Grey's Anatomy S4E11 Script

Lay Your Hands on Me (2008)

[Callie] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

There's nothing sexual between you and Georgie?

Don't come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch.

Our marriage is falling apart. You're never here.

Dr. Hahn. I have a thing for her. [Derek] Going to end badly.

Cardio is my thing. You are flirting with cardio. I am married to cardio.

What if while I'm waiting, I meet someone who is ready to give me what I want from you?

Are we friends yet? I'm sorry?

I don't want you to date other people. I don't want you to date anybody but me.

[Bailey] In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

At least that's what they say.

He created the birds of the air and the beasts of the field and he looked at his creation and he saw that it was good.

And then God created man and it's been downhill ever since.

The woman loves me. Erica Hahn?

I'm telling you. We went out last night, had a couple drinks...

You and Erica? Just me and Hahn.

And Callie. All right. So, it wasn't a date.

You're gonna tell me where we're going?

Why does it have to be about the destination?

Why can't it be about the journey? Because I'm wearing 300 dollar shoes.

[Derek] Meredith doesn't want me seeing other people.

She found out about you and Rose? No. It was just a kiss.

You're not the kind who makes out with nurses in scrub rooms, not that there's anything wrong with it.

What do you think? It was more than just a kiss.

No, no, no, no. The view. Well, what am I looking at?

The view from my new house.


[# Katie Herzig: Sweeter Than This]

[Bailey] The story goes on to say that God created man in his own image, but there's not much proof of that.

After all, God made the sun, the moon, and the stars.

And all man makes is trouble.

It's a classic Victorian design with an open floor plan.

What are you doing? I'm making an omelet.

What do you think of the house?

The house? I think the house is great.

If you don't like it you can tell me. It's your house, too.


So why are you cooking, again?

Lexie was having a bad night, and I thought I would do something semi-sisterly.

Really? Really.


[Knock on door]

You getting up? [Izzie] No.

Maybe. I don't know.

What's that smell? Someone's cooking.

That's not cooking. That's not cooking.

You're going to be late. I hate work.

Since when? Since I hate it.

I hate Cristina. I hate Hahn. I hate it.

[Sniffing, groaning] What is that smell?

[Snorts] Oh! That smells like sulfur. [Knock on door]

[Meredith] Breakfast. It's breakfast.


Don't go. Don't go. What? I have to go.

She made me breakfast. I'm going. Now stop. Off.



Where's your girlfriend?

Back with her husband. I don't have a girlfriend.

Or a conscience, apparently. Yeah, but you knew that going in.

Not saying we have to build, but we have to plan.

Dude, what the hell is that?

Meredith cooked, to do something nice for Lexie.

You cooked for me? It's no big deal.

Just eggs and avocado and whatever cheese that was in the fridge.

I love avocados.

Is it OK?

[Bailey] OK.

OK. This little man has been fed and changed.

There we go.

I put the building manager's number on my desk.

Do not believe him when he tells you that he can fix the sink.

Remind him he's the one that broke it when he tried to fix the pipes.

OK. Miranda.

You're talking to me now? Now that I'm on my way out the door?

You're always on your way out. Are you interested in being part of this family?

I can't do this now. I don't have time.

[Erica] Dr. Torres. Dr. Hahn, anyone who can outdrink me and still kick my ass at the dartboard gets to call me "Callie."

Last night was actually fun, wasn't it?


And I'm not a group person. Me, neither.

I think it's because I generally don't like people.

Me, neither.

Morning, ladies.

Case in point.

What's so funny?

[Bailey] When man finds himself in trouble, which is most of the time, he turns to something bigger than himself, to love or fate or religion to make sense of it all.


Do you ever eat anything that remotely resembles real food?

You'll have to take me to dinner to find out.

I can't do that.

That kiss was unexpected. I like kissing you.

I enjoyed kissing you, but I'm seeing somebody.

Meredith Grey.

