Grey's Anatomy S16E18 Script

Give a Little Bit (2020)

In 1847, the American Medical Association published its code of ethics, in which physicians were encouraged to provide free services to the poor as part of their public duty.

Hey, Mer.

Karev, you're late.

It's 5:00 a.m., and it's not Karev anymore.

Fair enough. What is it?

I don't know yet.

Okay, Jo.

You're late, and it's Pro Bono Surgery Day.

I have 25 patients to get through and only four general surgeons.

And, Jo, you need to work.

You know it, and I know it.

So get your ass in here.

Hospitals were meant to be centers to care for the sick and poor.

They were meant to be places of refuge, places to heal.

But somewhere along the way, that changed.

I brought the forms back.

Dr. Grey, if I may, you were already a legend, but this...

I mean, I don't know what comes after "legend," but --

Helm. It's not about me. Stop it.

Healthcare became a commodity sold to those who can afford it...

She's such a legend.

This isn't about her, Brody.

Stop it.

...rather than a physician's dutiful service to the public.


Ready to see Mavis break the record tonight?

Uh, I-I can't go to a basketball game tonight.

But I got courtside seats.

Yeah, I know. I -- Uh, one of his fellow firefighters died.

Threw a PE right as we were about to discharge him.

Ohh. I'm really sorry.

Yeah, of course. Do what you need to do.

Thanks, man.


Mwah. Bye.

Surgical diagnostics complete.

This is that mobile surgery unit we paid for, huh?

Yeah. You, uh, come by the station, give you a tour.


Mission response team requested...

That truck is dope.

It's Grey's Pro Bono Surgery Day.

Get excited about that.


What are you doing here so early?

Uh, force of habit.

And if you're trying to talk me into operating again, don't.

If I thought it would work, I would, but, no, I wanted to tell you that I got a call from the lawyer yesterday.

And you were right. Your brother settled.

So I really appreciate you helping me through that.

And, um, I hope that Chris finds some peace.

Well, I got a call from a lawyer yesterday, too.

Separation papers.

Catherine's lawyer was letting me know how generous she is by letting me keep my own house.

Oh, my God. I am so sorry, Richard.

No one's sorrier than I am.


Meredith, no, okay?

I haven't even asked you anything yet.

Okay, fine.

I need to put you on the board today.

Just a few hernias, or lap cholies.

You choose.

It -- The pro bono day is -- is just...

Meredith, what...?

Come on.

I already lost one friend this week.

Can't lose you, too.

Look, I'm -- I'm still your friend.

I'm -- I'm just not your surgeon.

Link's the father.

I know Maggie told you that it might be Owen's, but it's not.

Hi, Jo.

I already knew.

Link sent me a Bitmoji last night of a baby's body with his face on it, which I can't unsee.

Well, that's -- that's great news.

I'm happy for you -- both of you -- all of us, I guess, right?

Yeah. Yep. Yeah.

Okay. I'll see you upstairs. Yeah.


I'm sorry you guys got tangled up in this, even for a moment, but now we can just move forward.

Full steam ahead, right?

Thank you. Right here.

Has a Jared Goldstein checked in here?

He hasn't shown up yet.

I thought he might have come to the clinic by accident.

Doesn't sound familiar.

We're giving him a lap cholie.

For free. Or, uh, Bailey is.

It's, uh -- It's great, right?

Wouldn't know. I'm stuck here.

DeLuca, are you okay?

I'm fine. Move.

Okay, Cindy Wright.

I'm Dr. DeLuca. How can I help you?

She has a bulge in her stomach.

And you are...?

Uh, her aunt, Opal.

Okay, Cindy, let me take a look at you here.


Does that hurt, Cindy?

She said that she's a six on a --

I asked Cindy.


A little.

Did you do anything strenuous lately?

Maybe you lifted something heavy?

We moved a refrigerator.

She helps me clean houses.

It's kind of a family business.

