Grey's Anatomy S14E10 Script

Personal Jesus (2018)


APRIL: In the course of one day, Job received four messages, each with separate news that his livestock, servants, and 10 children had all died.


He continued to be a faithful servant.

He still praised God. He persevered.

What did you do? We didn't do this.

My card was in his pocket, so they called me.

But we were at home. We were in bed.

APRIL: Can I get a hand in here?!

Go to the attendant's lounge on three.

And don't talk to anybody.

- Job's faith was tested. [GROANS LOUDLY]

- And he passed the test. [GROANS]


APRIL: We've got you. Okay.

PAUL: Ahh! MEREDITH: Hit-and-run?

Yes. He's just waking up now.

Dr. Stadler, calm down. We're trying to help you, okay?

Feel a little stick here. [SCREAMS]

Are there any suspects? Why would I know that?

Okay. You can't lose him. I don't intend to.

I mean, you really can't lose him.

I won't.

Oh. Thanks for the help.

And the vote of confidence!

And for his faith, God rewarded Job with twice what he had before.

Hey, Helm! Get in here and staple up this head lac and then get him up to CT, okay?


Hey. So, what happened to Stadler?

Hit-and-run. Sending him to CT.

Hey, uh, Webber just gave me the Grey Sloan Medical Innovation contest.

The whole thing. Kind of freaking out.

Freaking out because you don't want it?

No. Why wouldn't I want it?

Uhh, I just think you'd want to compete is all.

Who wants to compete when you can be the judge?

Um, everyone?


He... He played me?

Is that what you're saying? Dr. Webber played me?

I said nothing of the sort.


And now I'm gonna go over there. [CHUCKLES]


Thank you.

Hey, Kepner, I heard that Dr. Stadler was...

He's gone to CT. He should be fine.

And you know what? That's good.

Um, I've been reconsidering it, and... and I think that you're fully capable of running that contest on your own.

I mean, I-I think...

I think that your "seasons" make you the exact right man...


No? You didn't even... You didn't even think about it.

Finders keepers, Kepner.

That's very childish, Dr. Webber!

RICHARD: Finders keepers!

Karin Taylor. 30 years old.

37 weeks pregnant with active contract...

Nope! Very pregnant patients go to L&D.

I'm not due for another three weeks.

I can't reach my husband, so I'm hoping that this is false labor, but Dr. Robbins said that she would meet me here.

Dr. Robbins? Okay. [EXHALES SHARPLY] Mm-hmm.

She's my maternal-fetal doc.

My baby's got a... a teeny heart defect.

Ohh! Ahh! Here comes another one.

Hmm! Motherhumper! This hurts!


[EXHALES SHARPLY] All right. Here you go.

Just breathe.

[BREATHING HEAVILY] I don't like to question God, but I have got to wonder about this particular design.

I mean, the combination of the size of the baby's head and the female anatomy, it just feels like...

One, two, three! odd act of cruelty, or, like, maybe a little bit of a slip.

Like, maybe he was tipsy when he came up with it.

I mean, we know God likes to drink... the whole "water to wine" of it all.

It just doesn't seem like that far of a leap to think that...

Ohh! Ooh!

Son of a fish! This hurts! Okay.

These contractions are pretty close together.

Do you mind if I do a quick exam?

[EXHALES SHARPLY] No? Okay. Here we go.

Uh-oh. What's wrong? What's that face?

Uh, n-no, nothing's wrong. It's just this baby's not waiting for anyone, 'cause I can feel the head.

No, no, no. My husband is gonna die if he doesn't make it here.

Because I am going to kill him!

Answer the phone! We've got a precipitous delivery.

Helm, get an L&D tray and a baby warmer.

And somebody find me Robbins!

BEN: [SIGHS] Miranda, I'm sorry.

But it's a teacher work day and...

Which is why I signed him up for Science Camp.

No, actually, you asked me to do it, and I forgot, and I'm sorry.

