Grey's Anatomy S4E4 Script

The Heart of the Matter (2007)

[Izzie] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

This is the best breakup. She's doing McDreamy.

[Richard] Norman is an intern. I'm your sister.

You're not a girl I ever wanted to have to know.

Because our dad chose you. My niece's cancer's back.

She's 17 years old and she's going to die.

Alex, I'm sorry. I can't.

I slept with Izzie.

[# Northern State: Better Already]

[Meredith] In life, only one thing is certain, apart from death and taxes.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how good your intentions, you are going to make mistakes.

[George] Callie?

You're going to hurt people. You're going to get hurt.

And if you ever want to recover...

You haven't said anything in...

Just say something.

Please. Anything.

[Meredith] There's really only one thing you can say.

I forgive you.


You made a mistake.

But we took vows.

Till death do us part, so I forgive you.

Izzie, why aren't you picking up your phone?

I just talked to Callie and...

George! I got to find Izzie.

We have rounds in five minutes. Right after I find Izzie.

You want to go away with me this weekend?

Why would I want to go away with you? Because of this.

We didn't go away when we were a couple. Now we're not a couple.

Not-couples have no reason to go away. You're not paying attention.

I'm talking about 48 uninterrupted hours of this.

Where would we go? Wine country.

Sounds like a couples place.

There's wine. There's country. We wouldn't see it.

We'd be in bed all weekend.

Oh, a weekend of sex. Ah! Now you're paying attention.

I'd have to get someone to cover for me.

So you're in?

Forty-eight uninterrupted hours of this? I'm in.

Oh, great.

I'm stuck in the pit protecting smackheads and gangbangers from my interns, and you're getting McDreamied.

Smackheads and gangbangers at Seattle Grace?

I hate interns. Lexie's not that bad, is she?

Oh, are we not hating her anymore?

Oh, no. We still hate the idea of her.

We realize we don't have a reason to hate the actual person.

She's an intern. That's reason enough. I think you may be the new Nazi.

Damn right. I don't see any charts.

Will you work for me on Saturday? What's in it for me?

What do you want? Take Norman today.

Who? The World's Oldest Intern.

He's only going to slow me down.

Ageist. Deal?


Rounds! I still can't find Izzie!

I'm going to have to put you in the clinic if you miss rounds.

[Groaning] The clinic!

Miss Sayles? I'm Dr. Bailey. You are?

Uh... the boyfriend.

Who warned her not to read on the StairMaster.

That's how I did this. I fell off last night.

I took a ton of ibuprofen, but when I woke up this morning, it was huge and hideous.

How much ibuprofen did you take?

I usually take some every day because of the gym.

So I doubled the dose, but it did nothing for me.

OK, let's get some X-rays...

Can I just get a shot of cortisone or something?

I'm supposed to meet my trainer at noon.

Uh, Miss Sayles, I can't treat you until I find out what's wrong with you.

Have you seen Dr. Stevens? Check the pit.


What time do you think we'll be done? Just so I can tell my trainer.

[Siren blaring, faintly]

Lexie! Sorry. Uh, have you seen Dr. Stevens?

No, you see Dr. Yang? No.

She told me to meet her, she's not here. Don't wanna give her reasons to hate me.

I'm going to answer every question. I'm not going to take her crap.

Three! Incoming! Let's move!

He got hit during a scrimmage. You the coach?

He's my dad. And coach.

He was charging the receiver.

He had his head down, couldn't see the other guy.

I had my head down because the guy blocking me was holding it down.

You could've gotten past that guy! I need you to leave the room.

Cut him out of his equipment.

Dr. Grey, I need you to help stabilize his neck and his head.

It's very important that you not move your head.

I need you to keep perfectly still. Do not move. Relax. Good.

O'Malley, what's the hurry? I can't talk, Chief! I got to find...


Sorry. I... I just got to find Izzie.

She's at the third floor nurses' station.


