Grey's Anatomy S4E13 Script

Piece of My Heart (2008)

[# Katalyst: Say What You Feel]

[Meredith] Great surgeons aren't made, they're born.

It takes gestation, incubation, sacrifice. A lot of sacrifice.

But after all the blood and guts and gooey stuff is washed away, that surgeon you become? Totally worth it.

[Bailey] Welcome back.

Aah... I am not back. I am here for a surgery.

I know.

Uh, charts, labs, a security key card and key to the doctor's lounge.

Ah, look, they used my old picture. It's like I never left.

Addie! You're back. I am not back.

Oh, you're back. You're gonna smell the stink and sweat of surgery and you're gonna be back.

See? Nothing ever changes around here.

Things change. Welcome back.

[Addison] I am not back!

Well, I just had no idea that sunrise yoga would be so intense.

Told you. Dr. Hahn.

I have the 3-D ultrasounds and MRI's for today's patient.

You decided who's gonna scrub in? I diagnosed the mother when she came in, so... Films.

First day. My clinical trial. My baby. All grown up.

Nobody cares about your trial or your sick terminal patients who'd rather be left for dead.

You're just jealous. Yeah.

Anyone can come up with a trial. I could come up with one.

Jealous. Not that it'd matter

'cause Hahn wouldn't sign off. Won't even talk to me.

She enjoyed talking to me. About what?

Her hopes. Her dreams. Then we would braid each other's hair.

Least I'm not living in the clinic. The clinic is my happy place.

Can you use your sparkle pager to get me on Hahn's surgery?

Can't think about the sparkle pager because my clinical trial starts today.

Sparkle pager stealer! Thank you!

OK. The both of you need to take a moment, dig down deep and you'll discover you're happy for me that I've found my path to medical history.

I'm not happy for her. Oh, me neither.

Karnofsky score is still 80 and his CBC and liver enzymes are good.

That's better than expected. I know.

Doesn't mean good. Don't want you getting emotionally involved.

Don't want you getting hopes up. My hopes are not up.

All right then, Dr. Grey. Let's do this.

OK. Good. Chart, please.


Hey. Hey.

Hey! Come here, you! Hey!

[Both chuckling] Whoo!

Wow, it's... Wow, it's great to see you guys.

How's L. A? Yeah, it is.

It's great, it's fun. It's the sun and surfing. It's...

You surf?

No, I don't surf.

Anyway... Hey, look, I hugged you there! Did you see that?

You stole my husband from me, I hugged you. I've grown.

I have and I can be happy for the happy couple.

Right? I'm all "L.A." and like, one with myself, so I feel really...

Yeah. Mmm...

OK, well, I'm going to go save a life now.

Really great... Great to see you. Really. Cheers.

Happy couple? See you after rounds.

Hey. There she is!

Just coming in to check on my patient's skin flap.

Amazing, right? Pulled a couple of stem cells from the baby in utero, six weeks later, I have grown skin. Like God.

Nice. What do you say we lock that door and tear one off for old time's sake? This place is exactly the same.

You are exactly the same.

Except now I grow skin for babies. Like God.

Come on, I'm horny. The nurses are shutting me down.

Aww. Thanks for my skin flap.

That a euphemism? Nope.

I am so coding. Coding hard.

What is that? Complaining? If you're gonna complain, do it to my face.

Fine. There's nothing to do. Can we go to the pit or something?

You're down here to learn patient care, bedside manner and a whole host of things you cannot learn in the pit. So suck it up!

Hi. I'm Dr. Stevens. What seems to be your problem?

We... My wife thinks she may be pregnant.

OK, we'll get you a test. Code.

[Moaning] Excuse me, won't you?

What is wrong with you people? What is that smell? Is that...

That Scotch? It's seeping out of Leo's pores.

You're hung-over? You're all hung-over?

Don't blame us, blame O'Malley. George?

He and Lexie Grey had a party. George had a party?

