Grey's Anatomy S14E24 Script

All of Me (2018)

♪ Oh, Saturday Sun ♪ Flowers are on each seat. Check.

Hello, musicians, over here.

MEREDITH: A recent study found that marriage has actual health benefits.

Married people live longer, have fewer strokes, and fewer heart attacks than people who are single.

Scientific or not, I find that study incredibly irritating.

Great job. You see?

You are going to make such a great flower girl.

I know.

Are you ever gonna get married again?


I don't think so, Zozo. I...

You know, I-I already had one great love in my life.

I don't want to be too greedy.

Mom, I don't think love is like candy.

I don't think you could be too greedy for it, and I don't think you could fill up on it.

When did you turn 40?

♪ No ray of sunlight's ever lost ♪


♪ Ba-ba, ba-b-ba-ba ♪

♪ Oh, Saturday Sun ♪ Okay, your suit is steamed, but don't you try it on till you get there, okay?

I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna pick up Sofia and, uh, my dress, and I'm gonna pick up Jo, and I'm gonna drive her to the island, and then you and Meredith need to leave here in... 15 minutes.

Otherwise, April said she's gonna destroy you.

Destroy me? That's what she said to say. [CHUCKLES]

And she's very organized today. She's not messing around.

♪ Ba-ba, ba-b-ba-ba ♪ Don't. Don't.

You're not gonna talk me out of moving, and it's just gonna make us sad, and that's not what today is about, so just shut up and eat your cereal.

Today is about that. You're leaving today.

Not till after you get married.

And Alex Karev married?

That's, like, my work here is done.

Well, at least can I say "thank you"?

Not unless you want to make me cry.


I'll get it!


Oh! Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to see each other today.

You aren't. You're not. What are you doing?

I got it... Mass Gen.

I got the fellowship at Mass Gen. What?

You are not supposed to see each other today.

Ah, you you got married on a Post-it. I got Mass Gen.

Well, of course. We invented mini livers.

Did you really think you wouldn't be sought after?

It's a minimally invasive surgery fellowship.

It's impossible to get into, and I got into it.

I got in. Mwah!

Oh! Mwah! Mwah!

Hey, Kepner's gonna be mad we saw each other.

Well, only 'cause it's very bad luck.

Well, if you believe in that crap, which we don't.

Okay, but, still, let's not tell her.

Jo, you come with me.

Alex, you're with Meredith, and we will see you there.

Okay, let's go. Come on.


JO: Whoo!

You know, Boston is freezing six months out of the year.

I mean, it's a tundra.

So? You can teach us how to make an igloo.

Babysitter's gonna be here any minute.

You better hurry. Kepner said, if you're late, she'll destroy you.

[LEO COOS] Can you catch it in your mouth?

No. [LAUGHING] There you go.


Okay. No?

Ooh, let's see it. [DOOR CLOSES]

30 days clean and sober.

That's amazing. Congratulations.

You see that?

Okay, now go get ready for the wedding.

I laid out, um, three dresses for you.

Okay, thanks. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Come on.

Yeah. [LAUGHS]


Did the parents show?



Does she know that you invited them?

No. Yeah.

I'll invite them again when she hits 60 days.

Okay, I'm gonna go get dressed. Hurry up.

Yep. You got to hurry, 'cause we got a wedding.

Ben, we need to leave now.

Don't want to be late.


[GRUNTS] I'm ready. [GASPS]

What's that?

It's a...

It's a check... my first check from the Trailblazer.


So... So that is, uh...


♪ A secret that won't keep ♪

♪ So I might as well scream ♪ [LAUGHS]

No, no, no, no. Wait. No, wait, wait.

What do you mean you're here? Where is "here"?

Because I am here, and you most definitely are not where I am.

Who is she yelling at? Uh, caterers are lost.

Hey, thank you for being here.

I know that weddings are maybe not your favorite place to be with me... historically.

