Grey's Anatomy S16E14 Script

A Diagnosis (2020)

We give children stickers and lollipops after they visit the doctor.

Bear attack, Longfellow State Park.

I got him. His wife arm's shredded.

Scott? Scott?


We congratulate them for putting on a brave face.


Needles in their arm, strangers inspecting their body for signs of illness.

"Here's some candy, kid. Try to smile."

We do it to adults, too.

Are you Helm? Is this the...

This is the nose. Can you take that to Dr. Avery?


It's considered impolite to discuss your cancer diagnosis at a dinner party.

You're supposed to smile, make small talk, suck on the invisible lollipop.

Because for some reason, someone decided a long time ago that naming pain is impolite...

...that hiding it and hiding from it makes more sense.

It doesn't.

It's a lie, a lie that both comforts and destroys us.


Can you get me a soda?

Okay, okay. Okay.

All right.


I know you said no medicine, but...

I will speak with Dr. Riley.

Do you mind calling pathology to get the lab results? No problem.

Hey, c-can we give her something for the nausea, please?

We are not suppressing her symptoms... we're studying them.

Okay, but she's suffering.

Suffering is better than dying.

We need the diagnosis, DeLuca.

Stay the course.


Thought the baby might be hungry... even if you aren't.

You sure we can't, um, send a doctor to check in on you?

An OB?

An orthopedic surgeon?

No. But thank you.



Pretty recently, you were going through something.

And you hid in your room, and you rejected both food and company.

And we wanted to bury you in love all day, every day, but you locked the door and... and we grudgingly respected your desire for privacy.

I appreciated that.

I needed it.


Eat the toast... and I'll spare you the comfort.

Still haven't found the perfect apartment?

I've given up on perfect.

Now I'm just hoping for four walls and a floor.

Unless you've reconsidered letting me just stay with you.

I thought we were past that.

Right. We are. So I'm looking at something tonight.

You want to come?

Tonight? Uh, I can't, sorry.

You can't because you think I'm needy and you're secretly over me or... No.

Um, my... my parents are in town, actually.


Finally get to meet 'em.

Uh, no, you do not want that.

They're super critical and have impossibly high standards.

But good luck on that apartment.

Schmitt. Plan on doing any work today, or are you just gonna stand and stare?

Morning, Joey.

Ready to do some PT?


Every eight hours.


Let's check your range of motion.


Abduction's to 45 degrees, same as last two days.

I'm not really feeling this.

Could we just try again tomorrow?

Joey, if you don't do your PT every day, you might never regain your mobility.

Okay, that's enough for today.

We'll be back to check on you later, Joey.

That's it?

He's obviously feeling discouraged.

So you're just gonna let him off the hook?

No, we need to find a way to make it feel less daunting.

Hey. Anything from Amelia?


Alex? No.

There was a bear attack last night, did you hear?

Avery was out camping, and this bear just... just came out of nowhere and ripped this guy's nose off and severed his wife's brachial artery.

Whoa. Yeah.

But that's not what this is, right?

What what is? Amelia? Alex?

I'm not following.

Do we have bears, Link, and not know it?

Are we just sleeping soundly and they're gonna jump out of nowhere and rip our noses off?

Alex is going through something with his family that he will tell you about when he's ready because he's a good guy and he loves you.

And you just got married.

Right. Right.

And Amelia just does this sometimes.


Wait. What?

Well, she and Owen were once fighting over having kids, and then she just ghosted him and camped out at my friend Stephanie's house.

Drove her crazy, but she couldn't say anything because Amelia was her boss, so...


Uh, in all fairness, there was a brain tumor back then that has since been removed.

Think the brain tumor's back?

We can hope.

Well, what am I supposed to do? Just wait it out?

Avoid Owen and Teddy?

Lock up your food, zip up your tent?

Too dark?


Dr. Brandy to the blood bank.

Dr. Brandy to the blood bank.

Good morning, Dr. Webber!

These doctors need your help.

They need more training... your training.

