Grey's Anatomy S16E17 Script

Life on Mars? (2020)

Your body contains aproximately 35 trillion cells, and every one of them is constantly being pulled down to Earth by gravity.

Look at these losers.

Looks like they're eating each other's faces.

I once made out through a tornado.


Went for gum later, and the 7-Eleven was gone.

And a guitar?

Probably on their way to an open mic.

I play guitar.

That's different.

When you're lying down, gravitational forces are spread between the thorax, abdomen, and legs.

Get a dorm, face-eaters!

Don't they know that all love sucks eventually?

Too bad there's no sappy love songs about the part where your husband leaves you, you cry every time you see his toothbrush, so you're living on your best friend's couch.

Well, stay as long as you want.

It's been perfect, hanging out and watching bad movies, trying every dinner special at Kung Pao's.

It's been nice to think about anything other than Amelia.

Hear she's back at work, by the way.

Yeah, I heard that, too.

Stand up too fast, and blood rushes downward, away from the brain.

It causes dizziness or even fainting.

So, he moved there, and he's not coming back to say goodbye?

I don't want to talk about it.

How's Jo?

She's staying with Link for a few days.

Other than that, she doesn't want to talk about it.

Oof. This is massive.

This is a sea change. How are you?

I don't really want to talk about it.

Ah, right. You're probably not one to judge someone for leaving town with no goodbye or return date.

It's a minor miracle our cells get anything done at all.

How's Link? Have you spoken to him?

If Link can't love me for me, no matter who the father is, then we don't have anything to talk about.

Because the human body has to perform even the simplest of tasks...

I'm guessing you don't want to talk about that, either.

...under unimaginable pressure.

Well, my mom e-mailed some venue suggestions... 13.

Planning this wedding is gonna be a part-time job.

Or a full-time job.

That's why they call it a wedding planner.

We could hire one.

'Cause you don't want to plan the wedding?

No, of course... of course I do.

I'm just a little anxious to check in on one of my patients, and this elevator just doesn't seem to want to...


You coming or...?


Dr. Hunt. Dr. Altman.

Kiddos. You're looking like... kids.


There's a VIP guest today, uh, Hunt.

Uh, Griffin Ford. Tech billionaire... blew up a rocket over a gas station.

Oh, yeah, thanks for the heads up.

Oh, oh, you betcha.

Will you be visiting the cardio floor?

Depends on how bored he is.

Oh, mm, two more wedding venues from my mom.

I'll forward them to you.

Maybe it'll help you figure out what it is you want.

Great. Thanks.

It's important to know what you want.


Let me know what you think, okay?

Okay, yeah. Love you. Okay.

You got the kids? Yeah.

Okay. Oh! Sorry.

Oh! Hello.

Sorry. Sorry.



Hey, do you have a minute to discuss Mr. Paxton's pacemaker?

I do.

Uh, do you want to go get his chart?

Um, sure.

Great. Mm-hmm.

You're acting weird.

I'm being nice.

Which for you, with Owen, is weird.

My pillow still smells like your hair.

I'm supposed to be mean to the guy, too?

Well, he's gonna know something is up.

Something is up.

I mean, as much as I... as I enjoyed the... the up-ness of it and hope it continues, I think we should take a minute to discuss what it means.

It doesn't mean anything.

I'm sorry, but I acted impulsively because I'm afraid of... something, which might not even be true.

That wasn't much of an apology.

Tom, you're a good man.

I try to be, but you haven't been helping.


Okay. Mm-hmm.

Uh, so, Mr. Paxton... his, uh, last X-ray showed a...

Something is happening.

Well, he did have an arrhythmia.

Yeah, I'm not talking about Mr. Paxton.

You asked me if you were crazy.

I said you weren't. Then I share an elevator ride with you, and I feel the need to take a shower.

Okay, fine. I slept with Tom.

What?! No, no, no, no, no!

Don't tell me that!

I thought you were saying that...

I was speculating!

God, talk about a telltale heart.

I know! I know! I feel awful.

I-I panicked, and he was there, or I went there...

Oh, God, I want to die!

Okay, Mr. Paxton?

I'll cover it.

Great. Thank you.

Oh, no, no, no.

I got it. I got it. I got this.

