Grey's Anatomy S5E4 Script

Brave New World (2008)

[Izzie] Previously on Grey's Anatomy:

I had a bad night, I cried. I'm over it. You need to get over it.

[George] I'm retaking my intern test.

You and I are more than just roommates.

We're friends. You're probably one of my best friends.

Best friend.

[Hahn] You're the only woman I've ever kissed.

You're freaking out, too? A lot of therapy time.

Derek's moved in. We've taken it to the next level. I am happy.

[# Patrick & Eugene: Altogether Now]

[Meredith] In 6500 BC, some guy looked at his sick friend and said, "I have an idea.

Why don't I drill a hole in your skull? It'll make you feel better."

Thus surgery was born.

Hey. Uh...

Where's Mer? She's not here.

Oh! [both laugh]

So you're just in there by yourself? I'm not... I'm waiting for her.

Love the outfit. What do you want?

I need cash. I ordered a pizza and Alex owes me 20 bucks, but he's not speaking to me because I saw him crying over his crazy girlfriend, and there was a minute, a week ago, I thought he'd be a human being, and now he won't open the door. Run into the bathroom.

Just go. Go!

Karev! Give me a 20.

Thank you.

That was so awesome. Very cool.

Not that I didn't think you were cool before, but I did not.

I just thought you were all hair and, you know...

Now cool. You want to share some pizza?

[Meredith] It takes a certain brand of crazy to come up with an idea like drilling into somebody's skull, but surgeons have always been a confident bunch.

Your clothes, your room.

The living room will not be a dumping ground like the old place.

Did you not hear her?

OK. She kind of scares me.

'Cause she's scary. Callie needs a new best friend.

Not bad, right?

It's great.

[Meredith] We usually know what we're doing. When we don't, we act like we do.

We walk boldly into undiscovered country, plant a flag, start ordering people around.

Want to go on a date with me? It's invigorating and terrifying.

Like a date date?

Yeah, restaurant, candlelight, bottle of wine.

At the end of the night I try to take your clothes off.

OK. That would be a date.

Hey. Hey.

You're... Naked and waiting for you.

You keep a diary? Have I not known, all this time, that you keep a diary?

No. I... I don't... Aw!

Don't be shy. I think it's cute.

It's not mine. I won't read it.

Whose is it? Your mother's.

It was in a big box full of old issues of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Did you read it? No.

I brought it up here for you.

Why were you going through her things? Trying to find space for my clothes.

Your closet is full.

I have to shower. I've been hauling Cristina's boxes.

You haven't read any? No. What if I'm in it?

I don't want to hear what she thought of me.

What's worse, if you're in it or not? I don't know!

I mean, see, why is he in the study rooting around in closets trying to dig up my mother's ghost? I think 'cause you invited him.

Apparently some people thought I was kidding last week when I announced nobody was going to hang out on their favorite specialty.

I wasn't. Junior residents don't specialize, so all the requests to send you back to that place where your true heart lives can end now.

Dr. Bailey makes the assignments.

Do not, and I repeat, do not harangue her.

O'Malley, I made a call.

They don't have your score yet. If I knew, I would tell you.


You passed. We're gonna go to Joe's tonight, and we're gonna celebrate.

I'm gonna buy you a beer and all the peanuts you can eat.

What if I didn't pass?

Well, then I'm still buying you a beer.

Beer for losers.

Grey, you're on cardio with Hahn today.

But... Stevens and Karev, pit.

Come on! Chief wants us to have a change.

That's not a change. I'm always stuck in the pit with Alex.

When the Chief said, "Don't harangue Dr. Bailey," what do you think he meant?

Yang, clinic. What? No. No!

No, wait. The clinic is mine. I say how it's staffed.

She'll ruin it. I'll ruin it.

Just let me do it. You will not. You will do what I say.

Since Yang couldn't be bothered to show up at the clinic since it opened, think of it as a new frontier in her training.

[Meredith] Sorry.

You're not sorry. You're psyched you got Hahn.

If not, you should be. She's terrifying.

