Grey's Anatomy S14E8 Script

Out of Nowhere (2017)


MEREDITH: There are some disasters you just don't see coming...

♪ Why're you looking lost ♪

♪ When you're standing right beside me? ♪ matter how carefully you plan.

♪ You were turning off ♪ So, this is the stuff of legend.

Your mother, Ellis Grey, won two Harper Avery Awards.

Is that a goal you've set for yourself?

Actually, I'd like to win three.

'Cause that would drive her crazy.

♪ And you're dreaming ♪ Hmm.

I imagine the toughest part of winning the Harper Avery Award is the question of what to do next. No.

The toughest part of winning a Harper Avery is this right here.

And next, I have a surgery. On a spleen.

So, if you're done...

Just a few more questions.

Can you walk me back to your time in college when you knew you wanted to pursue medicine and you felt... maybe you felt this was, like, for some greater good? Because I have to say...

The little surprise that changes everything.

I am your Chief Resident. What does that mean?

It means that I am your chief.

Your boss, your commander, your overlord, your queen.

It means when I speak, you listen!

And when you make mistakes, it reflects on me.

So no mistakes!

♪ Dreaming ♪ Was it good? Was it scary?

Very. Very scary.

Really? No.

What? Did... Didn't I sound like Bailey?

I was trying to sound like Bailey!

[CHUCKLES] Oh, no.



♪ It's in the blood ♪ What's that?

[SIGHS] DeLuca and that intern.

Again? Every day.

It's like some kind of addiction.

♪ It's in the blood ♪

♪ It's in the blood ♪

♪ It's in the blood ♪



Mm. No. It's just my alarm. It's fine.


Wait. Your alarm?! Oh, G... What time is it?

Oh, God!

Did we forget to sleep?!

Guess I'm showering here.


- In surgery, we call it a complication. [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS]



In life, it's a catastrophe.





[WHISPERS] Awkward.



You want me to run your surgical contest?

Your multimillion-dollar contest?

Okay, it's not my money. It's an anonymous donor's.

And it's not my contest. It's Grey-Sloan's.

Ever since we announced it, surgeons from all over have been calling, coming to kiss my ring and pitch to me.

And I keep thinking it's your ring they should be kissing.

Well, I feel like something else is getting kissed.

N-N-No. You are the "Chief Emeritus"!

You're an institution.

Bailey, stop trying to play a player.

You don't want to run this contest because you want to compete in it.

And I know because I do, too.

I need this! A-And you owe me!

You let my husband call his stupid fireman fantasy a fellowship.

He made an excellent case for it.

The Medic One program is...

You aided and abetted an imbecile.

I'll do it on one condition.


You tell me who the anonymous donor is.

[SIGHS] It...

It's Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Frank... No!

Do I need to define the word "anonymous"?

Come on, now. You owe me this!

Fine, Bailey. I'll take your contest.

But I'm not gonna keep it!


So, just know that I'm here for you.

I will lead and support you.

And in return, you will not be stupid or slow or... make me look bad.

She needs to work on that speech.



AMELIA: What's wrong?

I mean, you win a Harper Avery, and you barely have any time for surgery anymore.

Not a real problem. What's yours?

I'm saying yes to a Tinder date.

Also not a problem. See you tonight, Clive.

"Clive"? That's a problem.

I'm saying yes to possibility and to life and to love.

It's a whole lot of yeses for an early morning.

Maybe if it works out, he'll change his name for you.

Wilson, who do you got for me?

Oh, okay. Uh...

Parker, you're on cardio with Pierce.

I have a splenectomy, and I need a couple hands.

Ooh! Right here! I think you're amazing!

AMELIA: You're popular now.

I said try not to embarrass me.


You're with me. Let's go.


Would not have been my first choice.

But moving on. Okay, Shepherd?

Ooh! Ooh! Yeah! Uh...

Are you kidding?

Claude Markham, 66, here for a total thyroidectomy and bilateral neck dissection to rule out any nodal metastases.

Wow. You should have come in sooner.


But better late than never... is good.

