Grey's Anatomy S16E8 Script

My Shot (2019)

♪ I see all the light that lifts us ♪


♪ Hitting on... ♪ Meredith: When you sign a medical directive or a consent to surgery, there's an important question we ask.


[ Sighs ] No.

"In the event of a possibly fatal complication..."

Thanks for coming...

♪ To light the path beneath our feet ♪


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

" you want us to use extraordinary measures to prolong your life?

If your heart stops, do you want us to begin CPR?"

[ Sighs ]

♪♪ Hey. You just get back in town?

Yeah. I landed last night.

Um, listen.

I'm sorry I didn't call you back.

I didn't think it was a good idea for you or your... your mom to come to Sabrina's service.

Mom didn't go?

Ah, the family's not ready to see anyone, especially from Seattle.

"Do you want to be violently shocked... Okay.

...with 360 joules of electricity?"

So, the book says we can't start sleep-training until after six months.

One book. One book says that.

Other books say that you can start at four months or when they start dropping night feeds.

Or when the mom starts losing her mind because of cumulative sleep deprivation.

Everything okay? Allison had us up till 3:00.

Us? You slept through the whole thing. Or you pretended to.

Hey, hey! Is that coffee?

M-Maybe you should just take it.

Thank you so much.

♪ Love of mine ♪ I don't remember all you people putting in requests for the day off.

And whose fault is it they need to?


Nice to see you. Bailey.

"Do you agree to multiple injections of adrenaline into your veins or a tube down your throat?"


♪ We'll all be, we'll all be, we'll all be ♪ How far will you go to stay alive?

♪ Alright ♪

[ Ship horn blaring ]

Taryn: No one's suspending Meredith Grey's license.

She won a Catherine Fox award. She's a legend.

Nico: Well, I heard she operated on a fellow resident.

She took out a healthy appendix.

No, she and Cristina Yang rescued an intern who removed another intern's appendix, incorrectly.

They were helping.

That wasn't the other Dr. Grey, the one that died in the plane crash?

Our Dr. Grey cut a patient's LVAD wire.

See, you consider these things legendary.

They're also crimes.

♪♪ Levi: I'm a witness at the hearing.

And I forgot a tie. Sounds about right.

My lucky tie was in my locker. Come here.

Okay, if anyone should speak on behalf of Dr. Grey, it really should be me.

Jo: Everybody shut up.

Most of the attendings will be out for the hearing today, myself included, which means you guys have to cover.

If you get into trouble, call me, but if it's not a disaster, I will bury you in scut for a month.

Don't kill anyone.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Hushed conversations ]


♪♪ We'll be right back there, Meredith, okay?

Meredith: Okay. Alright.

If I was on your operating table, you'd want me to follow your instructions, right?

Lie there. Breathe in.

Fall asleep. Let you do your job.

That would be my best shot at survival, right?

I see where you're going with this.

I'm begging you, Meredith. Sit down, don't talk.

And let me do my job. Please.

I'm not a baby.

No. You're an adult who's completely unable to be quiet no matter how much your well-being depends on it.

And today, it could cost you your entire future.

The prosecuting attorney is Ashley Cordova.

Getting questioned by her is like someone ripping hangnails off all 10 fingers at once.

Sitting quietly and remaining respectful will go against every fiber of your being.

But please.

Just for today.

Just for the next few hours.

Sit still and shut up.


Thank you. Okay. Let's do this.

Judge Benson: [ Clears throat ] Good morning.

Based on the number of witnesses on the list I just read, this one's gonna be a circus, so let's go ahead on record.

My name is William Benson, I am the judge who's been assigned to this case.

We have Ms. Ashley Cordova, who's representing the Medical Commission, and Ms. Nancy Klein, who will represent the respondent.

The commission panel includes Dr. Aaron Rosenberg, Dr. Maria Lang, and... [ Door opens ]

I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. Sorry. Traffic.

Light was out on Broadway.

[ Sighs ] Dr. Rosenberg, Dr. Lang, and panel chair Dr. Paul Castello.

Mrs. Shepherd, there's some things you need to know. Ma'am.

Give me the papers!

How do we switch out one of the doctors on the panel?

We don't. Why?

Because that one killed my husband.


Judge Benson: We will follow these protocols throughout these proceedings.

Paul Castello was the trauma surgeon who operated on my husband at Dillard.

