Grey's Anatomy S3E1 Script

Time Has Come Today (2006)

[Meredith] In the OR, time loses meaning.

In the midst of sutures and saving lives, the clock ceases to matter.

Fifteen minutes, 15 hours.

Inside the OR, the best surgeons make time fly.

Outside the OR, however, time takes pleasure in kicking our asses.

For even the strongest of us, it seems to play tricks.

Slowing down... hovering...

♪ Life began when I saw your face ♪

...until it freezes... leaving us stuck in a moment, unable to move in one direction or the other.

Izzie. Izzie. Come on.

[sighs] OK. She's been in there all night. We have to do something.

Yeah. [Meredith] Yeah.

Yeah. Why are you all looking at me?

This is familiar territory for you.

There is nothing familiar about this.

Unfamiliar. Denny died.

The man she loves died.

Yeah, but you're all dark and twisty inside.

Dark and twisty?

The mother with the Alzheimer's thing, and the father you don't talk to.

And tequila thing. And the inappropriate men thing.

You are dark and twisty and now Izzie is dark and twisty.

So all of a sudden I'm the president of People With Crappy Lives?

Seriously, we have to do something.

Someone has to go in there.

[Richard] The seven years you spend as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life.

Look around you.

[clock ticking]

Say hello to your competition.

[Izzie] Hi. Izzie Stevens. Washington.

Alex Karev. Iowa.

[Izzie] This is nice, right? They throw a mixer for the new interns.

[Alex] Yeah...

It's just an excuse to get us all happy and drunk before they torture us.

What program are you in? Surgery.

Seriously? Seriously.


I'd picked you for Gynie or Peds or something.

You don't think I can be a surgeon? I can be a surgeon.

Surgery's hardcore. I'm hardcore.

You won't last the first year, babe.

[George] Hey, Izzie...


Maybe you should... change your clothes.

Maybe you wanna wear something a little more comfortable.

Stop it.

Izzie. Stop it, I mean it.

Stop talking.

There is nothing to talk about, do you understand me?

There is nothing to discuss.

I'm so sorry.

Yeah. Yeah, me too.

[man] You're a surgeon? Yes.

Usually they don't send a surgeon for this.

What do... what do we need to... How do I do this? What do we?

You just need to ID the body before I take him to the funeral home.

So I don't take the wrong guy. That happens?

You wouldn't believe how many times I've taken the wrong guy.

That's him. That's Denny Duquette.

[man] Great. Load him up.

And... sign.

When's the funeral? [man] No funeral.

The family asked to have the body sent to Memphis.

Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Why are we making sandwiches again?

That's what you do when someone dies. You cook.

Yeah. I... I know what to do when someone dies.

I am a Jew. I know food and death.

It's shiva.

Is it shiva even if she's Catholic?

Shiva's what I know how to do, so yeah, it's shiva.

If we're sitting shiva for Denny, then we should order in, because making sandwiches is not the same as cooking.

Sandwiches are comfort food.

What's wrong with you?

Everything is fine. It's Izzie we're worried about.

What did you do?

Denny died, Burke got shot.

Let's just have some perspective, and remember what I did is a tiny, slightly small...

Whatever. Spit it out.

I lost my panties last night.


[Richard] Back already? I never left.

I did a craniotomy on a ruptured saccular aneurism.

I've been here all night, too.

I wanted to see the autopsy on Duquette. Yeah.

You seen Meredith?

Uh, Dr. Grey. Have you seen Dr. Grey?

Why? What's going on with you? Nothing, I just...

Can you get somebody to cover my rounds so I can take care of stuff?

[Bailey] Are you free?

Dr. Shepherd, there's an incoming head trauma, and the pit's overcrowded with early flu season.

Giselle Toussant, 42-year-old woman.

Unrestrained driver of a car that hit a railing. Ejected...

She was... We were coming to the ER. We were both sick.

We couldn't shake this flu thing, so...

She was better, so I let her drive. [George] Sir?

Omar? Giselle?

Honey? Where are we?

Are we... Are we dancing? We had an accident.

Do a laceration. She's leaking spinal fluid. Let's get an OR ready, OK?

The dancing's so beautiful. You're beautiful.

[Omar coughing]

He's burning up.

Someone get him a bed. Let's get her to the OR right away.

[baby crying]

What's going on?

Premature newborn found in a trash can.

The umbilical cord's still attached.

You didn't start an IV? He's dehydrated.