On the count of three, I want you to hold your breath and bear down for me, okay?

One, two, three.

Whoa. Okay.

You've definitely got a hernia in your abdomen here.

We can repair that with a very easy surgery.

Super simple.

But, uh, is there any other symptoms I should know about?

It also burns when she pees.

She's embarrassed, but I told her it's probably just a UTI.

Could be.

Uh, but I'll need to do a more thorough exam.

You're welcome to wait in the family area right over here.

Um, she has some abandonment issues.

Her -- Her parents left her when she was 4.

Is it okay if I just stay?

Sure. Um, you know what?

Cindy, why don't you put this gown on for me?

And I'll be right back.

Good morning. Welcome to Pro Bono Surgery Day.

I appreciate you all rearranging your schedules to be here.

I would make a speech, but we don't really have the time because Koracick pulls the plug at 7:00.

So, all the beds turn into pumpkins.

At least Cinderella had until midnight.

Did you have to pick today to start telling jokes, Hunt?

You know what they call Pro Bono Surgery Day in Ireland?

Every day.

Great. More jokes.

Okay, Hayes, you are on bed 8.

Hunt and Ka-- Jo, uh, you have AV fistula, bed 6.

Take Brody with you.

Wait, uh, it's Wilson now.

Wait, I don't like that either.

I -- Okay, for now it's -- it is -- it is Jo.

It is Dr. Jo.

How long have you had chest pain?

Since I enlisted.

So it's been quite some time.

Lean back.

Could it be anxiety?

I don't know.

Are my headaches anxiety, too?

Back pain?

Or do you think maybe it's the IED that knocked me on my skull and killed a bunch of my buddies?

I was in Afghanistan.

Field surgeon.

Are the cuffs really necessary?

He spent a week in county for assaulting a store owner with a knife and threatening a city block with a grenade.

And still, I can't assess him if I can't move his arm.

Thank you.

Why'd you assault the store owner?

'Cause he deserved it.

And the grenade?

I felt like I deserved it.

Put your arm down. Thanks.

Are you on any medication... Ah.

...for PTSD?

I was on an SSRI for a while.

Helped a bit, but then my insurance changed, and it got too expensive.

I don't want any benzos.

My memory's bad enough.

Kyle, if you work with me, I promise you I'll help you.



Page Tom Koracick, please.

Kyle, can you hear me?

Okay, Cindy, do you have a history of hernias in your family?

That might be a good one for you to answer, Aunt Opal.

No. I don't think so.

Okay, what about, uh, fevers, headaches, things like that?

She's not used to meeting cute doctors.

No. No fevers.

Okay, well, it's likely the UTI, along with the hernia, but I'll need a urine sample and some other tests, okay?

How long is that gonna take?

It's just that I have to arrange childcare for my other kids, so...

I'll send a nurse right over.

Nurse Olivia, please look at me and act completely normal.

You got that? Okay.

Page Chief Bailey and get a full set of labs for the girl in bed 3.

Why? What happened?

She's reluctant to answer my questions.

The aunt's doing all the talking for her.

She fits the profile, alright?

We need to keep her here as long as possible.

Profile for what?

Human trafficking.

Shara Freeman, 55-year-old female with a history of abdominal wall sarcoma.

Status post multiple surgeries --

You'll forgive me if we cut right to it.

I'll cut right to it, too.

You really think you can fix my mom?

Honey, please.

Dr. Grey is an expert in this surgery.

She's a pioneer in the field.

A game-changer. And your mom's extremely lucky --

Helm. You're the fourth surgeon to tell me this will be the procedure that makes my mom better.

How do I know it'll be different this time, that she won't wake up again in agony?

You don't. But what I do know is where her scar tissue starts and where it ends.

And I know exactly how I plan to remove it.

And I also know that she won't have one medical bill to pay when this is over.

So, the only way all of that can happen is -- is if we get to it.

