Grey's Anatomy S4E1 Script

A Change Is Gonna Come (2007)

[Richard] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

I'm in love with you. I hope you're in love with me too.

I was named chief resident. [George] I failed my intern exam.

You can start from the very beginning. Repeat my internship?

[Derek] I met a woman last night. Hi.

You met a woman last night? I'm Lexie Grey.

[Cristina] He's gone. [Derek] I can't leave you.

But you're constantly leaving me. It's over. So over.

[Alarm beeping]

[# I'm From Barcelona: Oversleeping]

[Meredith] In the practice of medicine, change is inevitable.

New surgical techniques are created, procedures are updated, levels of expertise increase.

Innovation is everything.

Nothing remains the same for long.

We either adapt to change...

...or we get left behind.

I have five rules. Memorize them.

Number one: Don't suck up. I hate you. That's not gonna change.

Trauma protocols, lists, pagers. Nurses page you.

You answer every page at a run. A run. That's rule number two.

You're supposed to follow me.

Your first shift starts now and lasts 36 hours.

You're grunts, nobodies, the bottom of the surgical food chain.

Run labs, write orders and work every second night until you drop.

And you don't complain.

On-call room. Sleep when you can, where you can.

But not with anybody. Not attendings. Especially not attendings.

Sleeping with attendings, not a good idea. Where was I?

Um... rule number three.

If you're sleeping, do not wake you unless a patient's actually dying.

Patient better not be dead when I get there because not only will you have killed, you will have woken me for no reason.

Are we clear?

Yes? That was four rules. You said five.

Rule number five: When I move, you move.


I hate them. [Meredith] You don't. You hate you.

That was hideous. I feel like a fraud. I rocked it. I think I'm the new Nazi.

You are not the new Nazi. Meredith, I need to talk to you.

George. Hi. Hey.

How was your vacation? Fine. Meredith, could we?

Because mine was... I didn't do much. Hung out alone. For 17 days.

Which is the last time that I saw you.

The day of Cristina's wedding, which was, well...

Mer and Cristina went on her honeymoon without me.

Girl-on-girl honeymoon. [cackles]

Alex took a road trip to see Ava without me.

I did not go to see Ava.

Rebecca. I didn't see her. I drove in that direction.

Why is everyone so tingly and hurt? I'm the one who was left at the altar.

I'm fine, by the way. I honeymooned in Hawaii and I snorkeled.

What did you do, George? Meredith, I need to talk to you.

Hey! You want to know... Hey, um, this is for residents only. No interns.

Yeah. Yeah, get out of here!

[Alex] Babies. [Izzie] Go away.

[Alex] 007 s in training. [Izzie] Seriously.

I guess I should be going too. [Meredith] No! We didn't mean you.

I'm an intern! What did you want?

Is this how it's going to be? Bambi has to deal.

At least he came back. [Meredith] Cut him slack.

He failed his exam and got left back in kindergarten.

He wouldn't even look at me.

Have you seen Burke?

No. Have you seen Derek?

No. Wait. You haven't seen either since the wedding? [Both] Nope.

And you're all fine? Yep.

You're either incredibly healthy or completely messed up.

[Pagers beeping]

Your interns are back from holiday.

They're not my interns. They're residents. I'm free.

Right. Well, here, nurse. The point is, Dr. Yang? The Burke thing?

She doesn't know. I'm supposed to tell her. Burke asked me to tell her.

Any thoughts? Honesty always works best.

That's true. You want to get together for a drink after work?

Why? Well, I don't know.

Might be a good idea... You don't have anybody to talk to.

No, I have people to talk to. Addison is gone. Burke isn't around.

You and Grey aren't smelling each other in the elevators.

I have people to talk to. Who?

I have...

Chief! I have the chief to talk to.

Get together for a drink? [Richard] I don't drink.

Bailey, we need to talk. Traumas coming in.

Avoiding me. We need to talk. About choosing Torres to be your chief resident? Respectfully, no. We're not going to talk.

Somebody mention a drink? I'm in. Nobody.

You mentioned a drink. I did not.

All right, people. We've got three MVC's rolling in back to back from a multi-car pile up. We need every trauma room open and everyone suited up.

Is there anything I should do, sir? Save lives.

No. I mean, as, uh, chief resident. Anything in particular?

Make sure your residents run their traumas. First day on their own...

Where are the residents you've assigned to this ER?

Oh... Oh... I, uh... I paged them. I paged them. Bailey?

