Grey's Anatomy S12E19 Script

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (2016)

MEREDITH: Surgeons have a saying, "All bleeding must stop."

It's sort of our version of "This, too, shall pass."

Every crisis will eventually come to an end.

You'll either save your patient, or you won't.

Are they gonna ask me about... MIRANDA: Ben.

(ELEVATOR DINGS) Right. You can't tell me.

How's Omar doing?

I can't...

Can't tell me that, either.

(SIGHS) Just doing my job.

Thank you, Chief. (ELEVATOR DINGS)

Ah. It's a good thing I'm not trying to save lives so I can see that the elevator doors are open.


One way or the other, the bleeding will stop.

Actually, as far as sayings go, this one's really not all that comforting.

STEPHANIE: Omar Singh, post-op day one, following abdominal and chest surgery to repair injuries sustained during a car accident.

DeLuca? Shortly after surgery, Omar went into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Shepherd placed him on therapeutic hypothermia as part of a new resuscitation protocol.

Tell me why. We hoped that cooling the patient...

He's regaining consciousness, and he's breathing spontaneously, so they'll extubate soon.

Thank God.

Uh, Grey, you should go.

They're waiting for you. Okay.

Oh, I put together an advisory panel...

Grey, Hunt, Pierce.

They're going to review the Warren situation.

Bailey, we talked about this. (BREATHES DEEPLY)

As the leader of this surgical staff, you need to take charge of it.

As the leader of this surgical staff, I need to know my limitations.

And I know I cannot be impartial about my husband and the future of his career.

As a leader, I am taking charge of my lack of impartiality by convening an advisory panel to review the matter.

Once they give me their recommendation for how to proceed, as a leader, I will make a final decision on what happens with my husband.

As a human being, I'll stand here and thank the Lord that my husband isn't responsible for leaving three children without any parents at all.

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Warren, have a seat.

When Miranda told me that there was an advisory committee, I pictured a bunch of lawyers and hospital suits.

Okay. I'm, uh, glad it's you guys.

Let's do it.

MAGGIE: Dr. Warren, be apprised that the purpose of this committee is to understand the incident and to make recommendations for disciplinary action, should it be called for.

A lack of full cooperation with or withholding of information from this committee will result in your immediate dismissal from the residency program.


You accept these conditions?


Okay. Let's begin then.

Wait. So, she's still accusing me of harassment?

I mean, I tried to meet her halfway here.

I tried to take the high road. This...

Apparently, the high road is paved with restraining orders.

I'm sorry. I'll be quiet.

The restraining order actually works for us.

When we take her to court to have it lifted, she won't be able to prove any of these allegations, and her character will be called into question, which is exactly where we want to be.

Because? Because once that baby is born, you will have a very good shot at obtaining full custody.

Full custody? (SCOFFS)

No. He would never. He would.

Look, I know that I'm just here for support, but why would Jackson do that?

Because it's exactly what I would advise her to do.

Whether you meant it or not, April, this restraining order started an arms race.

The restraining order was a mistake. Can't we just take it back?

I'm serious here. Do not try to talk to him.

The restraining order needs to stand.

We have to do this together, okay? (SIGHING)

This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

After everything that happened with Samuel, I just...

I just want to keep this baby safe.

Good. See? You felt your baby was in danger.

That's great. That we can use.




Fractured pelvis?

Stepped on by a horse.

So, tomorrow's the day.

Preminger Grant, yes or no, stay or go.

Oh, you haven't given them an answer yet?

You thought I would have given them an answer and not talked to you about it? No.

No. I'm just saying, the Preminger Grant's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If I say yes, I will be moving to New York for at least a year.


And you're fine with that? Are you fine with that?

Well, like you said, it's...

Once in a lifetime.

Yep. Well, I got to get this pelvis into the OR.



Reggie Dalton?

I'm Dr. Jo Wilson.

Your chart says that you have a hernia.

Yeah. It's the worst.

Okay, well, let's take a look. Just lay back.

I'm gonna lift up your shirt.

Okay, so, how long has this been going on for?

Uh, I had surgery, like, uh, six months ago, and after a while, this little guy just started popping out of there.

Six months ago? Yeah.

I had it looked at once before, and they said they could operate, but that it wasn't urgent.

So, I put it off, and...

Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Reggie, are you okay? Yes.

So, this is the thing...

It's allergy season, and every time I sneeze...

The little guy pops out.

I think maybe I've waited a little too long to get surgery because...

Oh, no! Okay, Reggie, don't fight it.