That is a donation from the Victoria Hughes apology fund.

I was gonna bake you something.


"Sorry I sorta kinda moved into your place without telling you," doesn't really fit on a cupcake, and I wasn't sure you wanted to see me.

I just wanted communication. That's it.

If you need to crash at my place

'cause you're looking for an apartment, of course you can.

Just maybe ask first.

Yeah. Yeah, well, thanks for the offer.

But I already found the perfect spot, so...

Well, good. Yeah.

That's good news. What part of town?

Lake Union. Dean's place.

Dean? Really?

Okay, so, he's moved out of that houseboat?

No, no, no. We're boatmates, I guess.

Or, he just had a kid so technically, I have two boatmates.

But it's great news, right?

It's, uh... It's news.

That is certainly news.

Um, well, I'm gonna go see Rigo and give his wife some coffee.

Okay. All right.

It's really good news, Jackson.

It's all good. No worries.

Who... Who sent you? Look, I-I want a name.

Was it Catherine?

You know, I want to see that invoice there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

What? Uh, uh, let's just... I'm sorry. I'm Chief Bailey.

Can I help you?

He's the one who needs help.

Someone sent back my office furniture from Pac-North, and I told these guys that I didn't send for it, I don't want it, and they can take it back!

Whoa, wait, wait! Hey.

A-All of it?

Are you planning on sitting on the floor?

You know what? I don't have time for this.

I have a skills lab to teach.

Dr. Rager to Peds.

Dr. Sara Rager to Peds.

So, we're taking it all back?

Noelle Webb, 43, complains of abdominal pain and dizziness after falling off a ladder.

Hi, Noelle. I'm Dr. Grey. Hi.

Did you just lose your balance?

Do you have any other symptoms?

I-I was painting this house, and I just got woozy for a sec.

Fumes got to me.

I need my phone. I think it's still at the site.


Noelle, we'll get your phone for you.


Do you have any other health issues that I need to know about?

Oh, I-I'm a type-1 diabetic, but I take care of it.

You know, I-I-I'm good about what I eat.

Oh! Oh! When's the last time you checked your blood sugar?

Recently... ish.

Ohh, my Giggle Days rating is gonna go in the toilet from this.

Ooh! What's Giggle Days?

It's an app for small jobs.

Gig economy. They think they're cute.

Connects you to people who need help or their Internet hooked up or their couch moved, or, in my case, a house painted.

But it's so un-cute if my rating goes down.

I see some free fluid there.

What's that? Is that bad?

Well, we just need to run some more tests to make sure.

Dr. Schmitt, let's admit her for observation.

Get a full set of labs and order a CT trauma series.

And my phone!

We will ask the paramedics if they have found your phone.

I'll see you soon, Noelle.

Dr. Daniel to Pediatrics.

Heads up. She may seem nice, but she just wants a condo on Mars.

Oh, no. No, no, I'll take the kindness, even if it's insincere.

Most of the people in this city think I'm a monster.

Well, big company, big accident, classic clickbait. The firefighter, Rigo Vasquez, is here recovering.

I know he's eager to thank you for covering his, uh, medical expenses.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Listen, before we, uh... before we get to that...

This thing is, uh, catastrophic.

My investors are spooked.

"Woke" Twitter is eating me alive.

Well, th... there were no fatalities.

"Billionaire explodes rocket over Seattle" is the only thing anyone cares about.

And now there are rumors of a criminal investigation.

People got hurt on my watch, by my hand.

I made mistakes, Tom.

Mistakes that are... beneath me.

Now, I may fail sometimes.

I was a crap husband, and I suck at golf.

But my critical thinking, my calculations, my understanding of physics... that's never failed me.

Now, I don't know if it's a brain tumor, some neurological disease, if it's cancer, but I need you to find whatever it is and fix it before this nightmare wipes out all the good I've done.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Why don't you text her, see if she wants to talk?

About what?

The baby that might be Owen's or the relationship she just ended?

Or the weather? I'll pass.

If she wants to talk to me, she can find me.

I'm done chasing her.


Brad Spencer, 22.

Found unresponsive with burns on three extremities.

GCS of 6T.

We got him back after multiple rounds of CPR.

He jumped onto a train track and got electrocuted.