You give her unrealistic expectations as to what a resident should be.

Stay on top of the material. Don't get warm and fuzzy. She hates that.

Any questions, come and ask me.

I'll be in the clinic putting Band-Aids on whiners who don't have the balls to get real injuries. Let's go. Come on.

[woman] Here you go.

I didn't read the diary. I just found it and put it on the table.

I would've read it.

Every time I actually do something to move into the house, she freaks out.

What are you gonna do with the trailer?

No. Come on.

Plus, there's a real possibility, she kicks me out in a week.

I'm not letting go of the trailer. [laughs]

Sutures, fecal impaction and more sutures.

She'll do it. What do you mean "She'll do it?"

You're good at boring, stupid crap. You're like a specialist.

Hi, I'm Dr. Stevens. Looks like you need some stitches.

What happened? I have a cut.

How'd you get it? I threw a remote at him, OK?

All he can do is watch television or fall asleep like a dead person.

Honey. Don't "honey" me. I'm divorcing you.

Soon as you stop bleeding from your head we're going to a lawyer.

Ever been to Europe? Nope. Someday.

Don't wait until you're retired. Can't be bothered to look out the window.

Six-month trip across the world.

I've been waiting for it for 15 years. He slept through the whole thing.

Marianne. Six continents.

I worked for 30 years. I was very tired.

Well, I'm tired, too, of being married to somebody with no interest in the world, so everybody's tired.

I'm going to get coffee. I assume this'll take forever?


Your mouth always do that, move to the side like that?

Like what?

Mind if I run some tests? Whatever you want.


I may be wrong, but I think Mr. Grandy has a neuro thing going on.

Get him stitched up then up for a CT.


Give me that. Give it!

Mr. Grandy. I'm Dr. Karev, and I will be taking you up for your CT today.

Duncan Paley, eight, recently diagnosed with aortic valve disease from infectious endocarditis, scheduled for a Ross procedure.

There's a note from his pediatrician. [woman] Duncan!

Duncan, get back here! Duncan!

Go! Sure.

Sorry. Duncan. Duncan! Duncan, come back here.

Duncan, you get down from there. Don't touch the fire alarm.

I'm not having the surgery. No!

Come on, get down. I'm not doing it!

One, two, three... No!

I think this is all going to be OK if we just...

Will you promise me no surgery?

Promise me no surgery.

I... We... We can't really do that.

[alarm blares] [PA] Evacuate. Evacuate.

Evacuate. This is an emergency.

Do we have this kid under control, or do I have to call Social Services?

He won't do anything like that again. He better not.

The ceiling fell last week. I don't need a series of false alarms.

This place looks ridiculous enough.

Keep the ankle-biter under control. I'll sedate him if I have to.

Good. Bone up on your pulmonary autografts.

I don't want to spend the day bathed in your ignorance and incompetence.

She hates me. What do you mean "we'll sedate him?"

I was trying not to be warm and fuzzy.

I don't mean sedate him, I mean baby-sit him.

It's your last day as an intern. Think of how happy you'll be to move on.


I'm gonna be in the OR until 7:00. Is 8:00 too late for dinner?

No, but if you need to reschedule or cancel.

Come on, are you kidding? I made a reservation at Canto.

I even gamed out an outfit.

We are doing this.

So Hahn is doing a Ross procedure, and she thinks I'm a moron.

It's called a pulmonary autograft. She likes the technical names, OK?

Tell her you're excited to watch her harvest a pulmonary valve using her septal sparing technique.

Cut too much of the septal muscle, the patient won't be able to come off pump.

None of that is in the book. The key to the case.

You'll sound like you've been around the block.

I can't believe I'm giving you my best stuff.

Mwah! You don't deserve it.

Dr. Yang, Mrs. Borsokowski needs your loving attention.

Redness, itching, inflammation: A rash. You're giving me a rash.

No! She's the mean one! I don't want her.


All right, what do we got? Take a look.

Thing's bigger than a baseball. Oh, wow, it's right behind his eyes.