But they changed my ride-along to today.

Oh, so your plan now is to leave me with two tween-age boys while you go ride around with your friends all day in the ambulance.

Well, I'm not joyriding, Miranda. I'm gonna go on...

Okay, we're not arguing right now about your questionable career choices.

We are arguing about your failure to secure childcare.

[SIGHS] Yeah, fine. Go. I'll think of something.



Hey! Tuck is here!

Yes. He's supposed to be at Science Camp, but my husband...

[GASPS] Ooh, Science Camp. I loved Science Camp.

Ohh! They can't miss that. That's cruel.

Let me do it! Hmm?

Can I do a science camp? Can I take them?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm canceling a thing. I'll be right back!



Okay, Karin, just relax. You're doing great.

KARIN: I feel like I'm pooping out a cantaloupe.

Okay. We can help with that.

Um, Dr. Helm. Mm-hmm?

See this area right here, the perineum?

I want you to place your hand right here and, with your thumb and index, form a "U."

That'll help relieve some of the pressure and keep her from tearing.

Tearing? Tearing?!

We're preventing that. Ooh!

It's just I... Ooh.

I always, uh... Hmm. [KARIN SCREAMING]

I can never get over how it just stretches like that.

This whole process defies the laws of physics.

I mean, it's almost inhuman.

"Miraculous." She means miraculous, Karin.

My whole hand fits in here!

It... That should never be able to happen!

Dr. Helm.


Okay, here we go. Uh-huh.

I want you to push. Ready? Mm-hmm.

You've got this. Breathe. Just breathe through this.

If my husband does not get here in five minutes, I am gonna personally shove a cantaloupe up...

Oh, thank God! You all right? How we doing?

How are we doing? You want to know how we're doing? You seem fine.

I have got two people's hands inside me, one person trying to come out, and everybody's got an opinion on my vagina, and you want to know how we're doing?

APRIL: She's almost here!

[SIGHS] April?


April? This is April?!



MEREDITH: I'm not sure you guys should be here, or even in the country.

It wasn't us.

I know. I believe you.

I still think you could make it to Canada by lunchtime.

AMELIA: There's no acute abnormalities on the CT.

It just looks like a severe concussion.

He's a lucky guy.

[EXHALES SHARPLY] Thanks, Amelia.

So, attempted murder. Not murder.

We didn't do it.

I know. I believe you.

I'm just not sure the police will.

Well, there might be some other possibility here.

Oh, my God. It was Jenny.


You saw her when she left with him. She was terrified.

I told her it would only get worse. She did this because of me!

Accessory to attempted murder.

That's not funny. You know what's not funny?


I mean, at the very least, you two should speak to a lawyer.

I have to talk to her.

No. No, no, no. You can't talk to her. Why?

No matter who did or didn't do what. It doesn't matter.

It'll look like we're conspiring.


You couldn't tell me you were treating my jilted fiancé's wife?

I couldn't, 'cause HIPAA. I wanted to so badly.

[SIGHS] Dr. Robbins?

Yeah? Oh, hey. Um, all right.

Well, this one's, uh, got a NICU bed with her name on it, so let's take her up and get her work-up.

Okay, yeah. You know, that couple is so nice.

T-They remind me of, uh, of...

That's it... She reminds me of you.

Heh. Let's go. [BABY COOS]

All right. I'm gonna go up with the baby and get settled.


WOMAN ON P.A.: Dr. Mahoney to the E.R.

Dr. Mahoney to the E.R.

So, Matthew's here.

Matthew? Mm. Mm-hmm.

Wait. Matthew? Yeah.

His wife just had a baby, emergently, in my arms.

Which was...

Ironic? Comical? Soul-crushing?

How 'bout we change the subject?


Hey, you know that medical innovation contest Bailey's been talking about? Anonymous donor, high stakes?

I... Yeah, I do.