You're about to experience medical history, medical greatness, medical majesty.

About to experience the beginning of something extraordinary.

Take in the moment.

[Woman over PA] Dr. Cruz to OR Six.

OK. Dr. Grey, did you warn the interns what to expect?

I told them to expect greatness.

Yes. In addition to the greatness, the patient may be inappropriately emotional, he's aggressive... abusive.

Don't take it personally. OK? Don't engage. It's the tumor talking. OK?

Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson. Dr. Grey and I want to say how grateful we are that you've decided to participate in our trial.

I know it's a hard decision to make.

It is a chance, right? It's our only chance.

[Laughing] If the surgery doesn't kill me, the tumor will.

What have I got to lose, right?

As we discussed, the treatment has never been tested on humans.

We're going to inject a live virus into the tumor.

We can't take the tumor out. Our hope is reduce the tumor from within.

[Meredith] Dr. O'Malley? Over the past month, Mr. Robinson has experienced vision loss, increasingly severe headaches that in...

Nice, huh? First thing I noticed about her? Hell of an ass.

Like a nice piece of ass? She could do a little more on top.

He's started picking out husbands for me.

Was anyone talking to you?

It's the tumor talking. Just the tumor talking.

So you single or what?

[Elevator bell dings]

Dr. Montgomery. Dr. Karev.

Hey. Hey.

We're hugging? Yep.

I hug now. It's what I do, so... So you're my guy, huh?

You think I'd let anyone else in on a case like this?

I'll catch up with you in a second. OK.

You... You don't own a phone?

I needed to see you in person.

I have a really huge case today. I wish I could hang out, I really do, but I...

I'm pregnant.

[Stammering] I didn't mean to blurt it, I'm sorry I blurted it, but I...

You never have time to talk, so I kind of had no choice but to blurt.

Are you keeping it or are you having an abortion?

I have a really big case.

Ectopia cordis. The baby's heart is growing outside of its body, in utero.

Less than 200 cases have ever been reported.

Only a handful have survived. I was on one of these ten years ago.

The baby squeezed its own heart in utero and died.

He squeezed his own heart with his tiny little hands?

[Addison] You said there's a possibility of a diaphragmatic hernia?


You and I have got a lot of work to do on this little guy.

You up for it? Always.

What about my work? I grew an amazing flap of the baby's own skin.

Pretend all you want. But I know you're impressed.

[Chuckling] You!

What's up, Bro'Malley? You.

Hey, you paged me?

O'Malley! What's up, party dude?

Know what I did last night?

I googled recipes. I spent the night with a search engine.

But... That was just... It was so spontaneous.

I... didn't think you'd want to hang out with interns.

Code. Code!

What is that? It's just something we came up...

Well, he came up with it. "You coded."

You coded! You coded.

It was really funny after seven or eight shots.

Hey! So we're all set for tonight. Tonight? What's tonight?

Oh, um... The interns, we're just having a darts tournament thing at Joe's.

Oh, my God, I love darts!

Oh, do you wanna come? Yeah! Absolutely! Yey!

You so coded.

You know, I don't know, I thought it'd be weird coming back.

Gotta say... I find it strangely comforting that everything is the same here.

OK. In L.A., people say things.

But in Seattle there's this strange culture of wordlessness wherein I'm supposed to suss what one is feeling by the slight raise of an eyebrow or the beginnings of a frown.

Any chance you want to tell me what's going on with you, Miranda?

Just... a lot has changed since you left. Just a lot.

Come on, name one thing that has changed in this hospital.

The clinic is actually making money. The Chief's wife left him.

Derek and Meredith broke up. And I...

Whoa, whoa. Derek and Meredith broke up?

Uh, like I said. A lot of things have changed.

[Door opening]

Nikki Jones, 25-year-old female, 35 weeks pregnant.

Six weeks ago she was diagnosed with ectopia cordis.

[Erica] Which, as you know, means that your baby's heart is currently growing on the outside of his body.

