Grey's Anatomy S2E20 Script

Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole (2006)

[Richard] Previously on Grey's Anatomy...

[Meredith] I did a terrible thing.

Sleeping with me is this awful? No, George!

I grew my hair for her.

I could be your friend, Meredith.

Why do you think she cheated on you?

I was just a little absent.

Give me a call when you're in town.

I thought we had plans for tonight.

Not how I envisioned our first date.

Can we please just go back to everything the way it was?

I don't live here anymore.

[Preston] He's your friend, he needed our help.

Good night. Good night.

[George] Good night.

[light switch clicks]

[Meredith] As doctors, patients are always telling us how they would do our jobs,

"Just stitch me up, slap a Band-Aid on it and send me home,"

It's easy to suggest a quick solution when you don't know much about the problem, when you don't understand the underlying cause, or just how deep the wound really is, So, your friends, are they still mad about this bad, horrible thing you did?

The very horrible bad thing I won't tell you about?

Yes, they are upset. Whatever it is, I don't want to know.

Even if I beg, don't tell me.

OK. I won't. Good.

OK. Although we are friends.

True, we are friends. Technically, you tell friends stuff.

You come to me with a problem, I give you the answer.

After, maybe we celebrate the moments of our lives.

I will keep that in mind next time I do a horrible thing.

What about you, don't you have any problems you want to tell me about?

Truthfully? This moment in time, I don't have any problems.

Not a single one.

[Meredith] The first step toward a real cure is to know exactly what the disease is to begin with, but, that's not what people want to hear.

Good morning. [door closes]

How many miles was that, Dr. Burke? Five.

[panting] Five. Five miles in 50 minutes.

[exhales] Nice. We can get it closer to 45.

Pancakes? Top cupboard.

[cupboard shaking]

What's wrong with your hair? [Preston] Leave the man alone.

He's got issues.

And if he wants to cut his hair to get over those issues, that's his business, his thing.

It's my thing. Coffee?


Excellent. Cappuccino.

[Meredith] We're supposed to forget the past that landed us here, ignore the future complications that might arise, and go for the quick fix.

[Izzie] What happened to George's hair?

Is George having a nervous breakdown? Burke says he's got issues.

You should see them, like, doing things.

Like running and... cooking and talking. They're like bonding.

And you're afraid Burke will realize he makes a better girlfriend than you?

[elevator bell dings]

You know, just go and apologize to him.

I've tried. Try again.

Things can't stay like this. They suck like this.

[baby cooing]

What's with O'Malley's hair? He looks like a hobbit.

He's just trying a new look. You didn't call back last night.

You avoiding me?

Why would I be avoiding you?

[Izzie] Denny Duquette, aged 36.

[Denny] 37 in three weeks.

37 in three weeks.

Is Having difficulty breathing and chest pains.

Breath sounds? A little junky.

He has a build-up of fluid in his system.

Did you just call me a junky?

[Denny] That's not very nice.

Denny, your congestive heart failure is getting worse despite the meds.

All right. So how do we proceed?

Doctors, how do we proceed?

Titrate up his nitrate drip, then continue with diuretics.

ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and start dobutamine.

I also want his ins and outs recorded and one of you monitoring him at all times.

I'll stay. Me, too.


Mr. And Mrs. Gibson, Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd.

I'll be covering for Dr. Pollack.

Mrs. Gibson had a preterm, premature rupture of her membranes at 28 weeks.

She's confined to bed rest for seven weeks and has a low-grade fever.

Can't you just schedule a C?

Believe me, I am ready to have this baby.

You and me both. [chuckles]

I want to get your blood work before we make any further decisions.

I have to pee. Again. [scoffs]

Come on. [man] Here we go.


I appreciate you taking over my wife's case.

Dr. Pollack says you're the best. It's my pleasure, Mr. Gibson.

He didn't mention that...

I mean, you bear a striking resemblance to a young Catherine Deneuve.

You never heard that before?

[stammers] No. I'm sorry.

I have to say, it's a first.

Been told I look like Halle Berry.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, Ms. Deneuve.

Of course, you are, too, but by extension.

[sighs] Right. We'll be back in later to check on your wife.

Look forward to it.

[pager beeps] [baby cries]

ER needs a consult. O'Malley, Grey, you go take that.

What about Mrs. Gibson? I'll take care of Mrs. Gibson.