Oh, when you find her, tell her Dr. Torres is looking for her.

I know charting doesn't seem as exciting as surgery, but it is every bit as important.

Believe me when I tell you, people, penmanship saves lives.

What kind of doctor doesn't pick up their phone?

Is that a seven or is that a nine?

If I have to ask myself that in an emergency, your patient is dead.

You killed him. With your handwriting.

Think about that.

Callie. Hey.

We have to talk. OK.

Um, about? George told me.

He told you... Everything.

Cafeteria. Noon.

You and me. Be there.

Dude. Is she going to kick her ass?

She forgave you? She said I had a rough year, that people make mistakes, and that I made a mistake.

Oh, so now I'm a mistake? [Clears throat]

Back off!

She said that. I didn't say that. What did you say?

Um, I didn't expect her to forgive me. I expected rage, uh... bloodshed.

She's saving her rage and bloodshed for me.

She's gonna kill me. She wouldn't.

She breaks bones for a living. She's crazy.

No, she's not crazy.

She is if she thinks I'm not going to put up a fight.

I can't believe that kid's dad.

His son is paralyzed, and the guy's still riding him.

Focus more on medicine, Three, and less on the tragedy.

Three? Is that a nickname? You could say that.

[# Prince Fatty: Milk and Honey]

So how would you proceed, Dr. Grey?

Oh, um...

You won't be able to operate unless you realign his spine, would you?

[Derek] And how would you do that? Traction halo?

Very impressive, Dr. Grey. Your intern year's off to a good start.

How's it going? How are you and Meredith?

Yeah, it's weird. The whole family thing.

Plus I think she might still hate me.

She doesn't hate you. Really? Did she say that?

See if Mrs. Cooley's dressings needs changing.

Yang, why don't you go see if Mrs. Cooley's dressing needs changing?


Dr. Sloan, Dr. Norman Shales.

Dr. Shales. Call me Mark. Thank you.

I thought you were on my service. I am. He's my intern.

I know, right? Like, "Seriously, you're an intern?"

But it's seriously true. Seriously.

Glad to have you aboard, Norman.

So is he the one you call, uh, McDreamy or McSleazy?

Or Mc... Wait a minute, what is it?

Norman, we have labs to deliver. Yeah.

Labs and discharges.

This one's being discharged to hospice?

When there's nothing else we can do. We tell someone they're dying?

Don't worry. I'll teach you the protocol.

McSteamy! He's the one you girls call McSteamy!

You paged me, Dr. Bailey?

I didn't know you were... I'm in the clinic. Or I was.

What do you got? [Bailey] Ruthie Sayles.

She twisted her ankle falling off the StairMaster.

She crushed it. We should book an OR right away.

You don't think we should run tests? Find out why Ruthie's bones are fragile?

She's osteoporotic. I see it in older women all the time.

Now you're seeing it in a 28-year-old.

Right. Call me when you get the test results.

I can't talk about it with you.

Well, is she all right? Yeah.

When giving a patient the bad news, be polite and detached, but not cold.

How can you be detached but not cold? Show you care without actually allowing yourself to care.

If you get too emotional, then they get scared.

Then they get emotional and that's bad.

Seriously? Stop the "seriously."

Oh, uh, I'm sorry.

It must be hard being older than most of us, but I think you're going to go a lot further if you just let everything else go and focus on the medicine.

McDreamy and the Other Grey are bonding.

Over their mutual Meredith Grey-ness.

What are they saying? I don't know.

He's making me deal with his patients while they focus on what's important: You.


What was I saying?

How important it was to focus on the medicine.

Oh, just give me the chart.

We're going to apply a halo which uses weights and traction to pull your spine back into place.

Traction? Like at the gym.

We stretch your body using weights until the spine pops into position.

Unlike at the gym, Dr. Shepherd needs to attach the traction device directly to your head by screwing two bolts into your skull. It sounds painful.

