Grey's Anatomy S12E21 Script

You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side (2016)

MEREDITH: Sometimes, you can't go it alone.

You need someone on your side.

In medicine, we have surgical assists, second opinions...

I'm sure Amelia's up. Let's just wait.

No. If my kids can get up and get dressed on time, then so can she.


We stack our deck.

We can't just leave her. Yes, we can.

She's made me late too many times.

She knows better than to be late for carpool.

Don't look. We're dealing with life and death here.

What? (GASPS) Go to the car. Go to the car.



Uh... Oh, uh... (BABY CRYING)

You don't want to get caught with your pants down.

AMELIA: We fell asleep. Someone was awake.


Major Hunt reporting for duty. Can we not talk about it?

I don't know why you're embarrassed.

We should be congratulating you.

Now I know what Cristina saw.

I think we all learned something today. (SIGHS)

I'm gonna grab a different ride home.

Don't worry. I'm sure after this morning Owen will want you guys to spend the night at his place.

No, I'm not gonna see him tonight or any night.

That... That was the last time.

We cannot be in a relationship.

I've got too much stuff. Owen's got too much stuff.

Yeah, we all saw his stuff.

Yeah. (SIGHS) Yeah.

Wait. Shut up. (CHUCKLES)

Nice one.

MIRANDA: I'm saying, you better stay out of my OR.

And if my department heads are smart, they'll say the same thing.

Shower's free.

So, you just gonna sabotage me, huh, turn the whole hospital against me.

You don't think maybe you're sabotaging yourself?

You lose nothing by letting me work as an anesthesiologist.

I'm still falling behind, getting talked about.

It's humiliating, which should make you very happy.

There ain't nothing of this makes me happy.

This is about you learning from what you did.

No, no, no.

This is about you disagreeing with what I did and being embarrassed that you were wearing my ring when I did it. (SIGHS)

So I will see you at work. Oh!

Ripped & Corrected By mstoll I have to get Meredith on my side. People will follow her lead.

Grey is going to take your side.

She might side with Arizona. They were in a plane crash together.

You'll be fine.

(SIGHS) You're just saying that 'cause you like me.

Today's the day I lose all my friends.

You won't. I might.

I won't. I won't do it.

And why is it my job to ask my friends to testify?

Isn't that the subpoena's job?

Oh, I imagine you'd want to know who'll be a sympathetic witness.

(SCOFFS) So, I have to ask people to choose sides?


Just ask your friends to help you out.

That's all. Uh, look... Try it.

Okay, um, well, I'm...

Okay, I'm gonna see April, so that's in the bag.

And then there's Jackson, who's an Avery.

So, I mean, if I get them, then I'm good, right?


I tell my children, when you're finished with your toys, put them away.

Uh, good morning.

And my kids don't need to see your penis, so the same goes for you. (SIGHS) Meredith, please.

There was a time I would ask, but I've learned.


What have we got? Leo Paulson, 76, fell down a flight of stairs.

Initially complaining of back pain.

MAN: Is he gonna be all right?

Mr. Paulson was coming back from his morning walk, and he tripped coming up the steps in the lobby.

I was almost able to catch him, but I... I just missed.

OWEN: And you are? Uh, Vincent. I'm, uh...

I'm Mr. Paulson's doorman.

Okay, well, let's get him inside.


Kyle, good to see you again. Hey, nice to see you, too.

Edwards, I thought you were off today.

Well, yeah, I was, but... But I ruined it.

She made me come in. Probably the best call.

Thanks, babe. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, okay.

Well, let's, uh, get to it. DeLuca.

Kyle Diaz, post-op DBS implant from about a month and a half ago. He's developed another tremor...

This time, in his left hand. AMELIA: Okay.

We did DBS to treat your right-hand tremor.

I'm worried he's developed a new lesion on the other side of his brain.

Okay, Kyle, let's get you changed into a gown.

We'll do a full work-up.

