Grey's Anatomy S14E14 Script

Games People Play (2018)

For surgeons, every day is game day.

I'm gonna have to sneak you out.

I feel so dirty.

Dirty, dirty secret.

I'm just not ready for my nieces and nephew to see you. You're married, aren't you?

No single woman lives in a house like this.

What? No!

You're kidding, r... Oh, you are kidding.

You got jokes. Yeah, from time to time.

We've trained. We've practiced.

We know the rules.

No, no! 18 max.

Okay, I really miss sex, and this is not helping.

Are you having sex?

Mm, on occasion.

Are you thinking about it all the time?

I'm thinking about it right now.

I'm almost positive this constitutes a hostile work environment.

Note taken.

Well, hang in there.

Are you thinking about sex all the time with the noises through the wall?

I am not that loud.

The walls are thin.

I miss sex. Don't you?

My sex drive has become my work drive.

Plus, I got this really excellent back massager.

Clive is nice. You know? Like, it's more than sex.

I think I really like him. I'm seeing him again tonight.

You're already at two nights in a row, and you think you like him?

Well, my mom was the one who always told me whether a guy was a keeper or...

A serial killer.

He's not a serial killer. He's too nice.

You know who says that?

Neighbors of serial killers.

We should meet him.

Judging boyfriends is the number-one perk of having sisters with no sex lives. Tonight?

Sure. My thing with Dr. Cerone doesn't go well, I may just stay home and get drunk with my back massager.

I like this idea of a sister panel.

So, what? Dinner?

No, more casual.

Game night. Game night?

And he'll have no idea that the real game is us judging him.

I'll spread the word.

Game night at Grey's place. Sweet.

Pretty sure we weren't invited.

She's been like this a while.

Uh, I had some bad chicken salad from the cafeteria.

No, you didn't. Snitch.

I know you don't want it, but we need to put in an NG tube.

You need the nutrients. No, please. I-I hate that thing.

It hurts so bad, and I can't sing.

I'm sorry, but the anti-nausea meds aren't working.

That's the only option.

I need you to get me some weed.

Excuse me? I think she means marijuana.

Yeah, I know what she meant, and the answer is no.

But it's legal in Washington. When you're 18.

I'm talking about medical marijuana.

You've been Googling. There's an oil. It won't get me high.

All I need is authorization from the hospital and my primary physician.

It eases the pain, nausea.

It's been shown to help patients on chemo.

With PTSD.

Look, it's not regulated or approved by the FDA.

Was this your idea? No, it was my grandma's.

Is he still alive? He's not just alive.

He's freaking celebrating that he's alive!

Don't anthropomorphize the mouse.

Okay, well, I am celebrating that he is alive.

He should've been dead three days ago. He has no liver!

Why are you screaming at me? B-Because this is big.

I mean, we injected him with hepatocytes.

He grew mini livers, and they're working, and you are being way too calm.

Because it's only a big deal if Cerone gives us the patent.

And we can't show him the mouse.

Because we used his polymer without his permission?

Yeah, and if he sees how well this is working, he'll drive the price up into the millions.

Okay, she is really peeing on my parade today.

Cerone is dead.

And the parade is canceled.

He's dead? Yeah. He, uh, died last week.

That's why they've been stalling.

So who's in charge of the patent?

His daughter. That's who you're meeting with today.

You couldn't have led with that, Hellmouth?

What do we know about the daughter?

Nothing. I can't find anything online, but you look amazing in that dress.

Excuse me?

Nothing. Sorry. Nothing.

Will this affect my hearing? Nope.

There's just a collection of blood in your outer ear that needs draining.

I've never heard of coed rugby.

How long have you been playing?

Sarah doesn't play. She's the manager.

Yeah, you're glad I don't.

I'd crush you, Duran. Ha!

Hey, Bachmann.

Oh, hey, no throwing that ball in here, okay?

I, uh, have this heart thing since I was a kid.

So, I was on the sidelines when a ruck got out of control.

I don't need surgery, do I?

Nope, I'm gonna do this right here.

I just gave you a field block to numb your ear.

You shouldn't feel a thing.


You know, I need another hand here.

Uh, DeLuca. Coming.

Do you know, are interns invited to this game thing tonight at... at Dr. Pierce's?

Games? I love games.

Hey, stop throwing the ball in my ER!

Here's your ball, Bachmann.




Oh, God.

What happened? Oh, God.

What is it? Okay, I need more four-by-fours.

