be alone anymore?

No, I think you can.

I just don't think you want to be.

MEREDITH: Back in med school, I knew a guy who spent his weekends as a magician for children's birthday parties.

Okay, this is only a dry run, and it's the first of many. (CHUCKLES)

Won't be perfect, but once we start, I don't want to stop until we get to the other side.

Agreed? Okay.

Let's go. Yep.

It makes a weird kind of sense.

If you plan on sawing a person in half, you're going to need to practice.

When you take the stage and all eyes are on you, you don't want the audience to see you sweat.

Three days ago, I received a call from a colleague at Bauer Medical, a military facility just outside of Seattle.

A consult was requested for a 35-year-old male patient with an osteosarcoma of the left pelvis, lumbar spine, and sacrum.

MEREDITH: You only want them to see the magic.

Whoa! Seconded.

OWEN: Traditionally, a tumor like this would be approached with aggressive chemoradiation that would give him a few years to live, at most.

There's got to be something better than that.

Torres thought so, too.

She had a better idea.

Torres'plan was to use the vascularized fibular grafts from the amputated leg to attach the right leg and pelvis to the spine at the midline.

This would provide axial stability, and potentially...


The ability to walk.


Impressive? Insane.


And I mean that in the best way.


What did we just do?


A miracle. (CHUCKLES)

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It's a solid plan, Torres. You should be proud.

I am.

But we still have a few days left, so I'd like to run through it twice tomorrow, see if we can get our time down.

Right. But first, sleep.

JACKSON: Yeah, all the sleep I can carry.

OWEN: Folks, hang on. We have a problem.

Colonel Miller just called from Bauer Medical.

Our patient just took a fall and has fractured his pelvis.

What? OWEN: Our timeline has changed.

His fractured pelvis has compromised blood flow to the leg we need to salvage.

Our window's closing.

If we wait, there won't be anything left to use in the reconstruction.

Okay, well, when do they want to do it?


Would've liked another run-through.

Okay, when... When...

When can he come? He's not.

After the fall, the patient's not stable enough to move.

We have to go to him. It's an away game.

It's an away game.

It's not even fair.

I mean, no one else got a chance to volunteer to go.

What can I say? I'm good at ortho, I'm good at plastics. I'm a switch-hitter.

(CHUCKLES) I'm an integral part of the team.

Wilson did the only trial run.

Of course I would rather take you.

I'm kind of stuck here.

Whatever. I still get to go.

OWEN: Now, listen, about Bauer.

Bye! Military hospitals are a mix of civilian and military doctors with a very strict idea about hierarchy.

Okay, Hunt, I get it. These are your people.

We'll do you proud.

Take me with you.

(LAUGHS) I thought you didn't want me messing in your career.

Maybe just this once. This surgery's gonna be amazing.

Sorry, Blake. No special treatment.

Same thing I tell my husband.

Hunt! We got incoming.

OWEN: Be right there. Good luck!

You know Curt Morgan? The neuro-ophthalmologist?

I do, yeah. He's a nice guy.

He is a nice guy.

And he was asking about you.

Bailey. I'm just saying he was asking.

Who was asking about what?

Oh, uh, Curt Morgan was asking about Dr. Grey.

Wilson. Oh. Curt. Yeah, he's great.

We play ball with him on Wednesday nights.

Okay, what about we stop talking about Curt Morgan and focus on what we have to do?

Or we could talk about the fact that he's tall and handsome, divorced, funny, doesn't have kids... Handsome.

You said handsome twice.

That wasn't an accident.

MIRANDA: Hey, remember, we're guests here.

Hunt wants us on our best behavior.

I've spent a lot of time working with the military.

If we're respectful and do our jobs, we won't ruffle any feathers. Okay.

Dr. Bailey. Colonel Miller.

So nice to finally put a face with the voice.

Likewise. This is Captain Vaughn. Hi.

She's here to help make sure you have everything that you...

Colonel, what the hell?

MILLER: Dr. Bailey, this is Major Thorpe. He's...

I'm Sergeant Carson's surgeon.

And you are... The "Dream Team"?

You can't just make decisions for my patient.

Oh, we're not here to step on toes, Doctor.

You're here to make my patient a guinea pig.

How about we take a step back?

How about you take 10 steps back, through that door, because no one's touching my patient! MILLER: Thorpe.

Sir, I understand that you want what's best for your patient.

MIRANDA: Is the surgery new and risky? Yes, it is.

