Grey's Anatomy S12E16 Script

When It Hurts So Bad (2016)

MEREDITH: "Don't be scared."

I have no idea how many times I've said it.

The intern stands over a patient with a scalpel or a needle or a clamp, afraid to make the first move.

(LAUGHS) Told you it wasn't that far.

Curb, front door. What's that, 50 feet? It's not that bad.

It's a nice 50 feet.


So help me out. Which date was this? Why?

Well, I need to know what to put in my diary.


Well, there was one, and then there was another, so I'm pretty sure that makes two.

And what about the car ride home the other night?

I could barely keep my eyes open.

Well, we ate. We talked. We laughed. It was very date-like.

Why does it matter?

Three's my lucky number.

They're scared.

Well, then I guess you're out of luck.


They know what to do.

But they just need that little push.


You didn't say good night.

Oh. How thoughtless...

(LAUGHS) Of me.


Good night.

Good night.

Just hang in there, okay? Yes, sir.



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I have to go to sleep. Aw.

Early rounds.

I know. I know.

Good night. Good night.

I love you.

Thank you.



What, are you sneaking out on me?

Oh, hey.


Give me a minute. We can get some coffee.

Actually, I can't.

I'm assisting Bailey on that Heller myotomy today.

Oh. That's right. That's today.

Well, text me right after. I want to know all about it.

Okay. Okay. Hello?




MEREDITH: Get out! Get out! Go!

Get out! Just get out!

Please, just get out! What is going on?

I don't know. She just started screaming.

Why are you here? Why is she screaming?

MEREDITH: Get him out of here! What did you do?

Nothing! God, no, nothing!

We were sleeping. I was sleeping, and then the screaming. I...

Mer? Mer, are you okay? What's happening?

Get him out of here. Who's he?

Look, just for the record, I didn't do anything.

MEREDITH: Get him out of here!

My shoes are in there. Get out!

Mer? Mer, he's gone.

Can you please open the door?

I am worried about you. I want to know that you're okay.

Is he gone?

Yeah. Yeah, he's gone.

(SIREN WAILING) Move the VP shunt till Monday.

Got it. Anything else?

All right, I'll be in touch.

Shepherd not coming in today? No.

Is she sick or...

I don't know. Uh, I'll tell her you asked.

Yes. Thank you. That's...


Ashley Hughes, 21.

Crush injuries with bilateral hip dislocation.

Good distal pulses.

How'd it happen? Fell on me.

What? What fell on you? I did.

Whoa. Uh, you okay there?

You're bleeding pretty bad from that head lac.

Don't worry about me. Just make sure she's okay.

Let's get her inside. Somebody page Torres.

So the Rotko kid looks pretty good, but I want to monitor him overnight.

(SIGHS) You said we should do something.

We are. We're monitoring the kid overnight.

About April. It was your idea.

"Something." I said, "Something."

I didn't say, "Go behind her back and tell Jackson."



Hi. Uh, good morning.

Um, we're gonna take the next one.




Yeah, well, maybe next time be a little more specific.



You know how long it's been since I saw your mother?

No idea, sir.

Too long.

Her plane lands any minute. (CHUCKLES)

Yeah, I'm sure that trip's a complete coincidence, right?

Nothing to do with me or her or, I don't know, anything you might have mentioned.

Um, my wife and I don't have any secrets between us, Jackson.

I enjoy seeing her, and she enjoys seeing you.

Now, if you feel otherwise, that's a damn shame.


Your injuries are not that bad, but Ashley's are pretty severe.

Can you walk us through exactly what happened?

I don't really think that's...

I mean, you know, Ashley, she's a lady.

Mmm-hmm. And you and the lady were...

Listen, it is easier for us to treat her properly if we know how the injuries happened.

I don't want to kiss and tell.

He's funny, cute, and sweet, and so I thought, "What if he's big?"

I'm an athlete.

I ran the New York City Marathon the fastest of anyone in my age group, and I don't back down from a challenge. (GROANS)

Maybe you should've backed down from this one.