Yeah, I think you should be in charge of it.

Wh... Why... why... why... why would that happen?

I mean, hear me out.

You are basically the head of the board, you're a brilliant surgeon, you're an Avery.

This just feels like something you should do.

And if you want it, which you should, then you can have it.

Wait, wait. Why is it yours to give me?

'Cause Webber gave it to me.

Webber. Gave it to you?


Wh... Hey, just think about it.

I already did! No!

David Roman, 20. Attempted suicide.

It wasn't attempted suicide.

He slashed his wrists and called 911.

Uh, call for psych eval. I wasn't trying to kill myself.

I-I would never try to kill myself.

I'd go straight to hell.

Why'd you cut yourself, then? One, two, three.

Matthew 5, verse 30...

If your right hand causes you to sin, you cut it off.

And I couldn't stop sinning.

You mean masturbating?

[SIGHS] So I tried to cut it off.

I still think we need psych.

We're just mixing chemicals!

Can't we, like, race wheelchairs?

No. So, we have our hydrogen peroxide.

What we need now is a catalyst.

[LIQUID POURS] Who knows what a catalyst is?

Can we see a dead body? No.

A catalyst is a substance that accelerates another sub...

Okay, I see I'm losing you.

It's a thing that makes something do something else.

Okay? So, we pour in our catalyst.

And when they mix...

Step back. Goggles on.



Wha... Yes!

That is crazy!

Why does that happen?

Because science!


Karin, how are you feeling?

Have you heard anything about Ruby? About our baby?

They've got her settled in the NICU, but I haven't heard an update yet.

You know what? I'll... I'll go check on her.



If there was something that was wrong, Dr. Robbins would have told you, I'm sure.

Are... Are you okay?

I'm sorry. I've just, um...

I've just heard so much about you.

Right. [CHUCKLES] Um, that was...

That was a really complicated time, and...

Oh, gosh. No. I'm sorry. No.

I don't need to hear your side of the story.

Truly. Sorry I stared.

It's nice to put a face to the name.




Chief, what's up?

Ben called. We got a GSW coming in.


Are you ready for this? Ben called you, too?

Yeah, he needs an E.N.T. Is it bad?


Wait. Is it... Is it someone you know?


Eric Sterling. 12 years old.

Vital signs stable. Airway's intact.

No hard signs of vascular injury.

BEN: Police shot him in the neck while he was climbing through a window, but Eric says it was his own house.



So, you gonna take those cuffs off or what?!

He was breaking into a house.

He already told you it was his own damn house!

Look, we weren't at the scene, but we were dispatched to guard the perp.

No, he's not a perp, all right? If you would just listen to him.

CHAD: We have orders, and we're doing our job.

The suspect's currently under our...

His name is Eric.

BAILEY: Call X-ray for P.A. and lateral neck films.

WOMAN: On it!

Okay. Everybody set? Yep.

On my count. One, two, and three.

We got to get back out there. Are you with us or with them?

Ben, we got this. Let's go.

All right, Eric, how you doing?

I want my mom.

I know. I know. She's on her way.

Officer, I need those cuffs off him now, not on.

He's still under arrest. He's unarmed.

He's a 12-year-old kid. Take 'em off.

JENNY: Sorry.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Housekeeping, 1-6-1.

Housekeeping, 1-6-1.


She really shouldn't be talking to you.

I know. I just need one minute, please.

It's okay.

I just want you to know you don't have to worry.

I didn't tell the police anything.

What do you mean?

I didn't tell them it was you.

But thank you. Thank you so much.

Wait. I-I was in the hotel.

He got mad and went for a walk and told me to stay p...

It wasn't you? I swear to God it wasn't.

Who do you think did it?

An avenging angel?



No. You don't have to... I do.

I really thought I was better than you.

I believed everything he told me about you.

God. I'm smart.

I'm a scientist. I'm a feminist.

I never thought that I would end up in something like this.