Um... you'll excuse us. W...

Is, uh, this you worrying about me because my marriage fell apart?

Richard Webber.

You have a gift for spotting emerging talent and guiding them to excellence, and, yes, your marriage fell apart, and... of course I'm worried about you, Richard.

I'm fine. But thank you.


But if you need to come by for dinner this week...

All right, let's go!

Scott Burke, admitted last night for multiple chest lacerations, left hemothorax, and deep soft-tissue injuries to the face from a bear attack.

Don't sugarcoat it.

Damn animal took off my nose.

And we put it into your arm. All right, Scott.

Ready to take a look?

Thing of beauty.


So, it's just gonna sit there?

For how long?

Well, we need your facial wounds to heal first before we can reattach it.

Got really good blood flow coming in from your radial artery here.

And that'll keep it viable until we're ready to reattach.

And... my wife, Rachel?

Can I see her?

Okay, can you squeeze my fingers?

Okay, she still has weakness in median nerve distribution.

Okay, Rachel.

We repaired the artery last night, but today we need to do a washout to prevent infection, okay?

We, uh... We had j-just woken up, and Scott was gonna make some coffee.

And out of nowhere, there was a-a-a bear.

A h-huge bear.

And S-Scott jumped in front of me, tried to protect me.

He jumped in front of a bear for me.

Yeah. And the good news is we found his nose and we were able to salvage it, okay?

Do you want us to take you to see him?


Oh, my God. You scared the hell out of me.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I love you.

I love you so much, baby.

Oh, God.

Nurse Karen.

Do you have any idea where the video-game cart might be?

I have a patient who doesn't want to do his PT, and I think it might help.

Let me look. Thank you.

Did you have any idea you'd be in the arcade business when you took up peds?

I'd be a lot more popular with my kids if I was.

All they want to do is play video games.

I think I might just see the top of their heads until they're 25.

What are you guys working on?

We are organizing a pro bono surgery day for people who can't afford insurance.

Ah. Good.

Uh, there's a-a game room on the fourth floor.

What, like a whole room just for PT?

Well, it's not exactly just a room for that...

Uh, hey, hey, do you remember, uh, a Fred... uh, sorry, Frank... Fred Mercer?

You did a lap appy on him two years ago.

You remember that?

Kind of in the middle of a conversation here, bud.



You speak Italian? You speak Italian?

Fourth floor, you said? Yeah, it's, um... it's in between the blue and the green room. Yeah.

Okay. Thank you.

And, uh, count me in for that pro bono surgery day, okay? Yes!

Hey, a Fred Mercer, okay? Stay with me. Put him down. Yes.

I was going through some of the transcripts from a lecture that you gave.

You said he had post-op rashes and electrolyte abnormalities.

Now, I need to know if his appendix had a carcinoid tumor because he already shares two symptoms with Suzanne Britland, so I'm thinking maybe she's got a carcinoid tumor and, you know, we just can't see it.


You've been going through transcripts of my old lectures?

Well, yeah, I'm going through transcripts from everyone's lectures.

When's the last time you slept, Andrew?

What's that have to do with anything?

You can't help Suzanne if you're exhausted.

You took Suzanne off the meds three days ago.

Mm-hmm. Have you taken a break?

Look, c-can you just... answer the question, please?

I think the rash was, um, propofol-infusion syndrome.

Propofol infus... Okay.

You could try to run a CgA. Thank you.

It didn't need to be that hard.

DeLuca, the pericardial biopsy came back negative for carcinomatosis.

Okay. Thank you.

Excuse me.

Is there any progress?

Everything I rule out is progress.

Are you working in shifts?

Because he seems pretty fried.

By the time I brought someone else up to speed, Suzanne could be dead, and DeLuca, he's a machine.

He isn't a machine. He's a resident.

And he seems like he could use a break.

He's obsessing.

I'm relying on that, and Suzanne's life may depend on it.

Hi there, I called in sick.


I thought we had a deal.

I'm backing out of our deal.

