Grey's Anatomy S12E23 Script

At Last (2016)

MEREDITH: Infections have a nasty way of sneaking up on you.


You're feeling pretty good, you think the infection's gone, and then it reappears, out of nowhere, when your body's still weak, when you've barely recovered.



What's all this?

Sold it. I'm done with it.

With the trailer?

Yep. Don't need it anymore.

Don't you need a place to sleep, or are you moving into my house, too, and no one told me?

(CHUCKLES) Better. I just bought my own house.

Closing it this morning.

Amelia's been giving me a hard time about getting a grown-up house, so...

So, no more trailer.

Bam. You're infected all over again.



Is this... Should I have asked you?

I should've asked you. No, no.

You paid for it. It's yours to do what you want with.

You sure? Yes.

Congratulations on the new house. Thanks.


MEREDITH: And once the infection spreads, once it gets into your bloodstream, well, then you really have to watch it.

'Cause that's the kind of infection

that can kill you.


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Catherine's back in town next week.

Thought it'd be nice to have some people over.

Well, nothing fancy, just dinner.


You know, that's a fine idea, Dr. Webber.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, sorry.

Yes, yes, yes. Thanks. Absolutely.

Okay. Avery said yes.

Uh, how about you? Yeah, I'll be there.

Okay. I'm not sure about Dr. Warren's schedule, though.


Okay. Um, Warren?

Uh, yeah, I'm in. I'm in. All right.

Uh, what can I bring?

Um, I wouldn't say no to that artichoke dip you brought to the resident mixer.

(CHUCKLES) Well, that's... That's Miranda's secret recipe.




I'll bring it.


Should be a great party.

AMELIA: Hey, Maggie, did you hear that Owen bought a house?

MAGGIE: Oh, good, now you can naked snuggle on his sofa.

OWEN: Wait. Furniture, right. I need some of that. Suction.

AMELIA: No black recliners, I beg you.

And nothing you have to assemble yourself.

You got a real house, get some real furniture, keep the momentum going.

OWEN: Hey, maybe you should come shopping with me, point me in the right direction.

AMELIA: Then you'll just wind up with a house full of furniture I like.

I don't see that as a problem.

I want stuff we both can enjoy.

Wait. What? Why?

Is she... Are you moving in with him?

Duval forceps, please. AMELIA: Oh, No.

I mean, that's not... I don't think...

Why not? Just think about it.

It's pretty big.

Nice yard. Good school district.


Did you just go from moving in to having kids?

Boy, you guys move fast.

I couldn't even sleep in the same bed as my fiancÚ.

We were engaged for a year.

AMELIA: Long engagements, bad idea.

OWEN: I agree. Better to go straight to the marriage part. It's better.

Would you get married again?

I'd consider it, with the right person.

AMELIA: You would? I'd strongly consider it, yes.

AMELIA: Me, too.

With the right person.

OWEN: Okay, then.

MAGGIE: Wait. What?

Did you... What just happened?

Are you engaged now?

AMELIA: What? No. OWEN: No.

AMELIA: Hypotheticals.

OWEN: We were just... That was nothing.

We were just talking. We were just...

Maggie, we were just talking.

MAGGIE: Oh, please. How long you think till you move out?

Who's moving out?

Amelia, when she marries Owen Hunt and moves into his big, new, kid-friendly house.

No, no. Okay, hang on.

It was a hypothetical conversation.

That is it.

In which you were picking out hypothetical furniture for your hypothetical children's hypothetical playroom.

Wow. It was nothing.

Can we drop it, please? Why?


Gladly? Why gladly? What's wrong?

Do you see a dilation?

I'm worried about medullary sponge kidney.

You didn't answer my question.

You didn't answer mine.

You think we're moving too fast?

Is that it?

Amelia, please.

You're the one who pushed us back together.

You know, you practically yelled at me to run back into his arms, and now...

Thanks for the consult.


I called the landlord, and he agreed to swap out our two-bedroom lease for something smaller, since...

I mean, I figured that I could save on rent while I'm at Preminger, so I can afford to fly back on weekends to Seattle to, you know, visit you and Sofia.


Okay? Yeah, sounds good.

I don't want to leave when we're like this.

We've barely talked since the trial.

I really don't know what to say.