Which doesn't get any less bizarre the more times I hear it.

Not bizarre, baby. Just unique. Our son is one of a kind.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve.

This surgery is going to take place in two OR's.

It'll work like a dance. Dr. Karev and I will begin with the delivery. I'll stay to close your incision.

While I bring your baby to OR Two. Where I'll work on your baby's heart.

And I'll attend to your baby's intestinal problem.

Wait. Intestinal problem?

We've detected there might be a slight defect on your baby's diaphragm.

We just want to be prepared for every contingency.

I just wish I could keep him inside me. Keep him protected.

He's protected no matter what. By us. By our love.

Something about that guy makes me wanna punch him out.

Yet you didn't, for which I am grateful, Karev.


Hippies. Annoying, huh? Go away.

Hey. How great is she?

She's great. Did I tell you?

You told me. Did she tell you?

Tell me what? Anything. Everything.

Does she know you're divorced?

You're divorced? Yeah.

Which, as it turns out...

Was the best thing that could have happened, really.

No kidding?

You headed? Yeah.

I'll walk with you. OK.

[Both chuckling, chattering indistinctly]

It seems there's been a lot of change, even since the last checkup.

Behavior's getting more erratic? That's a nice way of putting it.

You've been incredibly strong, Jennifer. This is...

You've been incredibly strong. [Blows a raspberry]

If you really want to help, you could bring some single men by.

Phillip. Please stop.

Jennifer, we're in a hospital full of eligible doctors, and you're a waitress with no prospects, who needs to learn how to use her ass to catch a new guy before I bite the dust!

It's just the tumor talking.

It's just the tumor talking. It is. It's just the tumor talking.


And he's laughing again because the idea of me with another man is just hilarious.

No, no it's not. I just can't see.

What? What can't you see? Anything.

I'm blind.

No response to light.

If I remember correctly, you're a good-looking guy, right?

Just 'cause I'm blind doesn't mean you can ignore me, you sick twisted bastard!

Playing games with people's lives, slicing open people's brains.

Mr. Robinson, I'm sorry, but I believe it's possible the tumor is infiltrating the optic nerve.

We should consider moving the surgery. Maybe even doing it today.

[Laughing] What about you, Dr. Grey?

You're a sexy little thing.

Do you think, Dr. Shepherd here is attractive enough for my wife?


[Resumes laughing]

Jennifer, this isn't easy, I know.

My husband is probably going to die today.

We're moving up the surgery, and he might die.

And all he can do is try to fix me up with other men.

And I know... I know it's the tumor talking. But, if he dies, my last memory is going to be of him calling me a piece of ass.

I'm not involved and my hopes are not up.


I'm having trouble finding a heartbeat on an ultrasound.

That's what happens, when you have Scotch for dinner.

It's hard to follow the basics.

Oh! Rebecca. Hi.

I really didn't want an ultrasound. I just wanted to get something for the morning sickness. It's really bad.

So you're pregnant? Yeah. Just like five weeks or so.

An ultrasound can be hard to read this early on, Let's take a blood sample, make sure everything's on track.

OK. Dr. Stevens, do you know when Dr. Karev will be out of surgery?

I just wanted to say hi.

Um, I... I don't know that he's gone in yet.

You broke up with Meredith Grey?

Doing a trial together, if that makes you feel better.

I hugged her. Hugged her.

And you're not even together? What the hell happened?

OK, fine. Tell me about the clinical trial.

Well, if it doesn't go well, I'm killing people for sport.

When I walk into an OR, I'm an expert.

I can stop a bleed, I can remove a clot.

I'm the expert. But in a clinical trial...

...I'm experimenting.

Groping around in the dark. Hoping to do the right thing.

She wants greatness from me.

She's expecting greatness. OK, seriously.

Derek, what are you doing?

I'm seeing somebody else.

She's lovely. She's really lovely.

Hey. You came.

