Grey's Anatomy S4E9 Script

Crash Into Me: Part 1 (2007)

[Richard] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

You're not attracted to me. You think you are, you're not.

You are nowhere near hardcore enough to commit to cardio.

Why isn't this easier? I don't know.

Well, I want my best friend back.

You deserve the job. I should have given it to you.

Things are gonna be different here.

Your love lives, your hopes and dreams, the joys and tragedies that make you who you are have no place in my hospital.

This is our son. He's beautiful.

[# Roisin Murphy: Movie Star]

[Meredith] We go into medicine because we want to save lives.

We go into medicine because we want to do good.

We go into medicine for the rush...

...for the high...

...for the ride.

You're not dancing. I'm too tense.

Which is why we're dancing! My problem is, I'm sleeping with a man who's dating. I don't care if he dates Sydney.

It's the woman he dates after Sydney. That's my problem.

If I had any sense, I would break up with the breakup sex.

There would be no more breakup sex-ing. If I had any sense...

Shut up! Dance it out.

But what we remember, at the end of most days, are the losses.

What we lay awake at night replaying is the pain we caused or failed to cure.

The lives we ruined or failed to save.

You know, I'm gonna tell him.

I don't want him seeing other people. Fine. Whatever.

I'm gonna tell him. And I feel good about it.

Dancing makes you brave.

So the experience of practicing medicine rarely resembles the goal.

The experience, too often, is ass-backwards and upside down.

Hey. I'm so sick of Meredith and Cristina and their stupid love affair that they have to rub in everyone's faces.

It's stupid dancing. Frigging Bobbsey Twins. It's stupid!

You're ranting. It's early in the morning for ranting.

We're supposed to be the happy ones. We should be dancing. Why aren't we?

You want to dance?

Whatever. I'm gonna go in early.

I'm gonna get on hardcore Erica Hahn cardio, and I'm gonna kick ass at it.

When I kick ass, it's gonna piss Cristina off.

But it won't matter because I'll be a kick-ass cardio god.

[Door slams]

I'm just saying, you're never here. Hold on, hold on.

I mess up the rotation schedule, the residents are gonna dog me all week.

OK. You're never here.

I'm here in the mornings. I'm here at night.

Between midnight and 6 am. I'm chief resident now.

And I'm loading the dishwasher!


You volunteered to stay home with T-U-C-K.

Who else was gonna take care of T-U-C-K?

I'm late for work.

Hey, honey. We need to talk.

OK, take the baby by your mom and meet me for lunch. OK?

We'll talk then. Well, why can't we talk here?

I'm only here between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

Come on. Now, just meet me for lunch, Tucker. Come on, now.

Lunch. Yes, lunch.

Thatcher's not my problem. He can get drunk all he wants. I don't care.

Right. I don't care about Lexie, either.

She's a big girl, she can take care of herself.

You talk about them an awful lot for someone who doesn't care.

You care because you're you.

You're gonna make me late for my meeting with Sloan.

Well, OK then, go.


Nothing. I'm gonna be late.

Hey. I'm late for Sloan's meeting.

Yeah, so am I. Also, I'm not speaking to you.

I'm still not speaking to you. You don't have to speak.

Late for Sloan.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, this is Nick Hanscomb.

Hi. Nick was lucky enough to have me remove a large carotid body tumor from his neck.

That I was able to get clean boundaries is pretty darn impressive, even for me. Congratulations.

Don't interrupt. Now, despite the fact that it was a wildly successful surgery, we had to dissect out deep lymph nodes in his neck.

There is now only a delicate flap of skin between his carotid artery and the outside world.

That said, what am I worried about?

I'd think given the friability of the skin, that there's a great possibility that the artery could blow.


Don't worry, I've heard this before.

If that happens, whoever's in the room, I don't care if it's a doctor, a nurse, an orderly, your job is to stop the bleeding, then page me, in that order. Are we clear? Any questions?

They look scared. They're professionals.

A healthy level of fear is encouraged.

OK, then.

If I do die, it will have been lovely meeting you all.

See? The patient is confident, you should be confident. That's it.

What do we got? Jacob Nolston, 47, status post his double bypass surgery two weeks ago, febrile with tenderness in his surgical incisions.

We got a ten car pileup, mind taking him?

You got it. I need a gurney.

I'll page Hahn.

We all agree. Get him inside and flip for it.

You're in good hands. Thank you.

One, two, three. [Approaching siren]

You're in over your head. You don't own the cardio department.

He's my patient. First dibs. Hey, you guys.

You can't call dibs. I think you should move!

Let go of the gurney. You let go!



My leg! Are you OK?

I'm good. Let's go.

[Man continues screaming]

[Man] Coming through!

[Bailey] Call the fire department. Get some gurneys out here.

Ray? Ray, can you hear me?



Oh, my God. Stan? Open your eyes, man.


Oh, man. Don't scare me like that. Let's get you guys out of there.

No! Stop! Stop. Don't touch anything.

Don't touch until Fire stabilizes. Doors aren't gonna budge.

Torres! I need your help here! Get the driver!

On my way! All right, just page somebody to help you and keep them talking.

You got this? Yeah.

Don't leave. Don't. OK.

Somebody page the chief!

Hey, you OK? No.

But I'm not as bad off as this guy.

He started coding after we picked him up.

And Mary had some kind of seizure.

Mary? Mary, come on girl, wake up!

I need help. There's no pulse.

Call the coroner. Let me check you. No. Is she dead?

I'll go around. No, but she looks postictal.

A bad elbow dislocation and weak pulse. Can you grab this?

She was driving, talking to me. She started convulsing, and then we slammed into that rig. Can you move?


You know I need to stabilize you. You know the drill.

My c-spine's clear. I can walk.

Well, come on. Where are you injured?

My gut. Upper abdomen.

I know this is going to sound weird, but think you could get me a guy doctor?

How am I doing? Strong and stable.

Strong and stable.

Two words that have never been used to describe me. Ever.

You're a pretty girl. I hope you don't think that's rude.

I'm just... I haven't been allowed to notice that kind of thing for a while.

Now I'm allowed. You're allowed to notice prettiness?

Well, I'm allowed to notice other women.

Women other than my girlfriend.

My now ex-girlfriend. Oh, I'm sorry.

Yeah, giant neck tumors weren't her thing.

She left because of the tumor? No.

No. She left me because I didn't make her laugh anymore.

And she had just lost that loving feeling.

She left you because of the tumor. That sucks.


You seeing anyone? I'm just making conversation.

My artery is exposed, which kind of limits my game.

OK... yes.

Well, kind of. I am.

Nice guy? Yeah, he is.

Well, he's kind of... he's kind of a nice guy disguised as a jerk. Oh, yeah, I know that type.

My girlfriend was a nice girl disguised as a vapid narcissist.

But then it turned out she really was just a vapid narcissist.

Ouch. Yeah.

So you really like this guy?

Even though he doesn't have a super-cool exposed carotid artery?

Yeah. I do.

What's going on in the pit? They wiped the board.

A couple of ambulances crashed into each other.

I'm canceling electives to free ORs for emergent surgeries.

Are we friends yet? I'm sorry?

Friends. Are we friends?

I know I just learned your name and all, Rose.

But I'd like to think I could call you a friend.

Why? Because, if I'm your friend, I'd tell you about licorice in your teeth, where as an acquaintance, I'd smile politely and pretend it wasn't there.

Thank you. Yeah.

[Woman] Jacob! [Girl] Dad!

Daddy, are you OK? Hey, guys.

You OK? What happened to your leg?

There was a... a little accident, but I'm OK. It doesn't hurt.

What kind of an accident? The ambulances crashed.

The ambulances crashed? Sandra, tell your mother not to panic.

Stop panicking, Mom.

Is his heart OK? What's your name?

Lucy. Lucy, I'm Izzie.

Your dad's heart is hurt, but we're gonna work hard to make it better.

I was paged? Dr. Yang? Jacob Nolston, two weeks post-op from a CABG. My exam suggests a sternal infection.

Our initial exam. He also sustained injuries to his leg from an accident outside the ER. OK, Stevens, when you can tear yourself away, page Torres about the shrapnel in this leg.

And you can work with her today. I only need one.

No. You have to let me examine you.

I can wait. I'll wait for a guy.

You're shy. OK, I get that. This is no time for shy.

Now, my hands may be smaller than a man's, but my brain is much larger, I assure you. Now, you're just going to have let me...

No! Do not... Do not touch me! For the love of...

Dr. Bailey. An emergent situation?

Says he wants a male doctor. He doesn't want female hands to touch him.

Let me see his chart.

Um, Shane, I'm Dr. Webber.

I'm going to palpate your abdomen... No, no.

You said he wanted a male doctor. [Bailey] He did.

I just... I meant I want another...

I want a different doctor. I'll wait for a different doctor.

[Bailey] A different doctor?

You mean you want a white doctor.

I have paramedics hanging upside down.

Can you handle... this?

Yes, sir. I can.

Dr. Torres. This is Mary Daltry.

She lost consciousness behind the wheel.

You're the neuro guy? Yes, I'm Dr. Shepherd.

Why did I have a seizure? I don't know.

I've never had a seizure before. I mean, I'm fine.

Except, apparently, I caused this accident.

Call Radiology, let's get her in for an MRI.

Yes, sir. How's Shane? My partner?

Does anybody know? He's with Dr. Bailey.

That's good. Ready to fix the arm. Are you ready?

Is it gonna hurt? Yes, but...


But Dr. Torres is very good.

OK, Dr. Shepherd, are you good? Yeah, I'm good.

Soon as I get some more information, I'll let you know. OK?

OK. All right.

[Crunch] Ow!

[Sirens blaring]

How's it going in there, fellas?

I think... I think that they better get us out of here.

Yeah. If we're putting it to a vote, I think we better get out of here fast.

I'm afraid "keep still" is the best we can do for now.

Don't want to make anything worse.

We'll get you some pain meds as soon as possible.

Sir? Call me Richard.

Richard, can you tell me...

My legs, are they broken?

I... I can't see your legs. How come?

Well, your body is trapped in the door. You can't feel...

I can't... You can't feel that?

I can't.

I can't feel anything.

His ears are bleeding! I see, Ray.

Can you get my wife?

She works here. She's an x-ray tech.

You bet. Stan, don't die on me. You hear me?

I'll be so pissed if you die on me. I'm doing my best, man.

Get Stan's wife here now. What do we... How do we?

We don't.

We have a whole hospital... The moment we move him, he's gonna bleed out.

All the medicine in the world won't save him.

His wife has to get here soon if she wants to see her husband alive.

Now, move.

Everything's clear! Just a couple more minutes, guys.

Thanks. [Man] Go ahead and secure that line.

I'm just checking on you guys.

Ray, talk to me. What?

Talk to me. I need you to help me hold on until Sara gets here.

I'm not helping you hold on, because you're not dying.


Talk to him. Help him.

Remember the night you met Sara?

At Joe's?

You used that stupid line about...

The one about the bet over the song lyrics.

Right. Right. What was that song?

It was... It was...

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone."


[Both singing]

What comes next? I don't know.

"I think I can make it now, the pain is gone."

[Stan] I can't believe Sara fell for that line.

Listen, when you get out of here, you're gonna have a great story to tell.

You tell it in the bar.

You tell them how you got into this accident and your best friend died.

Chicks love that stuff.

Ray, don't tell Sara that I was talking about you getting tail right before I died.


She should be here any minute. Just hold on, Stan.

Dr. Sloan, I have a patient 13 days status post CABG with a sternal infection. Remove sternum?

And I need you to manipulate the pectoral muscles so we don't leave a hole in the chest. Can you make time?

Make time for a drink with me?

Did I mention time is a factor here? I'm looking for a yes or no answer.

As am I. This may be enjoyable to you, but I have a patient in serious condition.

I came to you. Legend has it you're the best in plastics.

But if bad jokes and sleazy come-ons are what I'm in for all afternoon, I'll page whoever's second best. Dr. Hahn.

I apologize.

And I'll clear my schedule. Thank you. OR One.

Why don't you clean this up here and clear up my schedule and you can scrub in. Thank you.

Sorry about that.

[# The Cake Sale: Some Surprise]

I'm sorry. I'll be right back.

So... coffee? I can't.

You can't? When I was your patient, you made time for me.

Because you were my patient. I thought it was because you liked me.

Look, I'm really sorry.

I got to finish up and then I'm scrubbing in on a surgery.

It's one I've never seen before. Can I watch?

What? Can I watch the surgery? Can I?

Can you sneak me in? No.

Know how much trouble I'd get in? Since when are you a rule follower?

There's a dozen people in the back of the OR and there's a gallery.

Ava. Please?

We're ready to go. Hold off a moment.

His wife's arriving.

Stan, Sara's here.


Stan, wake up man, Sara's here! Wake up!

That's good.

That's good. Baby?

Baby! Hey.

Your x-ray shows the metal's embedded in your femur.

I'm gonna go in and remove it while Dr. Hahn and Dr. Sloan repair the damage caused by the infection.

Repair the damage?

Mm-hm. They're removing my chest bone.

Why is this all happening?

My kids shouldn't have to see me this way.

It's a dad's job to worry. You worry about your kids.

You worry about them every day of their lives.

But they aren't supposed to have to worry about dad, to comfort their mom.

Why am I back here? My kids... Your kids are fine.

They're taking care of each other and they're fine.

Lucy and the others were hungry, your wife took them to the cafeteria.

The point is, they're fine. They just want their dad to get better.

You'll keep an eye on them, when I'm in surgery? You'll keep them updated?

Because my wife, she...

She gets panicky if she doesn't know what's going on.

I will keep her updated.

Uh, I would like to borrow Dr. Yang. It's important. Can you spare her?

Torres! Can I steal Stevens off your service?

I'll give her away for free. Yang's all yours, Dr. Bailey.

Thank you.

Yang! Stevens!

Dr. Yang, Dr. Bailey has requested your capable hands.

Dr. Stevens, take over prepping Mr. Nolston for surgery.

Wait... Just take it up with Dr. Bailey, Yang.

Hey. Hey.

Mary's scans come up yet? Not yet.

What's going on with you and Stevens?

Just 'cause I don't sleep in your house, doesn't mean I don't hear gossip.

Why are we talking about this? We don't talk.

Oh, you're... You miss Meredith and you're clinging.

I'm not clinging. A little bit, you're clinging.

I'm just making small talk. OK. Cool.

Here we go.


[Groans] Look, I'm hurt. I'm really hurt here.

You just try not to die. Someone will be here soon to save the master race from extinction.

Can I talk to you for a minute? I mean no disrespect.

But can you tell me you have an amazingly good reason for pulling me off of Dr. Hahn's service when I have been fighting to get into her good graces. You're not black.

But you're not white either. Dr. Yang will be examining you.

Oh, come on. Are you kidding?

OK, you have medical training.

How long do you think you have to live if you have internal injuries?

Exactly. I seriously recommend you let this fine doctor examine you.

Dr. Yang, give him the best medical treatment possible. It's the law.

Sir, I need you to move your hands.

I just didn't want her to see.

I thought she might take offense, you know?

[# Missy Higgins: Where I Stood]

[Whimpering] I'm not gonna leave you. I'm not.

I'm not leaving here right now without you, OK? Please?

[Meredith] I've never seen her before. [Richard] What?

I've never seen her before. I've worked in this hospital all this time.

Before today, she was a complete stranger to me.

It happens. It's a big hospital.

I love you. [whimpering]

I've never met her before, and yet I'm the person who handed her the worst day of her life.

In her story, that's who I am.

That's who I'll always be.

That's the job.

That's the job. I know.

Look at me.

This day...

This day you feel helpless.

This day makes all those other days when you fight to save a life and lose, this day makes you grateful you have a chance to do anything at all.

You take it in.

[Sara stammers incoherently] Ma'am.

[Sara bawls]

It's time.

[Shane groans]

Go easy. I'm injured. You've had plenty of morphine.

You'll be fine. Not like you're in a concentration camp or anything.

When people are young or drunk, they get tattoos, they wake up, they regret it. So you regret it?

You got to treat me like anyone else. That's the beauty of this country.

Yes, it is.

So you're gonna drill into my skull?


Dr. Shepherd's gonna do a cookie craniotomy.

He's gonna drill a very, very small hole and then, with a computer, he guides the scope through your brain. It's as minimally invasive as possible.

It's just... It's weird, you know, to be on the other side of all this.

How are Stan and Ray?

And Shane? Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, how did this happen?

[Groaning] She's seizing!

[Izzie] I always knew you were an ass, but seriously?

You brought Jane Doe? Are you trying to get yourself kicked out?

She wanted to see what I do. I thought you were seeing Lexie.

I'm a popular guy. [Erica] Whatever you're talking about is endlessly fascinating, Dr. Karev, but I kind of had my heart set on saving a life today.

Sorry. [Erica] So... let's begin.

Hey, Nurse Olivia said you needed to see me. Are you OK?

My book is bad. And I hate daytime television.

And all my friends are at work. I'm at work too.

I'm an intern. Supposed to be learning.

You can learn about my artery. You can never know too much about arteries.

Come on. I have no one to talk to. Fine.

But I'm taking your vitals again. OK.

So you want to help me plot my revenge?

The girlfriend? Uh-huh. Here's what I'm thinking.

I page her here.

And then, you know, I'm all like, "I'm dying. And I just need to gaze at your beauty one last time."

And when she gets here... I flash her the artery.

It's mean. Right?

[Chuckling] I like it. Can you get me a phone?

The moment they pull apart the rig, we're gonna come in and grab you.

You take Stan first. Once we get in there and assess, then we'll see who goes first. No. You take Stan first.

You take Stan first.

Ray, I think I'm gonna be OK.

I'm starting to feel better. Don't screw with me.

No. No. I'm probably not as bad as I think.

I'm probably just paralyzed.

Richard, you think, maybe, that I can get out of here just paralyzed, right?

[# Ben's Brother: Let Me Out]

It's possible. It happens.

Really? See?


Is my wife inside? She won't see any of this?


You'll be where I can look at you?

I'm right here, where you can look at me.

Then let's do this.

Try to live, man.

You too.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Make them stop!

Stop! Stop! What are you doing?


Ray. Ray... Ray's back.

It's in deep. He'll bleed out if you move us.

It's the oxygen regulator. It's embedded in his back.

Ray! Ray! You still with us?

I'm here, chief.

I'm still here, but my pulse is weak.

He's sweaty and breathing fast.

And with the angle of that regulator...

It's cardiac tamponade.

If that regulator caused a tear in his heart and we move him, the regulator could move. It makes the tear bigger.

Please let's don't flood my heart. Please.

We'll stabilize him in the ambulance. Stan, you're a hero, man.

You saved Ray's life.



Stan? Damn it, Stan! Stan.

[# Correatown: All The World (I Tell Myself)]

[Richard] Go get the ultrasound so we can be sure.

And bring in a crash cart, just in case.

And go find where Hahn is.

OK. The films are up.

Intraperitoneal bleeding. His liver looks completely ruptured.

He is gonna need a laparotomy. Maybe it'll be straightforward.

So I can get back to Hahn's service?

Or not? If I have to work on this man, so do you. Why? You don't need me.

He has a swastika on his abdomen. A giant black swastika.

My stepfather's parents died in Auschwitz.

You and I will do this.

We will do this and we will consider ourselves having risen above.

We'll rise. Above.

[Izzie] You're busted.

[Alex] Save it. Mm.

[Erica] You're using a cable instead of wires, Dr. Sloan.

I've never seen it done that way.

[Mark] Tension banding. I learned it back in New York.

I moved there after Columbia to study under John Seever.

He was a great surgeon.

He died last year. I was wrecked.

Couldn't sleep for weeks.

It was like losing my own father. What are we, on a date?

I was complimenting your surgical skills, not looking for a window into your wounded soul. Clamp, please.

[Everyone chuckle]

You can't operate. I won't sign the consent form.

You need this surgery. You will die without the surgery.

You may die with this surgery.

Your chance of living is increased if you let me operate.

It's just gonna be you two in there? Yes.

No. I need to have at least one white doctor in that operating room, so you don't kill me on the table. No offense.

No offense? Did he just say, "No offense"?

Shepherd. I need O'Malley. Yeah?

We're going into surgery. O'Malley.

You OK? Don't cross me.

I wasn't crossing you. I'm rising above.

I'm rising above, and do not want to be crossed while I'm busy rising.

I have to operate on a white supremacist and he has requested a white doctor to watch me to make sure that I don't kill his crazy white behind.

I need O'Malley. Can I have him?

O'Malley, go with Dr. Bailey. Yes, sir.

Get him to sign the consent, then have him anesthetized and ready.

Dr. Bailey, you are within your rights to pass this on to somebody.

Well, that would make me like him. And I'm not like him.

[Exhales deeply] Sorry, Dr. Shepherd. I'm running behind today.

I'll be out of your way in a second. Actually, I'm early, so technically I'm in your way. Don't let it happen again.

You're staring at my chest. What?

I think, maybe, you're intending to admire my ring, but you're staring at my chest. Sorry, it's just that... wear your engagement ring on your necklace.

When I was engaged, I wore it on my finger.

Now, necklace. The stone was my grandmother's. I don't want to lose it.

I'm sorry. Sorry why?

Your engagement. Call it off recently?

That's a pretty personal question. We're friends now.

I saved you hours of potential licorice humiliation. I think you can...

It ended a year ago. Nothing to be sorry about.

It was never gonna work out. How come?

Because I was always very clear about what I wanted and he... wasn't.

And there's no way to build a future on that.


[# Soulsavers: Revival]

I can't be in here! Ray! Ray! Ray, you can't do that!

You have to stay perfectly still! You cannot move.

[Meredith] Ray, look at me.

Don't look at Stan. Look at me.

You are not gonna die today. OK? Say it.

I am not gonna die. You are not going to die today.

He'll need a pericardiocentesis if it's a tamponade, but we need to get an ultrasound.

I can do it. I can get in. Meredith.

I can fit.

[George] Dr. Bailey?

[Bailey] I'm calling on Jesus this time.

Don't bother me when I'm calling on Jesus. I don't do it very often, he might not hear me.


[Woman over speaker] Respiratory, 2162. Respiratory, 2162.

[Sighs] [Cell phone beeps]

It's amazing, isn't it? How technical it all is? How impersonal?

They're, basically, just mechanics.

Like God's mechanics, because what they're doing down there is saving a life.

So you're a surgeon?

Surgical intern. First year. What about you?

Oh, um...

I'm not actually supposed to be here.

The guy that I'm... you know...

Your husband?

No. No, no. The... Not my husband.

The guy that... Anyways, I'm just... I wanted to see him operate.

Oh, Dr. Sloan. Oh, I get it. No, no. I'm not judging.

I mean, he's kind of insanely hot. Well, he is.

But I'm not with him. I'm with... him.

Do you know him? No. No, I don't know him at all.

[Pager buzzing]

[Bailey exhales]

Supposed to be having lunch with my husband, O'Malley.

[George] Yes, ma'am.

Supposed to be having lunch with my husband, and instead I am elbow deep in a Nazi's gut.

[George] Yes, ma'am.

No one better ever call me "Nazi" again.

Yes, ma'am.

[Derek] All right, can I get a little suction right there, please?

[Sucking noise] That's good. Good.

OK. All right, I should be able to access the tumor now.

Did we lose power?

[Rose] No, the other monitors are fine. It must be the stereotactic computer.

Nothing. It's dead. You kidding?

I'm in the woman's brain. The navigational system's dead?

[Nurse] Should we get another machine? I remove the probe, it won't be the machine that's dead. Tell the company to get here.

Tell them we need somebody here, now. Take it slow, Grey.

There's glass all around you.


I'm sorry, Stan. I'm so sorry.


He's OK. He doesn't mind.

We're losing him! OK, get in there!

Just get in there!

Hey. Hi.

You checking in on me again? Yep.

Will you call me strong and stable again?

Let's hope.

What's wrong with you?

What makes you think something's wrong?

Well, your cheeks are all flushed, which they weren't earlier.

Is it creeping you out how observant I am? I'm sorry.

It's the boredom, I'm telling you.

Remember your girlfriend who just turned out to be a vapid narcissist?

Your boyfriend turned out to just be a jerk.

Jerk. Ass. And many dirtier words that are inappropriate for me to use in front of a patient.

I'm sorry. Yeah, me too.

Well, you want me to help you plot your revenge?


Here's what I'm thinking. You go out with me.

Just like that, bam. New boyfriend.

He'll be all, "What's he got that I don't have?"

And you'll be all, "Carotid artery. Exposed!

Top that, loser."

And he'll be all, "I can't.

I can't top that. I'm a loser." No.