Painful is if he doesn't fix your spine. Painful is you never walk again.

OK. We going to do this thing or what?


I told you not to get too emotional. I couldn't help it. What now?

Go apologize one last time.

Once again, ma'am, we are very, very sorry.

Very sorry.

[Wincing] [Woman crying]

And now?

Now we slowly and respectfully back out of the room.

Alex, I need a favor.

I don't have time for favors. I'm working here.

Well, what are you doing at lunch?

According to my interns, watching Torres kick your ass up and down the cafeteria. How do they know?

So it's true? What'd you do to her? Nothing.

Dude. [Man] We need a little help here!


Thank God! Somebody I know.

Will somebody please make sure they page my husband?

Is that? The Chief's niece.

Camille Travis, 18. I've tried intubating.

There's some kind of obstruction. Sats staying down, 82 percent.

Somebody get me a cric tray! How many crics have you done?

Including this one? One. It's the Chief's niece.

Pulse is weaker. We better not screw up.

[Adele] What are you doing? [Alex] Trying to help her breathe.

She just slit her throat!

I need suction. Get the retractors.

You didn't hit an artery, did you?

No. Not on purpose. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Get the tube.

Oh, God. [Monitor beeping]

Sats are going up. Oh, we did it.


What the hell are you doing to my niece?

The one thing this child did not need was another surgery.

She wasn't breathing, Chief. We didn't know what else to do.

[Sighs] You did the right thing.

But Camille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 14.

She's had both ovaries removed, a hysterectomy, and now...

There it is. The mass. No wonder she couldn't breathe.

I can take it out, but we won't know how many more there are until we do further studies.

I'm so sorry, Chief.

She beat it twice before. She'll beat it again.

I just had to tell a 48-year-old woman that she's going to die.

I wish I could tell a 24-year-old woman she's going to die.

I have gone out of my way to be nice to her.

And she talks about me behind my back?

When were you nice to her? I was nice. Once.

My point is... Hey, Meredith. Hey, Norman.

What's up, Lexie? Come on, Norman.

Um, Dr. Shepherd asked that we meet in Adam's room in ten minutes.

You could acknowledge that you heard me.

You're using the Grey sister angle to get in good with the attendings.

I get that. But you're here on my license, so if you do anything, like kill someone, it's on me.

The rest of the day you're gonna hug the wall.

Not say anything. Not do anything.

You're an intern. Are we clear, Three?


What? It's Lexie. Or Grey.

It's not "Three." I have a name.

Blood tests show low electrolyte levels, low calcium and low vitamin D.

Have you been dieting? She just lost 40 pounds.

Will told me if I ever got back down to a size four, we'd move in together.

How romantic. We both just needed motivation.

I told him I wouldn't live with a smoker, so he quit smoking.

The problem is, even if Dr. Torres is able to repair your fracture, it won't do any good unless you're eating more and working out less.

Am I right, Dr. Torres?

Dr. Torr... Hey, are you all right?

Uh... Dr. Bailey's right.

You won't operate unless she puts on a bunch of weight?

No, but... Why are we talking about this?

We came here to get her leg fixed. So fix her leg.


How did that discharge-to-hospice patient go?

Not great.

There was crying and tears and more tears.

Tears? Really?

He's such a tough old bird. I thought he'd take it like a man.

"He'd take it like a man?"

What? I'm sexist now? No. "He" as in "him?"

Joel Hanson in 2212? Not Gretchen Bitzer in 2213?

Oh, dear. I thought that two was a three.

Did you and your intern tell a woman who came in to have her moles removed that she was dying? Oh, dear.

I mean, crap. Oh, crap.

You hear that? Like a weight room. There's nothing to be scared of.

He's been weight training since he was eight.

What did I say about you and the wall?

Dr. Yang. This is still a teaching hospital, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

You need to get a closer if you want to learn something today, Dr. Grey.

OK, Adam. I'm going to attach the tongs now.