You have to stop paging me. Can't deal with this now.

I have a big case today, and I... I'm as scared about this as you are.

I'm not scared. I'm just...

Look, you don't want me, OK?

This is not a thing you want me for. I won't be good at it.

I'm not father material.

You have a husband. He doesn't have to know that it's mine, OK?

No, it's not OK. Alex, I'm just asking you to get over yourself for one minute and talk to me so we can figure this thing out. Together.

I have to go.

[Door opening, closing]

I'll be making the incision from here to here, and be extra...

Excuse me. What you said about further complications...

No, we can't think like that. There's nothing else wrong with him.

Our intention is to have a healthy baby. He'll be strong and happy and healthy.

Don't you understand what we're trying to tell you?

Chances are, your baby's gonna need a lot more than just heart surgery.

Dr. Karev. Chances are, he won't.

Can't cross your fingers and hope this'll go away.

Dr. Karev.

He's not prepared. I was trying to prepare him.

They're having a baby. That baby's gonna be screwed up

'cause he's coming into a world where his parents are unprepared.

They wanna talk about loving each other, as if that has anything to do with having the ability to raise a baby.

A sick baby! He's not prepared. I was trying to prepare him.

Karev. Right now, you're feeling all your feelings right out in the open.

Do me a favor and stuff them back in.

Interesting advice. Don't start with me.

She's no longer allowed in my apartment.

No more tea parties or wine parties or whatever you two have.

What are you talking about? Hahn. She's unfair.

Refuses to teach me. I got in at Mass Gen, Johns Hopkins.

I could've gotten in anywhere, and she won't teach me!

All right, look. Erica, she's a really good listener.

She comes off harsh at first, but she's got a really good heart, so just tell her how you feel. OK?

Tell her how I feel? Well, I don't speak "Girl."

Sorry about that. I mention I live with Yang, now?

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Callie. Are you speaking the vagina monologues now?

What? I'm all for it, OK?

I think it's fantastic. Erica? I mean, she seems great.

I really do like her, actually, I do. Are you?

You want to know if Erica and I are a couple?

Because I defended her to Yang?

Because you seem like a couple. A really happy couple.

Um... OK, that's... That's just...

That's insane is what it is. I'm... I like penis.

I mean, I'm a huge, huge fan of penis.

[Laughs] Hilarious.

You've been living in Los Angeles way too long. Way too long.

[# Greenspeekers: Money]

George! George! George!

Hey! Listen, I am just the messenger.

But you should know that people are prepared to drop out.

Nobody wants to get drunk and play darts with their boss.

Want me to take back the invitation? I'm the messenger.

What's that about? More special plans with your special friends?

I would like us to talk today. I would like us to talk because I care and I want to know things, and I have 15 minutes to hear about your feelings.

So Alex? Alex, you look thoughtful.

I'm very interested to hear... I mean, what are your thoughts?


Izzie. Your thoughts? Your feelings?

Honestly? Uh-huh.

Little worried about Alex because his Jane Doe girlfriend keeps showing up like something out of Fatal Attraction.

Her name is Rebecca Pope, she's not my girlfriend.

Really? You guys haven't had sex at all?

Recently? She's married. She has a husband.

Does it hurt that she's married? I mean, does that hurt your heart?

What's the matter with you? Trying to talk "Girl."

Well, you coded. Right?

[Izzie continues laughing]

What? It's the new slang. Everybody's saying it.

The way you just said that? That was you coding.

Whatever. Unlike Meredith with her trials and Petri dishes, and Cristina who has to practice talking like a human, I actually care about patient care!

Need the sparkle pager. Not giving you the pager.

I can't talk "Girl," and I shouldn't have to talk "Girl" because I diagnosed the patient. I need the pager.

You can't have it! Stop! Stop it!

Give it. Give it to me!


Anyone ever think you two were a couple?

No, because we screw boys like whores on tequila.