See, I appreciated the space because I grew up an only child and I am better at solving problems on my own, but you grew up in a wolf pack, and wolves only retreat from the pack when they are going off alone to die.

So, I'm backing out of our deal.

Well, the only way I've ever seen you get yourself out of a really deep spiral is to spiral out loud until you land on something that is healthier than whatever is happening inside your head.

For an only child, you are an excellent sister.


Your, uh, husband wants to see you.

I-I sh... I should go, right?

I mean, I-I go?

He jumped in front of a bear for me.


You have to tell him sooner or later.

Oh, God. Helm.

I-I love him, o-okay?

He's... He's my husband, and I-I love him, but I'm not in... in love with him anymore.

I'm... I'm in love with Brian and...

We went to high school together.


We reconnected online, and, well, one thing led to another.

I was gonna tell Scott on the... on the camp... camping trip.

I th... I thought the nature would be c... be comforting for... for him, and then...

And then he jumped in front of a bear for you.

W-What... What do I do?

I mean, what... what do I say?

Neither one of you needs any more stress right now, so we'll just... we'll let him know that we're prepping you for surgery.

Helm, prep her for surgery, and bite your tongue.

We will clean the wound to help her heal, but she should be fine.

But can I see her before you take her?

I'll sit in a wheelchair, I-I-I'll be careful, what... what... whatever you want.

I mean, I don't... I don't see why not.

No, I'm... I'm sorry.

The operating rooms are on a strict schedule today, um, but we can update you again when we're done.

You'll tell her I-I love her?

His wife is in love with someone else.

Got it. O-kay.

His wife is in love with someone else.

I just lied to him while he has a nose in his arm because he saved her from a bear.

All right, well, sometimes patient care is... is complicated.

Hey, little bunnies.

It's Mom. Oh, stop.

It's doing something.

All right, well, we've, uh... we've ruled out a lot of bad things, which is a-a good sign, but I do need to draw some more blood for a few more tests.

Does she have any left?


Come on.

I barely have enough energy for this.


Okay, um, I got it.

Let's do it again. Okay.


Hey, little bunnies. It's me.

I'm just checking to make sure that you're eating all your carrots and...

No, wait. It's doing something to your mouth.

Huh? What?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Her mouth is bleeding!

What? What?

Open your mouth for me, Suzanne.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

What's happening? I-I'm not sure.


Platelet count went from 250 to 5. All of her cell counts are down.

Well, what does it mean? I just said I don't know, okay?!

I just... I-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I... C-Can someone page Dr. Riley, please?

We need to prep for a bone-marrow biopsy right now.

Can I have her chart? Yeah.

Oh. D-Dr. Grey?

Hi. Hi.

I know you're worried about him, right?

Yes, for a long time now.

Yeah. He's exhausted.

Riley is working him...

Meredith, I came to Seattle because Andrew is now the same age as our father was when his symptoms started. Ohh.

It... It runs in the family.

I mean, he's been... he's been fine.

It's just his patient's circling the drain, he can't figure it out, and we've all been there.

It's not just this patient, though.

There have been warning signs... high highs, low lows.

Do you remember when Sam left and he couldn't get off your sofa?

A-And then he went and threw himself on the fire in Dr. Webber's operating room.

He was very low, and he was suddenly the opposite.

Well, he does feel things very deeply.

Failing to understand or properly consider the consequences of your actions is a sign of mania.

He aggressively pursued a relationship with his boss, he claimed credit for your crime, and then he went... to jail, prepared to lose his medical career.

I mean, we're all a little manic when we're in love.

Yes, but you don't all have his family history.

He's not sleeping, he's not eating.

Okay, so how do you tell a healthy obsession from mania?

He's a resident, and you're chief of general surgery.

Would you even think to ask that question if you didn't love him?

Bailey, do you have a second?

You okay?

I'm perimenopausal, Grey.

You know what that means.

I go to bed freezing, and then I wake up in the middle of the night broiling.