Do they really need both of us? [Addison] I guess you'll find out. Go.

[baby continues crying] Are you taking him to the nursery?

It's full and Tucker's out of town till tomorrow.

You brought your baby to work?

Yes, Chief.

You're not taking him into surgery.

I don't have anything scheduled. Yet.

OK, I can't solve a problem until there's one to solve.

Are you saying there's a problem? Is there a problem, Richard?

[baby cooing]


You know, at some point you are going to have to talk to me.

I'm going to take the stairs.

[elevator bell pings] [sighs]

You paged? Just got a new patient.

Looks surgical, maybe neuro.

Doesn't look neuro to me.

Not him. Oh no, I'm fine. It's my wife.

This is so embarrassing, but we didn't know what else to do.

[man] We were at the Hotel Monaco having brunch. We had some mimosas.

[Sylvia] Can we skip that part?

Can we pull this out and just go? I'm fine, really.

Sylvia was giving me some special attention.

Under the table. Dear Lord.


Sweetie, they're doctors. They've heard it all.

Yes, we have. Absolutely.

While I was down there, something happened.

It was like a shock went through my body.

And she... clenched.


My jaw. It just shut.

Oh, and I panicked.

I grabbed the fork off the table and it was just instinctual.

It doesn't hurt that much.

We just didn't want to pull it out. It's in pretty good.

No, you did the right thing. Pulling it out could cause more damage.

I want to do an X-ray to make sure no nerve or major blood vessels are being compromised.

Mr Booker, did you get your injury checked?

Doctor says I'm fine. It's just bruising.

Good. OK.

I want to find out what caused the clenching.

Do you have a history of seizures? No, nothing like that.

It may... [clears throat]

It may have something to do with her brain aneurysm.

[Sylvia] Kyle. [Kyle] What?

I don't want to do this now. It's not on there.

Can we just take this fork out and go?


She was diagnosed six weeks ago.

Your doctor didn't recommend surgery?

All the surgeons say it's inoperable.

That's why Kyle and I are here in Seattle.

The Space Needle.

I've always wanted to see it.

We wanted to see it together.



Do an MRI.

It's good to see you. [siren wailing]

[Miranda] What do we got? Tachycardic in the 140s.

Systolic dipped to the 60s. Last was 72 over 40.

[siren wailing] [baby cries]

Can you turn that off? Turn it off! OK.

Dr. Bailey?

[Siren stops]

Here. Take him. Uh, what?

You are going to watch him. No, you don't want to do that.

Yang, I have a patient.

I need to operate on that patient right now. Take him.

We could page the Chief. I'm not paging anyone.

I'm going to do the surgery. Cris, I...

I need you to help me, Cristina.

I... I...

OK. [baby crying]

You watch from the gallery. You both can.

[baby continues crying]

[woman on PA]


[short cough]

Hey. Hey.

You didn't call me. I did, I did.

A few times. I just hung up every time.

Nice, very stalker-like. [chuckles]

Goes with the hair.

I thought it would look good shorter.

It is shorter.

I make you nervous, don't I? A little.

That's good. [laughs] That's no... What?

[laughs] Hey, are you busy?


Want to see something really cool?

[George exclaims]

[Callie] Excellent, right?

It is. How did you do that?

After hockey practice this morning.

I didn't have my glove on. I was drinking from the goalie's bottle.

Next thing I know, this asshat crashes into the net, my hand gets tangled in the mesh and I start hearing pops, big pops.

[Callie] Dr. O'Malley, what do you see?

Ooh, dislocation of the PIP joint, multiple fractures.

That must really hurt. It's just a finger.

Last season I took a puck to the face, broke two teeth.

[George] Ya?

Orthos love hockey season. It's Christmas every day.

Can we just put it in a splint?

I got a really big game this afternoon.

Do you know what you're doing?

I mean, have you ever done this before?

Have I ever pulled a fork out of a neck?


[laughs] [Sylvia] OK. Let's just do it.


Talk to me. Distract me. OK.

Think about Paris? OK.

And the food and the wine.

And the long walks we'll take together. And the Champs EI... What?

The Champs Élysées. The Champs Élysées.

Yeah. More food, more wine.

[Meredith] OK. That's it?

Oh, my God, I didn't even feel anything.

You're amazing.

[Sylvia] She's amazing.

So... how much do you know about this Dr. Shepherd?