But if it works...

Oh, It'll work.

Major Thorpe, your chief asked for our help because he knows we're the best.

Now, you called us the Dream Team, and that's exactly what we are. We are miracle workers.

Now, the sooner you recognize that, the sooner we can get to the business of saving a life, which is all any of us are here to do, yourself included.

If you'll all follow me.

I think you may have ruffled some feathers.

"Miracle workers"? You think maybe you overdid that?

We've practiced once, Torres. Once.

I might've gotten a little carried away. A little?

We're so screwed.



Karev wants me in the ER.

Look, I'm on call all night, but if it's slow, I mean, I could meet you back here in a couple hours.

Sounds tempting.

Ah, Pierce, there you are.

Yes, Riggs, here I am.

Wanted to see about getting you in on an elective VATS in the morning.

Yeah, absolutely.

That is a two-hander, so let's do it.


So I'm gonna put you down for 9:30, yeah?

Mmm-hmm. Cool. Cheers.

That was close.

Are we still doing this?

Yes. Because it's a secret, and that's what you do with secrets. You keep them secret.

Yeah, but what's the point?

Look, your sisters know, Webber knows.

It's getting a little old, honestly, okay?

And... And I got to get out of here.

Karev's paged me three times already.


Coming through.

Clear the way!

DeLuca, where the hell have you been? Grab me some Kerlix.

Lisa. Have you seen Lisa? She's our captain.

Let me guess. Ponytail, hair bow?

MAXINE: God, she's gonna be so mad.

We didn't stick the final pose, and it wasn't even that hard.

It was just a 13-person synchronized Liberty Twist.

Thirteen? Wow.

(MAXINE PANTING) Pulse is over 130.

Run an EKG and a metabolic panel and add a detox.

Nobody was listening to each other.

Danielle hit her trick too soon, so everyone else had to match, and...

All right, just try to calm down a little, okay?

Are you kidding? We were in the final round!

We were about to qualify for Nationals!

Slight tenderness to the abdomen, but I want to do an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay.

Oh, my God. Dani, are you okay?

Everything hurts.

I can't believe this. I...

I can't... Hey, Maxine, are you a little dizzy?

Maxine? I am.

My life is over.


MAN: Coming through!

Page neuro. No telling how hard she hit her head when she fell.

Her BP's through the roof.

And you understand the risks of the surgery that we're talking about?

I've explained the risk in detail.

Yeah, he won't shut up about the risk.

He's explained the benefits, too, I hope.

And keep in mind, with some aggressive chemo and radiation, you've got a chance at a couple of good years.

And with our approach, you have a shot at a full life.

Many... THORPE: Brian, you're sick.

I'm not convinced you can withstand this kind of surgery.

You roll the dice on this one, we could lose you on the table tonight.

Listen, I've spent five tours of duty, all around the world.

I missed the births of both my girls.

I have another one on the way.

I want the life I've been missing.


If you can give me that, well, I'm all in.

Well? We're a go.

Your work better be as good as your talk.

Dr. Thorpe, we'll see you in the OR.

CALLIE: Let's not waste any more time. We need to get to the OR.

And Dr. Avery needs to be shown where he can set up for the bone-graft harvest.


We're really doing this?

It's gonna be great.

Okay. Okay, this will work.

I'm glad you think so.

Do you see everything you need?

Uh, you know, I need a Bovie in here, please.

I'll grab it if you let me watch.

The bone-graft retrieval.

Sorry, we're a military hospital.

I see mostly trauma-related patch-up jobs.

You have a reputation for a much more refined approach.

My reputation? I have a reputation?

I Googled you.

I mean, I Googled all of you.

Everyone's really excited about the surgery.

We don't get a lot of chances to see someone with your level of expertise.

Um... You know what? Yeah. Sure.

You can watch.

Thank you.

I'll be right back with that Bovie.

Could she flirt any harder?

What? Nobody's flirting with anybody.

Oh, come on. "I Googled you?"

She was totally flirting. So were you.

I was not! What did I even say?

You didn't have to say anything.

All of this is a flirt.


I'm gonna need you to be still.

I mean, she barely even looks hurt when my face is split open.

Maxine screwed us.

Danielle's the one who threw us off.

She didn't put her weight in her heel when she knows she has to... Ow!

What? Are you trying to break it more?

LISA: I am so over them.

We have worked too hard and sacrificed too much to let Maxine and Dani humiliate us like that.

