Grey's Anatomy S5E24 Script

Now or Never (2009)

[Meredith] Doctors spend a lot of time focused on the future.

Planning it.

Working toward it.

[# Ingrid Michaelson: All Love]

But, at some point, you start to realize your life is happening now.

Any changes overnight? No.

[Meredith] Not after med school, not after residency. Right now.

This is it. It's here.

- Blink, and you'll miss it. [pager beeping]

That's the chief. Somebody better make a coffee run.

You all look like hell.

I gotta be in surgery in ten minutes. Um...

Mer, will you let me know... Yeah.

We should go too. It's probably gonna be a while.

Shepherd said she'd wake up. What'd he tell you? Was that all crap?

What did he say? He said it may be a while.

[Cristina] She's gonna wake up.

Stevens still isn't awake and I'm having something of a day, even aside from that, so don't take my face personally.

It's just my face today. Did you tell her?

Uh, you should tell her. And don't take her face personally.

OK. Well, on behalf of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, welcome to the fellowship program. You're in!

We're gonna get you wheelie sneaks! Congratulations.

All right, I know I didn't support you during this process.

In any event, I am behind you now.

I'm trying to be a big person here. How about you meet me halfway?

Wake up, wake up, wake up.

I have a headache.

You're up.

You're up and you're talking.

You talked, right?

Talk! Ow...

I have a headache, stop yelling. Page Shepherd!

[Izzie] Ow. [Alex] Sorry.

Hey. What's with hugging O'Malley?

I slept, Cristina. Last night. I slept for the first time...

I slept. Hugging O'Malley because you slept?

I hugged O'Malley because he's got great news which I will let him tell you.

But yeah, I guess, yeah, maybe I hugged him because I slept.

And that's because of you. You came with me to see my mom, and then I slept.

And I slept without nightmares. That's not a small thing, Cristina.

That... That is everything.

I can be a better man. I can be a better man for you.

I hope, if you'll let me, I can be a better man with you.

Don't say anything. Just think about it. OK? OK.

Bailey? I need to tell you something. Not now, O'Malley.

It'll be quick. I got to get to the OR to scrub in with the chief.

I think you're gonna be mad at first. But I'm about to do something important, and I'm very sure about this decision.

And I think eventually you're gonna be proud but, you know, before that, you're probably gonna be like "What did you do?"

I don't mean to imitate. You call that quick?

I joined the Army to be a trauma surgeon. I report for duty tomorrow.

You did what?! That's where I thought we'd start.

Something's going on with George. What?

Owen hugged him. They were happy.

We don't hug when we're happy.

Are you better? What?

You know, with your therapy or whatever. You said you got well.

Well are you? Better? Or are you just fake better?

What do you mean? I'm asking you if people...

I mean, are you actually different? Do you feel different?

I'm getting married today.

City Hall. No muss, no fuss. Just quick and dirty.

Uh... Do you want me to come? No, no. Just letting you know.

Wait. Uh... Uh...

OK. This is my grocery list: it's old.

Uh, this is new. Um...

This is my favorite pen, so I want it back. Borrowed.

All of it's blue, so you're covered.

Now see, if we were George and Owen, we would hug right now.


Unidentified male, dragged by a bus. Clamped down so we couldn't intubate.

Didn't they stop? Bus driver didn't know till they got halfway down the block. Is he gonna be OK?

OK, I'll take over CPR.

Push 20 of etomidate and 100 of sux.

He saved my life. The bus was gonna hit me, he threw me out of the way.

Grey, get her out of here. Was supposed to be me under the bus.

He's alone. They don't even know who he is. Please!

Stand over there and just don't move.

He's back. Let's get a trauma series, trauma labs and O-neg blood in here. Severe injury to the left forearm.

Skull's bashed in. Page Shepherd! And Sloan.

Start antibiotics and start cleaning out those wounds.

[girl gagging] [Callie] Uh...

[gasping] Now can you get her out of here?

Did you get the whole thing?

Did you get the whole tumor out? Just let me finish my exam.