Neither do I, but I am trying to say words and to be here and help.

You've helped enough.




X-rays came back clear. No breaks. (SIGHS)

We got lucky, Nash.

So listen to your grandma the next time she tells you not to climb the bookshelves, okay?

All right.

Thank you, Doctor.

You have been so good with him today, so patient, and I can't help but notice I don't see a ring on your finger.

Excuse me?

You should meet my daughter. Nash's mom.

Not the sharpest tack, but really sweet, really pretty.

Ma'am, I appreciate the offer, but I'm with someone already.

Oh, are you engaged?

Are you getting engaged? Uh, no.

Uh, well, I...

Her number's in that chart.

I'll tell her to expect your call.




I think Grandma over there just arranged my marriage to her daughter.


Well, there must be something in the air, because Amelia and Owen are talking about getting married, too.

Hey, maybe you guys could have a double wedding.

Then I would only have to live through it once.

MAN: Help! Please! Someone help! It's okay, buddy. I got you.

MEREDITH: Whoa. Okay, what happened?

He passed out, he came to, and then he passed out again.

Okay, let's get him down here. There's another kid outside.

Is this your son, sir? Uh, no. I'm his driver's ed teacher.

ALEX: Hey, I got it.

Hey, there. You okay?

Can I... Can I park here?

Quit hovering and just go in there and talk to him.

He has made it very clear he doesn't want me anywhere near him.

So, no.

Does she have him on fluconazole in case it's fungal?

You do realize that Kyle can see you?

It's not one-way glass.

Thank you.



Oh, God. I'm fine.

Are you okay? I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm fine.

(GRUNTS) Everything just started spinning.

The... The nausea's probably because of the antibiotics.

Uh, I'll get Dr. Shepherd to get you an antiemetic.



Why don't you just go?

Take that.



I don't need any help.

And I definitely don't want an audience for this.

Then, um, let's pretend that you're puking for some other reason, then.

Aah. Like, um, after a show or something.

Too many whiskey shots, you know?

Fun puking. You're not hearing me.

I don't need any help from you.

Look, I understand if you don't want to deal with me, but you are gonna need somebody.

Does your friends, do your family know that you're here?

(GRUNTS) That's none of your business, all right?

I'm not your business anymore.


But you're gonna need someone.

Dr. Shepherd took out your implant.

Your tremor is gonna come back.

No kidding.

Kyle, I'm sorry.

(VOICE BREAKING) I'm gonna puke again, now.

How about you just go?

Go. Go!


I'm going.

Dad, Dad, I may have brushed against the wall, but...

Good news, Arvin. I see no signs of anything.

You're doing just fine.

And the doctor says I'm fine.

Yeah. The doctor.

Well, it... It was the wall of a hospital, but didn't I say that?

Tell him that Rhys had a medical emergency.

It's strep throat. That's not an emergency.

MEREDITH: Strep throat shouldn't cause you to faint.

Are you on antibiotics?

Yeah, for two days. I'm fine.

But, still, open up.

You passed out in a car.

You know how dangerous that is on the road?

I wasn't even driving! It was Arvin!

Has he passed out before? I don't know.

His mother would kill me if I let something happen to him.

Please don't talk about her.

It looks like Rhys has a peritonsillar abscess.

I do need to drain it.

Oh, no, no, you're not sticking that thing down my throat.

Hey, hey, Rhys, buddy, it's okay. I'm here. All right?

It's like I told you, I want you to think of me as a father.

Why? All my mom ever talks about is when she's gonna break up with you.

What? ARVIN: Hold on. Hold on.

Your mom's doing our driver's ed teacher?


I came as soon as I got the message.

Rhys, honey, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

No, he's not okay, and neither am I.

You told him that you want to break up with me?

Is that true? You told him?


This is way better than our last driver's ed class.

Ready? Here we go. (SIGHS)



Be nice. I know.

But, God, she put me through hell.

I know, and you won.

You can afford to be magnanimous.

CALLIE: Hey, guys.

Well, I was wondering if, um...

I've had a surgery come up later this week, and so I wanted to ask if I could please have Sofia Tuesday night instead of Thursday.


So if I allow you to have Sofia on Tuesday, then in exchange, I will have her Friday?

Yeah, sure, if that's what you want.