Everybody knows about you and Meredith Grey.

I have to see it through. I'm sorry.

Don't be. It was just a kiss.

See you in surgery, Dr. Shepherd.

[Bailey] But for a surgeon, the only thing that makes any kind of sense is medicine.


Back off. Elizabeth Archer is my patient.

Technically, she's Hahn's patient, but whatever.

I'm scrubbing in on a major coronary artery dissection with Hahn, and you're not going to fight me for it?

I'm not doing the cardio thing anymore. I am over it.

You're over it?

Whoa, whoa.

Why? What do you have? Nothing. I'm charting.

Stevens. Elizabeth Archer's chart? Yang has it. You two have fun.

She's not a cardiothoracic surgeon. I am the rock star.

Karev, are you a rock star? Always.

You're with me today. Congratulations. Your life just got more interesting.

Karev doesn't know anything about Elizabeth Archer.

You can read, can't you, Dr. Karev?

Yes. "Elizabeth Archer, 49, came into the ER yesterday complaining of..."

A cardiac cath demonstrated dissection of the proximal two-thirds of the LAD.

She was admitted for observation. While I admire your preparation, there is one thing about the patient you've failed to notice.

She's gone.

Dr. O'Dell to the... Callie!

Mrs. O'Malley. Hi.

Hi. How've you been?

Well, I've been worried, is how I've been.

I've called, I've left messages.

I know how busy you two are, but you can't pick up the phone once in a while?

Never mind. I was in the neighborhood, and I hope you don't mind, but I just couldn't wait to show you some of the outfits I've been making.


Don't get mad, but Georgie told me you were trying, so...

...what do you think?

It's yellow. I see that.

Dr. Bailey? Whatever it is, I don't have time.

I think I need some epinephrine. [Cell phone ringing]

Tucker, now's not a good time. Epinephrine?

The cart's around the corner. Can you give her the?

Thank you. No, I told you, I put it on my desk.

[Alarm ringing]

Code blue. I have to call you back.

[Machines beeping]

You're going to have to step back from the patient, ma'am.

Ma'am? Just one second.

Ms. Archer? What is she doing here? I have no idea. Who is she?

It's Hahn's patient. Ms. Archer, you need to get back to your bed.

[Beeping slows]


What'd did you do to him? He was V-tach and now...

I healed him. I'm a healer.


[Machine beeps steadily]

You're a faith healer?

I am a healer and I have faith. But I'm not sure the two are related.

Ms. Archer, you collapsed. You could go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

I'm less interested in what you do for a living than I am with getting you into...

I want to know what she did to Mr. Greenwald.

He's been in and out of V-tach all day and now he's stable.

Maybe because of the amiodarone he got two hours ago.

Really? Does amiodarone usually take two hours to kick in?

Ms. Archer, you have a coronary artery dissection.

Dr. Karev and I need to get you into surgery as soon as possible.

I appreciate that, but I am not going into surgery until we've exhausted all other possibilities.

[Erica] Ms. Archer, if you don't have the surgery soon, I can guarantee you that the blood supply to your heart will be cut off.

I'll have to open you up anyway.

All I'm asking for is that you give me some time and talk me through the surgery you'd like to perform, so that I may visualize it while I do what I do.

And if it doesn't work, then you can slice me open, OK?

Dr. Karev can work with you doing whatever it is that you do.

I'll check in soon.

Call me when she codes.

[Woman over PA] Pharmacy two-nine-four.

What are you looking for? I need epinephrine.


What happened to you? I'm an adult child of an alcoholic.

I have issues. When Meredith made me eggs, I couldn't not eat them.

I had to pretend I wasn't allergic to eggs, now I have a rash covering my body. Give me your arm.

I'm codependent, my throat is closing up.

Ow... And now my arm hurts. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Thank you for letting me crash on your couch.

You didn't tell your mom that we broke up?

Your mom thinks we're still trying to get pregnant.

