Grey's Anatomy S14E23 Script

Cold As Ice (2018)

MEREDITH: In surgery, we work to make our sutures as precise as we can.



♪ Come on with me, let's take a ride ♪ We try to minimize scars...

[HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE] ...and to return full function.


We try not to leave any trace of the injury.


Mm, can you click on that for me, Zozo? Mm-hmm.


♪ Just a little bit of love makes the world go round ♪ Ooh! Mom, look... it's for Uncle Alex's wedding.

Look at that. Oh.

It's so pretty. It is.

Alex is gonna hate it! [GIGGLES]

♪ Just a little bit of love ♪

♪ Makes the whole world free, yeah ♪ Why is it so cold?

Mm. They powered down the furnace.

Because it's May! [PHONE CHIMES]

♪ Pass it round, and we'll it'll take it higher ♪



Kepner sent out our wedding invitations!

Is it weird to get an invitation to our own wedding?

No, that's the beauty of Kepner doing it all for us.

Mm. It's... fancy. Right?

I mean, it might be too fancy for me to go to. Oh, yeah.

Put us down for a "maybe." Yeah.


♪ Just a little bit of love, yeah, is all we need ♪


♪ La la, la la, yeah ♪

♪ La, la, la, la ♪

♪ La la, la la, yeah ♪ Hey. Where is she?

She's right...




Are you high?


I tried to get a fix, and I couldn't.

So I sweated it out on my friend's couch.

I'm six days clean.

I hate it, but, uh, I miss Leo.

And it's like, I don't want to get high, but I really want to get high, you know?


All right.

Come on.

OWEN: You taking her to a meeting?

AMELIA: No, I have to go to work for possibly the worst consult of my life.

You're taking her to work with you?

I'm not letting her out of my sight again.

Let's go.



Oh, did you see this?

Yeah! Yeah, it's super cute. [CHUCKLES]

Um, I, uh...

I... I have to give you something.

Oh, give it.

My notice. Notice of what?

I'm leaving. I'm moving to New York.

It's... It's for Sofia.

It's what she needs, and it's gonna... it...

You know, it's gonna be great. [CHUCKLES]

So, please, be happy for me...

...and Sofia.

When? Not right away.

But, yeah, I mean, soon.

I thought you were a pixie stick.

Huh? When I met you, I thought you were an empty vessel, full of sugar, who skated in a hospital. [CHUCKLES]

I didn't know then that it would be one of the great privileges of my life to know you and to work with you...

Nope. I can't.

I'm sorry. Thank you. And that...

You, too.


Morning, morning. Morning.

Good morning, Miss Harriet.

Did you see this?

Yeah. [LAUGHS]

Jo and Alex did not do that.

No, no, no, that's got April written all over it.


Are you going? Yeah.

I thought we were going. Aren't we going?

Well, yes. I mean, I'm going.

And you're going.

Uh, we just haven't been anywhere together... with everyone. Okay.

Well, it's perfect, then.

RICHARD: Were you going to tell me?

I had to hear it from Mount Sinai?

There's nothing to tell yet.

Um, hey, have you seen the... the wedding invitations?

They're so cute. Something to look forward to.

Look, then tell me why.

Why would you be on a job search?

Is it because of the Harper Avery scandal?

Because the changes to the foundation are real.

Look, and I would've thought, if you had any reservations, you might talk with me.

I thought we were friends, but...

Is she here yet? Yep. Yeah.

Did you know about Robbins? I know nothing about anyone.

This is Betty. I told you about Betty.

Can she hang with you while we do this consult?

Uh, nice to meet you, Betty, and no.

Okay, Betty, you're sticking with us.

But must be seen and not heard, okay?

Why is she here? Betty?

No. Oh.

I don't know. Check-up? Follow-up?

I don't know. You don't know?

No, we haven't spoken since she left, and not once.

I-I-I reached out, she didn't respond, I gave up.

I mean, I've kind of got a bone to pick with her.

Really? Today? Can it wait?

Can you pick your bone later? Take a seat.


Robbins? Shepherd?

Look at you! You both look amazing!

Uh... Y... You can...


I'm just messing with you.

Still blind as an earthworm.


Too soon?

You don't want to wait inside? Where I go, you go, Roy.

I told you that.

Oh, it's freezing today.

Is this more from that fire in Ballard?

No, it's an overturned car.

