Grey's Anatomy S3E3 Script

Sometimes a Fantasy (2006)

[Bailey] Previously on Grey's Anatomy...

You're shot? Cristina?

Throwing me out? Got no choice.

What's with the suitcase?

Yes. My answer is yes.

An hour ago he was proposing.

I thought I was a surgeon, but I am not.

I stopped teaching when you needed a teacher the most.

Our marriage is over.

[Meredith] There's this thing that allows for the considering of options.

In the olden days they called it dating.

You bowing out?

No. You?

I don't think so. [laughs]

[Meredith] Surgeons usually fantasize about wild and improbable surgeries.

Someone collapses in a restaurant, we splice them open with a butter knife, replace a valve with a hollowed out stick of carrot.

But every now and then, some other kind of fantasy slips in.

Good morning. Good morning.

♪ People ♪

♪ Don't you worry about me ♪ Good morning. It is a good morning.

Hi. Hi.

♪ Well, I'm gonna teach you ♪ Did you get any sleep last night?

[inhales] Not really.

You want to get some now?

Not really.

♪ Doo doo do doo do doo do doo ♪

♪ Doo doo doo do doo ♪

[thud] [George screams]

[Meredith] Most of our fantasies dissolve when we wake, banished to the back of our mind, but sometimes, we're sure...


...if we try hard enough, we can live the dream.

[music resumes]

[clattering] [George] Damn! Stupid!


I was having a really good dream and you ruined it.

Sorry. There... there's these boxes.

All these boxes. Callie said she was bringing her stuff over and...

It's all here.

It's OK, George. I don't mind.

I don't mind either. Nah. I don't mind a bit.

Kick her out. What?

I can't kick her out. You're the one who told her she could move in.

I said she could stay a couple of days. A couple of days. It's been over a week.

Now there're boxes, she's using my computer and here all the time.

Would you kick her out? Kick her out. [door opens]

You might want to wait a while. There's no more hot water.

Do it. Why do you hate me? Do it.

Hey, can I get a ride with you guys to the hospital?

You're going to the hospital?

Yeah, I'm going to go in and talk to the chief. See about coming back.

Anyway, just let me know when you're leaving.

[door closes]

That's great. Izzie's coming back.

That's... great, right? Mm-hmm.

That's my towel.

Sorry. [chuckles]

[door closes]

[laughs] He's really moody in the mornings.

Yeah. He's... [laughs] yeah.


You know, I don't have to leave today.

I could change my flight. No, no, you can't.

Because I'm sober now, and, uh, there's work to get to, and planes to be caught and real lives to be led.

Thank you. Truly, Mark, for all of the sex.

I... I really... I feel much better now. I do.

And I'm... I'm, well, now I have to go.

And so do you.

So, uh, do you want me to call you... a cab to the airport?


Why don't you try your bad hand. That's what the ball's for, right?

Fixing your bad hand?

[china falls over]


There's coffee on the floor.

Fine. You know, I'll clean it up.

Whatever. Leave it.

It doesn't matter.

So, I was thinking, since your shift ends after mine and I don't want to wait around, I should get a copy of the house key.

No. I like leaving together. You don't need a key.

Izzie? I'll see you guys in there.

Everything's going to be fine.

Bailey is on your side.

And the Chief is...

He's going to put on his angry face, but he's on your side too.

Everybody wants you back in that building.

I know. I know.

You guys go ahead. I'll be fine.

I'm just going to take a minute, practice my speech.


I didn't ask you to convince her to come here.

But I did. I did convince her.

There is a whole series of disciplinary and rehabilitative steps that Izzie Stevens will have to take before...

You can explain them to her. I never agreed to that.

[Bailey] She didn't commit a crime.

She's an intern. My intern.

You... You want to blame someone, blame me.

Look, that girl is coming in here today an... and you are going to talk to her.

An... And you're going to remember all the other surgeons you've known, who've ever had a lapse in judgment that led to someone dying or someone's arm falling off.

