Grey's Anatomy S16E13 Script

Save the Last Dance for Me (2020)

"I needed more time."

I can't tell you how often I've heard surgeons say this after losing a patient.

Not me.

Oh, damn it.

They're moving Suzanne to the CCU.

She's spiking fevers again. She's got chest pain.

It just doesn't make any sense.

I know. I just hope Dr. Riley can help.

Who's that?

You know, the... the doctor from San Francisco I'm bringing.

UCSF? I didn't tell you?

No, but we didn't do much talking last night.

She's supposed to be this diagnostic genius, and I might have used your name to lure her here.

Ooh, resourceful.

Look, at some point, we probably should talk about this.

We will, but you should go save Suzanne's life first.

We think in time, we talk in time...

Doses per day. Life expectancy.

Take two and call me in the morning.

Good morning. Is it?


Mwah. Mwah.

Okay, come on, come back to bed with me.

No, I wish.

I have to go check up on that foster kid you brought in last night.

Joey, yeah. How's he doing?

That's what I need to find out.

He doesn't even know that his brothers and sister were taken away.

Who has to tell him?

You're looking at her.

I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry.

You asked me to try to keep them together.

Miranda, we both know that even the chief of surgery has no power over Social Services.


Keep me posted. I will.

I love you. Mm-hmm.

Don't sleep all day.

You always tell me not to let you sleep all day, and then you sleep all day. Mm-hmm.

And what is a heartbeat if not a ticking clock?

I'm gonna sleep all day.

A clock that's always counting down. Whoa!

Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.

Kids were sick again.

Um... what's going on?

Pac-North's been purchased.

By the Fox Foundation.


What, really?

How? Why?

Well, you see, Catherine and I got into a fight, and now...


And now we have to report to Grey-Sloan and interview to keep our jobs.

An interview with...

Don't say Tom Koracick.

Tom Koracick. Ah...

Richard, how big was this fight?

It was pretty big.

Does Karev know?

Eh, well, he's dealing with family issues in Iowa.

I call him and tell him the place was gonna close, and he texts me a "laugh until you cry" emoji with a party hat.

Hey, guys, happy first day!



Ooh, I'm nervous!

Like it's the first day of school or something.

Wish I had one more day in your bed.

But I guess you don't.

Aren't you getting sick of staying at my place?

I mean, there's no room to put your stuff.

But, like, we could find room.

No, yeah, hypothetically, but we're not at the cohabitating step, right?

Thank you. Right.

I mean, look, you'll love your own place.

You just gotta, you know, find one.

Dr. Dees... Dr. Dillon Dees to ICU.

Lads, say hello to Dr. Grey, please.


Hi. Nice to meet you.

There was a time when they loved having a tour of whatever hospital it was I was working in.

Now they just want to know where the cafeteria is.

Is there no school today?

Parent-Teacher Conferences. Oh.

Come on, come on, come on.

Put it back.

Did I see a certain chief resident leave the house this morning?

Did you?

Hmm, that's interesting.

So you're back together?

I don't know. Why are you so interested?

Hmm, I'm anxious, and I deflect when I'm anxious.

Also I'm looking for examples of love enduring hardships.

Well, I wouldn't go that far yet.

But the sex is great.

Does that count?

Doesn't hurt.

Don't worry, Link's not with me.

Why would I be...

I know that you're getting the paternity results back today, and I know that you've been avoiding him ever since he said that he wanted the test, and I know that you're not happy about it, either, but Link may look like a department store mannequin, but he is actually human, and he gets to have feelings.

He gets to be mad. He gets to have doubts.

He gets to be upset that he got taken for a ride.

It was not my intention to take...

Your intention doesn't really matter here.

What matters is the reality of the situation, and when two people love each other, they just need to be given all of the information so that they can process it and rise.

Because if given the chance, they will rise.

Are you going through something?

Alex, uh, hasn't been returning my calls.

He says that he's going through something, and he needs time, and if I didn't know better, I would think he was getting revenge for when I needed time.

But, um, I know he would never do that, so...

I'm sorry. I'm anxious, and I...

Deflect when you're anxious.

Me too.

Link loves you.

Stop avoiding him.

So, who are you bringing back?


Don't act like you haven't decided.

It's not an act, it's a managerial nightmare.

I promise, I'll let you know as soon as I've made a decision.

What decision?

Foundation's absorbing Pac-North and its employees.

Oh... Yep.

In that event, uh, I'd like to make some recommendations.

About the people you impulsively fired to set in motion a chain of events I'm still trying to clear up?