Great. Okay, then I will make that work. (CHUCKLES)

Thank you.

She's gone. Hmm?

I'd lose that crazed smile before you start cramping.


I am concerned about Kyle.

You know, he's still septic.

His cultures are showing possible fungus.

He's also complaining of neck stiffness.

Why are you talking to me about this?

You operated three days ago.

Why isn't he recovering? No. You are off this case.

You are not on my service today.

Why are you talking to me about this?

Are you sure the infection isn't because of the second lead you placed, the one you had to convince us to get?

Him. The one I convinced him to get because he is my patient, not you.

I am just concerned.

And if you were the patient's family, I would want to assuage those concerns, but you are neither family nor friend right now.

He developed a complication.

Complications happen, Edwards.

We deal with them every day. Today is no different.

White count is trending down, wound is clean, but his temp is still a little high.

AMELIA: Hey, Kyle, how you feeling?

I was good until these two showed up.

It's been nag city for the last half-hour. (CHUCKLES)

Well, maybe you should think about that the next time you're in the hospital for three days without calling us.

I went through 19 hours of labor with you, without drugs.

You owe me at least a text or a "tweep."

Mom, it's a tweet, for the 10th time. (CHUCKLES)

Are you Dr. Shepherd? I am, yeah.

Dr. Shepherd recently removed the infected device from Kyle's brain, but you should be aware that both the surgery and the antibiotics aren't working as well as we expected.

SOCORRO: I'm sorry. Who are you? I'm Dr. Edwards.

I'm one of the surgeons here.

This is her?

This is her.

You can go.

Kyle, if we could just talk...

Why is she even here? I want her to go.

AMELIA: Mmm-hmm. My son is not good enough for her.

She's not good enough for us.

My brother's broken a lot of hearts, but I've never seen anyone break his.

And I got to think he'd be better off if he'd come in here sooner instead of trying to avoid you.

So, please, do my family a favor and get the hell out of here.

Thank you, Dr. Edwards. That will be all.

So, it's a basic decortication procedure, except there is a slight abnormality.

Yeah, sorry, I can't take your decortication procedure

'cause I already took it. Just did the consult.

You just took my patient without telling me?

You've been pawning decortications off on me since I got here.

You hate them, so now I just take them, and you don't have to pawn.

Thank you.

Bacon? Is that a box of bacon?

Bacon. Mmm-hmm.

A cardiothoracic hand grenade.

You know you're a doctor, right?

Mmm. Mmm-hmm. A heart doctor.

It is good.

Told you. Mmm-hmm.

NOAH: It's my job, isn't it?

You got the big, fancy job, and you have no respect for mine.

LAURA: Are you trying to tell me that your life's ambitions stopped after driver's ed teacher?

Do you know how many hours the average American spends behind the wheel...

Oh, here we go. How many accidents there are every day?

I am shaping the drivers of the future.

I'm saving lives! I'm a freaking hero!

Okay, Superman. We get it, okay? Hands at 10:00 and 2:00.

Yeah, except the recommended placement is 9:00 and 3:00 now.

9:00 and 3:00! See these two?

You and Wilson are doing it right, not rushing into things.

"Rushing into things"?

We've been together a million years.

DELUCA: Dr. Karev? Dr. Grey?

Had to put the screws to the X-ray tech, but I got him to rush Rhys' films.

Is that air around the trachea?

I hope not.

It could be artifact, but we need a CT.

LAURA: You're really great. You're... You're clean, but...

Who's interrupting the happy couple to let Mom know?

I don't know. I was thinking right about now.

Yeah, well, maybe I am, too. Oh, great.

So now you're gonna break up with me?

This is fantastic.

Have fun.

LAURA: I never said that.

NOAH: You've been treating me like... (EXHALES DEEPLY)


Jo, look, I need to know what is going on with Kyle.

Just tell me.

Shepherd would kill me. His family would kill me.

Jo, please. Come on.

You have, what, four floors to tell me everything you know.

Please. What is going on?

Okay, his symptoms aren't getting any better.

He's febrile with some headaches, a bit lethargic, and Shepherd ordered a stat CT that showed evidence of an abscess in the periventricular area.

Okay. Uh...

So what is Shepherd's plan?

Drainage and ventricular washout.