They are out.

Down. Done. Hashtag that.

That girl is the reason I hated high school.

What a power trip.

She can't just kick somebody off the team.

Are you kidding me? She's the power center here.

She's cheer captain and squad leader.

What's the difference?

You see the way they all look at her.

STEPHANIE: She's the top of the social food chain.

She calls all the shots, decides who's in, who's out.

She says jump, they ask, "Off which bridge?"

How do you know all this?

'Cause I was squad leader.

It was exhausting.

You were the reason I hated high school.

I actually loved high school.

I bet. Everybody loved high school in the '50s.

Yep. I will send someone right up.

That was psych.

One of their patients needs a surgical consult.

Oh, dibs! Me, please!

Come on. Shoot for it.

Bam! Warren, head up to psych and bring Spencer with you. Yes!

What the hell? I'm on it.


Maybe we could intubate them. Mmm.

They would be so, so quiet.

AMELIA: Maxine, can you touch your nose for me?

Are they talking about me? Lisa and Chelsea?

I know they are. They're always talking about someone.

Other hand, please.

I've been trying so hard just to make the team a team, you know?

Maxine, you're working yourself up again. Take some deep breaths.

MAXINE: You can't advance in cheer if you don't trust each other.

Balance and trust, that's the foundation. I keep telling them.

So maybe I'm a little bitchy about it. So?

It's not like Lisa isn't bitchy every single day of her life. (GASPS)

Wow, that was all one breath.

Your neuro exam is clear.

I'd like to get a head CT just to be safe.

I just wanted us to win.

What's so bad about that?

For starters, you're 17 with the BP of a 50-year-old.

ALEX: Nothing too good about that.

MITCHELL: Never been up to psych before.

To be clear, I didn't actually go to school in the '50s.

It's dark up here. (PATIENT SCREAMING)

Smells weird.

I mean, I know I'm older, but I'm not old.

Patients keep screaming. (PATIENT SCREAMING)

Patients keep screaming.


BENJAMIN: Dr. Siegel, right?

You called for an abdominal consult?

Yeah, right here.

I was doing his intake, and he just started clutching his stomach.

Sir? Sir? Can you hear me? He's non-communicative.

Pulse is 130 and thready. I think he's...

Yep. He's crashing.

SIEGEL: Should we take him out of here?

I can't get a pressure.

Yeah, he's bleeding into his belly from a triple-A.

We need to get him into the OR.

I think I lost his pulse.

He's not gonna make it to surgery.

I'm just gonna have to open him up right here.

Oh, that's not going to happen.

I need a thoracotomy tray, a crash cart, and blood, and a scalpel, now.


There is nothing here! There's no...

This is the psych ward. There's nothing sharp here.

There's nothing sharp here! SIEGEL: It's not allowed.

You got to be kidding me.

Look, go find me something I can cut with!

You don't think maybe we should wait for an attending?

Wait. You're not an attending?

Spencer, get me a scalpel now! MITCHELL: Okay, yeah.

MIRANDA: I'm not feeling good about this, Torres.

I don't like walking into a surgery where I'm not feeling good.

You feeling good, Grey?

MEREDITH: We practiced it once.

We're about to pull an all-nighter. Sure. Feeling great.

CALLIE: Everything's gonna be fine, you guys.

We just have to be squirrels about this.

Couldn't have heard you correctly there.

CALLIE: You know, squirrels...

They store nuts for the winter, right?

But they don't do it all at once. They do it one nut at a time.

Everyone has their part to play, so everyone just needs to handle their own nut.

We do that, we get all the nuts.

MEREDITH: Makes sense. JACKSON: Does it, though?

THORPE: All right, if we're doing this, let's not waste any more time.

MIRANDA: Yeah, Thorpe, can you give us one minute?

I need to confer with my team.


MEREDITH: Dr. Bailey, are we conferring?

MIRANDA: We're praying. Torres is right.

We'll be fine if we each just do our part.

Figure it doesn't hurt to ask God to do His.

MEREDITH: Callie, how long do we stand here doing this?

CALLIE: I don't know. How should I know?

MEREDITH: You pray and stuff. I mean, what's she looking for?

Some kind of sign or something?

MIRANDA: If I was, I sure wouldn't hear it over the two of you.

MEREDITH: Sorry. CALLIE: Apologies.


You told Karev?

You told Karev about your baby situation and you haven't even told Jackson?