No, thank you, I'll conduct the interviews myself, and make my decisions.

And here I thought you and I were making friends.

You did? That's so nice to hear.

Causes of undulant fever include brucellosis, babesiosis, typhoid, leptospirosis...

Slow down, dude.

Oh, good Lord, people.

Just because you're injured doesn't mean you can't shower.

Dr. DeLuca said we could only eat and sleep.

Hey, what you got?

Blood cultures and ELISA came back negative for all of that, and her lymph node biopsy's clear as well.

Which means no lymphoma.

Right. Isn't no lymphoma a good thing?

I don't want to walk back there and tell them that I have nothing.

Well, then, figure it out, and you won't have to.


Be part of the solution, Helm.

And, Simms, take a shower.

Matty's 13!

I should have years before she's in the kissing stage.

What about Scott Thompson? Well, that was different.

He gave me a Styx record.

Well, maybe Taylor gave Matty something.

Wait... Matty kissed Taylor? Yeah.

Taylor Olson? Yeah.

Good morning, Hadley.

Suzanne, how are you feeling?

She's been digging up dirt on you.

It's called research.

I didn't exactly have to do a lot of digging.

Hospital Hell.

Did you see that article?

That piece was intended to highlight weaknesses within the entire health care system, and the surgeon who wrote it actually recently came back to work here.

You're... You're not gonna find better, more competent care in the whole Northwest.


Can I help you?

Excuse me?

I'm Dr. Lauren Riley. Right.

I'm here for a consult with Dr. Meredith Grey.

It's nice to meet you, Ms. Britland.


And you are...

She is our master diagnostician. Oh, thank God.

I'm going to ask about a billion questions and run even more tests.

I will annoy you greatly, but in the end, it will be worth it, okay?

I like you already.

I want a full autoimmune panel, a pericardial fluid culture, and a cytology.


We... We already did those.

Do them again.

And page cardio.

I need to know why the fluid is building up, because it will happen again.

And can you tell Dr. Grey I'm here already?


The competence is just slapping me in the face right now.


Dr. Picado, 4622.

Dr. London Picado, extension 4622.

Okay, folks.

A-As you can see, I've got a lot of interviewing to do.

I'll be as efficient as possible, but thank you for your patience.

Chief Karev is on personal leave, so I've been acting as interim and...

Cool story, bro.

Okay, then, first up, Dr. Webber. Yeah.

You'll be happy to hear, uh, Dr. Fox was, uh, very clear.

Your job is safe.

What's that supposed to mean?

Your wife wants you here at Grey-Sloan, big guy.

She wants you here enough to buy a craptastic hospital and pretend it's an investment.

No. No?

No, I thought I could do this, because I miss Grey-Sloan, because I miss Bailey and... and Meredith, and... and Bokhee and OR 2.

God, how I miss OR 2.

But if Catherine thinks she can just move me where she wants like she's playing chess and I'm some pawn...

You're not a pawn. A rook at least. Maybe a knight.

You tell Dr. Fox she can go to hell.

Look, I... I take it back.

You are her queen!

Well, checkmate!

You don't look old enough to be a doctor.

Well, I don't always feel old enough to be a doctor, so...

When did the pain start?

Well, I first heard her gasp about 20 minutes out of Tacoma.

We came here to attend the Seattle Ballroom Championship.

We won first place five years in a row back in our prime.

Can I check your abdomen?



You should probably know she has cancer.

Stage IV colorectal.

Didn't respond to chemo...

So we're living our best life. Mm.

Wow, okay, Irene, I think you may have an intestinal obstruction.

I'm going to admit you.

I'll have to get a CT and a few tests.

Do you think we'll be out in time to go to the waltz showcase?

We'll cut the line if we have to.

My success rates far outnumber both national and international averages.

And, um, if you weigh my outcomes against only the top programs in the country, you'll find that I still outperform...

Um... Are you gonna get that?

I'm sure it can wait. As I was saying...

I'm sorry, I'm being... I'm being paged.

I don't understand.

Catherine had me re-instate your privileges last night.

But I had to bring you in here to, uh, kill some time so folks out there wouldn't feel you were being shown favoritism.

Which you most certainly are.

Well, thank you so much.

Don't thank me, thank Altman.

She was gracious enough to allow you back into her department.

It's my department.

It was, then you ghosted us.

Dr. Altman has had years of experience running cardio floors.

So, she's home with two sick kids today, so, uh, just make sure you keep her posted on your service.