No. No. What?

She wouldn't do that.

She knows how dangerous that can be.

She... She can't. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS)

I'm sorry. I have a ton of prep before surgery.

Does... Does he know how dangerous it can be?

(SIGHS) Big wedding or small wedding?

(CHUCKLES) Well, not too small.

You want it to be a party.

(INHALES SHARPLY) So, um, kids?


Whoa, five?


Unless the first few terrorize us.

Then we can have four.


Are we really talking about this?

Marriage and kids?


I mean, maybe one day, but no.

It was pretty fun watching Maggie's face in the OR, though.


You know, it is fun being fake married to you.

Well, it's fun being fake married to you.


AMELIA: Mmm. Mmm-hmm.

I have... I have to prep for a surgery.


Uh, Knox asked me to cover for him on that facial implant tomorrow.

Cool with you? Yeah, of course.

Hey, look, if you need a place to crash, I still owe you and I still have a sofa.

Here you go. Why would I need your sofa?

Everything okay between you and Bailey?

Yeah. Fine.

No, you're still living in the same house, but you're not talking to each other, right?

I'm aware.

Counseling? (CHUCKLES)

Well, if we go to counseling, then we'll have to talk, and then we'll yell, so not talking is better.

So, then what are you gonna do?

Do? Well, yeah.

(CHUCKLES) You can't just stay like this.

Oh, I can stay like this.

And I will. I am a very patient man.

And I am right, which makes me even more patient since she is overreacting.

I know it and she knows it, though she's not ready to admit it yet.

So I am biding my time until she apologizes, at which point I will haul my ass back into our bedroom where it belongs.

So... So you're not mad?

Nah, man, I am pissed as hell, but she's the love of my life, so...

I mean, you get it. You got April.

April and I are divorced.

Well, like I said, waiting game.

Stay strong. You'll get there.

You're out of your damn mind.

Yeah, I know.

Oh, hey, Bailey, I need to talk to you about Warren.

Oh, if this is about that dinner...

No, it... It isn't. You know, I'm just concerned.

It's been a couple months now.

We'll be fine. Look, it's a waiting game.

I'm right, and once he remembers that's always the case, we'll be fine.

Well, good.

And then maybe you would consider reinstating him, sooner than later, okay?

So when you said you were concerned, you meant you were concerned about you.

Of course not.

Um, sir, after the many years I served under you as my chief, you must understand how difficult it is for me when you force me to say, respectfully, this is not my problem and, please, go do your damn job.

I don't think you found that difficult at all.

MEREDITH: I'll probably end up hosting this wedding.

I hosted Owen's last wedding. Why not?

What's it matter? Why do you care so much?

I just wanted Amelia to keep busy with something.

You know, like a hobby.

'Cause if she's talking Owen's ear off, she can't talk off mine.

How does this change that?

This means more talking.

Only now it'll be about flowers and caterers and what kind of dress I'm gonna wear.

Kill me now.

Promise me you won't do this.

What? If Jo ever pulls that ring out of that drawer, just go to Vegas. Elope or something.

Don't put us through it all.


(SIGHS) Air pockets in the parapharyngeal space.

Necrotizing fasciitis.

God, it's everywhere. Mediastinum, the heart.

There's no time. If it spreads any further, there won't be anything left to salvage.

I'm gonna take him up to the OR right now.

I'll page Jackson and cardio and tell them to meet us up there.

BOTH: They paged cardio.

You want it?

I don't even know what "it" is.

It's a kid with strep throat turned into nec fasc in the chest.

Pretty cool. Not for the kid.

No, for the kid, it sucks. Does sound cool, though.

Flip you for it.

MEREDITH: Is one of you gonna get in here, or what?

(SIGHS) Uh, you know what? You can have it.

I mean, you have seniority.


So I don't have to go in there if I don't want.

Thought you wanted it.

This is an abuse of power.

This is a delegation of resources.

You're a very valuable resource.

Oh, don't you flatter me now.

I have faith in you.

Where Mer's concerned, just, you know, give as good as you get.

I gave you bacon!

You're taking Kyle in for a ventricular washout?

Hello, resident who is not on my service today.

There is an 85% mortality rate.

If his abscess ruptures while he's on the table, he dies immediately.

Edwards, you are really underfoot.