[man] Couldn't find a vein. I need to get an IV access.

Get me an IO needle and I need a neonatal intubation kit.

Olivia. Go, move. Now!

They pulled me from the floor. I'm just down here helping with the flu overflow.


Alex, how old is that baby?

Wait, wait. What are you doing?

Think I'm gonna leave this sick, premature infant in the ER?

He has to be admitted. Can't take him. Just page Addison Shepherd.

Page Addison Shepherd. Tell her to meet me in the NICU.

Karev? Premature newborn with petechia.

[Addison] What's his platelet count? 17,000.

17,000? Did you transfuse platelets?

[Alex] Yes, but it didn't help. Where's the mother?

I don't know.

Dr, Karev, I'm not asking you where the mother is for my health, I expect you to use your brain. Where's the mother?

I don't know.

The baby was found in a trash can at a high school.

They left him in a trash can.

[Alex] He's got some inner abdominal bleeding on CT.

You wanna run some more tests?

Dr. Shepherd?

I need a stat ultrasound and for you to infuse two grams of IVIG, if there is no cranial bleeding.

Then find out where the mother is.

I need to test for maternal platelet antibodies.

Can't you do surgery to fix the bleeding?

If I wanted to kill him, I could do that. Damn it.

Who does this? [Olivia] Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd?

There are some people here, about the baby.

[George] The clot's been evacuated. Are we ready to close?

[Derek] Just want to make sure there's no bone fragments.

[woman] Here we go.

How's Izzie? [George] As well as can be expected.

[Derek] Never gets easier, you know, losing a patient.

It's a little less shocking, I guess, but it never gets any easier.

Izzie was in love with him.

Denny wasn't just a patient. They were in love.

[Christina] You had sex with Derek in an exam room at the prom?

Yes. Last night?

You and Shepherd did it. Yes.

[Christina] You and McDreamy did the nasty-nasty?

Cristina! I'm not judging, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it.

You're with Finn and he's with Addison.

He's married to Addison. Yeah.

What did Derek say?

He said, "Meredith, what does this mean?"

OK. He has sex with you and he's standing there all McGuilty, and all he has to say for himself is, "What does this mean?"

What does this mean? I don't know.

Are you gonna go back to Finn?

I... I... Is Shepherd leaving his wife?

[clock ticking]

I just...

[Ellis] Meredith, hold on with both hands!


Mommy! Richard, you were to tell Adele...

[Richard] I can't do that. [Ellis] That's what we agreed.

[Ellis] Richard! [Richard] I can't.

[crying] Please. Please. Ellis, no.

[Ellis] Richard, you can't leave me!




[clock ticking]

You didn't need an appointment to see me. I'm your husband.

Appointment seemed to be the best way to get your undivided attention because here you are. Adele, listen...

Sit down. Sit down! Adele.

We have an appointment. [Bailey] Chief...

Excuse... The IDC is here.

We had a couple come in this morning. Derek finished a craniotomy on the wife, but the husband, he's got severe flu symptoms.

Swollen lymph nodes, buboes.

Turns out they came in contact with...

The plague? Look, I'm sorry, Adele. I need to deal with this.

[woman] a straight-A student.

[man] So what? My daughter gets a B in math, and suddenly she's birthing babies in toilet stalls?

I'm Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, treating the newborn.

He has a blood condition. I need to know whose baby it is I'm dealing with.

[woman] Yeah. We'd all like to know that.

Sara, talk.

I don't know anything about any baby. None of us do.

One of you must, otherwise, you and your parents wouldn't be here.

Our girls... The principal said that they were the last people in the bathroom before that baby was found.

So we just thought before the police show up...

One of you knows. And you better confess.

I don't want my Lisa messed up in this. Listen, the police'll be here soon.

Can't you just do some sort of DNA test so the rest of us can get out of here?

DNA results take days.

And frankly, I'm not concerned with getting the rest of you out of here.

If this baby isn't treated, he's going to die.

[Addison] Now I can do vaginal exams on each of the girls.

My daughter is 14, she's not sexually active and I won't have you violating her body.

You won't have it 'cause you know it's your kid. I tell you what.

You have my consent to do what it takes to prove Lisa's innocent.

[woman] You are a sick bastard, you know that?

A child's life is in jeopardy here.

And it's not your consent that I need.

We didn't do anything wrong.

Yeah, just because we were in there doesn't mean it's our baby.