He did not get a head CT.

Okay. Does he remember you?

[ Breathes deeply ] It doesn't seem like it.

Which is enraging.

Can we appeal or something?

Yes, but it could be six months before you're rescheduled.


Okay. No, he's taken enough.

He doesn't get another six months.

Let's... We stay.

We are here today in the matter of Dr. Meredith Grey, who is charged with allegations that she practiced below the acceptable standards of medical practice in a manner that exploited patients and insurance carriers.

In fact, Dr. Grey is...

Dr. Bailey, you've known Dr. Grey a long time.

Could you speak about that at all?

I met her when she was an intern.

Would you say the two of you have grown close over all this time? No.

Didn't Dr. Grey name her son after you?

If you're asking if her son's name is Bailey, then, yes, it is.

Dr. Grey is a well-respected general surgeon.

You've agreed to that.

Is that a question?

Well, when you became chief of surgery, you asked Dr. Grey to become your chief of general surgery.

And from my estimation, a chief of general surgery is extremely skilled, organized, dedicated, communicative.

Does that sound correct to you?

It does. And she is no longer my chief of general surgery.

No more questions. Thank you.

Ms. Cordova? Any cross?

Uh, actually, yes.

[ Man clears throat ]

Dr. Grey has developed quite the disciplinary record over all those years you've known her, hasn't she?

Your name is listed as the doctor who reported the following incidents...

Interns, including Dr. Grey, admitting to cutting a patient's LVAD wire.

Miranda: I do not want to have to testify against any of you in a court of law.

Dr. Grey performed a surgery on an intern without an attending.

Dr. Grey instructed a younger resident to remove a brain tumor without consent from the patient or attending.

Dr. Grey would not allow an education consultant to enter her O.R., so you suspended her. Miranda: You're suspended.

All of these things familiar to you, Dr. Bailey?

All true.

[ Spectators murmur ]

My daughter, Gabby... She had terrible stomach pain, and my neighbor told me about the free clinic at the hospital.

So you took Gabby there, where you were seen by Dr. Grey?

Yes. She said that Gabby had a mass in her intestine.

Mm-hmm. And she needed surgery.

But you didn't have health insurance.

For you or your daughter.

No, I didn't have insurance.

I see.

You must have been terrified during all of this.

Were you by yourself?

Yes. Dani, my wife, she was in a detention center at the time, at the border.

This is before they sent her back to Honduras.

I am so sorry to hear that. And how's Gabby?

They said that she was responding very well to the medication.

Because we caught it early.

Because Dr. Grey did. She saved us.

The world needs more people like her.

More doctors like her.

And were you aware Dr. Grey had committed insurance fraud?

No. I found out when Dr. Webber approached Dr. Grey in the scrub room.

He saw her daughter's name on the schedule and was worried.

Ms. Cordova, can I jump in here?

By all means. Can he do that?

The panel can do whatever they want.

Castello: Dr. DeLuca, your relationship with Dr. Grey at the time.

She was an attending, and you were...?

I was a fourth-year surgical resident.

I'm now a fifth year.

And you're in a romantic relationship with your boss.

There's documentation from Human Resources.

I'm sorry. How is this relevant?

Castello: You didn't alert a supervisor when you found out what Dr. Grey had done, so, yes, I'd consider it relevant.

Well, unless... Is it consensual?

It is.

Thank you, Dr. DeLuca.

Not quite yet. I'd like to ask about when you applied for a transfer from Grey Sloan.

Sure. It, uh... It was nothing.

I was having a bad time in my intern year, and, uh...

I figured it out, changed my mind. Mm-hmm.

And by "bad time," you're referring to your mistreatment by specific attendings after a violent incident with Dr. Alex Karev?

I dropped the charges against Dr. Karev.

Oh, I know. I'd like to present Exhibit B-5.

This is from Dr. DeLuca's personnel file.

Dr. DeLuca, could you do me a favor and read the highlighted section?

Jo: Alex! "Since I charged Dr. Karev with a felony, I feel his fellow attendings want to keep me off their services and out of the O.R.

Because of this, I feel my residency experience will be compromised."

And a little further down, you named one of these attendings. What's the highlighted name?

♪♪ Dr. Meredith Grey.

But I-I changed my mind. It was a long time ago.

Ancient history. We've worked it out.