She thinks you're the kind of person who would never cheat on his wife.

Hand-stitched, unisex baby clothes!

They're yellow and green and go up to toddler sizes.

And she's waiting for you in the lobby.

Hey. Hey.

You never told me what you thought of the house.

I have a house. That's your house.

I'm talking our house.

Between yesterday and today you had plans drawn up?

No, I've had the plans for months. I decided to share them with you.


Nothing's really changed, has it? Everything's the same as it was.

No, it's just... it's really a lot. And it's fast.

I'm trying to take a step forward. OK.

There are about 100 steps between where we are right now and building our dream house. And they'll be fun steps and sexy steps.

And we'll try not to fall down them together. OK?


[Cell phone ringing]

OK. Dr. Bailey!

Chief? Yeah.

Rumor has it Dr. Hahn has a patient who's wandering the halls.

She's back in her bed, sir.

And laying hands on other patients. It was just one patient.

And healing them.

For which there's a reasonable medical explanation.

[Cell phone ringing]

Of course. But I can't have a hospital full of sick people thinking there's a miracle woman on the cardiac ward.

It creates panic and hysteria and frankly, it's bad for business.

Are you gonna answer that? No, I'm not.

Make sure this woman keeps her hands to herself?

Yes. Thank you, Dr. Bailey.

Dr. Sloan, why are you endangering the life of my patient?

Because your patient had her hands all over one of my patients.

I was trying to heal her.

Don't worry your pretty little head about it, Sloan. Karev?

Even when you're insulting me, you manage to tell me how pretty I am?

It wasn't meant as a compliment.

Is this a gender reversal thing, where you're the big man on campus, and I'm the blonde whose ponytail you can't stop pulling?

Why don't you get that I just don't like you?

That I think you are a crass, predatory, ape of a man, who happens to be a decent surgeon?

You want to heal someone? Heal her.

This is toxic in here. Could somebody take me to my room?

My healing team should be arriving soon.

I'll take you.

[Izzie] Mrs. O'Malley?

There she is! Come here. Hi!

What are you doing here? Does George know you're here?

Callie said she'd find him for me. How are you, dear? You OK?

You talked to Callie? Poor thing. It's hard for her.

You try and you try, but we're all human. Nobody's perfect.

And in the end it's nobody's fault. I'm so happy to hear you say that.

I have just felt so terrible about it.

I know. Me, too.

You know, we just... We didn't mean for it to happen.

I know how that sounds, but it's true.

We were drunk.

It only happened one time and I know that doesn't make it right, but it was never my intention to break up George's marriage.

I didn't know I was in love with him. George was so distraught.

I think that's why he failed the intern test, so...

He failed? Oh, no. He didn't tell you that part?

He didn't tell me any part. But you said you talked to Callie.

About baby clothes.

I thought she was having trouble getting pregnant. I made baby clothes.

Oh, no. [George] Mom.

What? [Izzie] I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hey. I know I said I'd call you right back...

Tucker, wait. I can't do this right now. I'm being paged to the ER.

What do you mean you're the one paging me?

I told you never to page me at the hospital unless...

[Tucker crying]

There was an accident.

All four limbs are moving.

Pupils are responsive and dilating. There's no neurological damage.

Get him on a monitor. Where's the X-ray for the trauma series?

Order a left forearm. There's bruising and swelling.

Mama's right here. I'm right here. He was under a bookshelf?

The whole thing must have fallen over on him, those medical books.

He tried to climb up and pulled it over. I heard him screaming.

I'm trying to hear. Stop talking.

Miranda, let me do that. No, no. I got it. I got it.

Miranda. What?

This is why we put the baby gate in the living room.

The gate was open. You left the gate open?

No, I didn't. I left the gate open?

Accidents happen.

Not if you take the time to bolt the bookshelves to the wall.

I can't baby-proof and watch him at the same time.

Weren't watching him, otherwise we wouldn't be here.

Got decreased breath sounds on the left and his abdomen's rigid.