Look, he just deserves all the time he can get, not some Hail Mary.

I mean, can you answer me, please, Dr. Shepherd?

Do you have this?

Okay, no, I am not answering that.

Not simply because the patient and the family have expressly asked you not be involved in this case, which would be enough, but more because I do not answer to you.

This is my surgical plan.

I am confident in my surgical plan.

End of discussion.

Wilson, what?

I just wanted to let you know the OR will be ready in 45 minutes.

Thank you.

For an average surgeon, sure, a ventricular washout could be a Hail Mary, but, Edwards, this is me.

Either come in or stay out, but don't do whatever it is you're doing.



I was thinking, uh...

Maybe I can postpone leaving, for just a little while, just until things are better, until you and I are... Are better.

What's the point? (SCOFFS)

What? Two days? A week?

We both know how this ends.

No, I don't.


But apparently you do, so why don't you enlighten me?

All right, look, we'll drag this out. Sure.

You can wait here and things will get superficially better, and then you'll leave, and then we'll let things taper off the way things taper off over long distance, and then we'll be sorry, and we'll make promises that are just lies.

It's all a lie, because I'm not leaving without Sofia, and you would never forgive me if you gave up your grant, so I'm stuck here, Penny.

I am stuck, and there's no good solution.

Callie, why won't you look at me?

Are you breaking up with me?

Is that it?

Maybe instead of dragging this out...

Maybe we should just call it now.

(VOICE BREAKING) Yeah, we should. You should go.


I told you to go.

And I'm really bad at following directions.

I hurt you.

You sure did.

And I'm so sorry about that.

Boy, my sister really hates you.


Clearly, you told her all about me.

Well, to be fair, I told her all the good stuff first.

I've missed you.


Well, relax.

Like, I mean, not like sad or, like, you know, love-sick miss you.

I manly miss you.

Like, I'm very tough.

Look, I talked to Dr. Shepherd about your surgery.

And she's got this.

You're gonna make it through this. I know it.

That's great, because I look way hotter when I'm not in a hospital gown.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, I remember.

So, what's our plan?

With you and I after all this is over?


Yeah, when I'm well and I'm done with this place, we should go away together.

I can't go somewhere.

Come on. Have fun.

Live a little. Okay. Like where?

I have a bunch of gigs lined up in Europe.


Come on tour with me for, like, a month.

I'm a surgeon, not a groupie.

Come on. You know you want to see me play.

I do, actually.

But, you know, I'd probably just embarrass you, acting a fool, you know, screaming your name in the front row.

I'm excited to see that.

No, you think you are.

You have not seen me act like a fool.

I'd throw my bra on the stage.

Please do that. (CHUCKLES) Shut up.


I, um...

I am in this kind of deep with you, so just don't say these things if you don't mean them, okay?



I have to take him to surgery.


NATHAN: Oh, yeah. Okay, it's invaded the pleural space.

Chest wall's involved.

ALEX: We'll debride the top layer off.

MEREDITH: Go deeper.

Get the pericardium if you have to.

ALEX: I don't want to peel this kid down to nothing.

And I don't want this kid to have to go through all this and still be infected.

Go deeper! JACKSON: Grey, come on.

MEREDITH: Sorry. I've had enough of bad decisions today.

JACKSON: Yeah, well, what did I do? NATHAN: Relax, mate. It's probably me.

ALEX: No, she's just pissed that Shepherd and Hunt are getting married.

NATHAN: Really? JACKSON: Oh, that's nice, actually.

MEREDITH: They're not. They had a conversation.

All right, so she's pissed about them getting married someday.

JACKSON: Why's that?

There's a kid on the table whose flesh is being eaten alive right in front of us.

Can we please just focus?

NATHAN: Well, someone hand me a half a cup of Drano, I'll get it done in a jiffy.

You think that's funny? Little bit.

I'm trying to say we're well aware of who's on the table and what the stakes are.

We're all working as fast as we can.

We're all on the same page, Grey.

You're not more interested in saving a life than the rest of us.


MEREDITH: Antibiotic irrigation.

What'd you have?

MEREDITH: Young kid with advanced nec fasc.

I just hope I got it all.

I hear you.

I've got a ventricular washout on a massive brain abscess.