Yes. Dr. Grey seems to have made sure of that.

No further questions.

[ Scoffs, mouthing words ]

It's okay.

[ Clock ticking ]


[Echoing] Dr. Schmitt.

♪♪ Dr. Schmitt.

♪♪ Dr. Schmitt.

[ Gasps ] I'm sorry. I, uh...

I've never been in a courtroom before.

You still haven't. We're in a hotel.

Right. Um...

What was the question?

Dr. Grey is one of your teachers, correct?

Yes. Mm-hmm.

And she's the best teacher I've ever had.

Dr. Grey always gave me an opportunity.

And she didn't jump in with the mean nicknames like everybody else.

And when the hospital got hacked, it locked the blood bank, so Dr. Grey had me become a human blood bank.

For the patient.

It was incredible.

I did pass out in the O.R., but I saved the patient.

Cordova: Wow. That is... very helpful.

I was more interested in your involvement with Gabby Rivera.


I rounded on her once during a peds rotation, but I was barely there.

Well, you were there long enough to see a name on Gabby's I.D. bracelet.

[Softly] Um...

Dr. Schmitt. I'd like to remind you you're under oath.

And I don't recommend perjuring yourself.

♪♪ I had heard Mr. Rivera call his daughter "Gabby," but the bracelet said Ellis Grey, so I thought that the hospital had made an error.

I wanted to take it to Dr. Grey and ask, but... she wasn't there that day.

Cordova: So what did you do?

♪♪ Dr. Schmitt. What did you do?

♪♪ I brought it to Dr. Bailey.

[ Voice breaking ] I thought it was a mistake.

And I c... I couldn't make any more mistakes.

No further questions. I...

I'm sorry, Dr. Grey.

I-I-I thought that I was doing the right thing. I'm sorry.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

God. What happened?

15-minute recess.

Luis was great, uh, Bailey was a robot, they know that DeLuca and Mer are a thing, so they're probably gonna ignore him, and Schmitt turned her in.

Schmitt? Damn.

They've gone through everyone's files.

It's a crap-pile of crap.

How's Meredith? She needed some air.

[ Sea gulls crying, ship horn blows ]

Today may be my actual last day of being a doctor.

Meredith, it's not over.

We won't make it.

If I lose my license... and I can't cut, but you can... we won't make it.


♪♪ Dr. Hunt, as an Army surgeon, you've trained and worked with doctors all over the world.

I have to know, is Dr. Grey really as good as people say she is? No.

She's better.

The Catherine Fox award that she won was for a surgery that saved my sister's life.

Now, if Megan could have been here today, she'd be...

[ Chuckles ] She'd be showing you her transplanted abdomen herself.

So you've come around. I'm sorry? Wh...

Exhibit C-2.

These are Dr. Bailey's surgical notes after Dr. Grey botched your sister's first surgery.

"Hunt has concerns that Dr. Grey could not close patient's abdomen the first time.

If she fails again, patient has no other options."

The "Hunt" in this note is you, correct?

♪♪ Cordova: Dr. Webber, would it be safe to say that you've seen Dr. Grey partake in a lot of groundbreaking work?

Richard: Absolutely. Most recently, she was published for her studies with mini-livers in mice.

And going back, I read about a trial for Alzheimer's disease carried out under your tenure as chief.

I'm curious why it didn't continue.

Well, that trial ended at Grey Sloan because someone tampered with it.

Could you elaborate on that?

Is that necessary for this investigation?

Answer the question, Dr. Webber.

My wife...

My late wife was a participant.

And I discovered that she was selected for the placebo instead of the experimental drug.

I changed the envelopes. I got her the drug.

And you were the only one involved?


[ Beeping, lock clicks ]

That's right. Thanks for clearing that up.

I know there have been instances when you...

How should we put it... Bent the rules in favor of Dr. Grey.

Objection. That's pure conjecture.

Is it?

♪♪ State your name, please. Patricia Murphy.

Hi, guys!

You used to work for Dr. Webber?

Sure did.

I was Chief Webber's administrative assistant.

I also was the point of contact for the National Residency Matching Program.

First person to see who had matched.

Please see exhibit D-1, the list of interns who matched Dr. Grey's first year.

Ms. Murphy, could you find Dr. Grey's name on that list?

Oh, her name isn't on here.

