Grey's Anatomy S14E13 Script

You Really Got a Hold on Me (2018)

The longest surgery on record lasted for four day straight.

A team of surgeons rotated in and out, holding scalpels for sometimes 18 hours at a stretch.

Try holding anything in your hand for 18 hours...

Now imagine you're also holding a human life.

Okay, if my LVAD batteries cost $500 apiece and I need 25 of them, how much is that?


Very good.

Do you think that will be enough? Definitely.

Are you sure? Because if the te...

I need an adult now.

I'm trying to figure out how much money to allocate toward my test materials.

It's very stressful.

Please. You have $100,000.

I have a 90-year-old Spanish doctor I have to convince to give me his patent on his cross-polymer so April Kepner doesn't find out that I'm a fraud and a disgrace to medicine. You're not a disgrace.

A fraud, yes.

Try having zero dollars and a 12-year-old with a brain tumor you promised to get rid of.


We'll stop now.

Auntie Amelia is so grumpy when she loses.

Limited test subject availability.

Kepner didn't believe we'd get the kids' parents to let us try this on them.

Who's Kepner to judge?

Besides, you know, being the judge.

You're not giving up on Kimmie though, right?

Hell no. I'm not giving up.

But she kinda looks like she might be.

Hey, ladybug!

Come here. Hello.

Hey, I just wanted to say "hi" before I had to go to work.

Come here, ladybug. Oh!

What is, uh, all this? Hello.

Are you sick?

Oh, I'm just a little ung-hay over-ay.

Partied a bit too hard last night, so...

I'm rehydrating.

Banana bag works like magic.

Partied? Yes, yes, yes.

All right. How are you, my ladybug?

You're so squishy.

You smell like soap.


Okay, sweetheart.

Bye, Daddy.

I'll see you later.

Say "bye-bye."

Hi, booboo.

Hi. Hi.

But my device will enable a smoother entry for colonoscopies, and then you won't have to back it out and back it in to get around the corners.

That is very cool.

Oh, uh, good morning, Chief.

Uh, I-I didn't see your car in the lot.

Oh, I'm taking the train now.

Well, it's your first day back on the job and you're already pushing yourself?

No, I'm... finding a way to fit exercise into my day.

It is 2,004 steps to the train.

If I'd done this a year ago, maybe I'd have never had a heart attack.

But you're gonna take it easy today?

Not at all. I've been trapped in my bed.

I've binged every reality show ever made, and I can physically feel my IQ lowering.

I'm getting back in the OR.

Pierce cleared me.

I did.

She's cleared. I cleared her.

She's cleared, and I'm not taking it back no matter how sternly you stare at me.

I had things to do today.

Now I've got to spend my day following her.

Or you could just trust my professional assessment.



Repeat it back to me so I know you both know.

Okay. Dr. Cerone will be calling from Madrid at some point this morning to discuss the patent on his cross-polymer.

They're calling on my phone, which is fully charged and on the loudest ring possible.

And no matter where you are or what you're doing when the call comes in, we find you.

And what are you not going to do?

Not find you.


Mention this to Kepner. Mention this to Kepner.


Secret club!

Oh, my God.

What do you got, Warren?

14-year-old male, blunt abdominal trauma and a penetrating injury in his upper thigh.

Bleeding from a scalp lac.

I pulled him and his brother out of a house fire... chemistry experiment gone wrong.

Did I kill my little brother?

Please. He's gonna be okay, right?

Mom's gonna be so mad.

Lungs are clear, vitals are stable, saturating 95 in the mask.

He's been coming in and out of consciousness.

I was just trying to teach him chemistry.

Can you tell my mom?

That I wasn't doing anything wrong?

Okay, I got him. Trauma one?

Yeah. No, Kepner, you and Grey, you need to meet the other rig.

His younger brother got thrown by the blast.

He was bleeding out from the abdomen, and, well, one of our team, she just shoved her hand in there.

Uh, 10-year-old male with a penetrating...

Why is your hand inside him?

Because he was bleeding a lot. Take it out of him!

You look 12. Can you find a grown-up to tell me that?

Do not move your hand! Don't let go!

See that? Grown-ups.

Nobody move.

Can you feel a pulse?


What do you think she's got in her hand, Schmitt?

His abdominal aorta?


Don't take your hand out!

What's your name?

Herrera. Andy Herrera.

Okay, Herrera, we got to get him up to the OR.