It happened so slow.

I stopped talking to... to co-workers, friends he didn't like.

Then my family didn't understand. They got worried.

So I just brushed them off and then stopped talking to them, too, and then my circle got smaller and smaller and smaller until all I had left was him.

And then I stopped believing myself, things I had seen and heard, things I knew, because he told me I was crazy and I just believed him.

He knows me so well.

He can zero in on an insecurity and... and make a whole argument turn on a dime, and now it's my fault... it's my fault again.

I'm always the one that's wrong.

When he started hitting me, it was just barely a surprise.

And he told me it was my fault, and I actually believed him.

Until you talked to me yesterday, I really believed him.

How did I believe him?

Because he was good to you in the beginning.

And on the good days.

[SCOFFS] Jenny, we're not stupid.

We didn't fall for someone who beat us.

We fell for someone who made us laugh and feel wanted and loved and seen.

Paul is brilliant and charming and persuasive, and the good outweighed the bad until it didn't.

Okay, uh, what do we have?

20-year-old tried to cut off his hand.

He was masturbating too much.

Oh, my. That seems like an overreaction.

I was following God's Word.

Yeah, not quite sure you heard Him right.

If you don't know the Bible... No, I do. I do.

And the Bible also says that your body's a temple and you should use it to glorify God.

I'm trying to, but temptation is everywhere.

Yeah, well, the Bible also says that God doesn't tempt us beyond our ability.

He doesn't give us more than we can handle.

I think handling it was his problem.

Dr. Roy. Dr. Roy.

Look. "If your right hand causes you to sin, you cut it off."

David, when God created the world, he also created metaphors.

Excuse me.


JACKSON: I'm not seeing any sign of bullet fragments, no vertebral fractures.

I'd like to get a CT angio.

Yeah, but it's such a high burden of radiation for a kid, though.

So our options are to watch and wait or to operate blind?

No, thank you.

Let's do the CT. I'll call up.

We're looking for Eric Sterling.

Yeah, come this way.

Mom. What happened, baby?

I forgot my key, and they think I was breaking in.

I would thank you kindly to step away from my 12-year-old child.

He shouldn't be talking to you without a guardian present!

He always forgets his keys. Were you climbing in the window again?

Yes, but I did go to the neighbor's house first, just like you told me to.

They weren't home. And for this you shot him?!

Not us, ma'am. We weren't at the scene.

I was reaching for my phone to call you, and they shot me.

How about you direct me to the one who did the shooting?

Where the hell is that guy?!

He's at the station answering some questions.

Why don't you calm down... Calm down? Calm down?!

Calm down.

We'll have a little discussion about it. Get your I.D...

You mean after they've had some time with their kid, right?

He will come speak to you when he is ready.

Now give him a moment, please.


Doctor, I don't tell you how to do your job.

I'd appreciate you stop telling me how to do mine.

Are you kidding?

Your co-worker just shot a kid in the neck for no reason, and you don't think that maybe you guys should figure out another way to do your job?



Dr. Kepner, Karin Taylor is complaining of pain.


Karin, you're feeling pain? Uh, where?

Oh, no. I'm fine. It's fine.

I was just... I couldn't find a comfortable position.

Okay. Your pulse is racing. I'm just gonna page Dr. Robbins.

Oh, no, please don't. Ruby's having her heart checked, and I asked Dr. Robbins and Matthew to stay with her.


Okay, Karin, if you don't tell me what's going on, I can't help you.


My vagina hurts. Like, a lot.

Ah. Okay. Yeah.

Um, well, I should have a...

May I have a look?

You've already been all up in there, so...

In for a penny, I suppose. All right.

So, I'm just gonna have you put your knees straight up for me with your ankles together, and then drop your knees.

Yeah, just like that.

Okay, give me just a second.



Okay. I see the problem here.

You have a pretty significant vulvar hematoma.

"Vulvar"? No, thank you.