[SIGHS] I was up all night, worrying about Leo being too cold, so then I made it too hot, then I woke him up.

Hey, when did Tuck start sleeping through the night?

You're asking parenting advice?

Yeah, I just can't seem to find the right...

You ever heard of the black lace-weaver spider?


Well, she lays about 50 to 100 eggs, and when her babies reach a certain age, she taps her web and calls them to her.

They swarm her, stab into her with their straw-like stingers, the mother's innards liquefy, and they suck her up, like a milkshake, for their nourishment, leaving her a dead husk, and then, they go on with their lives.

[SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE] That's parenting.

That's my advice.

Huh. Well, that's helpful. Thanks. Yeah.



It's Taylor. He rolled his car. He's in bad shape.

Who is it? Matthew Taylor.

PARAMEDIC: Unconscious at the scene with a head injury, now G.C.S. of 11.

We bolused him three times en route.

Matthew. Matthew, can you hear me?

He's one of us, you know? Yeah, I know. We got him.

Trauma one is clear. Let's go!

You paged? Whoa!

Oh, my God. Is that Matthew Taylor? Yeah.

What happened? He rolled his car.

Someone should find Kepner.

She needs to know that he's here. Yeah, Roy, get Kepner.

You said where you go, I go. Go.

Hey, Matthew?

It's Meredith Grey, April's friend.

Can you hear me?


Okay, morphine, 8 milligrams.

[GRUNTS] April...

We're getting her. Just try to relax.

Okay. Okay. April's here?

She's okay?

MEREDITH: Wait. What?

What do you mean, she's okay?

She warned me... about a curve... ice...

Matthew, w-what happened?

What about April?


AMZN.WEBRip-NTb sync: ShaneHelbin He does have a head injury. He could be free associating.

Right, you said her name, and he just repeated it.

I'm gonna check the schedule.

How'd you get the call? 911 dispatch.

He must have called before he went unconscious.

Was there anything left in the car, like a purse, a woman's coat?

We were just trying to get him out.

Her phone went to voicemail... seven times.

I'm gonna go find Jackson. He'll know where she is.

Yeah, take me out there, where you found the car.

Let's go.

Hey, Roy, let's get Taylor to CT and make sure an O.R. is available.

No, no, let me take Matthew Taylor, okay?

You need to be on the floor. Oh, no, I got it.

The people need a chief, and I need to stay busy.

Just until we know.


Free fluid, left upper quadrant.

Looks like a splenectomy. Okay.

Tell me when you find out. Okay.

NEWS ANCHOR: And more Seattle firefighters responding to that apartment-building fire that blazes out of control in Ballard.

Experts say that this cold snap could be to blame, with residents turning to space heaters to keep warm.

Fire officials are concerned that the flames could spread to nearby buildings.

When did the headaches start?

A month ago.

I had influenza in Tokyo, and I thought it was that, but it just got worse, and then the dizziness. So I said, "Why not go see the woman who spent the better part of a year getting to know your brain?"

And Robbins...

76 procedures since I saw you last.

Or since... since I saw anything last, actually.

Yeah, um, wow. You really did your homework.

No, I've been following you.

Our time together was short, but you just took it and ran with it.

Yeah, it was short but meaningful.

All right, I'm thinking...

That the tumor's back.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Um, I want to schedule a head CT.

And, Robbins, we can catch up.


Are you nodding? Because I don't do non-verbal.

Yes, I am. Um, yeah, let's...

Uh, let's catch up.

JO: Hey, hey, hey.

Can you look at this? Kepner left it in my box.

She wants us to pick a base for the color palette.

What does that even mean? Just pick one.

I see yellow, yellow, and yellow.

Okay, she also wants to meet us at 11:00 for a cake tasting.

If I'm still in surgery, you pick it... anything but carrot cake.

I thought this was the beauty of Kepner!

It's cake. You love cake.











No, no, no!

Hey, glad I caught you. Barely.

I got a huge apartment fire, bunch of burn victims.

I'm pretty swamped, actually.

Do you know where April is? Have you seen her?

No, she volunteered at some rural clinic.

[PHONE CHIMES] I had Harriet all weekend.

I haven't seen her.

Why? What's up? It's, um...

Hey, his family are here. They're freaking out.

Can I tell them? Not until I know the full extent of his injuries. I wouldn't know what to tell them, really. All right.