Can you tell me your name? My name is Isobel Stevens, it's 2009 and I'm in the Neuro ICU at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Did you get the damn thing out? Got the whole damn thing.

You got it! Yeah.

Oh, God, you got the whole thing.

And I can talk and I know my name. And I'm not a turnip!

Nope. No offense, you are a great surgeon, but I really thought I was gonna be a turnip.

This is so unbelievably great! Your kidneys are a little sluggish, so we're gonna keep an eye on your electrolytes for a few hours.

Your post-op crit was fine. OK, good.


How'd the surgery go?

Did you get the brain tumor? Did you get it out?

Iz, you just asked him that. We just talked about it.

No, no. It's OK. She's gonna be foggy for a while. The tumor's out.

There was a little bleeding during the post.

You got it? Yeah.

All of it?

That's amazing!

Derek Shepherd, you are a hero!

And I know that that's Derek Shepherd, and you're Alex.

And you should kiss me.

Alex, I don't have a brain tumor.

I'm tumor free. Yes, you are.

What's wrong?

[Izzie] Why do you look weird? Nothing. Nothing.

Your kidneys are a little slow. We're gonna watch them.

OK, you'll re-check my electrolytes in an hour. OK.

How did the surgery go?

Did you get the tumor?

We did.

Tumor's gone.

There was a little bit of bleeding and we took care of that.

[Izzie] You got it? Mm-hm.

[Izzie] Oh, my God!

And I can talk and you didn't kill me.

What's wrong with you people? We should be celebrating.

She's like the woman who couldn't remember her husband was dead.

We had to keep telling her. Could be a normal haze.

Or the bleeding blitzed her short-term retention. Did you screw up her brain?

Karev... I'll be back. Try and stay calm.

Freaking her out is not gonna help.

Wake up.


Man versus bus. Bus won.

Check out the left arm.

He's crashing again! What do we got?

Roadkill. [Owen] You mind?

Stepped in front of a bus to pull a woman out of the way. Hero.

[Callie] Can you can fix the arm? If it's gonna happen, gotta be in the next few hours. [Derek] Pupil's blown.

Get me a cranial drill. Grey, want to practice your burr holes?

[drill whirring]

[Derek] Stabilize his neck, please.

Give me a ten-blade.

Give me the drill. Go in slowly. Feel a grab, stop.

Otherwise, you'll hit brain.

Let's go, quickly.

OK! That's it!

Nice work, Dr. Grey.

I'm gonna get some Bacitracin for that face.

Let's get his head rotated. Easy.

Welcome back, sir. You had us worried there for a minute.

You think he's gonna make it? I hope so.

He really has to make it.

Dr. Sloan. There's gonna be too much tension.

Start over and do a layered closure.


[stammers] Can I ask a question about that?

OK, you brought up moving in together and marriage, and I put it off, now you're embarrassed and won't make eye contact because you feel I have all the power.

But I don't want all the power. I'm happy to share it.

Can we just skip this part?

Get some 4-0 Vicryl so you can redo your patient's sutures.

I'll totally pretend I didn't hear any of that.

Women do this to me. I don't do this.

"Let's get a house." Sucks being the girl.

I'm not the girl.

What do girls do?

Well, we start with the cold shoulder, so you're right on track.

Then we go to our girlfriends and we bitch.

And our girlfriends say, "You want to build a future, build it yourself. You don't need...

...a man to give you that. You want to buy a house? Buy a house."

Huh. You're good at this.

I ought to help someone get a love life. I suck at my own.

He jumped in front of a bus for me.

What did you do to O'Malley? Excuse me?

Somebody else here likely to convince someone to join the Army and be a trauma surgeon in Iraq? What? Army?

What? [beeping]

V-fib! Charge the paddles to 360!

Call who you have to and undo this. Bailey, busy here.

[Meredith] Clear! George O'Malley?

[Owen] It wasn't my idea! No change.

Charge again. Clear!

I gave him a decent education in trauma. I didn't know he was gonna go enlist.