I didn't tell Karev anything. He figured it out.

It's like he could smell it on me or something.

You can do that if you spend enough time in peds.

Pregnant ladies have a smell.


Oh, calm down. I'm just kidding.

How many more people have to find out about this before you tell... Find out about what?


You two have a secret.

Mmm-mmm. No, we don't. What is it?

RICHARD: Did you find out about DeLuca? Come on.

Robbins, you have hospital gossip.

You're gonna hold out on me? Mmm-mmm.

Spill. ARIZONA: No, there's nothing to tell.

Whoa. Sorry. I need a crash cart, a thoracotomy tray, and... Spencer.

Do you need something?

Yeah, I... I need you.


Where the hell is Mitchell?

I think you should call it. He's been down a long time.

Shut up. Just shut up, please.

I think I got a faint pulse.

I think that's your pulse you're feeling.

I got to open him up now. If I don't, he's dead.

Again, I'm not gonna allow you to open up a man in my ward.

SIEGEL: This is not an OR. You are not an attending.

What in the hell are you...

No. No, no, no.

Are... Are you insane?

Dr. Siegel, this man is going to die.

You are way out of line here. And it will be your fault, so please, don't make me put my hands on you.

Are you threatening me now?

Whoa, whoa. No, no, no! No, no, no!

Hey, I found Dr. Webber, and I go... Okay! Too... Too late.

Warren, what are you doing?

Spencer, get over here.

Help me spread his ribs. Spread his...

Reach in, push your fingers through his muscles.

Harder! Come on! Do it! Warren!

I got it. I got his aorta in my hand.

Yeah, I got a pulse.

Dr. Webber, can... Can you get an OR for us?

MEREDITH: Okay, Callie, you are good to go up here.

CALLIE: All right. Okay, I just need to inspect the SI joint, make sure we're ready to amputate the left leg with the hemipelvis.

Okay. Okay.

Margins are adequate, and the stasis is achieved.

Landmarks are looking...


MIRANDA: Torres?

Looking good? CALLIE: Yep. Yep, yep, yep.

Just... Want to be sure. 'Cause once it's off, it's off. (CHUCKLES)

THORPE: Excuse me?

CALLIE: Bailey? This looks good, right?

Right there.

MIRANDA: It's gonna have to come off one way or the other.

CALLIE: Yes, I know that.

It's just, after this, there's really no turning back.

I mean, none, so...

MIRANDA: Torres...

Be a squirrel.


Oscillating saw, please.


Owen is completely serious about starting over.

He wants to take me on a date.

Like, a "date" date.

Like, no sex, just dinner and a movie.

Kind of into it.

DeLuca wants to take us public.

God, he wants to hold hands in the hallway or something.

I like holding hands.

What if we hold hands and make out?

When was the last time you made out with a guy without it going any further than that?

Why do we have to parade it around?

You don't, but what is the problem?

AMELIA: If DeLuca wants to... Shh, shh!

Oh. It's just you.

This still with DeLuca?

Yes, "This still."

I don't even know what "this" is, and I don't need to figure it out in front of everyone else.

How's our cheerleader? Well, there's no sign of a bleed.

It looks like a mild concussion.

MAGGIE: What if it ends?

Then I'm the woman who dated the pretty boy, and it all fell apart.

We done here?

Who will take me seriously then?

Yeah, I'm... I'm supposed to take you seriously right now?

I'm a very serious person!

VAUGHN: Incredible.

JACKSON: Excuse me?

VAUGHN: Just your technique, the way you preserve the vessels.

It's really smooth.

Sorry. I...

I have a patient I should check on. But I'll be back.



JO: Nothing. That wasn't flirting.

I mean, I know what flirting looks like.

JO: I didn't say anything.

CALLIE: All right. How we doing with the harvest?

JO: Oh, slow moving, unlike Dr. Vaughn, who's super-fast.


CALLIE: What're you talking about? JO: She was flirting with him.

JACKSON: She was not. CALLIE: Oh!

Well, I mean, I don't see why not.

She doesn't know him the way we do. JO: Mmm.

JACKSON: What the hell's that mean? CALLIE: Oh, you know.

We see you every day. We're used to all of that.


JACKSON: All right, you two, I need to focus.

CALLIE: Yes, by all means.



Your head CT is fine.

You probably have a mild concussion. Not a big deal.

But you need to figure out a way to control your stress.

I know. I've always been like this.

My parents say I'm high-strung.