And, uh, don't keep your patient waiting.


Where are they?

I told you, I don't know, but I need you to stay still while I finish this exam.

Joey? Hi, I'm Dr. Bailey.

I was here last night when you came in.

Do you know where my brothers and sister are?


Um, are you almost finished here, Dr. Kim?

Pulse is weaker.

We're gonna need a CT angio and another chest X-ray, please.

Right away, Doctor.

Where are they? Are they okay?

Tell me, please! Joey...

Joey, your siblings were here when you came in last night.


They waited as long as they could, but...

You reported them. I'm sorry.

I'm legally obligated when the kids...

To what?

Tear apart the only family I have?

They're with social workers.

You broke them up? They aren't even together?

I honestly don't know, but, no, they're safe.

Right, 'cause everyone knows the foster system is so safe.

Uh, Dr. Kim has ordered some more tests, so let's get those done.

In the meantime, I will call Social Services and find out what I can, okay?

Suzanne, try to keep still for me, okay?


So, you lost 25 pounds two years ago?

Were you dieting?

I had a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old who were maniacs and never let me sit down.

Is that a diet?

And you never gained the weight back?

No, and I was more than happy to throw out the mom jeans.

Dr. Pierce, what do you see?

That's not a good face.

There's too much fluid.

I need to do a pericardial window.

Okay, I need the dummy words.

It is a procedure in which I make a small hole in the membrane around your heart to prevent fluid from accumulating.

This is ridiculous.

Suzanne, they want to cut into you again?

If we're starting over, then we might as well do it someplace else.

We are not starting over.

Yes, we are.

I approach my patients as if I'm meeting them on their first day in the hospital.

You'd be amazed at what can slip through the cracks.

They don't even agree on what they're doing.

I'm too tired to move, anyway.

Plus, my kids really like the mac and cheese in the cafeteria.

This isn't funny. Hadley, they're trying.

Let them.

Thank you. We'll be back to prep you soon.

Dr. Clark to the ICU.

Dr. Annabelle Clark to the ICU.

Where is Dr. Grey?

Uh, she's in surgery right now.

She's right there.

I'll go book an OR.

Dr. Grey?

Dr. Lauren Riley.

It's good to finally meet you.

Oh, my consult from UCLA.


Suzanne Britland isn't your patient, is she?

I have consulted on her case.

Um, and I'm at a loss.

And I've heard great things about you.

It was great to meet you.

If you'll excuse me, I'm being paged.

You lied to me.

I prefer the word "lured."

I prefer the word "leaving."

Okay, uh, Dr. Riley, look, please, i-if you leave now without cracking this case, it's gonna drive you crazy.

It'll keep you up at night.

It's too rare, we're too lost, and you're too good to just walk away.


Uh... You. What's your job?

Mabel Tseng. Second year resident.

That's great. Uh, uh, come on in.

Tom, a word.

Please, um, patience, Hunt. Just, uh, patience.

Yeah, um, listen, it's just, you know, you've interviewed all the attendings but me, and now you're interviewing the residents.

And it just seems a little bit like it's some kind of a game, Tom.

Don't worry, I'll have you out of here in time for your wedding.

When is it, again?

I... I... I can't...

Uh, Dr. Tseng, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Yeah. Right this way. Thanks.

Yeah. There we go.

Dr. Willem... Dr. Harrison Willem...


Are you lost?


Do you know how to get to the exit?

The nurse said I could get some fresh air.

Oh. Which nurse?

Nurse Jones?

Good guess. I would've gone with that or Smith.

Let's go. What?

No. Where? Back to your room.

Your unbandaged wounds gave you away.

So you don't need to worry.

They said it wouldn't take long.

That's right, we'll have your mom out in less than an hour.

Where's Hadley?

She and Mei Li went to go get Grandma.

She had too much wine at the sports bar again.

Sweetie, I think that maybe you and I should talk about what happened on the field trip, with you and Taylor.

Hadley told you?! She swore she wouldn't.

Honey, why would you want to talk to Aunt Hadley about it and not me?

The principal only told her because you weren't there.

I don't want to talk to anyone!

Matty, wait!

She only started doing that when she realized I couldn't physically follow her.

Never have children.


Well, I'm happy you called.

The, uh...

Are the results back?

No. Uh, no, not yet.

Um, tonight.

I'm... anxious.

Got it.

What's gonna happen?

We meet back here at 7:00, we look at a piece of paper that spells out the baby's biological paternity.

What's gonna happen then?

I don't know.


But, um, could you try to know?