DeLuca, let's do an MRI, evoked potentials.

Edwards, a word.

I didn't realize you two were a thing.

Oh, we're not. Not a... Not a thing thing.

(STAMMERS) It's new.

Anyway, uh, I was thinking we start with the MRI first, and then, if no acute intervention is indicated, we can maybe just adjust his meds. We can't.

Yeah, we can. I looked it up. (CHUCKLES)

You are dating a patient. You cannot treat him.

I told you we barely have even...

Edwards, it is not a big deal. You can keep him company.

You're kicking me off his case?

I am, yeah.

So, I'm supposed to do what, just sit around and hold his hand all day?

That is up to you. It is your day off.

Take it.

NATHAN: Multiple stab wounds, chest and abdomen.

Chest tubes placed in trauma bay.

MAGGIE: Hemopericardium on ultrasound.

A mess, then. A mess.

MIRANDA: All right, let's clean it up.

Dr. Warren.


MAGGIE: I thought Dr. Knox was... BENJAMIN: Dr. Knox is out sick.

NATHAN: Warren, what the hell?

BENJAMIN: I was an anesthesiologist in a former life.

NATHAN: Hmm. Right on.

It's good to have you back, man.

I think.

MIRANDA: 10 blade. MAGGIE: 10 blade.

Is something wrong?

Not on my end.

Dr. Bailey?

I didn't say a word.



All right, here we go. (SIGHS)

(SIGHS) Um, now that I have both of you together, can I ask you, um... I need a favor.

Sure. Yeah.

So, you know that Callie and I are going to court. (KNOCKING ON DOOR)



Do you need something?

Yes. Uh... You.

I'm on your service today.

Um... Uh, really?

Maybe I should talk to somebody about switching that?

Yeah, I think that we should...

You know what? Just wait a second, okay?

What were you saying about the favor? (SIGHS)

Uh, nothing, nothing. Let's... Let's take a look at this baby.

Okay. (SIGHS) (SIGHS) Okay.

First things first...

No obvious deformities.

The length of the femur is appropriate for gestational age, and that is a perfect and beautiful thing.

So, that means...

No OI.

No signs of osteogenesis imperfecta.


That is great news.

It is. (CHUCKLES) Ah, there we go.

We've got a strong beating heart.

Look at that. It's beautiful.

Eight, nine, ten fingers.


All right, let's count those toes.

(LAUGHTER) Yeah, we got one, two, three, four...


What just happened?

Huh? What? What did you just see?

Uh... You stopped talking.

Your mouth smiles, but your eyes keep thinking.

It's that thing that you do when...

April, I'm pretty sure she's just smiling.

No, it's that thing you do when you have bad news and you don't want to say it.

What? What did you see?

It might be nothing. It might be?

Okay, so, it's not OI.

No, it's not OI. It's... It's the baby's brain.

Obvious contusion and step-off in the lower thoracic.

Easy. Dr. Grey, if it helps, uh, these are his medications and what paperwork I could find.

Oh, thank you. This is very helpful.

Good. Thank you.

Leo. Oh, Mrs. Paulson, you got my message.

Vincent, thank God you were there. How is he?

He is stable for now, and I will keep you updated, but I have to ask both of you to step outside, please.

Oh, uh... Of course. Of course.

Wilson, would you chart these for me?

Great service. OWEN: Yeah.

Your MRI results did show an abnormality here, in the internal capsule.

Whoa, can you, uh, go back a slide?

I need to take a look at the basal ganglia.

DeLuca, you're fine.

Wait. I need surgery again?

I thought you said they could just probably change out my meds.

I know.

Why wouldn't meds work in this case?

Uh, you see, the meds help prevent the formation of new lesions.

Once you have the tremor, you need a repeat DBS implantation performed. Otherwise...

Look, it's the same surgery that you had before, just on the other side of your brain.

What she said.

We can do the surgery today.


Why the rush? Why wait?

Well, Kyle's got three more dates left on his tour.