I'm in an all-night battle with my blanket.

I'm happy, then I'm sad, I'm laughing, and then I want to throw this fan at the wall.

Am I okay?

I mean, what, women are 51% of the population, and every single one of them have or will experience this joy at some time in their lives, so in that sense, I guess I'm just fine.


I'm worried about our chief resident.

You waiting for me to put this fan down?

'Cause that's not gonna happen, Grey.

Sit down. Tell me more.

Okay, so, you're familiar with this case.

You're holding it sideways.

Don't come for me.

The tips of the Maryland should be pointing down, right, Dr. Webber?

Uh, what's that?

The tip should be pointing down... the Maryland dissectors?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Is this a mind game?

Maybe he doesn't like know-it-alls.

Do you get this involved with every patient?

Most patients aren't this difficult.

Yeah. Just the fun ones.

So, are you still dating your boss?

I observe people closely because I have to as a doctor and as a person, and the way people who have slept together argue is very different than people who have not.

Their bodies have a completely different language.

We're still dating, I think.

Hmm. That would explain her concern.

Concern? What, did she say something to you?

Just wants to make sure I don't work you to death.

It was nice.

You see, Joey? It couldn't be easier.

It's exactly like your PT exercises, so go on.

Give it a try. No, thanks.

Just try it. No.

Joey, you could lose your ability to use your arm.

I can't play video games!

I'm here with video games and people taking care of me.

I sleep in a warm bed, and I have no idea if my little sister and brothers are okay or if they're safe or if they're scared.

Uh, you guys are all worried about my arm, but I'm shaking.

Look, I'm so scared for them, I'm shaking.

Why doesn't anyone care about that?

Why doesn't anyone try to fix that?

Okay, more irrigation.

What if you, uh Found out Amelia's baby was yours?


Why would you say that?

It's... It's a hypothetical.

That's not something I want to consider.

Why not?

Would it change things for you and Teddy?

Karev, why are you asking me this?

Alex went home to Iowa, and I've barely heard from him, and my worst-case-scenario meter is off the charts right now because this patient is cheating on her husband right under his nose, which is in his arm.

And you think Alex is...

She reconnected with an ex from high school, and then one thing led to another.

So what if he just ran into some old girlfriend from high school and one thing led to another?

Okay. Ready to pack.

Jo, it took me a long, long time to get to this place in my life with me and Teddy, you know, just like you and Karev.

I'm not gonna screw that up for anything.

And neither is your husband.

Chief, i-if this can wait, please, I got to...

Dr. DeLuca, all surgeons occasionally have patients that get under their skin.

What, uh... But...

Hmm. No, no, no.

What did she tell you?

That I'm making mistakes? Because I'm not.

Uh, Meredith Grey will be taking over Suzanne Britland's care.

Every test, every treatment will be approved by her.

She's my patient.

She's the hospital's patient.

And you need to get some rest.

So what's your plan, then? Do you even have one?

I have instructed Dr. Grey to put Suzanne Britland back on her medication while she continues No, no.

To seek a diagnosis.

So your plan is to kill her, then.

Dr. DeLuca, do I need to remind you to whom you are speaking?

Just because this hasn't worked yet does not mean that it won't, okay?

We are on the verge of something.

I-I know it. I can feel it. Please.

Meredith Grey is the chief of general surgery.

You should be grateful she's taken an interest in your case.

Get some sleep.

Dr. Bailey, please.

DeLuca, walk away now before you say something you'll regret.

Dr. Bailey.

I've been working with Joey Phillips.

Oh, let me guess. He doesn't want to do PT.

How'd you know?

'Cause he doesn't want to do much of anything.

Yeah, well, the poor kid was living on the street before they brought him in here.

I'd like to try to find a way to help him.

You don't think I want to help him?

I mean, all I think about is, you know, what happens when he's ready to be discharged?

Then what?

Do we put him back on the street?

And th... Okay, and then let's say he manages to find a place to live, finish high school, go to college.

Well, who visits him on parents' weekend?