What happens with us if we find out that it's Owen's?

You said that you loved me.

Was that true?

Do you want to be with me, Link?

Do you want to be in this baby's life?

You and Owen have a complicated history.

I mean, you left him when you found out that Teddy was pregnant with his baby because you knew how much it would matter to him.

So it's crazy to me to think that that history won't shape your future if Owen's the father.

And my future.

I love you, Amelia.

I do. And I...

I need to know.


You hear that?

That's your blood flow. That's good.

That's bad.

If you leave here now, best-case scenario, we amputate your arm.

Worst-case scenario, you die.

Karev? I caught him trying to leave, thought I would tell him what would happen if he did.

Joey, I spoke to Social Services, and they told me they do everything they can to keep siblings together, so...

But we aren't related.

So, no, they won't.

We were all in a foster home together, and... and things got real bad, so we ran away.

I made a promise that we would never split up.

I know you don't get it, but I have to go.

I lived in 12 foster homes in 5 years.

For a few months, I had these foster siblings that I really loved.

When we got separated, we came up with a system.

On Wednesday nights at 7:00, I would call their foster home, let the phone ring once, and then hang up.

On Mondays, they would do the same for me.

And then I got moved again, so...

Joey, I do understand.

They're little.

And they're scared.

And we were never supposed to be separated.

They're my family. I know.

But you can't help them if you're dead, right?

Oh, I guess Koracick gave at least one person a job.

As not chief of my department.

How's Richard doing?

Not great. How's Catherine?

Mourning in her typical way... traveling and buying a bunch of extravagant stuff.

When we broke up, I went online and bought a pair of jeans.

Catherine went to Paris and bought a hospital.

Do you think there's any saving them?

I really don't know.

I hope so.

Dr. Grey?

You haven't seen my boys by any chance, have you?

Um, no.

Are they hiding, or just maybe wandering?

They're just trying to torture me and make sure we're late for the conference, you know?

Sometimes I think I hate them.

No, I mean, I don't, obviously.

Maybe I do.

Oh, I don't know how you do it... the kids, the job, stay sane.

Who says I'm sane?

The city shut off my water once because I forgot to pay the bill, and I didn't even notice.

My daughter had to tell me.

Dr. Grey?

I'll, uh...

I'll leave you to it.

This is bad.

It's... It's bad, right?

Ooh, that's a lot of mets, Schmitt.

You pulled up the wrong year, honey.

It's 1983. No, just wait for it.

Wait for it. Not '82.

No, hey, here. Yeah.

Grapevine underarm turn, right forward across, and that's the moment we won right there.

Immaculate. You were immaculate.

Always were.

We love the Internet.

Get to watch ourselves all over again.

Most people hate it for that very same reason.


Irene, this is Dr. Grey. Hi.

Have you been having shortness of breath?

Because your lungs, uh...

You said it was a bowel obstruction, so why are we talking about lungs?

I'm sorry, it's...

A bowel obstruction is causing your pain, Irene, but the cancer is... is in your liver and your lungs, and it... it has spread throughout your body.


Can you operate on... on... anything?

With this degree of metastasis, your immune system is severely compromised, and I'm just not sure you would recover from a surgery.

I can't recommend it.

I'm very sorry.

You're a doctor, sweetheart.

The doctor's not supposed to cry.

I'm sorry. It's, uh... It's allergies.

Dr. Schmitt will set up a consult with our palliative care team, and they will make sure that you're comfortable.

Again, I'm very sorry I don't have better news for you.

I asked Ben to look into his history.

Parents died in a car accident when he was 5.

No relatives came forward, and he's been bouncing in and out of foster homes ever since.


He's a good kid.

He's a smart kid.

He's a straight-A student.

And he's been raising three foster siblings on his own for months.

So what's gonna happen to him?

Nobody wants to adopt a 17-year-old.

All they see is someone who is basically an adult and figure that he can fend for himself, but he's... he's not, and he can't.

Welcome back, Dr. Pierce.

Thank you, Dr. Knox.

Back? What does he mean "back"?

Where... Where were you, and how long were you gone?

Are you rusty?

Because... No, I was, um...

I took a...

She took a break... a short break... and now she's well-rested and she's ready.

And, Suzanne, Dr. Pierce is an extraordinary surgeon.

You're in very good hands.

Okay, Suzanne?

Count back from 10 for me.

Taylor Olson is a girl.

My sister thinks that Taylor is a boy, but my daughter Matty was kissing a girl at school.