He's worried he'll miss them because of the surgery.

Kyle, the tremor will only continue to get worse if we don't treat it right away.

You can sit out one show and play the other two.

I highly recommend surgery, but, obviously, it is up to you.

Yeah, let's do it.


What she said.


Spinal fracture? Hey. T-10. Are you available?

(SIGHS) Yeah. No, that's not too bad.

Yeah, I can do a spinal fusion with a bone graft.

Meredith, can I ask you something? Sure.

Okay, um... (SIGHS)

Are these Leo's scans? Yeah.

Yeah, we're just discussing the, uh, surgical...

You know this morning...

I saw Owen's junk.


It was untucked. Meredith.

No. Where? In the living room.

He was hanging out with Amelia.

Can we not, please? (CHUCKLES) It's fine.

You should just take it upstairs next time.

There won't be a next time.

If I know Amelia, it won't happen again until it does.

I can't listen to you two.

I'll go update Leo. Yeah.

Hey, did you want to ask me something?


Nothing. Just never mind. Okay. Yeah.

MAGGIE: Closing the septal defect.

NATHAN: Teflon pledgets. BENJAMIN: Second unit's going in.


We took little Tuck to the amusement park a few months ago.

MAGGIE: Oh, the new one over on, um...

Yeah, I need more suction here.

Poor thing.

He didn't meet the height requirement on one of the rides.

Know what he did?

He tried to scam the ticket taker.

He didn't scam anybody.

Little scammer.

Wanted to stuff his shoes with his socks...

Here, retract.

Make himself taller.

Because he was really passionate about that new roller coaster.

Too bad. He was too short.

3-0 Prolene.

Less than one inch.

One inch is all he needs to go flying out of his seat, to smash onto the pavement like a cantaloupe.


Rules are in place for a reason.

Sometimes rules can be excessive.

Necessary. Overkill.

Must have been tough on little Tuck.

MIRANDA: Oh, Tuck had a fit. Wonder where he learned that.

Really? Really? Are we really trying to make this comparison?

If the sneaker fits. Suture.

The ventricles in the baby's brain are slightly dilated.

It's hard to tell.

It's really hard to tell.

Well, so, that means... What does that mean?

It could be a positional glitch in the ultrasound, so let's... Or it could be an infection, CMV or varicella.

Unlikely, but, yes.

You know what? Let's just...

What... What else? What else could it be?

Uh, neural-tube defects or a chromosomal abnormality.

This is not happening.

(VOICE BREAKING) I don't believe this. This is not happening.

Hey, listen, I'm not sure if this is happening, so let's just play it safe.

And let's do a full work-up, and we're gonna get a bigger picture and we'll be able to say.

How did you miss this?

You said... You said that everything was fine.

Weeks ago, you did an ultrasound, you looked at it, and you said, "That is a healthy baby."

I know, and... You said we were fine.

So, did you not look closely enough? What... What...

Hey, let's be calm. You said we were fine.

And now you're... Let's just... Can we calm down?

Calm? Okay, you know what?

I held my baby, and I watched him die last time.

Forgive me if I'm not calm.

(SIGHS) Of course.

Look, um... I just... I just... I meant...

Can you just leave right now? I'm sorry. Just...

Can you leave now, please?


Can I do anything?

Check your post-ops? No.

Should I just find another service? No, no. I don't have time.

I don't have time to find someone else.

(SIGHS) All right, um, you know what you can do is, April Kepner. You can run a complete blood serology, Karyotyping, IgG, IgM levels.

I want to check for everything.

See if anything was missed?

I want to know if this baby has a hangnail.

Can you do that?

I can.

Nice. Your bilirubin is down.

You're ready to go, champ.

Hey, I need your help. Good morning.

As a friend... And a doctor, and a peds doctor, but more as a friend.

Uh, whichever. What?

Um, well... (CLEARS THROAT)

It's, uh... It's a big... It's a big ask.