He didn't jump. He fell. We were kissing.

We were saying goodbye, and we thought that the train was still behind us.

Then he turned around too fast, and he just fell.

Oh, my God! Link!

It's the face-eaters from this morning!

All right, okay, we got to go!

Trauma one! Go, go, go!

Third-degree burns on this arm.

Head trauma? I paged Koracick.

And he's busy. What happened?

Brad fell on his guitar, which fell on the train tracks.

He was making out with his girlfriend.

I don't have a pulse in either wrist, and this arm is cold and tight.

This one, too. Okay, right leg's okay, but I'm not getting anything in the left foot.

Compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome, okay.

Okay. Scalpels and sterile gloves!

Simms, you ever done a fasciotomy?

Does a cadaver count?

You and Jo take the arms. I'll take the leg.

Pupils are equal and reactive, but I can't rule out a head injury.

He needs a CT ASAP.

After we save his limbs.

Okay, fasciotomies on my count.

One, two...

Wait, wait! Is that her?

She should not see this.

All right, one, two, three.

Do you care if I stand?

Stand, sit, whatever you need.

I don't need to stand.

I just p-prefer to, I guess.

Okay, whatever's more comfortable.

You don't think that's possible?

To be comfortable here?

I think that when your bosses tell you that you can't operate until a counselor signs off, it sort of casts a mood.

Okay, what kind of mood?

Look, our patients were at extreme risk, all right?

And I keep coming back to the fact that if I'd behaved differently, they'd be dead.

Mm-hmm. And that's all it was... just passion for the work. Trying to save lives.

It's not some manic, uh, whatever.

I didn't say "manic."

Are you experiencing symptoms of mania?


Agitation, inflated confidence, rambling, increased sex drive?

N-No. No, none of that.

I just... I've... had a very stressful couple weeks.

That's all.


"Painter left job unfinished, spilled paint on porch.

Do not hire this person.

Shrug emoji, poop emoji, thumbs-down emoji.

Zero stars."

I'm sure you can have that removed if you contact customer service.

You sound like someone who's never tried to do that.

Schmitt, she should've had a CT by now.

And what's the status on her room?

Apparently there's an issue with admissions.

A lot of people got moved around.

Some VIP thing.

Do I get some kind of discount for the wait?

I do have her lab results, though.


Whoa. Noelle, these numbers are kinda high.

Are you taking your insulin regularly?

I'm pretty good about it.

"Pretty good"... what does that mean?

We're not gonna judge you.

I just need to know so these numbers make sense.

Are you taking your insulin?

Okay, the deal is I just moved my folks into assisted living, and that's not cheap.

I've been working all these apps trying to make ends meet.

But there isn't always enough left over for me.

So, um, I've been rationing my insulin until my situation's more stable.

Unfortunately, that's not how this works.

I'm... I'm sure that's why you got dizzy and fell.

Dr. Grey, Chief Koracick needs you.

Well, tell him to wait.

He says it's an emergency.

Okay, let's get her a CT, check on the status of her room, page me as soon as she gets in.

Okay. Okay?

Dr. Grey. Thank you for coming.

Why's this floor empty?

You said this was an emergency.

Oh, it is. Emergent, uh, consult.

Griffin Ford is here today.

The billionaire rocket guy?

Yeah, maybe don't call him that.

Wait a second. Please don't tell me you let him buy out this entire floor.

No, of course not. He got it for free.

He's a great friend to the Catherine Fox Foundation.

The emergency room is overflowing!

Patients need rooms. My patient needs a room.

Well, all... all the more reason to get this taken care of and get him on his... on his way.

Th-This guy is about a lot more than, uh, spaceships, Grey.

He's working to fight climate change, uh, end poverty.

And... And I'm pretty sure, uh, he's... he's single.

Okay, not interested.

Okay, you don't have to be nice, but be a pro.

Yes. Yes. Good girl, Emmie.

Dr. Mochrie to OR 3.


Dr. Julia Mochrie to OR 3.

Teddy, what... what was that?

Oh, I... Well, I just, uh...

I just wanted to take the stairs.

Teddy, what's wrong?

I know you too well. Something has happened.

Just tell me.

Amelia's baby might be yours.

I mean Might be, as in might not.

I just...