Hey, you shouldn't say things like that.

People make assumptions based on size all the time.

I mean, so, what, I just shouldn't date big people just because I'm little?

I really like him. He's a gentleman.

She asked me over to her place.

I was sort of surprised.

I mean, obviously, the size difference crossed my mind, but I am not a quitter.

I was staring at Mount Everest, and I was ready to climb.

I'm sorry. I'm not really comfortable talking about this.

So my legs were on his shoulders.

It was a lovely evening.

And my feet were, like, way up in the air, and it took some finessing at first, but I was determined, and it was worth it.

Oh, my God, it was so worth it, until... (MOANS)

I slipped. Boom!

Then her legs snapped.

It was terrible.

It was terrible!


But this is way worse.

Okay, her pain's still not controlled.

Well, she's maxed out on meds. We'll have to reduce her under general.

Uh, no, but then we'd have to intubate her.

Uh, Warren! Warren, I need your help in here.

Okay, Ashley, I know that you are really hurting, and I can help that if you think that you can handle a lot of pain right now all at once, okay?

We need to get your legs back into your sockets, the sooner the better.

Now, we can go to the operating room, or we can...

Might as well get it over with.

It's your call.

Go big or go home, right? (MOANS)

All right.

Edwards, you do the left leg. I'll do the right. Can you...

We're gonna do them both at once?

No need to put her through this twice.

All right, Warren, I'm gonna need you to hold her in place.


All right. Hang in there.

Almost there. God! God! God! No!

All right, is everyone ready? Yep.

Ready. All right, on the count of three.

One, two, three!


She can't stay locked away up there all day.

She has to come down sometime.

Do you think she wants food or just coffee, or not coffee?

What if she wants tea? Tea is more soothing.

What do we know about this guy? I mean, not very much.

I mean, she's barely even dating him. It's... Hi.


Um, we made coffee, but we could make tea.

Are you okay?

Where do we keep the stuff for the countertops?

What? The blue stuff, you know, the...

To clean the countertops that's safe for kids.

Uh. Used to be behind the paper towels.

Uh, Meredith, what happened?

How can we help you?

I found it.


You are wondering why I'm here.

I crashed here last night.

And the night before. On the couch.

I thought I'd be out before you woke up, but...

Can I use this on the stovetop?



Thing is probably covered in 10 years of grease.


I'm sorry I didn't ask before.

I just needed a place to stay for a minute, but I'm gonna grab my stuff, and I'm gonna go now.

No, it's Owen. Something happened with Owen, and it really shook her up, so...


Look, you told me and...

Yeah, and now I wish I hadn't.

I'm leaving. No, please stay!

Something happened to you, and now something has happened to Meredith, and I think that we should all just sit down and talk about it, all right?

Can I use bleach in here?

There's something we use under the sink.

I can show you.



We're taking Ashley up to CT now. Torres would like you to join.

I'll be there in a few minutes.

I almost killed her.

With our sex.

Dr. Blake, I need some help.

I paged Dr. Torres, but she just ran a trauma patient up to CT and...

Okay, let me see what you got.

Oh, God.

Uh. Yes, Dr. Torres or did you try Dr. Robbins?

Dr. Robbins is in surgery.

So I figured since you and Dr. Torres are...

Oh. Right. Okay.

I've got it.

Hi. She was having a play date with my daughter, and they were running around, and she tripped. Landed on a rock.

I brought her right in. She's okay, right?

Hi, sweetie. I am Dr. Blake.

I'm Sofia Sloan-Torres.

I know. I work with your mom.

Your moms.

My head hurts.

Okay. Let's take a look at that cut.

Okay. That doesn't look bad at all.

(SIGHS) It is so cold and sleeting back east, just dreadful!

So you came to Seattle for some sun?

I came to Seattle for my son. Mmm.

How are things going with April?

Why must you meddle in everything?

(SCOFFS) I do believe you went through an entire divorce without me saying one word. (SIGHS DEEPLY)

Oh, Jackson, I just want to talk to her.