And, uh... I wouldn't ask, but I need someone who knows me and my kid...

Someone who people trust with kids, and you're the...

Well, you've known me for the long... Callie, just...

No, wait, hold on. I... (SIGHS)

Okay, I also know that you have a relationship with Arizona and you're very...

Are you asking me to take the stand for you for your custody thing?

Oh, God, yeah. Thank you.

'Cause it's a no.

I like you both. I'm not picking sides.

Kyle, we've scheduled you for surgery this afternoon.

Dr. DeLuca is just gonna draw some blood.

Okay, and then?

Moving forward?

Steph said something about a... A trial?

The monoclonal antibody trial.

I did a little research while we were waiting, and they are experimenting with MS regression.


Maybe, something to look into.

I think it would be a very good fit for Kyle.

Down the line.

Right now, we need to focus on getting you ready for surgery, so I will see you soon.


Right, um, I'm gonna need your right arm.

I got it.

You scared me to death.

I know.

And Angelica?

Is she here?

She's getting a cup of coffee.

I'd like to stay if you don't mind.

Please. Stay.

Excuse me? Mr. Paulson.

I was just coming to talk you through pre-op.

How are you feeling, sir?

I'm here. I'm here.

I had to call the kids and the grands.

Everyone was so worried. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS)


WOMAN: Hold the door! Can you hold the door?

APRIL: Are my labs back yet?

Hey. Um, no, not yet.

I put a rush on them, but I really think they're gonna be normal.

Yeah, but they'll be inconclusive.

Yeah, but, you know, I... Then, I'll just...

I'll do a repeat ultrasound in two weeks to see...

Two weeks? I can't wait two weeks.

We might be able to do something.

I know that you're worried, but I really...

Look, what about a fetal MRI to get a better look at the baby's brain?

To get a clear image, I'd have to put you and the baby under general anesthesia, and I don't want to do that unless I have to.

Neither do you.

Look, you need to trust me.

I know that I've tested your trust before, but you need to trust me.


I trusted you to catch this.


So, here's some more info on the monoclonal antibody trial.

Edwards, maybe you didn't hear me this morning when I said you are off this case.

I am not asking to operate.

I just figured I could sit with him like last time.

Last time, you were in there as his doctor, not as his girlfriend.

I'm not his...

He is scared, and I can keep him calm.

I can handle it. DeLuca, shut it.

Uh, DeLuca, would you take this up to the OR, please?


Look, I get it. Yeah?

You have feelings for this guy, and I am not judging.

Well, kind of sounds like you are.

I can be impartial. I'm...

Oh, Edwards, you have been the family member from hell today.

This is why we don't doctor the people we love.

You are pitching treatments. You are second-guessing me.

I cannot help that I have knowledge that...

And I am not gonna risk you doing that in my OR when I am inside his brain.

Fine. I'll sit in the gallery. It's...

No family in the gallery.

We slept together a couple of times!

Good enough. Here is what is gonna happen.

You are gonna hand me your access badge.

You will walk Kyle to the red line and go sit in the waiting room until he is out of surgery like any other loved one because today you are not a surgeon.

Are we clear?

You're kidding, right?



MAN: Get a chance to look at her?

I know what you think you saw.

Mr. Paulson...

Nothing happened.

I have never cheated on my wife.

Vincent and I, we're not...

I have been married 51 years.

I have three kids, seven grandchildren, and another one on the way, and my wife is happy.

She loves me.

But my feelings for Vincent...

I would destroy my wife. And I won't do that.

So, please...

I didn't see a thing.

OWEN: You know, I saw the doorman waiting at the waiting room.

That is dedication. CALLIE: Wow.

Leo must be one hell of a good tipper. (OWEN CHUCKLES)

They're in love.

What, Leo and the doorman?

MEREDITH: Avitene.

I caught them.

That's awesome.

Like, caught them caught them?

Just holding hands, very PG.

Nothing like what I saw this morning.