[Sylvia] Kyle, no. [Kyle] What?

I do not want another MRI. I want to go to Paris.

I made a few calls. He has an incredible reputation.

Please, Kyle.

Let's just live our lives.

I want to go crazy.

I want to crawl underneath the table.

I want to go to Paris while we still can.

[Meredith] Dr. Shepherd is an extraordinary surgeon.

[inhales] If he thinks he can help, a second opinion couldn't hurt, could it?

It won't be a second opinion. It'll be a fourth opinion.

And when Dr. Shepherd says there's nothing more he can do, we'll be devastated all over again.

I just want to spend what little time we have left in Paris.

So do I. But I don't want to go to Paris and wonder if we should have listened to the amazing girl who took the fork out of your neck.


[both laugh]

[Denny] You're not Izzie.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Not disappointed. Just saying.

Where is she? Oh, she's busy with other patients.

I'm afraid you'll have to make do with me.


Look, man, I'm sure you're...

I'm sure you're a fine doctor. You're just...

You're just not as much my type. No offense.

I'll just have to settle on being Izzie's type.

So you?

You two? Yeah, yeah.

Pretty much. You know.


[in singsong voice] A, B, C, D...

Oh, gross.

E, F, G This really couldn't suck any worse...

[Richard] Dr. Yang?

Oh, uh, Dr. Webber.

What's that smell?

It's feces. It's baby feces. [baby crying]

We've had an incident, sir.

Are you having trouble with the diaper, Yang?

No, sir. Because it looks like you're having...

No Sir. ...trouble with the diper.

I've got an MD from... Stanford and a PhD from Berkeley.

I can handle this diaper. [baby crying]

Unless you want to.

[stammers] No.

It's all right, it's all right.

You carry on.

Carry on. [clears throat]

Can we stop for a moment, please? Sure.

I can walk.

OK. The wheelchair is just protocol. Yeah, well...

I'm way past caring about protocol.

I just want to feel my body move while I can.

You seem incredibly OK with your prognosis.

I'm more than OK.

I'm a little in love with my prognosis.

It woke me up.

It woke my marriage up.

I've been sleepwalking about 15 years.

And now... I am wide awake.

I'm having this MRI for Kyle.

He's not ready to let go.

[exhales] But me and my aneurysm? We're good friends.

Hey, I've been looking for you.

Hey. Look.

Look at the size of this aneurysm. [Addison] It's big.

It's huge.

Are you going to operate? I'm definitely intrigued.

Do you know who Catherine Deneuve is?

Yeah. Actress. French. Hot.

One of my patients, her husband's actually said I looked like her.


Isn't she blond?

Yeah, I... guess. I don't know.

I don't know.

Anyways, uh...

OK, you're busy. Bye.

I'm not just another pretty face, you know.

Got it going on up here as well. So you keep telling me.

Yep. I probably know... hundreds of words.

Really? Hundreds? You're a real brain trust.


Well, I'm highly competitive.


S- C-R-E-W.

That's 25 points. Thank you very much.

[Denny] Wait a second now.

You didn't tell me we were playing naughty word Scrabble.

[laughs] We're not playing dirty mind scrabble, You just have a dirty mind. Oh, it's filthy.

You're the one that put down "screw".

I was referring to hardware, not sex.

I guess maybe sometimes it's... hard to tell where you're... coming from.

[chuckles] What do you mean?



He may have said something about you guys...

being together.


Well... he had no business telling you that.

And besides, it's not even true, so...

So you're not together?

No. I mean...

Yeah, a little, but...

Not really. So...


OK, well, sweet. Thanks... [chuckles]

Thanks for clearing that up.


Denny, what is it?

Don't panic. Just try to breathe. [monitor beeping]

Page Dr. Burke! [continues wheezing]

Just try to breathe.

Just breathe. Just breathe. Take it easy.

[Izzie] He had flash pulmonary edema.

I switched him to nesiritide, started milrinone and put him on BiPAP.

That's a good call, Stevens. Good call.

[breathes deeply] Bad news, right? It's not good.

The fact is, Denny, you need a new heart and you're running out of time.

So... what's behind door number two?

I would like to install a left ventricular assist device.

It's a battery operated machine to help your heart pump.

[Denny] Battery operated?

I knew it.

You people are trying to turn me into a robot.