Most importantly, you're going to remember the mistakes you made when you were young and stupid and you're going to be filled with patience and compassion.

That's what I'm going to do? Yes!

Because I'm the boss. I'm...

[exhales] Look, I didn't mean any disrespect, sir. I apologize.

This is really important to you personally?

Very personally, sir. Yes.


Being the boss isn't as gratifying as it used to be.

No, sir.

Get out of here.

I'm on my knees in a puddle of coffee, and he's lying on the couch playing with himself. And not in a good way.

He's recovering from surgery.

You've read studies on recovery and depression in surgical patients.

Yeah, well, he's not a patient. He's Preston Burke.

He's just milking it.

You know, he's got me fetching his food and the paper and his slippers like I'm a dog.

Hey. Hi.

I had a dream about you last night. You did?

Mm. Was I bringing you coffee?

You were definitely not bringing me coffee.

But coffee's good.

I'm told dating starts with a casual invitation over a cup of coffee.

Does it? So, Meredith, would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?

How's that? Was that casual enough? It was good, right?

So we're dating. We're dating. Pick you up at eight.

[elevator bell dings]

Hey! [Finn] I was in the neighborhood.

Actually, I wasn't, but I decided you were worth a detour.

I had a dream about you last night.

Was it a good dream?

It was. And what was I doing?

Yes, Mer, what was he doing?

What's that? It's for you.

Coffee cake. Best in the northwest.

Figured I'd better soften you up, so that when I ask you to dinner tonight, you have to say yes.

Dinner? Tonight? How about that? Are you free tonight, Meredith?

Actually, uh, I'm not free tonight.

Well, how about lunch? I could come here.

You are volunteering to eat hospital food?

I love crappy food.

One o'clock?

I'll be here. OK.

You had a dream about the both of them?


Nice. Just when I think you're boring, you rise.

I'm dating. And it comes with snacks.

[elevator bell dings]

Hey, Iz. Hey. Going in to see the Chief.

Excellent. Back in the game, stepping up to the plate.

Running late. I'll catch you later? Yeah. Later.

Izzie's back. That's good. Coffee cake.

I'm dating. Touch that piece, lose a hand.

Morning, people.

[Bailey] Grey, we're clearing the decks.

I need you writing discharge forms.

Yang, you're with Dr. Shepherd.

Karev, as usual, you're with Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd in OBGYN.

O'Malley, Dr. Torres has requested you today in Ortho.

Was she smiling? Izzie's back.

"Dr. Torres has requested you"?

[woman on PA] Dr. Beets to the OR. Dr. Beets to the OR.

Just tell her, George.

Tell her you're not ready to move in together.

And then try dating. Dating is fun.

[Addison] Karev. We ready?

Isn't this getting old for you?

Nope. Makes my whole day, actually.

[cellphone rings]


[Addison] Are you OK? No... Yeah.

No, I can't. I got to... five minutes.

[cellphone beeps]

Go find something to do in the pit. Personal problem?


Fourth visit in three months.

I'm Dr. Karev. And you are...

Megan Clover and it's not as bad as it looks.

She fell on the playground and there was a lot of blood and it looked deep.

We know how this looks.

Just so you know, we know how this looks and it's not that.

She just... plays rough, you know? [chuckles]

This is her file, all right? And it goes back since way before we got her.

Before you got her? We're her foster parents.

[mother inhales] She's such a great kid, but she plays really...

[father] She plays rough. [mother] Yeah.

Right. Why don't you guys go up to the nurses' station, let them make a copy of her file for you, and I'll take look at Megan's leg.

OK. We'll be right back, honey. You all right?

Yeah. [mother] OK.

You got some mean looking bruises, you know that?

What, you hurt your arm too? Nothing big. I fell off my bike.

Are those staples?

What the hell?

Did they do this to you? No! No!

Who did this to you? I did.

I didn't want to go to the doctor again so I just stapled it. It's no biggie.