Which means that my sister basically just outed my daughter, and she doesn't even know it.

Matty must be... furious, and... confused.

And I don't know... happy?

In love?

Definitely in need of her cool, supportive mom, and not her uptight Aunt who never wanted to be a parent.

And my youngest, Mei Li, she was already an orphan once, so she will never recover if I don't make it off this table, so you can't let me die.

Got that?

My kids really need me.

Suzanne, we've got you.

Dr. Bells to L&D. Dr. Debra Bells to L&D.

Dr. Schmitt?

Norman, hi.

I'm paging the palliative care department.

I understand.

But before you do that, I... I wondered...


You remind me of my grandson.

You want me to call him? No, no.

He's all the way back in Baltimore, but... you are kind.

And gentle.

Just like him.

And that made me think that maybe I could ask if you could do a sad old man a very big favor.

Literally anything.

Did you identify the phrenic nerve?


Okay, and you have good mobilization of the pulmonary ligament?

Ooh, decompression is good.

Did someone ask you to babysit me?

You have double-checked me on every step.

Was it Koracick? Wasn't anyone.

I'm just really worried about Suzanne.

Did you listen to her when we were putting her under?

She's not here for my feelings... she's here for my hands and my expertise, and that is my focus, and it should be yours, too.

Surgery was smooth?



Okay, when she wakes up, we need to withdraw all treatment.

All antibiotics, all antifungals, and steroids.


Why would we do that?

We've already tested for infectious diseases, malignancies, and autoimmune disorders, and now we're at the point where we have to consider there's some clue that's being suppressed by the medication.

We need it to present itself.

Dr. Riley...

Suzanne needs those antibiotics to treat a form of infection that we can't find.

And the steroids to treat her pericarditis.

If we do what you're saying, she could go into septic shock and be dead in days.

I don't know, Maggie, what do you think?

I think it's reckless and cavalier, and I believe that you'd be making a catastrophic mistake.

Make sure you follow up on the path of those pericardial fluid analyses and, uh, keep me posted.

Dr. DeLuca, you asked me for my recommendation.

This is it.

I need you guys! Uh, well, not all of you.

I-I need those guys.

Can they come to the cafeteria with me?

Yeah, go.


Need to rest my feet.


Need to rest my feet every 50 yards or so these days.

You mind? No, go ahead.

I'm a little worried that all the rage seeping out of me might infect you or trigger labor or something, but if you're willing to chance it, then...

Who are we raging at?

Who do you think?

Ah. Mm.

He made you interview for your old job?

No, he made me wait all day, then he made me interview.

Now he's made me wait out here again while he consults with Catherine Fox.

And you're doing it?

Yeah. Why?

Because if I give him just one reason not to give me a job here, then he wins.

He doesn't like me. He doesn't want me around.

You stole his girlfriend.

Hell yeah I did.

You won. Hmm?

You got the girl. You got the family.

You got the whole Megillah.

Just let Tom have his fun.

Or, you know, his pain.

'Cause that's what it is.

He's lonely.

He's in pain.

How do you do that?

Do what?

Feel everyone's feelings so deeply all the time.

It must be exhausting.

It really is. Hm.


What did you do?

Can you believe Mr. Grant still fits?

My tux.

Irene Sholman, I'll never forget the day we met.

You were across a dance floor, yelling at the judges for docking you a quarter point.

It was love at first fight.

How I got so lucky, I'll never know.

May I have this dance?

I can disconnect your oxygen.

And whenever you need to stop, I'll be right here, okay?

I don't have a gown.

I look terrible.


You look exquisite.

♪ Moon River ♪

♪ Wider than a mile ♪

♪ I'm crossin' you in style someday ♪

♪ Old dream maker ♪

♪ You heartbreaker ♪

♪ Wherever you're goin' ♪

♪ I'm goin' your way ♪

♪ We're after ♪

♪ The same rainbow's end ♪

♪ My huckleberry friend ♪

♪ Moon River and me ♪

I figured you would've been long gone by now.

I've already been to a meeting.

I didn't want to go home to an empty house.

I'm not sure where I work, so... here I am.

Come on, you work here.

Not by choice.

I chose to work at Pac-North, even though I resented it.

We were building a new program from the ground up.

And Catherine took it all away with one phone call to the bank.

This'll pass, you know.

It feels bad now, but soon enough, you guys will be joking about this over coffee.

Son, after Godzilla's done stomping all over Tokyo, the mayor doesn't take Godzilla to brunch.

