Grey's Anatomy S4E7 Script

Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction (2007)

[Izzie] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

[Lexie] Alex, tell me you don't live with Meredith.

The more available he gets, the more I pull away.

I'm used to being number one. I will help you. We'll be like a team.

Dr. Hahn has agreed to become our new head of cardiothoracic surgery.

Looking forward to it, Dr. Yang. Ah! Good morning.

Trout for breakfast. Again.

Tonight we will have hot, perfect sex.

[Sobs] I'm exhausted. Maybe tonight's not the perfect night.

[# Derek Webb: Name]

[Meredith] Before we were doctors we were med students, which meant we spent a lot of time studying chemistry.

Wow. Yeah. [chuckles]

That was... [exhales] Aerobic.

Aerobic bad? No. No.

Why? Did you think it was bad?

No. OK.

No. I mean, obviously, we both were nervous.

We've been... we've been waiting for so long, it was like...

It better be good. [chuckles] It better be worth it. [laughs]

It's a lot of pressure. Yeah.

Let's just do it again. Let's get right back on that horse.

[Meredith] Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. We learned it all.

What's new with you? I saw my half sister half naked.

What's new with you? I had dinner and a movie.

With the Chief. Mmm.

Hey. You could stay.

Yeah, I think I'm going to go. Leave you wanting more and all that.

[Meredith] But when you're talking about human chemistry, only one thing matters.

Either you've got it or you don't.

Dry cleaning.

Yeah. You want some coffee?

And tell them that there is a stain on the left sleeve of the blue one.

I'm thinking Godfather tonight.

Sounds good.

[Raspy voice] "I'm gonna make 'em an offer they can't refuse."

It's Brando. Yeah. I got that.

[Mouths] Stella!

Hey. I'm taking Meredith Grey from you this week.

Her mother was a good surgeon, and I want to see what she's like.

Well, that's not how it works here.

You get assigned a resident. There's a schedule.

Well, the schedule doesn't take into account certain things.

Like what? Like the fact that I don't want Yang.

You can have Stevens. She's good and I'm sure Shepherd won't mind.

Won't mind what?

She's sassy.

She's a woman of substance, you two have nothing in common.

I'm late. I had to drop off the Chief's dry cleaning.

You're doing his laundry? We're helping each other out.

Yeah? What's he doing? He has an extensive DVD collection.

[Sighs] You're dating the Chief.


I don't care if you sleep with Lexie.

Just can't do it at my house. It's my house.

Look, get over it. It was a one time thing anyway.

Alex. Come on, seriously. One time.

What's the problem with you and your sister?

She's not my sister.


You look weird. I don't look weird.

What's wrong? I look fine.

I know you.

It's horrible.

The sex. With Izzie.

Horrible. It's like she's trying too hard.

You ever see a porno? Not that Izzie's a porno. She's an angel.

But it's like she's trying to channel a porn star.

And she's trying to act all dirty and sexy which sounds great, right?

But, in reality, I just want to say, "Izzie, just 'cause you can do that with your legs doesn't mean you should."


I want to run. Run. Run. Run now.

Oh! [exhales]

I love George. Oh, God.

I do. I love him. And I'm so happy because he's kind and smart and sweet and sexy.

He's perfect. Perfect except for the fact that he kisses like a chicken.

A chicken pecking the ground for food, just pecking and pecking.

And when he's pecking at me like that I forget that I love him.

I forget he's kind, sweet and sexy and I want to scream, "Stop pecking me!"

Did he peck you like a chicken, Mer?

Morning! Cristina needs me.

I am painting Burke's apartment, so I can stop calling it Burke's apartment.

A happy color. Red, like blood.

Plus I am on cardio this whole week.

One of the benefits of living with the person who makes the schedule.

I'm on post-op again. Second week in a row.

Trade with me. Oh, yeah. No way.

I was talking to Meredith. Why? I'm with Hahn.

Dude, wake up and smell the surgical board.

Three days ago there was a code in room 2037 and no resident to cover it.

The schedule is a mess. Your mess. Clean it up.

Chief had on his stern face. Yeah. You know, I was...

I was happy this morning. You know why?

Because I have back to back surgeries today.