It's only gonna make it worse.


Worse than this?

Is my baby gonna die? No.


MAGGIE: It's open before you even touch her.

I know that's what it looks like.

That's what it is, Warren, right there.

You said you didn't see the doors open.

Yes. I mean, no.

Well, which is it? Did you? Or didn't you?

I didn't see them open.

It is right there in front of you.

I know, but I didn't see it.

It didn't register.

Okay. Help me here. Was it... (SIGHS)

Had you already decided to cut? No.

Or did you decide getting in the elevator and up to the OR was just gonna take too long?


Ben, lying right now is going to make this end very quickly.

I didn't see them open.

I spoke with your grandma, and she'll be here in a couple of hours.

Your dad still has a long recovery ahead of him, but the fact that he's waking up is a really good sign.

You said I can see him when he wakes up.

I did.

And you will.

When? How about now?

Yeah? Come on.

Now, before we go in, your dad's connected to some tubes, but that's normal... Coming through!

So, don't be scared when the...

Wait, Jasmine!

Daddy? STEPHANIE: DeLuca, get the suction...

DELUCA: Okay, got it. JASMINE: Daddy?

Push more lorazepam. What's wrong with him?

AMELIA: We're gonna need to put him back on the ventilator.

Prep for RSI. Jasmine, they need to help him.

You said he was awake. You said he was okay!

I know. I know, honey.

Come on.

They were done with me for the day.


They needed to talk to the other doctors involved.

I see. I wanted to check on my post-ops, but they told me I couldn't go back to work until all of this was... Yeah, it's best that you not have contact with any patients.

Okay, then...


Well, I guess I'll just pick up Tuck early from school.

You know, he's been begging me to go to this new arcade.

Did he clean his room?

I don't know.

Well, he can't go to the arcade unless he's cleaned his room.

You know that, Ben. I'm a grown-ass man, and I was there when we made the rule.

I don't need you to tell me...

Well, apparently you do because you're...

Okay, stop. Stop. Just stop.


Look at me.

Miranda, I... You were mean.

This morning, you were mean.

I'm sorry.

But this is just... This is running over me like a truck.

I feel... I know.

Me, too.

Okay, so, we need separate this out, um...

The Chief and Dr. Warren over here and Ben and Miranda over here.

Church and state, okay?

Church and state.


Dr. Bailey, Omar Singh's mother is here.

Tell her I'll be right there.

Ben... I'll see you at home.

Is home church or state?

Church, I think.

APRIL: Post-surgical hernias are not actually all that uncommon, but given its size, we're gonna need to do a special procedure to close the gap without tension on the...

What are you doing?

Uh, I've gotten in the habit of just sort of shoving it all back in there.

Is that not okay?



Um, Wilson, we will be right back.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Wilson called for a plastics consult for your CSR, which I obviously can't do with you standing here, unless you want to violate the terms of your own restraining order.

I'm not...

I'm not violating anything because you're gonna go, okay?

Just send someone else, please. Why don't we ask the patient?

He'd want a consult from the best plastic surgeon in this hospital.

You know that this is just as much a general-surgery case as it is a plastics.

Right, and there are plenty of general surgeons and only one of me.

I was here first.


JO: Holy crap!

You ignored the moment completely.

What moment?

The moment where I say, "Go to New York," and then you ask me to come to New York with you...

The moment. What?


You didn't even want me to meet your kid.

No... You met my kid. My kid loves you. It's fine...

Callie, you live here in Seattle.

You... You have family. You have a job.

You can't just drop everything and move to New York.

I know, but still!

Still what?

It would have been nice to have been asked.




You are the most adorable woman I've ever seen right now.


And, of course, I want you to come to New York with me.

But it's impossible.

There is, always, long distance.

Well, that's true.

Weekend trips.


Dirty phone calls.

Mmm. Mmm.

Exactly how dirty? (LAUGHS)


Mmm. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God!

Um, uh, I need a suture kit.

No, you know what, actually, I don't need it. Bye.



Guys, we can't go back in time here.

I mean, there's no way to know how it would have turned out.

I mean, I sure wouldn't have opened her up in a hallway if I didn't have to, but Warren's saying that he didn't have a choice.

Except for those doors... I mean...

Yeah. The doors were open.

How do you not see those doors?

And as for the baby?

He was acidotic, not oxygenating.

We had to put him on ECMO. Which was unsuccessful.

That kind of perfusion can be too much for smaller babies.