I need you to stay perfectly still during this procedure.

Let the weights do all the work. You're going to feel a little pressure, but you shouldn't feel any pain.

All right. Here we go.

Can you imagine being 14 and having some doctor tell you you've got cancer?

What do you do with that? You fight.

Camille's a fighter. You two have that in common.

Hmm. What's it going to be?

Stevens gets bones broken or Torres gets taken to the trailer park?

It's not happening. But if it does, will you pull her off me?

Tell me what you did?

You have to promise not to say anything to anybody.

Swear. I swear. Jeez.

I slept with George.

I'm a terrible person. Which is why I'm gonna let her get one good punch in.

Maybe two, I deserve it.

No, one. Then you pull her off me. You slept with O'Malley?

You said you wouldn't say anything. I won't.

Believe me. This...

I'm embarrassed for you.

You had one job. One job. Read the charts.

You want to yell at me some more?

I'm an intern. According to Dr. Bailey, yelling is how we learn.

I'm not a good yeller. I'm sure it just takes practice.

Perhaps Miss Bitzer will show us how it's done.

Just let me do all the talking. Miss Bitzer?

Gretchen? She left about an hour ago.

She's gone? Left the hospital? Mm-hmm.

Feel like yelling now?

Your CT results show that not only is the cancer back, it's spread to your chest, lungs and throat.

We have options though. We can operate.

We can be even more aggressive with the chemo and radiation than the last time. I just want to go home.

We can try to treat you at home...

No, you don't understand.

I don't want any treatment.

[Adele] What? [Woman] Camille, don't say that.

I've tried, Mama. It's not working. I can't do it anymore.

You can and you will. You have no choice.

I'm 18 now, Aunt Adele. I do have a choice.

You may be 18, baby girl, but you are clearly not capable of making life and death decisions for yourself right now.

Tell her, Richard. [Camille] No, you tell her.

Tell her how the radiation almost killed me last time.

How I got hepatitis and my kidneys shut down and my skin was so raw I couldn't be touched.

Camille. I'm dying. We all know that.

I don't want to spend what little time I have left in this hospital.

I want to spend time with my friends.

I want to sleep in my own bed.

And I want to be home.

So, please. Don't be my doctor right now.

Be my uncle who loves me.

Let me go home.

[Cristina] Try not to move your head.

[Grunts] I'm trying, but...

I don't know how much longer I can take this.

You'll take as much as they give you. Come on, you can do this!

Another few pounds. Maybe we should...

No one asked you. [Adam] I... I can't.

Please take it off. Push through it!

[Cristina] OK, one more plate.

You're strong. You can handle this. Want to be a quitter? Do you? Do you?

That's it. That's 20 pounds.

Now you did it. Right? I told you, you could do it.

Get him out, please. Somebody, get him out.

Adam, I'm just trying to help. Please get out! Get out!

Calm down. Try not to upset him. Adam. Adam, calm down.

Adam? It's OK. What are you doing? Don't touch him!

The slightest movement could...

Put his hand down. Gently.

I'm so sorry. I forgot...

Step away from the patient and leave the room.

Get out right now or I will throw you out.

Dr. Grey, take over for Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang, a word.

You are a resident now.

Your job is to teach interns, not abuse them.

Until you learn to be less competitive and selfish, you will not assist on my surgeries. You will observe them.

But she... You can go.

Arlene, she's just tired. She doesn't know what she's saying.

But she's right. She's not going to get any better.

We don't know that, Arlene. There's always a chance.

Not if she doesn't get treatment. You've got to talk to her.

You... You have to convince her.

She loves you. She trusts you.

And she's the closest thing we have to a child of our own, Richard.

I'm begging you, please, save our baby girl.

Again, Miss Bitzer, it's very important that you call us back.

You idiots still can't find her?

[Meredith] I called her home, cell, her next of kin.

I don't care if you have to call every Bitzer on the planet. Find her.