You stapled your own arm?

Can you please just stitch up my leg so we can get out of here?

You're not going anywhere with those people Meghan.

They're never going to lay a hand on you again.

They didn't do anything.

Please, they're my best parents I've ever had.

Megan. They don't hurt me.

I can't be hurt. You don't believe me?

Punch me in the stomach. Right now.

Staples are in there pretty deep.

I'm going to have to give you a shot to numb the pain.

I don't need a shot.

Trust me, you want a shot.

It's swollen, it's going to hurt like a...

[spits pin out]

There. Can I go now?

That didn't even hurt?

[whispers] I have superpowers, OK?

Mr. Tresselt's having a corpus callosotomy.

What's that going to look like? [Cristina] Severing some of the fibers, that connect the right and left hemisphere of his brain, to prevent the spread of seizure activity from one-half of his brain to the other.

Good. Right.

Daddy's letting them chop his brain in half.

Because Daddy's a big dummy. Yes, he is.

They're not chopping my brain in half, Leanne.

Chop! Right down the middle.

Taylor should function much like he does right now.

Really? I'm having five seizures a day Leanne.

I know that. You don't leave me in a room alone with the baby. You think I don't notice?

You ask your mother to come by every time you need to take a shower.

[Leanne] That's not the reason...

It's because you think I'm a danger to the baby. And I am.

Look, if you're not sure, for any reason, we can wait.

I want to be able to take care of our baby.

Please, Leanne. We already agreed.


[sighs] I've got this kid in the pit.

She's psycho and her foster parents are beating the crap out of her.

She tell you that or you figured it out yourself?

She's covered in bruises, she's got a ten centimeter lac on her arm with three staples in it.

Like from a staple gun in your garage.

The parents did that? No, she says she did it herself.

She's got this bit about being a superhero and how she can take the pain.

You call social services? They're on their way down.

OK, well, have them speak to the parents while you run a cold pressure test on the girl.

A what?

Ice water. Test her response to pain.

At the very least, It'll keep her distracted while the parents are questioned.

You requested me?

Yeah, I did. You were weird this morning.

I wasn't weird.

Any more than I normally am in the morning.

It's a weird time of day for a lot of people.

It's bright! And crowded in our house in the morning.

It's a lot of people running around.

Good. We have a radical case today.

You're going to be glad you're with me.


Mr. Jasper Hobie!

Hey! Dr. T. You missed me.

More than words can say.

This is Dr. O'Malley, he's going to be helping out.

How you doing? June 12th, baby.

Mm-hmm. Two-point-four mile swim, 112 miles on the bike and then a marathon.

Mmm, that is rocking.

Am I going to be ready? Oh, you bet your sculpted ass, you are.

[laughs] I love this woman. [Callie laughs]

You had three surgeries last year.

Yeah, two rotator cuffs and an ACL.

All with Dr. T.

Now you're having ankle replacement?

[Callie] Yeah, we waited over a year for a match.

We're going to replace his ankle with an ankle joint from a cadaver.

Who's my guy? Your donor?

Well, he hasn't been dead long, right?

[laughs] About a week. He's downstairs.

No way! Can I meet him? Pay my respects?

[laughs] I don't think you two are going to have much to talk about.

Dr. O'Malley's going to handle your labs. [laughs]

[Jasper clears throat]

Have you met my guy?

Hey, Superkid.

Where are my parents?

They're talking to some grownups.

I'm not a moron.

They're talking to a social worker.


These bruises, these cuts all over you? This isn't normal.

I get in fights a lot, OK? Because I'm stronger than some of the other kids, so I end up defending the ones who are wimpy or small or whatever.

You know you're scrawny, right?

You're not one of the big kids.

Yeah, but I can take them in a fight.

All right. Put your hands in here.


Because we're going to test your superpowers.

Don't believe me? Punch me in the stomach. Right here.

Come on, punch me in the stomach. Let's just stick to the water.

Put your hand in here.