Your initial cardiac workup looks good, but your lungs sound a little congested.

So we just want to do an echo to make sure that your heart can withstand surgery.

Should I... leave? For that?

Well, I-I think they'll just...

Oh, I... Well, I thought you might want someone with you.

Ohh. You shouldn't feel like you... you have to.

Oh, no, no, no. I know.

It's... It's whether you want company.

You can stay. I-If you want.

No. No. It's if you want. Have a seat.

Judy Kemp, 45, admitted for a laparoscopic diagnostic splenectomy for idiopathic splenomegaly.

"Idiopathic"? What's that mean?

It just means we can't figure out why you have an enlarged spleen.

So you'r the idiopaths, not me.


Well, it's not a thing a person can be. It's...

It's a joke, Schmitt.

I-Is the surgery gonna make my stomach feel better, hon?

Yes. Well, then, I'm all for it.

Let's kick this idiopath to the curb.

That doesn't quite work, either.

G... [SIGHS]

Dr. Grey, I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me today.

Well, I chose you because you were the only one who didn't suck up, so don't ruin it now.

It's hard when your reputation precedes you and people only see you in terms of "the legend."


Do you think we're friends?

I'm a surgeon, and you hand me things.

You don't get to talk about my "legend."

No, no! Not y-yours. I meant mine.

I just feel like I'm always gonna be the guy who dropped his glasses in a person.

Not yours. Y-Yours is great.

Your legend is legend...

Right. No. G-Got it... not friends.

Frankie Baner, 7 years old.

He is scheduled for a carotid canal AVM embolization tomorrow.

Frankie has Factor Five Leiden.

Okay. Which is?

FRANKIE: I know. Thick blood disease.

I'm the only kid in my class who's had a stroke.

Frankie's pre-admitted to reverse his anticoagulation with vitamin K before surgery.

That means my blood is like Kool-Aid.

You gotta make it like Jell-O.


[CHUCKLES] Okay, that was a nice job.

Um, just wait until his mom's in the room next time, 'cause she'll have questions.

My mom's in the bathroom putting on lipstick and stuff for Dr. Alex.

Oh. Is that right?

She talks about him all the time.


She told my aunt you're "stupid hot," but I said "stupid's" not nice.

Oh! You're all, um...

Sorry. I was just, um...

[CLEARS THROAT] Hi, there.

You are candy to the scared single mom.

Why do you think I got into peds surgery?

How's the new gig?

Oh, so good. They're so scared of me.

Really? No.

What do you think their deal is?

I know. It's like watching a deer trying not to scare another deer.


Or like a really bad first date.

He's got like 25 years on her, doesn't he?

Love is love is love.

No, you're right. It's gross.

Dr. Avery?! Uh, my father can't breathe!

Father! That makes more sense.


Bilateral rales. He's not moving any air.

Get me an intubation kit! He's flatlining.

Is he dead?! Did he die?! No, no, no. He's alive.

He's just having a little trouble breathing. That's all.

That monitor's not working right! Get him air!


Okay, ma'am!

I swear that poor lady didn't hear a word I said.

Bolus her with 250 of NS? On it.

So, Carina DeLuca, huh? That was fast.

I am newly single, Kepner. It's just fun.


Kepner, she's coding! Crash cart!

Got it! Come on! Charge to 200!



MAN: Need a crash cart!

Wait. Owen! Go, go! You go! Go!


Why is everybody dying?!


What's going on?!

Uh, ma'am... ma'am, you're okay. I'm what?!

Sir? Clear! Wait!


Oh, God! I'm so... I'm so sorry!

I was asleep! So sorry!

[SIGHS] What the hell is happening?



All of them?!


All of the monitors are out?


Will you try and calm these people down?

Uh, um, folks!

Everything's fine!

Just a little technical snafu with the monitors!

But you have nothing to worry about!

Un-Unless, uh, you do.

You came to the ER, so some of you probably do have genuine concerns, obviously...

We will have this rectified A.S.A.P.!

Thank you.

We have two incoming MVC patients.