And I'm sure you're very clear about this, but you cannot move your hand.

Can you hold pressure while we bring the gurney down?

My hand, arm, and shoulder are already numb, but... I'm going with yes.

AMZN.WEBRip-NTb sync: ShaneHelbin Tell me you have good news. I have good news.

The models are holding up to the ultrasound?

Nope. I just melted three more.

What? You found a way to dissipate the heat?

Not yet, which explains the melting.

Okay, you found the right resonant frequency?

That's the hardest part, so no.

So what's the good news?

I called in reinforcements.

Shepherd. How's it going, bae?

This is the good news?

Tom, thanks for coming.

How's the head? May I?

Oh. Seamless.

Literally. I'm so good.

Tom, this is Alex Karev, my partner on this project.

Yeah, we've met before. Did we?

H-How do you fit into this?

Neuro? Uh, interventional radiology?

No, peds surgery.

My patient, uh, inspired this study.

Oh. When Shepherd said, "on the team,"

I figured that meant you were a player.

But, hey, mascots are important.

Those T-shirt guns don't fire themselves.

Tom has done incredible work, uh, in developing navigation systems for brain surgeries.

Blah, blah, I'm amazing.

We should, uh, get a bite or something.

Y-You and me. No, we should get back to work, maybe.

We could, uh, catch up. You can bring me up to speed.

Uh, the data's already here.

I just wanted you to hit the ground running.

Oh, noses to the grindstone. Such a tease, Shepherd.

Okay, careful, everybody.

If she moves her hand even just a little bit, he's dead in seconds. Got it.

Keep a healthy distance.

Bump into her, and I'll kill you.

Also got it.

Slow and steady. Careful. Careful.

Uh, that's my phone.

I figured.

Really, Helm? Ever heard of vibrate?

It's for you, Dr. Grey.

Yeah, I can't take it right now.

But you said... I know what I said.

Just deal with it.

Hello? Uh, Dr. Grey is unavailable, can...

Halfway there.

They do not sound happy.

I mean, it's in another language, but a very angry...

Deal with it, Hellmouth.

Hellmouth? She's a rookie, huh?


We're good. I'm good.

His pulse feels weak. Can we move faster?

I'm not killing a kid today.

Hey, I'm gonna run ahead and clear a path.

Come on, come on!

If you could just jump up there.

Now can we go? Now we can go.

Is Zach okay?

We were watching this YouTube video.

He added the peroxide just like they said.


We'll check on your brother, Tyler, a-and Dr. Hunt will give you some more medicine for your pain, okay?

And, uh... You were gonna do that, right?

Yeah, I was.

Warren, don't you have fires to put out?

Like, literal fires?

The whole thing exploded and he wasn't saying anything.

He just laid there. I didn't mean to...

I was just trying to teach him science.

Listen. It's okay. Okay, just relax.

We're gonna take care of you both, okay?

Should I dress these burns? That can wait.

Just cover the burns with a saline-soaked gauze.

He needs a head CT, stat.

And we need to find out how deep that metal is penetrating...

Okay. ...before we remove it.

Yeah, I know that, and you know that.

It's Dr. Qadri's job to learn that.

Warren, I'm gonna need you to leave so I can teach her.

Uh... right.

Right. Um...

I'll check on your brother, Tyler.

Careful around this corner.

So, w-what was that phone call about?

I could use a distraction.

Take my mind off the fact that I can't feel my arm anymore and I'm one fingertip away from this kid dying.

Oh, there's this medical innovation contest, and, uh, my project is...

Picture you have a fire hose that isn't working, right?


Except my fire hose is a liver.

Okay. So, my idea is I want to replace it with a sprinkler system, except my sprinkler system is many livers all throughout the body.

Sounds like science fiction.

'Cause it kind of is.

So I need a polymer, and there's this old guy in Madrid who has the patent.

All right, we're turning him around.

Uh, okay, so why didn't you take his phone call?

Because Kepner is heading up the contest, and I don't want her to know that I don't have the patent.

So you're kinda screwed.

Yep, kinda.

Ease him on in.


Uh, a little bumpy here.

Here you go. Easy.


What are you doing here?

The kid's brother's freaking out, and I-I just wanted to see if you needed my help.

Okay, sure. I need your help. Great. What can I do?

Get your ass back to the station where it belongs.

I just want to make sure these kids get through this okay.

Except your job is to get to the station so you can answer other calls for other people who need you to make sure that they're okay.