And I'll race you. You can race me.

What? Come on.

What are you afraid of? You afraid of ice?

Afraid I'm going to beat you? Come on.

On the count of three.

One, two, three.

Pull your hand out when it starts to hurt, please.

What are you deaf?

It won't start to hurt.

Just think about it, OK?

Superheroes are all kids with dead parents, like me.

And they all figured out when they were around my age they could do things that nobody else could. Like me.

[music playing]

You missed your plane?

Grounded on account of bad weather. It's a cloudless sky.

That happens, like, twice a year in Seattle.

Yeah, but there's a typhoon in New York.

Sit down. Have a drink with me. No, I'm not having a drink with you.

I am working. At work. Not here. So coffee. All right?

Mark. Joe, can we get the doctor a coffee?

They think it's weird they can do all this so they don't tell anybody because people would freak out like you did.

What's wrong with you?

Son of a... [screams]

Take your hand out of there before it falls off!

You need to relax.

You didn't feel anything?

Nothing? No. Nobody ever believes me.

Like yesterday, in school, this kid said I was full of it.

I had to let him punch me in the stomach 25 times before he believed me.

And once with a baseball bat.


We'll have cardiology check this and then you'll be good to go.

All done! There's my guy! Jake!

We're almost all done with this whole thing.

[Leanne] We're not almost done. You still have brain surgery.

God knows how many weeks of recovery ahead of you.

She's right. It's good to know what you're getting yourself into.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Yeah, recovery's hell on a spouse.

It's going to be harder for you than on him.

My mom's staying with us for a week. Maybe she should stay longer.

It's... It's brutal being the caretaker. Fetching the paper, Cleaning the carpet. Honey.

He wants ice in a cup, not in a mug. It's like, he never stops.

It's the caretakers that are the silent victims.

When do you hear about them? Never! Honey, take the baby.

Never, I never hear anything about them, it's always, you know, "The patient this, the patient that."

Silent victims. Honey, take the baby.


Taylor! Someone help here, please?

[baby crying]

Hold on! It's OK! Nurse, come on!

[Cristina] His seizure lasted a minute and then he was postictal for five.

Is the baby OK? He's fine.

It shouldn't interfere with the surgery.

Assuming we're still going forward.


Yeah. I guess we don't have any other choice.

Al right, Leanna, I'm going to do everything I can. OK?

It's not going to be a walk in the park, but I'm going to take care of him.

[Leanne] OK.

Hey, Izzie. You done with the chief?

Not yet.

Are you OK? I'm fine.

What are you guys doing?

She's dating everyone with a pulse and, I'm trying to get Burke out of the bell jar.

Crap. I'm late for Finn. Got to go.

You sure you're OK? Yeah.

[scoffs] She's playing the field and I've got a wife.

Point to the justice.

Uh... OK.

Here's the thing.

We've both really enjoyed each other.

Before and now again.

And I think that's a healthy release.

I mean, I... I think it's healthy for everybody involved, and, um, but I do think that just because I made, what can only be considered a transcontinental booty call, doesn't mean that we should be trying to make something out of this.

We... Stop doing that!

Why? Because I can't think.

We're good together. We aren't.

You have to go home. Come back with me.

You're insane. I'm not going back...

I'm not going back to New York.

Because it was just about sex?

♪ He's got a dirty mind Just don't know what you're gonna find ♪ Oooh! Uh!

♪ It's just that he was Exceptionally clean ♪

♪ All the boys that she That she had known before ♪ OK, well...

Goodbye. Goodbye.

♪ Which was slightly unnerving ♪

♪ Dirty mind Don't know what you're gonna find ♪

♪ He's got a dirty mind Just don't know what you're gonna find Stevens was supposed to be in my office at 9:30.

Didn't show.

Did you two change your minds? No, she said she was coming in.

I'm sure she'll track you down.

We need to run a CT on this kid's abdomen.

This superhero stuff's way out of hand.