What does all this mean?

There may be internal injuries. What kind?

We don't have time. He needs a full trauma work up.

Clear a CT and get me an ultrasound machine.

This is not OK, Georgie. This is not OK.

You're planning to marry Izzie now? You're planning an annulment?

This is not about Izzie. What is it about? This isn't OK!

I raised you better than this.

I never should have gotten married in the first place.

But you did. You got married. You didn't invite me.

You didn't let me plan a wedding.

I accepted it because you were happy. I won't accept this.

Mom. We're Catholic.

We don't believe in divorce.

And we certainly don't believe in adultery.

I'm sorry. Don't be sorry to me.

Be sorry to Father Mike. You call him.

He'll hear your confession and he'll get you and Callie into counseling.

It's too late for that. No, it's not too late.

You made a vow to Callie and a vow to God.

You don't walk away from that. This is your soul we're talking about.

I have to go. No, you will not.

You will not walk away from me!

It's Dr. Bailey. I have to go.

[Tucker crying]

What happened? He got crushed under a bookshelf.

Rib fractures. Might have dropped a lung.

They're worried there may be damage to the heart.

Get him to radiology for a head, chest and abdominal CT.

O'Malley, tell the lab to move fast. Karev, clear out. We'll keep you posted.

Dr. Bailey's worked up, and I want to make sure that doesn't get in the way of the baby's care.

I don't need a babysitter. I know you don't. Stay with her.

[Clears throat]

Sorry about that. There was an emergency.

Dr. Karev, this is Dawn and Mai. Nice to meet you.

He's a skeptic. Shouldn't be here. Is Dr. Hahn coming?

[Alex] Dr. Hahn's been called into surgery.

She asked me to talk you through the procedure.

Is she going to be long?

I'm hoping she's done before your heart blows, but I can't make promises.

I told you he shouldn't be here.

I need someone who knows what they're doing to talk me through the surgery.

This? It's crap. You're stalling. You're scared.

Of course, I'm scared. Surgery is...

It's barbaric. You tear flesh and spill blood.

I work with light. I work with energy. I visualize healing.

If there's the slightest chance what I do works, isn't that preferable? I don't believe in what you do.

I'm not asking you to. I'm asking you to help me to do it.

Can you imagine how horrible this is for her?

This is why people should not have kids.

What's the matter with you? It's Bailey's baby.

See, no, it's a trauma case.

If we are going to be effective in saving that kid's life, it can't be Bailey's baby. He's a blunt trauma case.

You and Hahn are exactly alike. You deserve each other.

Thank you. I thought you loved cardio.

No, no. She's pretending not to anymore.

Can't take the pressure, Iz? You're right, Cristina.

In the contest to see who can be the best robot, you win.

Ooh... Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

Tell me again how this happened?

You didn't understand me? Just tell me again.

Somebody left the baby gate open. Somebody.

Did you? You're saying you think I did this?

I'm saying that you were in such a hurry to get out the house this morning, that you were in such a hurry to get to work and get away from me...

Doesn't have anything to do with you.

Why do you think he even went into that room?

You're the only one who goes in there.

He went looking for his mama.

He went looking for his mama and wound up in the hospital!

You made a bad choice, huh, Tucker?

You picked a bad wife, she made a bad mother, she made you stay home, raise your son, and she almost killed him. Poor you, huh?

[Woman over PA] Dr. Mahoney to the ER. Dr. Mahoney to the ER.

I heard about Dr. Bailey's son. How bad is it?

We're still waiting on his studies.


Remember I was cool and let you off the hook for making out with me?

Well, now I'm angry. Why?

You're not making eye contact with me.

Because we are talking about Bailey's baby and you won't look at me.

Sorry. Better. Now, it was one kiss, OK?

It was a good kiss, maybe even a great one, but are we going to let one kiss get in the way of what has been a great professional relationship, even though you didn't know my name until recently?