♪ This is gonna be my new favorite thing ♪

[GASPS] God, April, it's so pretty.

Yay! Hi. Good. Oh!

Um, okay, so, you should be up in the bridal suite.

The hair-and-makeup people are there to... you know, fix all of this.

Uh, Alex is...?

Oh, he's on his way with Meredith.

We heard. She definitely didn't see him.

Okay, great. Well, good, because guests will be arriving any minute, and, apparently, the caterer got lost, but I'm sure they'll be here any minute, too, so if you just go up those stairs... Okay.'re gonna be right up there.

Okay, great. It looks so beautiful.

Come on, honey. I'm glad you guys like it.

It is so gorgeous.

♪ I think I'm in love ♪ JACKSON: April quit. She quit her job.

That happened weeks ago.

No, I'm saying she quit her job to do God's work, and...

...I promised I'd give my life to a God that I never even believed in, so I just don't really know what that means.

I'm really grateful that April is okay, and I really want to support you on this... quest.

Religion is just not my thing.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I can relate to that.

Wait. No. They're together? When did that happen?

TARYN: Don't make a scene. This is beautiful.


Oh, it's starting.

Did you know Karev and Wilson had so many friends outside the hospital?


What's going on?







Who is that? I don't know.


Okay, we're not.

AMZN.WEBRip-NTb sync: ShaneHelbin Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

MEREDITH: Just tell her to turn it down because you have a whole life here.

ALEX: I have to support her, which means letting her make her own decisions.

Well, she's not the sun. You are the sun.


Well, she's pretty sunny. Never mind.

Hey. Where is everyone? Are we early?

They're on their way. There was a little issue with the GPS link on the wedding website.

Oh. But they're on their way.

KIRSTEN: Oh, oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

These aren't for you. They're for your guests.

ALEX: Guests? There's nobody here.

BOTH: They're on their way!


What do we do?



Okay, l-let's... let's... let's just go one at a time, okay?

No sudden movements. [CLEARS THROAT]


No, that's... Subtle, dear.

Gosh. Excuse me.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

RICHARD: Excuse me.

Congratulations. Sorry we're late.

Nope. Let's go.


Oh! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Worst plus-one ever.

PASTOR: Good afternoon, and what a beautiful afternoon it is.

Lila and Jacob have invited you, their...

ALL: [GASP] Mama!


MAN: Someone call 911!

Uh, I-I'm a doctor. I can help.

I know the crew around the corner. I'll get a rig.

All right, hey. Excuse me.

Let me get in. Give us some space.



Hey. I thought we were late.

Where is everybody?

Bad GPS link. They all went to the wrong location.

Oh, wow. Hi!

They're on their way.

Owen never uses GPS.

He is like a walking GPS, whereas I can get lost on the way to the bathroom.

Meredith... you okay?


I feel less okay than I have in a long time.

Oh, my God. I knew it! Knew what?

[WHISPERS] You're in love with Alex.

It's okay. I am not judging.

I have suspected it for years, but it's kind of a bad day for the revelation.

Amelia, stop talking.

Right, because people could hear, and that would be really bad.

No, because I'm not harboring any secret feelings.

You may be harboring secret feelings for your ex, who you're playing house with, but I am not in love with Alex.


What's up with her?


Yep. No. Nothing.


Oh, good. You're here.

Uh, I am.

I just came to say you don't have to take the fellowship.

If you want a general surgery attending job at Grey-Sloan, it's yours.

Are you serious? Why wouldn't I be serious?

I'm the chief of general, I loved working with you, so just think about it, okay?

You look great. Congrats on the wedding.


Are you good? Are you nervous?

Don't be nervous, you know, 'cause it's good.

All good. I'm not nervous, except for the part where you won't stop talking.

I guess I'm nervous.

I just... I want today to be perfect, you know, because if today is perfect, then somewhere down the road, you know, things get a little rough and someone leaves you or sues you for custody, you can always look back on that one perfect day, and it'll remind you why you got into the whole thing...