It's all right if she thinks she's a superhero.

I believed in Santa Claus until I was 11.

Really? Did Santa ever hit you in the gut with a baseball bat?

Hey, labs good?

Yeah, they're all clear.


So why does a guy have four ortho surgeries in one year?

Because he's a serious athlete, his body takes a beating.

Maybe his body can't handle it.

Do you know how many triathlons the guy's done?

Right, he's 55.

Do you think an ankle replacement and 26 miles a day is a good idea?

What, do you think we should fit him for a walker?


He's pounding the crap out of his joints and he's asking you to clean it up.

Do you know how many hips I replace because people can't bother to walk around the block once a month?

Sometimes we can make dreams come true. It's not all that often.

When we can, we should. Don't you think?

Yeah, yeah, but... George don't worry about it.

Hey, I was going to go home for lunch. You want to come?

Callie just called my house "home."

Where does she get that?

[shushes] It is not her home.

What are you doing? [Alex] Meredith and Finn.

Fifty down on whether Shepherd shows up to challenge Finn to a duel.

Can I be in with five?

That's not a bet, that's milk money dude.

And she's laughing, because he made a joke which probably wasn't funny.


"Oh, you funny vet."

[George] I left the rest of my cash at home.

Which I can call it, because I live there. I'm not a visitor.

Hey, you're a loser.

You like comic books, right?

No. [inaudibly] Yes.

I got this kid, this patient, she thinks she's a superhero.

What's up with that?


[George] Superheroes look like anyone. Like you or me.

Maybe they're not someone people necessarily notice as extraordinary, maybe in their daily life they get walked on.

But then there's a moment...

They get hit by cosmic ray, or bitten by a radioactive spider, and then suddenly, something that has been inside them all this time, lying dormant, comes raging out. Dude, forget I asked.

Oh. Here we go. Here we go. OK. [clears throat]

Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.


Takes it like a man and walks away.

Thank you. 43... He's coming back.

Oh, yeah! Oh, yes he is. Mm-mm. Give me my money, Mary Jane.

Thank you.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry about this. What?


Having lunch? In fact, we are.

Looks good. Sorry to interrupt, but I'm doing a corpus callosotomy.

Thought you might like to scrub in.

Are you serious? [Derek] Mm-hmm.

When? I'm gonna guess now.

If you're busy, don't bother, but it doesn't happen every day.

He's cutting a man's brain in half.

I'm sorry. I'm an intern and I have lot to learn.

Apparently so do I.

It's OK.

Oh, shoo... [laughs]

Call you tonight. You're busy tonight. She has a date.

I'm sorry, Finn. It's OK. Go.

Take care.

I think I owe you another 50. [laughs] Yeah, I think you do.

Coming or going?

I don't know.

Me neither.

That was brilliant. Really. I thought so. Yes.

It wasn't, because now I owe Finn another date.

That's OK. He needs all the help he can get.

This isn't going to be easy for him.

Oh! You think he can't take the heat?

I think he's out of his league, but you got to hand it to the guy for trying.

This is Mr. Tresselt. Prep him.

I thought you said we were operating. We operate at four.

I'm not just going to slide you into the OR.

You got to work a little too. Right?

Hi. Hey.

How much is this going to cost my parents?

That's not something you need to be worrying about.

But this is so stupid. I'm fine.

Hey! Punch me in the stomach. Right here.

Stop telling people to punch you in the stomach.

You need to lie down and not move.

Which of the Super Friends can do that?

[Addison] Hey, Miranda. You needed a consult?

Yeah, just waiting for a picture.

[clears throat]

Haven't seen you since you were sucking down martinis at Joe's.

Yeah. That was just... I'm over that.


We talked about... A lot of things.

And I remember... None of them.

[inhales] Is that for the best? I think so.

She came in for sutures, but she's a walking accident and has got an off-the-charts pain threshold.

I'm thinking... Chronic insensitivity to pain. Yeah.