What? I... I paged Grey, Yang, Stevens and Karev, but they're not here yet.

When I page them, they come running. Get it together, Torres.

Yes, sir. OK, you did not have to say that in front of the chief.

You asked... boss.

There's Derek. Is Burke with him?

I don't see him. Where have you been?

We have MVC's due any second. [Alex] We're here, aren't we?

Just get ready, OK? And monitor your interns.

One, Two, go get stat packs. Three, Four, meet the ambulances.

One and Two? I know. I can't remember their names.

I don't respond to a number. George, go wait for the ambulance.

The rest, come with me. Against the wall and out of the way unless I call.

OK. This is what's called a trauma situation.

So there's gonna be lots of activity and a lot of patients.

So if you guys have any questions at all, just ask. OK?

I heard she killed a guy and had to go on probation.

[Woman] Great. We're stuck with a dud.

Hey. You're an intern. Again. Yeah.

I won't tell anybody. That's OK. It doesn't matter.

Do you know which one is Meredith Grey?

Yeah. I haven't told her you're here yet. I was going to, but...

So you know who I am. Yeah, I know who you are.

What's she like? I mean, is she nice? Because my dad, he won't tell me.

Is she? Excuse me.

Grey, don't let them just stand here. Let's move, people.

Unrestrained driver, DOA at the scene. Just need someone to pronounce him.

Crap. Dead guy. Why'd you get me excited with sirens?

OK, who wants to see a dead guy?

Nancy Walters, 34 years old, 35 weeks pregnant. Complete upper arm amputation.

Pressure applied. Two large-bore IVs started.

Did he say arm? My arm is gone?

Miss Walters, you're gonna be OK. Grey? Check the wound.

I really need my arm.

45-year-old male, knee injury. That guy, the guy that's dead?

He hit a deer and then the lady hit him and then I hit the lady.

Knee's blowing up like a balloon.

Hey, I'm hungry. Can I get something to eat?

OK, everybody get a good look? Time of death, 8:22.

Not time of death. This guy is not dead.

He was dead! He's not dead now! Bag him!

We've got a guy who's risen from the dead.

Get out of the way!

Are you Meredith Grey? Yeah.

I'm Lexie. Great. Move!

Lexie Grey. I'm... I'm your sister.

That girl out there? The dopey wide-eyed one? Apparently, we're related.

You met Lexie? You knew.

You knew about it and didn't tell me?

I kind of had a lot going on. This is trauma room one.

As you can see, it's... There's a trauma.

Do you need some help? Tell me you need some help.

It's a little crowded in here, Iz. [Mark] What do you got?

[Meredith] Nancy Walters. Complete amputation.

[George] Baby looks fine, but she's having some contractions.

Mind if I take a look? [Izzie] Clean cut.

You want to rub up against me, you got to buy me a drink first.

Hang antibiotics and put on a dressing.

There's a chance of a good recovery here. Do we have an arm?

They're looking for it. My baby has no father.

He's already down two arms, so he really needs me to have an arm.

Get me that arm.

OK, somebody set up for traumatic effusion drainage.

[Shouts] And order him four of morphine.

[Whistles] She means one of you. 18-gauge needle, 20-cc syringe.

And the damn morphine.

Hey, morphine's cool, but I'd kill for something to eat.

Healthy appetite after a trauma like this? That's a very good sign, Joey.

Need surgery? Here.

Depends on the X-rays.

[Callie] The knee looks good. No surgery.

OK. This is Cristina... Dr. Yang. This is Dr. Yang. She's working.

Yep. Saving lives and taking names.

So I have these interns and nothing to do.

And, uh, I think I'm a really bad teacher and I think they hate me.

And now I'm a fraud, so any chance you want to let me in on this? Please?

Izzie, this guy was dead and now he's undead.

So that kind of makes him like a zombie. And my personal zombie.

So, no, you can't get in on this. Now go be a fraud somewhere else.

I don't like you. Mmm...

Let's go, people.

Excuse me. Where have you been?

I've been waiting for these. I got... I met my sister.

For the first time ever which got me, you know, weird.

So then I got lost on my way to X-ray because I was all in my head, you know, about meeting Meredith. Meredith is your sister?

Meredith Grey. Lexie Grey. We're half-sisters. So you know her?

Oh, we need to page Dr. Shepherd. Dr. Shepherd.

He's the neurosurgeon?

OK, somebody page Derek Shepherd right freaking now!