I don't... I don't think she knows yet.


What does Jo have to do with anything?

She mentioned something in surgery.

She said, "What would you do if..."

How do you even know this? Did Amelia tell you or...

No. Then who?

It doesn't matter. Te... You just told me that I-I might have another baby with another woman.

Amelia, your ex-wife.

I need to make sure that you didn't hear some rumor and run with it. Run with it?

I want to make sure that it's real.

It's real, Owen!

It's a real baby, and you might really be the father!

If you have a baby with Amelia, what does that mean for us?






I enjoyed your article.

Which one?

Uh, "The List."

Exposing all those problems with the healthcare system.

I bet that ruffled some feathers around here.

We survived.

Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world... unreasonable people persist in adapting the world to themselves.

Therefore, all progress depends on unreasonable people.

Huh. Profound. Hmm.

The future should ruffle feathers. Don't you think?

Sometimes your vision demands that you light the spark, you storm the palace.

I've been there. Hmm.

You don't agree?

I just find it ironic that someone who has a whole hospital floor to themselves is talking about storming palaces.

I didn't ask for an entire floor.

You didn't have to.

You just asked Catherine Fox for a favor, and, boom, here you are.

Grey, time to check his thyroid.

Excuse me.

Ooh! Look at that.

My patient's in CT.

Your patient's right here.

He's someone else's patient now.

Mr. Ford, may I introduce you to Dr. Jackson Avery? Grey.

We're rolling out the red carpet for Mr. Ford, and it doesn't get any redder than Dr. Avery.

Wh... What's going on?

Your mom, your mess.

Brad's electrocution injury affected the tissue in his limbs.

We had to cut through both of his arms and his leg to preserve the circulation.

Still, the damage was extensive.

His head CT shows a small epidural bleed in his brain, which I'll evacuate in the OR.

It could have been a lot worse.

We think that the neck of his guitar took most of the impact.

It probably saved his life.


One second, he was there, and then he just disappeared like he fell through a trapdoor.

You didn't hear the train leaving?

We... We just graduated from U-Dub, and Brad got this internship at a music studio here.

But I won a Rhodes Scholarship, and he's been so sweet, singing me these corny love songs.

But it's been torture just knowing that we were gonna be apart.

And I was on my way to the airport today, and he just got this look on his face and... and he said, "Screw it. Let's go to England together."

And then he kissed me, and it was like... everything was solved.

Not even the "ding-ding" of the doors closing?

The annoying loudspeaker?

Okay, uh, we are gonna take Brad to the OR and then move him to the ICU.

We will let you know if we have any updates.


What are you doing here?

I wasn't sure if you could leave, so I paged everyone.

There's a guy up there with the entire floor to himself.

Meanwhile, this woman is rationing her insulin just to stay alive.

It's infuriating.

Oh. Scans are up.

Big retroperitoneal bleed.

Kidney's shattered. She needs an ex-lap.

Let's book the OR.

And if any billionaire tries to get in your way, push them aside.

Are you okay?

Huh? Uh...

Have you talked to Amelia?


Help! I need help!

BP's dropping.

Abdomen's more distended.

Let's get an intubation tray.

Book the OR.

Hey, I got your page. What's wrong?

Let's talk in your office.


What the hell did you do?

What? I had the movers bring up your old furniture from the basement and arrange it like it was before.

Look, I-I know you're still feeling down about Catherine and everything else.

So o-of course you didn't want that Pac-North stuff.

You think you know what I want and what I don't want?

I never wanted this furniture moved in here in the first place!

And it came anyway!

And if I had wanted this old junk back, I would have asked for it!

Look, I want an empty room!

Why is that so hard to understand?!

You know, you're just like her.

You presume to know what's best!

Okay! Okay.

It's an easy fix. Ri... I d...

I'll just call building services and right...


Okay, apparently, Tom Koracick has decided to wreak havoc on the hospital.

Look, I-I'll come back, and I'll fix it.

Don't bother! I'll do it myself!

Hey, I texted. You didn't reply.

Uh, yeah, I got stuck helping babysit a billionaire.

It screwed up my entire schedule.

You should go enjoy your day off, though.

You know, I can swing by the boat later.

Maybe I can bring a housewarming present for you and Dean.