Okay, I'm definitely gonna shut up.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes.

This is even worse luck!

I'm not superstitious. I need to talk to Alex.

[CHUCKLING] Okay, fine, but I'll... I'll keep April out.

You look incredible.

Meredith just offered me an attending job at Grey-Sloan Memorial.

What? Wow, that's... that's...

I can't believe you would do that.

What? Uh, what did I do? You put her up to it.

[NASALLY VOICE] "Oh, Jo, apply for whatever fellowship you want.

I'll follow you anywhere. Enh! Enh!"

[CHUCKLING] Is that supposed to be my voice?

And then you went to Meredith and you just pull strings like I'm a little puppet.

I mean, you're the sexiest puppet I've ever seen.

This is not funny.

No, it wouldn't be funny if I'd done it.

Look, Jo, I mean, that... that's something Paul would've done, and I'm not Paul.

[SIGHS] Right.

Do you think I'm ready to be an attending?


I don't think anyone ever feels ready to be an attending.

The question is, do you want to be an attending?

No, I can't even get the interns to listen to me as chief resident.

So you take the fellowship.

Thank you. I love you.

I love you more.

Come here.

Do we have time for this?

Yeah, everyone's late.

Let's go somewhere where April can't bust us.


Right there. Let's go.

Uh, really? Yeah.


Okay, that was really hot.

Roy, type and cross for six units of blood and prep an OR for a laparotomy.

I got to go put on my scrubs.

Okay, and what about... [TIRES SCREECH, BRAKES SQUEAL]

You heard her, Roy. Move.

What about them? [SIREN WAILING]


Okay, I got this. You get her upstairs.

Is she okay? It's all right.

She's gonna take care of her. Where are they taking her?

I'm gonna need you all to stay down here.

I think she has an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Page Pierce and tell her to meet us at the OR.

Pierce is at a wedding.

Ah, okay, then page whoever's on call.

This woman's not gonna die on her daughter's wedding day.

JO: I can't see a thing. ALEX: Aw, that's too bad, 'cause you're really missing my best work.

[LAUGHS] Shut up.



Okay, we need to get this show on the road, or we'll have to completely abort the cake cutting.

Oh, here they are. Ah!

Yes. Okay, okay.

Oh, my gosh. Hi!

Oh, my God. April... Mwah!

They gave you the address for the wrong wedding. Ohh.

...this is glorious, honey.

Thank you. Oh, my God.

So, we're all friends here. There's no bride or groom side.

Just sit wherever you feel comfortable, okay? Yeah?

Where do you sit if you used to be in love with the bride, but then the groom beat you up and put you in the hospital?

[LAUGHS] Uh, okay.

Yes. Yeah, no.

That's good. [LAUGHS]

Hi. We miss you at the hospital.

I miss you, too, but these homeless communities?

They're huge, and they have so little access to medical care, and I don't... they really need me.

It feels good.

I'm glad you feel good. Mm-hmm.

Will you come to Sunday supper and bring my grandbaby?

Oh, yes, I would love to. Of course.

All right. [BOTH LAUGH]

Okay, your guests are here. How's our bride?

Is she ready to get married in the shortest ceremony ever?

I'm gonna go check on her.

Okay, great. Great. Okay. Okay. All right.

The wedding day.

So sorry we're late. No worries.

Actually, I'll take... Oh, hey, uh...




I'm gonna...

Sure. ...drink.


Dr. Gardner's prepping OR 6.

Gardner? McCann is on call.

McCann's in OR 3 on a CABG. Is that a problem?

D-Does my face look like there's a problem?

Respectfully, I do not want to answer that.

Dr. Bailey, where is everyone?

I haven't seen a single person that I know.

Dr. Altman. Thank you, Jesus. Can you scrub in with me?

Oh, well, um, I just got off a 12-hour flight.

Congratulations. Roy's got your bags. Let's go.


JO: Okay, that was awesome, but we got to go.