Do we look like the kind of girls who get pregnant and throw their kids in the trash?

[Derek] Nice work today, O'Malley.

[George] Hey, did Meredith go home with Izzie?

Yeah, Cristina too. I'm headed there now.

Yeah, me too. Great. It's just...

I don't know if Izzie's up for a lot of people.

I'm gonna go see Meredith.

Oh! OK.

Dr. Shepherd? Yes.

Dr. O'Malley. Yeah?

I'm with the IDC. Is anyone else in this room?


Did you perform the surgery on Mrs. Toussant?

Yes. She and her husband were in close contact with a victim of the plague.

She may have been exposed. [Derek] Which means we may have been.

I gotta go. I can't do this.

We're waiting on the diagnosis of Mr. Toussant.

This room will be sealed off until we know the threat's been contained and you're absolutely safe. You're not saying...

You cannot leave. You two are quarantined.

They work fast. Anyone that was in contact with the Toussants is in quarantine.

Shepherd and O'Malley are not happy.

But everything's under control if you need to get back to your wife.

Oh, no, no. I should check in with the IDC rep.

Gonna have to stay on top of my hospital.

Keep me posted.

[pager beeps]

[man] Hello. Hello!

I need help. Somebody. Please.

I know you can hear me.

I see you standing in your giant, white spacesuit.

Sir? Yes!

[man] No unauthorized personnel beyond this point, ma'am.

IDC regulations.

Look, I know he's under quarantine, but he's also a patient, and I will not ignore a patient.

Ah! Hello out there. Thank God. Thank God you can hear me.

How is my wife? My name is Dr. Bailey. Miranda Bailey.

Your wife is out of surgery. She's quarantined in recovery, but she's fine.

Now you were asking for help?

Do you know how many days I've been here?

It's only been a few hours. Really?

I'm losing... I'm losing track of time.

OK, sir, you're sweating.

I need you to sit down.

Get back in the bed.

What about my wife, Giselle?

Can you find out about Giselle?

Like I said, sir, she came out of surgery just fine, but I can check on her status again.

You just stay calm until I get back.

No! No, wait, wait. Don't go. Please.

Just... Just stay a minute.

[Omar] Please. OK... Um...

I'm staying.

Omar. Call me Omar.

OK, Omar. I'm...

I'm right here.

[bell rings]

I brought food.

Uh, George isn't here.

No, I know. He's in a quarantine because of a thing.

I was off duty and worried about him and going crazy and thought about Izzie so I brought food.

For the shiva.

Are you gonna let me in?


Relax. I'm not gonna bring it up.

You and McDreamy and the sex.

I'm not that person. Good.

OK. Good.

Shiva? Is it shiva if Izzie's Catholic?

This thing that you're doing, Izzie, it's not healthy.

You gotta take off that dress.

Tell me about shiva.


It's something you do when someone dies. You know, we did it for my grandmother.

How does it work?

People bring over food, family comes over.

It's supposed to help with the grieving. You know, it honors the dead.

Sounds nice. Yeah.

Seven days of no leather shoes, no... no work, no sex.

No sitting on things higher than a foot. No shaving, no...


No clean clothes.

[Cristina] Izzie, this doesn't have to be shiva.

You know they took his body away.

I'll never see him again.

How would you feel if you never saw Burke again?

So we're sitting shiva for Denny.

You want to see him? See who?

The baby. Your baby. It's not our baby.

[man] I've given you permission to do this, now what's the hang-up?

The hang-up, sir, is that if your daughter doesn't want to do it, I can't force her.

They're 14. They're minors. We still have a say.

No, you don't. If someone doesn't want to submit to a vaginal exam, they don't have to. It's the law.

All right, that' it. I'm taking Lisa home.

You do that, sir, and I will have you arrested before you hit the parking lot.

The law isn't the only thing in play here.

If I do the exam and the girl's a virgin, there could be bleeding, undue trauma, not to mention emotional stress.

If I had to guess as to whose kid doesn't have to worry about that...

What's that mean? It'd just be nice if Karen had a curfew.

[woman] Well, at least she's not a shoplifter.

[woman 2] Oh, Shannon stole one lipstick when she was nine. Get over it.

[man] I know for a fact that my Lisa is a virgin.

[woman] Really? How do you know that? [man] Because she's only 14 years old!

[clock ticking]

[Addison] Derek. Derek, listen to me.

Derek, you can't do this. Derek, we have to, we have to talk about this.