Where does he go for Thanksgiving?

Who shows up at his graduation with embarrassing signs and a foghorn?


I actually wasn't thinking that far ahead.

I was thinking more like how can I help him today.

Sure, uh, oka... Oh.

H-He'd like to talk to his brothers and sister.

Do you know anyone we can call?

So, he's healthy.

And that feels like a miracle. Mm.

And, uh, he's already the size of a cabbage, uh, which means that I am further along than I thought.

So, um, the baby might be Owen's, not Link's.

Might be, or is?

Might be.

Um, I don't know.

There wasn't a ton of time between the breakup and the hookup.

Link and I are really good together, um, like, almost painfully good.

You know, it felt like that thing that we'd both earned in this life.

It was accidental and it was perfect, and...

And now it's not.

Because he wants to know the baby's biology?

Because he's, um, not sure that he wants to be with me if the baby isn't his.

And that makes me not so sure that I want to be with him if the baby is his.

You and Owen have a complicated relationship.


Yeah. Yeah.

Um, that's what he said.

But I want him to love me enough that that doesn't matter.

I love you more than my biological sisters.

Biology doesn't matter.

Love matters.


And, still, if I were Link, I would be terrified.

I would terrified that the baby is Owen's and that, if it is, that connection might reignite whatever embers still exist between you and Owen.

If I were Link, I would want to know, too.

And it wouldn't have anything to do with how much I love you.

Okay, but can you stop pretending that you're Link?

Can you pretend that you're me for a minute?

Okay. Okay, okay.


Okay, if I'm you...

...imagine that the hormones coursing through my body would be overwhelming.

They might overwhelm rationality, and I just might want to be held...

...and, um, loved no matter what...

...and reassured that I'm not going to be alone.

Hey, I love you.

I got you. I got you.

You're not gonna be alone.

I love you.

Oh. Hey, how you doing?

Uh, great.

Yeah. You?

Uh, Teddy's still got the flu, so I'm in single-dad mode, but I can't complain.

Everything okay? Not freaking out?

Trying not to.

Amelia's... what, she's... she's halfway there, right?

Yeah, something like that.

I noticed she missed a couple days.

Everything okay? There's no complications or...

Things are definitely complicated, but, uh... but the baby's healthy.

Good, good.

That's good.

Yeah, when Teddy was pregnant, I remember feeling useless most of the time.

Definitely feel useless.

Yeah. How can you not?

I mean, women go through something that we can't ever comprehend.

Best we can do is just listen, sympathize, and just keep trying to help...

...even if you're not sure how.

I'm the one who got kicked off the case, not you.

You can stay, so stay.

Please. Consult.


Your chief of surgery gave an order that undoes everything.

I was...

We were making progress.

But now we've really made that poor woman suffer for nothing.

Just e-mail me the autopsy report, and maybe we'll know what happens then.

Are you even listening to me? I-It's Suzanne's bone-marrow results.

Th-They're showing something called hemophagocytosis?

Have you heard of that?

That's MAS, macrophage activation syndrome.

Her white cells are eating her other blood cells.

Okay, okay.

It's a complication I've seen of Still's disease.

I've never seen it before in person.

MAS or Still's? Either.

It's extremely rare.

Okay, so... so this is it? We... We figured it out?


But we don't have much time before her organs shut down. Yeah. Right.

Okay, let's go, let's go. Come on.

She'll need a few weeks' downtime and some physical therapy, but she should make a full recovery.

I used to judge people who, uh... people like me, home-wreckers.

I never in a million years thought that I would... thought that I could.

What happened?

Why did you?

Life came in and taught me not to judge others.

Life came in and turned me upside down and shook me.

I'm so in love with her that I don't care who gets hurt.

I just don't want it to be me.

Now, look, I know how that sounds, but I'm not a terrible person.

I-I take care of my parents.

I-I mentor my students.

I plant trees on the weekends, and I... and I buy groceries for homeless people.

I'm not a terrible person.