No, absolutely not.

Oh. Come on, honey, let me help.

You won't help, though, Mom. You'll only make things worse.

Now, I cannot be any clearer with you about this.


I don't want you talking to April. I don't want you bullying her around.

I don't want you anywhere near it, actually, okay?

It's my problem, my business, not yours.



Zola and Bailey are dropped off. (SIGHS)

Is Ellis still down?

Sound asleep.

And we are cleaning in here now.

We are done in the kitchen, so we have moved on.


Well, pass the disinfectant.

DeLuca got out of here in a hurry this morning.

Yeah, he's scrubbing in on a Heller myotomy.

He's doing the esophageal dissection.

Where's the wood polish?

Here you go.

I told him to let me know how it goes, so I'm just waiting for a text.

Owen won't stop texting and calling.

What are you gonna do?

I have no idea.

Yeah, I wouldn't know what to do, either.


You know Owen probably better than any of us.

Do you have any advice for Amelia?


How long has that stain been there?



You're keeping busy. I am hiding.

Catherine Avery is here, apparently, and I am not in the mood for...


In the ER, I'm a sitting duck, but in an OR...

Come on, she can't be that bad.

No, she's worse than bad. She can be terrifying, like a hurricane.

When she hits, you do not want to be in her wake.

Well, you can't avoid her forever, not when she's about to become Hurricane Granny.


Maybe not, but I can avoid her for now.


You ready? My first surgery's with you.

CALLIE: She has a femoral neck fracture on the right hip.

It didn't show up on the plain films.

Yeah, I met a puppy once that was half German Shepherd, half Teacup Chihuahua, and all I could think was, how did you happen?

I once watched this monster truck crush this two-seater convertible at an intersection, and the truck barely had a scratch on it, but the convertible was totaled.

I mean, logistically, if the Chihuahua is the dad, did he just hop up on the German Shepherd mom?

Ashley was just out for a joy ride with her top down, and then... Bam.

Head-on collision.

Or is the German Shepherd the dad, and they give a ladder to the little Chihuahua mom so that he can reach her? (SNICKERS)

Whoa! Whoa, whoa. Stop, stop, stop! No, these are scientific questions.

No, not you. The scanner.

Look at her right leg.

It's pale and cold.

No distal pulse. We need a gurney in here!

Book an OR. Right away.

What... What's happening?

CALLIE: Ashley, I stopped the scan because I saw something concerning.

The blood flow to your right leg is compromised.

It's not good, so just hang in there, Ashley.

All right, come on over. On the count of three. One, two, three!

Let's move.

OWEN: Looks like the leg is pinking up.

CALLIE: Oh, caught it just in time.

You know, gosh, it sounds fun, but you do not want to run into a German Shepherd in the wild.

Happened to me in college.

Uh, irrigation?

I don't think this conversation is entirely appropriate. (CHUCKLES)

CALLIE: (CHUCKLES) No, it's not. K-wire, continue.

STEPHANIE: Yeah, I was at a party, met a guy, took him home, and when his pants came off, my jaw hit the floor and so did it.

Oh. That is not okay. (OWEN LAUGHS)

STEPHANIE: That is what I said. I said, "Get out of here, and you take that thing with you."

How big could it have been?

Okay, can we not?


Oh, wow.


BENJAMIN: No, no, no. CALLIE: That's... Yeah, yeah.

NURSE: Dr. Torres? Yeah.

It's not urgent, but they're calling from the ER.

Your daughter's down there with a head lac.

What? I can take over. You go.



When I was pregnant with Jackson, a three-hour surgery felt like 12.

Hi, Catherine. Um...

I actually don't really have much time

'cause I have another surgery really soon...

Oh. Baby, please, sit back down. Come on. I know you're tired. It's okay.

Come on. (SIGHS)

Some nights, my feet were so swollen, I was physically unable to even take my sneakers off.

A few times, I slept in the damn things.