Oh, God, I hope I didn't get my dress dirty.

April will kill me.

Don't worry. I was very careful.

Pfft! Pfft!


Here. Let me.



Can't you just kick it open again?

I kicked it in. It doesn't move the other way.


I'm gonna scream now, okay?


Help! Help!

Help us, please! Hello?

Can they hear us? Definitely. Yeah.

They definitely hear us.


Help! Hey!


Yeah, this is awkward... being at a wedding with Matthew and April after everything.

Well, April and Matthew are together now, so Harriet needs you all to get along.

So, you know, find your inner Jesus or whatever and make friends.

Hi! Hi!

Um, where's Alex?

Oh, um, he's in the groom room.

No. No, no. He's not.

Oh, my God. I...

I-I-I-I-I scared him away.

What? I couldn't. [CLEARS THROAT] Hi.

Uh, I couldn't stop talking about my divorce or...

I mean, not my divorce, but he ran off.

Okay, so what do we do? What do we tell Jo?

Arizona, she's gone, too.

I can't find either of them anywhere.

[SIGHS] Thank God.

It's not all on me.

Can you help me find them?

Yeah. O-Okay.

Go that way. I'll just... I'll go.


RICHARD: You did what?

You offered her an attending job?

Why did you do that?

She earned it. She's a good resident, and she'll make a great attending.

Meredith, come on. What?

Now, you know that's not why you offered a job to Wilson.

I get it. You want to keep Karev around.

But that's not fair. She just got offered one of the most exciting fellowships in the country.

And what she does this year will define the rest of her career.

I didn't do a fellowship year. I'm doing just fine.

Jo Wilson doesn't share your pedigree.

She needs more training. She deserves more training.



So, is it Jo you're secretly in love with?

I mean, I get it.

All those hours together of intense pioneering... it's totally understandable.

It's just still kind of a bad day for...

I am not in love with anybody.

Will you just stop projecting your secret love all over me?

I'm not projecting.

Please, you're clearly falling for Owen again.

You're never even home.

Maggie's always at Jackson's. Alex is my... he's my Alex.

I just got happy in a world without Cristina and without Derek, and I don't want to be alone.


Okay, but even if I am kind of falling for Owen, I will always be here for you.

Oh, whatever.

[SCOFFS] This is all my fault.

I barge in on you at Mer's, and then I showed you my dress, and now we're in a Stephen King novel.

Oh, come on. It's just a big joke.

It's gonna be a funny story that we tell our kids at their wedding, and they're all gonna laugh.


[SIGHS] Yeah.


Hey, I found a window caked in mud. Oh, yay.

Get down.

Cover your eyes.




Yeah. Yeah.

I probably shouldn't have seen the dress.


So, you find them?

No, but I did find Jo's shoes in Alex's room, so I think maybe they snuck off...

To have sex. Mm-hmm.

Fair play. Okay. Yeah.

I mean, the pastor guy isn't even here yet, so...

Excuse me, could you circulate with the hors d'oeuvres, please?

She is relentless.


Oh. Okay, what do we drink to this time?

To Meredith Grey and the way she's rocking that dress?

Dude, that was the last toast.

Oh, my God. I'm so embarrassed. You're right. Okay.

To her hair and how you could just drown in it.

Fine. Her hair. Okay. Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, okay, whatever. It's nice.


Want to join us?

Thought you were hung up on Avery. He's moved on.

Pfft. What the hell?

Ah, here we go.


Whoo! Hey.


TARYN: All right. More.

Thank you.


Ugh. [SPITS]

Not good?

Uh, I thought it was bacon, but it's, ugh, dates.




Look, man, I, um...

It takes a big person to, uh... you know, after everything that happened, just, um...

I don't really know what to say in this situation or do, really, but I want April to be happy.

She deserves that.

You both do.


April, she's, uh...

I'm trying to build a life with her, and you are Harriet's father, so... [CHUCKLES]

I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be a Christian about this, but it's hard.