I'm just a person who's terribly in love.

V-fib. Paddles.

What the hell happened?

He was talking, and he coded right in front of us.

Uh, chest tube put out about 400 ccs of blood.

He's bleeding into his chest.

All right, I got it. Move, Helm. Thank you.

Okay, charge to 120. And... clear.

Still V-fib. All right, push another epi.

Charge to 200.

Okay, and clear.

Come on, Scott! Come on!

I'm gonna open his chest. Where? Here?

Yeah. Here.

Here, let's go. All right. Come on.


Hey. Um...

Brian, could you give us a minute?

I need to talk to Rachel, and I think it would be better I...

What is it? Is it... Is it Scott?

Is it... Does he know? Did he see Brian?


No, he didn't see Brian.

I'm sorry. Scott, he... he had major bleeding inside his chest.

We tried to resuscitate him, but we couldn't.

He died.


Sweetie, I'm...

Don't... Don't... Don't touch me.

Rachel, I...


Please, please.

Please, you need to leave. Please.

You've reached Alex Karev. Leave a message.

Hey, Alex.


I need you to call me.

I need to hear your voice.

I need to know what's going on, whatever it is.

Whatever it is, I need to know.

I want to know.


Because I would jump in front of a bear for you, Alex.

Please call me.

Hey, Joey.

We thought maybe you could use a little company.

I just want to be alone.

You sure about that?

You guys are here?! Careful of your arm.

I can't believe it!

Well, Dr. Bailey made a few calls, pulled a few strings.

Are you guys okay?

How are your new foster parents?

I have a pretty nice lady who makes pancakes.

Ours is actually okay.

I know you told us not to get help, but I was scared, and I'm sorry.

No. Hey, it's okay.

You did the right thing.

I'm just glad you're all okay.

I have my own room with a purple bed.

Oh, yeah?

Now, they can't stay all night, but they can stick around for pizza.

Yes! Ooh.

And video games, 'cause that PT is nonnegotiable.


Dr. Evans to the psych ward.

Dr. Evans to the psych ward. Perez?

What, aren't you supposed to be with Dr. Webber?

Oh, he said we could leave early.

Good night, Chief Bailey. You're an icon.

It's not even 5:00!

Hey, Suzanne.

Dr. DeLuca. What are you doing?

Suzanne, you have Still's disease.

It's rare, really rare.

Fewer than one in a million people have it.

Dr. DeLuca, what are you doing?

I don't have time, Dr. Grey. I don't have time to ask your permission to treat a patient that I've been monitoring around the clock.

DeLuca, let's step away from the IV, please.

What did he just do? What did you give her?!

Suzanne, there's no cure for Still's disease, but it can be managed, and I just gave you high-dose steroids, and if I'm right, you should start feeling better almost immediately, okay?

Dr. DeLuca, out in the hallway, please?

Wait, what if you're wrong?

He's not. I'm not.

Andrew, we couldn't have had a conversation before you did that?


Well, if you're wrong, the steroids could kill her.

I'm not wrong.

You were wrong to take our case away from us.

He is my resident.

I am his supervisor.

You're also his girlfriend.

It's muddy.

She'll need supervision.

...make you sleepy.

You look like a new person.

I feel like one.

God, I feel alive again.

So, um, was it the appendectomy that gave her the Still's disease?

Oh, no, we suspect she had it before.

The flu-like symptoms and the fatigue, that's all a part of it.

Oh. And I thought I was just tired from chasing my kids around.

Your innate immune system was in overdrive, and the high-dose steroids are bringing that back to normal, but you can't stay on those forever.

So, then what's next?

We're going to set you up with a rheumatologist.

People with Still's disease can live very full lives.

We just need to get you on the right medication.

Can you set me up with my kids?

Yes. Now that your counts are up, that's next on the list.

I don't know how you all figured this out, but thank you.

Of course. Let me go work on that for you.

Excuse me.

You should get in there and let them thank you. I'm good.

Why don't you go in there and take the credit?