I... I guess you talked to Jackson.

Oh. Let's not talk about him.

I want to know about you.

How many weeks is it now?

(SIGHS) Uh...

It's okay.

We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

I... I understand. I'll go.




I'm coming up on 13.

Morning sickness?

Um, no, I've actually been really lucky with that so far.

You are lucky. I couldn't stop being sick.

I thought I was coming down with the stomach flu or something.

Took a whole week for me to realize I was having a baby.

(CHUCKLING) It was a shock.

Yes, uh, it's definitely startling.

Yeah, the morning that the test turned positive, I couldn't believe I had to turn around and keep it together that day.

I bet.

I was already so emotional, but I was not gonna cry in that lawyer's office, so...

Oh, honey.

You mean, you found out the same day you signed the divorce papers?

Yeah, it was a rough day.

I just sat there listening to those lawyers, but all I could think about was how I just...

I just... I needed time to, like, think.

Mmm. Process.

I would've done the exact same thing.


Sweetheart, no matter what happens...

ARIZONA: Everything looks good here.

All right, let's hope that we don't come back to the ER for a while, okay?


Thank you for taking such good care of her.


See you in a bit, okay?


You okay? Okay? Of course.

And, uh, Sofia is okay, which is what really matters.


I mean, it would've been nice to get a page before you treated her.

Well, I just wanted to make sure I had all the information before I pulled you out.

No, right, of course. Or you could've tried Karev.

He's in peds, or Grey, who Sofia's grown up knowing.

Grey has the day off, and Karev just left.

Or Bailey.

You want me to page the Chief of Surgery for a head lac.


What's going on?

She's my kid, and she doesn't know anything about you.

We haven't even had that conversation.


So... Okay.

This is about what I said last night, isn't it?

The last thing that I wanted to do is make things weird.

It's Arizona. She's glad that you helped.

Obviously, she's not mad, but she's not ready, either.

You and I, it's all happening so fast, and we're so new and...

Oh, God. No, that's...

What was I thinking? It's fine. It's fine.

Your heart was in the right place, and she'll be ready one day.

Okay, absolutely. (SIGHS)


I can wait.

What vacuum cleaner is this complicated?

It's a carpet steamer.

And we own it?


"Insert handle into machine base. Press down firmly."

Okay. Bolts.

And circle thingy.

What happened with Owen?

It's nothing.

Uh. Little circles or big circles?

Small. You're lying. Screwdriver.

I showed up at his trailer. He was drunk, so I left.

Hose. How drunk?

Bad. Slurring, stumbling.

He's tried to call. I'm not ready.

(DOOR OPENS) Where is he?

I'll kill him. Did he hurt you? Are you hurt?

Go fill this with water. Cold.

What's going on?

There's a stain on the carpet.

You said this was an emergency.

There is. There's a stain.

I canceled my last two surgeries and left DeLuca in charge of my post-ops for this?

He's out already? The Heller myotomy, that was today.

That got canceled.

Okay, I'll do it myself. Somebody vacuum the stain.

Don't look at me.

Dr. Robbins? Huh?

I'm so sorry. You are Sofia's mother.

I never would've interacted with her if I knew that you would have a problem with it.

What? What did you do?

I... Callie explained to me that you weren't comfortable with me meeting Sofia.

You're not ready, and I totally understand.

No, wait, stop. Just... No, I never said that.

(CLEARS THROAT) Well, however you phrased it, it's fine.

I just wanted to apologize...

No! The subject has never come up.

(GASPS) She was lying.

Callie lied to me about you?

It sure seems like that.

MAGGIE: So DeLuca probably just got busy, right?

I mean, he's an intern.

He's probably just been running around all day.

He just forgot to tell me his surgery was canceled.

You sure that thing works? It's brand-new!

Just because you never took it out of the box doesn't mean it works.

How long has it been sitting in the closet?

Are we facing this the right way?

The steam is facing the carpet. How many other ways are there?

It's been like this lately, you know?

It's been hard for us to get our schedules to match up.