This'll be fun. Page Stevens.

She left the guy with me.

She gave you the case? Yeah, well, Izzie felt bad for me.

Figured this would cheer me up.

In that case you'll help me pull this thing out.

Hey, Duncan.

We're gonna put an IV in your arm real quick, then you can go on playing.

What is it? A little tube we put in your arm.

No. No, it's gonna hurt.

Come on, it's not gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt.

It's a needle, it's gonna hurt. But it's only for, what, three seconds?

I don't believe you. You don't believe me?

Do you want me to prove it to you? I'll prove it.

I'll have Dr. Grey put one in me.

This is a tourniquet.

And you wrap it around your arm so that your vein pops out.

See? Like that.

So now, the needle.

That's the part that's gonna hurt.

That goes in, and that's in...

Hurting. That hurts, it hurts, and...

It doesn't hurt anymore.

Now that stuff, it goes into here. Doesn't hurt at all.

OK, I'll do it.

OK. I'll go get another IV kit. OK.

Wow. You're really good at this.

Oh, I was an airplane guy too when I was his age.

Us airplane guys, we like to know how things work.

I'm sorry about the alarm.

I know.


They have the nerve to be indignant about how they're not allowed to be on their specialties.

They don't have specialties. They should be grateful they're allowed in the...

Are you listening to me?

I'm going on a date with Erica Hahn and, uh... that's awkward

'cause, uh... she's a colleague and because she's an attending, and because she's a she. [laughs]

And, uh, there's been kissing, but, uh... no touching, and what if I'm not into it? What if I'm horrible at all that stuff south... of the border?

'Cause I've never been south of the border...

...with a female.

I mean, I've never even been over the northern mountains, you know what I'm sayin'?

We're gonna pretend this didn't happen.

Mr. Grandy?

What are you doing in here? They admitted me.

My new doctor, Dr. Karev, said I have a huge tumor in my head.

Have you seen my wife?

Your new doctor?

Somebody page me?

I have a patient with tenderness and erythema from her upper chest to her left arm.

She needs irrigation and debridement.

She said you may have to amputate my arm.

It's a simple rash. It's probably dermatitis.

But look how the skin is denuded. Could be surgical, right?

It's a rash. Go to Derm, get a tube of CeraVe cream.

Don't ever page me to hustle a surgery again.

[Richard] It was supposed to be done yesterday. Done!

So exactly why did I walk into my OR and still see a massive, gaping hole where the ceiling was supposed to be?

You see Karev, get an 18-gauge needle and shove it in his throat.

I have cultivated a look that says I'm not interested in personal problems.

Can you morons not read that look, or have I lost the hang of it? People are telling me problems!

I don't give a crap about your crushing workload or love life or your carpal tunnel syndrome.

I care about is Mrs. Caruchi, a 92-year-old woman no one can find!


I'm Dr. Pepman. Can I help you?

Uh, yeah, um...

Where can I get some CeraVe cream?

Um, our nurses look like they're tied up.

If you don't mind waiting I can get it for you myself.

Water with raspberries while you wait? Uh, sure.

[Pepman] Hi, Chris.

Oh. Don't mind Chris. He's our massage therapist.

You're... a what?

Our hands do such delicate work. It's important they stay healthy.

We have Chris on staff to work on us when we have a spare moment.

Every attending gets their hands massaged at work?

Oh, no. The dermatology attendings have another therapist.

Chris just works on the residents.

You're a resident? First year, and loving it.

So I'll make an incision ear to ear and peel down the face.

I'll crack open his forehead, pull the tumor right out.

Keep an eye on the optic nerve. Somebody twitches and this guy's blind.

Which one of your roommates will be assisting?

[chuckles] Karev. Oh, great.

Dr. Shepherd, I want back on this case. This is my patient.

Alex stole him from me... Dr. Stevens, in this hospital I'm not your roommate. I don't give a crap about your problems.

I have a resident. I don't need another.

The patient's in his room, if you want to go over procedure.

Son of a bitch. Go cry to somebody who cares.