I am really so very sorry about this.

It's not entirely your fault. You're an intern. I should've checked.

I was distracted by things I shouldn't be distracted by.

For what it's worth, Lexie Grey is a good girl.

She's very sweet.

I don't think she would say anything untoward. Or uncool.

[Dialing on telephone] I have Bitzers to call.

But you could take the... Norman? Norman?

I'm not a bad resident, am I? Don't ask me. I lost a patient.

You killed someone? Lost. Literally can't find.

Oh. Shepherd says I'm selfish and competitive.

What is wrong with that? I kick ass. I'm an excellent resident.

I'm not. In addition to losing my patient, I also lost my intern.

Turned around, he was gone. AWOL.

What's wrong with these interns? We weren't like this.

We were great interns. I was great. You were good.

You guys seen Callie? No. Ooh!

Is it time for her to grind your bones into dust?

You don't think I can take her?

You really doing this? You heard?

Whole hospital heard. That explains the line.

What are you fighting about? You don't want to know.

I'm just saying, whatever it is, it's not worth it.

Actually, it is. Some things are worth fighting for.

O'Malley. Picking up labs for Ruthie Sayles.

Who's your money on? Guess you got to back the wife?

What are you talking about? The fight? Torres vs. Stevens?

What they fighting about?

Oh, Winnie, it's just a rumor. Callie's way too mature for that.

That's not what my buddy in the cafeteria just said.

O'Malley! Your labs! I'll be right back!

I learned how to fight in a trailer park, OK?

Where'd she learn to fight, boarding school?

Not quite the same thing. [Ticking]

[# Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Rockers to Swallow]

I'm a street fighter. I got some bad ass in me. I can take a girl down.


Punch with your left, protect your face with your right.

No, protect your surgeon hands. Your face can heal.

Here we go.

[Clears throat] Stevens.

Let's do this.

Let's go. Let's go! [Cracks neck]

Go where? You know. Go.

I wanted to talk.

You want to talk? You don't want to kick my ass?

You thought I was going to fight you?


Excuse me. Sorry.

That's a forfeit. Torres forfeits. Oh, my God.

You were very ghetto-fabulous.

Oh, my God.

What happened? Was there a fight? No.

Guess they realized they were fighting over nothing.

What do you think is a better weekend getaway? Napa or Sonoma?

I hope you don't mind if I kill your girlfriend.

First of all, she's not my girlfriend. And second of all, I do mind.

Interns shouldn't talk to patients.

Well, that's how they learn. Which means I have to teach.

I have to deal with their problems when they screw up.

Meredith rarely screws up. She's not an intern. So Napa or Sonoma?


Smaller hotels, fewer tourists.

And Meredith? She's still an intern.

Don't kid yourself. She's green. She's a baby.

The only difference between her and that old guy, is that you're not sleeping with the old guy.

Sorry. I'm late. I was just explaining the surgery.

Since your bones have splintered, Dr. Torres will place metal plates and screws to hold the ankle together.

How long will the recovery be? Hard to say.

You'll be in a cast eight to 12 weeks.

Three months? Right, Dr. Torres?

Longer if she doesn't eat. What? She eats.

Not enough to keep her bones from snapping.

You don't seem concerned. What is your problem?

I'm not the one who has to live with you.

Dr. Torres. You do have a problem!

In here. That's good. In here.

Ruthie was going into surgery tomorrow.

That's before she started vomiting blood.

She's got a bleeding ulcer. How did we not see this?

She came in with a broken ankle.

Her malnutrition and the amount of ibuprofen she's been taking?

She's lucky to be alive. Why did she do this to herself?

People are stupid and just want to be loved.

It's the only reason anybody does anything.

[rapid beeping] Asystole!

OK. Start CPR.

You think he'll walk again? It's not impossible.

Got a bleeder.

I need you to cauterize the vein, Dr. Grey.

Oh, OK.