It's funny. It was easier for us to get together before we went public than now.

So funny.



Why are you all exchanging looks and not exchanging words?

He's been a little standoffish and hard to reach and not entirely upfront about everything he's doing.

A little, I guess. What are you saying?

He's giving you the brush-off.

Uh, no. No, he's not giving me anything.

That's the problem.

Give me that!

You think he's dumping me? That's ridiculous!

Unless it isn't.

Where are you going? To the hospital.

No one brushes me off. I brush. I'm the brusher.

No, no, no. This is a bad idea.

Mer, you want to jump in here?


This stain is not coming out.


Whatever's going on between you and Penny, leave me out of it. Okay. She does not waste time.

Um. Look, (SIGHS) I said a thing...

I know! I know what you said.

So listen, I mean, we've never even discussed Penny meeting Sofia, which I'm fine with, by the way, but then you go and throw me under the bus?

I don't even... I know. I know. I wasn't thinking.

I... I was just... I blurted it out, and it was so dumb.

Great, so if you have a problem with your girlfriend, figure it out.

Don't put me in the middle of it because I'm... I'm done being stuck in the middle of things.




OWEN: Hey. Is that Amelia or...

Look, I promise I gave her your message, Dr. Hunt.

I... I promise. It's just, this is my mom.



What'd you do?

Excuse me?

(CHUCKLES) Look, I know that look.

I get that look whenever I piss off Miranda.

She ignores my messages, too, and we live in the same house.


I think this is a little worse than that.

I, uh, bought Tuck a pocket knife.

He liked camping, wanted to whittle, and the thing was beautiful.

It was wooden handle, steel blade.

It was really nice, but (CHUCKLES) She didn't see it that way.

What I saw as a survival tool she saw as an inappropriately dangerous weapon.

Huh. And she forgave you?

Yeah, eventually, but, uh, you know, still comes up from time to time, but, you know, it faded.

Well, I thought this was gonna fade, but (SIGHS) hasn't yet.

I mean, it took some apologizing.

A lot of apologizing. (CHUCKLES) Yeah.

I just I told her I would never intentionally do anything to hurt him or her.

You know, and she knows that because she knows me, but, um, sometimes you...

You just have to say it.

So I freak her out by telling her I love her, and she lies to my face. Who does that?

She didn't say it back? Not even close.

Ugh. I did that to Alex.

She'll say it back, right? I mean, you said it back.

Yeah! A few years later.

A few years?

I can't live like this for a few years.

You don't really have a choice.

When you date an attending, they have all the power.

You're an intern at home. You're an intern at work.

There's no way around it. No one asked you!

And she's a resident.

DeLuca, a word?

Yeah, of course.

He has a point, though. Pierce definitely has all the power.

I have to talk to Callie.

You're avoiding me.

What? No, I haven't.

I've called. You haven't answered.

Just been a really busy day. Sure.

In a marathon surgery that got canceled.


What's really going on here?


Okay, look, I'm very busy.

I have many, many things on my plate.

I just... I don't have time or patience to play childish guessing games.

Do you want to be with me or not?

There's my answer.

Look, it's not like...

You know, you're the one who wanted this out in the open, and now that we've done that for, what, like five minutes, you can't handle it?

I'm sorry.

You can leave now.


Mer, that closet's cleaned already.

Well, we're gonna use the top shelf for beach towels, towels, and rags.

The middle shelf will be for sheets, and the bottom shelf will be for the children in case they need to reach it.

Okay. Sure.

I counted 19 mini-shampoos and 11 conditioners.

Trash or...

I'll take them. What? (SOFT CHUCKLE)

Works the same as shampoo in a big bottle.



Mer, what is it?

It's his stupid, stupid blanket.

We're done cleaning.

Run me through what happened. She coded.

It was a massive pulmonary embolism.

They're doing a cath embolectomy right now.

This is my fault.

I reduced both of her hips in the trauma room.

I should've waited. It's been problem after problem ever since.