I got them.


Whoa! Hey!


Okay, it's okay. It's okay.

Okay. You okay, DeLuca?

Yep. I'm just gonna...


AMZN.WEBRip-NTb sync: ShaneHelbin

Wait. I-I slipped on someone's ear?

Was it attached to their head?

Not at the time.

Okay, no intracranial bleeding or swelling.

Congratulations. It's a grade-3 concussion. What's the treatment?

Uh... rest, minimal stimuli, dim lights, no screens.

Good. Cognitive skills still intact.

You are staying in a patient room tonight.


Oh, hey, did Sam see me fall?

Dr. Bello... Did Sam Bello see me fall?

I have to have surgery? You have to put me out?

For me to reattach the ear, yes.

Can it even be reattached? That guy smooshed it.

That's fine. Most ears are smooshed, anyway.

And once it's healed up, you'll barely notice it.

What happened here?

Hey. Hi.

Um, long story.

Sarah, this is Dr. Pierce.

She is our chief of cardio.

Sarah tells me she has ventricular septal defect, so...

Little hole in your heart. Since I was a kid.

And she's a little worried about the anesthesia.

More worried about calling my dad.

He's gonna be so pissed.

Well, let's take a look.

Um, okay. I will come check on you before the surgery, okay?


Do you two have a thing?

He's so nice.

A thing? Us?

I-I just figured maybe because, you know, there were a lot of vibes.

No, I have a...

You have a boyfriend that's better than that?

I would like to see him, please.

Let's go take a look at your heart.

I don't understand why you're upset.

Because this is my OB department, which means you work for me and... Ooh, Dr. Lackman.

You paged me? Yeah. Yes. Yes.

Dr. DeLuca is asking for all of my OB records.

She says you're launching some kind of investigation.

Oh, no, no, not... not an investigation... a study.

It's a study. That's what I said.

Well, I know, but you also called a seat belt a "strap-on," so, you know, sometimes, uh...

Um, it's a study. It's a maternal mortality study on cases in the U.S. versus other developed countries.

Oh. Yeah.

It's for the medical innovation contest.

Ah. Hey, by the way, Sofia keeps asking if she can have a playdate with Lindsay.

Oh, seems like they were just in the daycare together.

I know. It goes too fast.

Here's my log-in and password. Use what you need.

Mm. And call me. Let's set up a playdate.

Yeah. Definitely. Okay.

You want it? You want it? Come on.

Okay. Let's take a look at that leg.

Uh, no. No way.

You're the one that chopped that girl's ear off.

Oh, you mean Sarah, the girl who lost her ear because you couldn't follow a simple direction?

I want someone else, a different doctor.



There's your someone else.

Uh, pass. I'd like a doctor who's older than me.

Well, we're a little short on doctors today

'cause someone threw a ball.

So we're just gonna call this a teaching moment.

For... me or him?

Ugh! Does it matter?

All right.

Uh, now I need you to get a solid base before you reduce that fracture.

I already lost an ear. Hate to lose a foot.

W-What? Hold up, Schmitt.

Kepner, can I, uh, talk to you for a second?

Um, so, I'm gonna take over, and you can head home for the day.

What? Chief's orders.

She's talking to legal, and they said that you should stand down.

Wait. S... I'm...

I'm getting suspended? Why?

Well, you cut a girl's ear off, for starters.

It's only for the day.

Yeah, because a kid was throwing a ball after I repeatedly told him to stop.

Yes, everybody knows that, and the security video will affirm that.

Okay, what's the problem, then? The problem is I heard it from Bailey, she heard it from Webber, and you never reported it?

I... An accident in your ER...

...resulting in a mangled patient and an injured surgeon could mean major lawsuits.

And there's no incident report? No, I was gonna do it later.

You don't mention it to me? I was working. I...

What is going on, Kepner? You know, wh-what's going on is that somebody broke the rules and somebody else is getting punished for it.

That's what's going on.

Okay, see that color there?

That's where your blood is flowing through your VSD.

Still there.

They found it when I was 8.

But they said having a big surgery would be riskier than just keeping it.

Well, it was back then.

Now I could use a catheter to place a patch on the hole.

It's way less invasive, which means way less risky.

Wait. What?

Just like that? No open-heart surgery?


Then my dad would let me play rugby?

Well, is your dad anti-rugby?

He's anti-me dying.

He made me quit because of my heart, so I'm team manager.