This is my case. It isn't fair.

Surgery's like the Wild West.

You didn't get your claim in Montana from the bank, you got it 'cause you put a fence and shot the ass off anyone who walked by.

Karev's a cowboy. You're not.

We're gonna transect the great arteries at the sinotubular ridge, use the autograft to replace the aortic root, then attach a pulmonary homograft.

You going to use septal sparing technique for the pulmonary autograft?

Yes. Why do you ask?

If we cut too much of the septal muscle we can't take the patient off the pump?


Always wanted to see a septal sparing technique.

Know how to reanastomose the coronary arteries back to the aorta?

I do.

I'll let you sew part of it in.

You'll be in there, might as well get your hands dirty.

Great. Thanks, Dr. Hahn.

You're going to hell 'cause you're a liar.

Was it obvious? Unfortunately, no.

[# The Bird & The Bee: My Love]


What happened? Look.

You paged me 911.

I'm in the middle of studying for Hahn's pulmonary autograft...

They're residents.

That one baked a seven-layer cake for that one's birthday, from scratch.

And that one, that one's girlfriend is taking him skiing this weekend.

Oh, this one's the best.

OK, this one gets to leave to go get a facial.

And she told her attending. And her attending was happy

'cause they have to have facials. They're dermatologists.

I mean, look... look... Oh, my God.

The hospital has hired someone to rub them, full-time.

I bet their boyfriends don't go digging around in their closets without asking.


I told Hahn I knew how to do a coronary artery reanastomosis.

You don't. I know.

I looked it up, the kid's eight. He's got tiny arteries.

Know what? Snag me some of those grapes there, I'll teach you.

And then find Dr. Daisy Pepman.

Ask her for a suture kit and a 7-0 polypropylene.

Dr. Daisy Pepman? She's a resident.

She pours fruity drinks.

She has time for that kind of thing. And I like saying her name.

So was that hyphenated or did her parents name her...?

No... No mocking.

There is no mocking in Derm. Only warmth and light.

Are you all right, Mrs. Paley?

You want to know what Duncan's doing?

Packing to leave, and I can't stop him.

I suck at this.

I'm tired and I'm fried because I lie awake at night listening to him breathe because I'm afraid his heart's gonna stop, and he's gonna die, and I'll have been sleeping. I don't know how to do this.

No one knows how to be the mom of a kid with heart failure.

Nobody teaches that.

And you have a really smart kid, you know that.

We just need to up our game a little bit.

Can I try? Go for it.

A baseball? Which is why you were so lethargic.

Why I slept through most of our trip, perhaps.

Not because I am boring and uninterested in the cultures of the world. How was I supposed to know?

You were supposed to give me the benefit of the doubt, not throw electronics at me.

Mr. Grandy, this is a massive tumor in an area that's very hard to reach.

You're gonna want to talk about this with your wife.

I'm sure she's fine with the risks. Arnie.

I'm going through with it. I got nothing left to lose.

See you in the OR.

Dr. Shepherd, that is my patient.

I'm sure you can use another resident...

I am not the traffic cop on the playground.

It's the Wild West and you're the sheriff. Can't you be the sheriff?

I'll think of you when we crack his forehead open.

I'm not letting you do this to me. Do not walk away.

Give me back my surgery or I'll shoot your ass off!

He stole a very big surgery.

I'll pick it up.

What'd you do with the diary? It's in my locker.

Do you want me to screen it for you?

Magic Marker out all the scary parts. No. No one's reading it.

OK, no. Don't. Here...

Don't pull too hard. You're stretching the skin.

Alex stole my patient with a grapefruit growing behind his eyes.

Your boyfriend couldn't give a crap.

He actually said the words, "I don't give a crap."

See that guy there, OK? He's a resident.

He's dragging 'cause he got too much sleep last night. Uh-huh. Too much.

What? Like watching a living freak show.

I don't talk about sex.

Please, let's just pretend I never said even a single word.

I don't talk about sex with anyone ever, not any kind of sex.