Great timing. They can join the walking dead.

Is this just us? Or is it anyone else?

That is what I'm trying to find out. Okay.


MEREDITH: How are we doing?

[SIGHS] Y-You've done this a few times, right?

[LAUGHS] Many times. Are you nervous?

Never been in a hospital... never even broke a bone.

So... yeah. I've never been this nervous.

It's okay.

I am gonna go in through here, I'm gonna take out your spleen.

You'll be left with an incision about that big.

You won't miss it. Like it never happened.

Okay. Okay?

Okay. Thanks.


NURSE: This one's being weird.

I'll have another one brought in.


When did his headache start?

About 10 minutes ago. Could it be another stroke?

Page Shepherd and get a head CT.

Did he get his vitamin K last night to reverse the blood thinner?


I-I-I don't know what the... the...

He's asking you what he was given last... something to thin his blood or make it clot?

I know. I-I can't open his chart.

The screen is locked.




Bailey, OB is short-staffed, and they keep paging me, so, uh...

Dr. DeLuca's an OB, right?

Yeah, but she doesn't have privileges.

Uh, by the power vested in me, blah, blah, blah.

Now go find her and tell her she has temporary privileges to stop watching ladies masturbate and to help pull babies out of people.

Okay, in all fairness, she doesn't actually watch them masturbate.

It's like... Are you having this problem?

I can't get to the medical records.

Well, let me see if I can help.

I mean, I got it. It... This... And...

Well, why is it... Can I help you?

Uh, yeah, I'm Tim.

Tim Ruggles from I.T. You called me?

BAILEY: T... Uh, why can't I get into the medical records?

Oh, have you tried turning it off and turning it...

Don't finish that sentence, Tim.

Look. This problem's on every computer.

Oh. Man. Oh, no.

"Oh, no"?! I mean, 'cause...

Plus the cardiac monitors malfunctioning...

Cardiac monitors are malfunctioning?

W... I have to...

Yeah, go.

Oh, man. Okay.

All right, um, so, when you remodeled the hospital, the computer systems were all networked.

So these malfunctions might be related...

I don't care if they're related or not.

Just make it stop. I can't run a hospital without medical records and cardiac...

What did...


Hold on. What?

"Hello, Grey-Sloan Memorial."

"Currently, we control your hospital.

We own your servers. We own your..."

Tim, are you seeing this?!

Oh, man.

"We own your systems.

We own your patients' medical records."

This is so creepy.

JO: "To regain access to your medical records, you need an encryption key..."

BOTH: "...which only we have."

"You will need to pay us exactly 4,932... Bitcoin... to retrieve the key"?

APRIL: "Failure to pay this ransom in a timely manner will cause your records to be destroyed and your systems to..."

Let's keep our voices down.

AMELIA: When do we get the records back?

Look. I've got kids up there. I don't even know what meds they're on!

APRIL: We can't even order meds!

And we can't monitor our patients, so...

Okay, everyone stop!

I thought we were prepared for this.

We were supposed to have the whole cybersecurity seminar...

We are. It's this Friday.

AMELIA: Bailey, what the hell are we gonna do?

Ohh! Unh!

All right. See, that.

That right there is what we're not going to do.

We're not gonna go running around flapping our arms like the sky is falling, all right?

Just because we've lost our computers, we don't have to lose our minds, okay?


We need to take a deep breath.

We need to calm down because we don't want to panic our patients!

We will solve this problem, and we will solve it calmly and quietly.

So none of our very vulnerable patients needs to know that anything out of the ordinary is happening, okay?



AGENT: Everyone, step away from your computer.

Stop using the phones. Turn off your phones!

I need to speak with whoever's in charge.

Back away from that computer!

RICHARD: Um... I think people will know.


You can set up in here.

I'll need every computer in this facility powered down.

We need all employee cellphones to turn off Wi-Fi.

We're a hospital!

Are we supposed to communicate through carrier pigeons?

I don't have any carrier pigeons!

Just... work fast.

RICHARD: Take a paper chart. Make sure your pens work.