Oh, Mer, did you need something?

Nothing. It's about the wedding. It can wait.

All right.

Did you talk to Avery? He has a burn patient.

I want to wait until I know what to tell him.

And when he doesn't have someone else's life in his hands.

LEVI: I'm just saying, maybe Wilson didn't invite me because she still has feelings...

If you don't finish that sentence, I'll let you be my plus-one.

[LAUGHING] Okay. Hey, you two!

[SIREN WAILS] Get your heads in the game.

I'm gonna tell you who's on that rig, and you're not gonna lose your minds.

You're gonna hold it together and work.

She's hypothermic, freezing cold.

No pulse, no vitals. G.C.S. of three.

No idea how long she's been down.

I think we lost her.

No! No, we didn't!

She's not dead until she's warm and dead!

MEREDITH: I need Bair huggers and warm saline.

Somebody page Pierce? I did.

Also humidified O2. I can't find a vein.

Try the other arm. I did. I couldn't, either.

Okay, let's put in an I/O line. Put in two.

What are you doing? Numbing the area.

Dude, she can't feel that. She's dead.

Shut up! Don't say that!

No one says that!

What did she mean, "warm and dead?"

BAILEY: Her temperature is 68 degrees.

We need to get it to 86 before we can try to restart her heart.

Oh, my God!

What happened? Oh, my God!

Does Jackson know? No, not yet.

Meredith, we... we... we can't lose her.

We're not gonna lose her! The same thing happened to me, and I was in way worse shape than April.

Jackson should know. No, Maggie, we didn't call you here 'cause you're her friend.

We called you here because you're the head of cardio.

Get in here! We need you!

Let's push one of epi! No.

Warm blankets! No, no, no, no, no!

No! No epi!

She's not circulating. It won't get to her heart.

It'll pool in her system, and that can be toxic.

We need dual chest tubes and a thoracic lavage.

Okay, on it. I got it. Schmitt, get up here!

She needs better circulation.

We need interposed abdominal CPR.

Helm, you get in here.

You push. You alternate. Circulate the whole body.

Push, push... keep it steady, about 100 beats per minute.

Hunt, where do you need me? We're doing...

We're doing everything. Stop compressions.


Ready? Go.

JACKSON: Look at that.

[MONITOR BEEPING] I mean, that is a ton of mucosal swelling and carbon particles...

It hasn't reached the carina, so that's good, right?

I mean, it could be worse, yeah.

Oh, got your invitation this morning.

Me too. [LAUGHS] Very nice.

April is so good at that stuff.

I would've just put up a flier in the residents' lounge and had the reception at Joe's.

Well, you know, I don't have a lot of experience in the planning department, but I certainly can endorse eloping.

Forceps, please?

They called it "vision rehabilitation," but I called it "blind school."

It was a lot of, uh, training exercises and Braille and group therapy with frozen yogurt and some very cheerful people.

You would've loved it.

Mm, I bet they loved you.

Well, I was...

I was good at it. I, uh... I excelled.

And then, uh...

Well, now I have a faculty position at UCSF.

I've been traveling all over, teaching.

I guess I'm just a big brain with a big mouth now.


And I've been keeping tabs on you, Robbins.

That obstetrical cart thing?

You're making people talk. I've heard it.

Yeah. Well, I'm going back into peds surgery.

What? Yeah, I have to.

I have to move to New York with my daughter, and there's already three fetal surgeons there, so, Mount Sinai offered me...

Oh, no, no, Robbins, this is unacceptable.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, listen, I don't have a choice.

I know that's a shock to you, but if you'd come around to say hello, it wouldn't be.


[WHIRRING STOPS] She's all set.

She got these follow-up scans in San Francisco about six months ago.

All clear. That was six months ago.

If the tumor's back, I have to tell her.

Why wouldn't you?

No, I mean about mine. Oh.

That I operated on her brain with a grapefruit-sized tumor of my own... [SIGHS]

...which might be why she's blind and is probably why she's back with a recurrent tumor.

Wait. You have a brain tumor?

Had. Yes, had. It's gone.

Look, y-you saved her life when no one else could.

And we don't know that your tumor caused anything.

We don't know it didn't.

So, you did brain surgery while you needed brain surgery?

Is she even allowed to be here?

What did I say? Seen and not heard.

Run the scans.



She has no vitals?