But, I mean, after this, I could totally get off the sidelines.

Could you fix it while you fix my ear?

No, it would have to be two separate surgeries... your ear first, and then your heart.

But I will assist Dr. Avery with the vascular reconnections on your ear, and I can monitor your heart while I'm there.



Even when you say his name, there's vibes.

Stop it.


You got a minute?

Ha, do I look like I have a minute?

You never look like you have a minute.

Then read my face, and I'll come find you when I'm done here.

I want to give my 12-year-old patient authorization for medical marijuana.

Karev, have you met the Grey Sloan Legal Team?

So, there's nothing else online about Cerone's daughter?

No, she's an only child. She has an MD after her name. That's it.


So we smile... Mm.

...uh, act polite, Mm.

...kill her with kindness, and we do not mention the mouse.

Do we really have enough for the presentation without it?

Well, the presentation with it is definitely too much.


Look at you all grown up.

Auntie Marie?!



I was so sorry to hear about your father.

Oh, thank you. He was sick for a long time.

It was time.

And he was ready. Hmm.

Ah, you look just the same but prettier.

And the last time I saw you was...

8th birthday party. Oh, my goodness.

The balloons?

The balloons!

She filled the entire bedroom, floor to ceiling, with balloons.

It was... insane.

You were a disembodied giggle.

Are you really her...

Oh, no, I'm sorry.

This is Dr. Jo Wilson.

She's my partner on the project.

This is Marie Cerone.

Hi. So, are you really her aunt?

N-Not by blood.

Her mother and I were friends, best friends.

I watched Meredith grow up.

And then you just sort of disappeared after...

What... What... What happened?

Ugh. Your mother didn't tell you?

I had to go back to Spain.

My father wanted me to run the business.

Oh. Ah!

I just want to squeeze you, my Mer-Mer!


You don't go by that anymore?

Unh. Ah!

I really wanted to get in touch when I heard about Ellis.

I wanted to, but...

It's okay.

I have watched you all these years.

She would've been proud of you, Meredith.

She would've been very proud.

Uh, took a spill in the kitchen.

Aw. Okay. Ma'am, let's take a look.

I'm gonna shine a bright light into your eye.

Oh! You think you're so hard. I've been carrying us all year!

Why don't you come over here and say that to my face?

Oh, man, you are so lucky I'm on the bed right now. I'll be right back.

If you hadn't tackled me from behind, I'd still have a season.

You're the reason that we had to forfeit that game.

I didn't start the stupid thing!

Okay, okay, knock it off. Oh, so you're saying I did?

Back off, man! Knock it off!



Aah. Damn it!

Just stay down there for a second.


What kind of doctor are you?

Military doctor, and this is my ER.

You guys seem to think that our rules don't apply to you, and it's cost me two good surgeons today, so if one of you so much as makes a sound before you're discharged from my ER, I will send you out of here on a stretcher. Understood?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Okay. Yes, sir.

Oh. I like a man with authority.

Me too.



God, my leg! Ow!

Oh, it hurts! It hurts!

There's no pulse.

Okay, it's compartment syndrome.

I'm gonna need Betadine and a scalpel.

A scalpel?! What are you gonna do?!

I need to release pressure, or you're gonna lose your leg.

So close your eyes, okay?

Yes, sir.

Ohh. Wow, dude. Nasty!

I said close your eyes!

Don't you ever do what you're told?!

Oh, that's him.

Oh, the father of the girl who lost her ear?

She did not lose an ear. We're putting it back on.

Look, legal wanted someone who witnessed the accident to be with me when I spoke to him, so no more "losing the ear" talk.

Uh, Mr. Maurer? Finally.

Thank you so much for your patience.

I'm Chief Miranda Bailey.

This is Dr. Richard Webber. I want to see my daughter. Now.


Let me just explain what happened. Mm-hmm.

Oh, I've heard. She got a bad bruise at a rugby game, and some incompetent ER doctor cut her damn ear off.

I want to talk to my daughter.

I'm afraid she's already in surgery.

She's in surgery?

Are you aware Sarah has a ventricular septal defect which can cause her complications under general anesthesia?

Yes, we are aware, and she's being supervised by our chief of cardio.

Uh, are you a doctor?

No. Malpractice attorney.

Cardiac status is rock steady.

Wouldn't even know she had a defect.

Excellent. Mm.

So, um, game night, huh?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Amelia told you? Yeah, should she not have?