This is a known complication of femur fractures. You know that.

I shouldn't have pushed. If I had just...

Torres. Torres, stop.

You did what you had to do. You made a call.

The wrong one, apparently. A bold one.

We don't know that it caused this.

I know you feel responsible, but there's no place for that right now.

I need to deal with this clot before she arrests again.


WOMAN: Here you go. MAN: Thank you.


Um, I just had the most unexpected conversation with your mother.

Damn it! I told her not to say anything. Just...

No, no, no. It was fine. Um. It was really nice, actually.

Maybe we could find a time to talk sometime soon, just the two of us?


I'd like that.


Oh, God, she's dead, isn't she?

(SIGHS) Ashley's okay.

She suffered a severe complication, but we were able to control it in time, and she should make a full recovery.


Whoa, uh...

I'm sorry. I didn't hurt you, did I? (GROANS)

No. It's fine. I'm fine.


She'll be awake soon?

Yeah, we'll send someone to come and get you.

Okay. (CLEARS THROAT) See you.

You okay? Yeah, I think so.


She's at Meredith Grey's house.

She is?

She asked me to send over some case files, and so that is where she will be in case, you know, you wanted to make a bold move.


Here you go, Sofia's chart.

All clear. Thank you.

And don't worry. I didn't discharge her myself.

I had Bailey do it.

Chief says she's good. She must be good.

Look, Penny, I'm sorry. I should not have lied to you.

If we are not in the same place, if you aren't ready to be where I am, that is fine.

You can tell me, and I will listen.

If you aren't ready for me to meet Sofia, great.

That is your decision.

But making me feel like crap about trying to help, lying to me, that is not okay.


ALEX: So Amelia went to go pick up the kids. Should be back soon.

Whoa. (SIGHS)

You made a fire.

I mean, it's 70 degrees outside, but that's cool.


This was Derek's blanket.

I always hated the stupid thing. It's...

It's not soft. It's not warm. It's not a great color.

He had it in the trailer. He brought it here.

Made it to the dream house with us.

He made a bed in front of this fireplace for us once.

And now he's gone, and I still have the damn thing.


I freaked out this morning.

I heard. You okay? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)

So you brought the guy here, and it was terrible.

It wasn't terrible.


So why did you freak out?

That's the problem. It was kind of incredible.

He was going to leave, and then we fell asleep, and then when we woke up,

I... (SIGHS) He was just there, and I just...

Everyone said I was ready.

You said I would be okay, so I thought I should just do it and get it over with.

But I wasn't ready for it

to be...


You warm enough?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Remember, guys, Mama made the house really clean, and we're gonna keep it that way, okay?

ZOLA: Oh, someone's here.

OWEN: Hey.

Uh. Okay, Zo, you take your brother inside and wash your hands.

ZOLA: Okay. Come on, Bailey. Let's go.



I just wanted to see you so I could apologize, you know, face-to-face.

About the other night, I am sorry. I was thoughtless.

And I don't know why... (CHUCKLES)

I don't have an excuse.

Amelia, Riggs said some things to me, and it just...


And I'm really sorry.

I know.

I knew.

Listen, I just got sober again, so to find myself in that position...

And it was unfair of me to put you there.

I know that, and it will not happen again.

No, I know it won't.

I promise.

I appreciate that, but I can't count on it.

Right now, I have to count on myself.

It's not your fault. You're just not in this with me,

so I can't do this with you, not right now.

Maybe not at all.

Amelia, you know me. I would never...

I know that right now I'd like you to leave.



Oh. Your numbers look great.


They, uh, said you're, uh, awake.



I think he might want to come in. You all right with that?


Ash, I, uh, don't know what to say.


They said I'll be okay.

I'm so glad. (CHUCKLES)


Listen, Chris, I've been to the mountaintop, and it's exhilarating, but I...

But you don't ever want to see me again, do you?

No one needs to climb Everest twice.


BAILEY: Oh, hey.