Riggs suggested ECMO. We all agreed.

Wait. So, Riggs suggested it?


And you agreed with that?

Well, I was worried, but we were out of options.

So, the ECMO that Riggs suggested, it exacerbated the problem?

Like I said, we were out of options.


Well, I think that's all we need from you guys. Thank you.

Yeah. Sure thing.

Thanks. Good luck.


Listen, we should meet again tomorrow.

With whom? We've heard from everyone.

We haven't met with Riggs.

Oh, my God. What?


What do you think will happen to Warren?

Oh, I don't know.

You're already leaving.

If he goes, too, they're gonna work us to death.

Mmm, we're gonna get all the surgeries.

I mean, I feel bad, but we gonna run this place.


What is going on with your phone? What are... Hey, stop!

Stop! No, no, no! What?

Please give it back. PENNY: Who's Kyle?

And why does he want to do things with his tongue...

(SHUSHING) Answer the question.

Okay, come here.

Please. Shut up.

Okay, do you know Shepherd's MS patient?


Guitar Hero?

You are doing tongue things with Guitar Hero?

No. Not yet.

I told him maybe we would go out when he got back from touring, and so we've been texting, and now he's melting my phone.

That's kind of hot, and really dirty.

(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Yeah. I call my mother with this thing.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, God. Wow.

Like this.

How am I supposed to respond to this?

Oh, like this.

Oh, my God!


Thank you.


Do you think you can teach me that?


Your suture kit. I'm so sorry.

(LAUGHS) It's fine.

Um, I should have knocked, I guess.

She's leaving. Huh?

New York.

The Preminger Grant.


I'm so sorry. But, you know, I don't know.

I mean, that doesn't mean that it has to be over.

Long-distance relationships aren't impossible.

Yeah, I don't know if we can survive long distance.

I'm so afraid that it'll all fall apart.

Then don't let it.

I mean, decide you want it to work and make it happen.

It's New York. It's a six-hour flight.

It's weekends and phone calls.

You can figure it out. You will. You... You should.

Thanks. Mmm.

Hey, Callie. (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah?

Maybe next time, like, an on-call room, something with, like, a lock on the door.


You stole my patient?

He's my patient, all right?

And you should probably step back about, I don't know, 100 feet.

(STAMMERS) All right, now.

This man needs a plastic surgeon.

And a general surgeon.

Which is why Dr. Webber is going to be scrubbing in with me, all right?

I'm the head of Plastics. I have seniority here.

So, I'm not gonna step down just because you decided to file a restraining order.

This... This is not... RICHARD: Okay, you know... Okay.

Now, that's enough.

Now, this patient isn't gonna get less than our best because the two of you are not allowed to be in the same room.

I'm scrubbing in with Avery.

End of discussion.

I'm free tomorrow after 4:00.

So, he may never wake up again?

He did wake up, but then he suffered a prolonged seizure.

He may have been oxygen-deprived.

We're still trying to figure out why.

But you should know, reviewing his most recent scans, there's not much activity.

They suggest he may have suffered severe damage.

So, even if he did wake up now, we're not sure what's left.

MIRANDA: Your son didn't have a directive.

These forms will determine whether you want us to try and resuscitate Omar if his heart fails.


(VOICE BREAKING) I don't know what to do.

It's a very difficult decision.

(CRYING) No, he's my baby.

I can still remember how it felt to hold him.

I can't just...

I don't know what to do.

What do I do?

JASMINE: You should sign the papers.

Daddy wouldn't want to live in a bed connected to machines with his eyes closed all the time.

He would hate it.

And he would...

He would want to be with Mommy.


I need a pen. (SNIFFLES)

We love you, Daddy.


MEREDITH: Any change? No.

How'd the Warren thing go?

It's still going. MAGGIE: It shouldn't be.

This is just Owen being pissed at Riggs.

I mean, I get that there's bad blood there, but...

Well, it's really bad blood.

Owen only ever told me headlines, and I had to drag it out of him.

It was impossible to get him to talk.

Probably because you were talking.

Uncool. Be nice.


Yeah, and you know Riggs cheated on Owen's sister.

What? What?

That's why she got on the helicopter, and disappeared because she was leaving him.

Still, it's old business.

And he lied about it right to my face.

He made up some sad story about how he tried to stop her from getting on the helicopter, but she had to save a patient, and he had no choice.

He made himself look pretty good.

Wow. That's...

Psychotic. I agree.

So, Owen does not trust him, and I'm not inclined to, either.