You have on your "I want something" face.

Will you cover for me? Just do the Chief Resident thing so I can stay happy?

Just today. Please, please? You want me to...

Be me. But, you know, better. Be you.

How's it going, Jerry?

If by how's it going, you're asking me if I've had the pleasure of taking a crap yet, Dr. Karev, the answer is it's not going, nothing's going, nothing's moving.

Five days since your bowel resection, you should be...

Crapping by now? What's the problem? Did you people botch the surgery?

Is there crap leaking out into my body?

The surgery was a success... Listen, Dr. Karev.

[Grunts] Oh, Mama.

I've been divorced twice. My children won't talk to me.

I've battled addictions, filed for bankruptcy.

My life has basically sucked.

But, through it all, the one thing I had going for me was, I crap like clockwork.

It's a simple pleasure, I want it back.

So get your little prescription pad and write me a prescription to make me crap.

[Cristina] Grey and Hahn?

OK, she can't do this. She can't just not teach me. It's her job.

Torres has to make her teach me. If the chemistry isn't there...

Not chemistry. She doesn't like me. She says it's chemistry.

You know, I'm going to Torres.

Dr. Torres wanted me to tell you... find another specialty. Why?

It's not gonna work with Hahn. So you need to find a way to make it work with another specialty. I suggest you try the ER.

What? This isn't a request.

This is an order. From your Chief Resident.

The ER can be a candy store. Got car crashes, impalements. What do you got?

A sprained ankle and an infected bunion.

It can also strip you of your will to live.

OK, go, troll, find me something good.

Dr. Yang.

Has Meredith said anything about me? She's been avoiding me for days.

What did I say about talking about your life?

Help! My... My baby. [sobs]

I was carrying her down the stairs and I fell and she hit her head.

She was crying in the car, now she's not.

I'm too scared to look. Someone please tell me if my baby's alive.

OK. She can't be dead right?

You don't die falling down the stairs?

Please... let me help. I'll take the baby. It's fine. OK.

Oh, my God. [crying]

[Woman] Oh, my God.

She's breathing.

Her fontanel feels tense. She's lethargic.

Take her to Trauma Two and page Shepherd.

Thank you. Thank you so much. You're welcome.

Thank you. OK. OK.

Ma'am? You're going to have to stop hugging me so I can take care of your baby. Ma'am?

Ma'am? Ma'am?

I'm not getting a heartbeat. No pulse.

Get me a crash cart! She's not breathing.

[Woman] Sponge. Dr. Yang?

Teresa Brotherton, lost vitals, coded. I needled a tension pneumo.

She regained vitals. So much air in the soft tissue it's obscuring the ultrasound.

Probably punctured an airway as well as her lung. Feel that?

Uh, I was talking to Grey. We've got it from here, Dr. Yang.

[Erica] Call CT. Tell them we're on our way.

And you didn't see him swallow it?

You were making collages while our son choked to death.

[Woman] It was one marble. Brian, tell your dad you're not dead.

[Man] Ask your mom what "collage art" is.

Maybe if you came to my studio you could see.

Look. I'm too busy working to pay for that studio...

OK, Mom! Dad! Just shut up, OK?

[Exhales] Sorry. They're annoying. Brian! That's rude.

Wonder where he gets that?

There's not much we can do except wait for it to pass.

So he's fine? It was one marble.

He's not choking or drooling. He'll be fine.

But I still get something, right?

You said after the hospital I get what I want.

Absolutely. You were brave.

[Man] Yeah, buddy. Anything you want. OK.

I want you guys to get a divorce.

How about a puppy?

[Woman] No, Don. A boy should have a puppy.

I know we talked about it, but look...

We'll infiltrate with a mixture of bupivicaine and lido with epi along these areas here.

[Exhales] Is there a surgery that can make me look like her?

You're much prettier than Dr. Stevens.

Then how come I can't even remember the last time I had sex?

I'll bet Dr. Stevens can remember the last time she had sex.

Harriet, don't harass the residents. She still has her looks.

Although, you're already getting worry lines.

What do you have to be worried about? Nothing. I don't have worry lines.

Your frown line is already prominent.

Whatever is wrong in your life, you need to fix it quick.

Because once this stuff starts to turn south, it is a long way back.

Trust me.

Know what this is?

It looks like multiple rib fractures and a massive hemothorax.

Actually, it's you giving up OR Two. My patient is emergent.

What do I tell my patient?

If it were me I'd tell her to age gracefully.


Your baby has a slight brain contusion. Her brain's bruised. It's minor.

But I'd like to keep her here for observation.

I got to tell you, Dr. Shepherd, I'm listening to you, but I'm not hearing anything you're saying.

Dr. Hahn is taking my wife into surgery right now and I need to go be with her.

You know what you're doing. Go ahead and do it. I need to go be with my wife.


What's your daughter's name?

She doesn't have one yet.

We just adopted her a week ago.

Just been trying to get to know her.

[Erica] Clear! [Woman] Charged.

No rhythm.

[Erica] Clear!

Push intracardiac epi.

[Meredith] There you go. Get ready to cross-clamp the aorta.

[Meredith] The heart's responding. Sinus rhythm.

All right. That's twice in two hours this woman has died.

Let's pick up the pace. The less time she's on the table, the better.

Quite a rush, huh?

Hahn took my OR. She's pushy.

Pushy and rude.

Is she doing a stapled tractotomy?

She's trying to save as much lung tissue as possible.

Doesn't make up for pushy and rude.

No. It doesn't.

[Faint crying]

You paged me?

Yeah. I was wondering, do you think I can pick her up?

The baby? I mean, the father hasn't really been down here and she's been through so much already.

That's not why you paged me.

It's not? No.

You paged 'cause your legs are shaking from the other night.

You're trying to work up the nerve to invite me to a friendly on call room.

Actually, I paged you because I wanted to know if you could tell Meredith that I had no idea that her house was your house.

I mean, she and I, we were making progress.

And now she must think that I'm a stalker.

Sorry. Your issues can't be my issues.

But I am here for the sex if you need it.

If I need it?

[Baby groans] You know you need it.

[Baby babbles] [Chuckles]

Have you seen Dr. Torres?

She promised a breakdown for next week's ENT conference by the end of the day.

She asked me to pass it along. Must have slipped my mind. My apologies.

Oh, good. I mean, this is good. This... Nice work.

Thank you. I mean, yeah.


[Izzie grunts] Ooh!

Sorry. I'm sorry. [Grunts]

No, it's fine. It's just... It's just...

Ow! Ow!

Sorry. You go that way. I go...

You know, we... We should... [inhales] We should stop for a second.

We should just... We're a little nervous and awkward.

We just have to admit we're nervous and we're awkward.

Yeah. It's a little awkward. [laughs] Yeah. Because we're nervous.

[Laughs] We just need to get over ourselves.

How? Um...


We pick a fantasy.

What? You know, a fantasy.

We could pick a fantasy. Any...

[chuckles] Fantasy.


I will do anything that you want me to.


[Rubber toy squeaks]

That's what you wanted? [Whispers] No.

I mean... Yes.

But that's not what I meant.

What did you mean then? Nothing.

Let's just not ever talk about this again. Please.

We have chemistry, George. I know we have it because we had the best sex I ever had in my life. Do you remember that sex?

I do. It's vague and it's in flashes, but I do.

I want that sex back. We can do this.

Well, I want that sex back.

I think I chipped my tooth.

You know, I've been trying to do what you said, but it's not working.

What... What did I say? To try another specialty.

Cristina, I have back to back surgeries, and I don't know what you're talking about so...

Dr. Bailey said it was your idea, but I thought maybe I could have some input...

Oh, yeah. Yeah. That. The...

Yeah, my idea to... For you to try other specialties.

So can I... Can I scrub in with you? You hate ortho.

No, I love ortho. But I can't observe anymore.

I need to scrub in. And even if it's on ortho.

[Scoffs] Which I love.


[Mouths] No, I don't love ortho. [Elevator dings]

Morning. Morning.

I'm a person of substance. Plastics isn't all facelifts.

I do many substantial, life-changing surgeries.

Hmm. [Elevator dings]

Hey. Um, the stain's still there.

So next time stand there, make sure you watch them mark it with the tape.

Hmm... [clears throat]

And everyone thinks it's so easy being the Chief's girlfriend.

Need to talk, I'm here. Yeah.

[Sighs deeply]

Oh. Hi. Uh...

I just came by to update him on the baby.

But I can... come back.

Listen, I had... I had no idea it was your house.

I... and, you know, I'm not the girl who sleeps around. I'm not.

It's just, you know, so much going on at home that...

[man] How is she doing?

Well, she made it through the night. That's a very good sign.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, well, she's strong. She'll make it.

She's not going to let that baby grow up without a mother, huh?

Hey. You're OK.

[Moans] Oh, no. Don't try to talk, OK?

Your baby's fine. She's feeding well.

She's doing great. I can get her if you'd like.

Dr. Grey, why don't you go get the baby?

You're Dr. Grey too? Are you two sisters?

No. Just same last name.

I was just thinking about this crap I took in the Army.

Still nothing? I gave you a pretty good laxative.

Not strong enough, apparently. Have a seat, Dr. Karev.

If I can't crap, you're going to sit here while I reminisce.


Morning, Harriet. Let's get you out of bed and get you mobile.

[Moans] I'm in too much pain. Leave me alone.

Yep, the best thing for pain is to get you out of bed.

You'll feel much better. I will feel better if you leave.

Harriet. Stop scowling.

You can scowl later, when you actually have something to scowl about, when your ass expands and you get a double chin.

But right now you are young. You should be having fun.

Go! Start enjoying your life.

You're getting uglier by the minute!

[Man] Hang another bag. [Woman] Stop the...

Her heart stopped again.

They got it started, but... Look. I can't deal with her right now.

Could you take her back? [Woman] Continue CPR.

[Man] No rhythm.

Now! Could you take her away, now!

[Man] Let's go with epi.

[Woman] All set.

[# Northern State: Iluvitwhenya]

Uh, Dr. Torres, could I talk to you a minute?

I'm in the middle of a shattered femur.

Thank God for men who ride motorcycles, right, Yang? [chuckles]


There's some scheduling issues you have to deal with.

Yeah, can you handle that again? Thanks.


I need to talk to Dr. Torres. My patient won't crap, won't stop talking about it.

I'm done. Dr. Torres in there?

My facelift won't walk. I can't work with her.

Dr. Shepherd's ready to discharge Teresa Brotherton's baby, but the father's in no condition. OK. Is there a problem?

Just a little administrative traffic jam.

Dr. Torres has it under control.

OK, here's what's going to happen.

Take Crap Man and put him in the same room with Lazy Facelift.

They can abuse each other.

The baby can stay another night. Now get out of here.

And if anyone asks, none of this was my idea.

Excuse us. Where does it hurt? [Grunts] Everywhere.

Didn't the marble come out? Yeah. Last night.

[Grunts] It really hurts. I ate some more.

You what? You said you took the rest from his room.

I did! Well, obviously, you didn't!

Hey. Brian, how many did you eat? Eight. [grunts]


[Brian screams] Is this what you ate?

Brian, this isn't a marble. This is a magnet!

Page Dr. Bailey. Tell her it's an emergency.

The magnets take the path of least resistance to get to each other.

And if that means going through the wall of the intestine, then that's what they're going to do. There.

Yeah, I'm looking at a perfed bowel here. He's going to need surgery.

Dr. Bailey. There's another one. It's moving.

[Bailey] Like a slow-motion gunshot.

All right, we got to stop it before it rips through his stomach and kills him.

Come on.

Here we go, Jerry. What the hell is this?

Oh, room shortage. You're going to have to double up.

[Harriet] What? Yeah. Harriet, meet Jerry.

This is absurd! Not so angry, Jerry.

Not good for the complexion. Right, Harriet?

Harriet, Jerry may monopolize the bathroom for a few hours, so if you need to go, I'd go now.

This is unacceptable. I don't even think it's legal.

My advice would be to get yourselves discharged as quickly as possible. See you.

[Bailey] I have seven magnets in my tray. He said he swallowed eight.

There's a hole in his diaphragm.

One could have wandered up to his chest.

Forceps. Gonna repair the diaphragm?

First I want to see if the magnet will find me.

He did this so his parents would get a divorce.

They fight all the time, he made himself sick so they'd take him seriously.

I bet they take him seriously now. No.

They said they'd try not to fight so much.

I'm elbow deep in their eight-year-old.

[Tsks] Sounds like something a little extra effort can't fix.

You're probably right.

I am so right about so many things, it would make your head spin.

[Mark] Her hands are beautiful.

I mean, surgically, the finesse.

I was in ortho all day. There's no finesse to breaking bones.

Carpentry. Carpentry.

Yeah. You want finesse you should try plastics. It's all finesse.

Yeah. No room for error when you're dealing with someone's face.

It's more than just facelifts. I'm a board-certified ENT.

I take out tumors.

It's also a lot of facelifts.

But even a facelift... I'm changing a life.

I'm holding someone's future in my hands.

Holding a heart is way better.

[Faintly crying]

She's good. Yeah.

She's sleeping, but we can go in if you want to...


Dr. Hahn said that Teresa's...

Well, she's not in good shape.

Her other lung is leaking now.

And they can't operate because her heart is too weak from all the strain.

So they're gonna see if she's gonna make it through the night and reassess in the morning.

I am so sorry. Yeah.

I need to know who to call just in case my wife doesn't make it.

I can't do this on my own.

I know what I'm capable of, and I can't raise a kid without my wife.

A kid that's not even my own blood.

The kid deserves a family.

And, hey, I'm not a bad guy, and I see her and she's good, you know.

She's a good baby. But I'm not...

You're her father. She needs you.

She needs you now more... You're her father.

I don't feel like her father.

I look at her and I just...

I see that she's not mine, she's just a baby.

[Inhales] What did you do tonight?

I stayed late at work because my house is a brothel.

[Chuckles] What did you do?

Oh, no! What?

Dinner and a movie.

Dinner and a movie? [Richard] Oh!

Dinner... Oh, dear. I... I'm sorry. I'll just... OK.

I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. OK.

It's a box of fun. You know?

It's just been too much.

Too much pressure. Yeah.

Too much trying. We just got to get back to having fun.

Yeah. So it's a box of props? It's a box of fun.


Can I? Mmm-hmm.


A box of fun and booze, because I figure it can't hurt.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh! That's... [chuckles]

No. You know what? Don't say it. This will work.

Yeah. We will work.

We just need to take the pressure off. Yeah.

We have the house to ourselves. Good.

We're going to have a drink. And we're going to play.

We'll play. Play.

With our box of fun.

That's... [chuckles]

[Car door closes] [George and Izzie laugh]

You definitely don't want to go in. Alex. George and Izzie?


The Chief just saw me naked.

Huh, nice. [Car door closes]

I thought I said no having sex with her at this house.

I didn't invite her over.

Hi. Hey.

Um, Alex, do you want to get a drink at Joe's?

Yeah. Sure.


There's no rule that says he can't have a drink with me.

Actually, there is. I'm making one. No drinking with Alex.

No sleeping with Alex.

What exactly did I ever do to you? Get your own friends.

Get your own life. Stop living in mine!

Screw you. I'll wait at the car.

I know that was mean, but she's everywhere.

You say she's not your sister. You say you don't want to know her.

So why the hell do you care so much?

[Car door opens and shuts]

I don't. I don't. [Engine starts]

I don't care.

[Alarm beeps]

Morning. Hey. Got to get to work.

Yeah, yeah. Me too. Got to go. Got to go.

[Door closes] [Exhales]

[Elevator dings]

All I'm saying is, the next time you have company, lock the door.

All I'm saying is, the next time you come over you should knock.

Where is she?

Well, it looks like she finally got out of bed.

[Jerry and Harriet laughing]

[Gasps] [Harriet gasps] Oh!

Oh, my God! [Chuckles]

We're adults, don't look so shocked!

[Harriet] She always looks like that.


Well, I guess he finally crapped. [Exhales]

What? Even they have chemistry.

Dr. O'Malley. He's... Brian, he's really going to be OK, right?

Kids bounce back more quickly than adults so...

We used to be really happy.

I'm sorry? My husband and I. We really were.


Brian was a colicky baby and Don lost his job and my mother died and all this baggage piled up. I'm... I don't...

I just keep thinking that we have to get back there.

Maybe Brian's right. Maybe Don and I do need a break from each other.

We haven't been happy in a long time.

[Indistinct chattering]

[Woman] Pressure's stable.

She put her on a heart and lung machine in her room?

She wasn't gonna survive another day without surgery, too unstable to transport to the OR, so Hahn had to bring the OR to her. It's pretty genius, right?

It's genius.

Dr. Grey. Make sure her lines are clear.

The last thing we need is a kink to send her into arrest.

Anybody gets so much as a bad feeling, we stop and reassess.

She's going to make it, right?

He said he's gonna give the baby up if she doesn't make it. She has to make it.

Kind of busy right now, Lex.

Road trip. [Woman] Get that out of the way.


Mr. Brotherton, we need to go now.

I will send Dr. Grey out to you with periodic updates.

I promise I'm going to do everything in my power to fix your wife.

[Mark] I got a thing for her. [Derek] You don't.

I do. I do. I have a thing for her. It's going to end badly.

You don't know. Yes, I do.

What do you know? You're dating the Chief.

That joke's not funny anymore. It's overused.



Lover's quarrel? Oh, Jesus.

We're not quarreling. Not a quarrel.

More importantly, we're not...

If I go through the trouble to choose a movie, he should have enough common courtesy to mention it if he makes other plans.

A phone call, a note, something.

And if he's not going to pick up my shirts, just tell me. I'll pick them up.

I'm perfectly capable of picking up my own shirts.

No, you're not. You're not capable of picking up your shirts.

You're not capable of anything on your own.

If I wasn't around, you'd starve in a dirty shirt, die a lonely death.

Oh, for God's sake.

I offered a place to put your trailer, and you've taken advantage ever since.

You can't handle picking up the dry cleaning or cooking, so I have to pick up all the slack.


Hold that thought.

You see? He can't handle the truth.

I definitely have a thing for her.

[female over PA] Dr. Holden, 2292. Miranda.

Do you have any idea why the Brothertons' baby's still here?

I believe Dr. Torres decided to keep the baby here for another day.

Well, why would she do that if Dr. Shepherd was ready to discharge her?

I don't know. You have to ask Dr. Torres.


If it was me and the mother kept coding, I might keep the baby around so they could get a little more time together.


And why did Torres have Stevens and Karev put their patients in the same room?

That's a clear violation of protocol.

You have to ask her.

But those two patients were impossible, and neither one was willing to follow post-op instruction, so...

I mean, if it was me, I would put them both in the same room so they could encourage each other to get out of here.

And she told Dr. Yang to find a new specialty?

That's a pretty odd thing to say to someone who has such an affinity for cardio.

Again, you'll have to ask Torres, but it has to do with the fact that Erica Hahn's putting her through her paces, so Yang needs to see what else is out there, otherwise she's won't fight hard enough to stay with cardio.

I'm just guessing. OK, you need to ask Torres.

That's just what I'm going to do.

OK, it's been an hour. We should've heard something.

Well, the fact that we haven't heard anything is good.

That means that they've got her in the OR and they've opened her up.

Yeah, every step of this that she survives is good.

[Door opens]

Oh, God.

So we were able to find one puncture in her remaining lung.

We're preparing to place a patch over it.

Hopefully that's the only leak and hopefully the patch will hold.


I should be getting back.

You know, you said your wife bonded instantly with the baby.

For some people it's like that. For other people, they need a little more time with the baby before they can feel like a family.

I bet you know her better than you think you do.

All I know is that she cries. OK? And she eats. A lot.

You know, we were going through formula like crazy.

And she sleeps with her hand above her chin.

And she likes my wife.

Teresa soothes her, you know? She puts her hand on her back and...

...she let's her suck on her finger. But that's all I know.

That's five things no one else knows. That's five things.

[# Joe Purdy: San Jose]

[Erica] Patch is secure. Water please.

All right, let's see if I earned my paycheck today.

Go to manual. Give me a breath.

[Meredith] No bubbles. So far, so good. Another breath.

[Meredith] I see bubbles. [Monitor beeping]

The patch is secure. Clamp!

Oh, we got another leak. Grey, hold onto this clamp please!

Dr. Torres. You got a moment? I don't. I have two more surgeries.

I know the schedule's crazy. I'll get on it tonight.

No, you're not, actually. OK, you're right.

It may not happen until tomorrow. You're not going to get on it at all.

[Door opens]

Mr. Brotherton, we did everything we could, but...

Hey. Hey.

Cool lounge. Yeah, no interns allowed.

I know that. I was looking for you.

Because I was wondering if you would meet me later.

In the on call room.

I can't.

Oh. I thought you said that...

Yeah, I know what I said. But I can't.

Because of Meredith.

Look, I'm not getting involved in whatever you two got going on.

I'm not choosing sides.

Except, clearly you are, so...

[female over PA] Dr. George to OR One. Dr. George to OR One.

Dr. Bailey.

You've been covering for Dr. Torres.

Chief, I've just been shuffling a little paperwork for...

You've been doing the lion's share of the Chief Resident's work.

All the responsibility and none of the credit.

You deserve the credit. You deserve the job.

I should have given it to you in the first place.

I hope you'll take it now.

Because what you do and how you do it...

...makes this hospital work.

Well, it's about time you noticed.




Can I pick her up?

Yeah, of course. Nurse.

OK. Thank you.


It's OK.

[Sniffs, gasps] I remember a sixth thing.

She hates the car seat.

Unless you put this little duck up under her head, you know.


I'm going to name you Keisha, OK?

Because that's what your mommy wanted to name you.

I'm not stalking. I just...

I hate apples. Hate them.

Think they shouldn't be allowed to be a fruit.

That's one. And two...

I can draw really, really well on an Etch A Sketch.

Like, really well.

Like, I could be a professional if, you know, that profession existed.

I play the trombone. Badly.

I like math.

And I notice that you do this thing with your hands when you're trying to make a point. Like this, with your hands.

And I know that's about you, but I do it too, so it's also about me and so that's five.

Five things that I'm hoping will make it a little bit harder for you to hate me.


[# Calahan: Pouring On the Gasoline]

I told her I could draw with an Etch A Sketch.

Of all the things I could've chosen... No wonder she thinks I'm pathetic.

I saw your transplant today. I know.

You have extraordinary technique. I know.

Can I buy you a drink?

I have... rather extraordinary techniques myself.

You're not attracted to me. You think you are, but you're not.

You're attracted to my skill and my confidence, and maybe how hot I look with my hands on a heart.

But mostly you're attracted to me because I'm not attracted to you.

I told her I couldn't see her anymore.

You did? Whatever.

I don't need another chick with issues.

Thank you.

[Meredith] Alex.

[# Priscilla Ahn: Rain]


Will you take my sister home?

Come on. She plays the trombone and whatever.

Just take her home please.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] I finished painting.

I got fired.

[Exhales] I married Adele two years out of college.

There's a lot I need to learn to do for myself.

[Richard sighs]

Just pick up your own shirts from now on.


Taxi Driver?

Meredith is coming over.

Uh, I better get back to my trailer. [Chuckles]

"You talking to me?"

De Niro?

Alex, I'm... I'm fine. Thank you.

Really. You can... You can go. Thanks.

What a pleasant surprise. It's Dr. Karev, isn't it?

Yes, sir. I don't...

I don't want to interrupt you two. Wait. Dad, you're going out?

Just down to the store.

Dad. It's just down to the store, Lexie.

Why don't I go? You know, my car, it's right here.

I'm fine. What do you need?

Scotch, vodka, gin?



Just... don't tell Meredith.

[Door slams]

What did you do tonight?

Nothing. You?


It's late. Shouldn't you be going soon?

I just want to lie here for a few more minutes.

That was amazing. [chuckles]

Finally! [Chuckles]

See? I knew we had it in us. [exhales]

Now that was as good as the first time.

No. It was better. [Laughs]

Way better. No, you're right. Because, well, we were drunk and well, I'm not married and that was just...


You're lying.

Well, so are you.

[Meredith] Chemistry.

Either you've got it... or you don't.