They're in love. That's sweet.

It's sad.

They have love right in front of them.

That doorman is just gonna keep opening that door, letting love out and letting it back in again and then letting it walk right by him.

OWEN: Hmm. CALLIE: 15 blade.

You know, that is sad.


MIRANDA: And when Dr. Warren accuses me of trying to sabotage his surgical career, would you say that's a fair assessment?

MAGGIE: No. You haven't tried to sabotage anything. Irrigation.

BENJAMIN: Of course she's gonna agree with you. You're the Chief.

And a fair one. My doctors can speak freely.

But not your husband.

MAGGIE: I'm ready to close. You got something to say, say it.

I have been. For weeks!

And doing whatever you want to do, too, with no care that your presence in the OR is stressing out my surgeons.

Isn't that right, Dr. Riggs?

Um, well, I don't really have a dog in the race.

You hear that, Dr. Warren?

Unnecessary levels of stress.

And Dr. Riggs operated with bombs dropping on his head.

Okay, okay, see, here's the problem...


MAGGIE: Multifocal PVCs. BENJAMIN: Air embolism.

Must have sucked air in the septal wound.

Get your hands out! Out now!

Riggs, he's gonna need a needle aspiration through the ventricle before he throws an air embolus and strokes out.

NATHAN: Already on it.

BENJAMIN: No air on the TEE. You got it all.


Oh, uh, I was about to make a point about your questions, Chief.

You see, these two, no offense, but they're gonna say whatever you want, 'cause Pierce works for you, and Riggs works for Pierce.

So you can ask them all you want and you can compare me to a child all you want, but the fact is you are never gonna know what they really think, because unlike me, they're beholden to you.

Now, I'm good back here if you all care to continue.

MIRANDA: You are so arrogant.

Huh? Callie asked you? Yeah, and I said no.

And you're saying no to me?

Alex, we're friends.

Callie's my friend, too. No, I know. (CHUCKLES) Come on.

(CLEARS THROAT) Dr. Robbins?

Blake, what do you want?

I just got the labs. You are everywhere.

She is everywhere.

It's like she's a spy for Callie.

Listen... What?

Did you hear enough?

Do you want us just to go over anything for you so that you can report back that I'm incompetent and that I miss things as a doctor and as a mother?

I mean, what else? What else? You know what?

Hey, do they know about the fake leg?

'Cause I'm definitely not the best runner in a crisis.

So why don't you go back and report that to them and just back off of me!

Just back off!

So, I'm gonna have to look at the pretty boy instead of you this time?

You know I'm right here, right?

Relax. He called you pretty.

Kyle, this is your stop.


Hey. Yeah.

Come here.

You have something over here. Come here.

I'll see you after, okay?

See you after.


I'm sorry?

Are you waiting for your husband?

Or... Sorry, I didn't mean to presume.

Family member?

Uh, my, uh...

Boyfriend. I guess. Mmm.

I don't know what he is.

Ah, yes, well...

I certainly understand that.

I shouldn't even be sitting here. (CHUCKLES)

I shouldn't, either. Um...


I'm gonna get myself some tea.

It helps to calm me.

Uh, may I bring you a cup?

Oh, no.


Yes. Thank you.

All right. Good.



WOMAN: I'll see you tomorrow. (HORN HONKS)



Thank you.

It's just... Oh... (SNIFFLES)

I just want to lie down.

I should, because I'm gonna lose this case.

I am putting up a losing fight (SNIFFLES)

That's just gonna...

It's just gonna hurt Sofia.

And it's gonna end up with me losing my little girl anyway (SNIFFLES)

Because that woman is watching me be a terrible doctor and a terrible mother, which, maybe, I am.

Today, I feel like both.

If you want your daughter, you're gonna have to fight like you've never fought.

And you have to stand up for yourself and believe you deserve it.

You want to lie down? (SOBS)

You don't get to.

And I'll see you inside.



How many times have you done that?

Uh, once...