At all? Not yet.

But we've been here before. We know what to do.

Hunt, Grey, Pierce, they're warming her, trying to get a pulse.

Where's Jackson? In surgery.

Come in here with the camera, Roy.


Sorry, sorry. I...

I like Dr. Kepner.

How's Taylor looking?

Spleen is in worse shape than we thought.



[MONITOR BEEPING LOUDLY] His short gastrics are bleeding.

Pass me a hemoclip, Bokee. I'm scrubbing in.

No, i-it's all right, we have it...

At least I'll feel like I'm doing something.

Move it over here a little bit.

Right there.

What's her potassium level? Six.

Helm, keep up your rhythm or tag out!

Okay, I can take over.

She has seat-belt bruises.

She wasn't thrown from the car. Yeah.

I'm guessing she got out and made the 911 call, then she fell into the ravine. It was icy.

She must've been disoriented. She was trying to save Taylor.

How long have we been doing these compressions?

An hour?

We have to tell Jackson. Honey, he has a patient on the table.

This is the mother of his child.

I know, Maggie, but right now, we don't need people with big feelings.

We need people who can help.

What's her temperature now? 76.

This isn't going fast enough.

I want to get her to an O.R. and put her on bypass.

Let's prep her to move!

Go find some people who can help.

Okay. Got it. Got it.

Alex! Hey, I gotta taste some cake with Kepner.

You want to come?


What is it?

It's Kepner. You gotta come with me.


♪ You're the ink on my skin ♪

♪ Through the thick, through the thin ♪

♪ You were mine ♪

♪ My confession, you're my sin ♪

♪ My religion ♪ [SIGHS]

♪ Yeah, you bring me to life ♪ [WHIRRING]

♪ I'm never gonna break your heart ♪

♪ I'm never gonna break your heart ♪ Okay, Parker, get me some blood, as much as you can find.

All right, stop compressions. I need her still.

♪ ...stop it once I start ♪ Okay, go.

ALEX: I hated Kepner at first.

♪ My habits die hard ♪ Okay, stop.

♪ You're the pain, you're the numb ♪ I hated her because I wished I was more like her. Go.

She was always prepared, always excited.

She... She cared. She liked her patients.

And she knew her stuff. She's good.

Vessel loops.

She was all the things I wasn't, all the things I had to work to be.

She was just born that way.

You gotta stop saying "was."

♪ I'm never gonna break... ♪ I ordered the drawers according to the severity of the scenario.

Um, hemorrhage, sepsis, uh...

Preeclampsia. Yeah.

Magnesium sulfate?

H-How'd you know that? Can you feel that?

I guessed, dumb-ass.

What else would you need for preeclampsia?

[DRAWER CLOSES] This is impressive, Robbins.

This is good. You did good.

You... You really ran with it.

Yeah, well, I didn't have much of a choice.

Are you still pouting? I hear pouting.

You've been following my work?

I mean, and you didn't think to... to reach out?

To let me know that you're all right?

To see if I'm all right?

'Cause you were my mentor, and you were... you were supposed to be my friend, and, uh... You were fine.

You are fine.

And don't for a second think about quitting fetal surgery. Oh, no.

No, you don't get to have an opinion about that.

You dropped me, and you just moved on.

That's unacceptable.

Robbins, I didn't...

I didn't know...

You saved my life.

Shepherd saved your life. No.

Yes, but no. Uh...

[SIGHS] After blind school, I hit a rough patch.

I mean, the blindness I could cope with, but...

I was put on this Earth to do surgery, and suddenly...

So I went very, very dark.

No pun intended.

And then I kept hearing about you and your dozens of exit procedures and the acardiac twin, and you... you saved quads, and I thought, "Crap! I did it.

I downloaded my entire brain into that girl in mere months, and she went out and saved all these babies.


I needed to hear you say that.

This isn't about you. It's about me.

You made me realize that I could teach and that it could matter.

I could save more babies by creating more Robbinses than I ever could myself with two working eyeballs.

You made me see that, and that saved my life.

And I didn't reach out because I didn't know how to thank you... sufficiently, and I still don't, so I'm just not going to.



I'm still here.


Is that something?

No, you already saw that one. [SIGHS]

Yeah, like 45 minutes ago. [LAUGHS]

Okay, all this time I've been saying, "Well, she's blind, but at least I saved her life," and now I can't even say that, because her tumor is back, and I can't even find it. Maybe it's not back.