It's a blood clot. The swelling is causing your pain.

I can drain it for you, and you'll feel 100% better.

Okay. A blood clot?

Yes, caused by bleeding directed toward the skin where the loose tissue doesn't have much resistance to...

I'm sorry. Can you talk about something else? Anything else.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Um...


So how did, uh... How did you and... and Matthew meet?

Oh, let's, uh, let's go back to my loose tissue.

I'm sorry. This is... This is weird.

It is.

But God doesn't give us more than we can handle, right?

I was just saying that to someone.




Look at him.

Protecting us from a 12-year-old strapped into a CT.

That is our tax dollars hard at work.

He's just doing his job. That's what they always say.

What about the cop that shot the boy?

He also just doing his job?

I have seen soldiers get so wound up with stress, they just shoot first before they even know what they're shooting at.

And you think that's okay?

No, I don't. No. No, that's a war zone.

This was an upper-class neighborhood.

Yeah, those can be the worst neighborhoods for us.

I grew up in those neighborhoods.

Just being there is suspicious.

Constantly stopped for "fitting the description."

I remember I was walking, carrying these speakers for my friend, and these cops pulled up on me.

Car screeches to a halt.

They jump out, guns drawn, yelling at me to drop everything, slam me into the car, handcuff me.

I mean, I was one block from my front door.

You n... You never told me that.

Well, doesn't really come up until it does.

[BEEPING] The scans are up.

JACKSON: Yeah, there it is.

Can track the bullet right by the carotid.

But the vessel wall is intact, though, so he's gonna be okay.

Uh, we'll keep him for observation. IV antibiotics.

But this could've been so much worse.

They took his childhood today.

He's never gonna be the same.



I have to get back.

TARYN: I'm so sorry, Mr. Taylor. It's out of my control.

I'm sorry. If you could just check and see if there's a room available.

Why hasn't Mrs. Taylor been sent up to a room yet?! I, uh...

Call L&D, call postpartum, call somebody and make it happen!

TARYN: Yes, ma'am.

How have you been?

Good. Really good. And you?

I mean, how's Ruby?

"Ruby." So pretty. Um, how... how is she?

She's good.

Thank you. Dr. Robbins says she's good.

Karin is terrific.

Yeah, she is.

It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

And I guess I have you to thank for that.

I mean, it hurt, being left on my wedding day.

Matthew, I'm so sorry...

At my wedding in front of everyone I knew and loved.

It hurt.

And I wasn't open to being hurt again like that, so Karin and I... we had a long friendship before I let myself realize that she was...

She's the love of my life, you know?

Of course you know.

You [SCOFFS]... You have that with Jackson.

And I h-heard from the pastor that you were pregnant, so you have, what, a 3-year-old now?

I had a... I have...

[CHUCKLES] We have Harriet.

We have a beautiful daughter named Harriet.

She's 1. And she's the light of my life.


Guess it worked out perfectly for both of us, then.

God used that pain and turned it into something beautiful.

Guess He knew what He was doing all along, huh?

I am so glad you found Karin.


I should get back.

My injuries are stable. I'm fine to go.

Dr. Stadler, you should stay for observation for at least 24 hours.

You know, let him go. He's a doctor.

If he wants to walk around with fractured ribs and a concussion, let him.

He's alert and oriented.

Are you the fiancée?

Maybe you can talk some sense into him.

This is not a good idea. Wha...

Why are you with Brooke?

'Cause she doesn't want to be alone with you.


Oh, why am I not surprised that you tried to poison her while I wasn't even able to defend myself?

Jenny, get my stuff. I'm not staying here.



I'm really trying here, but you got to meet me halfway.

[SCOFFS] I know I'm not perfect.

You are way closer to that than I am.

But, please, can we just leave this place and not look back?

We have a wedding to plan.


You should probably call your office and let them know you're gonna be gone for a few days.

That's my girl.