I've seen it in babies, it's usually diagnosed young, but if she's been bounced around the foster care system...

Dr. Bailey? What the hell is that?

Dr. Burke!

O'Malley. How are you? Good. How's your arm?

Good. Good. Slow. PT, you know.

Yeah. Well, uh, we all miss you around here. You're missed.


Stevens is standing outside the hospital.

[Derek] I am retracting the right hemisphere, what do we want to avoid? Grey?

[Meredith] We want to avoid retractors on the sagittal sinus.

[Derek] That's right. Why?

[Meredith] To prevent sinus thrombosis. [Derek] Excellent.

I saw Dr. Burke today.

He looked good. [Christina] Yeah, he looks great.

He was meeting with the Chief.

[Derek] Working out the leave?

[Christina] The what?

[Derek] His leave of absence.

[Christina whispers] His what?

You've been standing out here a while.

For a while I stood over there.

Maybe you should sit down. I don't want to sit down.

Maybe you should sit down anyway. Go inside, George.

Izzie, seriously. This... I hate the bride thing.

I hate the pictures in the magazines with the girl with the veil and the flowers that she's sniffing.

Like it never occurred to her to stick her nose in there until there was a camera pointed at her.

I hate the idea of bridesmaids and the colors and does the bustle make my ass look bigger or smaller.

I hate the whole thing, and I never wanted to be that girl.

That girl is stupid and shallow.

Why the hell is that girl's thoughts running through my head?


I'm going to do it, George.

I'm going to walk through those doors.

I just need to make sure, that when I'm standing in front of the Chief of surgery, I am not thinking about my wedding dress.

And that's going to take another minute.

With surgery of this kind, there's always risk of infection if the bone is...

[babels] I could die on the table.

Where do I sign?

I think we should talk through the rest of this consent form.

Fourth surgery in a year, I know the routine.

When I'm back for my hip, you can give me the speech in French.

You're having hip surgery?

In the fall. After Patagonia.

Do you still want to meet your guy?

Megan's bleeding internally. [man] What?

It appears there's some severe trauma to her abdomen.

You're trying to ask if we hit her, we've said ten times, different ways...

Social Services cleared you and I'm sorry that we suggested you were mistreating her.

But she's hurt pretty badly, so we're going to need to operate.

Oh, my God.

Megan may have a chromosomal condition that causes her to not feel any pain when she's injured.

It would explain why she gets hurt so often.

We need to do some genetic testing before we can be sure, but let's assume she'll need to be monitored very closely from now on.

We got OR three.

So surgery's the only option?

I think it is.

I know you've been put through the wringer already today, but I need to ask you to trust me on this.

Where is she?

Where's Megan? [Bailey] She's...

[elevator bell dings]

Hey. A leave of absence?

Yeah, I'm on my way home.

I was making notes for the Chief so he can re-assign my open cases.

Because you're taking a leave of absence?

OK, that's like, what, a week?

It takes as long as it takes.

It's not going to take that long. You're already three weeks into PT already. So...

Come on. Recovery from brachial plexus surgery is measured in months, Christina.

Years. Not weeks.

The surgery is considered a success when the patient flexes the elbow.

Some patients never move their shoulder again.

Some don't recover sensation, they don't recover dexterity, they simply don't recover.

Yes, but you're not one of those. Really?

Says who?

Thanks. Sure.

That's my guy?

No, that's not him, that's someone else we lost last night.

Came in for lipo.

He died on the table.


Didn't know they did liposuction on men.

People do a lot of stuff they don't need.

And, you know, the older you get...

Here he is.

That's your guy.

Well, that can't be my guy.

He's really old.

Bones are probably brittle.

What are they doing using a guy that old as my donor?

He's two years younger than you are.

What the hell happened to my ankle allograft? I had OR two at three.

Anybody want to tell me where it went?

It was canceled. The guy went home.

Why the hell would he do that?

Hey! O'Malley!

We've lost Supergirl and she's bleeding into her abdomen.