He keeps coding. Open-book pelvic fracture.

Too much bleeding. We take him to an OR now, he'll die on the table.

He needs to go to Angio if we're gonna stop the bleeding.

Sinus tach. We have a rhythm. Barely there, but it's there.

[Owen] Let's stabilize the pelvis. I know what goes on in this hospital.

I know you're messed up from that war. And not in a small way.

Get him out of it.

Page me if you need me. I've got other patients.

How'd you piss off all the women?

Let's get our guy to Angio. Angio? He's barely got a pulse!

It's now or never, if we want him to live. Move!

I know it's tough, but I'd be grateful if you'd stay alive for a few minutes.

Maybe we're bouncier in peds than general surgery, but I thought there would be a "Yay!" or some jumping around.

You look pretty dour for someone about to start a highly prized fellowship.

You are about to start a highly prized fellowship, right?

Hey, I've got a plan to stop George. You in?

Stop George from what? He joined the Army. Yes, I'm in.

Bailey! I'm talking to you...

Why are you trying to stop him? He joined the Army.

And? And because he's my ex-husband and I know his mom and I love his mom.

And normally, Izzie would talk sense into him, but she's got cancer and kind of a bad mental deficit, so it's on me to stop him.

Why would you want to? He joined the Army.

Don't you think that's a problem? I think that's awesome.


You gonna chew? My dragged under a bus guy's in Angio.

They're gonna page me. How's Izzie? Retaining anything?

No. OK.

Uh, at 6 pm, your idiotic colleague George O'Malley will finish his surgery with the chief.

At 6 pm, you will be standing beside us in the OR hallway prepared to join in an intervention. [Bailey] What polite company call an intervention, though I'm not sure interventions involve whupping people on the behinds with a belt. What? He's got a drinking problem now?

He joined the Army. What?

Double O Seven? He can't go, he's the guy that gets killed.

Gets killed cleaning his own gun.

Grey is going to coax him back as a loving friend, you're gonna use logic and reason to point out the idiocy of his ways, Stevens will make sad cancer eyes, and if all of that doesn't work, Karev, you pull out your "I was raised out back with the trash cans" roots and just beat the crap out of him. Six o'clock.

Six o'clock.

Hey, there.

I know this must be scary. If it's any consolation, you're a hardcore hero.

You saved that woman's life.

Is he trying to write something?

[Meredith] Can you hold this?

OK. You'll be stronger tomorrow.

[Owen] Call OR 1, tell them to get ready for him.

[Meredith] OK.

Amanda, you can't be out here.

Would you want to be all alone at a time like this?

We had 30 seconds of interaction before he saved my life, and I wasn't even nice.

I was standing on a corner when this ordinary-looking guy stands next to me and smiles.

And... And I'm so busy scoping for someone hotter, that... I don't even give him a second look.

Next thing I know, he throws me out of the way of a bus I'm about to walk in front of and almost gets himself killed.

He literally... he swept me off my feet.

That is my prince in that bed.

OK. You can stay until they take him to surgery.

Not a good time.

Walk away from me again, I will grab you by the hair and pull hard.

I grew up with the name Arizona. I learned how to play dirty.

I stuck my neck out for you. You were my pick.

And I appreciate that. But it's a big decision.

It's not, it's the brass ring. It's the most exclusive, most competitive and we're as good as it gets. Nobody lands this thing and says "no."

My husband informed me yesterday that if I accept the peds fellowship, if I sign on for another two years of training and the hours and workload that come with it, when I could be a general surgery attending and make it home for dinner, he will divorce me.

It's a big decision.

Gonna have a hard time saving that arm.

I can get him back to full function if I can get there in time.

Thinking about buying a house. Good.

Meredith and I are gonna go to City Hall this afternoon.

Getting married. Really? That's great news.

If I could just save Stevens... You're allowed to be happy.

You're allowed to get married. You've earned that right.

Congratulations, you lucky bastard. Come here, give me a hug.

Why is everyone hugging today? The blushing bride.

Here's the plan for our John Doe.