Jackson. Jackson, hey.

What's up?

I move in, you're mad, and I move out, and you're still mad.

So, what... If you have a problem, just tell me.



Look, I know you and Dean are friends.

Okay, I get that. Mm-hmm.

I also think he has a thing for you, so...

What? No, he doesn't. He doesn't have a...

He also hit on Maggie when we were together, so I kind of question his whole...

Oh, you don't need to question anything.

He didn't know she had a boyfriend, and when he did, he backed off.

And then he invited you to live with him.

No, no, he did not...

He did not invite me. I asked.

Which somehow makes it worse, okay?

It... Not... You live with him now.

You're raising a baby together, all right?

You haven't even met my child.

You haven't invited me to meet her.

'Cause we're not there yet!

Then where are we?! Because it sounds like we're in the place where you freak out when I get too close and when I live my life.

So pick a lane.

Look, I don't want to fight with you.

Well, I do! I'm at work.

I have a VIP patient to deal with.

So I'd like us... be able to talk about this completely later.

You know, I'm sorry. If you can't answer the simple question of where we are, I'm not sure we have that much left to talk about.

Oh, you know what? Come on, okay?

You don't get to suddenly dictate the timeline.

You made choices that I was not involved in.

Give me a second to process.

Process what? That I have friends?

Okay, all right, yeah. You have your process.

Let me know how it goes.

We'll need to page Avery post-op to take a look at these wounds for closure later.

Hematoma drained.

He's lucky that guitar didn't jam straight into his brain.

It was a cheap guitar.

So much for dumb love songs.

What is wrong with making out in public and singing to each other un-ironically, saying, "Screw it... let's go have an adventure"?

Isn't that what being 22 and in love is for?

Yeah, until the part where you get cooked on a train track.


Hmm. I'm done here.

Do you two need help dressing those wounds?

No, I think we got it from here.

Yeah, and we're good to update the girlfriend if you have somewhere you need to be.

"Word"? Really?

I know.

I'll be right with you guys, okay?

Hey, Chief! Uh, I think I got the overflow handled.


DeLuca, telling me you're doing your job isn't a part of doing your job.

Right, but I just thought now that that's taken care of, I could maybe start treating some of the patients that I've been moving? Oh, that isn't our deal.

Look, I've been seeing the counselor, all right?

I did that. And now with Dr. Webber handing off his entire service, I just thought I could help.

Webber handed off his entire service?

Why? You know what?

I don't really know because gossip isn't a part of my job.

I'm a surgeon. Please, Chief, let me work.

This... This...

Chief? Is that a yes?

It is not.

I can't find the bleeding. She's in DIC.

Can we control it with a REBOA?

She's lost too much blood.

She couldn't afford her insulin.

She was healthy.

She was doing everything she needed to do.

She was taking care of her parents.

She had her whole life ahead of her.

This shouldn't have happened!

Dr. Crone to Peds ICU.

Dr. Alexandria Crone to Peds ICU.


I told Owen.

Okay, did he... Should someone warn Tom?

No, not about that.

About the baby, about Amelia's baby.

I told him because she wouldn't and he deserves to know, and I deserve answers, and Link deserves answers, and, I mean, who does this?

Who gets this far into the pregnancy and just toys with people's feelings, with... with their lives?

I was just starting to really like her.

And I was just starting to really like you.

I mean, who does this?

Who cheats on her fiancé with a man who is clearly desperately in love with her?

And before you go judging Amelia, let's just take a second to remember how long you waited before you told Owen that you were pregnant.

You're right. You're right.

I'm... I'm sorry.


That's my sister you're talking about.

Yeah, aside from low Vitamin D levels and some ligament wear and tear in your C-spine, you're the picture of health.

When we have bad outcomes, we tend to blame the conditions, but sometimes, it's just human error.

And we need to take the hit and move on.

You know, ironically, I'm getting that, "You are the picture of health," is not the news you were hoping to hear.

You don't think there's a chance that one of your team made an error?

More specifically, um, that you made an error?

I've read about rare conditions... a tiny bubble in an artery, a blip that most doctors would miss.

I mean, if you were to find something like that, it would explain everything.

The world is falling apart, Tom, and people act like, "Well, somebody's gonna save us."

But I don't see that person.