Or, like, 10 to 20 years.


I'm gonna talk to the police, Paul.

I'm gonna tell them every time you ever hurt me.

Every kick, every slap. [SIGHS]

You put your hands around my throat last night, so that's not just domestic violence. That's attempted murder.

Will you testify? Yes.

You sound crazy.

No, she doesn't. No, I don't. Not at all.

Jenny, I'm the well-known physician, and you're... nobody.

All you're gonna do is throw your career in the garbage.

No one's gonna hire someone they don't trust.

No, I'm not gonna let you scare me into backing down again.

Scare you? I'm the one who should be scared.

You're threatening me in a hospital bed.

I-I'm defenseless.

Please. Can we just talk?

Some very broken part of me still loves you, Paul, but let me be very clear...

I am never speaking to you again unless it's from a witness stand.

You stupid bitch.

You're not going to the police!

You're not walking out on me!


His pulse is thready, and he's not breathing.

We should get a crash cart in here.

Uh, it's a simple repair.

We just re-anastomose the flexor tendons, and he should have a shot at regaining motion.

Cool. And why'd you page Dr. DeLuca? Isn't she an OB?

The psych consult was taking a while, so I thought I'd bring in a... expert in the field.


CARINA: And it's good for you.

Studies show it can increase productivity, gain confidence, improve your self-esteem.

There is even some evidence to say that it helps lower the likelihood of prostate cancer.

VIK: Really?

God not only make our reproductive organs, He made pleasure centers.

And He did not only make them pleasurable enough for procreation, He made them immensely pleasurable.

And I do not believe He gave us all these things by mistake.

Life is so painful sometimes and so stressful, and He gifted us with a built-in pressure release.

VIK: Copy... that.

David, I-I'm saying everybody does it.

Men, women, animal kingdom.

Everybody in this room.

Let's n-not.

Well, I do it, and I'm not ashamed.

Uh... uh, you have to leave.

You have to leave right now.

Y-Yeah, okay.

What does "second-impact syndrome" mean?

It means he got a second concussion before the first one healed, and his brain herniated.

Is he brain-dead?

We can't say with certainty for a few more hours, but it appears that way.

I'm... I'm very... I'm sorry.

Are you comfortable talking to her about her options?


What does she mean by "options"?

ALEX: Well, she means you have to decide if you want to withdraw his life support.


It's not up to her.

Oh, my God. It's me.

I'm still legally his wife.

[LAUGHING] Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry. Crap. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


I called Dr. Robbins, but her pulse is racing, and she rates her pain as a 10.

Okay, let's send for a urinalysis and make sure to get LFTs and a coag panel.

Okay, your BP's slightly elevated.

Do you have a history of high blood pressure?

It's usually low. Ow! No.

Hey, Karin. What's the problem?

Where have you been? I had an emergency surgery.

On Ruby?

No, no, no. Ruby's fine. What's going on?

Okay, her BP's a little elevated, and her abdomen is extremely tender.


Go, go, go. I've got her. Let me see this hand.


What happened?!

One of epi! Carotid blew.

Hematoma closed his airway, and we lost his vitals.

The shock wave from the bullet must've weakened the carotid wall, and it ruptured.

Okay. Let's get him to the OR.

I'll take over compressions on the way.

All right. You heard her. Take that.

We all set?

Move, move, move. Ready.

♪ Understands the demons BOY: Mommy, what... what's happening?

What's happening to Eric?

[SOBBING] He's my baby. He's my baby.

It's gonna be okay.

♪ When they are winning He's my baby. He's gonna be okay.

♪ And I go spinning all night ♪ He's gonna be okay.

♪ Screaming, "I don't need your help ♪

♪ He knows that means I need it bad ♪ BAILEY: Okay. Hold compressions.

We got a pulse!

♪ My father understands the demons ♪ On my count. One, two, and three.

Hang another unit of blood.