Okay. Okay.

Dr. Grey, uh, O-OR 4 is a no-go for at least the next hour.

They have the wrong instruments, and they have to sterilize the correct ones.


I-I'll fix it.

Well, it's, uh, 25 surgeries in 12 hours.

There's, uh, bound to be a hitch or two, right?

What? Uh...

Oh. Hi. Good.

I told them.

All parties involved.

It was awkward, which -- I'm not sure why.

It was all good baby-daddy news.


Oh, sorry.

It's just my old job with the Mariners.

They've been kinda courting me, trying to get me back while we were going through our whole...

Baby-daddy drama.

You know, I'd really love it if you didn't say

"baby daddy."

Sorry. Dad. You're the baby dad.

Baby daddy. Uh, uh, sorry.

Said it again.

Anyway, um, I'm saying no, so you don't have to worry.

I just need like two minutes.

Do you want to say no?

Well, I mean, it's a kick-ass gig, and, uh, they're offering me basically double what they were paying me before, but it's -- it's a lot of travel, a lot of late nights.

And you're giving up this kick-ass gig why?

'Cause I'm about to be a baby daddy.

Dr. Bormann to Pediatrics.

Dr. Bormann to Pediatrics.

Okay, Cindy, do you have any brothers or sister?

Just my cousins.

Is this gonna help you figure out what she's got?

It's just a little doctor trick.

You know, hospitals can be intimidating, so we make small talk as a distraction.

Just helps everybody relax.

Can I go to the bathroom?

Nurse Olivia can take you to the bathroom in a wheelchair. Oh, no, I can help her.

Nurse Olivia will take her. You can wait here.

Uh, Nurse Olivia, would you mind helping Cindy to the bathroom?

Thank you so much.

Where the hell is Bailey?

She's heading into surgery.

Well, tell her she can't. I need her here right now.

You want me to tell the chief of surgery that she can't go into s--

I have a human-trafficking victim, Olivia.

Dr. DeLuca, I understand that you're concerned, but teenagers are moody.

Maybe the kid is just --

I know what I saw, okay?

And I'm the only thing standing between her and freedom right now.

So just -- You know what? Forget it.

I'll do it. Just take her to the bathroom.

Dr. DeLuca. Please. Please.


Nico and I are going to this new speakeasy after work.

You enter through a back -- old room in the back of this old motel.

Want to come?

Uh, watching my friend fawn over a guy who doesn't treat him as an equal because the sex is good is not my idea of fun.

Even when there's alcohol.

Okay, it is so much more complicated than that.

Hey, thank you so much.

Let me know when they schedule your interview, and I can prep you.

Dr. Lincoln, Mr. Mendoza is on his way to the OR for his arthroscopic meniscectomy.

On my way.

Thanks again, man.

You deserve it.

Deserve what?

He's recommending me for his old job with the Mariners.


Are you -- W-Will you -- Is it --

Uh, should we talk this through?

I mean, uh, what kind of job is it?

A job I take unless I'm an idiot, which I'm not.

Helm, where am I going?

Uh, rotator cuff repair on Mrs. Lefevre.

OR 3.

Got it.

I take it back.

You're totally equals.

Teddy, you paged?

Oh. I paged Koracick.

Do people really prefer him?

Because that concerns me on multiple levels.

Sorry. Thank you for coming.

36-year-old male. He's a Marine.

He has severe PTSD and a probable TBI.

He held an entire store hostage with a grenade trying to blow himself up.

And the VA's slammed, so he's hardly had any proper care.

Well, of course not.

And I noticed strange involuntary movements and intermittent loss of awareness.

I'm thinking maybe a complex partial seizure?

Okay. Okay, I will look for signs of traumatic brain in--

No! No! No!

Kyle, please! Ashley, leave!

I didn't ask you guys to call anyone!

Kyle, it's police protocol to notify your emergency contacts.

I want her to go away.