This seems hard for you to believe, Dr. Shepherd, but some people don't have tumors.

It could be migraines or a buildup of CSF. [SIGHING] Oh, God.

Let's just do a spinal tap and see.

I still have to tell her... about my tumor.


It's not like it's gonna make her less blind.

[CHUCKLES] She's right.

Your tumor either changed her life or it didn't, and we'll never know for sure.

Don't tell her.

[SIGHS] I'm clean and sober, and I can't do secrets and lies and stay that way.

Okay, do the spinal tap.

If it is inconclusive... if the tumor is back...

I'm telling her about mine.


Ah, I got it. Hilum clamped. [MONITOR BEEPING]

Okay, watch out for the tail of the pancreas.

Okay, medium clip. How is his BP trending?

Climbing. Systolic's up to 110.

I swear, this boy must be cursed.

After all he's been through...

Can someone get me an update about Dr. Kepner?

Do we know anything?

[SIGHS] Every time Ben leaves the house now, part of me goes into suspended animation.

It helps me just to concentrate on the facts.

Well, I don't have any facts.

Well, the facts I have are...

Ben went to work to save people's lives, he's very good at it, and until I hear otherwise, that's what I know.

They have Kepner... Grey, Hunt, Pierce.

They're working to save her.

They're very good at it.

Those are the facts. That's what we know.

You're a very good chief.


So, all of it went to the Harper Avery's victims?

All of your inheritance? I am essentially broke, yeah.


And that's funny. Nice.

No, no, it's just that you're "broke," other than your six-figure salary as a plastic surgeon, your penthouse, and your yacht. Okay...

I used to wash my underwear with a water bottle, so it's a little... Wow. Okay. Point taken.

You can't take all of it. We need it!

I need all of it. I was told to get all I could find.

There's a surgery in an hour.

We're trying to save Dr. Kepner's life right now, so you have to find more.

What? What did you just say?


A dose of epi? Something? Not yet.

Clamps off. Let's start bypass.



How long?

Three hours. Three hours?!

Why the hell didn't you say something?! Stop compressions.

Don't you stop compressions! Keep going!

No, no, no! J-Jackson!

I've got her on bypass.


We are warming her.

We've got her blood circulating.

And then we'll... we'll try for a rhythm.

There's nothing to do but wait. And pray.

Everybody, I don't care how you do it or who you do it to, but...


...April would want us to pray for her.




♪ These roots run deep ♪

♪ The strongest part of me ♪ That! That!

♪ Our life, our dreams ♪ Right there.

Is that... Is that V-fib? Is that a rhythm?

I don't see it. I don't.

You... You don't see that? There! There! Right there!

You don't see that?

Charge! Charge to 120!

No, I don't see a rhythm.


[BEEPING] Clear now!


[SIGHS] All right, charge to 150. [PADDLES WHINE]

No. Clear!


Maggie... I got it. I see it! I see it!

Charge to 200!



Again. Clear.

[PADDLES WHINE] Oh, God, come on...

[THUMP] Maggie...


[THUMP] Stop! Enough!

All right? Stop, please. Jackson...

Please! Please let go of her. Please.

[PADDLES WHINE] Come on. Look at me. Look at me.

[THUMP] Just hold on. I know.

I know, but we can't stop.




♪ We come together ♪


♪ Remember this forever ♪ That is a rhythm!

All right, Dr. Herman, you know the drill with a spinal tap, I assume... no movement, and, uh, and you might just feel a little pinch.

Why are you doing it? Where's Amelia?

Dr. Shepherd has been called away on an emergency.

She already blinded me. She's afraid she'll paralyze me.


Is he bad? Is DeLuca a butterfingers?

No, no, he's good.

I could do it if you want me to.

No, I got it. Mnh.

Oh! Oh. Oh.

Whoa! Okay.

"Whoa"? What "whoa"? Don't "whoa."

No, it's just spinal fluid. It's a lot of fluid.

Yeah, no, it's good! It's great.

It's just a buildup of CSF that's been causing your symptoms.

It means it's not a tumor.

Thank God. She would've taken my hearing next.


Oh, um, hey, I'll be right back, okay?

Okay, I know that you're mad, and I was gonna tell you...

Okay, Arizona, listen... But I... No! No, no, no!