We're going to paper charts?

Well, it's worked pretty well for two centuries, Kepner.

Okay, everything gets written down, people.

And the phones are down, so share cell numbers.

We should not have each other's numbers.


Now gather up every portable monitor that we have... anything that is not already attached to a patient.

They go to the ORs first, then the ICU, and then the ER.

Uh, what are we using for ER monitors in the meantime?

We use the old-fashioned kind.

You are our monitors now, people.

I want you to rotate through your patients.

I want you to take and retake heart rate and BP.

Keep track on paper and notify Kepner of changes.

All right, everyone. Back to the Stone Age.

Disrespectful. Sorry.

Sir, we've got you, and your wife's being treated next door.

Is his CT back? Let me see.

Can't. It's in his records. So you can't see it.

I know. I just really want to throw something right now.

You, uh... throw this. It won't hurt anyone.

Is CT working? Do we have that?

No. Except for one.

The one that's not on the network yet.

Okay, he needs a repeat head CT. Let's go!

Is he dying? Is he gonna die? Like now?

Uh, your father has a condition called ARDS.

It's causing his lungs to fill up with fluid, and now they're failing.

Okay. So he's dying? I'd like to put him on ECMO.

That's cardiorespiratory bypass.

It'll oxygenate his blood for him so that his lungs can rest and heal.

So he's not dying?

No. No. He is not dying.

We would need you to sign this consent form for the procedure, okay?


That... That makes no sense.

I-I can't consent to anything. I barely know him.

I thought he was your father.

Oh, no, my mother left him when she was pregnant with me.

And my whole life, she just talked about how bad he was in bed, which, if you're wondering, was not really excellent parenting on her part.

And then, last month, at her funeral, he showed up.

And he's... he seems...

[SIGHS] I mean, he seems like a pretty good guy.

And he is the first and only father I have ever known.

[VOICE BREAKING] And I just met him.

I just met him.

I don't want him to die.

Is it weird that now I'm crying to two strangers over a man I just met?

It is, right? Yeah.

No. Sign the consent form.

Let us help him so that you can get to know him.




MEREDITH: We're okay without the portable because the anesthesia's monitor is working.

SAM: Okay, good, 'cause the computers, the phones, the labs... The labs are down?

Yeah. I guess, uh, most of these hacks are just, like, viruses to get access to patient files.

But this is a full-on attack, which is, you know...

We're all just trying not to panic!!

Try a little harder, Dr. Bello.

Yeah. On it.

[SIGHS] Hold the camera steady, please?

LEVI: Isn't it wild?

Technology has made it one of the best, safest times in human history to get sick.

But if the computer catches a bug, we're all completely screwed.


I-Is something...?

I'm thinking about converting to an open procedure.

Why? Why would y... Because of everything you just said.

Oh, God. Don't listen to me!

I'm operating on this woman with nothing but a tiny electronic camera to guide me.

No, it's fine. The scope is working.

It would take too long to convert to an open procedure, so I can get the spleen from here.

Let's just hurry up and get this done.

Sorry. [SIGHS]

ARIZONA: Hey. You came. Thanks.

Ohh. We're slammed.

On top of the... the hacking, we have a bunch of OBs that are out with the flu, so Bailey's gonna give you OB privileges and asked if you could help.

What hacking? Well, the computers are down.

We've been hacked.

Oh! I thought my last patient had the saddest climax I've ever seen, but it's just the screen was frozen.

Can you help?

Of course, Arizona.

Hey. How we doing here?

Uh, I-I keep telling them that we can't take patients.

But I'm super having a baby right now!

We were having a home birth... a water birth... and she panicked a little.

Um, let's get a gurney.

APRIL: Hey. How are the babies in the NICU?

Well, the NICU monitors aren't networked, so they haven't been affected. Thank God.

Um, hey, will you tell them to stop paging me for births?

'Cause I'm not an OB. Dr. DeLuca is.

So they should just page her.

Right. Yep. Okay.

You're the OB? Yes, I am.