Grey. Seattle Grace. Thank you.

Hi. How are you?

I have a patient with a severed arm and no one seems to be able to find it.

Have you seen it? Your severed arm?

No, I haven't. Meredith?

Hey, I'm so sorry about before. I was so nervous about meeting you.

Don't block the ER doors. That was a good lesson.

You're the girl from the bar. Sorry?

The girl from the bar.

Oh, my God. Yeah.

Oh, my God! Yeah! Yeah.

Oh, my God. You work here. Yeah. I do.

The girl from the bar?

I'm the girl from the bar.

She hates me. My sister hates me. Meredith is your sister?

My half-sister. Oh.

Hey, you're Dr. Shepherd. I'm supposed to be finding you for a consult.

Hey! There you are. I missed you this morning.

Didn't want to be late for my second first day as an intern.

Maybe you can look at it like this: You have one up on everyone.

You're gonna be, like, the rock star intern.

That's how everyone's gonna see me.

Or maybe they'll see you as the Daddy intern.


What did you just say?

I'm not pregnant. I just...

I might be pregnant.

Yeah, my boobs are a little sore which...

I'm trying to cheer you up, George. This is...

I mean, if I am knocked up, that's a good thing, right?

Callie, I'm just a little distracted. I'm having a bad day.

OK, you're having a bad month. OK. Yeah, I'm having a bad month.

Love you. [Door closes]

Help! We need a doctor's help! [Man] Your inside voice.

We found an arm in the road. Here, I bagged that.

That's my arm.

[Boy] Dad! Dad! Tell them she's hurt!

Dad, come on! Tell the doctor she's hurt!

Any way we can go with the severed arm?

Is that your blood? Are you hurt?

She's in our truck and she's not moving! Please! She's bleeding really bad!

There's another crash victim! We need gloves, IVs, gauze, ab pads, trauma gowns. Still want to baby-sit the arm?

Come on!

[Man] Michael!

No way.

[Michael] Is she dead?

Michael, this is a hospital and I'm a people doctor. I...

Can you save her? Michael. Come on.

I'm sorry, but she's... Roadkill.

[Michael] She opened her eyes. Look, she's still alive!

Oh, God, don't look at me like that.

Or like that. [Man] Go back to the truck.

Please. Please. OK. All right. All right.

I need a jumbo catheter, a 16-gauge needle, the biggest Ambu bag you can find and something that shaves fur.

What's the matter with you people? When I say move, you move. Move!

The back of his skull is disconnected from his first cervical vertebra.

Internally decapitated. Holy crap.

90 percent die in the field. The other ten?

I've never seen one.

Always a first time? I mean, he came back from the dead.

Henry, I'm Dr. Shepherd. Back of your skull is disconnected from your spine.

I'm gonna try and reconnect it in surgery. Do you understand me?

Blink once for yes, twice for no.

Good. I know it's scary but I promise you I'm going to do everything I can.

Do you have family?

All right. We're gonna contact them, OK?

Let's get him in a halo. Contact his family.

Find out if he's an organ donor.

You. Finish the splint, get him up on crutches.

Hey. How's Joey?

He's a hungry hippo missing a kneecap. Can't you assign me something good?

I don't switch out patients. It's not surgical.

Waste of my skills. You're staying with Joey.

[Alex] Come on. [Callie] No!

Fine. Then I'm going to Bailey. You are a resident. Go where I say!

[Sobbing] My arm is gone. [Meredith] We have the arm and Dr. Sloan is checking right now to see if we can reattach it.

Is there someone we can call? There's no...

No, I just... I just moved here. I'm all by myself.

There's no one. I have no one.

Well, Dr. Sloan should be here any minute.

I wanted a kid and... I was sick of waiting for the right guy so...

And my family...

In my family, you don't go out and get pregnant.

Now I'm alone and I'm having a baby and I don't have a father for the baby and I don't have an arm.

It's OK. Here's Dr. Sloan.

Nancy, I'm happy to report that your arm is in good shape.

Dr. Grey here is going to clean it up a little and then I'm gonna put that arm back where it belongs, OK?


OK. We got a 150-pound female with lacerations on the chest and haunches.

Short breaths. Recommendations?

Doctor? Michael's a big boy.

He doesn't need make-believe medicine. Right?

It's not make-believe. She can help. [Man] Michael, enough. I apologize.

We're wasting time. No kidding.

Michael. Please don't let her die.

Michael. It is a deer.

We're gonna take her home and skin her and freeze the meat.