Okay. Easy.

Rookies, huh?

Oh, yeah.

All set?


Did you calculate the expected heat energy, Bello?

Yes. Wait. Uh...

15 centimeters. Yes, Dr. Shepherd.

Love a good laser show.

Should we dim the lights? Put on some Floyd?

Technically this laser is just for aiming.

And you knew that. So that was a joke.

Pity laughter. My favorite.

So, turning our attention back to the model here, uh, when I used 400 kilohertz frequency, the heat produced shattered the glass.

Which doesn't bode well for the human skull.

Your hair has grown back very nicely, by the way.

I meant to say that earlier.

Can you flirt after we've figured this out?

You're a terrible wingman, Alvin.

Let's, uh... Let's try focusing the beam from a greater distance.

Got it.

He said greater distance.

As in, move the beam away. Yeah.

No, of course. Sorry.

She's nervous. You're one of her idols.

Why would you say that? It's true.

Aw, no, I'm flattered.

And you're smoking.

Oh! Aah! Oh!

Oh, God! Aah!

All right.

I can't believe this project hasn't been funded.

Pop quiz, Qadri.

What are the most important CT findings in the trauma setting?

Uh, rule out intracranial bleeding and active thoracoabdominal injury that would require immediate operative intervention.

Great. Page me when the images are up.

Oh, uh, h-hi.

Hi. I'm taking you to CT now.

What about my brother?

Uh, we don't have an update on him yet.

My leg hurts. What's this?

No! No! Dr. Hunt!

Whoa, that's a lot of... Dr. Hunt!

Uh, I need a tourniquet.

Dr. Hunt!

Dr. Hunt!

What happened? Uh, he pulled the metal out, and... and he's bleeding out of what I think is his femoral... and I-I didn't want to leave him and I didn't know what else to do, s-so I...

You did good, Qadri.

Let's get him straight up to the OR right now.

Let's go.

Hey. Hey.

What is the deal with April?

Uh, what do you mean?

She's super hungover.

She's using the word "party" as a verb.

She's just having fun. You know she had a rough time.

And I think she's just... She's coming out of it.

I mean, should I be worried?

She's walking the halls with a banana bag.

I mean, that's not... that's not April.

It's not who April was with you.

I mean, she may be... she may be someone else without you.

I mean, I know that I had...

I had no fun at all watching Callie fall in love after we broke up.

Hold on, what? Falling in love?

Who's... April's falling in love?

No, no, no. No, me.

You... No, I, me.

Oh, yeah. Totally. It was no fun for me watching Callie fall in love after we broke up, but she... she was happy.

April, I think is... I think she's having fun.

I think she's trying to find her happy without you, so maybe you just... you try and be happy for her.


He's not speeding us up. He's slowing us down.

He just got here.

What are we whispering so loudly about?

She brought in Koracick.

Oh, God. The worst. Total ass.

And he's only here to have sex with her.

He is not.

It's a booty call. Is it a booty call?

You did have sex with him the last time he was here.

I never should have told you guys that.

It was a shame-based confession.

Okay, and you don't get to talk about booty calls.

You are bringing booty into our home.

Clive is not just booty. I genuinely like Clive.

Yes, we've all heard how much you like him.

All night long we hear it.

I'm gonna walk away now. Unashamed.

Send him home. No.

We didn't make it into the contest.

We have no funding.

As much as you want to help Kimmie, you can't help me with the physics of high-energy ultrasound.

Koracick may be a tool, but he is the kind of tool that we need right now.

See how I did that? Tool/tool?

He doesn't go anywhere near Kimmie.

He doesn't even get to meet her.

Oh, God, no. Kimmie's got enough problems.

That was fast thinking back there.

Thank you, Dr. Hunt.

I'm surprised you just took your hijab off like that.

Well, I mean, it's a symbol of my faith, but my faith is about service and compassion, and he was bleeding really fast.

I'll help drape.

I got your page. What do we got?

Uh, kid from the fire, needs an ex lap to take care of some intra-abdominal bleeding and a femoral artery repair.

And what do we got, Dr. Hunt?

Did you page Dr. Webber as well?

I did not.

A little extra help never killed anyone.

Dr. Hunt, he's crashing!

Gown and glove me, quick.

I am fine. I'm just helping!

Never seen this part before.

Your gear is so light.

How heavy is your gear?

It depends. Am I carrying my axe?

So hard-core.

Okay, let's fly in that FFP and hang it from the rapid infuser.