Heart rate's dropping.

I'll get a crash cart.

No, no, wait. He's DNR. Yeah.


I hate this part.


Bailey will want to know.


You didn't wake me. Where are my keys?

Why didn't you wake me? Have you seen my keys?

They... I got called in.

Yeah, which is why I want to know why you didn't wake me.

I had them in my hand when I walked in the door...

I wake you. You wake me. That's the rule.

You get paged in the middle of the night, you wake the other person.

You wake me so I know to listen for Tuck, so I know not to rush out of here for the hospital in the morning thinking you did the morning thing and just had an early surgery, so I don't leave our child in the house asleep in his bed when I should be waking him, making him breakfast and taking him to school because that's my job, because that's the rule, because that's what happens, because when you get paged, you wake me.

Would you stop looking for the damn keys and tell me why you didn't wake me, Miranda?

Omar is dying, and while you stand there and yell at me, three children are becoming orphans.

I did not wake you because I didn't want to talk to you right now.



(EXHALES) PENNY: That was...

Seriously, you have skills.

(CHUCKLING) I don't work alone. (LAUGHS)

Teamwork. (BOTH LAUGH)

I don't, though, work alone.

I'm gonna be miserable without you.

You never asked me to stay.

I can't.


Penny, I want you to stay.

I would give anything for you to stay.

But I know better than to ask.

I have been here before.

This is the beginning of a whole new adventure for you.

I could never ask you to give that up.

I love you too much.


I love you.



No, no, don't cry.

I love you. (SIGHS)

And you love me. (BOTH LAUGH)

And now I have to go all the way across the country to save lives...

Which sounds really noble, like in some movie, but...

Actually, it just really sucks.



It's the moment again.

The moment.

Ask me.

Go ahead.

Ask me.



Sofia, get those teeth brushed, missy!

I want to hit the road in about 10 minutes!

Hi. Something is wrong with the baby...

Really, horribly wrong.

Wrong? Wrong how?

I was driving to the hospital, and, um, I got so scared that I couldn't breathe, and your place is closer, so I just...

What... Hold on, April. Slow down. Tell me what's going on.

Jackson was right, wasn't he, that I was wrong to not check?


Okay, hey... I can't!

Arizona, I cannot do this again.

I can't.


Ooh, you are being such a good little helper.

Let's walk a little faster, though, okay?

Oh, Andrew!

Andrew's gonna show you where all the best coloring books are, okay?

I am? Yeah.

Okay. Come on.

(EXHALES SHARPLY) I refused the ultrasound.

I needed this baby to be healthy so badly, and now, if I caused this... Okay, okay. (SHUSHES) It's okay.

If we could have prevented this... All right, let's just take a look.

Let's take a look, okay? Okay, okay, okay.


There's the little one. Oh!

That's... That's it. That's the feeling.

What is that? What is that?

That's your baby moving.


Very strong fetal heartbeat. (CHUCKLES)


That's the baby moving?

Samuel never...

ARIZONA: I know. You've never felt this before.

I'm gonna check the cervical length just because of the cramping, but I am confident that this is just what a healthy baby feels like.


CATHERINE: Advisory panel?

The situation seemed fairly clear.

Well, that doesn't make deciding disciplinary action any easier.

I suppose.

What if it were you and me?

Would it be so easy for you to make that decision?

You and I would never be in this situation.

Well, you never know.

Yes, I do, 'cause if you did something like this, I'd just strangle you with my bare hands.

(DOOR OPENS) I wouldn't be the one to do this.

I'm talking about you. Oh, please, please.

(BOTH CHUCKLE) This is all of it, I think.

All of what?

Well, I got joint purchases, marriage license, post-nup, divorce decree.

CATHERINE: Our attorneys asked Jackson to put together whatever he could to help create a timeline, a paper trail.

Do you have to do this now?

Yeah, I got to get it back to him by the end of the week.


Well, I'll leave you to it, then.

Oh, and thanks again, sir, for yesterday.

Appreciate you backing me up.

I didn't back you up.

I backed up a patient whose doctors couldn't get it together long enough to do their damn job.

The baby was in respiratory failure despite maximal ventilatory support.

He fit the criteria, so ECMO was the only option.

I agree.

All right?

OWEN: What was his oxidation index?

Around 45 for at least 20 minutes. Okay.

And you used aggressive resuscitation?

Yeah, of course.

They tried to clear his metabolic acidosis with fluids, but he had a pH of...

I mean, I can pull the chart.

We have the chart.