Okay, you are heartbroken, so I'll forget the fact that you just compared my mother to a giant lizard monster.

Irene, how are you feeling?


Any trouble breathing? Any pain?

I'm still floating, dear.

Is Norman...

He's calling the kids.

Don't be sad, darling.

Don't be sad.

I've had a beautiful life.

And I'm ending it with a beautiful partner.

This life, it's just never stopped surprising me.

Have you met the love of your life, Dr. Schmitt?

I hate that he's all alone.

I hate that he has nowhere to go.

I was him, and Alex was him, and we turned out okay.

It's not hopeless.

It's just not easy.

You okay?

There was a time when I would have made a dance floor for the dying old lady.


Andrew and I broke up the night of my trial, and there was a time when that would've meant months of drama for me.

But instead, I went home and went to bed, and I woke up, and I was just excited to go practice medicine.

I used to be a romantic.

I would've been the one to build the dance floor in the cafeteria.

And now you're leaving the dance floors to the interns.

You're not lacking in passion, Grey, you're just... growing up a little.

What would you do if Ben dumped you?

I'd burn him to the ground.


Richard walked.

What do you mean "walked"?

I mean he left. He doesn't want to work on Koracick's terms, and, honestly, neither do I.

Are we just gonna let this happen?


No, I'm not gonna sit by helpless while my family gets split apart again.

You two, come with me.

Wait, what?

You said Dr. Riley never gives up.

It... I-It's not giving up.

We will be monitoring you the entire time.

You want to take my sister off all her medication... how is that not giving up?!

As symptoms arise, we'll treat them.

It's scary, I know.

You don't know about anything!

That article was right.

This is the hospital from hell.

Please let me transfer you.

I will find you a specialist.

If I say yes, what's going to happen?

We will remove you from all of your medication.

And you will get sicker, and you'll feel more pain.

I know I'm asking you to make an incredibly difficult decision, and I'm sorry.

I have three sisters.

The oldest one is my hero.

The youngest one is my baby.

I changed her diapers, and I will never let her forget it.

The middle one... my best friend.

And if I were in Suzanne's position, she's the one who would decide for me, and that's why I'm talking to you.

Your sister's immune system is too compromised for her to be moved safely.

And even if we could move her, you're not going to find anyone better than me.

You may have noticed that my ears don't work.

But because of that, I have learned to listen with my whole body.

When the medications are gone, the disease can start talking so I can figure out what is wrong with your sister and hopefully, we can save her life.

You have my permission.

Withdraw everything.


Hey, uh, I... I just wanted to say I also have a sister, and that that was...

I'm an only child.

Oh, thanks for coming, Tom.

Close the door.

Have a seat.

You did great work today, Tom.

Such great work.

But the board, of which most of us are members, we've, uh, come to a decision.

We're all prepared to quit.

I'm sensing a "but."

But Dr. Fox wouldn't really like that.

You know, and as you said yourself, she wants me here.

I mean, she wants all of us here. Mm.

But, uh, she will truly wonder why you didn't do all you could to protect her crown jewel hospital.

I mean, you've only just recovered from the Hospital from Hell article.

We could blame me for that, or we could just remember that I'm a Catherine Fox Foundation award winner and a media darling, and, I mean, you want me here.

You can't afford to lose all your best doctors.

And truly, your inability to see that could cause Catherine Fox to question the whole chief of chiefs title.

And the salary.

And the benefits.

Name your terms. We're a family.

You have joined our family, and some of us have come to grudgingly respect you.

But you do not get to rule this family with an iron fist.

Yeah, you don't get to play all day, dangling our jobs over our heads like a carrot.

What... I...

Wait a minute. I-I already did that.

Hunt and Webber get their jobs back.

Pierce and Altman become co-chiefs, and you find the money to cover it.

And Alex Karev and Hayes can co-chief.

Or we all quit.

Agree to our terms, Tom.

And then you get to just take all the credit with Catherine.

The heart beats until it can't.

Our limbs move until they don't.

All right! Nice!

Our brains imagine futures we'll never see.

What's wrong?

I... I... I don't just want sex.


Nico, I want...

I want a dance partner.

Not the flailing arms around kind, but the kind that takes practice and... communion.

The kind where you're in perfect step, and you anticipate each other's needs, and your heartbeats are in sync, and...

Is this a poem, or are you being literal?

Wait, I... I... honestly, I can't tell.

We're struggling to overcome a simple, inescapable truth... everything ends.

But for every clock that counts down, another restarts.


Time goes on, and when one thing ends, something new always begins.