I want an epidural. Okay?

And I want monitoring and painkillers.

And I want all your drugs.

And m... And machines and robots.


Who does this in a kiddie pool in their kitchen?

Just breathe. Just breathe.

My first patient! [LAUGHS]

I'm your first patient?!

No, no, no, no. In... In this hospital.


Move, please! We need to get a CT!

Oh, no. This is the CT line.

Everybody had the same idea.

Hey! I need priority.

My guy needs a head CT stat.

Yeah, so does mine.

Listen. My guy's an MVC, and he has two kids.

So? My guy's in kindergarten.

So, if you want to play human poker, my hand beats yours. No cuts.

It's not "cuts," Karev. This not high school.

Well, you're lucky, 'cause I was a wrestler in high school.



This is big. It is. It's big.

It's a real-time intrusion into our VoIP switches, DCs, and Active Directory.

Tim, I didn't understand anything after "big."

Just tell me how to stop it.

Okay, Denver Medical said they stopped the hackers.

But I know the chief. It was just PR.

They stopped them with money.

They paid the ransom.

That is not true.


But, yes, you are correct.

Well, they only want 5,000. Bitcoin.

Well, if that's all they want, hell, I'll write them a check right now.

Bitcoin! And why does he keep saying that?

They want 5,000 Bitcoin. It's virtual money.

Right now that translates to roughly $20 million!

20 w...


You gonna get your checkbook?


Normally, they hit you for an amount they think you can easily hand over.

I don't know why they'd ask for this much.

Because we announced the contest!

Oh, they came after us because they think we have it.

Can we get our hands on that much cash?

You paged?

I need $20 million. You need what now?

From the Avery Foundation.

Or from your grandfather's inheritance.

The "I'm buying a boat" money.

Look, patients are in danger.

And if we need to pay off some Cheeto-stained pirate nerd so he can move out of his mother's basement, then that's what we need to do.

Now, we could try to use the contest money, but I would prefer not to have to contact the anonymous donor.

Uh, can you help us out with a loan?

Yes. Absolutely. Thank you.

It's not that simple.

Oh, but it is that simple.

It's the simplest math there is.

Y-Y-You look at the value of money, and you compare that to the value of a human life, and unless you are a soulless monster who lives in a cave and eats children, you would see that there's no amount of money that should stand in the way of saving that life.

Now, um, how do I get some of that, uh, chipcoin?

Bitcoin. Bitcoin.

We're not gonna let you pay this!

Did you not hear What?

What I just said?

This is an unprecedented ransom.

If they go after this kind of money and get it?

Everybody will know.

People will pull this at every hospital in the country.


If they win here, you're endangering thousands of patients' lives.


Give my guys time to work.

I'm with Dr. Bailey on this. All right?

This hospital's in chaos right now.

Our patients are in real trouble, and we have the means to fix that.

Dr. Bailey, you say the word, I'll transfer the funds.



Uh, I don't know what it is that you're doing, but I bet you could do it faster.

JACKSON: Hey, how's Claude?

I put him on ECMO. He's stable for now.

Can he be moved? Is he safe for transport?

It's that bad?

Yeah, anybody who's dependent on a machine, we should really move them right away.

Okay, yeah, we can transport him on ECMO. Let's do it.


Hey! Hey! Will you tell them to stop paging me to OB?

I can deliver babies, but I am not an OB.

I used to be a pediatric surgeon, and now I work on fetuses and moms.

And I did not go into ladies' vaginas because I do not like to mix business with pleasure.

That was me. I sent for you.

W-Why? My patient is terrified.

She wants drugs that I can't access, and she's too far along to go somewhere else.

So, uh... What do you want me to do about it?

She won't listen to me.

Since I suggested that her partner initiate an orgasm...

Yeah. See... [CLEARS THROAT]

You got to be real choosy about when you bust that out.

You are the kindest person here.

You work with mothers. You are a mother.

I thought you could calm her down, no?


I mean, yes.

Thank you. Okay.



Her abdomen's distended, but I can't see any free fluid.