No, we are not.

So, friends?

Friends. Good.

Bailey wants to know if Tuck's films are ready.

What? Is that? What's that shadow? Where's his heart?

You can't see it because... His stomach's in his chest.

Visceral herniation. A positive collar sign.

Which indicates a diaphragmatic hernia. It's a ruptured diaphragm.

Which is the least of his problems because the force of the trauma injured his thoracic aorta.

And you see this? In the chest cavity next to the stomach? That's colon.

And around the colon is fluid.

Which could mean the colon has ruptured and there's fecal matter floating around that could infect the aortic repair.

And that complication can be fatal.

What are you all standing around for? Page Hahn and the Chief! Book an OR!

They repaired the hole in the diaphragm.

Dr. Hahn's about to inspect the mediastinum.

Is she gonna repair with sutures or prosthetic graft?

Don't know. You don't know?

She didn't say.

Dr. Bailey! Dr. Bailey? Are you kidding?

I need to be with my son. Miranda.

I have no intention of getting in the way. I can't stand out there.

I can't. I need to be with my son.

And what we need, Dr. Bailey, is to not have our patient's mother watching us perform his surgery.

Dr. Grey, please escort Dr. Bailey back outside.

No, there will be no escorting of Dr. Bailey anywhere, Dr. Grey.

Now you can proceed.

I will not proceed until you leave this OR.

Now, do you want me to stand here talking to you or do you want me to try and save your baby's life?


I just want to hold my son's hand. I just want to hold his hand, please.

I'll hold his hand.

Dr. Grey can hold this retractor, right?


I'll hold Tuck's hand, Dr. Bailey, if it's OK with you.

I'll hold his hand.

OK, go, go, go.

OK, everybody, let's get back to work.

Mrs. O'Malley, what are you? I couldn't leave.

When Harold was here, when he was sick, Dr. Bailey took such good care of him.

I couldn't leave knowing her son was in trouble.

Knowing both our sons are in trouble.

Mrs. O'Malley, I...

Look, I know you think I'm old-fashioned and maybe I am.

But it doesn't matter what I think.

In God's eyes, marriage is forever.

If it's any consolation, George and I got married on the Vegas strip at a 24 Hour Church of Elvis. I'm not sure God was even there.

He's everywhere.

I used to believe in God.

And marriage. And Heaven and Hell.

But you don't anymore?

I believe in love.

And second chances.

And that even though George wasn't the one for me, it was OK that I believed that he was, because...

Well, for a little while at least, I got to be an O'Malley.

And I really loved being an O'Malley.

He's back.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but your most recent echo shows the dissection is extending. You need to let me prep you for surgery.

Oh, no. No, not yet. We haven't finished our work.

You're going to die.

Do you know how Mai knew you were back even with her eyes closed?

She heard me? She felt you.

It's like a pull, like a darkness.

Right, I'm the angel of death, got it.

No. You're not the angel of death, Dr. Karev.

You're actually a very sweet boy.

He's got a beautiful heart, wouldn't you say, Mai?

I would. But his gut and his throat... They're blocked.

Second chakra's worse. You're talking about "chakras?"

You've got a darkness at your throat chakra where your voice should be.

Because whatever happened to you was so ugly and went on for so long that you don't talk about it.

You were hurt so badly that sometimes you want to hurt other people just to spread it around.

You were a good boy, Dr. Karev. A good, sweet boy.

But you're not a very good man. What happened to you?

Your artery is shredding. You need surgery.

I'm not a very good man, but I do tell the truth.

And the truth is, if you don't get this surgery fast, you're going to die.

I left it on the desk.

I walked to the office door and I closed the gate.

I walked out of the bedroom and wrote a note to the building manager.

I left it on the desk. I was in a hurry.

But I looked at the clock. I walked out of the door.

The gate was opened. Miranda, this isn't helping.

Did I close the gate? Stop this. It's not helping.

I walked out of the bedroom, into the office, wrote a note.