Uh, Sofia's more than okay... (SIGHS)

...thanks to some astronaut stickers and some strawberry Jell-O. Thank you.

When did you know that Little Tuck was ready to meet Ben?

Oh. Um...

Well, Tuck was too young to tie his own shoes, so I wasn't gonna get any answers from him.

What I cared about was, was I ready?

(SIGHS) Hmm?

See, I'm ready. I was ready the day I met her, but I'm always ready too early. I got married too early. I...


It was one thing when it was about me, but now...

You know, say...

Okay, when you see Sofia kick a ball across the room and you start to daydream about 20 years from now when Sofia scores the winning goal at the Women's World Cup Final and the whole stadium is chanting her name.

"Torres! Torres!"

(LAUGHS) And it's all in slow motion and you're up in the stands screaming and crying.

Yes, yes. You do that, too?

So the question is, who do you want screaming and cheering beside you?

This looks cozy. What are we doing?

Enjoying the clean, clean house. Look at your crumbs.

How's DeLuca?

He's a non-issue now.

How's Hunt?

Also a non-issue.

What am I eating?

I'm gonna need something way less healthy than this.

Pizza's coming. MAGGIE: Mmm. (SIGHS)


You're not pizza.

Uh. No, I'm not. I'm...

Is Meredith home? I'm Will.

I know who you are. Yeah, you should leave.

Look, I've been worried about her all day. She...

No, really, go.

It's okay.


(GASPS) Who's that?

That's the doctor who fixed my head!

Yes, she is, and she is a very special doctor.

You remember her name?

Penny. Her name is Penny.

Hi, Penny!

Hi, Sofia. How's your head? Good!

We decided that stitches could only be made better with ice cream.

And I thought maybe you might want to come with us?

We are in the same place. I'm in the same place as you.

I've been there a while. I just...

I would like for you to come get ice cream with us.

Very much.

And you can say no. I would understand.

I'm not saying no.

(CHUCKLES) Then what are you saying?

Thank you.

All right. I think we're going. You ready?

All right, let's go.


All right!


Hey, Jackson, your mother and I are headed to dinner. Care to join?

You know what? I can't. Thanks, though.

Ma, can I talk to you for a second?



I told you not to talk to April, right?

I know.

Yet you did anyway.

I know that, too.

You know, as hard as it is for me to say this to you, thank you.

It seems like it was a good thing, like you were right.

Yes, I was.

I got everything we need.

"Need"? Wha...

What she knew, when she knew it, whom she spoke to, and when.

I needed to confirm that she withheld information from you when she was signing those divorce papers, that she legally committed fraud, and she did.

And now we can go after her.

MEREDITH: Don't stop. Don't hesitate.

You can't be scared of what's next.

I'm so sorry if I, if I did something to hurt you. I...

It's not... It's not you.

I mean, it is you, but it's not because you're you. It's...


Do not let fear get in your way.

I lost my husband two years ago, and you are the first person that I've been with since.

And this would be so much easier if last night were awful or something.

I just have a lot of stuff.

It's a lot.

And you're great.

And last night was great.

Yeah, I thought so, too.

(SIGHS) But there's a "but."



You're not ready.

I guess I'm not. I want to be.

Okay, then. I'll...

I'll back off, for a little while.

But so you're prepared, I'm gonna call you again, and if you ignore me, I'm gonna show up again, and we'll go back to sitting in that car, talking and laughing.

And I'll be waiting until you're ready because I'm pretty sure you're worth waiting for.

Good night.

Good night.

MEREDITH: That's why we don't operate alone.

There are attendings and nurses and interns.

Those ORs are full of people.

I'm fine.

Are you sure? Is he gone?

Yes, he's gone. Yes, I am sure.

I am completely and utterly fine.

I'm gonna go check on the pizzas.

Laundry's done, dishes are done, and I made a lunch for Zola tomorrow.


And I'm gonna go.

MEREDITH: So in the cases where someone actually does get hurt...

You can stay in your room if you want.

It's clean.

Nobody has to go through it alone.

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