So, what is this about?

This is about Dr. Warren.

Thank you, Dr. Riggs. You can go.


This was fun.

So, if Riggs' recommendation killed the baby, then we should...

I would have made the same call.

There was nothing else left to do. We don't know that.

Okay, we need to bring this back to the point because you have, frankly, been wasting my time on a needless witch hunt.

This is not about Dr. Riggs, and it is not about you.

The point here is to answer one question, do we think Ben Warren is telling us the truth?

So let's answer it.

MIRA: His blood pressure keeps dropping, and his heart rate is all over the place.

Well, it's been hours, and he hasn't had any further seizure activity.

We could give him medication to control his heart, and fluid to boost his pressure. No.

Mrs. Singh?

He's gone.

My son is gone.


Is Omar...

Is he gone?

You can tell me that.

We're still waiting.




(SIGHS) So, did you find something new or...

Warren, we need you to tell us why.

Why what?

Why, when the elevator doors opened, you chose to ignore it...

I have told you and told you...

And cut open Gretchen McKay, anyway.

That I did not make a choice!

I wasn't given one.

I was forced to use the knowledge and resources I had to fulfill the oath I took to save her life...

Because the door didn't open.

No, it did. It clearly did.

I'm saying I didn't see it happen.

I just don't understand how you didn't see it happen.

You do. You know. You should know.

You're surgeons.

You know what it's like. You...

When you operate, when you control if a person breathes another breath, when...

When you hold their beating heart in your hand, when you are responsible for that life, you don't see or hear or feel anything else.

The rest of the world just disappears.

You know that.

You all do.

You can't tell me you don't.


Okay. What's happening?

He's having runs of v-tach. I think he's going.

His mom just took the kids down for lunch, too. I...

Should I bring her back up here?


Crash cart. What?

Yeah. I need a crash cart in here now!

Start CPR.

Oh, Dr. Bailey, I don't think we're supposed to.

Okay, push an amp of epi.

What is this? Uh, Dr. Shepherd, I...

Bailey, what are we doing?

MIRANDA: Okay. Good. Charge to 100.

Mmm-mmm. Isn't he supposed to be DNR?

Yes. His mother agreed.


Okay, charge to 150, and get that epi on board.

Bailey, we told his mother we would not resuscitate.


200! Bailey!


His heart stopped?

Yes, it did, but only just for a second, and then...

You decided to resuscitate.

But I signed those papers.

Jasmine and I, we made a decision.

Yes, I know.

I wanted to give him one more chance.

So you think there's still hope?

I don't understand.

Just yesterday, we were discussing brain damage.

Chief, a word.


Bailey, just explain what you are thinking.

My patient has a signed DNR.

The patient deserves a chance.

His family deserves for this hospital to respect their wishes.

Shepherd... It is not fair to make a patient suffer so that Warren doesn't have to.

You know that. Dr. Shepherd, watch yourself.

You were right, and thank you.

I love being right. What was I right about?

Penny. We figured it out.

Oh, yay. Yeah.

Yeah, no, Sofia was saying... I can totally go with her.

What? No. It seemed impossible until I really, really looked at it, but it's not impossible.

It's an adventure.

You're kidding.

Are you kidding? I know. It's crazy, right?

But I can get a job anywhere out there, and probably with new research money, and I have colleagues out there who can help me get...

Wait. Yeah, no, but you...

Well, you have a daughter. Yeah. No. I know.

It's a lot to figure out, I know.

But you were right, it can be figured out.

It's a six-hour flight, and you'll be able to see Sofia whenever you want.

And we'll figure it out, right?

Oh, crap. Um, so, we will talk about it, okay?

But just thank you.

Every surgeon who worked on Mrs. McKay and the baby said the same thing, including Dr. Warren.

That they were backed into a corner and they didn't have a choice.

The only difference with Warren is whether or not you think he's lying, whether you believe he didn't see that door open.

And do you think he was lying?

No. We don't.

OWEN: We believe Warren missed the door.

We believe he was completely focused on his responsibility to the patient.

Well, thank you all.



Sounds like they feel he tried.

And yet two people are still dead.


What are you gonna do?

Six months?

No surgery for six months?

Uh, to be clear, it's a six-month suspension from the residency program.

I'm suspended from the hospital? Yes.

How do you...

Do you have any idea how far behind I'll fall?

I'll never get caught up.

What am I supposed to learn from this?

Do you feel even the slightest remorse?

Yes. Yes!

How can you ask me that? Of course I do!