I need to just get in here and clamp the aorta, and then I'll get you out of here, okay?

Pressure's getting soft.

All right, we gotta move fast.

Scalpel, Bohkee.

Blue towel and retractor, please.

A Satinsky.

I can't access this aorta.

Oh, we got to hurry.

Herrera, take this clamp.

Huh? Me?

No, no, no.

This isn't even my dominant hand.

You run into fires. You can do this.

Well, because my dad's a fire chief.

I mean, he taught me how to run a hose when I was seven.

I spent my 7th birthday up in that gallery watching my mother do this.

I will walk you through this.

Take the clamp.

Okay, open and close it for me?

Okay, good.

I'm gonna support your free hand.

Now you're gonna slide it in and clamp just above your fingers.

You got it? Mm-hmm.

What if I miss?

I would prefer it if you didn't.

Okay, is it above your fingers?

I th... I think so, yes.


So now... can you feel it pulsating?

There! I feel it. I-I clamped it, I think.

Okay. You can take your hand out.

Herrera, take your hand out.

You told me that if I took my hand away, he'd bleed out in seconds.

Yeah, that was before you clamped him.

Yeah, I don't know if I clamped it.

I'm not a doctor. Will you just trust me?

Let go of the clamp.


Clamp. Need some suction.

Great. Bovie.

You did it, Herrera. He's still alive.

Let's hang two more units.

Sponge stick, Bohkee.

Hey, there's scut that's not gonna do itself, Bello.

And by do itself, I mean, I'm not gonna do it for you.

Sorry, I'm... Sorry.

You can page me if you need me, Dr. Koracick.

Count on it, Dr. Bello.

Geez. She's hot.

Dancer body. Ass for days. She single?


Um, she's a doctor, so unless she's some kind of a savant, she's of age, which makes her fair game.

Why so judgy, DeLukes?

Can we just focus on the project?

There is no project. There aren't enough variables.

We're talking thermal ablation of targets with micromillimeter precision.

She'll never get there with just heat versus time.

Why is Shepherd still barking up that tree?

I think it's the time frame. What time frame?

Rome wasn't built in a time frame.

What's the rush?

Kimmie. Kimmie is the rush.

What in God's name is a Kimmie?

That. That's Kimmie.



This kid won't stop bleeding.

Oh, there it is.

Hey, he transected his superior mesenteric artery.

Can we fix that? We can fix that.

We will do a reverse saphenous graft.

Oh, that'll take hours.

Why don't you and I swap out, Bailey?

I'm sure the paperwork's piled up after your vacation.

Uh, no, I managed to stay caught up.

I'm fine.

Here, why don't you harvest the graft since you're already there?

I just thought maybe you'd want to ease back in.

What is a vacation for, if not to recuperate so that one can return to work at full strength?

Um, more suction here, Qadri.

His ischemia time's getting up there.

I'm aware.

You know, some vacations are so strenuous that you need a vacation from your vacation.

Ben Warren, as handsome as you look in your uniform and as grateful as I am that you are still alive today, you do not belong in there.

Get out. I brought your patient in.

I just wanted to see how he was doing.

And how you're doing, since it's your first day back from vacation.

Okay, my vacation is over.

I went on it, and I am back.

It was glorious, but like all experiences, it now lives on in the cherished memories that I share with no one but myself.

So stop talking about my vacation!

Hey, where'd you go? None of your business!

Warren, um, she's right.

You don't belong in here.

Uh, I've got my eye on everything in here.

Now his bowel is getting dusky.

This kid's gonna wind up with a stool bag.

Oh, no, sir. Not on my watch.

Not on my first day back he's not.

Where's Koracick?

I sent him to see Kimmie.

You did what? Damn it.

What? Why? Was that wrong?

Oh, God. Of course that was wrong.

I'm just calling it the way I see it, and the sooner you face the truth...

You're full of crap and you know it!

"Hamilton" only made your top three because it's new and shiny.

And you only left it off your list because you're bitter that you couldn't score tickets for the original cast.

It goes "Cabaret," "Hamilton," "Rent."

So... no Sondheim?

Stephen Sondheim.

Damn it. Sondheim.

Yeah, can't count him out.

Count of three. Best Sondheim. One, two, three.

"Into The Woods." "Sweeney Todd."

Oh. Gross.

No, he wielded a hell of a scalpel.

They've been at this for 20 minutes straight.

Happiest I've seen her in days.

"Into the Woods," a quarter of the Broadway audience left that show at intermission.

'Cause they want an easy, happy ending.

But, hello, that's why it's brilliant.

Doctors. Second opinion. Weigh in.


Ah, love me a good weirdo.

I can see why you're trying to rush the process.

Good. Now we can make some headway.

Oh, I have no doubt we're gonna make this ultrasound our bitch and save a lot of lives.

But let's not, uh, delude ourselves into thinking Kimmie's will be one of them.

There is no easy, happy ending here.

She's got a few months to live, you know, if she's lucky.

New Guy.

I know. I shouldn't be here.

I just placed a clamp.

On an aorta.

You did? Yes!

Damn. I... I gotta admit I'm kinda jealous.

It was amazing.

And awful, because as soon as I placed it, the whole OR erupted, and then...

It's hard having a front-row seat, and then getting kicked out, ya know?

I do.

I just hope he makes it.

You... You wanna see for yourself?

Look, I-I can't get you front row, but I can get you pretty close.

Come on.

The patient's mother's here.

She's looking for an update.

Okay, the graft is ready.

Dr. Qadri, can you go out and update...

Oh, no, Dr. Qadri cannot.

She cannot go and update this patient's mother by herself because she's an intern.

An intern who has yet to update any patient's family about anything.

And she's not going to start by facing that mom alone to tell her her two boys might not make it out of this alive.

Oh, for the love of...


I had a heart attack!


That's what Dr. Webber has gone out of his way not to say.

He's gone out of his way all damn day to not reveal my secret, to not let me do my job, and to make sure that I'm not putting any extra stress and strain on my body, and it's not okay.

I know better than to show up to this hospital before I'm ready, I know better than to put a child's life in my hands before I am ready, and I am ready to do my job.

Now, I would appreciate everyone doing their own jobs, too.

Focusing on the field, until the awkward goes away.

5-0 prolene, please.

Dr. Bailey, look, all we're...

Babysitters get paid $10 an hour.

You want to get paid $10 an hour?

I can arrange for that.


Come on.

Clive's nice.

He's cute. He's funny.

Aww. And the sex?

Wow, you're just getting straight to it, huh?

Well, Carina is... is only getting better.

There's, like, no slump.

It's the opposite of a slump.

It's a boom. It's a sex boom.

Ladies, what are we laughing about?

Sex. Nothing.

Sex? Really?

I was expecting maternal mortality or rechargeable hearts or something.

But, no, that's... I can talk sex.

Well, you know, the thing about rechargeable hearts...

Maggie's got a date with Clive.

Is Clive still around? Mm-hmm.

Mm-hmm. Look at that. That's adorable.

I got a date tonight, too.

Oh. Uh, Priya is her name.

Oh. Yeah.

Who? Did you make that up?

Priya. Very cool, brilliant, actually.

Oh. Mm.

Very attractive. Human rights attorney, so...

Well, that's hot. That's hot.

Pretty impressive, yeah. Yeah, that is... That's hot.

Interesting. Um, you know, I think I'm gonna... vending machine.

Really? Yeah.

Oh. Huh.

I'm gonna start double gloving.

My hands smelled like bedpan when I was eating last night.

Oh. I scrubbed in on a bowel resection yesterday.

Being on The Party's good side has benefits.

I almost called her Dr. Party this morning instead of Dr. Kepner.

Is that a fireable offense?

You're just gonna be really happy for her.

No, super happy, overjoyed. Okay. Yep.

I never would've pegged myself as a guy who's into moms, but moms make you do things till you get 'em right.


Dr. Roy. Hey, buddy.

Um, I've got a patient, Mr. Wilkins, in 1413, with a large, super infected abscess in his groin that you're gonna drain for me.

Um... Now.

Yes, I-I tried. Maybe you should try harder.

She's the mother of my kid, and this...

Harder, harder.

Kepner, Grey, I'm about to update his mother.

What can you tell me?

He had an injury to his abdominal aorta that we're trying to repair. Ah, damn.

It's a mess.

We're still trying to evaluate the extent of the injury.

Can I get a towel?

All right. Okay, we're good.

So, you're a rule breaker?

Uh, n-no.

Only at places I no longer work.


Both your boys sustained serious injuries and are in surgery.

We'll let you know more as soon as we can.

Both of them?

Are they okay?

They're in surgery, but they'll be okay, right?

We're fighting for them. We're doing everything we can.