Then try to marry them or drown ourselves.

Huh... [slurping]

You know, make Hahn let me scrub in, or I'm making you move out.

What? You... Desperate times.

[Sighing] Sorry that took so long. Congratulations, you're pregnant.

You're sure?

A big day for pregnant ladies. Everywhere I turn.

Weird. Only supposed to give you a couple, but this is a supply of vitamins, samples. They're free.

No, I... We need to schedule an abortion.

OK. I'm sorry, I...

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I don't mean to intrude, but...

You might want to sit with this for a few days before you make your decision.

There's no decision to make.

I'm HIV-positive. And the condom broke.

I got tested already, and I will, again, in six months, but so far I'm fine.

Please, I just... I want to get this over with.

Is there any chance that we can take care of it today?

Yeah. Let me see what I can set up.

Thank you.

[Man over PA] Nurse Santos to Geriatrics. Nurse Santos to Geriatrics.

Here. All right.

Torres. Hey.

Do me a favor and put Yang on your surgery.

Only if you buy drinks at Joe's. Done.


Dr. Montgomery?

Do me a favor? Can you talk to my patient?

Don't work here, anymore.

She's pregnant and HIV-positive. Thinks she has to terminate.

She doesn't. I know, but she doesn't.

It's not my area of expertise. I don't work here anymore, Stevens.

If I worked here, I'd be performing surgery after surgery.

I might even be back with my husband, who's, apparently, on the market.

I'm not saying that I want to get back with my husband.

It's just that things were simpler with him than the messy, messy single life I am currently living.

Which was not my point, by the way.

My point was... that I no longer work here.

Which means, you need to pull your face out of the potato chip trough, and tend your patients yourself. I know, but...

You're a fighter. What happened?

I lost a lot of fights.

Well, time to get back up. Go.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

You just quote Gandhi to me?

So... Time to take her to the OR.

I'm not an idiot. We heard you.

It could be bad.

There's always a whole lot of bad to focus on if you want to.

But there's hope too, right?

There's always hope too.

Jennifer? No, it's Dr. Shepherd.

I hate this. Not being able to see.

I just want to see Jennifer.

Phillip, this is an extremely risky operation.

You may have a few weeks to live. Could spend that time with Jennifer.

You don't have to do this surgery today.

[Laughs] I'm trying to fix Jennifer up. I don't want to leave her alone.

That's the one thing about all of this I really can't stand.

I just want her to be all right when I'm gone.

You need to tell her that. Before you go into surgery, you need to remember this conversation, and you need to tell her that.

Hey. I only have five minutes because we moved the surgery up.

But I did want to come and say that, obviously, he doesn't know me at all. I'm not the one emotionally involved.

He's the one emotionally involved. He?

Derek told me not to get my hopes up.

Anybody who knows me knows I'm not a hopeful person to begin with.


I came up with this clinical trial. It's my baby.

Does he honestly think that I've walked into this with no understanding of how hard it'll be? Seriously, no wonder we didn't work out.

Because he told you not to get your hopes up?

Exactly. I gotta go. Surgery's about to start.

The surgery with no hope? Shut up.

[Door closes]

So who's the new mystery woman that Derek's dating?

Who's the unlucky McRebound? [chuckling]

What? Oh, is the whole "Mc" thing over now?

Surely things haven't changed that much here?

Addison. The woman standing immediately to your right, the one handing you the surgical instruments...

Hey. Hey.

Six dates, heavy petting, lots of tongue. Good guy. Scalpel?

[Clears throat]

We can have the baby? You're saying we can have the baby.

A healthy baby? With proper prenatal treatment, the risks to your baby are substantially reduced.

Haven't found you an OB, I think the process might prove difficult...

Doesn't matter. We'll figure it out. We can figure anything out.

I can't believe this! Thank you!

No! No. Do not thank her.

I asked you to do one thing, I asked you to schedule an abortion.

Sarah. No.