All right. Let's roll her up to CT to rule out a hemoperitoneum, okay?

Oh. CT's backed up.

It'll be an hour before she's scanned.

Damn it! She doesn't have that long!

I think there's blood in her belly.

I need a newspaper.

A wh...

A damn newspaper! Oh, o-okay. Okay.




I need this! Emergency!

Hey! Sorry!

Okay. It's a little pinkish.

But the real test is... if you can read the paper through it, there's not a clinically significant amount of blood in the belly, okay?

Ooh! 10 down is "Jacuzzi." She's okay.

That is... really cool.

That's how we did it... in the Stone Age.



AMELIA: Frankie's CT looks clear, but it could be too early to see a new clot or a bleed.

So we're gonna watch him very closely.

Okay. How, uh, worried should I be?

Oh, we got this. We've got him.

Okay. Thank you.

I'm concerned it might be an early warning of another stroke.

I found him!

Oh, good. I need to know if Frankie Baner got his vitamin K last night.

I wasn't working last night. [SCOFFS]

Who was? I don't know.

It's in the medical records.

The medical records. I need to know if I should put him on heparin or not, because if he doesn't need it, it could cause a brain bleed.

AMELIA: And if he needs it and doesn't get it, we're talking about a possible stroke.

You don't know who was on this morning?

I don't. Doc McStuffins was on!

Who? She's not a real doctor.

Frankie says he got an injection. He can't remember from who.

But he was watching "Doc McStuffins."

His mom says it's on at 6:00 a.m., so who was...

At 6:00? Karen! She's on a 12-hour split.

Uh, she was heading to L&D.

Call L&D.

No phones. Got it. I'm going.

Should we tell her what's going on?

Well, I'm a big advocate for truth telling when it can do any good at all, and it usually can, but in this case, it'll only cause panic.

Dr. Webber?

His heart rate's been at 160 since he came in.

Mm-hmm. He had a Red Bull and Adderall.

I'd give him adenosine to bring his heart rate down, but it's contraindicated for asthma.

Uh, that's easy. Put him in... in Trendelenburg, man.

I turn him upside down?

Yeah, yeah. You know, if that doesn't work, dunk his head in a bucket of ice, huh?

For real?

[SCOFFS] For real, DeLuca.

Okay. It stimulates... the vagus nerve, okay?

Because, back in my day, we didn't have a pill for every little thing.

We had to do what the pill does.

Flip him and dip him.

Yes, sir! [LAUGHS]

Um, gonna go get you some ice.

OWEN: Okay, come on. Okay, finally.

Uh, I need a pan CT, without contrast...

Come on!

WOMAN: Okay.

MEREDITH: Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

I knew it. Bag her!

Do we have headlamps?


Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, God! Oh! Oh!

Schmitt, don't move!

[SHAKILY] Well, what do we do now?

If you can't even see what you're doing, what do you do?!

She's gonna... Schmitt, if you don't shut up...


We don't panic, is what we don't do.

Let's prep for a laparotomy to open her up.

I need a Bookwalter and a 10 blade.

And I need four units of B-neg.

Uh, we... we can't. No phones.

Okay, well, send someone down to get it.

I will. I'm on it!

Not you! I need the assist!

Forget it now. You're out of the sterile field.

Just... Just go.

Shoot. Sorry! Sorry! I-I-I could just, um...

Just go. And hurry.

He almost lasted a full 10 minutes without screwing up, Oki.

Let's get this woman out of here.


MAGGIE: We're airlifting him to Snohomish Medical Center.

Do you know where that is? Yes, I'll go there now.

But why are we moving him?

I-Isn't it dangerous?

You said yourself, he... he's unstable.

If the power goes out again, so does Claude's blood circulation.

The hospital's experiencing some... technical difficulties right now.

But I assure you, it's far more dangerous if we don't move him. We'll see you there.


Well, this is pretty weird, huh?

What is?

Naomi just met her dad.

You just met your dad. I just met my dad last year.


I didn't... I didn't know that.

Yeah. Um, it's no big deal.