Oh, no, no. No, you're w...

You're invited, of course.

Clive will be there, so you're welcome to bring someone.

Cool, yeah. Thanks.

So... are you gonna bring someone?

Yeah, I guess I'll, uh... Yeah, I'm bringing Priya.

Oh. Didn't realize you were still seeing each other.

Uh, yeah, a couple more dates.

A little bit difficult to juggle. She travels a lot.

She was in the Netherlands last week.

Oh. Vacation?

Uh, no, work. The Hague.

Right. Oh, wow.

Wow, just a... a human-rights lawyer.

Clive's a stockbroker.

It's nice to date someone outside of the hospital, isn't it?

It is refreshing, actually, yeah. Yeah.

Talk to somebody about something other than the latest issue of The Lancet so that's...



Did you read that article about pre-hospital antibiotics and...

That was amazing. You read that? Yeah.

Yes, groundbreaking. Incredible.

Do you need me to go over it with you one more time?

No, no. I understand completely.

It's just...

I want so badly to support you.

The people who are courting me are corporations with money and none of the art.

I was even willing to sell to you for less, but at this point, your proposal, it's brilliant, but it's just theory and dreams.

Oh, it'll work. I know it'll work.

You can't know. Not yet.

And I can't sell you my father's patent just because you're my Mer-Mer.

S-She's not.

I'm sorry?

She's not your Mer-Mer anymore.

She's Harper Avery-winning surgeon Meredith Grey.

With all due respect, Dr. Cerone, please don't make the mistake of underestimating her just because you knew her when she was a child.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

It's the last thing I wanted to do.

Helm, get the mouse.



What's this about you not putting in the feeding tube?

Well, we might not have to.

I went and got the signatures. I just need yours, and we can move forward.

Move forward with what?

The medical marijuana.

E-Excuse me?

I'm authorizing marijuana for Kimmie.

She said it was your idea.

To give a 12-year-old marijuana? Are you out of your mind?!

To relieve her nausea and to keep her from needing to be on a... a feeding tube.

She's a child.

There's research that say it's a...

No! I don't care what it says.

You're not gonna turn her into a drug addict like her parents.

You're fired.

I'm what? You're fired!

You're off Kimmie's case.

I'm finding another doctor at another hospital.

Wh... Am I gonna die?

Yes. Probably not today, but, yes. Dude!

There was a buildup of blood between the layers of tissue and your leg.

But i-is that fatal?

Well, it could've caused you to lose the leg.

But I got it in time.

Now we just need to make sure that it doesn't continue to bleed.

It's just that, um, there's a lot of blood, and... and I have a term paper I haven't finished, and... and I have a present for my girlfriend, and, like... like, you know, it's j-just a sweatshirt s-she likes, and, like...

My parents!

I never, like, thanked them for, like... like, being my parents, and, like, I almost died, you know?

Okay, Chris, I need you to shut up so I can keep saving you.

Okay. Oh, I'm... I'm sorry I threw that ball.

We're good. Okay.

Patient number 66055. 38 years old.

Emergency C-section due to cord prolapse.


Questo รจ strano. English, please.

English somewhere else, please.

Oh, your sister's worried about you, Andrew.

It... Well, it's a headache made worse by noise.



Um, I said, "This is strange." Look.

That's our hospital's, uh, C-section rates?

Uh-huh. It was steady until three years ago, when it started trending up, and... look which doctor does way more of them than the hospital average.

Huh. We should say something.

O-Or maybe you could just mention it during Lindsay and Sofia's playdate.

Oh, no, that's not what we're studying.

Besides, C-sections don't kill moms.

But they are major surgeries, therefore more dangerous than vaginal birth.

We should only perform them when the benefits outweigh other risk factors, just...

Can we just... Can we focus on the bigger picture?




Ah. That's sexy. What does that mean?

I'll tell you if you leave.

Now, I know it looks rough now, but... once the swelling goes down, it'll... it's gonna be hardly noticeable.

It'd be a lot less noticeable if it'd stayed where it belongs.

Uh, no, that surgery went very well.

When can we schedule my next surgery?

Your next surgery?

Dr. Pierce said she could fix my VSD.

No doctor in this hospital is gonna lay a hand on you again.

And with the money we're gonna sue them for...

Dad. We're not suing anybody.

I don't want to be on the sidelines anymore.

I want to play.

If I'm gonna get hurt, I'd rather get hurt on the field.

Can't you just cheer me on?