Counting today.

MAGGIE: Bailey was right.

You are arrogant.

I'm sorry? The patient was dying.

I wouldn't be pulling any cowboy moves in front of the Chief right now.

Look, I was doing my job.

Miranda has to accept that I can work and be in an OR and learn at the same time.

If Bailey really didn't want you working here, you would be long gone.

She could shut you out, freeze you out, kick you out.

She is the Chief of Surgery.

She has all the power.

But she didn't.

You did something wrong. You got punished for it.

You didn't like it, so you went around it.

The only reason you were able to do that is 'cause she's your wife.

Yeah, uh, page me if the post-op scan shows any evidence of air embolus.



I know you're my boss and my boss's boss, but speaking freely...

Well, you're not Warren's boss, not right now.

And you don't have to like that he's working here, but it's what he needs to do. (SIGHS)

I mean, we were residents, right?

The good ones, the ones who love it.

And we learned where we could, when we could, and as much as we could.

And I think Warren is just doing that.

I'm not sure you can stop it.

And, um...

I'm not sure you should.

Good night.

April, you really want an MRI?

You want me to put you and your baby under general anesthesia?

I want to know.

Come with me.


Okay, Stephanie, Kyle is out of surgery.

It is "Dr. Edwards." Yeah, you know what?

The loved ones, we like to use the first-name basis.

You shut up. I taught you that.

Okay, well, the surgery went as planned.

I know. Or Dr. Shepherd would be here.

We always send the B team when the surgery goes well.

Can I see your tablet, please?

Mmm, can't. It's HIPAA rules and Shepherd's orders.


I'll let you know when you can see him.

I'm glad everything went well with your, uh... (CHUCKLES)

Whatever he is. Thanks.

I, uh... I hope it goes well with yours.

Thank you.

CALLIE: Hold here, Wilson. Right here.

Is that enough exposure?

CALLIE: No, I need more retraction, please, right there... That.

I'm not gonna be a doorman. Good.

Yeah, I mean, that would be a step down.

No, no, I'm...

I'm choosing the life I want.

That's why I'm moving to New York.

And the life that I want has Penny and Sofia in it and...

Um, (SIGHS) I need your help.

(SIGHS) My custody trial is starting soon, and I'm wondering if...

We'll testify in court for you?

You know what? Just think about it.

Absolutely, Callie. Yes, of course.

No, 'cause I know that you and Arizona are friends, too, and so I'm just...

Callie, absolutely. (CALLIE SIGHS)

NURSE: Dr. Torres? Yeah.

Oh, God. OWEN: What?



MEREDITH: No wonder why the spine snapped.

Thank you.


LEO: There's nothing you can do?

Your cancer is inoperable.

It's metastasized to your bones and your liver.

How long until...

Six months, maybe a year.

Would you like me to call your wife?

Is Vincent still here?

He hasn't left.

The first time I saw Vincent my heart jumped out of my chest.

I thought I was having a heart attack. (CHUCKLES)

(CHUCKLES) It was butterflies.

And when I came to know he felt the same way...


I smiled for weeks. (CHUCKLES)

I love my wife.


This is... This was different.

We've spent fifteen years doing this.

Talking at his desk...

Passing by each other.

Fifteen years.

You have one more.


ANGELICA: You're awake.

Are you all right?



We got to talk.


He refused to leave until he knew you were out of surgery.

Wasn't that nice?

It was my pleasure.

You've always been too good to me.

Thank you for everything.

But you can go now.

We've kept you long enough.

I don't know what we would do without you, dear.

ARIZONA: Okay, so, here, the baby's brain ventricular diameter is 10.1, but here is a much clearer picture.

So, it's nothing? It's definitively nothing.

A false positive on the ultrasound, a glitch, just like I said.

Thank you, God. Oh, thank you.


Thank you so much for doing the MRI. I know that you weren't crazy about it, but I... I needed this. (SIGHS)

And I know I was... I went a little crazy today, and I just... I got really scared.