Mmm. Your parents are on their way?

Yeah, Coach called them.

Lisa, it was an accident!

You never stick the mount.

You trick too early, no matter how many times we tell you not to.

Edwards, get them to chill.

Guys, it's an emergency room.

Can you please save the yelling for actual emergencies?

So, what, you think I did it on purpose?

She thinks you're a liability. Truth.

What's going on? Lisa's kicking me off the team.

What? Lisa... No, you can't do that.

How about we don't do any of this?

Do you need me to separate you?

Last I checked, I was team captain.

Last I checked, you were a megabitch.

Hey! Hey! Enough!

Dani is the best climber we've got.

Her kicks are incredible.

You're just defending her because she's your bestie and you're basically attached at the hip, so...

Blake, can you quiet her down?

What do you want me to do, sedate them?

LISA: What does that have to do with anything?

Guys, be quiet. CHELSEA: You didn't belong up there.

You're clearly not pyramid material.

STEPHANIE: Blake, keep her quiet! Well, you quiet yours down!

DANIELLE: Who says I even want to cheer with any of you anyway?

Good! Because you're bringing us all down!

Literally! Everybody shut up!


I don't have a pulse.

Is that Maxine? Blake, charge the paddles to 200.

What happened? What's happening?

DANIELLE: Is she okay? Maxine?

Is she dying? Oh, my God.

GIRL: What happened to her?

Guys, look. Is she dead?

Somebody, curtain!


RICHARD: How's that hand, Warren?

BENJAMIN: I'm losing feeling in it.

Worried I'm gonna let the aorta go.

RICHARD: Okay, well, we'll get you out of this.

Rib spreader, Spencer. Get a clamp ready.




BENJAMIN: Got it. I got it.

RICHARD: Okay. What's his pressure?

MITCHELL: Uh, holding steady. 90 systolic.

RICHARD: Of all the stupid, irresponsible...

I cannot fathom what possessed you to pull a stunt...

BENJAMIN: I don't know what else I should have done.

Hey, you don't want to get me started on "should" right now.

You should've called an attending the second you walked in there.

You should've known the situation was nowhere near under your control.

And right now, you should be thanking God that I'm here to clean up your mess.

BENJAMIN: Yes, sir. I'll do what...

RICHARD: Yeah, you'll do whatever I damn well say.

Right now, you better be praying that this man doesn't die on the table.

MAGGIE: Maxine, you with me? Stay with me.

I had a heart attack?

How were her electrolytes before she coded?

Good. Within normal limits.

Her heart rate was over 200 on the monitor.

Did Lisa see it? Did she see me?

Maxine, you did not have a heart attack.

You have a heart condition, WPW syndrome.

It causes dramatic fluctuations in your heart rate. Wait, wait...

Normally, I would treat it with medication, but your symptoms are pretty severe, so I want to take it up to surgery to correct it right now.

No, but my parents...

I'm sorry, but we don't have time to wait for your parents, okay?

Call upstairs. Prep for a cardiac ablation.

Will I still be able to cheer?

Lisa already hates me.

MAXINE: If she thinks I'm sick, she's gonna kick me off the team, too.

I can't get kicked off. The team is my life.

Can't you downplay it or something, keep it a secret?

I just... I really don't want this to go public, you know?

I'll handle them.

STEPHANIE: Don't worry.


MEREDITH: I'll take these DeBakeys.

MIRANDA: Dr. Thorpe, are you ready with the ileal conduit?

THORPE: Almost there.

MIRANDA: Great. Right on time. Good.

CALLIE: Damn it.

Look, this bone's friable.

THORPE: Well, I must say, your work is impeccable.

MEREDITH: Oh, yeah? You think so?

Beautiful lembert, Dr. Grey.

MEREDITH: Watch out. You almost sound glad we're here.


CALLIE: Dr. Grey, can you come with me for a sec?

MEREDITH: You want me to step away from the table?

CALLIE: Mmm-hmm.

I need you on this.

THORPE: Go ahead. I'm good.

MEREDITH: Callie, what?


CALLIE: I don't think I can do this.

LISA: I can't believe this is happening.

I can't believe Maxine is dying.

Oh, I didn't say she's dying.

She and I have hung together forever, since elementary school.

You're such a good friend to her.

Oh, shut up! This is all your fault.

You're the reason she had a heart attack.

It's not a heart attack. I didn't do anything to her.

How dare you! STEPHANIE: Okay...