[every one laughs]

It's all part of your evil plan to take over the hospital.

It's a bridge to transplant, Denny.

It'll keep you alive while we wait for your new heart.

That easy?

No catch? [Preston] There are some risks.

Increased damage to your platelets and increased bleeding.

And if you do choose the assist device, you may not leave hospital until you get a donor heart.


Any other options?

I'm going to need time to think.

Don't take too long, Denny.

Always happy to get this page. That's not why I paged you.

What you paged me to the on-call room to talk?

No, I paged you to the on-call room to yell.

Why the hell did you talk to Denny about us?

You had no right.

Oh, you never talk to Denny about personal stuff?

I don't talk to him about our sex life, Alex! That is between us.

OK, got it, so none of your friends know we sleep together?

I'm sorry, are you saying you and Denny are friends now?

No, I don't become friends with my patients.

You're an ass. You feel threatened by him.

That is why you did that. There is no other reason.

You're his doctor, Izzie, and he's your half-dead, possibly soon to be all-dead, patient.

How could I possibly be threatened by that guy?

I can't believe you just said that.

Someone's got to.

[Callie] I'll schedule the surgery for your son. In the meantime, I'm sending Heath home with a prescription for hydrocodone to control the pain.

Look, I get that this is a bad break, but it doesn't hurt much. I'm telling you, I can handle this.

So, here's what I'm thinking.

We take this off, we put a splint on my finger so I can jam it into the glove, play today and I'm all yours.

You are not playing today! There is no playing today!

Heath, your mom is right.

Thank you. Did you hear that? I'm right.

Your mother must be proud of you.

Scouts are coming today, college scouts.

I could get a scholarship today! Don't you get that?

If I cut that bandage off we risk permanent damage to your finger.


I'm with you, but I'm sorry.

There's no way we can put your finger into a glove today.

There must be something you can do.

I need to play this afternoon.

This game is what I've been training for my entire life.

This is my chance to go to college, it's my whole future.

Honey, you can go to community college and get your grades up...

[door closes] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


That sucks.


Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd.

Are those my wife's test results there?

Yes, they are actually.

There's no infection. Everything looks good.

I'm scheduling a C-section this afternoon.

I was actually going to go up after lunch and tell her.

Mr. Gibson... You do look like Catherine Deneuve.

I'm talking to you about your wife... giving birth to your baby. I know.

I'm sorry. May I?

Listen, I don't mean to focus on your looks.

You seem very kind, intelligent. Obviously you're a doctor.

I don't mean to objectify or harass you in any way.

[groans] I'm usually not this awkward, but... you're just so extraordinarily beautiful. [laughs]

I understand if a woman like you doesn't want to eat with me.

So... Well, anyway.


Really? OK. Yes, stay. It's fine.

All right.

You going to eat that pudding?

[Cristina] [whispers] Take him. [Izzie] No, Bailey gave him to you.

She's only in surgery for another half hour, hour tops.

Take him. You're a liar and you smell of vomit.

Really? Because I think she smells like poo.

OK, this is why some species eat their young.

Have you talked to Meredith yet?

Tomorrow I am going to buy a T-shirt that says, "Stop asking me about Meredith".

I'm going to wear it every day until people stop asking me about Meredith.

[whispers] At least they won't be asking you about your hair.

Come on. Meredith, stop him.

[Meredith] What should I do?

You want to sit down? Knock him down?

Do you know he cut his hair over my bathroom sink this morning?

[Meredith] George is a good roommate.

If you tell him what's annoying you, Hell stop.

No, he's not my room...

This is why I shouldn't have given up my place.

He would still be our roommate if Meredith would apologize.

I have apologized.

I've apologized sincerely.

And you know what?

It takes two to make a stupid sexual decision.

So, whatever.

I just miss when we all got along.

Can't we just go back to that? [baby cooing]


Excuse me. I have to check on a patient.

[thud] [baby crying]

[Cristina] Awesome.

Thanks, Alex. Thank you. Yeah.

OK. Shut it.

Shut it.

They have no right to be mad at me.

It's none of their business. I agree.

You can't agree, you don't even know what I'm talking about.

You are talking about the fact that you're mad at your friends for being mad at you.

I hate them. I do.

What the hell did you do? [chuckles]

I'm not telling you.

You know, as a friend, you suck.


Does Addison know we're friends?

Did you get Sylvia Booker's blood work back yet?