She just walks in here and gets your hopes up, and that's not OK!

I was diagnosed at 19. And I have learned how to deal with it.

But I will not put that onto a baby! I cannot bring a baby into this world who could possibly have this disease. I won't!

Now, could you please just schedule the abortion?

And, do me a favor, don't come back! I'd like a different doctor.

[# Neverending White Lights: Distance]


Phillip, remember what we talked about?


Jennifer? Jen? Jennifer!

I don't want to leave you alone. I want you to meet someone.

I want you to promise me you'll try.

Because I can't do this thinking I'm leaving you alone. OK?


Maybe I'll make it. I hope I make it.

[Resumes laughing]

Go ahead. A little bit further. Good, keep him flat.

[Addison] OK. Got him, Karev?

Placenta looks good.

You OK to close, Dr. Bailey? Yep.

Membrane's intact.

Oh, no. She's hemorrhaging. [machine beeping rapidly]

This blood is moving a little too fast. I need another set of hands here!

[Addison] Her uterus isn't contracting. Damn it.

Where's Montgomery?

The mom is in distress. They're trying to close.

Get the baby to Hahn. Addie knows what she's doing.

I think I've been hiding in the clinic.

Yeah? OK, listen, Izzie?

I lost the contest. I couldn't hack cardio.

I performed CPR on a deer. Izzie!

I think I've been hiding. You can't play darts with us.

What? I shouldn't have to say this.

You should get this. Get what?

You're not an intern anymore. I'm not a resident. And, that sucks, but I'm trying to make the best of it.

Trying to stop complaining and embrace what I have.

What I have is new friends who don't want to get drunk and play darts with their boss.

I'm their boss. Yes. Yeah. You're their boss.

You're in charge. And you should get that.

I gotta do something.

Get in here.

I thought I made myself clear.

You did. I didn't. Get in here!

Listen and learn. I knew it. You disapprove.

You're here to push some kind of agenda, right?

No. No.

Listen, if you wanna have an abortion because you want to, that's between you and whatever god you believe in.

But if you wanna have an abortion

'cause you think that's what medicine is telling you, that's between you and me. I was ineffectual. I was unclear.

I've been on my heels a little bit lately, and I was unclear.

So just listen, OK?

I wasn't telling you there is some chance your baby might not be born sick.

I was telling you there is a 98 percent chance your baby could be born perfectly healthy. A 98 percent chance.

There's a higher chance of being born with Down Syndrome than there is of you passing HIV on to your child.

I don't... I just... I can't...

I know you gave up about having children a long time ago, and I understand that it's difficult to readjust your thinking so quickly, but if you take your meds responsibly, there's no reason why you can't have a beautiful, healthy baby.

This is your chance. If you want it.

This is your chance to be a mom.

A 98 percent chance? Ninety-eight percent chance.


[# Meaghan Smith: Five More Minutes]

Thank you.

[Erica] We are on a clock here, Dr. Karev. We need Montgomery now.

She's coming. She'll be here.

Heart rate's down to the 60's, he's bradycardic.

Damn it, we could lose him. Tell me what to do.

[machine beeping rapidly] Massage the heart.


[Machine beeping steadies]

I can feel it getting stronger.

Heart rate's back up to the 140's. I pushed 60 cc of bolus NS.

Good job, Karev.

You can step back now.

And now...

[sighs] All right, moment of truth.

Injecting the virus into the tumor.

All right, we're doing this one stage repair to prevent infection.

Ready for the skin graft.

[Meredith] Complete heart block. Damn.

Injection went into the intra-arterial. Push one of Atropine.


[Meredith] Not responding! Push another one. Come on, come on.

[Bailey] Need another set of hands over here.

[Machine beeping rapidly]

[Bailey] OK, there we go. It's controlled, right?

Yeah, it's controlled. I got it, I got it. Go.

Look at that. Beating inside his chest for the very first time.

And God admired his amazing skin flap.