You pushed her like you push all of us. Calm down.

I push because I care!

Calm down. And because you suck!

DANIELLE: I suck? Your hair sucks! Yeah.

Your face sucks! My face doesn't suck.

Gerber baby. Gerber baby.

All of you sucks!

DANIELLE: That's the worst comeback in the world.

Oh, no, it's not.


MAGGIE: God, I hated high school.

Yeah, well, you were, like, 11 in high school.

Diffuse ST elevations.

Her coronaries are spasming. We'll need to open them up.

I'll need the ultrasound and a 5-French sheath.

Prep a drug-eluting stent.

Push 75 of lido and a bolus of nitro.

NURSE: Right away, Doctor. MAGGIE: Look at this girl.

She's stressing herself into a heart failure over whether these little popularity vultures will allow her into the in-crowd like it's life and death.

It's all life and death to them.


Thank God we grew out of that.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah. And look at you now.


What do you mean, "Look at me now"?

You and DeLuca.

Come on.

My point exactly. I work with teenagers every day.

I know what high school crap looks like.


Multifocal PVCs from the ischemia.

She's not responding to the meds.

Pull in the cart and prep the paddles. NURSE: Yes, Doctor.

You're the big quarterback, and he's the little freshman nerd girl you're embarrassed to be seen with in public.


That's misogynistic and wrong.

I am the nerd girl. I've always been the nerd girl.

Not around here. Around here, you're a prom queen.

You're All-State.

Attendings are the popular crowd, and he's a nobody, and that bugs you.


All right. Charge to 200.

NURSE: Charging.

Everybody clear.

Nothing. Again.

All right, we have sinus.

No, this is not high school. This is life. This is work.

Yeah, exactly, and look around.

I live with a resident. Torres dates one.

Meredith married an attending. Nobody cares except you.

ALEX: Let's get that stent in.

Why are you not in the OR?

Tell him what you told me.

MIRANDA: What's going on?

CALLIE: I can't do the reconstruction.

MIRANDA: Torres, what the hell? CALLIE: I had to...

(WHISPERING) I had to resect the wider margins to get to healthy bone, okay?

The fibular grafts will be too small to hold everything in place.

I've got no way to dock the leg.

We don't have a fallback plan here.

CALLIE: Okay, I need you to hear me.

This is not a matter of confidence, okay?

It's not me. It is the bone.

I am saying that, with the pelvis that I have left, I literally cannot do it.

Well, you better do something.

MIRANDA: She's right. Look, if we stop now, we're leaving him worse off than when we got him.

He's not gonna survive the night.

CALLIE: Okay. Stop. Stop it. Okay?

You guys aren't telling me anything I don't already know.

Just... I need a minute. I need some space to think.

Okay? Just... You all go back in there and irrigate.

I don't know. Just buy me some time, okay?

MIRANDA: Okay, you heard her. Let's just give her some space.

CALLIE: I will think of something.

Come on.

Damn it!

THORPE: She's coming back, right?

JACKSON: She's coming back.

THORPE: Good. Because he's been under for a long time.

MEREDITH: Listen, I know you've had your reservations, but when we're done...

THORPE: I still have my reservations.

I've known Carson ever since the Medical Corps.

He's a one-night stand for you.

MEREDITH: I'm sorry?

THORPE: Look, you fly in, do a flashy surgery that'll make all the journals, and you're gone in the morning.

And I'm still here to help him make sense of what you did.

You're leaving him with one leg in the middle of his body.

You say he'll walk again? How?

How's that even gonna work?

Not to mention how you're compromising his gastrointestinal system, his nervous system.

He thinks you're giving him his life back, but what's that life gonna look like?

MIRANDA: We'll follow up. Of course we will.

Dr. Torres will be available.

THORPE: Will she? When's that?

You didn't get through to them at all?

Whatever. I hope they eat each other.

Look. He's down there, all right.

DeLuca. Is it true?

Warren cut a guy open with a clipboard?

It is.

I feel like I'd get in trouble for something like that. Yeah.

And he gets a surgery out of it.

It must be nice being married to the chief.

Look at Wilson.

All she has to do is sleep with Grey's BFF.

Of course she gets the wonder surgery.

Come on. You're...

I mean, you're seeing Torres, right?

Callie doesn't give me anything.

Besides, she was dating Torres before she even started working here.

She's not nailing an attending to get ahead.

I don't think that's what's going on here.