You want to hit me?

Yeah, I really, really do.

The Christian thing, right. Mm-hmm.

Would it make you feel any better to know that I recently lost a quarter of a billion dollars?

Yes. Yes, it would, actually.

Anything I can do to help.

Thank you.

You're not Alex. Nope.

No, I just needed a quiet place to feed Leo.

Everyone is looking for Alex.

If he comes back here, tell him to stay put.

On it.

So, are you guys gonna get married?


You and Amelia. Or are you guys just friends?

Or what are you?

I've been living with you guys for a month, and I still can't tell if you're a couple or not.

We're not.

Oh, so you just live in the same house and take care of stray kids together?

That's weird.

You know, it's complicated.

Amelia and I, we were... we were married, and now we're...

I guess we're not.

Why not? [CRUNCHING]

Well... [SCOFFS]

Amelia, she had a... she had this health scare. A brain tumor.

Right, a tumor, and it was... it was... well, it was hard, and it's... it's complicated.

Well, it may have seemed complicated then, but it doesn't really seem all that complicated now.

Just really weird.





TEDDY: She didn't complain of any chest pain or any back pain or anything?

If she had, she smiled through it.

Standing up one minute... on the ground the next.

Is she a friend of Karev's or Wilson's?

She's not a friend. She is a sign.

A sign? A sign of what?

Ben and I arrive at the absolute wrong wedding in the absolute wrong location, and this woman goes to her daughter's wedding full of hopes and dreams and plans as she drops to the ground.

And if I hadn't accidentally been there, she'd be dead.

And this is just months after I dropped to the ground and nearly died myself.

And what have I done about it? Nothing.

I mean, yeah, I drank my drinks and I take my steps and my meds, and I'm on my knees every night, praying the Lord sees fit to let me live to see my son get married.

But I-I-I haven't... [SIGHS]


Done what?

Well, anything, something.

I've gone back to my life as if nothing happened.

What... do you want to jump out of a plane or move to new country on a dime?

'Cause I can help you with that.


Oh, yeah. I-I'm sorry.

You didn't make it to the wedding, either, after traveling all this way.

Oh, I wasn't invited. Me neither.

Then why are you here?

Well, for one thing, I was gonna ask the chief if she had a job opening.


Or I can just forget I ever asked.

Mer! Kepner!



Did we have to hire the hardest-working musicians on the planet?

I mean, they haven't even taken a break.

[GASPS] Alex, look at this.

Put that down and get away from him.

That's creepy.

[GASPS] His name was Elden.

Help! Hello! He was an organ donor.

I think that ship has sailed.

No, Alex, no, he was... he was a person. Look.

Oh, he had a wife and kids and grandkids and, oh, wow, he had a really ugly dog, but clearly he lived a very full and beautiful life.

So, wait. Maybe he's good luck.

Maybe he's here to show us what we should aspire to be.

He keeled over in a shed and nobody found him for years, and now he's a Halloween decoration.

How is that luck?



My God.

You always find the silver lining in everything.

Thank God you want to marry me.

We had sex in a shed next to a corpse on our wedding day.



I'm gonna do it.


I'm gonna tell Meredith Grey how I-I feel about her.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Bambina.

Love is precious.

Don't waste it on someone who can't love you back.


I still can't find them. Huh?

And there's still no minister.

So this is, like... this is, like, a wedding catastrophe, right?

Another wedding catastrophe orchestrated by me.

No, no, it's not a catastrophe.

It's a beautiful day that's running late.

You what is a catastrophe is that every time I get a text from Callie, I smile.

[CHUCKLING] Why is that a catastrophe?

Hi. What?

I'm sorry. I was eavesdropping.

Because she left me.

I mean, 'cause she left me, and then she left me again, but it was worse, because that time she took my daughter, and what? Yeah.

I mean, now because she's single and I'm single?

No. No, no, no.