I don't want her to see me like this, please.

Hey. No, hey, hey, no, no!

No, I -- Hey, I'm sorry.

He didn't mean to -- I'm sorry.

He can't breathe! Let go of him!

Let go of him. He has broken ribs and a brain injury.


You can give him pain meds for the ribs, but he's coming back to county.

He'll go when I say he'll go.

Bailey. Finally.

Look, the patient won't talk to me alone, and her aunt -- if she's even her aunt -- won't let her out of her sight.

She's answering all of her questions for her.

Bailey, the girl in there, the -- the patient, she's --

DeLuca, you assured me that you were ready to return to work, and I trusted you.

Please, do not make me reconsider.

I have serious reason to believe that that girl --

I know you think you know something, but I am telling you to stop, take a breath.

I'm telling you -- Listen to yourself.

What, is that the family that you suspect of human trafficking?

Bailey, trust me.

If you just go in there and talk to her, you'll know, okay?

Shh, shh, shh! Stay right here.

Hello. Hi.

I'm Dr. Miranda Bailey, Chief of Surgery.

Chief? Oh, wow. Uh, it's nice to meet you.

I'm Opal. This is my niece, Cindy.

Cindy! Now, how old are you?

It's okay. She's the chief of surgery.

You can trust her.


And you're from the area?

Not originally, but she's -- she's been here since she was 5.


Yeah, and you live with your Aunt Opal?

Sorry. Um, my belly really hurts.

Well, we will make you feel better real soon, okay?



That is a minor in pain that you are keeping from getting the care that she needs.

Page another resident to take care of her.

She is no longer your patient.

Bailey, stop.

Unless you'd rather I suspend you?

DeLuca, go home. Rest.

And be in my office tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. sharp.

Why isn't Shara in surgery right now?

Bailey's patient got taken to the OR, and she got paged away urgently.

Someone needs to take over.

Dr. Grey! How much longer?!

All my mom does is wait!

And she's gonna have to wait a little while longer.

I'm sorry.

We're doing everything we can.

Hey, hey. Big day. Whatcha got?


Oh. Hunt. Hey.

I have got an extra ticket to the big game tonight.

I don't know if you've got plans, but this is gonna be an amazing game, alright?

Mavis is on fire.

Hmm. Well, maybe.

Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, I mean, I kinda would need a firm yes or no just so I don't waste the ticket, but --

Oh, well... Yeah.

...then, uh, no.

How about you? You like hoops?

Yes! Yeah!

Mm-hmm? And, um, not being invited to things as an afterthought.

That's not -- So that's --


Why don't you just go alone?

Oh. I'm sorry. I --

I forgot. You can't do alone.


Hey. How are you?

Good. Yeah, hi.

Yeah, I-I can't do it.

The headaches, on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad?



And you said your memory's bad?

Short-term, yeah.

Which is why I don't like taking meds.

I end up taking them too many times a day

'cause I forgot I already took them.

You know they have little pill boxes for that.

I keep forgetting to buy one of those.

So, sense of humor's still intact.

It's buried in there somewhere.

You know what you saw earlier, how I sort of lost it?

That's every day.

At the gas station, over breakfast.

That's why I've been avoiding Ashley.

She doesn't deserve that.

Neither do you.

Afghanistan, and then Iraq.

And when he came home, it was like he wasn't Kyle.

He used to be this hilarious, silly guy.

Sometimes at the grocery store, he would sing to whatever oldies music they were playing.

He would just dance to "Brown Eyed Girl" in the cereal aisle.

Everybody loved it.

You know, he was someone I wanted to be around... for the rest of my life because I knew I'd be laughing.

And I know he's sick, but he's not keeping up with his meds, and...

...I just don't know how long I can keep doing this.

And that's okay.

The life that you signed up for, it's...'s changed.

And you're allowed to have your feelings, and...'re allowed to have your doubts and to make mistakes.

I just feel like if I can't make this work...

...what was it all for?

We're gonna do an MRI and an EEG, and then we will know more.

Ashley, we are going to help him.

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Thank you.

So, Nico said that you used to be a team doctor?

For three years.

Here, take this grasper and lift that out gently.

A job like that -- lotta time away?

About half the year.

That's why I turned it down.

Why, is that something you want to pursue?

No, no, but Nico sure does.

Yeah, I mean, it's a crazy schedule, but it doesn't have to be a dealbreaker.

And the only reason I turned it down is 'cause I'm gonna be a dad.

So, you sacrificed the job for the person you love.

Relationships are give-and-take, but I'm not really an expert.

What I can tell you is not saying how I feel has never gotten me anything.

Okay, exciting news, everyone!

Have you heard of Dr. Meredith Grey, Cindy?

Grey, as in G-Grey--

Yeah, bingo. That's the one.

Well, she's a very lovely lady and a dear friend of mine.

And today, she's giving away free surgeries to anybody who needs them.

So you two are in luck.

For free? That's impossible.

Normally, yes, but we've got a remarkable set of donors here at the hospital, and there's actually an opening in an hour.

I can prep Cindy right now and take her up.

That's amazing. Honey, you hear that?

They're gonna fix you up. Okay, let's -- let's go.

So, unfortunately, guardians aren't allowed past the sterile line.

It's just hospital protocol, right?

But we can escort you up to the surgical floor, and we can update you every half an hour.

Okay, well, thank you, Dr. DeLuca.

No problem.

Alright, take her up to the surgical floor.

Grey's operating, alright?

What?! Grey's schedule is packed!

I don't care. I'll do it myself if I have to, okay?

Bring her up.

Should be a straightforward resection.

She hasn't had any recent flare-ups, so...

So, get in, get out. Easy.


Hey, Jo --

No. Stop.

I can tell from the way your voice changed that you're about to say that you're sorry to hear about Alex, and I would very much like to not talk about that while I'm in my happy place.

So thank you, but no.

Got it.

But, you know, if you ever need a friend...

...and Teddy is great with -- y'know -- so, if you ever want company or --

Hunt! Shutting up.

Hey. Um, your, uh, surgery's in OR 4.

No, our patient's on the table.

Oops. Uh, y-your patient is in OR 2 now, as soon as Pierce finishes her fibroelastoma.


Uh, you said you wanted to shift things around.

I never said that.

But Dr. DeLuca said you did.

Dr. DeLuca said I did?

Well, we can't move.

Our patient's already anesthetized.

Yeah, I know!

Can we use OR 3?

Uh, still occupied.

Ruptured pseudoaneurysm.

Tell DeLuca to stay out of my schedule, and also tell him to stay off my floor.

Altman. Hey.

I didn't see you on Grey's schedule.

Do you hate the needy?

I knew you were just in this for the cash.

Y-You're not laughing at my very funny jokes.

Is everything okay?

It's not Owen's baby.



Tom, this doesn't change the way I feel about you.



My patient's MRI results are back.

Well, don't -- don't let me, uh, keep you.

Hey, you know, Cindy... is there something bothering you?

Because i-if there is, if there's something wrong, I just, uh -- I want you to know that you can talk to me about it, okay?

I-I want to keep you safe.

There's nothing wrong. I just --

I want this to be over with so I can go home.

Okay. Right. I-I'll be right back, okay?

Hey, Helm.

No. Walk away, DeLuca, or I'm taking out your appendix.

That's not a very nice way to speak to your chief resident. Please.

You are barely hanging on to that title, and after today, you'll be falling from it, to your death.

Look, I may have bent the truth slightly, alright?

No, no, no, no, no, you lied to me, and you got me in trouble with Grey.

And that is worse than lying.

That is treason.

And your patient is not getting surgery.

So go away.

Dr. Perone to 4 West.

Dr. Perone to 4 West.

Excuse me, could you tell me where to find the...?

Are they ready? Uh, yeah.

You know, we just need to take you to the pre-op area right now.

This way? Thank you.



Kyle has focal areas of gliosis on his frontal lobe.

The EEG confirms a seizure focus.

So it's potentially fixable.

Kyle and Ashley will be so relieved.

I mean, his girlfriend, she has given up so much for him.

Is that all love is? Just sacrifice?

You -- You meet someone you want to be with, you have kids, and then, poof, goodbye, dreams, wishes, desires?


I gave up my apartment, my job, my universal healthcare, my European work visa, and for what?


For a marriage that might work?

Teddy, Link's the father.

And even if it was Owen's --

Please, stop.

Are you seriously mad at me for a hypothetical?

Hypotheticals have consequences, too.

We need to update Kyle.

I was told three hours ago! My mom was promised two hours ago that she would get a bed!

Everyone, please lower your voices!

We can't wait. Things went a little off the rails, huh? We've been doing this all day.

It's not my fault!

I need to talk to you. Dr. Grey, my mom hasn't eaten in 24 hours.

Neither have I.

Get -- Get a handle on your operation, Grey.

These people are about to riot.

Please, I just need a little more time.

I know you said you were gonna cut it off --

Whatever. Don't care. Just finish.

I'll pay for the OT.

Griffin Ford gave us enough money to cover pro bono days a couple of times a year if we want.

I-I was gonna put in a chiefs' lounge with a steam room, you know, but, uh...

Why'd he give you so much money?

Anterior cerebral artery aneurysm is what the news said.

Wow. I knew you were dirty.

I didn't know you were that dirty.

You're the one who told me to trust my gut and try to fix the world.

Not like that!

You want to cancel your little charity day on principle?

Be my guest.

I didn't think so.

Code violet, OR waiting room.

What is that?

Code violet, OR waiting room. What's code violet?

It means somebody's getting violent with hospital staff.

Hey, hey! Stay back! Don't you come near her!

You cannot do this!

Hey! Stay away!

Stop! Stop!

Don't move! Okay? Hey!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Dr. DeLuca. It's okay -- I got you.

Dr. DeLuca. It's okay -- I got you.

Hey, hey! Security?

Arrest this woman for child trafficking!

No! Someone help me!

Security, you heard me!

You have to let her go!

That is my niece!

Stop! Stop! Don't move!

Security, detain her right now!

No, no, no, no one's gonna detain anyone.

Uh... We're all just gonna back up.

Just stay calm, DeLuca.

Andrea, please, please, please, stop this, please.

This man is crazy! I'm not crazy!

You're hurting her!

Alright, everybody, you know what to do.

Dangerous person in the hospital, okay?

We need to join hands, form a human chain around her, okay?

Let's go. Come on.

Everybody, come on.

Come on!

What are you waiting for?!

Huh? Come on! Let's do it!


Yes! Yes! Finally! Come on!

Let's go.

Get around her, guys. Okay.


Don't let her -- What?

What are you doing? Huh?

What are you doing?

No, no, no, no, no, no! What? Hey!

Bailey? Mer, come on.

Security. No, no, no, no, no.

This is not okay.

Please escort Dr. DeLuca to my office.

Stop. What? Me?!

Wh-- What, you're just gonna let her go?

Oh, my gosh...

Okay, open your eyes, people, okay?!

She's selling human beings!

Look at her! She's afraid!

That's not love. That's a trauma bond, okay?

She's threatening her or -- or her family.

I-I know it, okay?

She's -- She's torturing her!

She's selling her!

Bailey, stop this, please!

If you ever want to step foot in my hospital again, go with security to my office.

Andrea, please.

We need to save her!

It's okay, Andrew.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Stop it.

Andrea, please, please, please.

You're all blind.

All of you.

Don't touch me!

It's okay. It's okay.

Code violet, canceled.

Code violet, canceled.

Hey. Hi.

I was wondering, uh, if we should skip the bar tonight.

Maybe go somewhere without as many windows?

I need somewhere with windows because every time I try to talk to you about something, you distract me.

Great. What now?

"What now"?

That's your response to me wanting to talk?

Well, yeah, because it's usually something you're pissed about.

I'm not pissed, but...

I-If you get that job, it's going to affect us.

I think that at least warrants a conversation.

It hasn't even happened yet.

A-And what if it does?

What? What?

So you want me to feel bad about it?

It's my dream job, Levi.

Nico, a relationship requires sacrifice and compromise.

And I'm the only one who ever does either of those.

Your way always goes, and I'm tired of telling you that I want more.


"Alright," what?

Alright, I...

I hope you find someone who will give that to you.

I hope everyone's alright.

I can't imagine what else could go wrong today.

Well, you know the old joke.

How do you get God to laugh?

Make a plan.

Your kids, uh, need a sitter when you go out, or are they old enough to stay home alone?

As long as I leave enough pizza money, they're grand.

Well, I'm asking 'cause I got amazing tickets to the game tonight.

A friend bailed on me last minute, so...

American football.

Don't even get me started.

Don't even know how you call it a sport.

I mean, they blow the whistle and they run for, what, 30 seconds?

In real football -- soccer -- it's 45 minutes a half, 90 minutes end-to-end.

That's real athleticism, non-stop.

Well, my father-in-law used to force me to watch the American football.

I just -- I couldn't get into it, man.

Used to kind of annoy me a little bit, to be honest.

So many ads.

It's a basketball game tonight, so, a little different.


Not really my thing, either, mate.

Thanks anyway.


Hey, what are you doing?

Looking for a new job. I quit.

I tried.

He needs help, but he won't listen!

Okay, Andrew, look at me, please.

No. No.


Since day one, all I ever wanted was to be like you, like all of you.

You know, just a-accomplish the impossible, make a difference i-in people's lives.

And the more I do that, the more you all just judge me and call me crazy, and I'm not!

And I'm sick of it, and I'm done!

But you are accomplishing the impossible, and that's why I can't let you quit.

I'm not your business anymore, Meredith!

I don't work for you, and I don't love you!

But I love you.

I love you.

You went to jail for me.

You saved me from myself.

I cannot let you walk away from this.

Just take some time, take the suspension, but come on, this is not how this ends.

If you tell Bailey to call the national trafficking hotline and investigate that girl...

I'll take the suspension.


How's DeLuca? Is everything okay?

No. How are we? What's happening?

Uh, Mrs. Freeman still hasn't --

Hey, Mer, this Marine Corps vet served in two wars.

If we kick him back to the VA, God knows how long it's gonna take.

Uh, y-y-y-yes, he can have a spot, yes.

Whoa, wait! You can't just give a spot away!

We've been waiting. My mom has been waiting!

I know how long she has been waiting.

I have been here all day myself.

It's not fair! It's wrong!

You know...

Is that what's happening now -- you're giving spots away?

I know you want to help a lot of people, but my mom should be one of them.

She's in agony.

You said you'd help her.

You should not have to apologize for being such a good advocate.

I am sorry that the system is this messed up that you have to fight this hard.

Your mom is going to get her surgery.

I promise.

Your Marine is going to get his surgery.

You're all gonna get your surgeries.

Because we have a very generous donor who has graciously agreed to extend Pro Bono Surgery Day for as long as we need.

And I'm very happy to announce that we are going to start doing Pro Bono Surgery Days once a month here from now on.


We have good news.

We found a seizure focus, probably due to your traumatic injury, and we have a plan to cure your seizures.

Will that make his other symptoms go away?

It will definitely make him feel more like himself.

And we can testify in court that this condition caused your behavior.

Thank you. So much.

How many years until the VA can fit me in, though?

They're not doing it. I am.

I got you into the pro bono surgeries that are happening as we speak.

Wait. What?

You are done waiting, Kyle.


I love you. I love you.

What did you say to that doctor?

Nothing. Yeah, well, I'm not stupid.

I know you said something. I didn't, I swear.

My stomach really hurts.

It was your own fault, so stop crying.

Hey. You feel like Richard's doing okay?

Um, considering that your mother's lawyers are going after him in the separation, I would say he's fair.

He hasn't said a word to me since the merger.

I guess that's why.

You know he stepped down from surgery, right?

What? No.




We've tried to talk him out of it, but, uh, you know how he can stonewall.


The last thing I wanted was to take sides in all this.


Does he know that?

I thought it was obvious.

Oh, there he is.


You got any plans tonight?

Did Catherine send you to spy on me?

Why would you say that, Richard?

Would you put it past her?

Okay, fair enough, but the answer's no, okay?

I just have an extra ticket to the game tonight, which doesn't make you an afterthought.

Uh, I guess technically it does.

I was going with Vic, but that's over now, so...

Uh, I'm -- I'm sorry to hear that.

Thanks. Anyway, I don't know if you've been following the season, but Mavis --

Are you kidding?

Mavis has been on fire!

Did you see that 3-pointer last week?

At the buzzer?! Ohh!

So, that's a yes, then, or what?

A hell-to-the-yes!

Let's do it. Okay.

I think I dumped myself.

Is that even possible?

Oh, wait. Of course it is.

I'm me.

I left all my stuff at Nico's place because he convinced me to move out of my mom's house.

And I haven't found an apartment yet.

So I'm homeless!

Do you want to stay with me while you look for a place?

Jo, that time in my mom's basement was a one-time thing.

I'm a gay man.

That's why you're getting the invite, dummy!


My place is too empty, and I'm too sad, and I don't want to be chased out of the place I bought for myself because my husband -- because my ex-hus-- I just -- I don't want to have to go.

But it needs to change. Like, now.

Then definitely yes.

We can be super sad together.

Let's get him up to post-op.

You know, I've slept with a lot of women.

All sizes, creeds, and colors, and I've slept with women whose language I speak and whose language I don't, women who just left their husbands, even women who just left their wives.

You know, I don't discriminate, but believe it or not, I have a code.

It's a rather, you know, bespoke... code, but still, it's a...

I draw the line at married women.


And you're about to be one.

Y-You have the heirloom ring.

You have the two kids. You might as well have a dog.

I may not care for Agent Orange, but I've been the husband whose wife sleeps with another man, and I-I'll never be that guy.

I love you, and I want to make this easy for you.

So go home, Teddy.

Plan your wedding. Spend time with your fiancé.

I'll be just fine.


You know, we could make this work.

We did make it work.

No, I mean your dream job.

You -- You said it -- it has too much travel, but you love travel.

But now there are new things in my life that I love more.

I guess.

It's just scary that from now on, every want and need and desire is gonna be put on hold for our kid.

Promise me we'll always fight for our dreams.

I will always fight.

I may not win.

Maybe you should take that job.

There are 81 away games a year.

Okay, but the next dream.

It's been said that you haven't lived today unless you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

But that's easier said than done.

I, um...

Owen, I...


I ju-- I, um...

I had a really...

I had a really rough patient.

A vet.

War was hell -- home was hell.

He's just been through so much.


I'm sure you helped him.

Come here.

Because when your life's a mess, it's hard to be much help to anyone else.


I called the trafficking hotline.

They told me not to scare the suspect away.

But they're gone.


What if he was right?


Thanks. Mm-hmm.

Well, you did it.

Yeah, I single-handedly saved American medicine.

I wish I had something more encouraging to say.

I see it now.

The twisted-ness.

Took you long enough.

Thanks for your help today.

And if that sounds too hard...

...well, this might not be the life for you.