Really? Warren's married to the chief, so he's scrubbed in down there on a surgery while we're stuck watching up here.

You don't think the two are related?

I know they are.

It's unfair. Uncool.

Lame. So lame.

Oh, dear God.

We sound just like...

Yeah, we do.

But we're not like those girls.

Well, I'm not.


Excuse me?

I was never like one of those girls.

I never fit in the usual molds, I always did my own thing, I never wore a hair bow, and I never worried about it.

And you think I did?

You said yourself you were one of them.

Like "boss lady" one of them.


You're right.

I was.

Where are you going?

RICHARD: Good blood flow to the kidneys.

You know what this means, Dr. Spencer?

MITCHELL: That the patient's gonna survive, sir?

RICHARD: Well, it means that Dr. Warren will only be facing suspension instead of criminal-assault charges.

BENJAMIN: Sir, I understand you're upset...

RICHARD: The time for pulling boneheaded stunts is long past...

BENJAMIN: "Boneheaded"? What about saving a man's life is boneheaded?

RICHARD: Warren... BENJAMIN: Look, sir, I may be a resident, but I have been a doctor a lot longer.

The other residents love to give me crap about how much older than them I am, but at the end of the day, I'm also wiser, too.

All right, this wasn't a stunt. This was a judgment call.

I took a risk, it paid off, and this man is alive.

Now, I understand, I broke the rules, and I need to pay the price for that, but...

I'm not an idiot.

And I don't deserve to be spoken to as though I am.

RICHARD: No, what you deserve is a hell of a lot worse.

What you call a calculated risk is what I call foolish.

Don't confuse the two, Warren.

You did not show skill today.

You showed bravado, and that is dangerous.



CALLIE: No, get back in there. It's fine, it's fine.

I'm... I'm... I'm thinking. Okay, I just need to think.

You want space? Yes!

I get it.

I keep asking for space.

People keep not giving it to me, bugging me about hot doctors asking for my number.

And I keep shutting them down because...

CALLIE: Why? Why are we talking about this?

Because it's not always the worst thing when people push you.

When people push you, they're trying to help you.

I'm trying to help you. Let's figure this out, please.

You can't. It's my specialty.

It's on me. And I am trying.

I just... I don't know how to make...

So if we had another practice run and we were in the cadaver lab and you had all the time in the world, where would you start?

We don't have time!

(MUFFLED) That's the problem.

Okay. So what's the first thing you would do?

I don't know!

MEREDITH: Yes, you do. I know you do. (SIGHS)

CALLIE: I would review the biomechanics, and then I would...

Recalculate the angles.

Okay. And then?



Okay, ladies! Okay, ladies!


Here's how this is gonna go. Your teammate is down.

She needs you. She needs your support.

You're her spotters. All of you.

'Cause you're her team, and it's time you started acting like one.

If you want to talk medicine, fine.

But, sorry, you have no clue about our team, okay?



I mean, who the hell does she think she is anyway?

Cheer captain.

Promoted as a sophomore for a triple-year reign because I was just that good.

STEPHANIE: Led my team to victory after victory.

Regionals, Nationals, Internationals.

Three years in a row. Yeah.

That's amazing.

So let me break this down for you.

You are jealous of her because she and Maxine are close now, so you got all butthurt, but they aren't actually trying to leave you out.

Are you? Danielle.

Uh... No, ma'am.


You see, Lisa?

STEPHANIE: It's time for you to lose that chip on your shoulder.

It's a Double Full Basket Toss. Throw it up, move on.

You've got cheerleading to do.

THORPE: She told you she'd be in soon?



MIRANDA: BP's dropping.

MEREDITH: Hang a dopamine drip.

THORPE: Hey, what, is she on the phone?

JACKSON: Why don't you give her a minute?

THORPE: We don't have anymore minutes.

His BP is dropping, and he's fluid overloaded.

MIRANDA: I think we have a couple more minutes.

THORPE: You know what I think?

You people don't know what you're doing.

You didn't have the plan.

You weren't ready to move, and you moved anyway.

And I think you knew that when you came through that door.

And I think he's gonna suffer as a result of it.

MEREDITH: Listen, here's the thing... (DOOR THUDS)

CALLIE: I'm gonna do a back flip!

THORPE: What the hell... CALLIE: For the sacrum!

I cut off the proximal end of the femur, I flip it around backwards, and I make it into a sacrum.

MEREDITH: Can you do that?