Shepherd, evacuate the epidural, Grey and I correct internal injuries.

Torres will place the internal fixator.

Sloan should work on the arm if the patient doesn't get too acidotic.

You think he has a shot? I've seen people come back from worse.

Hey. I thought you were in surgery. I'm on my way.

You talked to Bailey about peds and Tucker?

No. I talked to Bailey about the Army thing and George.

Are you upset with me? [laughs]

No. I'm awesome.

Calliope... No. Do not "Calliope" me.

You said it was awesome. George, sweet, kind George, who can't even kill a fly is joining the Army to go to Iraq and you said awesome. It is. Awesome.

No, it is not awesome! God! Who are you?

[# Missy Higgins: The Battle]

[Derek] How's the arm? [Mark] Nerves are intact, just have to reattach these vessels. [Callie] You ready for me?

I'm almost done with the major internal crush injuries.

Pelvis will be all yours. Get me some more laps.

You think you could do it? Step in front of a bus for a perfect stranger?

We'd all like to think we would... More or less what Hunt's been doing every day for the last couple years. No. The guys did.

I just came in behind them with a dustpan and broom and swept up.

You sewed up soldiers under fire. You didn't sweep up.

How do you think O'Malley's gonna do over there? Think he can handle it?

No, I don't. I think he's gonna surprise us all.

He's coming back in a body bag. I think you all should just shut up.

Just shut the hell up.

Please, shut up.

"Shepherd got your whole tumor out." Oh, my God!

Alex, why didn't you tell me? Oh, my God!


We're working on it. Remember what time you woke up this morning?


Not exactly. 7:45.

7:45. "O'Malley joined the Army?" Gonna be a trauma surgeon in Iraq.

When'd you wake up? 7:45. He's gonna get killed.

[Alex] We're dealing with it. Did you know about this George thing?

Yup. Cannon fodder. I'm just gonna take some more blood.

Last time we checked, your potassium was 6.3. When'd you wake up?

Um, early, I can't quite remember. 7:45. 6.3, 7:45.

"O'Malley joined the Army?" George? We're dealing with it.

What's your potassium? I...

Iz, what's your potassium? [Cristina] Give her the chart to read and try and memorize, OK? I can talk to you about her hyperkalemia.

She had brain surgery, and an incredibly aggressive course of IL-2.

She needs rest. She needs to exercise memory before it all turns to mush. Not with you barking orders at her.

Butt out. I don't care if you're her husband.

Want to see how fast I can get your visiting hours down to zero?

She signed a DNR. She signed a friggin' DNR and made me promise she'd come out of this with a life. Not in a hospital bed.

Not with no brain. I had to promise she'd have a life.

You want to know what happens if she can't make new memories?

Forget about being a doctor. She'll need round the clock babysitters.

We get an apartment, she can't find her way to the toilet!

Tracker on her ankle in case she wanders out the front door!

Alex. You can handle this. She will get better.

Maybe, maybe not.

It's on me. Her future is on me.

Is he gonna be OK? We'll know more in the morning.

Go ahead.

How's she doing? Any better?

No. Damn.

Well, I'm going to City Hall to go do the thing. Seriously?

It doesn't seem like the day for it.

Look at Alex. He's in there working so hard all day.

And she doesn't know. And if she stays like this, she may never know how much he loves her. And that girl Amanda?

She's in there loving a stranger. She thinks that's her Prince Charming.

He's probably gonna die today. Chances are.

So, yeah, I'm gonna go get married. Because I think it's important to take the time to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you.

I love you, Cristina Yang.

You have changed. Maybe I have.

What? I'm gonna hug you.

Maybe I don't understand people. I don't see things.

Maybe I just don't get what's going on with you or why you're mad, but I think it's awesome. George joining the Army is awesome.

Shut up! Um, no.

You asked me who I was. I am a person who thinks that what George is doing is dangerous and terrifying and brave.

He's going to serve his country. He's going to risk his life to save the men and women who make it possible for you and I to sleep in our beds.

I am a person who thinks that that is brave.