No one has ever, in the history of my life, hurt me like Callie. [CHUCKLES]

I hear that, but, also, no one's ever hurt Matthew the way I hurt him when I left him at the altar.

Well, I-I hurt Catherine pretty badly once or... or twice.

Nothing like leaving her at the altar.


People change, you know, and life... life changes us, and our one job... really, our only job... is to... is to stay open to possibilities, right?

I mean, it's not stupid.

It's not a catastrophe that Callie's making you smile again.

I agree.

Actually, uh, that's pretty beautiful.

I'm going to miss you two tremendously.

[CRYING] Come here.

Um, folks? Folks, hello.

Thank you so much for your patience.

The wedding officiant should be here soon, harbor traffic allowing. [LAUGHS]

So, in the meantime, please continue to enjoy the canapé and, um... [GASPS]

...this toast by [GASPS] this handsome fellow.

No, no, no. No, no. Yes. No, no, don't be shy.

Give us some words. Uh.


That might not be the best choice for a toast.

Um, hi. Hi. Hello. Nope.

[SLURRING] I'm Andrew DeLuca.

I'm a co-worker of Alex and Jo.

Uh, well, more than a co-worker, actually.

Blood has been spilled between us, so that makes us family, I guess.

Uh, hey, we're having fun.

But, seriously, you guys, uh, I'm...

I'm happy for them, you know, 'cause when two people find a moment... just, like, a moment, you guys, of real and true love that hasn't been ripped from your claws, just screaming and bleeding, you got to celebrate that.

Thank you, DeLuca. Whoo!



Thank you. Thank you, Andrew.

KIRSTEN: Um, well, um... Let's go take a walk. more announcement. It's more of a question, really.

Does, uh, anyone happen to have an EpiPen handy?

I, uh, seem to have, uh, accidentally eaten some shrimp, and I am quite allergic, and it just seems that my throat is just closing right now.

All right, all right. All right, okay, all right.

We got you.


She's going into anaphylactic shock.

Someone call 911. I'm on it.

No one had an EpiPen, but I did find a first-aid kit.

She's losing her airway. Any epi?

Uh, I don't see any.

Solu-Medrol? No.

Oxygen? Owen, it is a wedding first-aid kit.

There are Band-Aids and safety pins and...

Benadryl! Benadryl!

Uh, it's expired Benadryl, but...

Her throat's closing. Gonna have to put it in the rectum.

Okay, everybody turn around. [GROANING]

We're all doctors here.

Turn around. Ugh!

I can't get past the Spanx. Can I get some scissors?

Oh, here, here. Damn it.

We've lost the pulse. Starting compressions.

Ambulance is coming. It's in traffic.

Without an airway, she'll be dead by the time it gets here.

We need to crike her now. With what?

Uh, hey! You, you, you!

Get me the sharpest knife you have, just not the one that you used to cut the shrimp.



So, we caught it in time, and we put in a graft in the part of the aorta that had weakened.

She's gonna be okay.


Hey, I'm okay.

Aside from the part where I tanked your wedding.

I'm okay, baby. I promise.

Jacob, take this girl down to the cafeteria and put some food in her.

Then I want you to find that pastor and tell him you are getting married today.

No, I am not getting married today.

Y-You just had surgery. You are in the ICU.

Your Aunt Judy and all those annoying cousins of yours flew in from Kansas, and your best friend, she used all her personal days to take that damn bus across the country.

How long until she's out of the ICU?

A few days or maybe a week, depending on how she heals.

So, we'll just reschedule, then.

Stop. You two are alive.

You are alive, and you are together.

And the people you love came to celebrate you.

[VOICE BREAKING] And if you take that for granted for one second...


I don't want to do this without you there, Mama.

Maybe you don't have to.

Andrew, I know we don't know each other very well, but I do know how much it sucks to lose the person you love.

And I know that Sam wouldn't want you spending your time drowning in your pain.

Andrew, you're young, and you have that face.