No, we don't. Give me a chance to explain.

Wait. What are you doing with my clothes, Derek?

It was one time! I know that's what people say.

I know that's what gets said. I don't know how it happened.

I don't know what I was thinking. He was here.

You screw my best friend and all you can say is, "He was just here?"

Get out. No.

Get out. No. No, I'm not going.

Get out of my house now! We have to talk about this.

No. I'm holding my ground. I'm holding my ground. We don't quit!

We have to work... [Derek] Get out.

What are you doing? Derek, no, no!


Please. Derek.

[Addison] Please. [banging on door]


[sobbing] Please.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

You have to give me a chance...

You have to give me a chance to show you how sorry I am.

I'm sorry, OK?


I'm gonna go. You stay. I'll get my clothes in the morning.

No, no, no. We can survive this.

Derek, we can survive this.

We're... We're Addison and Derek.

I can't look at you. I look at you and I feel nauseous. I just...

We're not Derek and Addison anymore.

If you go now...

If you go now, we're not going to get through this.

If you go now... we don't have a chance.

We don't have a chance!

If you go now... If you go...

[clock ticking]

[door closes]

[clock ticking]

Hi, you're... Are you Preston Burke?

Yes. The Preston Burke.

Dr. Burke, I am such a huge fan.

Stentless valve replacement for infectious endocarditis you performed.

And your use of transmyocardio revascularization.

I... I'm Cristina Yang.

If I could just get the chance to study under you, I would be...

You are so amazing! Yes. Well...

Thank you.

I mean, one of my choices was San Diego.

I could've gone to San Diego, but Seattle's home, so...

So you're new to Seattle?

Oh! No, I... I, um, kind of live here.

My mother lived here... lives here, and I live in her house.

[George] That's great 'cause housing's a nightmare.

I'm living with my parents at home, which, uh, well... sucks.

It's nice meeting you.

[clock ticking]

We've been exposed to plague. They don't know it's plague.

So the men in the white suits, what, making a fashion statement?

No, it's a precaution.

When the blood work comes back we'll be out of here.

What if the results come back and she, she has the plague?

Then we get the plague.

And then we die in here?

With the crappy benches and the dirty scrubs and the lockers full of old food?

There's food in the lockers?

Dr. Shepard, those are people's personal... That's Alex's apple.

That's just rude.

Safe haven laws.

All those girls would've had to do was drop that baby off at a fire station or a hospital.

Now... it's a mess.

What are our options here?

Blood-typing. We take a sample from each of the girls.

The baby's blood type is double O.

If the girls are A or B it means the baby's not theirs.

Do it.

Everyone thinks I'll know what to say to her. I don't know what to say to her.

Dark and twisty Meredith.

I'm not dark and twisty.

And if I am dark and twisty, it's because I live my life under a banner of avoidance.

I avoid. I'm an avoider.

[Finn] Hello?

Hey. Hey.

[Finn] So can we...

Izzie. I gotta go check on Izzie.

[Callie] Don't take it personally. It's the doctor thing.


Four years of high school, four years of college, four years of med school. By the time we graduate we're in our late 20s and we've never done anything except go to school and think about science.

Time stops. We're socially retarded.

I mean, look at me. I'm in love with a guy who won't say he loves me back, and here I am, in his kitchen, cooking, hoping he comes home and notices me.

I'm a total freak.

I'm that girl in the back of the class who eats her hair.

And Meredith... she's 17 years old. We're all 17.

This is high school with scalpels, Finn.

I don't know what to say to you.

When Dylan died... when the bomb went off... did you feel like...


Like you were moving in slow motion.

He was there and then he wasn't.

Like I blinked, and he was gone.

I feel like I'm moving in slow motion.

Like I'm moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast and I just wanna go back... to when things were normal.

When I wasn't poor Izzie laying on the bathroom floor in her prom dress with her...

her dead fiancé.

But I am.

So I can't.

And I'm... just stuck.

And there's all this pressure 'cause everyone's hovering around me waiting for me to do something or say something or flip out or yell or cry some more. And I'm happy to play my part.

I'm happy to say the lines and do whatever I'm supposed to be doing if it will make everyone feel more comfortable.

But I don't... I don't know how to do this.

I don't know how to be this person. I don't...

I don't know who this person is.


How did this happen?

How did we end up here?

Why am I alone?

Where's Denny?

You're not alone, Iz.

Trail mix and warm soda. Who puts warm soda in their locker?