JACKSON: Let get set up for a post-op angio, please.

♪ And knows what to say when they are winning ♪ Chief, where do you want me? Uh, we got it, Kepner.

Thank you. Jackson, do you need any help?

All right, I want to get him prepped all the way down to his knees.

♪ ...need your help

♪ He knows that means I need it bad ♪


JACKSON: Okay. Thank you.


How's it going? Is he okay?

♪ My father understands the demons ♪

♪ I wrestle with in my daydream ♪ We're gonna need to get a statement.

♪ He knows that means I need it bad ♪ APRIL: Oh, my God. What happened?

ARIZONA: She's bleeding out. Why didn't you call me sooner?!

I called you as soon as she was in distress.

She was sitting in your ER for hours!

How many times did you check her?

Every 20 minutes. One BP was mildly elevated.

What is it? It's DIC and HELLP syndrome.

Her liver's failing, and the other organs are trying to follow.

Okay. What can I do to help? I can scrub in...

God! I can't stop this bleeding!

All right. We're gonna have to do a hysterectomy.

DeLuca, go talk to Karin's husband.

No, no, no. You take care of her. I'll go. I'll talk to...

ARIZONA: No, April! Please leave him alone.

Clamp. Okay. Dr. Robbins...

I got it, I got it Go, go, go.

♪ ...need your help Oh, my God. ♪ He knows that means I need it bad ♪

I came to pray, but I can go.



It was a drunk driver. What?!

They found the guy who hit Paul. It was a drunk driver.

So nobody has to go to Canada.

[CHUCKLES] She's free.

What happens if we leave him plugged in?

His organs will shut down. He won't last for long.

I wanted him to rot in jail.

I wanted to stand up and tell the whole world what he did.

I wanted to stand up in court and humiliate him the way he humiliated me.

When I was with him, he didn't smoke or drink.

Is that still true?

Yeah. He jogs five miles a day. No red meat. Why?

Because I know what to do.


Did you know that Seattle is a city built on top of a city?

[MOUSE CLICKS] Um, have you been to...

Ah, what's its name? The... The... The Underground?

Her baseline pressure was low. Sorry?

My patient, Karin Taylor.

A high BP for her is a normal BP for anyone else, so when she was showing signs of preeclampsia, she...

Her blood pressure seemed to be normal, so no one saw it.


Dr. Robbins, she's in PEA. I just lost her pulse.

ARIZONA: Matthew, I need you to get out of here, honey.

MATTHEW: Don't take her away. I'm begging you.

Okay, stop.

MATTHEW: Please. Just put your wisdom in these doctors' hands.

Okay. Hey, somebody's got to get him out of here, please!

Don't take her away from me. Matthew, you got to go!

We're maxed out on pressors and had to stop dialysis before she started coding.

Okay. Let's get ECMO set up.

As soon as we get her back, I want it ready. One of epi.







DANISHA: Oh, my God! No!

[SOBBING] Oh, my God! No!




Jackson. Jackson.

It was a high-pressure situation.

An officer made a judgment call. No.

There's no judgment in that call. That was just a reaction.

You see skin color. We all do.

But the reaction that you give to a white kid versus a brown kid in that split second?

That's the measurable, fixable difference.

Bias is human.

You have guns.

You're using guns. So yours is lethal.

We aren't racist.

We just never know who has a gun.

I didn't say anything about racist. I said biased.

And lucky for us, bias is fixable.

You have protocols in place.

Those can be adjusted. You can fix it.

Or you can keep pretending that it doesn't exist at all.

Kids are dying.

This kid is dead. For what?

So many people that look just like him are dying.

For what?

Doctor. I'm sorry, but we still need a statement.

My statement is that a little boy was at home when your fellow officer shot and killed him.

You can't just be out there shooting people

'cause you're afraid.

How am I supposed to have any faith in a system like that?


BAILEY: 12 years old. In his own house.