And I sure as hell can't be that person from a jail cell.

Just think of all the good you could do with my resources, my cash.

You could research anything you wanted.

You'd be a legend.

And if anyone ever caught you, you'd just say, "Uh, oops, I misread his scan.

Human error."

Take another look at the scans, just in case there's something you missed.

Okay, Tom, my patient just died.

So if your billionaire needs a lollipop or a foot massage, please go to someone else.

If you had his kind of money, what would you do with it?


I don't know.

I'd triple the size of the clinic.

I'd make half our cases pro bono.

I could develop a research lab and come up with our own medicine so we could cut out big pharma completely.

Public healthcare initiatives.

We could put a stop to food deserts.

We could get healthcare and nutrition to the homeless.

The point is you'd do good, lots of it, because this world never runs out of people who need help.

How do you decide which rules to break?

How do I decide?

We're surgeons. We live by rules, precedents, protocols.

I mean, annoying as they are, they reproduce success, so, Meredith Grey, award-winning rule breaker, how do you decide which rules to break?

I-I just go with my gut.

And I hope that whatever I'm doing improves this mess of a world just a little bit.

We believe he's out of immediate danger, but there's no question he's gonna have a long recovery.

Does he have family nearby?

Yeah, um, I called.

They're on the way.

He'll also need additional surgeries to treat the burns and close the wounds on his arms and leg.




Um whoever takes care of Brad needs to be prepared to spend a lot of time in hospitals for a while.

I can't... I can't do that. I can't stay.

You don't have to make that decision right now.

No, but I already decided.

And... And he decided to come with me, but I was always gonna go, with or without him.

What does it mean if he would leave his dream for me, but I... I won't stay for him?


That went from forever to over in less than a day.

You called it, Jo.

All love sucks eventually.


It doesn't suck.

I've spent all week trying to hate Alex, and nothing works.

Because every time I get into my car, I see this little trash bag that he put in my side pocket so that I had somewhere to put my gum wrappers and tissues.

And I felt... I felt so loved that he did that.

And now he put me in the trash with the gum wrappers and the tissues.

I'm so mad.

I'm so hurt.

But I also know that he is the reason that I will get up again.

I will climb out of the trash, and I will rise.

I'll rise so high that I'll make him a fool for ever having left me, and I'll do it because of how well he loved me.

I am changed because of him.

He helped me feel worthy of love, and even though it's over, that is mine to keep.

Link, don't blow it with Amelia.

I didn't do anything.

She pushed me away. She ended it.

She didn't push you away. She gave you a choice.

I never had that.

Why did Andrew DeLuca tell me you'd handed over your entire service?

Well, lately, um, the smallest thing sets me off.

And when that happens...

...I-I see red.

I'm sorry.

I know you were just trying to be kind, and I was wrong to treat you that way.

That doesn't answer my question.

This isn't something I arrived at easily.

♪ Stars fade out I've decided to step away from surgery.


I don't care how you arrived at it.

It's the wrong destination. No!

M-My mind is made up, Bailey.

I want to focus on my PATH Pen and other innovations.

You can do that while you operate.

You know, a little while ago, you asked how you could help me.

Well, this is how.

Support me on my next adventure.

This room reminds me of another time.

Another me.

It clutters my mind.

I want to look ahead. Richard...

...this place needs you.

And that's how I want to step away.

At the top of my game.

We've both seen people cling to their scalpels longer than they should have.

♪ And we will, too

Mr. Ford.

Can I have a minute?

I took another look at your scans.

You have an aneurysm in your anterior cerebral artery.

I, uh... I missed it, uh, initially because it's... it's minor.

It's barely detectable.

There's no doubt that it could influence your judgment.

It's the sort of thing that, uh, could resolve on its own, but you may need surgery down the road.

Um, when... when will we know?


Well, when we see the size of the check.

Thanks for waiting.

It was a hell of a day.

Yeah. I had it all pictured.

I was gonna buy you coffee, and then I was gonna tell you about the houseboat, and you were gonna be really happy for me, and it was gonna be so nice.

This doesn't feel right, Vic.

And I'm saying that to you because I have been through a, um... when... when something's not right...

Mm-hmm. ...and you hold on too long.