This isn't helping. Stop this. I can't remember!

I can't remember if I closed that gate.

I can't remember if I closed the gate. It doesn't matter.

It does matter because I'm his mother and I can't have done this to him.

You didn't do this. Things just happen.

No! They don't just happen! Things don't just happen.

People make decisions! People prioritize!

The world doesn't just happen, OK? It's not on God, it's on me!

Or it's on Tucker! Stop.

It's on me or Tucker! Stop it, stop it.

[Sobbing] Just stop it.

Oh, no. You're a good mother.

Tucker is a good father.

You love your baby. People make mistakes.

You didn't do this to your son and neither did your husband.

[Meredith] He wants to build us a house.

With kids' bedrooms and French doors and that scares me to death.

Why? Just because of the Rose thing?

Well, that shouldn't scare you. It was just one kiss.

One kiss?

It wasn't like they were being secretive about it.

It was just something that happened.

Now you guys are back together, it's not happening anymore, so...

Derek kissed Rose? Yeah, but you knew that.

That I'm an idiot.

OK, the stomach's repaired. There's no splenic laceration.

Now all I have to do is get the chest tube in and we're done.

That's good. You're in better shape than we thought.

It means you're almost out of here.

Dr. Yang, would you like to do the honors?

I can trade places with you, if you'd like.

No, I'm OK. I'm OK here.

His stomach ruptured, not his colon.

Both of which we repaired, so the surgery was a success.

However, there is a lot of fluid in the chest cavity.

So, at this point, we have no way of knowing whether he'll be able to breathe on his own.

I know that. You don't think I know that?

We'll be moving him to the pediatric ICU.

We'll be watching him closely. Can I see my son now?


You're new here. You don't know me.

If what you did today ends up saving my son's life, I'll thank you for it.

But if I never have to look at you again after that, that'll be all right with me.

[# Patty Griffin: Up To the Mountain]

We never baptized him.

We kept putting it off, thinking we were going to find time. And now...

We will find the time.

When this is over and Tuck is fine, you and I are going to find time, and we are going to baptize our baby.

How's Tuck?

He's still not breathing on his own.

You know, I wish I could help, but I can't think of anything I can do.

Cristina always knows what to do.

What's your deal with her? With Yang?

Nothing. There's no deal. I'm crippled with envy.

Of Yang? Because she's better at cardio?

She's not better than me.

She knows what she wants.

She has this faith in her skill and herself and her future in cardio.

It's an unwavering faith.

She knows who she is and I want that.

I was chasing cardio because I want what she has.

She's a robot. Not the robot part.

The faith part.

I want that.

There's probably a thousand scientific reasons why Mr. Greenwald's heart rate suddenly stabilized.

Without question.

And why Miss McCaffrey's staph infection suddenly disappeared.

Sloan's patient? She's fine?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I have faith.

Now, I do.

But faith isn't medicine.

Faith can't heal you.

Well, that may be so.

But then again, it can't hurt.

Hey. Hey.

How's Tuck?

He's intubated and we won't know anything for a few hours.

How are you holding up? Who's Rose?

Rose is a circulating nurse. I kissed her once.

I'm sure you know that. It's why you're asking me.

When? When?

When did you kiss her? Yesterday.

You were making out with nurses, and today you're building our dream house?

We were dating other people. Not the point.

That is the point. I told you I wanted to marry you.

I wanted to build a life with you and you weren't ready.

And Rose is? You don't want to build a life with me.

You want someone. You want someone who wants the same things that you want.

[Sighs deeply] I knew the minute I showed you those plans you'd find reason to walk away. You called my bluff?

I did, because I can't do this anymore.

I can't do the back and forth. I can't. Are we together or are we not?

We were together. I was in love with you.

You didn't tell me you were married. We're gonna have that fight?

You didn't tell me about your nurse.

You want to know why I'm not ready to build a house with you?

Because I cannot trust you. You can't trust anybody.