I have a job.

I have to work.

I need to feed them because they are 14 and 10 and they eat everything that isn't nailed down.

I cannot hold onto them every minute of the day.

I have to go to work. They're 14 and 10.

I mean, they should be able to be home for a morning while I go to work without...

Oh, my God.

Tyler is 14, and Zach is 10.

They have to be okay.

They have to be okay.

They have to be okay.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

I can't believe you used to do this. What?

This. That. Y-Y-You did that.

And you were good at it?

Um, yeah.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm... I'm just saying.

Y-You did this incredibly cool thing that probably pays a hell of a lot more than what we do, you did it well, but you walked away from it?


To do more.

I mean, yes, I used to do that down there, with the patients in the OR where you're trying to fix them, but I, you know...

I also cut open a guy with a clipboard.

I mean, y-y-you know the metal part of a clipboard? Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I broke it off and used it as a scalpel.

Cracked his chest because we were nowhere near an OR and I... I did what I had to do.

And I saved his life, but I... got into trouble.

A lot of trouble.

You know, but I-I never felt anything but proud.

So now I'm doing a job where I'm the first one on the scene and I get to do whatever it takes to save that life.

And that's only a good thing.

I was just looking for a "because fire" kind of answer, but okay.

Can we listen to what's going on down there?

Only if you don't let me talk anymore. Mm-hmm.

Hey! What's going on?

Amelia called Koracick, and I hate him.

Like, I want put him in an old-fashioned choke hold and throw him down the stairs hate him.

Okay. You hate him because...

What? I need a reason? Have you met the guy?

Did something happen? With Kimmie?

It's just... some kids get under your skin.

You're dropping out? Really?

I'm not dropping out, but I'm not gonna rush developing this thing over an unrealistic deadline.

You don't agree. No, I don't.

You think I don't know that this girl is dying?

You should have seen her when we first met her.

She is a fraction of who she was.

But she is still alive, and she is still full of hope, and that means we don't get to say, "I give up."

If doctors said, "I give up," we would all be dead of cholera right now.

We don't get to give up. We don't get to write her off.

We don't quit.

Yeah, I know you think you're right, but you're used to Brain Tumor Shepherd, so you don't hear it when nonsense comes out of your mouth.

I am not being crazy.

Then stop being naive.

Stop being a ridiculous Pollyanna and please, please stop diminishing this little girl's life by barking things at me that belong on a refrigerator magnet.

It's beneath you.

She is going to die, and any effort that you spend that doesn't go toward preventing that is a supreme disservice to her.

And this... This is not gonna save her.

This is the only thing that might save her.

She's not gonna have much of a life with an exploded, flaming skull.

Well, then, we reduce the heat.

And you leave the tumor! You do nothing!

God, you're... Then we attack it from another angle!

We do something else entirely! Maybe it's not ultrasound.

Maybe it's some kind of radiation...

Sh-Shut up. You shut up!

We attack it from another angle.

I just said that.

And then we reduce the heat.

Yeah, I said that, too. Why are you...

No. Mnh-mnh.

With more beams, we control the amount of heat generated.

This way we have more variables.

So two beams?

Or... Or... Or seven.

Or 27, or a thousand that we run for shorter periods of time.

So when they enter the skull, they don't heat it.

And where the beams come together...

The reinforced waves are intense enough that they heat and kill just the tumor!

I mean, it's... it's brilliant.

I mean... I'm brilliant.

Bailey, it's been five minutes and the bowel hasn't pinked up and I don't hear any flow.

We're gonna have to consider resecting this bowel.

Ju... Hold on. Sometimes it takes a while.

Was it severe? The MI?

Severely scary.

A stent? CABG.

God, Bailey. I'm sorry. I just wish that I'd...

Wait, wait. That was your vacation!

There you go, Dr. Sherlock.

Uh, can I get the fluorescein dye, please?

Thank you.

All right.

Okay. Can I get the lights off, please?

Dr. Qadri, you want to run the UV?

All right.

It's beautiful.

The dye is flowing with the blood and clearly perfusing the bowel.

This boy will not need a colostomy.

Vacation is over.

What is that? W-Why is he...

I don't know. Hit the lights.

He's tachy and his pressure's dropping.

He's developing hives.

He must be allergic to the dye. It's anaphylaxis.

Epi .5 and run saline wide open.

Push 125 of solumedrol now.



Hi. Sorry, uh, there is a call coming through from Madrid.