Start looking in corners.

Do you think you cut enough of the fibers out, or are you going to have to go back in?

We'll see if the seizures are under control.

If not, we'll go back up to the last...

Well, do I get to scrub in on that, too, or only if I'm on a date with somebody else?

I wouldn't consider a meal in the cafeteria a date.

Don't denigrate the competition.

I have nothing but respect for Dr. Dandridge.

Shows courage to woo a woman with tuna salad.

Keep an eye on Taylor. If there's a problem, page me.

I'll see you in the lobby at eight. Hey, Grey! I lost a kid.

Help me look for her before she bleeds out in one of our bathrooms.

What's her name? Megan.

[George] It's not easy if you think you're a superhero.

You are not going to let someone come at you with a knife.

There's no way to tell what it can do to your powers.

I mean, you take away Green Lantern's ring, Hal Jordan's still a hero, but it creates a crisis of confidence... [Alex] Come on Megan.

...when you've worked hard to hone your strength.

Hey, just look at Batman.

Robin just marches into the Batcave and he says, "Here I am.

I'm going to live here too. Give me some tights and I'm taking your towel."

I mean, Batman, he fought for his powers, you know?

He honed his strength...

Dude, if you don't stop this, I'm going to punch you in the face.


Good luck with that.

I arrange for you to see a cool surgery and you talk my patient out of it?

No, I didn't. You asked what I thought.

You didn't like what I said, So, you went behind my back. Jasper's gone, he's canceled the surgery.

I expressed an opinion.

I suggested that, you know, not everything has to go at warp speed.

It is all warp speed with you.

It is all, you know, " You ankle hurts? Let's cut it off."

You intimidated my patient. You got a problem, bring it to me.

I'm not ready for us to move in together.

And if you weren't a toddler, if you could use your words, then you could've said that the first four times I asked you.

Then I would've said, "Oh, that's funny, me neither.

I'm looking for a place.\ I'll be out in a week."

Really? Because remember you... you know what? Save it.

I'll be, I'll be out in an hour.



Megan! Hi.

Weren't you just up on three?

I was. We lost a patient, a little girl.

And I was just...

Why don't you pick a floor and stay on it, and I'll pick a floor and stay on that.

Because I really need a moment or two without you.

Your face shows up in my head.

Your panties show up in my husband's pocket.

Really, you're everywhere and I need a moment or two without you.

I get that.



Megan? Come on. Enough already.

We got half the hospital looking for you.

Your powers of invisibility are well intact.

Get up.

You're a hosebag, you know that?

And you have a potty mouth.

Nobody's cutting me open. Hey, it's surgery.

We do it all the time. In fact, it's all we do.

You can't keep telling my foster parents I'm defective.

They can't afford surgery. It's too expensive.

They can handle it. They'll send me back.

Dude, that's stupid.

They got their own personal superhero.

Nobody sends back a superhero.

I thought you said I didn't have superpowers.

Yeah, well, you don't.

But take away Green Lantern's ring, the guy's still a hero. Right?

OK, close your eyes.

Squeeze them tight.

Good. OK, can you squeeze my fingers?


Let's wiggle your toes for me, please.

Very good. Very good. Flying colors.

He's always tested well.

I kicked ass on the...

What's it called?

The SATs.

Now, can you tell me, what is this?

[mutters] Honey?

Take your time.

Honey, what's that called? It's right in front of you.

Can you see this here?

I can see it. I just can't think of...

It's all right. It's OK. Take your time.

See, sometimes the names of things are tough.

So try again.

What's my name?

I can't...

What's his name?

I... I know what it is. I... I just...

What's his name? Leanna, let's just give him a moment.


What's his name? I...

[Leanna] He named the baby.

He named him after his father.

How do you not know the name of your own baby?

He knows who the baby is.

See, the right side of the brain senses the emotional connection to the baby.

It just can't communicate with the left brain where words are formed.

The pathway to the two sides has been compromised.