You're gonna fall in love again, and you're gonna get your heart broken again.

And that's life.

And it's beautiful, and it's messy.

It's a beautiful mess, but you can't cling to what was.

You have to look to what might be...

Andrew... What?

...that is not what I meant.

It's not?

No, this is not a seduction.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry. Am I fired?

No, I'm flattered.

ALEX: Help! Jo: Help!

Do you hear that? Huh?

Help! Help! Help! Help!

Is that Alex? Alex: Help!


Alex! Help! Mer!

Oh! Hey!

Hey, get us out of here. Hey! You got to kick it in.

Okay, okay, stand back. I'm gonna try.

JO: Okay.


Oh. Oh, oh!

Thank you. Oh, my God!

We have to get you two to the wedding.

Yeah, also, there's a dead guy in there.

What? What?

Let's call 911.

No need to rush. Yeah...

Okay, let's go. Okay. Okay. Okay.

[BREATHES DEEPLY] You were a lifesaver today.

No, literally, I could not have saved her without you.

Well, I'm grateful I could help.

Listen, um, I know that you already have a chief of cardio.

I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to put you on the spot in there.

No, no, no, no. You didn't put me on the spot.

You just gave me one more sign.


...want to take a sabbatical.

No, no, no, no. Not from... from surgery.

I mean, from, ugh, paperwork and management and schedules and... and stress.

I want to take a sabbatical from stress.

I want to research and innovate and fall in love with the OR again.

And I want to spend time with the people that I love.

I want to volunteer to create gardens in urban food deserts.

And I want to watch TED Talks.

[CHUCKLING] I might even do a TED Talk.

I have all this money now... more money than I could ever need.

I could do all of that, and I still have this voice in my head telling me that... you know, because I'm a woman, that I can't.

I can't pause. I can't rest.

Ironically, I think it's the voice of the damn patriarchy.

So I'm done listening to that voice.

I'm listening to my own.


Dr. Altman... the position of interim chief just opened up.

I love my job, so it's temporary, but what do you say?

I say let's keep talking.

[DOOR OPENS] They're ready.

You ready? Uh, yeah.

Ready for a wedding? Let's do it.


RICHARD: Look, I can hear the ambulance.

It should be here in just a minute. We don't have a minute.

You ready? Yeah.

Okay, okay, okay. Let me get in there, Owen.

APRIL: Okay, we need a straw or a pen... something that will hold the airway open.

Who are you? Who is that? That's your wedding planner.

All right, let's stop compressions.

Okay. Here we go.



Okay, breathing. Straw.

Uh, this is... this is paper. This isn't gonna work.

Uh, uh... What do you need?

Pinwheel! Get me that pinwheel.


Hang on one sec, one sec, one sec.

Ready? All right, here we go.

She's breathing!

Got it.

Ah. Oh, my God.

ALL: No! No!


Oh, hey. Wow.

Glasses... Ohh.

He doesn't like the sight of blood.

Does this mean we get to eat some cake?

I'm starving.

Call me crazy, but I do not think there's going to be a wedding here today.




I'm so sorry about today.

Ah, I've had worse days. At least I laughed a lot today.


I'm so sorry about the job offer, also.

If I were you, I wouldn't take it.

And I don't want you to worry that I'll be offended if you don't.

Thank you.

I really meant what I said.

I loved working with you.

And Mass Gen would be lucky to have you.

♪ Tell me what your heart wants ♪ ARIZONA: Ugh.

Hey. Mommy, are we gonna miss our flight?

No. No, no, no.

But, you know what? I just want to help April and make sure that this mess gets cleaned up.

So, hey, you know what?

Let's go get her some water. Okay.

Come on. Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ Yours is like a flame ♪


Well, this didn't go according to plan.


♪ I can't make you see ♪ Let's try again.

I don't think Alex or Jo would have any interest in having me attempt for a second time.

I wasn't talking about them.