Why not? Didn't Meredith Grey match at Seattle Grace that year?

No. Uh, not at first, anyway.

Dr. Webber asked me to set up a call with the President of the NRMP.

And next thing I knew, I was adding Grey's name to the roster.

I'm sorry. That sounds like you're saying Meredith Grey was never supposed to work at that hospital in the first place.

♪♪ Alex: Dr. Grey and I worked together through internship, boards, specializing, everything.

We all started out competing with each other, but I stopped competing with her a long time ago.

Did you just call me a nurse?

She makes me better. A better, uh, surgeon, better person.

The Medical Commission's trying to establish a pattern that Dr. Grey is rash, reckless.

Would you agree with that? Absolutely not.

She has her reasons for how she treats patients, and I always agree with it.

Cordova: Dr. Grey's oldest daughter is one of your patients, correct?

You've treated her through the years, which means you most likely had to sign off on the adoption.

Why was it held up? Do you know?

Meredith: What did I do?

U-Unfortunately, those things always have delays.

I, uh... I mean, I see it all the time.

It wasn't because Dr. Grey was briefly fired from Grey Sloan?

Did Dr. Grey's insubordinate behavior almost cost her her daughter's adoption, Dr. Karev?

I'm sorry. I don't...

I don't see how her family life is relevant here.

Well, she seems to be fairly cavalier about the law in both her professional and personal life, so I'd say it's relevant. In fact, she used her youngest daughter's identity to commit insurance fraud, so...

Alan Brown, Farrah Alazari, Deborah Greene, and Sam Carter.

Dr. Grey, we have your list of your patient testimonies here.

You don't need to repeat them.

Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I've ever lost.

I remember every single one of them.

Okay. Uh, thank you for that.

You don't get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter.

If you want to take my license and make sure I never see another patient again, then you do that, but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter's name because you are the one who killed her father.

You don't remember me.


But I remember you.

As the coward who stood over my dying husband...

[ Monitor beeping ] You're gonna be fine.

...the love of my life, and you didn't even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a head CT.

Burr holes!

We don't have time for a CT!

I was doing burr holes as an intern.

That one night should have cost you your entire career, but instead you're sitting up here judging me?

You don't deserve to judge anyone.

Your Honor, if we could, um, just take a short recess to evaluate the situation, see if Dr. Grey's, um, conflict of interest is, um...

Meredith: My conflict of interest?!

My medical license should not be in this man's hands.

Okay, come on. He is dangerous.

Okay, come on, let's go. [ Gasps ]

[ Flatline ]

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

[ Castello gasping ]


Meredith: Put the jacket under his head.

Yeah, yeah, I got it. Richard: Okay.

Do we know if he has a history of epilepsy?

I'm gonna check for medical bracelets and I.D. here.

Hey, the paramedics are here with the gurney.

What do we got? We got a male in his mid-40s.

Started seizing about four minutes ago.

We're maintaining his airway. And take him to Grey Sloan.

He should have the very best care there is.

Meredith. Can you do that?

Man: Get him on his side.

And get him a damn head CT!


[ Siren wailing ]

[ Horn blares ]

♪♪ Hey, hey. Ma'am.

Head of trauma.

I wouldn't "ma'am" her.

Seizure stopped two minutes ago after multiple doses of diazepam.

His last BP was 220/128, and he's tachy to 145.

He needs clevidipine and a head CT ASAP.

I called ahead. Let's get him upstairs.

Let's go, go, go! You guys left the hearing?

We weren't gonna put this all on you.


♪♪ But it... in just a couple of weeks, it had...

It had... had grown so much in size, that it was...

It was squeezing up into the pulmonary artery.

Like, the... Do you know what that is, Jake?

Brett. And no.

♪ Tracing your lines in the star-filled sky ♪ Well, it's, um... [ Breathes sharply ]

It makes sure that blood gets to the lungs, which...

You know, important.

But, um, her blood had...

Had clotted all the way from here to...

Do you have a red pen?

No. And I kinda need that one back.

♪♪ And another one of these, please.

♪ So hold the ones you love tonight ♪

[ Sighs ]

♪ Don't let go, don't blink ♪

♪ 'Cause time is gonna pass you by ♪ Did you come to gloat?

Just checking on you.

It's 2:00 in the afternoon, and you appear to be well past the legal limit.