And he saw that it was good.

How is he? [Erica] I was able to reduce the heart almost all the way into the pericardial space.

[Addison] No intestines in the way? No diaphragmatic hernia?

[Erica] No anything. His heart's in. It's beating. He's perfect.

Patient number one. Treatment failed. Call it, Dr. Grey.

Time of death, 19:33.

[Derek sighs deeply]

Hey. The parents were right. The baby?

No further complications.

Yeah, and mom's OK, too. It's a good day.

[Hands scrubbing]

You seem sad... Miranda.

[Sighing deeply]

We're not gonna do this. I can't share.

I can't catch up with you. I can't talk.

Because if I did, if I told you Tucker moved out...

...if I told you I haven't slept alone in 12 years...

If I told you that my heart hurt so much, sometimes, I want to rip it from my chest with my own little hands...

...I would fall apart. And I don't have time to fall apart.

Not that I'm not happy to see you. I am.

But I wish that you would go home, so the choice to talk and fall apart would go away.

[# Republic Tigers: Buildings And Mountains]

[Exhaling deeply]

[Meredith] I got my hopes up.

Yeah, me too.

Dr. Shepherd. Yes?

It was a pleasure working with you today.

Dr. Grey.

[Addison] I do miss some of this.

I could put the paperwork through tonight.

You could start work tomorrow.

I needed to come back to see that it was right to leave.

You need to fill my position.

I was Gandhi, Dr. Montgomery.

I was so freaking Gandhi, I kicked Gandhi's ass.

It's an L.A. Thing.

Aren't you gonna be late for your party?

[Scoffs] I'll blow them off. I'd rather hang out with you anyway.

George, I get it. I don't have to like it, but I get it. So, go.

Go "code" or whatever.

You know, whenever anyone says something really funny and I laugh, I always look around to see if you think it's funny too.

Even when you're not there, I still look around.


[Elevator dings]

[Elevator dings]


[whispering] I bet you wish you'd taken the stairs right about now.

[# Jamie Lidell: Little Bit of Feel Good]

[Meredith] Giving birth may be all intense and magical and stuff.

But the act itself? It's not exactly pleasant.


But it's also a beginning of something incredible.

I am. I am very, very funny.

You would not believe what she...

Wait, wait, wait. Hang on, hang on, hang on.

You've got a hair that is caught...

...caught in your lip gloss. Something new.

Sorry, you were saying?

[Addison] I'm funny, apparently. Funny?

Yes, it turns out I am. Apparently.

Any of you ladies want to dance?

Ugh! For the thousandth time, the answer is no, Mark.

Beat it, Sloan. I'll dance with you.

Something unpredictable.

Dr. Montgomery. Hi.

Dr. Hahn? Yang.


OK, is it because I'm Asian? Is that your problem?

You don't like Asian people? Excuse me?

Why won't you teach me?

You're not without skill. You're not without talent.

So stop seeking my approval. I'm not gonna tell you what a good little girl you are.

That's not my job. And it doesn't make you any better at yours.

Jeez. Little hard on her, don't you think?

I think she reminds me of me. [Meredith] Something true.

She's pretty, huh?

She's beautiful.

Something worth loving.

You want to get outta here? Like you wouldn't believe.

[All laughing]

[Meredith] Something worth missing.

Dr. Stevens? Labs for Rebecca Pope.

Thanks very much.

Wait, no, this... This can't be right. You sure this is right?

[Meredith] You're leaving already? I have a plane to catch.

I walk on the beach now. I buy aromatherapy candles. I'm very Zen.

But I want to kick your ass so badly right now, it is killing me.

Excuse me? I'm talking about Derek.

Derek Christopher Shepherd.

Are you letting him get away?

Because, I swear to God, Meredith, if you let him ride off into the sunset with that doe-eyed little thing...

[man] Of course I'm sure. So my patient is not pregnant?

Apparently not.

[Meredith] Something that will change your life...