As usual, Cristina's too lazy to stock her locker with food.

Now I hit the mother load here.

Look at this, I got granola, cookies, muffins. Who eats this much?

That's Izzie's locker. She ate a lot. Said it kept her energy up.

Eats. What?

Eats. You said "ate."

Eats, present tense. She didn't die.

Feels a little like she did.

She's never coming back here.

You know... I don't think she's ever gonna be the same.

There are moments, O'Malley, all of a sudden, in a split second, your life changes forever.

Before you know it, you're somewhere else.

[Richard] Gentlemen. Chief.

Can we please get out of here now?


[clock ticking]

A split second.

Straight tequila, really? You are going to be sorry in the morning.

I'm always sorry in the morning, but tomorrow I start my first day of work so keep them coming.

How you doing?

Double scotch, single malt, please.

So is this a good place to hang out?

I wouldn't know. Never been here before.

[Derek] You know what? I haven't either. First time here.

I'm new in town. I've never been to Seattle.

A new job, so...

Ah... You're ignoring me.

Um... Trying to. You shouldn't ignore me.

Why not?

Because I'm someone you need to get to know to love.

Really? Oh, yes.

So if I know you, I'll love you. Oh, yes.

You really like yourself, huh?

Just hiding my pain.

[both laughing]

So what's your story?

I don't have a story. I'm just a girl in a bar.

I'm just a guy in a bar.

[clock ticking]

[Alex] How do you not know your kid's pregnant?

You love your kids. You wanna see the best in them.

OK, then, how do you have a baby and then throw it in a trash can?

Something happens and you panic.

You freeze and you wanna hide it and... pretend like it didn't happen.

I get that. You get that?

I do.

I just don't get what happens afterward.

I don't get how you go back to class and pretend like everything's fine.

Everything's not fine.

[door opens]

Oh, it's the blood results.

Karen and Lisa are not a match.

And then there were two.

Miranda, I... I'm feeling better. A lot better.

I think the fever broke, which is good, right?

Yes, that's very good, Omar. How's Giselle?

Is she asking for me?

Omar, for Giselle, being exposed to the plague, it...

It complicated things.

Complicated what things?

We did everything we could.


I'm so sorry. [Omar] No. No.

No, no, no!



Come on, breathe.



Stop. No, no, stop. He's hyperventilating.

I have to go in there. You can't go in there!


Somebody has to go in!

Omar! [Omar] Oh, God! Oh, God!

Can you hear me? [Omar] I want my wife!

I need my wife. I need Giselle.

I have to save her! I have to help her! Let me out of here!

[Bailey] Omar, look at me.

Omar, look at me!

Look, I need you to put your hand against my hand.

Come on.

Oh, God... Omar, look at my hands!

Put your hands on my hands.

Come on. Good.


OK. Look at me. Look at me!

Can you tell me my name? Do you remember my name?

Miranda. Miranda. That's right.

I want Giselle.

I have to save her. Please help.

Please let me out of here.

I wish I could help you.

Omar, I wish I could turn back the clock and make it yesterday.

You don't know how much I wish that, but...

I can't turn back time.

I shouldn't have let her drive. She was sick.

[Omar] I should've taken over. I know.

Come on. I know... I...

[Omar sobbing]

I should've taken over too, but...

We can't go back.

Look, even if I could let you out of here, you can't help Giselle now, Omar.

Do you believe in God, Miranda?

I mean... do you believe in the afterlife?

I have to believe.

With what I do, Omar. I have to believe that when our time comes that we go to a place... Um...

A beautiful place.

A... a better place.


[Omar crying]

That woman died.

She actually died. Doesn't mean we will.

Is it hot in here? No.

Then why am I sweating? 'Cause you're pacing.

No, my pulse is rapid. Because you're still pacing.

Feel me. I'm not gonna feel you.

Seriously. Seriously, no.

You know, you're an ass.

You've lived. You've done things.

And you've got the hair.

And the hot wife and the beautiful ex-mistress who pines for you.

She's pining for me? My point is you've lived!

If you die, who cares? If I die...

What, this is it?

Callie told me she loved me and I just sat there.

I mean, I wasn't ready...

What, and now I'm gonna die?

I'm not even going to get a chance to say "I love you" back.

Do you? Do you love her?



I could.

One day, soonish.


"I will love you soonish?"

You ever tell Meredith?

You ever tell her that you love her?


I did.