He needs to make new pathways.

How long is that going to take?

Well, he'll get there. Recovery's hard work.

It's a learning process.

You need to be patient. You need to help him.

He can't do this without your support.

[Alex] Man. She wasn't kidding about the baseball bat.

[Bailey] I need more lap pads.

Just keep them coming.

[Alex] Are you going to resect the liver?

[Bailey] We need to try and do a débridement.

Look at this.

Everybody wants a life without pain.

What does it get you?

She needs to be on a poster somewhere to remind people pain's there for a reason.

Megan's stable.

I ordered a repeat H&H in two hours.

Has she been out there all day?

Dinner was good. Dinner was excellent.

Are you coming in? I don't know. Am I?

Well, you could come in for a drink or a... a coffee.

I owe you one from this morning. Yeah, you do.


[Finn] Hi. Finn.

I didn't think you guys'd be here. I just wanted to drop this off.

It's strawberry ice cream. A patient made it for me.

Patient's owner. Made from scratch.

Real strawberries. I love strawberry ice cream.

And he remembered. I did.

I just thought I'd leave it by the door. You didn't think it'd melt?

Take your chances. Hmm. Worked out for you.

What is going on? He's crashing our date.

Where you think I got that idea?

I didn't crash your date, I was professional.

You can't operate without her? I certainly operate well with her.

Enough! This is not dating!

I want moonlight and flowers and candy and people trying to feel me up.

Nobody is trying to feel me up.

Nobody is even looking at me.

I'm an intern.

Do the two of you have any idea how much effort it takes to do all this?

I'm waxed and plucked and I have a clean top on, and the two of you are looking at each other!

Meredith, it's... No!

My fantasy is not two men looking at each other.

We didn't...

No talking until one of you figures out how to put on a date. I want heat!

I want romance!

Damn it, I want to feel like a freaking lady!

[Meredith] The fantasy is simple.

Pleasure is good...

[clears throat]

Hi, I'm in room 22-something... Twenty-two-fourteen.

If anyone calls, I'm not here. Yes, ma'am.

[Meredith] And twice as much pleasure is better.

Hi, checking in, please. [man] Certainly. Room for...

One. [sighs]

[Meredith] That pain is bad...

Room 1817. Any messages?

[Meredith] And no pain is better.

Checking in, please, room for one.

Something on the 22nd floor, if you've got it.

I'll take a look.

Dr. Sloan.

Dr. Webber.

What are you doing in Seattle?

I don't know.

I have a thing for ferry boats.

[Meredith] But the reality is different.

♪ Sorry if I made you wanna cry ♪

♪ Sorry if I made you wanna cry ♪

[clears throat]

You cooking for me? I am not.

You know, you can take a leave of absence if you want to, but you're not going to sit on your ass all day.

You're going to work hard and you're going to get every bit of your strength and dexterity back.



♪ Just can't seem to get it right today ♪

♪ Just can't seem to get it right today ♪


♪ I guess I'm gonna give up ♪ Put it back together.

[Meredith] The reality is that pain is there to tell us something.

Iz... [Izzie] I'll do it.

Izzie. I can do it, Alex. I know I can.

Does it hurt?


Where does it hurt?


Maybe it hurts for a reason.

Come on. Let's go.

♪ And I dropped my paintbrush In the dirt ♪

♪ I'm still numb by just how much I hurt ♪

[Meredith] And there's only so much pleasure we can take without getting a stomachache.

And maybe that's OK.


I didn't go in today.

Maybe tomorrow.

♪ I just can't seem To get it right today ♪

♪ Oh, I just can't seem To get it right today ♪

Hey, George.

Callie moved out, which is a relief.

Oh, I'm so relieved.


♪ I guess I'm gonna give up ♪

♪ Oh, I guess I'm gonna give up ♪

It's good. You left spit on the spoon.

No, I didn't. You did a little.

[Meredith] Maybe some fantasies are only supposed to live in our dreams.