What do you mean they're leaving? Where is she taking her?

I don't know. We need to stop it.

I'll talk to Grandma Peg.

No. No, you won't. No, you won't.

CBD oil is not gonna make Kimmie an addict.

Addiction is what makes people addicts.

Can you talk to her?

No, Alex, I don't disclose my personal history to patients.

Because people hear the word "addict," and they... they make a lot of assumptions.

You're an addict? Like that.

She likes you. She trusts you.

Just talk to her.


What? Well, you've been through the darkness.

That's... sexy.

Should we check on Andrew?

What if the CT missed a tiny epidural hematoma and this is his lucid interval and it's just in there growing and growing, and then... bam! and he's got gravy for brains?

Yeah, I'm familiar with that scenario, and avoiding it is high on my list.

But, yes, you may check on Andrew.

And while you're there, you might want to tell him that you are in love with him.

Uh... w-we're bad for each other.

Pretending you're not in love with each other is what makes you bad for each other.

And denying reality to this degree makes you useless to me and, by extension, to this whole project.

Oh, that's sexy, too.

I mean, a kid's dying while you play matchmaker, but...

I found it hot.

You want to...

No! No. No.

Denying reality to that degree can make you...

You said the future of science.

I was half-expecting your mouse to have wings.

Well, he's got better than wings.

He has mini livers.

This mouse had his liver removed over a week ago.

We injected him with hepatocytes, which took over his liver function and saved him.

He should've been dead three days ago.

I mean, even his energy and appetite have returned.

You've already used my polymer even without permission.

Well, you understand we had to test my theory, so we just re-created the polymer using your original methodology.

My God.

You are your mother's daughter.

Hi! Hi.

You must be Priya. I'm Maggie.

Oh, it is such a pleasure to meet you.

Oh. I understand you're revolutionizing ventricular assist device technology.

So impressive.

Wow! Jackson told you.

And you know what it is.

I represented a Burmese dissident who died after his LVAD failed during a prison power outage.

I needed to learn my way around some medicine. Yeah.

Are any of your friends, like, ballplayers or accountants?

Trying to keep up here.

This is Clive.

He, um... He's being modest.

He actually came up with the algorithm to predict stock values based on social-media hashtags.

Get out of here. Mm-hmm.

Hey, well, I have heard so much about you.

Oh! Yeah. He's joking.

Whatever she told you, it's probably true. I'm pretty boring.

Do you want me to help you with this?

Yeah, let's go out here. Yeah, sure.

Okay. Okay.

Hmm. Thank you.


So you guys are a thing now. Huh.

Your parents must be thrilled.

Wait. Who? Who's a thing?

No, no, no. She's just...

Oh, I'm just his ex-wife and baby mama.

Whoa, okay. Are you all right? Oh, yeah, never better.

Hey. I'm April. How's it going?

Hey. Hey. Hi.

Hey, April, thanks for coming.

Do you want, uh, something to drink?

Oh, no. I brought my own.


She seems fun.

Ha. Yeah.

Where are Amelia and Meredith?

That would help us get started.

Yeah, these games aren't gonna play themselves.

How long are we gonna wait? We can start now.

Well, we need teams of two.

Why didn't anyone tell me to bring my own team?

I could just watch.

No. Oho! No.

Everyone plays at game night. That's the rule.

Whoever that is can be your partner.

Wow. Oh.

This looks like a... rager. Where's Shepherd?

Uh, she wasn't with you in the lab?

N-Nope. Th-These are the games?

I got to warn you, I play a mean charades.

Wh-What's this?


Yeah. I'd love one. Thanks.


Uh, how's your head?

Do you need anything?

We were really young, Sam.

Back then, we were young... and we were stupid, and... we're older now, and we're here together.

And you were never just sex to me... not then, not now.

I just needed to say that.

I-I need to say that...

I love you, too.


Hey, Kate!

Thank you. Thank you for the data.

Oh, not a problem.

Sorry I misunderstood your partner.

Oh, God, no, that's okay. Um, you know what?

We... Uh, we actually have only just been dating a little bit.

I'm not even actually sure what you would call...

You... Ha ha!

You mean my research partner, huh?

Yep. But I appreciate the update.

Did you get everything you need?

Yeah, um, I actually... I wanted to give this to you.

Grey-Sloan's C-section rates?


Th-The rates are climbing, you know, and t-the procedures look like they're... they're done out of convenience more than medical necessity, and you and I both know that some unnecessary C-sections cause unnecessary complications.