Sounds last-ditch. Sorry.

Well, not necessarily. I feel pretty good about it.


I do.

Well, you feel really good about a lot of things, so...

What does that mean? Nothing.

Just... Just forget about it.

Is it a problem for you, Owen and me?

Is that... Is that what you're talking about?

Let's not. You have surgery.

I can handle it. Can you?

Because it seems like... Like what?

Like you don't even see it.

You think you're making all these choices and building this life when none of this is actually yours.

That doesn't even make sense.

It does make sense. You are living in my house, helping to take care of my children with my sister.

You are marrying my best friend's ex.

You are trying to do my husband's job.

You know, you used to have humility, even a little anxiety.

And now you even have his confidence.

But why not?

Because you've taken over everything else.

What are you saying?

Get your own life.

You have surgery.

Noah, you really don't have to stay here.

Listen, this may all be nothing to you, but it doesn't mean that I don't care, okay, about you and the kid.

I didn't say it was nothing.

Oh, right, sorry. Sex.

(SCOFFS) You were using me for my stick shift.

Noah, for God's sake, that is not what I said.

Excuse me. Hi. We have an update.

Okay. The surgery went well.

We believe we were able to resect all of the infected tissue.

ALEX: Rhys was very lucky.

If you hadn't brought him in when you did, we probably wouldn't have been so successful.

Oh, wow. Okay.

Okay. It's okay.

Thank you. He's gonna be okay.

He's here because of you.

He would've died, and he didn't because of you. Right?

Yeah, kind of. Um, yeah.

You are a hero.

I mean, I just did what needed to be done.




Well, good luck.

See? Happy endings, they happen.

Oh, please. Everyone's in love in a foxhole.


He saved her kid.

That's like post-traumatic stress romance.

You know what? Give it a rest.

Just because you choose to be unhappy doesn't mean everybody else has to.

Not true. Not always a choice.

You have chances, you know? (SIGHS)

You're hot, you're smart, you're funny.

Maybe Thorpe didn't work out, but that doesn't mean you have to stop trying.

And it sure as hell doesn't mean you get to crap on everyone else.

And, yeah, I'm gonna have a big wedding, and you're gonna be there 'cause you're gonna be my best man!

Deal with it!

WOMAN: Doctor.




Is there any way that I could also have Sofia tonight?

I know we already moved things around, and thank you again so much, by the way.

It's just I really need to...

Could I have her tonight, please?

It's just... It's been a tough day.

You're right.

We already did move things around.

Or rather, I already moved things around for you.

I know, and I thought that's why you would be okay with letting...

With bending the rules for your convenience?

(SIGHS) The rules that only exist because you put us and all of our friends through hell?

No. I'm sorry. I just...

You know, you chose this.

You ruined everything.

And yet you still expect me to leap to fulfill your needs.


I did that. I did that this morning.

Okay, Arizona, I get it. You're angry.

I wasn't angry.

I was gracious.

I was nice and I was accommodating and I tried to help you, and yet here you are again, asking for even more.


I do not have any more to give you.

You have used up all of my grace.


Blake, what's wrong?

Oh, Dr. Grey, I, um...

I am gathering my things.

I'm leaving for the fellowship.

Already? Mmm-hmm.

(VOICE BREAKING) My time line accelerated a bit.

Callie and I broke up.

(SIGHS) I came here for her.

I stayed for her.


Thought we were gonna be together.

Doesn't really matter what I thought.

We're over. (SIGHS)

We don't work anymore.

Sorry. I had no idea.

(SOFTLY) It's okay.


You'll be okay, Blake.


You will be okay.

You will pick yourself up, and you will go kick some fellowship ass.


Thank you.

For teaching me, for... For everything.

It's my job.


AMELIA: 50 cc syringe. JO: Another one?

AMELIA: There's more in there. Keep irrigating until it clears out.


No, no, no, no, no, no. JO: What?

AMELIA: There's too much fluid coming out, and it's cloudy.

JO: So the abscess is...

AMELIA: It's ruptured into his ventricles.

JO: Okay, then we just need to move faster.

AMELIA: More irrigation!

Keep the syringes coming fast!

AMELIA: Damn it. It is getting harder

(MONITOR BEEPS RAPIDLY) To withdraw anything at all now.