I'm going right now.

[baby gurgles]

[baby cries]

Dr. Bailey?

What is it, Yang?

He's crying, Let me hear him. [baby cries]

What? Let me hear the baby cry.

[baby continues crying]

That's cry number four. You need to feed him.

Oh, God! Oh...

A double-barrel what?

It's a double-barrel brain bypass.

I'm going to use two scalp arteries to redirect the blood flow in your brain around the aneurysm.

How come no one else mentioned this?

[Derek] Well, It's a surgery, that's been performed less that a dozen times.

I have performed one and I've watched one.

But I don't want to understate the risks.

Risks? The risks are that the aneurysm could rupture on the table.

But you think there's a chance a chance it could work?


Hell, no.

I'm leaving and we're going to Europe.

We've always wanted to see it, we've never had the time.

This is the time.

We're going. That's it.

Dr. Shepherd? Can I get a word?


I'm sorry if my wife offended you.

No offense at all.

I didn't notice her.

I'm sorry? I...

For 15 years, I didn't notice her.

When we got married, she was everything.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped noticing her, stopped seeing her.

And since she's been sick, she's all I see.

And I hate that that's what it took. I hate it and I'm sorry.

But I love her.

And I don't want her to...

I don't want my wife to die.

Please talk to her.

Dr. Shepherd, please.


I had a lunch date with my patient's husband today.

He paid attention to me, Miranda.

[inhales] For a whole half hour.

Addison, you're not going to fix the problems with your husband by having meals with someone else's. [Addison clears throat]

I mean it.

Please eat. Eat! I'm begging you to eat.

It's yummy food. Yummy.

Bailey, breast... milk.

Food, come on! Well, look at you.

[baby cries]

You find this amusing? You don't?

[baby cooing]

Come on, you know what? I can't help you.

I cannot help you if you don't want to eat.

If you're going to keep on crying...

Then eat.

[baby continues crying]

[stops crying]

O'Malley, you're a natural. You have nieces and nephews?

No, Sir.

Babies just like me.

It speaks to a good bedside manner.

Keep it up. Thank you, sir.

[pager beeping]

Hey, is that Bailey's baby?

Ya. [laughs] He is so cute.

[Callie] Hi there.

I scheduled the Mercer kid's surgery for tomorrow afternoon. Do you want in?

No, I want in, on any surgery.

I'll do it. Who are you?

I'm Cristina.

[baby cooing]

Sorry. I only need one.

Well, absolutely. I'm in.

And, George? This is the last invitation I'm extending.

So... the ball's in your court.


Seriously? Seriously.

Nice. Think she has a couch you can sleep on?

Mrs. Booker.

I'm waiting for my husband. He's bringing the car.

Mrs. Booker...

I know you're worried about the surgery.

No, I'm not. I'm not worried about it because I'm not having it.

You're not having the surgery because of the medical risks?

No, I'm not having it because... because for the first time in 12 years, I have a great marriage and a life.

And I want to live it.

You have weeks.

If this surgery is successful, you're looking at decades.

I don't think you understand.

I'm not crazy and I don't want to die.

But, I don't want to go back to being Kyle's bed warmer in a flannel nightgown.

Can you understand that?

I understand you're tired of settling.

So don't.


Fight for your life, fight for your marriage.

Let me operate.

And make a decision right now that you'll never settle again.

[labored breathing]

The LVAD will inhibit organ deterioration, it will allow you to get off most of the meds you're on and give your heart a much-needed rest.


I'm just...

I'm so tired.

I appreciate that.

But the LVAD also has increased survival rates over conventional therapies and I think that you need...


Having this surgery... it means I don't get to leave here.

And you know how much I hate hospitals.

I do know.

But as your doctor, I can't support you making any other decision.

This surgery will allow you more time and we need more time.


We, your doctors... need more time.

And we need more time.

So... you'll be here?

Every day.

And as an added bonus, it'll really piss off Alex.


Yes, that it will.






Hay, I told you I couldn't miss my game and I didn't I made two goals and one assist and there were scouts there!

What did you do? I cut off my finger.

It's OK. I saved it so you guys can sew it back on.

There's deep tissue infection here. Not good.

He said he found out how to do it on the Internet.

Who puts up web pages on how to cut off your own finger?

He's got a passion and he sacrificed for it. You got to respect that.