It's time to give Tuck the talk.

BEN: I know.



[SIGHS] You paged? Uh, yes.

Well, I just telling David with a little rehab he should make a complete recovery.


And he, uh, had a few questions I couldn't answer.

You know scripture, right?

We'll leave you to it.


A or B...

God created the Earth in seven days, or evolution happened?

Both. 2 Peter says that with the Lord, a day is like a thousand years, so He measures time differently, which means he could have used evolution to create the world.

Do you think that Jonah really survived three days in the belly of a great fish?

[SIGHS] The Bible is... is a book, David.

It's full of beautiful stories and metaphors and... and poems that shouldn't be taken literally.

But 2 Timothy says all scripture is inspired by God.

Yeah, inspired by, not dictated by.

What about "thou shalt not kill"?

Well, come on. That one is definitely literal.

Aren't they all? Luke says "Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it."

I know. I know He... James says, "Do not merely listen to the word.

Do what it says." Within reason!

You have to do what it says within reason, okay?!

We don't chop off our limps! We don't cut our babies in half!

Then tell me what to do if this won't!

If I can't trust this, if it's not the truth, if the Word of God is just a bunch of stories, what does anything mean?

What is any of this even for?

I am William George Bailey Jones.

I'm 13 years old.

And I have nothing to harm you.

BAILEY: That's good, baby.

You always have to show the police where your hands are.

And always say what you're doing before you do it.

BEN: Be in control of your emotions.

Be polite and... and respectful.

Yeah, don't fight back. Don't talk back.

Do not make any sudden movements.

Remember, your only goal is to get home safely.

If you get detained, don't sign anything or... or write anything.

Wait for a parent before you talk.

And if your white friends are saying things or mouthing off, know that you cannot.

You can't go climbing through windows, play with toy guns, throw rocks.

And you cannot ever run away from them, no matter how afraid you are.

Never, never... never run.


Everything that we're saying to you we're saying because we want you to come home again.

We want you to grow up to be anything and everything that you want to be.

Do you hear me?

You... are amazing.

You are perfect.

And we want you to stay that way.

♪ Wake up Am I even allowed to be in here?

You're fine.

♪ Stay with me

♪ This is all

♪ Just a bad dream JO: This is a good one.

His kidney's going to a little girl in Billings.

Do you think he's evil?

I mean, I'm a scientist, and I think I'm an atheist.

But there's a little part of me that's worried that the girl in Billings is getting an evil kidney.


I don't believe that anyone is just evil.

If people were just one thing, life would be so much simpler.

Paul was awful in this life, but now, in death, he gets to do all this good.

So there's light and darkness, and they both coexist.

And sometimes it's really beautiful.

♪ Half in the light, I need to know now ♪

♪ Are you with me?

♪ Are you in or are you out?

Helm, I never followed up on Paul Stadler.

Just a concussion, right? No.

I, uh... Yes. It was a concussion.

But, Dr. Kepner, he died.

What? No. He was fine! What?!

I'm sorry. I don't... I don't know.

Um, I'll find out.


♪ Are you with me?

♪ Are you in...

APRIL: "Eloï, Eloï... lama sabachthani?"

That's what Jesus said on the cross before he died.

♪ Are you with me?

"My God, My God. Why have you forsaken me?"

Job asked the question, too.

But he kept the faith.

♪ Equal parts light and dark And what did he get for it?

♪ We can be brilliant Replacement children. PTSD.

♪ Are you with me?

Was it worth it to have been a faithful servant?

Or would it have been better to just curse God's name from the beginning?

♪ Oh, are you...

Where was God throughout all of Job's suffering and pain?

♪ Are you in or are you out?

He was winning a bet with Satan.

VIK: Rough day, huh?

♪ Are you in or are you out?

♪ Are you with me?


Makes you wonder where He is through all of the unfairness and inequity and cruelty in the world.

Can I join you? Yep.

Where is he now?