I, um... I can't find it.

I can't see where it starts.

It's coming too quickly.

Suction around it. You have to see where the bleed's coming from first.

Follow the flow to the source. Good. Now bovie it.

Got it. [Sighs] Good job.

Dr. Yang, if you don't mind stepping in.

[woman] Dr. Boler, extension 4271. Dr. Grey?

Norman! Where have you been?

Do you think you can just cut out on me in the middle of a crisis?

I went...

Where did you go that was important enough to disappear in the middle of a shift?

Miss Bitzer's apartment. Went to Miss Bitzer's apartment?

I told her she had a bill outstanding. She's right behind me.

But if I may say so, your yelling's improved remarkably.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I missed your calls. I didn't mean to cut out on my bill.

It's just, I got a lot of living to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

Actually... Quit my job.

Dumped my boyfriend, told my boss he could shove it, and bought a ticket to Iceland, where the sun never sets, which is fine by me.

I'll sleep when I'm dead, right?

You're, uh, not going to die, Miss Bitzer.

I'm not?

There was a mix-up with your labs. You're going to live.

Hopefully a very long, healthy life.

I quit my job!

I broke up with my boyfriend!

I gave up my apartment!


Do you know how hard it is to find an apartment? With parking?

[Thunder rumbles] [Rain falling]

I thought you quit smoking.

Wasn't that the deal? Ruthie loses 40 pounds, you quit smoking?

My girlfriend's in surgery. She'll forgive me for smoking.

No. No, she won't because she's dead.

Ruthie's dead.

Dr. Bailey tried to stop the bleeding, but because she's been starving herself and overtraining, her heart couldn't take the strain.

You think this is my fault? She wanted to lose the weight.

I wanted her to be healthy. She was healthy 20 pounds ago.

You wanted her to be hot, especially if you were gonna move in with her.

I loved her. You didn't love her!

You just didn't want to be alone, or maybe she was good for your ego or maybe she made you feel better, but you didn't love her!

Because you don't destroy the person that you love!

Callie! Get her away from me, man!

Give me some excuse to kick somebody's ass because I'm dying to!

Dr. Torres! Dr. Torres! Don't touch me!

Uh, sir, we are so sorry for your loss. O'Malley, please take him.

Sir, why don't you come with me? Come on.

I'm going to ask you one last time, are you all right?

I'm fine. It's nothing. Really?

Because "nothing" almost cost you your career just now.

The mass we removed from your throat was so big you couldn't breathe.

Camille, what took you so long to come in?

[# Mike: Hawaii]

I knew the cancer wasn't gone.

It's never been gone. It's never going to be gone.

And, don't tell my mom, but the truth is, I was hoping it would kill me before I had to come back here.

I'm just so tired, Uncle Richard.

I am so, so tired.

What I have here is a plan to keep you alive.

It involves 12 oncologists, eight new drugs, six experimental treatments from three different continents.

I have no idea if it'll work, but as your uncle, I'm begging you to take it.

Because I know for a fact, the world... world, is a better place with you in it.

However, as your doctor...

...I promise to do whatever you want.

I just want to go home.

Then let's get you home.

Callie. Callie, wait! Please wait!


I'm sorry about the cafeteria.

I didn't know that you wanted to talk to me. I thought you wanted to kill me.

I'm sorry about everything.

With George, I...

I'm really sorry.

I feel terrible.

You feel terrible?

You took advantage. He was your best friend. I tried to trust you.

I'd convinced myself that it was all in my head.

That I was crazy. But I wasn't, was I?

Then you pull that in the cafeteria?

You humiliate me by getting in bed with my husband, you have to humiliate me at work too.

George may be the one that broke his vows, but you?

We're women, Izzie. You did this to another woman.

You took something from me.

You stole something from me, like a petty little thief.

You are the one who should be humiliated.

You are the one who should be ashamed. You are the one who should...

Don't you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch.