No... you don't.

Thank you, Bokie. He cut off his finger.

A finger... Sorry.

...that would have healed in a few months.

Sometimes you can't wait.

You just want the pain to stop.

So you cut it off.

End the problem. End the pain.

That doesn't... end the pain, no.

I mean, if it's that painful... to start with, then even if you cut it off, there's always going to be that... phantom pain.

Your ex did a real number on you?

[Sylvia] You're quitting your job? [Kyle] Absolutely.

And we're selling the house?

And we're moving to Paris and we're spending that nest egg now?

Promise? I promise.

And, baby? Yeah?

If I die... promise me you'll do it anyway.

I promise.

I'm sorry. This is as far as you can go.

Sylvia, please don't die.

I'll do my best.

[door opens]

I fed him. Oh, God, there's poop everywhere.


Go back to sleep, Cristina. Oh, good.

I know you're the boss of me and you could destroy my career and make my life a living hell and torture and all of that.

But, just in the future...

I don't baby-sit.


[baby cries]

I read that a patient's heart can remodel itself and they can be weaned off the LVAD.

It's not likely in Denny's case.

His heart is too weak.

I just wanted to make sure everybody was doing OK.

Everything's fine.

Thank you so much.

Oh, yeah, right... Thank you.

When you put your freshly severed finger into a grungy, bacteria-filled glove, you got a severe infection. What?

No, the Internet didn't say anything about infection.

Mr. Mercer we didn't realize how deep the infection had gone, until we were in there.

There was too much tissue damage.

Heathe, the infection was caused by a methicillin-resistant staph bacteria.

And it's continuing to spreading.

We'll be lucky if we can preserve enough muscle for you to have any hand function at all.

What do you mean, what does she mean?

You may never regain complete control of your hand.

No. That's wrong.

You're wrong.

Ronnie Lott played for the 49ers when he cut off his finger.

He could still play.

I got the directions off the Internet.

My poor baby. Mom, stop, they're lying!

They're trying to scare me.

I'm sorry. I really am, but...

your hockey career is over.


Mom, they're wrong, right?

They have to be wrong. Sweetheart.

I got the directions off the Internet.

[Meredith] Is there any evidence of vasospasm or bleeding?

[Derek] No, it looks good.

So do you think they'll move to Paris?

I hope so.

[Meredith] That was amazing. Door opens.

It was, wasn't it?



You know I was kidding this morning?

I mean, you can tell me about this horrible thing.

Come on, you can talk to me.

As a friend?

As a friend.

There's a line between friends and "not" friends.

And if I tell you this...

If I tell you this horrible thing, you have to react as my friend, not my "not" friend.

I can do that.

All right, you tell me what's wrong, I'll tell you how to fix it.

OK. You're ready?

I'm ready.

[Meredith sighs]

I slept with George.

And... it was a horrible mistake.

And now everything has changed.

And I don't know how to repair it.

I don't even know where to start, but I just know that I have to. And...


Say something friendly.

You tell him that.

You find George and you apologize.

That's what everyone says, but he won't listen.

Make him listen. You tell him you're sorry.

Just tell him again and again and again until he listens.

How do I do that?

You do what I do.

Use the elevator.

[elevator bell dings]

You're trapped.

[panting] And you don't have to talk.

I'll do the talking.

George, I am truly, very deeply sorry.

And I'm not going to make excuses.

I'm just sorry.

Look, I know you're going to get off this elevator and not look back.

I know that, but, George, we're friends, real friends.

And that means, no matter how long it takes, when you finally do decide to look back, I'll still be here.

[Meredith] As doctors, as friends, as human beings, we all try to do the best we can.


[Izzie sighs]

Don't you have somewhere to be?


Yeah, I'm there.

[Meredith] But the world is full of unexpected twists and turns,

and just when you've gotten the lay of the land, the ground underneath you shifts

and knocks you off your feet.


If you're lucky, you end up with nothing more than a flesh wound, something a Band-Aid will cover.

Hi. Hey.

But some wounds are deeper than they first appear and require more than just a quick fix.



I was indifferent.

You know, in New York before Mark.

I was just indifferent towards you.


I was absent.


I'm partly to blame for what's happened to our marriage.


I'm sorry.

I'm working on it.


[Meredith] With some wounds, you have to rip off the Band-Aid, let them breathe, and give them time... to heal.