Hold on. You listen.

Do you think that I want to leave?

I'm making this choice for... for my daughter who needs both of her parents, and if you want to gripe at anyone, you should gripe at Calliope Torres for moving to the land of crap coffee and hot-garbage smells.

Robbins, that's... You know what?

Actually, Callie's kind of been great.

She's beensurprisingly... Arizona.

It's not about New York.

It's about April Kepner.




He's just coming around.

[SIGHING] Okay. Matthew?

Uh, put his head up a little, please.


Hey, it's Dr. Bailey.

You were in an accident, but you're okay.

[WEAKLY] April?

Is April...?


AMELIA: Brain waves are slow and irregular.

So, what do you think? With time...?

I don't know. Maybe. [SIGHS]

Hey. What happened? MVC. They rolled a car.

I found her in a ravine.

She was hypothermic. She and Matthew Taylor...

Yeah, they've been doing volunteer work together at a clinic...

No, they've been seeing each other.


For months now.

She didn't want to tell anybody.

She didn't want the judgments or the opinions about how long he'd waited or... whether or not she was doing the right thing.

She said it was different than before.

You know, that they've been through so much since they were together.

She lost a child, and... he lost a wife, and...

♪ Please don't let this turn into something it's not ♪

...that they knew each other's pain like they knew their own.

And that they knew how fragile it is, how rare it is.

That something good could come out of so much pain.

And they fell in love again.

♪ I can only give you everything I've got ♪ She's in love.

♪ I can't be as sorry ♪

♪ As you think I should ♪ I came back.

I remember.

♪ But I still love you more than anyone else could ♪ All this time, I felt like I'd been robbed, but...

I came back, so all the years I had with Derek and the...

[SIGHS] the kids and the marriage, it's... it's all a bonus.

♪ All that I keep thinking throughout this whole flight ♪

♪ 'Cause it could take my whole damn life ♪ How is she? Is she okay?

Is she... Is she alive?

♪ This splintered mast I'm holding on ♪

♪ Won't save me long ♪

♪ Because I know fine well ♪

♪ That what I did was wrong ♪

♪ The last girl in the last reason ♪

♪ To make this last for as long as I could ♪

♪ First kiss ♪

♪ In your first time ♪

♪ That I felt connected to anything ♪

♪ The weight of water ♪

♪ The way you told me ♪

♪ To look past everything I had ever learned ♪

♪ The final word in the final seconds... ♪ We're giving Jackson the room.

You didn't see anything?

It's okay.

It's okay. [SNIFFLES]

There's still time, right? I mean, there's still...

Has anyone called her family?

♪ We have got through ♪

♪ So much worse than this before ♪ [SOBBING]

I'll do it.

♪ What's so different this time ♪

♪ That you can't ignore? ♪


I believe you're here.

I believe that.

♪ The last girl in the last reason ♪ I believe in you.

♪ To make this last for as long as I could ♪ Oh, I want to believe.

♪ First kiss in your first time ♪ Yeah.

♪ That I felt connected to anything ♪ I will. I will.

Oh, I will believe in you.


♪ ...told me to look past everything I had ever learned ♪

♪ The final word ♪

♪ In the final seconds ♪

[CRYING] I'll do whatever you want.

I'll do anything.

♪ The last girl in the last reason ♪

[SNIFFLING] If you exist, just... don't... don't take her away, okay?

♪ First kiss in your first time ♪ Don't. God, don't do it.

Don't take April.


♪ The weight of water ♪

♪ The way you told me ♪

♪ To look past everything I had ever learned ♪

♪ The final word ♪ Hey.

♪ In the final seconds ♪

♪ You ever learned... ♪ Hey.

♪ me was love ♪


Nice reflexes, Kepner. Looks good.


MEREDITH: Did you see anything?

Any dead people?

♪ We've had a long road ♪ I did. I even saw my dead dog.


No, I didn't. I...


I remember calling 911.

I remember falling, realizing I couldn't get up.

And I remember... feeling warmer... and warmer... and safer.

♪ Someday, someday soon ♪ And then...

And then I was here.

You prayed for me.

And it worked. Ha ha.

[CRYING] Arizona, I'm fine.

I know. I know.

No white light? No pearly gates?


No, because I didn't die, [CHUCKLING] you guys.

I was hypothermic.