His BP's starting to rise.

AMELIA: Come on, Kyle. Come on.


Stop. I need you to stop irrigating and run up to the gallery right now.

JO: What? Why?

AMELIA: I don't want her watching this.

I'm gonna try moving the catheter around.

BENJAMIN: He's getting bradycardic.

AMELIA: Come on. Come on.



Steph, you shouldn't be watching this.

Oh, no.


AMELIA: Time of death, 15:23.

(SOBBING) No! No! No!

No. No.



Stephanie, stop. (SNIFFLES)

We tried everything we could.

His brain had already infarcted from herniation.

It was too far gone.

I'm so sorry.

And she's standing there with these sad eyes like she's the victim.

She's not the victim.

Callie caused all this, she set it all in motion, and now here we are and there's not one part of it that doesn't suck, you know?

NURSE: Thank you. Yeah, I do.

Good night, Robbins.

ARIZONA: Good night.

APRIL: Jackson, hey.

Uh, I e-mailed you the video of the 3-D ultrasound.

Did you get it?


You ready?


There you are, baby.

I couldn't wait till next week to see you.

I hope you don't mind.

Thank God. Mmm.


Did you catch the place on fire?

I'm sorry. I was trying to make us dinner.

(SIGHS) Should I order pizza or Thai?


Jo, I'm ready.

I know. I'm sorry. I'm starving, too.

No, I'm ready to get married.

I have proposed to you twice, and you still haven't given me an answer.

I bought you a ring, you told me not to get rid of it, so it's just sitting in a drawer, collecting dust.

I know.

No, I'm ready to be married, and I need to know when you will be ready.

It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow, but I need to know it's gonna happen.

I need to know that you're up for this, 'cause I am.

Look, I'm not scared of being committed to you.

I want to be married to you.

But I'm done waiting. So I just need to know, will you marry me?

Oh, God. Okay. Okay.



Alex, I can't.

Of course you can.

Alex... I don't need a big thing.

I just need you.

I'm so sorry, but...


MEREDITH: You know that thing?

That terrible thing you thought you had laid to rest?

What if you didn't?


(CHUCKLES) It's great.

Owen, it's really great.

Wait till you see inside.


What's wrong? What's wrong?

My patient died today.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought I knew what I was doing, but he still died.

I thought I knew what I was doing.

You and I... We're good, right?

I mean, this is real between us.

We know what we're doing.

I think we do.

Why aren't we doing it?

Why aren't we building our life?

I don't want to waste our time on conversations or some hypothetical lives someday.


I want a real life...

And I want it with you.

Are you asking me to marry you?


We're not talking about the fake married.

We're talking about the real married.

Real, Owen.

Completely real.

Will you marry me?

MEREDITH: You know that thing you think you finally figured out?

What if you haven't?


I didn't mean to startle you.

Hell of a save today.

Thank you.

Night. Night.

Hope you feel better.

I feel fine. Yeah, right.

What did you say?

Nothing. Forget it.

What did you say?

You turned that OR into a minefield today.

Everybody felt it. And?

I mean, I see why you're pissed.

I would be, too, I bet.

She's your sister, right?

Who? Your dead husband.

Don't talk about him.

Amelia Shepherd's his sister, you had this great thing with him, now he's gone and she's here, and she gets to get all the good stuff, right?

With Hunt, of all people.

Everyone else is so happy about it, and all it does is make you want to punch her in the face.

Am I close?

I can see why Owen hates you.

(CHUCKLES) Hey, I'm trying to be nice here, empathize a little.

We both lost people.

That doesn't mean we belong to some club.

Now, that's just mean.

So? So don't be like that.

I should be like you? Laid-back and cool?

Can anyone ever get a rise out of you?

People have, yeah. Like who? Owen?

All right, don't bring him up.

You brought up my dead husband.

Yeah, to be nice. Well, don't be nice.

Well, don't be mean. I'll do whatever I want!

Yeah? Well, so will I! Me, too.

Well, what do you want?

MEREDITH: When do you know you've put something to bed?

When is it finally safe to move on?

Maybe you never know.

Maybe you just have to test the water.

You have to see how it feels.

Okay, this could make things a little...

Just shut up.

And if it feels good, I mean, really good, then, hell, I say go for it.

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