Madrid? Yeah.

Uh, I can scrub in so that you can step away.

I can't step away right now.


Sorry, that's for me, actually. Yeah, I can take that up here.

Now, Hellmouth.

¿Te dijo este es el proyecto más importante, no?

Por favor escuchame bien.

No, no, no.

Would it kill them to turn off the intercom? Geez.


Warren, what are you doing in the gallery?

Well, H-Herrera saved that kid, and she just wanted to see how he was doing, so...

Waiting room is for first responders to wait and to make calls. I know, but...

You brought that kid out of the fire.

You brought him to us.

The rest isn't up to you anymore.

You made your choice, Warren.

It was a tough choice, but you made it.

So go back to work.

Or wait in the waiting room.

I'm not sure that went as well as we had hoped.

Mrs. Richardson?

I can't stand up.

I'm Dr. Grey. I was in with your son Zach.

He made it through surgery. He's in recovery.

And... And Tyler?

I don't know about Tyler, but I can get an update for you.

Uh, h-he made it.

Oh. It was touch and go.

He had an allergic reaction in surgery, but Tyler made it.

Oh, my God. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

What's going on?

Sh-Shh. Pipe down. You'll scare the tumor.

Burn, baby, burn.


I am, right? Yes.

Uh, y-you... y-yeah.

Come on, come on.

Look at that. Look at that.

Well, it's a... it's a start.

That's the longest a beaker's ever lasted.

Glad you're on board, Adam.

It's Alex. Yeah, either way.

I'm gonna see if I can dig up a Game Boy for you, okay?



You did so great in there today.

If you ever consider a new line of work, we could really use you around here.

Thought Hellmouth might want her phone back.

Thank you for trying. I didn't just try.

Dr. Cerone is gonna be in the States next week and has agreed to come hear your pitch.

What?! You're kidding.

Wait. What did you say?

I just said they're standing between the hose and the flames right now, by holding onto that patent.

I mean, and I should know.

I was literally holding on to something today that I couldn't let go of, either, but...

And then the time came to step away and let you take over, and if there's anyone he can trust to take over, it's you. Thank you.

Also I tried to explain the whole sprinkler thing, but I don't think it translated.

Yeah, it really just sounded like you were screaming at him.

Ah, Romance languages are passionate.

We don't have to hug now, do we? I'm not really a hugger.

Oh, God, no. Okay, good.

I had a good time today.

It was nice to meet you, Dr. Grey.

You too.

I gotta go find my rookie.

Okay. All right.

Good night. See ya.

You home tonight?

Shift ends at 9:00.

W-When I started training, you... you pushed against it.

I mean, and I get it, because, you know, my keeping it from you and you were thrown.

But still, you... you pushed.

So I pushed back.

I was so busy pushing that... I never stopped to really think about what I'd be giving up.

Oh, you thought about it plenty.

But you never stopped to feel it.

Go on, sit there. Let yourself feel it.

Then get up... do what you do.

What are you gonna do?

I am gonna feel my day, too.

Hey. How you doing?

Fine. Why?

I just noticed some of the interns have nicknamed you "The Party," so...


I'm pretty sure they mean that as a compliment.

Well, some of the things they were saying weren't exactly complimentary.

Well, you should hear what they say about you.


All right, maybe you can tell me about that over coffee or something.

We could actually speak to each other, catch up.

Well, uh, you've got Harriet tonight, and I got plans.

Yes, April. Look, I'm just...

I'm worried about you.

You're Harriet's dad. You're not mine, okay?


Dr. Qadri?

I, uh, thought you might want this.

I had them clean it.

Thank you.

You did incredible work today.

I don't...

I don't know if I could've handled it if he didn't live.

You could have.

I'm glad you didn't have to.

Ready to go?


Yeah, I'm good to go.

So, uh, you want to call a rig?

Mm, nah, I thought we'd hitchhike.

Oh, my God.


When you hold on to anything for too long, your muscles conform to the position you're holding.

That applies to the heart and the mind, as well as the hand.

♪ Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling ♪

♪ From glen to glen, and down the mountain side ♪ You're flat.

Wait, let me try it again.

Wait. O-Oh, wait. The rest of it goes...

Hold on. Um...

♪ The summer's gone, and all the roses falling ♪

♪ It's you, it's you must go, and I'll abide ♪ Huh? Not bad.

Good, good.

The pain you know is coming is what makes it easier to just keep holding on.