And, um, it's actually, uh, broken down by doctor.

I thought you were working on a global study, not starting a witch hunt of my OBs.

Kate... you did twice as many as the next highest doctor.

We're friends. We're... We're Facebook friends.

And it looks like every single one of these scheduled C-sections occurs on a Friday when you're about to go out of town.

Are you accusing me of something?

No, I just want you to be aware of it as a friend.


Have a good night.

You ready to go to game night?

I don't know.

Ah. I have something else in mind.


Uh, vomiting.

Uh, uh, spewing.

Uh, uh, uh, mouth confetti.

Uh, uh, uh, ceiling, attic.

Uh, "Flowers in the Attic"!

Uh, sky.


Puke star.


"Singing in the Rain"! Yes!


Beat that, suckers!

Hey. Yes.

Puke star was good.

All right. Okay. Uh...

Ah! Okay.

Mm. Yeah. Ah.

Oh, yeah. Okay, go.

Okay. Um...

Kneel, take a knee.

Uh, proposing, proposal.

Uh, a ring... a ring. Ring. N-No, no, no, no.

You can't use props. You can't use props.

It's fine. Oh, no, no. It's... Keep going.

It's fine. Go ahead. It's okay. It's okay.

No, that's against the rules. It's fine. It's fine.

Keep going. Engagement ring, wedding ring.

Uh, uh, uh...

I don't... Uh, uh, pr...

Uh, uh, uh, uh.

"Lord of the Rings"! Yes!

What? Major.

That's a good clue.

Yes. My turn!

"My precious."

Okay. Oh, my gosh.

All right.


April. April. You're... Okay.

I'll just do it myself.

Okay. All right.

All right.


Uh, bird.


"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"!


Ah! Yes!

I'm s... You got that from her flailing her arms?

We are like this.

That was impressive.

Can we get back to the game, please?

She finally got some sleep.

I'm going to call in the morning to see about having her moved.

Parker, can you give us a minute?

You've always trusted me.

Do not think about asking me again.

Kimmie is suffering. She needs to eat.

And there's no reason not to give her medicine that can help.

Look, it won't get her high.

I get where you're coming from.

My parents were addicts, too.

And Kimmie's better off than I was because she has you.

I see how you support her, how you... how you protect her, and I know how hard you fight to make sure she gets the very best medical care.

And this is the best option.

So, I was thinking maybe we could go to dinner and we could toast your dad and my mom and talk price.

Mer-Mer's all grown up.

I don't mean to sound crass, but I am anxious to get started.

Sweetheart, I would love it, but... jet lag.

Of course. I'm exhausted.

Okay. I'm gonna go back to the hotel and open a mini bottle of champagne, and I'm gonna celebrate your mini livers.

And then I'm gonna sleep like I haven't in years.

And then, tomorrow, we can get down to business.


It's been almost too wonderful.

Was that Marie Cerone?

Yeah, it was.

I haven't seen her in years.

Uh what is she doing here?

Is she less angry?

What do you mean angry?

Meredith, she hated your mother.

No, she didn't. They were best friends.

Until they weren't.

What do you mean? What happened?

I heard some ugly rumors, but I never really knew.

Dr. Webber? Dr. Bailey's looking for you.

Uhh, land.

China. Wall. Great Wall of China? Yes!

Yeah! Yes!

Wow. Yeah.

You got Great Wall of China from a rectangle?

I did. Are you gonna question everybody's integrity, or just the people I'm dating?

Hey, she questioned me... I'm not dating you.

You're up, Pierce.

If you get this one, you win the game.

Okay. All right, let's go.

All right. It's a close one.

Ah. Hmm.

Oh, no. This one's kind of hard.

Can I pass? Uh, no. You can't pass.

You got to do it.

Okay. Mm.

Hey, you okay?

Can you stop asking me that?

Okay, go.

Uh... Mnh.

Um. Mm.

It's a person.


It's two people.

Okay, they... are they...

Uh-huh. Uh.

Are... Are they... What are they...

Are they hug... they hugging or...

That ain't huggin'.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Aghh!

Oh! Oh! It's the, uh... the... the... the... the choking thing. Yep!

The, uh... it's, uh... the... the... Ee!

...the Heimlich man...

Time! Yes!

No! No!

It's Heimlich maneuver.

And he didn't say it.

He didn't say it when the timer went out.