But... then with Callie... you know... it's different, but...

You should tell her.

Even if it's soonish.

You should tell her before it's too late.

You mean before I die of the plague?

Before somebody else comes along.

[Callie laughing] That I believe.

Oh, uh... I'm gonna...

I'm gonna leave the room for a period of time for no reason whatsoever.

[Finn sighs]

I don't know what happened last night.

Between you and Derek. Finn.

And I don't wanna know.

We never said that we were exclusive.

But you have plans. Yeah.

I didn't say I wasn't pissed off.

I said we weren't exclusive.

That's all I wanted to say.

Oh, and, uh... And this.

I... I know you think you're scary and damaged.

Dark and twisty.

It makes you feel like you don't deserve good things, but you do.

And Derek... he's bad for you.

But me, I'm a good thing.

And if there's a race, if there's a ring, my hat is in.

I made an appointment for a reason.

I scheduled the time because I had something important to say and you made me wait. I have a situation.

I spent my life waiting.

Waiting for you to finish med school, waiting for you to come home at night, waiting for you to leave that... woman.

I'm done waiting. Adele...

It's time for you to make a choice.

Me or this hospital.

It's time for you to retire, Richard.

[Addison] There he is.

That's your son.

I want you both to look at him.

Because it's not true that you did nothing wrong. You both are wrong.

You're wrong for covering this up, you're wrong for lying about it, you're wrong for letting this little baby, this sweet, innocent, beautiful little boy suffer like this.

He's dying and it's your fault.

It's both of your faults, and the thing is, the truth will come out.

In time, it will come out. It always does.

It just...

It just does.

And when it does, this baby will be dead.


Don't tell my mom, OK?

Thank you.

Thank you for telling the truth.

You really don't feel anything?

I feel like I've been here for a very long time.

I feel like it might be too late. Too late for what?

Thank you for your patience and cooperation, doctors.

You'll have to go on a course of antibiotics, but the threat has been contained.

[grunts] Good.

What? You're free to go.

[Addison] Poor little guy.

The minute he's OK, we have to turn him over to a mother who's going to juvie and grandparents who are so clueless they didn't even realize their own kid was pregnant.

Imagine the kind of childhood he's gonna have.

You can get over a bad childhood.

I mean, you can have the worst crap in the world happen to you.

I mean, you can get over it.

All you gotta do is survive.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I was so worried.

But... I'm fine.

I was really, really worried. [George] Yeah, I know. Me too.

George, I really, really love you.

[Callie sighing]

Hi. [Meredith] Hi.

Ah, I was gonna come over this morning, but...

I heard. The quarantine. Yeah.

[Meredith clears throat]

So... what does this mean?

It means you have a choice.

You have a choice to make.

And I don't wanna rush you into making a decision before you're ready.

This morning I was gonna come over, and I was gonna say...

What I wanted to say was...

But now, all I can say is that...

I'm in love with you.

I've been in love with you forever.

I'm a little late. I... I know I'm a little late in telling you that.

I, I just want you to take your time.

You know?

Take all the time you need... because you have a choice to make.

And when I had a choice to make...

I chose wrong.

♪ One more day And it's all slipping with the sand ♪

♪ You touch my lips ♪ All right, good night.

♪ The back of my hand ♪

[Meredith] Time flies.

You're not going to retire, are you?

Adele, you spring this on me today.

I... I need to think. I need more time.

♪ We got nowhere to go ♪ I don't have any more time to give.

[Meredith] Time waits for no man.

♪ Maybe it's all gone black But you're all I see ♪ Time heals all wounds.

Where have you been all day?

Sitting shiva for Denny.

[sighs] How are you?

How are you?

♪ Glass is breaking So don't let go of my arm ♪

[sobs] Oh...

♪ Grab your bags And a picture of where we met ♪ Oh...

Don't ever die.

♪ Everything we got ♪ I'll do my best.

♪ We've got a rock And a rock till our dying day ♪

[Meredith] All any of us wants is more time.

♪ Holding on to you ♪

[clock ticking]

Good night.

♪ Maybe it's all we got But it's all I need ♪ Isn't this so cool?

I mean, can you believe it? Tomorrow we're gonna be surgeons.

[Meredith] Time to stand up.

Time to grow up.

♪ And if all we've got ♪ I'm ready.


[Meredith] Time to let go.

♪ They're mixing with the rain ♪ Time.

♪ If that's all we can take ♪