I needed to know. Um...

This is a list of the very, very, very best OBs that I know.

What? What do you mean?

Because I can't be your doctor.

Wait, listen... Listen, I'm... I'm sorry.

I just needed to know for sure.

If I'm gonna be your doctor, then I can't be your friend.

And... No, come on.

And I want to be your friend.


I'm sorry.




(SIGHS) You just getting started?

Something like that. Ugh.

I had the saddest day.

Two old men, impossible love... The worst.

I just want to go home and crawl into bed.

Then go.


Are you okay?

I, uh...

(VOICE BREAKING) I broke up with Kyle.

(SIGHS) Oh, Steph.


What happened?

Shepherd, uh, cut into his brain today without me.

Yeah, she made me sit in the waiting room, and all I could think about was...

I was him when I was a kid, in and out of hospitals for years and...

And I just can't sit in the waiting room. (SNIFFLES)

(CRYING) I can't handle it. I need to be on the other side of the red line.

I need to be helping people and fixing people, and I can't do that if I'm with him, so...

So you chose surgery.

No, I chose me.

You want to go for a drink? No. No.

I... (SNIFFLES) I want to go to work.


I thought today was gonna be bad.

I mean, epically bad.

But? I got Mer and Hunt.

(SIGHS) See? I told you Mer was gonna side with you.

I think we have a real shot at this.

I feel better than I did this morning. How are you?

I spent the day with Dr. Robbins. I was on her service.

Oh, God.

How was it? Was it terrible?

Was she terrible to you?

Not at all.

She was great.


AMELIA: Hey! Wait for me! MAGGIE: Are you coming?

We figured you'd be staying at Owen's place.

No, I told you, there is no me and Owen. We're not a thing.

Oh, 'cause it seemed like you were when we saw his thing.

Oh, my God! (LAUGHS)

Are we not doing that anymore?

You are a thing.

It's happening all the time, and it should, but not on my couch.

I second that.

And you have happiness, and you keep throwing it away.

Stop the drama. Just get on with it already.

She makes a really good point.

Don't you start. You do it, too.

You fell for an intern and freaked out because it was against the rules.

Who cares about that?

No one!

Get it together, sisters.

Amelia, come on.

Let's go.

We can't just leave her. Yes, we can.

MEREDITH: The thing about being on a team is it's a commitment.

You have to bring it.

You have to help with the win no matter what.

You may not always like your teammates...

You're still sleeping on the couch.

I know.

You have to learn to share the ball.


You have to be all in, one side or the other.


Hey. Oh! Ha!

Whoa, sorry. (SIGHS)

What are you doing? (CHUCKLES)

I went for a walk.

What are you doing?

Oh, gee, okay.

Are you all right? Yeah, I think so.

Okay. Yes. Here it goes. Okay.

You and I are not the kind of people who say, "I love you."

Well... At least, I'm not anymore because, uh, I know better.

(STUTTERS) It's a lie.

You don't just meet your perfect match and then everything is beautiful and perfect, and that's not how life works.

And if anyone understands that, it is you and me.


I'm having trouble understanding you right now.

Oh, stick with me. Okay.

I create these obstacles out of dead people, and drugs that I may or may not do, and sisters-in-law.

And I do... I know that I make this tough.

It feels like work.

'Cause it's gonna be work.

If you and I (SIGHS) Move forward together...

It is harder to... (SIGHS)

It's harder to love somebody than to walk away from them.

And this is... This would be...

This... (GROANS) Oh, geez.

This is messy and scary and...

God, Owen, it just... It scares the life out of me.

I'm scared, too.

MEREDITH: But if you play hard...


If you and I decide to be together, I mean, really together, I will wind up screwing all of this up.

Me, too. That is how I feel.

I screw everything up all the time.

Oh, well.

...give it your all, really commit... (SIGHS)


...victory is that much sweeter.

Let's screw some things up.

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