Okay. I think he got it. We can let that go.

No. No, no. No. No, no, no.


No. The card says "Heimlich maneuver," guys.


"Heimlich maneuver." April.

No, don't... don't "April" me.

There are rules, and the rules say you have to finish before the timer.

Just like the rules to charades say that you can't point to props.

You know, games have rules, or they're not worth playing.

We can't have everything just be chaos.

We can't have everything be like a void.

You know, can we just, like, as people agree on a code of conduct and follow it?

Can we do that?

So that everything isn't just meaningless?

So that we're not just like a race of carnivorous viruses just eating each other and being eaten and nothing matters?



What... Uh... what she said.

That must be Arizona and Carina.

I need more drinks.

Hi? Can I help you?

Is Clive here?

Clive. Yes!

Yeah, hi. I'm Maggie. I'm his girlfriend.

Friend. I don't... Um, we haven't really put a label on it yet.

Well, we have. I'm Daphne.

I'm Clive's wife.

What did... You had me followed? I tracked your phone.

You track my phone! 'Cause I know your M.O... every time I have a work trip.

Oh, my God, you're married?

Oh, my God, I am so sorry!

I had no idea. Of course not.

He's an excellent liar. Ah, come on.

All right, clearly this is something you two need to deal with, but not in this house.

Come on.

Maggie, I... No, no, no.

Forget her address and delete her phone number.

Let's go.

I'm a homewrecker.

No, you're not a homewrecker.

That home was wrecked long before you got involved.

We should go.

Well, this was fun.

I've never slept with a married man before.

Well, you can't say that anymore.

Ohh. Just rules, marriage.

More rules that no one pays any attention to.

Just sleep with whoever.

You're not driving, are you?

Are you offering me a ride?

Oh. If you want one.

This isn't spring break, Koracick.

Why don't you pay attention to your own date?

April, you... Night!

It was lovely to meet you.

Are you gonna be all right?

You sure? I'm good. I'll be fine. I'm good.

There... There... There goes the ball!

Oh, and there goes the ear!

The look on Kepner's face!

And... And... And her father's not gonna sue?

No, no, no. He hugged Pierce. Oh, my God.

No, play it again.

Unlike the laws of science, the rules of life aren't always clear.


Oh. Hey. I'm heading to game night at my house.

I know you hate games, but you want to come?

Uh, no.

But thank you for helping me with that kid today.

Yeah, of course.

He was an idiot. Yeah.

And I think I am, too. What?

That kid was rambling about, you know, things he hadn't said, and...

I was thinking about you.

And about how great you've been.

About how easy you made... just... everything.

And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for you.

Grateful enough to give me sex?


I'm sorry. I just, um...

I miss sex.

I mean, not the complication or the absurdities of romance or our crazy tumor marriage.

Just the act.

And there are other options, but they are less appealing options.

And maybe it's just that I know how good we are at it.

Or maybe 'cause your whole military doctor thing was so damn hot today!

But, uh...


God. Sorry.

Uh, I-I don't want you to feel used.

I-I... Amelia.

I want you to use me in every way you can think of.

Lie down.


All right.

Some rules are unwritten.



Some rules are open to interpretation.

Oh, my God, take the hint!


Jackson, what are you... uh, what are you doing here?

I, uh, just took Priya home and... told her we couldn't see each other anymore.

What? What happened? Why?

She was so perfect. Yeah, she was.

But, um, all the time I'm with her, I am thinking about you.

Which isn't really fair to her.

And I know what you're gonna say.

I know you think it's complicated, Maggie, but... relationships have complications.

I mean, you can get hurt in the game, you can get hurt on the sidelines.

Hell, you can get hurt

'cause people are secretly married.

How about I take you on a proper date?

Hm? Go to that Italian place that you won't shut up about.

Maybe we could have some wine... a lot of wine.

And we could order dessert even though we're both full just so we could share.

I can get you home...

...walk you up onto the porch... the door.

Maggie! Oh, good.

I need the journals!

My mom's journals.

What, Meredith? Our mom's journals.

I need the journals. You have to help me find them!


I'll... I'll give you a call, then.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, then.


And just when we think we have a handle on the rules...

...something comes along...

What's going on? Are you okay?

No. I'm not okay.

I showed her the mouse. I gave her my method.

I gave everything I had.

I got played.

What are we doing?

Start with these. We're looking for Marie Cerone.



...that totally changes the game.

They're all dated...