So gloating.

♪ So all we have is now ♪ What are you doing here? Are they on a break or something?

No. It may be canceled. One of the doctors on the panel apparently is the one that killed Derek, so Mer went off on him, and he collapsed.

Possible seizure disorder. We're not sure yet.

Maybe he forgot to check the activated clotting time.

♪ 'Cause time is gonna pass you by ♪ You know what happened, right?

My mom told me about it, yeah.

♪ It's always ticking down ♪ Richard's never gonna speak to me again.

I don't blame him.

♪♪ Why don't we just leave this here and I'll get you home?

But I need it.

Maggie, I'm sure you have some wine at home, too, okay?

Come on.

[ Sighs ]

♪ Don't blink, 'cause time is gonna pass you by ♪



You lied to those people. You flat-out lied.

And you answered those questions like you barely know Meredith.

No. I do know Meredith.

I know she will put everything at risk to suit her needs.

Meredith is anything but selfish.

Oh, no? She hasn't asked you to sideline your career to save her ass?

No, she has not asked me to do that.

Right. 'Cause you just do it.

Instead of reasoning with her, stopping her from doing something illegal, like a mentor would do, you just cover for her.

That's my business. My decision.

[ Scoffs ]

Meredith Grey could commit murder, and you'd hide the body.

You know what? I really don't have the energy for this right now.

You cheated the system to get Meredith into my program.

No, that was my program.

And I did not cheat. I wrote a recommendation.

You chose to go around the system to get Meredith Grey her way, no matter the consequences.

And you've been doing it ever since.

You choose her! You always choose her!

My God. You sound... jealous.

[ Scoffs ]

Well, I'm getting enough of that from my wife.


♪♪ Koracick: Hey. How was the trial?

I-I was really surprised neither side called me in.

I moonlight as an expert witness.

I need you to operate.

Wow. You trying to up my bad outcomes?


Well, now, whoever smelt it dealt it.

This one's all you, Shepherd.

This man killed my brother on an O.R. table because he refused to order a CT scan.

And now I have found a massive hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage.

He needs a craniotomy. Can you do it?


Can you do it?

I'll cancel the rest of my day.

Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Koracick: Evacuating the hematoma... gel foam...

♪ If you ever lose your way ♪ Here we go. Nice and steady.

♪ And everything is out of place ♪ Nicely done.

♪ I'll be there to make it all okay ♪


♪ Oooh ♪ Look, I'm not gonna pretend that I never give Meredith special treatment.

[ Chuckles ]

There is a history.

Her mother. Yes.

Meredith is family.

And she also happens to be one of the more brilliant surgeons that I've ever taught.

So sometimes putting my career in jeopardy for her... is just what you do for family.

Glad to know where I fit in.

That's not what I meant.

Tom Koracick is my boss.

Because of your actions. Because of Meredith's actions.

Because you chose to help her instead of coming to me.

If I'd have come to you, my wife would have fired you, too!

Did you not hear the part where I just said Tom Koracick is my boss?! You didn't lose your job!

Meredith is fighting for her license!

No, I've lost more than my job!

I've lost my hospital!

I lost my best surgeons. And my best friend.

All because someone I thought I raised betrayed me.

Now, do you know how that feels?

It hurts pretty bad, doesn't it?

That's right.

I stuck my neck out for her because I know she'd do the same for me.

And until recently, I thought you would, too.

♪ I will right the stars for you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Thank you all for your patience.

The Medical Commission has decided to postpone Dr. Grey's hearing.

Most likely, an entirely new hearing will take place, based on today's events.

You can't postpone.

Dr. Karev, we're not exactly holding a town hall.

Can you please find a seat?

No, you can't postpone because these people have come from all over to speak for Meredith.

I-I'm sorry. What people?

[ Door opens ]


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ I will light the path for you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ I'll do all that I can do ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ Were all these people on the witness list?

Alex: No idea.

You gonna tell them all they need to go home?

♪ You ♪

♪ I'll do all that I can ♪

♪ Do ♪

♪ To keep you safe ♪

I was trapped in an ambulance, upside down, soaked in my own blood, while my best friend was dead beside me.

It was the most scared I've ever been in my entire life.

Nancy: And what did Dr. Grey do?

She climbed into the damn thing with me.

Admitted she was scared, too.