And I am a person who stood in an airplane hangar and watched them unload my brother's body in a coffin, and all we got was a flag.

My brother died over there because there weren't enough doctors.

So for my money, George O'Malley is a patriot. He's a hero.

And I am grateful that he exists. So, yeah, the word I use is "awesome."

That's who I am.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry... Wait!

I love... you.

I... I love you too. No.


I love you.

I said I love you!


Cristina Yang!

You traumatized me. I didn't know... I'm so sorry.

No, damn it, not about the choking. You come here and you pull out my icicle and you make me love you and I can't...

I don't want to... I can't breathe...

...without you.

You can do this, Cristina. We can do this.

All you have to do is meet me halfway.

All you have to do is say "yes."

All you have to do is say "yes."

What's your crit? Ugh.

This is disgusting. I can't believe we serve it to the patients.

"You keep asking for lime Jell-O and don't like it."

So stop giving it to me.

You get mad if I don't.

OK. Now what's your crit? I don't know.

I'm tired. What's O'Malley doing tomorrow?

Joining the Army.

I need a break. You don't think I need a break?

Suck it up. God!

Back off. I'm sorry if this is hard for you, but you are not the one with the short-term memory of a carrot.

Hey, go ahead, get it off your chest. It's not like I'm gonna remember.

I'm not the one with the carrot brain, but I'm married to it.

Some wedding we walked into, because we thought you'd be dead in a week.

You made me promise you wouldn't live like this.

What am I supposed to do? Smother you with a pillow?

Shoot you up with an overdose of morphine? Not really psyched about that.

Leave you? Not psyched about that, either. So I'm kind of screwed, right?

Not as bad as you, but not a friggin' walk in the park either!

I'm sorry, Iz.

No, I told you to get it off your chest. You did.

Did you forget yet?


Not yet, give me a minute.


If there's still a spot for me in general surgery, I'd like to take it.

I spent months trying to talk you off peds, I finally get on board, and you change your mind? Tucker gave me an ultimatum.

The fellowship or our marriage.

You chose your marriage. No, I'm leaving him.

Because a marriage that resorts to ultimatums is not a marriage.

I mean what kind of husband does that?

So I'm going to be a single mom.

It's not the time for new specialties.


I'm sorry. It's just the first time I've said it out loud.

It kind of took the wind out of me.

Miranda, are you sure about this? He might come around.

He's just scared. We're all scared!

If you're not scared, you're not paying attention!

One of my residents just signed up to go to war! That's scary!

Another one almost lost her life to melanoma, and doesn't know what day it is! That's scary!

What Tucker's facing isn't scary!

He's just weak!

A pat on the back isn't gonna help, sir.

Should I go?



I'll just stand here with you, if that's all right.

Yes, sir. That would be fine.

I thought you were operating on John Doe.

I already did. I'm looking at houses. One has a stone fireplace which I like.

This one has a backyard the size of Montana.

Uh-huh. You're buying a house? Yeah.

Right. OK.

I'm buying a house. Right now. It's a buyers' market and I'm buying a house.

The only reason you're even talking about a house is to make me feel bad.

You're trying to prove you're moving on without me so I'll change my mind.

This what women are doing when they say they're moving on?

Yeah. They don't usually take out a home loan to do it.

Pathetic. Let me be clear. I'm moving on.

I'm a better woman than you.


[pager beeping]

Ready to go? I just got a page.

Our John Doe needs to go back into surgery.

Post-op CT showed a re-bleed. I'm gonna have Nelson take care of it.

No. Really? I'd prefer to do it myself, but I wanna check in on Izzie. We can do that first then get married after?

We have the George intervention after. I'll have Nelson do it.

Tell them to prep. We'll run to City Hall, we'll come back and we'll do it. Meredith.

No. Let's go. We gotta go. We gotta run to City Hall, come back, check on Izzie, we'll monitor John Doe, talk George out of the Army... We could do this another day.

There is no other day! Every day is like this.

Every day there's a crisis. There's no time.