My vessels vasoconstricted to preserve my heat, my heart stopped, my brain shut down, but the cold kept it from dying, and then you all thawed me out and rebooted my body.


I didn't die and come back to life.

There's one guy that does that... that's Jesus, and I know I didn't die, because if I had, I would've met him. I know that for sure.

Mm-hmm. [SOBBING]

[CHUCKLING] Arizona, I'm okay.

It's all good. I know. I know.

Okay, we're gonna let you get some rest.

♪ If we're patient ♪

♪ Just a little bit more time ♪

♪ We are headed home ♪ You always come and bring me back.

♪ Someday, someday soon ♪

♪ No more airplanes ♪

♪ No more long goodbyes ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm staying ♪ Hey, Dr. Avery.

♪ Right by ♪

♪ Your side ♪ Hey.


It's a simple shunt, quick and easy.

Barely a surgery.

All right, well, let's do it tonight.

Actually, um...

I am not gonna place it myself, but I can give you a referral.

Tom Koracick is very good.

He's Head of Neuro at... Oh, please.

Tom Koracick is who I saw after you.

How are you doing, by the way, after your giant tumor?

Tom told you about that?

Calm down. He didn't break HIPAA.

I just... I overheard a phone conversation when he... when he thought I was asleep.

Nasty meningioma, huh?

Asleep in Tom Koracick's...

Bed, yes.

Sex when you're blind is way, way better.

Tom is very good, very fun. [MOUTHING WORDS]

I think you should hit that.


I know that, actually.

Tom can't shut up about anything.


But he also said that your tumor is what made you crazy enough to be able to save my life.

So, here's to our tumors.

[SIGHS] Excuse me.

I've got to make a very angry phone call.



It just you?

Yeah, it's just me.

I could've seen Koracick, actually, but, uh, I wanted to come talk to you.

Mm. Well, that would be a switch.

Oh, stop!

I have blown enough smoke up your butt already.

We're good now.

Your cart, it needs to be on every delivery floor in the country.

Okay, I just got a grant from HHS, and I want to start... call it the Robbins/Herman Center for Women's Health.

I will teach fetal surgery, you will perform it, and together, we will launch your maternal mortality prevention program and make this country safe for women and babies.

What do you say?

Actually, I-I wanted to call it the Herman/Robbins Center, but that makes it sound like we're a dude.

Is that a no?

Could we do it in New York?

Wherever you want. [GASPS]

Oh! Oh, boy!


You have to warn me when you do that.


♪ How long can you wait? ♪ MAGGIE: Hey.

Jackson went up to check on Harriet.

He says he'll bring her down whenever you're ready.


Tomorrow, when I'm stronger.

I don't want to scare her.


♪ How long can you stay? ♪ Thank you.

Don't go. Your hands are so warm.


MEREDITH: In Japan, when a piece of pottery breaks, some potters fill the cracks with gold.

BAILEY: You up for visitors?

Hey, you.

You okay?

Uh. [CHUCKLES] I'm alive.

[CHUCKLES] Me too.

♪ Rise on up, baby ♪ That's not what I heard.

♪ Don't need eyes to see ♪

♪ It ain't over, love ♪

♪ This I swear ♪

♪ We're coming up ♪

♪ For air ♪ The potters, they see the repairs

- as something beautiful. ♪ It ain't over yet ♪ Betty.

♪ The light's right here ♪

♪ And we're coming up for air ♪ Where'd you get that? Lost and found.

I lied to you.

I'm not six days clean.

And I was too high to miss Leo.

I came because I was cold.

I know.

♪ End of the line ♪ Come on.

Let's go hit a meeting.

♪ There's still time ♪

♪ Listen to me, child ♪ They know that the unexpected happens.

Change happens.

♪ You're ♪

♪ A... live ♪

♪ It's hard to believe ♪

♪ But I know your heart still beats ♪

♪ Rise on up, baby ♪

♪ Don't need eyes to see ♪ They know that nobody gets through this world in one piece.

♪ It ain't over, love ♪

♪ This I swear ♪

♪ We're coming up ♪

♪ For air ♪ But that doesn't have to diminish us.

♪ It ain't over yet ♪

♪ The light's right here ♪ It's gonna be so beautiful.


♪ And we're coming up ♪

♪ For air ♪



The cracks are part of our history.

They will always be with us.


They made us better.

They made us stronger.

They made us something new.