♪ I'll get through these chains somehow ♪ April, I love you.

So, Kirsten's finally set up at the local hospital, so she's gonna be okay.

♪ Somehow ♪ All day, I've watched you plan an entire wedding...

Oh. ...for other people, and I love that you're the only one who cares that it all went to crap. [LAUGHS]

I love...

I love how much you trust God.

I love how you sing to Harriet...


...and how you hold her little hands when you pray with her.

♪ Can't you see how much you hurt me? ♪ And I love the way you talk to Ruby.

You saved her. Mnh.

You saved me.


And I know that this is fast and crazy, but I...

I don't care... because I love...

I loved who you were five years ago, and I love you even more today.


I don't ever want to be without you again, and I almost had to be.

So [SIGHS] I don't want to waste any more time.

♪ My heart is like paper ♪ April, will you marry me?


♪ Yours is like a flame ♪ Yes.

WOMAN: I'm sorry. I got lost, and... and then I got lost again, and... and then...

Oh, did I miss it?



So, I just spoke to Jackson. The wedding planner is okay, and he said we could move the whole party back to his place since Catherine's ordering food.

Oh, that's great. Yeah.

Ah, thank you.

Also, I had an idea.

ALEX: Hey.

So, what do you want to do now?

You want to borrow my Post-it notes?


You know, even if I have to leave, I'm never leaving you.

You know that.

I know that.

And, uh, Maggie showed me something.

If you click that button right there, you can become an ordained minister instantly.

Really? Really.



Happily, there are other studies that tell us the real truth about the health benefits of marriage...


Is this crazy?

[CHUCKLING] Yeah. Yes?

Yeah, love makes you do crazy things.

And I'm really happy for you.

You gonna stay?

You want me to stay?


Yes, you're my...

Of course I want you to stay.

Then of course I'm staying. [CHUCKLES]

...which is that the benefits have nothing to do with marriage at all...

MEREDITH: For the longest time, ferry boats made me sad.

But from now on, I will look at them the way my husband did.

I will see the beauty.

I will see the wind, the air, the sea, the motion.

I will see the possibility because of the two of you.

I have never seen two people bring out better in each other.

And if the two of you can take this day and turn it into lemonade, then you can do anything.

...because those studies have shown that staying in an unhappy marriage is the worst thing you can do for your health and for your children.

So, better health is a direct result of healthy relationships.

You don't need a spouse.

You just need someone you can trust.

You need someone you can talk to.

♪ You made me feel like a million bucks ♪

♪ You do ♪

♪ And I was made for you ♪ Love you. Love you.

So, Alex Karev, do you want to marry Jo Wilson?

I do.

Do you, Matthew, take April as your wife?

I do.

Jo Wilson, do you want to marry Alex Karev?

I super do.

And do you, April, take Matthew as your husband?

♪ You see the smile that's on my mouth ♪ I do.

LILA: For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Jacob, repeat after me.

I, Jacob, take thee Lila to be my lawfully wedded wife.

By the power vested in me by the Internet...

And by the power vested in me and with God's abundant blessings, I pronounce you husband and wife.

...I now pronounce you married.

You may kiss the bride.

You may kiss the bride.


You need someone who will celebrate your wins and grieve your losses.

You need someone

- who can forgive you. [CELLPHONE CAMERA CLICKS]

♪ All of these lines across my face ♪ _

♪ Tell you the story of who I am ♪


♪ So many stories of where I've been ♪ You guys! Oh!

You may kiss the bride.

♪ And how I got to where I am ♪


♪ But these stories ♪

♪ Don't mean anything ♪ [CRYING]

♪ When you've got no one to tell them to ♪ I'm sorry. It's just... it's so beautiful.

♪ It's true that I was made for you ♪ Are you expecting?

♪ Oh, yeah, well, it's true ♪ I am. [SNIFFLES]


You need someone who will show up, no questions asked, and walk with you through every unexpected twist and turn life throws your way.