You know, it's like two people carrying one stone, never... Okay, stop talking like a fortune cookie and just say it, Jackson.

You don't want to see me anymore.

I am past the time in my life where I can just go with things... move in and out on a whim, move in with a friend who you tried to set up with my ex, who has a kid now, but, hey, it's all good.

Nah, it's not all good. We're not teenagers.

Okay, but sleeping together with no commitment... that's good? Or friends with benefits?

What... that's... that's state of the freakin' art, Jackson.

What an adult!


We moved really fast. Mm-hmm.

I'm just saying we could take a little time to get to know each other better, be... be friends for a little while.

I have friends.

Bye, Jackson.

You too, huh?


You know, on days like this, Alex would be the one who would make me laugh.

Dark, gallows humor, but he made me laugh.

My first day of residency, when the chief gave us that speech... you know, "The seven years you spend here"...

I stood in that room dreaming of being the last one left of my class, of being the kind of surgeon that I have become, of winning.

Then one by one, they dropped off till Torres and I were the only ones left.

Then she left.

At some point, it stops feeling like victory and just feels lonely.

I just don't know if I know how to do this without him.

Or if I want to.

I'm not talking about Alex.

Richard Webber is stepping down from surgery.

What? Why?

I don't... I don't want to talk about it.


You're right.

You deserve a way better apology than I managed this morning, which wasn't even...

I'm sorry.

I'm... I'm sorry that I used you.

I'm sorry that I hurt you.

I mean, everything was fine.

I was happy.

Owen and I finally found our way back to each other after years of bad timing.

We finally worked.

You know, I-I really don't think I'm in the mood to hear how you and Hunt are working.

And then I felt... I...

I feel that he might choose another woman again, and I have been through... with my whole body, I'm remembering unimaginable loss and unbearable pain, and you...

You make me laugh.

You make me feel good.

You make me feel like my life isn't completely spinning out of control.

And... And I-I hate that that hurts you because you're such a good guy.

Stop. St... Stop saying that.

I'm really not a good guy, Teddy.

I don't think that's true.

It is true.

Hey, you look like you could use one of these, huh?


So, Alex. Crazy, right?

Sorry about that.

But on the plus side, we are both free now.

So we could, uh, make the best out of a bad situation, take away each other's pain.

I mean, come on, you're beautiful.

You're brilliant. And where is he?

Nowhere. He doesn't respect you.

Do you think Meredith respects me? Please.

I think he's a complete idiot if you ask...

You're not okay. You're not yourself.

Listen to people when they tell you that.

Get help before it's too late.

You would think weightlessness is a good thing, but it's not.

Because people weren't meant to float.



The kids are down, and I thought you'd be starving, so I roasted a chicken, and, yes, I put a whole stick of butter into the potatoes.

My favorite.

I know.

Owen, this is, um...

Wait, wait. Me first.

You didn't do anything wrong, okay?

All you did was tell me the truth.

I was shocked, and I froze.

But for our future, Teddy, I need you to know you are not a replacement for anyone.

And if you need to tell me anything, my answer will be, "I love you."

I love you, and we're gonna figure it out.

And that's my answer now.

That's my answer tomorrow.

That's my answer always.

And I'm sorry.

Without gravity, we lose blood volume, bone density, muscle.

Without it, we're untethered.

Oh, hey. What are you doing?

I wanted to write you a song, but I can't write songs, uh, as fast as I needed to come here and, um, tell you...

I don't want to live without you.

You seemed pretty clear about how you felt if the baby isn't yours.

I was hurting. I was in pain.

But that doesn't mean I don't love you, Amelia, because I do.

Doesn't mean I don't want you.

Because I do... I want you.

You're the only person that makes me feel all the things that I thought I was too smart or too damaged to feel.

You make me want to write love songs in the rain!

You make me want to be a parent.

And I don't... I don't give a crap whose baby it is.

I don't want to feel this sad and this lonely, not if I don't have to.

I fell in love with you, Amelia, and I fell in love with this baby, and that is what matters to me.

So when you feel yourself being pulled toward something, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

So, you want to do this?

Even if he isn't yours?

I do.

I really needed to hear that.

Because I got the results.

And he is yours. It may keep you centered.

But you still got to write me that song.

It may keep you safe.