What, I'm invisible now?

What do you want?

So you hate me now too. Well, join the club.

You and O'Malley? O'Malley!

What? What is it that I did that is so horrifying?

I fell in love, Alex. He's married.

Yeah. So?

You're carrying a big old torch for Ava or Jane Doe or whatever you call her and she's married.

So what gives you the right to judge what I do? Why do you even care?

You told me you weren't ready yet.

After Denny... to be with anyone.

And then O'Malley? O'Malley!

And then you tell me, like I'm one of your chick friends. Come on!

Miss Bitzer, I just wanted to apologize one more time.

Oh, and I just wanted to say thank you, Dr. Grey.

And you too, Dr. Shales. Bless you.


She's not going to sue? Nope.

Our lawyer talked her into settling. Seattle Grace bought that woman four bedrooms and three and a half baths in Reykjavik.

I'm so sorry. Tell the Chief.

I'm writing you both up. It wasn't Norman's fault.

He's my responsibility. I'm the one you should write up.

That's very noble of you, Dr. Grey.

Stupid, but noble.


For the record, I don't think you're stupid at all.

I find you quite smart. Oh.

What did you say to Camille?


I've already lost one baby and now I have to lose Camille?

I am not going to use Camille to try and make up for the fact that I never gave you children. I never asked you to.

I asked you to talk to her. To convince her to...

I can't do that.

I can't do that, Adele.

I can give her all the options in the world, but I cannot make her do what I want her to do.

I'm her doctor.

I thought being a doctor was about saving lives.

After all these years of choosing your job over your family, the one time I ask you to do your job to save this family...

Adele, I'm sorry.

I'm truly, truly sorry, but...

So am I, Richard.

[Thunder rumbling]


You can't just forgive me.

What I did to you?

It's unforgivable.

That's how it works. That's what "I forgive you" means.

No, see, I think it means you don't forgive me.

You don't know how to talk to me.

Look, you don't... You can't even look at me.

You're so angry that the only way you can deal with me is to say you forgive me and...

What, we pretend it didn't happen?

It happened. And you don't forgive me.

You're right.

I don't.

So, I got Alex to cover for me.

I can leave right after I round on my patients.

Have 48 uninterrupted hours. Yeah. Um...

You know, maybe this is not a good weekend.

What did Lexie say about me?

She didn't say anything. I did all the talking.

Don't blame her. You're friends with my sister now?

I mean, you talk to the other Grey about me?

You know what I talked about with the other Grey?

All the things this Grey won't let me say.

You can say anything to me.

I want to marry you.

[# John Legend: Sun Comes Up]

I want to have kids with you. I want to build us a house.

I want to settle down and grow old with you.

I want to die when I'm 110 years old, in your arms.

I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours.

I want a lifetime.


Do you see what happens?

I say things like that and you fight the urge to run in the opposite direction.

It's OK. I understand.

I didn't, but now I do. I do.

You're just getting started and I've been doing this for a long time.

Deep down...'re still an intern.

And you're not ready. I'm not ready right now.

But things could stay the way they are, and I can get ready.

I'll get ready. Things can stay the way they are.

We can still meet in elevator, the on call room.

And maybe you'll get ready.

And I'll wait.

I'll wait until you're ready.

OK, then.

Yeah. But what if while I'm waiting, I meet someone who is ready to give me what I want from you?

What if you do? [Elevator bell dings]

I don't know.

[Meredith] Forgive and forget.

That's what they say.

I just wanted to say, thank you for saving my ass today in surgery.

Well, that's my job, Three.

Now where are Adam's post-op labs?

[Meredith] It's good advice, but it's not very practical.

I'll get them, Dr. Yang.

When someone hurts us... [knock on door]

...we want to hurt them back.

Come in. [Door opens]

Keep it down, will you?

When someone wrongs us, we want to be right.

Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled.

Old wounds never heal.

And the most we can hope for is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget.