Grey's Anatomy S5E11 Script

Wish You Were Here (2009)

[# Daniel Powter: Am I Still The One]

[Meredith] We all get at least one good wish a year...

...over the candles on our birthday.

Some of us throw in more.

On eyelashes...


...lucky stars.

And every now and then... of those wishes comes true.

[alarm clock goes off]

[groaning] I don't wanna go to work.

It's warm in here. It's a cocoon.

No Cristina with the mean face. No lives to save.

A quickie?

A quickie will make me feel better.

You definitely need a quickie.

[Meredith] So what then?

Is it as good as we hoped?

Do we bask in the warm glow of our happiness?

Or... we just notice we've got a long list of other wishes waiting to be wished?

Happy birthday. What? Oh. Yeah. Thank you.

OK, we gotta move fast, people, so focus.

O'Malley, the pit. Karev, you're with me. We got a surgery.

Stevens, clinic budget is due.

Yang, Grey, wait for the Chief at the trauma bay.

What? Why? [Meredith] Both of us?

Yes, both of you. I don't know what, I don't know why. Just go.

They're all silent rage-y.

What do you got? Take a look.

So, what do we have?

Caldwell, as in the prison? Yeah.

You read up on our VIP? Yes.

Multiple stab wounds, badly beaten. He'll have guards with him at all times.

Cuffs stay on, leg irons stay on.

Watch your syringes, sharps and pens. I don't want any accidents.

[pager beeping]

And he's here. You four are my team. No interns.

Keep this as quiet as possible.

Get him in and out quickly. Patch him up, get him on his way.

What's PDR?

Get him out of trauma as fast as you can.

Those guards attract attention.

[siren wails]

Sir, it's stamped PDR. What is PDR?


Death Row.

How's everybody doing this morning?

[Meredith] Mr. Dunn, can you hear me? You have a lovely voice.

[Cristina] We need a trauma series.

I hate to be a bother, but my legs really, really hurt.

Was I stabbed in the leg? [Derek] We didn't find anything.

Add T-spine, L-spine films. We're getting a CT, extra films are a waste. More shots can't hurt.

If I wasn't stabbed, why does it feel like I was?

The less you talk the more we can work.

Derek. That's OK.

He'll warm up as we get to know each other.

I don't think so. You'll see. We're not that different.

People are alive when they meet us, and then it all changes somehow.

Hi there.

What are you doing?

I'm saying hello.


My best friend made one simple request, that I not get anywhere near you, and I slipped.

It was fantastic. You're fantastic.

But it's not gonna happen again, ever.


[yells in pain]

Damn it!

Yep. I think you broke your hip.

Are you kidding me?!

Come on!

Who are you talking to? Last month, I tripped and I cracked a rib. In April, I fell in the shower and I broke my arm.

January, broke two fingers doing yoga. Yoga!

This is my sixth break in a year. So I stare at the heavens and without belief in a higher power but a need to blame someone, I yell "Come freaking on!"

Tell you what: how about we call ortho, have them run tests.

More satisfying than shouting at the heavens.

Thank you.


Jackson Prescott, you shot up again!

No, I didn't. Then why do you look so big?

You're short. I've always been short, you grew.

While I check Jackson, why don't you take Melinda through today's procedure.

Yeah, no problem. Come on.

Did you see he looks more yellow?

OK, Dr. Kenley's going to check his liver function test.

Before we start, let me explain.

Jackson's had 12 bowel resections.

Dr. Kenley calls me any time Jackson's here.

Now, Melinda is a single mom.

She works like a maniac to make sure that beautiful boy has coverage.

Miranda... Don't even start.

This is a special family. We do whatever we can to help.

It's really not necessary... It is necessary.

We'll take good care of your kid.

Thank you.

Now let's talk about the surgery.

Are you gonna let me have a lollipop this time?

My stomach's not bad right now. It's not?

So how come I'm about to cut a piece out of it?

Give me one of the lollipops, and if I keep it down we don't have to do the operation.

I'm not sure that's gonna...

I'm not...

I'm... Dr. Kenley?

Jackson, hit the blue button. Behind you. The blue button!

[hospital alarm]

[PA] Code blue, second floor. What...?

Code blue, second floor.

Oh, my God!

What happened? He just fell over.

[alarm continues]


...I have some bad news.

It looks like Jordan Kenley just had a massive coronary.

He was gone before he hit the deck.

His wife's on the way.

She'll probably want to speak to you, the wife. Hear something reassuring.

He'll be missed. Honored colleague.

Decades of service.

Sir, you in there?


I have to tell Alex. About us.

"Us" us? No. That's a bad idea.

That is monumentally bad. It's not fair. You know about him.

Yeah. I don't like it. And if I could off him I would, but he's the moody, broody one, whereas I am mature and...


You're dead.

I'm alive, and he's alive, I'm happy when I'm with him. Don't you want me to be happy?

Yes, there isn't anything in this universe that I want more.

Why can't I have you both? That's what makes me happy.

He's gonna think you're a whackjob.

He told me that he loves me.

That's a huge deal for him. The least I can do is be honest.

Sorry about your doc.


Dr. Kenley was gonna sign this, before he died and everything.

Can you? What is it?

I want to get a wish from the wish people.

You have to have a doctor sign it. No. I'm not signing that.

Don't look at her, she's not gonna sign it either.

Come on. Look, if you sign, you can help me pick my wish.

These are the ones kids have already done, like go on a circus trapeze, or be in the rodeo. Put stars by the ones you think would be cool, X's by the ones you think are lame. No way Kenley was gonna sign that.

It's for kids with life-threatening diseases. You're not dying, just sick.


The rodeo smells like horse crap. You're not missing anything.

I think we've got a parathyroid tumor for you to remove.

Really. Did I just hear tumor removal?

My resident abandoned me. Do you need any help?

Sure. No!

Or... Fine, but you'll watch.

You're not touching anything. Get it? No touching.

Uh, she's up in ultrasound. Call and see if they took her yet.

You slept with her? Absolutely not!

Only once.

She came to my hotel room, took off all her clothes and said teach me.

I had no control. She violated me with her nakedness.

Derek's gonna kill me.

Shouldn't have been alone with her. Never gonna happen again, mind-blowingly fantastic as it was. Hey, you are a professional.

Hi! Oh, hold on.

Hold tight.

Just a bit of lint. Ultrasound's backed up, but they'll have results in half an hour.

All right. Well, tell Grey.

[stuttering] And let George... Dr. George...

Dr. O'Malley know when... Let him know when you know, OK?

You were saying something about professionalism.

Did you see that? That was not in my head, right?

These interns are out of control.

Stalkers. Sexed-up stalkers.

Dr. Bailey? Arizona Robbins.

I'm taking over Dr. Kenley's patients. You're the peds surgeon?

You're assisting with Jackson Prescott.

All due respect to Dr. Kenley, he was a wonderful physician.

I'm surprised he followed this treatment when it wasn't, you know, working.

I'm not criticizing you. You didn't make the call.

But I supported the call. We hadn't turned the corner yet, but Kenley was sure that if we kept doing what we were doing...

Jack's case is quite severe... Jackson.

Excuse me? Jackson is his name.

And if you're suggesting we were torturing him with useless procedures...

A lot of senior peds surgeons believe that strictureplasty works, and sometimes they're right. So we'll go with it today, but we should start exploring other options.

I gotta run. Dr. Kenley had a big case load. See you in the OR.


He's still in a lot of pain, I'm not sure why.

It'll help if we get him off this backboard.

Shouldn't we wait for X-rays? Decreased sensation in his lower extremity.

According to him. He could tell you anything.

We pushed morphine. He shouldn't be in this much pain.

Maybe we could push a teeny bit more?

Not here to feed your drug habit.

I've been behind bars for 11 years.

The drug trade in solitary isn't what one would hope.

Let's just wait for the films. This is a waste of time.

I hate to agree with Yang, but I agree with Yang.

[nurse] Dr. Grey?

Dr. Shepherd?

What's that?

Whatever they stabbed him with is in there.

In his back? [Derek] Spine.

Does that mean I'm paralyzed?

My execution date is in a week.

I've exhausted all my appeals. But if I'm paralyzed, my lawyer might be able to make a case for staying my execution.

Do you think you could let me be a gimp?


Is the Chief in there? I need to see him.

So do I. We're going to be disappointed.

What exactly is he doing in there?

Ever since he heard about Jordan Kenley, he's been in there and he wants to be alone.

I need to see...!

It's impinging on the spinal cord. Can't tell if it's going through or not.

We'll get a better picture once we get the CTs back.

I ordered an MRl. The CT may not give us a clear view of the cord.

We'll look at all the images.

Everything by the book. I don't want some lawyer keeping him alive on the basis we did not give him the standard of care.

You're pro-death penalty? Pro-punishment.

[Meredith] Good people do bad things. People screw up.

He's still a person. We don't know what crime he committed.

Maybe he killed a cop. Feel all warm for the cop killer.

We don't know what he did. We can't judge.

No, but a jury can. Death row.

We're wasting time debating this. Do a repeat crit, let me know if he needs blood.

I thought they were friends. They were.

And now? You and I are in for a very long day.

The annoying twins got a mass murderer.

Think one will pay the guy to off the other?

No. If they're gonna get violent, they'll do it themselves.

It's weird, right? Them fighting? Um...

There's something that I need to talk to you about, it's gonna sound weird.

And I want you to know I know it sounds weird, so just don't freak out. Are you breaking up with me?

No, not at all. Though that's not a bad idea.

I see Denny. A lot, lately.

Around here, and at the house.

Are you OK? 'Cause that sounds kind of whacked.

What did I tell you?

You never saw your grandmother after she died?

Yeah, she showed up in a dream and told me not to play with the parts.

Well, it's kind of like that.

Excuse me? All right. Whatever.

That's it?

I don't know. Tell him I said hi.

Kind of like his grandmother telling him not to...

OK, so I panicked!

Mr. Dunn, are you feeling any better?

Everybody's been so attentive.

I'm still in a lot of pain.

We're gonna get that thing out of your back as soon as we can.

You're on the cord.

She's kind of a bitch.

Not to use coarse language, but she is.

Well, she's my friend. Really?

We had a fight.


Mr. Dunn, it will really help us when we take it out if we know what that thing in your back is.

I'm pretty sure it was a toothbrush.

Somebody snapped the head off and melted it down till it was less toothbrush and more knife.

How did it end up in your spine?

Got in a fight with a friend.

[kid] Hey, lady!

Can you help me? Sure.

You feeling OK? Yeah.

You see, I'm gonna get a wish from the wish people, but I'm having trouble deciding which wish to pick.

I'm getting people's opinions. Put stars by the ones you like and X's by the ones you think are lame. Then you have to sign something.

OK. How about a trip to China? That sounds cool.

I get airsick. Hmm.

How about the rodeo? Some guy said it smells like poo.

What the hell are you doing?

Stars and X's. We're picking wishes.

He's not even eligible. You're a little scammer.

You're fake dying? I want to go to the rodeo!

You just told me it smells like poo!

Nice try.

Come on, let's get you prepped for surgery.

You told him. He knows. Stop worrying.

You've got a tumor on a little gland in your neck.

Come on!

She does that. Margaret, the tumor is benign and it's not hard to remove. Dr. Harris?

A parathyroid tumor tells your body to leech calcium out of your bones.

That's why you've had fractures.

Once the tumor's out, you'll be back to normal.

Come on!

This is good news. I've been living like an old lady.

I don't take the stairs, I gave up running, skiing.

I sit and knit and hope the knitting doesn't break a finger.

All because of a tumor? Tumor that's benign, easy to remove.

Come on!

There was a guy.

I fell in love with the most amazing guy.

He was sweet, kind, best sex of my life and he had to move to Denver.

And he wanted me to move with him.

And I didn't because Denver is icy. Too many ways for me to slip and fall.

So I lose my guy and I break all these bones from a bone-sucking tumor?!

Are you kidding me?!

Sorry. From the lab, Dr. Sloan.

Did you need something else?

This is torture. Focus.

OK. Karev, can you pull the retractor more?

Like that? Yeah. Great.

Damn. Look at this. It's a mess.

He'll have maybe 10 centimeters of bowel when we're done.

Can't we try a Bianchi procedure, see if we can save more of it?

Bowel's dead and the liver's cirrhotic. No saving anything.

But... Dr. Bailey.

He should have been on a transplant list a year ago.

It's a miracle he's still alive.

[yelling] What are...

What are you doing?

I'm not seeing anyone today, Bailey. I know that, but this is important.

Every conversation I have is important.

Kenley has been replaced with an infant on roller skates named Arizona, who didn't have sense enough to change her name, which shows poor judgment, as does her diagnosis of a patient that I've been working with for three years.

She's changing Kenley's treatment protocol based on half an hour of experience with the child.

We just took out most of his bowel, and instead of trying to salvage what he has left, she wants to throw up her hands and pray for a transplant.

The child hasn't eaten solid food in months.

He hasn't grown in years. His liver is shot.

It is a serious case!

Now we need someone who can handle it.

Dr. Bailey... thought Shepherd was just a haircut.

You didn't like Hahn, and you think Dr. Sloan is a hussy.

Can you name any attending that you thought was good?

I've always been a fan of your work.

Arizona Robbins was top of her class, like you.

And she was chief resident, like you.

And she's the best anyone's seen in a long time, just like you.

She is who we have, we don't have anyone else. Deal with it.

What's that for?

You're short of a friend today. So I thought I'd fill in.

Colleagues aren't friends, they're competitors.

Oh. So does that mean you're not gonna drink this coffee?

No. I'll drink the coffee.

MRl. He's got brain contusions on top of everything else.

Mr. Dunn is still in a huge amount of pain.

Can I give him more morphine or will that cause problems?

Mr. Dunn has had enough morphine. He's got a foreign body in his spine.

It's inhumane. Killing people is inhumane.

Denying them painkillers is a judgment call.

Derek, what's wrong with you?

I watch people die all the time.

I go to families and tell them their world's been ripped apart all the time.

I fight to make sure I don't have to deliver that message and I lose that fight all the time.

Then some guy like Dunn comes along and simply throws it away. Life.

Then he's got the nerve to tell me he and I are two sides of the same coin?

You're not.

He doesn't need morphine.

[Mark] But she's exquisite.

And it's not just the sex. We talked for hours, and laughed.

It's just the sex.

You're gonna tell me you're not thinking about Sadie?

Nope. No.

I cannot have another stupid romantic disaster in this hospital.

It's embarrassing. You do have quite a track record.

You know what? We need to find something else to think about.

Worth a try.

Nope, not working.


OK. Ooh, OK!

We're like addicts, right? We need a 12-step program.

I'm not going to a meeting to discuss my obsession with my friend's girlfriend's half sister.

It'll just be us. We'll be each other's sponsors.

Make sure we stay on the program. What are the steps?

Don't get naked with an intern.

[# Ben Folds: You Don't Know Me]

It's more of a one-step program.

Maybe I should write this down. Yeah.

Hey, Cristina, can you mention that it's Izzie's birthday today?

Someone should do something about it.

I myself am planning a party with balloons, streamers, and a bouncy house. You know what?

Alex should do something. I know. I got it under control.

Bouncy house?

Is he here?


Your friend.

No. He's not here.

If he shows up, tell him I'll share my girl, but not my sandwich.

This thing cost four bucks.


Oh, I'm done here.

Dude from MRl was all freaked out about death row guy.

Couldn't put his cuffs in the machine, They had to Velcro him.

Tech thought he was gonna tear it off and storm the booth like the Hulk or something. What did he do?

He laid there and had that MRl.

[laughing] No. What did he do to get on death row, mow down people with a machine gun?

Probably found his wife with a hooker and a handyman.

They don't give the death penalty for crimes of passion.

People understand that. All crimes are crimes of passion.

People don't do stuff like that because they forget it's illegal.

When you kill her, is it gonna be a crime of passion?

That still hasn't blown over? It's not a big deal.

We had a fight. She took it too far.

You want to know what I think? Not really.


I need to scream or kill someone. I'm leaning towards killing.


I'm feeling much better, thanks.

Thank you for whatever it was you gave me.

Is there family or someone who should know you're having surgery?

We can't call your family. I think what she's trying to ask is, what did you do to get death row? You don't have to answer that.

That was not what I was asking. I don't mind.

It's an obvious question.

One Monday, I slit this woman's throat.

I'd been thinking about it for a while, dreaming about it.

And one Monday, I just...

I had to do it.

I just... really wanted to draw a knife across her neck.

And I thought it would be terrifying or sad or something, but it wasn't, it was just...

...kind of fun.

So I did two more on Tuesday and another two on Wednesday.

I was gonna go for three on Thursday, I liked the alliteration, but I got caught so I didn't.

Can I get some Jell-O?

Or is that bad, before surgery?

Read the sign! I was told to ignore the sign.

Well, don't! Bailey told me.

I'm gonna kill that woman.

Look, I didn't know Kenley all that well, but it's gotta be tough.

Losing a co-worker you've worked with for a long time.

Jordan Kenley was a son of a bitch.

Great with kids, good with a scalpel. Horrible to his colleagues.

Competitive, insecure, aggressive. I won't miss him for a minute.

So... is this about your mortality?

I'm not worried about me dying or Jordan Kenley dying.

I'm worried about my hospital dying.

I made some calls to replace Kenley.

No one wants to come here.

I can't keep a cardiac surgeon on staff. Burke quit, Hahn quit, Dixon's autistic.

My OR roof collapsed, the whole place flooded.

The interns are literally chopping each other into pieces.

No wonder we're number 12. Twelve!

I've failed at the one thing I spent my whole life doing.


So I'm going to stay right here on this table until I find a way to walk the halls without cringing.

Aren't you supposed to give me that "get back on the horse" lecture?

I have got to stitch a serial killer back together today.

I don't have a rousing lecture in me.

[indistinct chatter]

We're gonna need a strategy. Their hot little eyes tracking our every move.

OK. No casual glances over the shoulder.

No "this is interesting, can everybody see?"

Soon as Margaret's tumor's out, we'll have them take it to pathology to get it analyzed.

Go team. Break.

They still not speaking? Doesn't look like it.

Wow. Two hours in an ice cave. Working on Seattle's man of the year.

At least we got each other.

We can pretend not to notice, talk about the Seahawks.

Or we could take off, go grab a beer, let them pull out the shiv.

Onward and upward.

I don't think I was clear earlier. It is not like a dream.

I see Denny when I'm awake. We hang out.

This is because I said I loved you. You're freaked out.

I'm not. You're a little freaked out.

Um, we still do stuff together.

Sex stuff. I see him, and we have sex.

There's nothing wrong with a good fantasy.

I'd rather you fantasize about me, or chicks.

But whatever. You really don't care?

You're trying to work something out.

People die, and then the other people, you know...

...get messed up about it.

Yeah, but... Iz.

I've been competing with that tool for a long time, but I'd say he's kinda got the handicap now.

I mean, is he here? Can he see me do this?

Yeah, dude, I can see you!

And this?

Is he still here?

[aroused] I think you should go. Yeah, I got things to do.

Do you see him now?

[moaning] No. No, he's gone. Don't stop.

Don't stop! What about now?

No, don't stop!


Wow. Sharp.

No wonder he was complaining so much.

He wasn't complaining after he got 10 extra of morphine.

He got an extra 10 of morphine? It made him much more comfortable.

[Derek] Doesn't bother you this guy probably hacked a family with a machete?

A knife. And women, not a family. Five women. It's what he likes.

You shouldn't be on this case, either of you.

What's he gonna do, jump off the table and get us? You're holding the knife.

We'll be doing a nephrectomy. Either of you ever mobilized the renal hilum?

Never done one, but I'd love to try.

I've practiced on cadavers hundreds of times.

It wouldn't be my first try.

To some of us surgery comes naturally. Others have to practice.

You see the Seahawks game last week?

You know, I am the jealous type. I know. I'm sorry.

I can't choose. Please don't make me choose.

Are you gonna make me?

I can't do anything that would make you unhappy.

You know that.

I love you.

That's what you tell all the guys.

You know today is my birthday?

I do know that.

You gonna get me a present?

I think I just did.

[# The Coral Sea: Ah Ah Ah]

Why is she shaking her head? Jackson's post-op LFTs.

This kid needs to be put on the transplant list today.

Just the intestine...? Liver too.

We should get another opinion.

Norman McCale at Hopkins. Head of Pediatric Surgery.

Tell him Arizona sent you. When he tells you Jackson needs a transplant, which he'll do two minutes into the call, put him on the list.

There's no need to snap at me. There is, actually.

You've been second-guessing me. I get it.

You liked Dr. Kenley. And I'm a stranger with a ponytail.

But I'm not the problem, the patient is.

So stop thinking about me and start focusing on him.

Jackson needs a transplant. If we keep wasting time, he's not going to make it.

You OK? Want to get a drink or something?

Oh, now we're on again, 'cause the mood suits you?

I'm the sad little girl with no friend?

I tripped your savior complex into action?

Usually, I can deal with the hot and cold thing, but not today.

Just leave me the hell alone.

Is that him?

You ever find out what he did? It doesn't matter what he did.

He did something really bad, and he's gonna pay for it.

You want to get a drink? I'm not in the mood.

You know, you and I had a fight like this once.

What? Amsterdam.

We used to be as close as you and Cristina, then Amsterdam happened.

You shut me down. We never got past it.

We still hung out, but not like before.

We'd go dancing. Go someplace loud, where we don't have to talk.

That's OK. I'm a rolling stone, I bounce.

But you're about to do the same thing to Cristina, and that girl mates for life.

If you don't make it right, she'll never talk to you again.

[# Dido: The Day Before the Day]

I apologized. To Cristina.

Like you meant it?

Like you could imagine she had a point?

I miss you.

As my friend, I miss you.

Now transplants aren't easy, that's the bad news.

But the good news is, you've got a crackerjack new doctor.

I spoke to one of the most respected kid surgeons in the country, and he thinks she's the best there is.

So she's gonna take good care of you. We all are.

Why don't we go out and sign some of the transplant consent forms?

Stars and X's.

[indistinct talking]

Looking good. The surgery couldn't have been smoother.

[rasps] When could I get out of here? Soon.

You're young, you'll heal fast. Eager to get home?

I'm going to Denver.

[# Santigold: Lights Out]

We did good work today. If we stay strong...

And don't get drunk... Keep staring at Joe, we'll be fine.

Hi! Get you anything?

OK, you're weirding me out. You only live once.

You can't waste it.

No! No, Mark. No!

Look at Joe. Look at me.

Look at me. No!

Sorry, kid. I'm going to Denver. No! Mark, come back here!

No, Mark, no!

Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it!

You need another drink? Yes!

She's all right. Arizona Robbins.


I don't know if the patient's going to make it, though.


[Meredith] We don't wish for the easy stuff.

We wish for big things.

Things that are ambitious...

...out of reach.

Let's take a look.

He's got 10... [indistinct chatter]

Two guys shot my dad for his watch.

My mom saved up for it.

Two guys came into his store and shot him 'cause he wouldn't give it up.

That's how my dad died.

We are supposed to treat everybody the same.

But they're not all the same.

I'm sorry. It's a bad day all around, I guess.

I wish I could make things better with you and Cristina.

I wish you could, too.

I try to think what she would do, in a situation like this.

I don't know.

Well, she would turn the music up pretty loud and she would dance it out with me, but I don't think you want to go there.


...let's see what we got here.

[# Tandy: Home]

Whoo! Yeah! Look out!

Hey! Come on, get up!

Get your ass over here. I'm not doing this by myself.

There you go.

[Meredith] We wish because we need help...

...and we're scared...

...and we know we may be asking too much.

Oh, my God! You made it.

Well, the cake tastes kind of funny, but the frosting's pretty good.

It's beautiful.

It's a nice gesture, him baking for you.

Make a wish.

What if I don't have anything to wish for?

What if I have everything I could ever want?

[Meredith] We still wish, though.

Then wish that nothing changes.

Because... sometimes...

...they come true.