Then she proceeded to stab me in the chest with a giant needle.

Which saved my life.

When Dr. Grey diagnosed the tumor in my liver, I retired.

I gave my cats away to my daughter, bought a pair of designer shoes, and splurged on the trip of my dreams.

And now I'm broke.

[ Laughter ]

Dr. Grey pioneered such an incredible surgery, I had to go to the superintendent of schools and beg for my job back.

She diagnosed my cancer and saved my life.

And my treatment's being done pro bono.

And Dr. Grey saw to that.

She hasn't claimed credit for it, but I know she did it.

I guess I met her on her very first day as a doctor.

And it showed. I mean, someone needed to help her unlock the wheels of the gurney.

She was green. And I was just awful.

But on Dr. Grey's very first day as a doctor, she was the only one that could figure out what was wrong with me.

And because of her, I am sitting here, with a newborn baby girl at home, and I just hope that I can give her back a little of the help that she gave to me.

Koracick: Hemorrhage has been evacuated.

Miraculously, if I do say so myself.

Drain, please.

How you doing?

Do you want to go somewhere?

I want to stay.

I have dreamt about this day.

I have dreamt that the world would be fair and just and that the man on that table might experience a fraction of the pain that he caused when his arrogance took away my favorite person in the entire world.

And I thought... if I saw inside that man's skull, I might jam a scalpel into his motor cortex just to paralyze him.

Just so that he would have to lie in a bed for the rest of his life knowing what he took from me and Meredith... and the kids, my mom.

I think we should stay.

Thank you.

But up here... far away from the scalpels.

And, you know, I...

I could get us some popcorn if you want.

[ Chuckles ]

Koracick: Damn it. [ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

♪ Where do you go with your broken heart in tow? ♪

"Dear Medical Commission, people who know me would describe me as selfish to a fault.

After that, they'd say honest.

I can honestly tell you that if I were dying and a surgery stood between me and death, Dr. Grey's hands are the only ones that I'd want inside my body.

Taking away her license is signing the death certificates of countless future patients.

She is a light in a broken system that she will fix, whether you want her to or not.

She is the sun, and she is unstoppable.

Sincerely, Dr. Cristina Yang."

♪ ...broken, it won't happen ♪

♪ It's love that breaks the seal ♪ Um, I have more.

I've got, uh, Dr. Calliope Torres, uh, Dr. Arizona Robbins, Dr. April Kepner...

That's enough. Thank you. That's fine.

Um, no, I can keep going if you want.

It's fine. Addison Montgomery.

You don't? That's good.

Okay. Good.

Koracick: He sparked a re-bleed.

Dr. Knox: Pressure's through the roof.

Can you get control?

Suction. [ Alarms blaring ]

V-Fib. Push one of epi.

Let's get him flat and get the paddles ready.

♪ While I'm sad and broken down ♪

♪ What do you say, it's up for grabs ♪ Thank you, everyone, for your time. Again.

Uh, now, if I could please have everyone clear the room.

Miranda: Uh, excuse me. Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me.

Hi. Hi. I'm sorry. Your Honor.

Uh, I... I have something more to say about Meredith Grey.

[ Sighs ] For God's sakes, who doesn't?

Okay, well, ever since I first met Meredith Grey...

I knew she was going to be a thorn in my side.

You're worried about her breaking rules?

Well, that's not gonna stop.

She's been doing that since day one.

And, yes, she broke a law to save a life.

So she deserved to lose her job.

She deserves to pick up trash.

No one should be questioning her license.

She's too good at what she does.

And she's worked too hard to get to where she is.

And with all...

[sighs] all that she has survived, it hasn't made her... hard.

It hasn't made her mean or... or cold.

It hasn't made her not care.

It's made her... better.

It's made her better than anyone in this room.

♪ Promise no love's like our love ♪ Well, except me.

I'm Dr. Miranda Bailey, chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

♪ ...and breaks the seal ♪ And I approve this message.

♪ Of always thinking you would be real ♪

♪ Happy and healthy ♪

♪ Strong and calm ♪

♪ Where does the good go? ♪

[ Flatline ]

♪ Where does the good go? Where does the good go? ♪ Koracick: He's gone.

♪ Where does the good go? ♪

♪ Where does the good go? ♪

♪ Where does the good go? ♪

♪ Where does the good go? ♪

[ Indistinct conversations ]


♪♪ Castello didn't make it.