CALLIE: (WHISPERING) Mayo's done it a few times. We'll see.

Hell, yes, I can do it!

Avery, let's go see a leg about a femur.

MEREDITH: We have a plan.

MIRANDA: We're the Dream Team.





CALLIE: (SIGHS) Told you.

It's a miracle.

Whew. We almost just killed that guy.

(CELL PHONE CHIMING) Oh, my God. Right?

Skin of our teeth.

Thank you, Jesus.

Oh, my phone's been blowing up.

I got to go, now.


MAGGIE: So, the good news is, the surgery went very well.

Hey, Edwards, what do you think you're doing?

They can't be up here. You want to wake up the whole floor?

It's not gonna be a problem, Dr. Karev.

These ladies aren't gonna make a sound.

Are we, ladies?

No, ma'am. No.

We'd just like to see Maxine.

Would that be okay?


Yeah. Okay.

I'm gonna need you to show me how you did that.

Just a matter of leadership.

Yeah, but, no, really. (CHUCKLES)

I want updates every hour.

If that man's hemoglobin drops so much as a point, I want to be paged.

Well, a single point isn't exactly cause for you to...

You don't have autonomy here, Warren.

I make the calls from here on out.

RICHARD: Understand? Understood, sir.

Uh, someone want to tell me why I received not one, but two, separate phone calls from two separate attendings telling me my husband had lost his mind?

Look, it was a unique situation...

I got an earful on how unique it was.

I'm clear on the situation.

Excuse us, please.

Miranda, listen, I...


Chief, I know you're angry...

I am angry that I have a resident who ignored every single protocol he's been taught.

I'm disappointed by the ego and arrogance that this resident has displayed.

And I'm embarrassed that the resident in question happens to be my husband!

Wow. (CHUCKLES) Okay.

MIRANDA: Oh, come on! You know better than this, Ben Warren.

You are better than this.

Now I got... I got to set up sit-downs with both attendings, and I have to discipline you!

You're making an already difficult night that much harder.

Well, I'm sorry I had to add to your workload, Miranda, but I was trying to save a life.

The man was dying.

And how is he now?

Alive. Stable. I got to him in time.

No, you got lucky.

If you'd been left with a dead man on that table after you did what you did...


(SCOFFS) Well...

I wouldn't be letting you off with just a 3-day suspension.

You're suspending me? You're... You're damn right I am!

Because no... No special treatment!

Come on!

That said, you opened up a man's chest with your bare hands and a clipboard.

Yeah, you got to walk me through this one. I want to hear every detail.



Are you still... Yeah, still here. All night.

We have that VATS this morning.

NATHAN: We can push it to tonight if you need sleep.

Yes. That would be great.

Yeah, what time were you thinking?

MAGGIE: Actually... Very good.

Dr. DeLuca? All right.

Can you come here a minute, please?

Um... Dr. Riggs?

I'm sorry. I cannot join you on that case tonight because I have plans with Dr. DeLuca.

A date. Okay.

Whom I've been seeing. We've been seeing each other.

As a couple, romantically... In romance.

So you want to keep the surgery this morning, then?

Yes, that would be fine.


All right. I'll see you in there.

That was hard to watch.

Shut up.

It was hard to do.

It was really hard to watch, though. (CHUCKLES)

So, I... I did it. (CHUCKLES)

MAGGIE: Right? Yeah.

No, you did it.

MEREDITH: There's a reason we like to keep things to ourselves.

Well, I was wrong. I can admit that.

It's great what you did in there. I'm just glad I saw it.

Well, it was nice working with you.

See? You fly in, you fly out.

Well, we said we'll follow up, and we will.

When you have an audience, even the smallest moments end up feeling huge.

Well, I'd like that... To follow up with you.

It makes the really big moments seem positively earth-shattering.

Okay. So, here is my service, and the hospital number's on there, as well, if you want to follow up with Torres.

Great. I'll... I'll do that.

Let's go. Take care.

Thank you.

Yep, that guy definitely just asked for your number.

Like, asked for your number.

Yeah, to follow up about the patient.

No. I know when someone's flirting.

Okay? That's what flirting looks like.

The trick is not letting the pressure keep you from taking big chances.

Meredith, let's go. What, did you forget something?

You just go out there...

CALLIE: Oh! Come on!

Naked and afraid...


All right.


Shut up. It was nothing. Mmm-hmm.

MEREDITH: And pretend no one's looking.

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