All I do is play it over again in my mind, trying to figure out how I could change it!

Of course I do.

But six months, it's not discipline.

For a surgeon, that's a death sentence.

I might as well drop out now.

That's all, Dr. Warren.

I tried to save her the only way I know how.

You... They know that, right?

You know that.


PENNY: Sofia.




You ready? You ready?

Let's go.

WOMAN: Oh, thank you.


WOMAN: Get inside!

Pierce, before you go, Tacoma wants to send a patient with failed stenting.

Emergency four-vessel bypass.

I didn't want to authorize it until I'd checked it with you, but...

Uh, well, is the patient stable enough to transfer?

As far I'm concerned, yes.

Okay, yeah. Go ahead.


Nothing. Nothing.

What did Owen tell you about me?

Meredith. She said, um...

She's my sister, and she told me...

She told you about Megan.

Why would you lie about something like that?

You know, I shouldn't have asked. This isn't any of my business.

And I'm not usually a person who...

You don't owe me an explanation, obviously, but you're a good guy and a great surgeon, and I just...


I didn't lie to Meredith.

It's fine. Forget it.

Look, everything I told her was true.

There was a patient.

There was a helicopter.

I just left some parts out.

The part where we fought, where I cheated, where I failed the best person I've ever met, the only woman I've ever loved.

And those parts are for me and Megan.

You're right. I don't owe anyone that.

I made a mistake.

A big one.

And I've paid for it ever since.



I'm glad you're being strong about this.

I know how hard this is.

I know how bad you feel.

You loved this person once.

There's a child involved. (THUNDER RUMBLING)

But I'm gonna tell you, the one thing that all custody cases have in common is that they are always a battle.

And no matter what, even if you win, you will still feel like you lost something.

So, are you sure this is a battle you want to fight?

My ex-wife wants to move across the country and take our daughter, so...




No. No more, okay?

I'm done. Just stay away from me. All right.

Look, I'm not gonna come any closer, okay?

I just need to talk to you. I need to say something.

I need you to hear me.



All right, I have been going over the paperwork, you know, for the lawyer, the prenup, post-nup, whatever.

You know, I just... I don't need this.

At first glance, it was actually really frustrating, you know, 'cause I wasn't finding anything that was actually gonna help my case.

It was just so fair.

And I realized that was because it was written by two people who really loved each other...

Two people who really wanted to protect each other, who really wanted what was best for each other.

And, April, I...

I don't know where those people went.

I don't know if we can fix us, April.

I don't know if we should.

But I know I don't like who I am turning into.

I don't want to treat you...


This person who wrote this, who signed this, was your best friend.

You were my best friend, April.

My favorite person.

And I realized that that's who I should be dealing with.

We should treat each other the way we did on this paper.

You want to feel something unbelievably awesome?


Was that a kick? Yeah.

He's kicking?

Or, she's kicking.

This baby can kick?

Our baby can kick. (BOTH CHUCKLE)

Oh, he did it again. (LAUGHS)

Why are you still here?

You have to go back to them. You have to...

Hunt, and this committee. You have to get them to reconsider.

There's... They have nothing to reconsider.

They made a recommendation. I made a call.

It's very simple, and I'm done talking about this here.

Church and state.

There's a reason that it's separated. To hell with state!

You're really gonna come back at me with "no special treatment"? Six months is...

Six months is special treatment!


If you had been anyone else, you wouldn't have been suspended.

You would have been fired.

They told you to fire me?

No! I wanted to fire you!

I was talked down!

Do you have any idea what you are doing?

Do you have any idea what you've done?

I made a mistake, Miranda. People make mistakes.

Surgeons make mistakes!

I don't, not like that.

You made an astonishing error in judgment that I'm trying to accept and forgive.

And it's gonna take me a lot longer than six months.

MEREDITH: All bleeding must stop.

Well, I am sorry I disappoint you.

Sometimes it does so at a cost.

So am I.

You lose the arm, remove the organ.

You choose to live with the loss.


Because at the end of the day, you'll do whatever you can to stay alive.

AMELIA: In the last hour, he started moving, responding to verbal stimuli.

And now, vitals are stable. He is re-oriented.

What... This is one in a million.

It should not have happened.

And sometimes, by some miracle, it works.

The bleeding stops.

Well, does he know yet, about his wife and baby?

No. Not yet.

He's asking.


I was wrong, Bailey.

You saved his life.

And now I have to go in there and ruin it.

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try...


It's still not enough.

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