I mean, technically, I guess I knew him when I was little, but the only memory I have is throwing me up and catching me in the pool once.

You had a pool in Boston?

Oh, no, no, no. The... The club pool.

Not the Charles River Country Club?

Yeah, as a matter of fact.

No. No way! What?

I was there!

You were a member of Charles River?

No, no. I wasn't a member. I worked there.

We... We come from very different families.

Yeah. Thank God for that. [CHUCKLES]


Let's go!

MEREDITH: Suction here. Right angle.

Do you want the bovie?

I don't want anything that plugs in.

This tissue is so friable.

Where is Schmitt with that blood?!

JO: Frankie Baner, the Factor Five kid with the AVM.

Yeah, I know who you mean. Tell Smith I'm coming with his plasma right now! Did he get his reversing agent, his vitamin K?

He said you gave him something at 6:00 this morning.

No, I didn't. Yes, you did. "Doc McStuffins" was on!

Did someone change the code on this door?

9-6-9-3. I was stuck with the Lincoln kid.

I asked someone else to do it.

That's what I'm trying. 9-6...

Levi, shut up!

I need blood!

Who? Who did you ask to do it?

Taylor, I think. Girl Taylor or boy Taylor?

Boy Taylor! What is wrong with you?

9-6-9-3! It doesn't work!

Did someone change this code?!


Okay, he won't stop throwing up.

Why? Is it another clot? It's the pain.

The headache can cause nausea. But it's getting worse.

I mean, why aren't you guys doing anything for him?

W-We're trying to get a line on his meds.

Can you just... Mm-hmm?

Yeah, yeah. I'm here. I got him.

I just want to rinse this off.

Yeah. I got him. [MOANS]


You're okay.

I feel like I'm gonna die.

What? You're not gonna die.

Will you do me a favor?


If I die... will you marry my mom?


She really likes you.

And I know she'll be safe.

You're not gonna die.

No! No, we are not staying here!

I'm not having my baby by flashlight!

Hey, look, the lights just came on, so hold on, all right?

Nope, we're going to a hospital that's not celebrating Pioneer Days!

Babe, get back in bed. Come on. [GROANS] No!

Peggy, why are you walking like that?

I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. [GROANS]

Okay, I'm just gonna check it. All right.

Okay, that's it. That's the baby.

What? No. No, no, no.

Okay. I can feel your baby's head. She's coming.

No, no, no. Okay, let's go.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not ready.

I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I'm not a mom. I'm not a mom.

I don't think that way. I'm not kind or selfless.

I mean, I know you are, babe, but I'm not. I'm not.

I'll lose her in a supermarket or something.

Yeah, she'll get l-lost or... or hurt or something.

I'm terrible. I'm a terrible person.

I can't do this. Please don't make me do this.

I'm not a mother! Whether you like it or not, this baby is coming, so let's go.


Get me that gurney. Here we go.


ARIZONA: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Let's lay down. I can't move.

Yes, you can. Look at me, Peggy.

Peggy, you just need to push, okay?

I can't do this! Mnh-mnh. You can. Yes, you can.

No! No! Hey! Look at me!

I know that you don't feel ready and I know you feel like everything is going to change in an instant.

But you feel blindsided now? You trust me...

You're gonna take one look at this baby, and you won't remember anything else.

You won't care what life was like before you met her.

Believe me. You want to meet her.


Okay? Okay.

I'm gonna need you to push. Ready?

Yeah. Breathe. Take a deep breath.

And... Peggy, push.

Push, push, push, push, push!


You got this. Yes, yes, yes! You got this, Peggy! Yes!

Yes, yes, yes! Keep going, keep going.


You've got this! You've got this!

You've got this! [SCREAMS]



DAYNA: Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Peggy!




Hi, there.



Congratulations. Thank you.


Nice work.


I haven't delivered a baby since I started my research.

And this is my first patient here, and I totally screwed the dog.

Uh, the pooch.

You screw... You screwed the pooch.

Oh. And you didn't. You didn't.