Why? Because that's what you do.

You don't save them, you eat them. No, Dad. The doctor can save her!

No. You don't know that.

My son needs to learn to grow up and face things.

You're right. I am not helping him.

I'm helping Bambi.

So get me the Ambu bag and saline. I'm starting an IV.

Thank you.

[# Lily Allen: Knock 'Em Out]

Still no sign of Burke. You've got a severed arm.

My arm. Mine. Get away from it. Maybe he's not on today.

Maybe you should just see him. Oh, no, no.

If I never see him, I won't care. I've seen Derek and Derek has seen me.

And? Awkward. Plus he seems to know Lexie.

And? More awkward.

Your intern is my half-sister. How weird?

I'm trying to save Bambi's life. My interns think I'm a loser. Severed arm.

Callie's a bitch. Word.

She won't let me off my patient. Nothing wrong. He's a nut.

Severed arm. Does anybody know about deer?

They taste good. Evil.

George, severed arm. Plus, Mer's half-sister is my intern.

Izzie's playing Dr. Dolittle. Oh, and Alex hates your wife.

Dr. Sloan's ready for the arm.

I'll say it. George is being an ass. [Izzie] I think it's my fault.

I said some things and now he's not talking to me.

Why is he complaining? Chick interns are hot.

He's married, Alex. Yeah. He's married.

You know who's seriously hot? That Lexie girl.

Get out. Before I hurt you.

I'm going over Callie to Bailey. Callie is over Bailey's head.

Spiritually, Bailey's over everyone's head.

[Ambulance siren wails] Dr. Bailey. How are things going?

I wouldn't know. Ask Dr. Torres. Miranda.

I don't want to talk.

It is not like you not to want to talk.

Fine. How's your wife? Well, she's... she's good.

I haven't moved back in yet. She hasn't let me move back in yet.

She's not taking my calls.

Wait. That's not what I want to talk about.

Chief resident. We're gonna have this conversation.

Are you ordering me to talk to you about this?

No, I'm not ordering you... OK, then. Goodbye, sir.

I talked to the family. On their way.

I've put an OR on hold. We don't have much time.

Can I get a progress note?

Uh, do you maybe want to have a drink later?

What? A drink.

Give me one reason why we can't hang out.

I don't like you. Because of Meredith?

I don't like you because you're you.


How is Meredith by the way? Is she OK?

She's fine. She's always fine. That's her problem.

We're fine people. We do fine. We're fine.

How's Dr. Burke? I haven't seen him around. Is he off today?

Here. [Woman] Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Burke handed in his letter of resignation two weeks ago.

He wanted me to tell you.

He's gone? Sorry.

Well, don't be. I'm... Fine?


Circulatory system of a deer? Shut up.

Oh... Dr. Bailey, couldn't you use an extra set of hands in the OR today?

I saw an appy on the board. I'm great at appys.

Torres. She's in charge of what cases you get.

Hard to set a kneecap when your patient's in the pit, don't you think? [Groans] Whatever.

I don't know how you did it. Did what?

Get them to listen to you. Give you some respect.

Dr. Bailey, you wouldn't happen to know anything about the anatomy of a deer?

Not my intern, not my business. Not anymore.

Your husband's injuries are severe as...

They're traumatic in the extreme. I'm sorry. What does that mean?

The only thing holding his head onto his body is skin and muscle.

If he moves even a fraction of an inch, it could kill him.

So are you saying that...

I'm saying that when you see him, this could be the last time.

This could be the last time you see him alive.


Are you in pain, sweetie?

Good. Two blinks. You aren't in pain.

Why isn't Daddy answering?

Right now we just need to wish Daddy good luck in his surgery and tell him how much we love him. OK?

Because we do. I love you so much, Henry.

What's... What's three blinks?

We've only been working with one and two.

Is it I love you? Are you telling us you love us?

Three blinks is "I love you."

We're gonna be fine, Henry.

You're gonna make it and we're all gonna be just fine.

[Derek] It's time to go.

OK, guys, let's let these doctors fix Daddy up.

George. Hey.

George, why are you avoiding me?

I'm on my way to surgery. I don't mean right now. I mean...

Not one word in 17 days?

I tell you that I love you and not one word?

Where have you been? Right here!

Exactly where I was a year ago.

[# Blonde Redhead: 23]

I'm sorry. I...


I'm freaking out. I'm an intern again.

Yeah, we're all freaking out. We're all freaking out.

Interns who think I'm crazy.

I might actually be crazy because day one of me being in charge, I'm rescuing Bambi. We're all freaking out.

Since when did you start calling me Bambi?

What? I'm not calling you Bambi. No. I mean, I know. I under...

I expect it from Cristina or Alex. But...

I'm Bambi! I'm Bambi, George, OK?

If anyone in this situation is a sad little cartoon character, it's me.

I'm all alone in the forest. All alone in the forest, George.

And my mother's been shot by a hunter, and where are you?

Where the hell are you?

I'm on my way to surgery.

I really am up for a drink, you know. If you need to talk.

What would I need to talk about? Meredith.

You were lucky, man. That girl jerked you around.

No idea what you're talking about. Hey, I'm just...

Seemed like you could use a friend about now.

Meredith's mother never wanted her.

Her father was never around. She has a right to be damaged.

And us together? It's a big step for her.

Her friend gets left on the altar. She sees things like this, they don't work.

She panics, she wants this, she doesn't know how to have it.

Know what? That's not her fault. Don't talk to me about Meredith.

You don't know what you're talking about. And I don't want a friend.

OK, Nancy. I want you to count back from 100, OK?

No. No, I am not ready. It's just like going to sleep.

I can't do this alone. I don't want to be alone anymore.

I know. No, I'm scared!

I know. I am scared, Meredith!

I know.

I think it's very brave, what you're doing.

It's better to be alone and feel like a success than to be in a relationship and feel like a failure all the time.

That's what I think.

[Meredith] So let's just take care of your arm.

Then we'll deal with the rest later, OK?

Well, looks like I'm back to babysitting.

What the hell? Who took my clamps? The bandage scissors?

[Choking] Joey.

[Machine beeping]

Foreign body. His abdomen's rigid. Somebody page Dr. Bailey now!

Go! Come on, Joey.

You like hamburgers, don't you? Yeah.

Spaghetti with meatballs and lasagna? Mm-hmm.

That's beef. That's cow you're eating, son.

What do you mean?

Could we have the circle-of-life lesson later? I need to get in.

Sorry. Yeah.

Her eyes are glassy.

You. Get in here and ventilate. Give me this.

We're losing her. This is childish and ridiculous.

It's not. It's not childish to hold on to hope. It's actually very hard.

Your son wants to believe some things can work out for the best.

Get me the paddles.

Come on. What's she doing?

Insuring we never see the inside of an OR this year.

[Machine beeping]

She's in v-fib. I'm going to shock. Charge to 300 and stand back.

OK. Clear.

[Defibrillator whirring] [Beeps]


Oh, my God! Oh, my God! She's alive.

It worked. She's OK. Everything's gonna be OK.

Oh, my God!

Got a big bleeder. Dr. Grey, press and hold right here.

[George] She's having contractions. Take a look. Probably the stress.

No, these are strong, two minutes apart.

Call OB and get someone in here. I don't think there's time to call.

Her water broke. Call Peds. Get a warmer in here.

Baby's coming. Get her in stirrups.

Reverse Trendelenburg?

Have the nurse press her abdomen. [Mark] Without jostling.

I'm holding onto a major artery here. [George] OK. Clamp.


I got it. I got him. [Baby wailing]

[Meredith] Great job, George. Thanks.

[Mark] Yeah, we're all heroes.

Now, if no one minds, I'd like to get this woman's arm sewn on.

Like she said, she's gonna need it.

Starting the fusion now.

Did he just move?

Oh, he definitely moved. Anesthesia's light.

Yang, stabilize his neck. OK. Grab his feet.

Under the drape and do not contaminate the sterile field.

[Derek]... till he is under. We can't risk even the slightest movement.

You cannot move. Do you hear me? This is not an option.

Everything is not gonna be fine if you move.

It will be the opposite of fine.

You cannot leave. The people you love, they need you.

Not just the memory that you loved them.

Anyone care to explain to me how my patient wound up in this OR and I wasn't even informed? Karev?

Look... Dr. Karev didn't page you because he knows how to prioritize. Ten minutes ago this patient was coding from a perfed abdomen. Under the circumstances, Dr. Karev's quick thinking is the reason that your patient is even still alive.

I'll expect a fully dictated chart before you leave tonight, Karev.

Jackpot. Did he swallow those?

Poor fool, must suffer from pica.

Uncontrollable urge to eat any and everything.

Check it out. It's a buffalo nickel.

Dr. Bailey. I saw you were scrubbed in. I thought I'd stop by.

See what you've got. What I've got?

Two dollars and 37 cents, sir. In change.

[Alex chuckling]

[# Meiko: Reasons to Love You]

It's like a cute festival in here.

I delivered that one an hour ago.

Oh, my God. Well, why aren't you, like, jumping up and down?

I've done this before! This is déjà vu!

Uh... [chuckles]

George, you didn't pass your intern test. You know, it happens.

It's nobody's fault. Right?

Yeah. Yeah, it's nobody's fault.

It's just that Callie gave Cristina the study cards, Meredith didn't write anything, Cristina planned a wedding, Izzie...

Izzie just had to...

You know, I'm responsible.

I've always been responsible. I'm not saying "What about me?

When do I get what I want? When do I get to be someone other than the guy who repeats his intern year?" But...

But what about you. Yeah.

I didn't plan on being here.

I was all set for an internship at Mass Gen.

And then my mother gets the hiccups and I'm at a funeral.

We all have problems.

Moms die and dads drink so much they don't even know what year they're in.

And sisters, I...

I didn't even know there was a Meredith Grey until a couple months ago.

And she won't... She doesn't even want to talk to me.

I don't want to be here.

You know, I... I'd give anything to not be here.

You know, to have my life work out the way I planned.

To even have time to ask, "What about me?"

So you change. You get over it.

I'm here now, so...

And you?

You delivered a baby today.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself.


...are kind of awesome.

I know.

Karev, why don't you make sure Psych's prepared to consult on the patient.

Thank you.

Whether you like it or not, we're gonna talk.

Chief. I know you're angry.

No, I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed.

I'm speechless. I don't want to talk because I'm speechless.

It makes me speechless to realize you didn't think that I would have made an excellent chief resident.

Right. You would have made an excellent chief resident.

But you'll make an even more excellent surgeon.

You belong in the OR, Bailey.

Focus on honing those skills, not on how well you can juggle schedules or fill out paperwork.

Believe me, I know. You'll thank me for this one day.

But not today.

I'm the one that could use a friend.

I said you could use a friend. I could use a friend.

Mark. I... I didn't come to Seattle for Addison.

I didn't come to Seattle to be chief. I came to Seattle for you. OK?

I came to Seattle to get you back.

I know. I want to take it back now, but I already said it, so...

Yeah. Maybe we should have a drink.

We could. Yeah. Not today.

[# The Cinematic Orchestra: To Build a Home]

[Sighs] I know you didn't wake up expecting this was how your first day was gonna go.

You thought you get to reattach an arm or observe brain surgery.

Instead, you helped save the life of a deer.

You can bitch and complain about it or adjust your expectations.

Like it or not, you're stuck with me.

I'm the kind of doctor who lets a kid convince her she can do the impossible.

Plus, when I woke up this morning, I thought today was gonna go differently.

I thought I was gonna get the good interns.

Instead, I get stuck with the duds.

So I have to adjust my expectations as well.

What? [Woman] We heard...

We heard you delivered a baby today. On your first day as an intern.

Yeah. [Woman] What was it like?

[Man] Did you do it by yourself?

Was it like? Did your head explode with the amazingness?

Your very first day.

It was pretty... He came out really fast.

I had to, uh, you know, determine the position of the cord.

You know what a reverse Trendelenburg is?

Filled this entire bag with coins from my patient's stomach today.

No kidding.


I miss Rebecca.

I miss Burke.

You want some money?

[Meredith] Change.

We don't like it.

We fear it.

What? You want to humiliate me some more?

Because I get it. I suck. I suck at my job. I suck as a wife.

I suck all around. So go ahead. Humiliate me some more. Please.

Hope tomorrow's better.

[Meredith] But we can't stop it from coming.

[Elevator door rings]

[Lexie] Meredith?

[Derek] Meredith.

[Meredith] We either adapt to change...

...or we get left behind.

I... um...

You're not ready for this.


I asked for too much.

I think so.

So this is it?

Yeah. We're breaking up.

We're breaking up.

[Meredith] It hurts to grow.

Anybody who tells you it doesn't is lying.

We're broken up.

It's done.


A breakup kiss. A breakup kiss.

I want some breakup sex. Yeah. Breakup sex.

[Meredith] But here's the truth:

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

[Doorbell rings]

[Meredith] And sometimes, oh, sometimes, change is good.

I love you too.

Sometimes, change is...


[Thunder rumbling]