You took the case over, right? It's your patient.

Andrew, that was an amazing diagnosis.

You saved her life.

Yeah, no thanks to you.

Andrew, but if you had been wrong, those steroids could have wiped out her entire bone marrow.

If you had been wrong, your decision to go rogue could've cost you your entire career.

Okay, i-if I had asked your permission to administer the steroids, would you have granted it?

I would have asked a few questions.

Yes, and she could've died when you did.

Okay, listen, Andrew, you saved her life.

No one is trying to take that away from you.

All I'm saying is you could've taken a moment to just tell me what you were giving her.

Because at that time, you were not in the right state of mind to be making life-or-death decisions.

Right decisions. Life-saving decisions, Mer.

Andrew, you're not sleeping, you're not eating...

What? You are not acting like yourself.

You are unbelievable!

You're such a hypocrite! All... All... All the rules apply to everybody else except for you, is that it?!


Hey. _

Okay, Hayes, it's fine. We're fine.

I saved her life!

I did that, okay?!

Against all odds, it was a one-in-a-million diagnosis!

I did the job that needed to be done!

Andrew, listen to yourself!

You sound like your father.

Just please, can you just go home and get some sleep?

You just need to go get some sleep.

I don't need this, and I don't need you.

So we're done.

I'm done.

You should write him up, Grey. That's not okay.

Yeah, thanks.

I told you I don't need you checking up on me.

And I don't need my residents leaving early because they've "done enough for the day."

I don't have it in me, Bailey.

I mean, that set... they aren't Grey-Sloan caliber.

They shouldn't be here.

I mean, at Pac-North, trying to teach them felt... like a challenge.

But this...

This feels like punishment.

Feels like Catherine won and she's rubbing my nose in it all day every day.

I know this isn't an easy time.

But I want to help.

Tell me how to help you.

I'm just tired.

Just bone tired.

Well, that sounds like depression.

I appreciate the concern.

I'll be okay.

I did it!

I got Joey to do PT because I am an excellent doctor.

And I want to meet your family.

It doesn't have to be a whole dinner.

I can just meet for dessert, or coffee...

Please don't make this a thing.

You met my neurotic mom.

You met my Uncle Saul as he was gasping for his last breath.

You met my Aunt Gertie... Levi, I told you, they're critical.

Newsflash... I know how to take criticism.

I've been doing it my whole life.

If they think I'm not good enough, I can deal with that.

No, they're critical of me all the time, no matter what I do, which is why I haven't told them.

About me?

That I'm gay.

I haven't told them.


You... You called me a baby gay.

You said that you wanted no part in my shame spiral, you said... I-I-I know... I know what I said. I...

I have to go to dinner now.

A survey showed the typical adult says "I'm fine"

14 times a week...

But less than 1 in 5 of them means it.

Our default is to put on a brave face.

Have you heard from her at all?

I'm really worried.

Yeah, I'm... I'm... I have heard from her.

She's okay, Link.

She's okay.

She just doesn't want to talk to me.

She just doesn't want to tell me what the test said.

She doesn't know what they are.

She didn't pick up the test results.

And I'm not going to.

She was here.

Sorry I lied.

But sometimes it's braver to admit something's wrong.

I'm growing a whole human in my body, and I want to raise him with someone who is gonna love him and me no matter what a blood test says.

And it turns out that's my sisters.

And I'm gonna be pushier next time you're sad, because you were raised an only child, but you are not one anymore.

You are everything that I never knew I needed.

Amelia... Amelia.

Go home, Link.

We're over.

I really think it's mostly just the hormones.

Does she plan on telling Owen that the baby might be his?

Doesn't seem like it.


Um, I...

Because pretending everything's fine eventually catches up to you.

I shouldn't have left you alone in the woods.

I shouldn't have walked away.

I should not have done that.

And I've owed you an apology that I've just been too proud to give.

So I do apologize, Maggie.

Plus, you were right. There were bears.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

And when it does... better hope you can repair the damage that's already done.