You were smart, and you called me, and we made a good team.

I think so, too. [CHUCKLES]

I've missed you.

I've missed you, too.

So, um, aren't you... aren't you with Hunt now?

Nah. He tells me every morning that it's just for fun and we're not a "thing."

Well, that's so good.

[PANTING] Excuse me!

Uh, we should...

Yeah. Si. - Okay.

I just can't stand here and do nothing.

I can't just watch this.

Well, let's lay it out.

Frankie has a known risk for ischemic stroke.

He has no known history of hemorrhagic ones.

We have no reason to believe this is a brain bleed, but we have every reason to believe he may have thrown another clot.

If... If I were a gambler...

Yeah, yeah. I know what I gotta do.

MEREDITH: Well, maybe you got the code wrong.

LEVI: I didn't. They have changed the codes.

We are locked out of the blood bank.

No. No!

I went to the one on four, as well. I tried them all.

Well, I mean, they could break the door down, then.

This woman needs blood! Get in here!



Damn it. Damn it, damn it! Dr. Grey, you have got this!

I-I just... I just mean... y-you won a Harper Avery.

If anyone can do this, you... you can.

No. I don't have this.

Because if I knew I didn't have access to blood, I never would have opened her up.

So I don't have this. No one's "got this."

Who's O-neg? What?

She needs O-neg or B-neg. And I'm AB, so I'm out.

Who's got... O-neg? Anyone? Anyone O-neg?



JACKSON: You all right? MAGGIE: No. Yeah. I'm...

I've never been on a helicopter before.



I cannot believe you worked at the club.

I mean, I definitely would've noticed you.

No. No, you wouldn't have. Not back then.


I mean, maybe you're right.

I guess there are some people you don't see right away.

But, um... some people just sneak up on you.


Oh, God. Okay.

- You all right? Okay.

- You're good. Mm-hmm.


What did you mean...

"Thank God we're from different families"?



Aah! Aah! Oh, my God!


Oh, my God! Oh, my...

The old man's tube came loose! I can't catch it!

- I got it! I got it! No!

It's not stopping! I got it. Hold pressure.

Bailey, they've locked us out of blood supply, records, and meds now.

We need to talk about evacuating patients.

[EXHALES SHARPLY] Okay, are we close?

Are we close, at all, to stopping this?

Ma'am, it takes time...

It's not "ma'am." It's "Doctor."

And it's not "Doctor." It's "Chief."

Look, and while I am not unconcerned about your thousands of hypothetical patients, they're out of my control.

What is in my control are the hundreds of very real patients in my care... and at least one child who needs medicine, and that medicine, right now, is $20 million that I can pay to save him.

So you know what? I am... making this damn phone call and I am paying this money.

And after I've done that, hey, feel free to arrest me if you see fit.


Who are you calling?

I'm calling Aretha Franklin.

MAN: Okay. Hold on tight.


We're clear to land.


MEREDITH: In surgery, we call it a complication...


How are you doing? Ugh!

Oh, I just, uh, don't love seeing the blood.

And yet you're a surgeon.

You know... my blood.


You got this, Schmitt.

[GROANS] You got this.

...a disruption, a glitch...

Taylor! - ...a nasty surprise.

Did you give Frankie Baner vitamin K?


This morning, did you give Frankie Baner vitamin K?

Can we give him heparin? Frankie...

Baner! Hang on. I'm trying to remember!

You have to remember!

Oh. Frankie! With the AVM!


N-No, no. We didn't reverse him yet.

That was scheduled for the day shift.

Okay, so he's still anticoagulated.

Oh, geez. Don't give him heparin now!

He'll bleed out! Okay. Got it!

No heparin! Thank you!

It calls for extreme measures.

You have to react quickly.

Try to catch up.

ALEX: This might make you a little cold at first, but then you're gonna feel a lot better, buddy.

Because it came out of nowhere.


Come on, come on, come on!

[BUSY SIGNAL] Come on!



And it can take everything away.

Hey, Brooke.

Oh, wait. It's... It's "Jo" now, right?