Wasn't me. I didn't kill him.

Should I be blaming myself for yelling at him?

No, he gets all the blame.

Not only was he a terrible doctor to patients, but he forgot that high blood pressure's the silent killer.

And, boy, did he let it get to him.

[ Sighs ]

Tell me. They're not postponing.

Uh, should one of us tell them that their panel chair died?

Ooh. They'll ask when they're ready.

Right now, they're sending their recommendation to the Medical Commission.

What? Okay.

It's a majority vote.

So even if Castello voted to suspend Meredith's license, the other two doctors voted to drop the entire thing.

It's over. I still have my license?

Yes. And I'm so grateful it's over because you're one of the most exhausting clients I've ever had.

[ Laughter ] Congratulations, Dr. Grey.

Thank you. Thank you. Yeah!

Aww. Congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you. Good job!



You said some very nice things to the panel in there.

Thank you.

Uh, so, um, see you Monday then.


Come back.

I'm sorry?

Come back to Grey Sloan.


You are a pain in my ass.

But you're a fine surgeon.

And your name's on the damn sign.

And I need you.

So you fired me and now you want me to come back?

You want me to beg?

♪♪ Thank you.

♪♪ Is that a yes?

That's a big, fat yes.

♪♪ I'll see you Monday.


[ Exhales sharply ]

♪♪ I hate to bring this up now, but have you seen or heard anything with Richard and my mom?

Any idea how they're doing?

You're asking the wrong person.

Right. Sorry.

I just didn't know if maybe he mentioned anything... before.

And do you think, um... think they're having some problems?

I don't know. It's just kind of a sense that I get. I guess.

I mean, it can't be easy.

With him being fired and working somewhere else... [ Cellphone chimes ]

...and her traveling all the time.


Mer gets to keep her license.

Yay, Mer!

I didn't help at all.

You did help by not testifying.

[ Laughs ]


[ Sighs ]

This is kind of nice.

Not fighting?

I've missed it.

You. I guess I missed you.

Us being able to talk, knowing what's going on in each other's lives.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Ah, I can't. I'm sorry.

I can't. I shouldn't. Obviously, I'm in something...

Oh, my God. Uh, you should leave.

Okay. We can...

No. Get out, Jackson. Go. Get out now!


[ Sighs ]

♪♪ Hey. Hey.

Congrats on your license.

Thanks. [ Door closes ]

Maggie, what just happened?

I hate someone I used to love.

[ Knocking ] Don't let him in.

I don't want to see or speak to him ever again.

Meredith: Okay, okay.


♪ On the back staircase you fell to your knees ♪ Hey. Hey.

Can we talk? Yeah.

Meredith: Extraordinary measures can have a cost.

You may be alive, but life may not be the same as you remember.

♪ All the disease ♪

♪ You couldn't hide it, hide it from me ♪ Didn't think you had it in you, Schmitt.

I just heard Schmitt here was the one who ratted out Grey.

Damn, man. You're lucky she kept her license.

♪ On the bed laying awake ♪

♪ As you prayed he'd leave you alone ♪ Your body may not move as easily.

♪ I'll let the darkness swallow me whole ♪ Feelings may be gone.

♪ I need to find you, need you to know ♪ And it can take a long time to recover.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for what I said.

I... I didn't mean that we wouldn't make it.

I just... I don't know.

I don't know what I meant. I-I was scared.

Mer, don't. Okay? Y-You meant it.

No, I-I didn't.

I stood up for you in court.

I defended you at the hospital.

I went to jail for you.

I know, and I didn't ask you to do any of those things.

I know. But I did it anyway because I love you.

Because I'd do anything for you.

Because that's what you do for your partner.

But I'm not your partner.

Am I?

There's a reason it's a difficult decision.

The look in your eye when you spoke about Derek today made me realize what it is I've been feeling this whole time.

You didn't just love Derek.

You respected him.

That's different.

And you can't compare.

I do respect you. Come on.

Y-You're telling me there's not some small part of you that doesn't wonder if I'm your equal?

If I'm at your level? If I ever will be?

♪♪ Take some time, Meredith.

Figure out what it is that you want.


♪♪ Let me know if I'm a part of that.

♪♪ Good night.

♪♪ You just have to decide if it's all worth it.