Meredith... I love you. I wanna marry you today.

But there is no time.

You have a piece of paper? For what?

I wanna be with you forever, and you wanna be with me forever.

And in order to do that, we need to make vows, a commitment, a contract.

Give me a piece of paper. I don't... I don't.

I have Post-its.


[# Hollywood, Mon Amour: Flashdance... What A Feeling]

What do we want to promise each other?

That you'll love me even when you hate me.

To love each other even when we hate each other.

No running, ever. Nobody walks out. No matter what happens.

No running. What else?

That we'll take care of each other even when we're old and smelly and senile.

If I get Alzheimer's and forget you...

I will remind you who I am every day.

To take care when old, senile, smelly.

This... is forever.


This is our wedding? A Post-it? Mm-hm.

Well, if you sign it.

Now what?

Now I kiss the bride.

Married? Married.

See that?

Plenty of time.

Gotta do an EKG. I don't even get any small talk?

What's your problem? I'll tell you.

I know I'm supposed to be grateful for my new lease on life.

But Alex marched in here and basically told me that being married to me was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Yeah.

And that he was trying to decide if smothering me with a pillow was the best way to put us both out of our misery.

OK, where is it? Where's what?

Where's the note that says that?

Did you write that down? No.



I'll be right there.



I've gotta go. I've gotta find Alex. Go.

Oh. Sorry. I was looking for George. It's after six.

Uh, we scheduled an intervention so we could give O'Malley a piece of our minds about this idiotic Army business.

Did he leave already? He never scrubbed in.

He told me he was enlisting, I sent him home to spend the day with his mom since he's leaving so soon. He took off this morning.


[Derek] How's his ICP? Worse. OR's expecting us.

I thought you were getting married. We did.

Sure you want to start your honeymoon in an OR?

We're sure.

You can't be in here. I'll come get you in the waiting room.

Hold his hand until you put him under. It does make him feel better.

[Meredith] OK.

[Meredith] Well, you made a good friend there.

That happens when you take a bus for somebody.

OK. I know this is scary. But you do have a great team up there.

You wanna try to write again?

Can you hold the pen? No?

OK. O?



Double O... Seven.


Oh, God! Oh, God!

You paged. What do you need? Way to go dipwad.

Telling your wife you're trying to off her?

Mind your business... Wait.

How did you know that? She told me.

You remember?

Pillow or morphine. I got the whole thing.

I didn't mean that. Of course you didn't.

You love me too much to shoot me up with morphine even if I asked you to.

And my stupid gorked brain is coming back.

Oh, my God, I was so scared.

I mean, I would have loved you no matter what.

You're back. You're back.

Iz. Iz? [beeping]


Yang! [Meredith] It's George! It's George!

It's George! John Doe is George!


Izzie, look at me! Open your eyes! Page Shepherd, the chief, Bailey.

We have you, you hear me? We have you, we'll fix this.

Just stay with us. [Derek] O'Malley, it's Shepherd.

You're not going anywhere. BP's dropping.

Put him out now!

What happened? Is it her brain?

Hyperkalemia. Couldn't control the arrhythmias.

Pressure's dropping. Intubation tray.

Alex, she signed a DNR. Shut up!

She knew this might happen. I don't give a crap!

It's not what she wants.

[flatline] Get a crash cart!

[# Greg Laswell: Off I Go]

Karev, if she didn't... Look at her! Get a crash cart!

Screw the DNR! Hand me those paddles! Yang, take over compressions.

I got it. One, two, three.

And down.

[Richard] Charge to 300.

[Meredith] Did you say it?

I love you?

[Richard] Clear.

[Meredith] I don't ever want to live without you?

You changed my life.

Did you say it?

Make a plan.

Set a goal, work toward it.

But every now and then, look around.

[Richard] Come on.

[Meredith] Drink it in.

'Cause this is it.

[Owen] We're losing him!

[electronic whirring, beeping]


[sobbing] Come on, Stevens.

Come on.

[Richard] V-fib! Clear!

[Meredith] It might all be gone tomorrow.