And no matter what I do...'re always gonna look for reasons not to trust me.

I can't do it anymore.

I can't. Well, neither can I.

[# Lifehouse: Broken]

I need you to hold hands.


Because the energy in here, it's not healing.

So I need you to hold hands and focus all of your love on this child.

For a few minutes I want you to try to forgive each other.

Can you try to do that?

[# Joe Henry: God Only Knows]

It's not for you. It's for little Tuck.

Is he better? We don't know yet.

I know I haven't called you in a while.

And that there's a lot that I haven't told you. I know I messed up.

But I didn't want to cause you any more pain, I didn't want to disappoint you.

You disappointed yourself. You should be disappointed in yourself.

I am.

I don't even recognize myself anymore.

This isn't the guy that I wanted to be.

Who do you want to be?

The guy Bailey named her baby after.

I want to be that guy again.

You won't go to counseling?

That's just going to hurt everyone more.

I miss your dad. Me, too.

Move back home. I'll take care of you.

Well, I think it's time that I started taking care of myself.

It doesn't help me to have you all clustered here watching.

It doesn't help me. I appreciate that you care, that you're concerned.

But I don't need to be watched.

Miranda, he's choking! He's choking?

[Tucker choking]

OK! Oh, thank God!

What are you talking about? It's good!

He's fighting the tube. It means he can breathe on his own.

There you go. Shh. Shh. [Cristina] There we go.

[Tucker crying]

[# Caedmon's Call: Ten Thousand Angels]

I need your help.

Hahn said you'd have a heart attack this afternoon and you didn't.

So you think there might be something to this?

No. But I'm going to help you anyway, or she is.

This is Dr. Stevens. Hello.


I'm sorry. I'm not sure what I'm doing here.

You're gonna talk her through a coronary artery dissection repair.

She's an expert? No, no, no.

She's a second year resident.

She's been focused on cardiothoracics and she's seen the procedure done.

Well, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but...

She's like a bright yellow, right?

What? What?

She's an optimist. She's the opposite of me.

She's exactly the kind of person you want helping you, right?

She brightens you, that's for sure. Shut up.

What are we talking about?

Just talk her through the surgery before she croaks, all right? Can you do that?

You want me to talk you through it?

Uh... In as much detail as possible, yes.


Yang's got nothing on you.

[Clears throat] OK. There are four chambers in your heart, and three major coronary arteries that supply blood and oxygen.

[Bailey] As doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any other point in our history.

They extubated him. His blood pressure's up, too.


Do you know that his middle name is George?

Tuck's? After me.

I thought Dr. Bailey didn't like interns.

Yeah, she doesn't.

Did you find an apartment yet?

Because I was thinking, maybe, I'm going to get one and...

[Bailey] But the miracle of life itself, why people live and die, why they hurt or get hurt, is still a mystery.

Here's the thing.

You're too pretty. Oh, come on.

No. So pretty, in fact, that if we didn't work together, we would probably be...

But, the point is, we do work together.

And, in order for me to do my job, I need to leave who I am outside the doors of this hospital.


Hey. You ready? I am.

You going to Joe's? I'll come meet you.

Good night, Dr. Sloan.

[Bailey] We want to know the reason, the secret, the answer at the back of the book.

[Derek] Do you wanna go to dinner with me tonight?

I thought you weren't free. Turns out I am.

And I'd like to go out with you tonight. Do you want to go out with me?

That'd be nice.

[Bailey] Because the thought of our being all alone down here is just too much for us to bear.

How's he doing? Well, he's going to be just fine.

[Meredith] Where's your husband?

Uh... He went home to get some sleep.

And to pack his things because he's getting himself a hotel room tonight.

I'm sorry.

For some reason, life just seems to make a lot more sense when you're looking at a baby.

[Bailey] But at the end of the day, the fact that we show up for each other, in spite of our differences, no matter what we believe, is reason enough to keep believing.