Bailey, I am begging you... Uh!

The vajayjay is undiscovered country.

It is the motherland.

You've never traveled there, you don't know its customs and ways.

Now me, I've always wanted to go to Africa.

But, if I go, I'm gonna have to learn a few things first.

I'm going to have to prepare.

I'll need shots. Bring my own syringes in case something goes wrong.

And I'll want to know how to get to the embassy...

OK, now you've lost me.

[# Emiliana Torrini: Big Jumps]

Just talk about it.

Not with me, with the other one.

Just talk about the rules, the expectations, figure out how to gracefully demur if you find you don't like... the local cuisine.

In Ethiopia, they eat stew off of spongy sour bread.

That's not for everyone.

Mer, I need you! Shh!

Harshing the vibe. What are you doing?

Cristina found this magical world where doctors are happy and patients are pleasant, and no one is screaming or stealing surgeries.

Everyone just rubs each other all day long.

You all want to be dermatologists? They apply lotion for a living.

Yeah. That's the point. Come here, come here.

They're empty inside, completely devoid of blood lust.

They don't need to fight for anything. They don't want to cut anyone open.

They just... love lotion.

Do you know how much easier our life would be if we could just love lotion?

How do you think they got that way?

Their mothers didn't leave diaries around for them to read.

Sloan told me today to stake my claim in the Wild Wild West, so I went all cowboy on Alex's ass and I still don't have my surgery.

These women, they do not have to stake a claim.

OK. You all need to snap out of it.

Izzie, in the Wild Wild West there is always a woman in the saloon and nobody messes with her, even though they all have guns. She's a prostitute.

The woman in the saloon is a whore, George.

No. She just has other skills she uses to make her way in the world.

So just use what you got.

Mer, I'm gonna take this, and I need you to help me sell an idea to Hahn and the Chief.

Cristina? You're coming, too.

[George] Cristina!

How are you doing, Mr. Grandy?


...I've got a tumor that's been compared to a baseball, a grapefruit, and an alien living inside my head, and... my wife, who was ready to divorce me even before she knew that I was damaged goods, she won't even look at me.

I'm sure she's just freaked out about the tumor. It happens a lot.

What if it isn't just the tumor?

I mean, what if she's figured out that she just doesn't like me?

No. You're a really likeable guy, I can tell.

You're a nice girl.

Is... Is your new doctor as nice as me? Dr. Karev?

He's all right.

That's good. Yeah.

He was having some personal problems, depression.

He's been a little off his game, but...

"Off his game?"

Sounds like he's bouncing back. You'll be fine.

Wait. I don't want someone who's "Off his game."

Can I get you back?

Oh, gee. Um, well...

Well, you could talk to Dr. Shepherd, tell him you don't want Dr. Karev on your case, then I'm all yours.

What happened? She said she was feeling faint.

I thought she was pissed about waiting for her cream.

Her pulse ox is 90? The oxygen's not helping.

[rapid beeping] Get her to the ER.

Why didn't you move her to the ER? I don't know what to do.

You've been standing here? I paged you. Where've you been?

OK. Aggressive fluids, support care, steroids...

Give her 16 of dexamethasone. Right away.

[# The Whitest Boy Alive: Done With You]

Hurry! Come on!

[beeping] BP's going back up.

OK, um...

Call Dr. Bailey and tell her the patient needs plasmapheresis and a skin biopsy, stat.

You stole my surgery. It's my surgery.

Using me as a doormat is one thing, screwing with my career is another.

I have been wiping your snot and covering your ass for weeks now, and all you've done is abuse me.

For a little while you get to do that because you're heartbroken and pathetic, and I'm a good friend, but it ends.

Get your own surgeries, wipe your own snot.

Dr. Shepherd, that's my surgery. The patient made the request.

Nothing I can do.

Sixty percent of her skin sloughed off.

I'm surprised she didn't crash when she got out of bed.

Dr. Sloan didn't catch it when he was down for a consult?

He may have been distracted by the fact I told him it was necrotizing fasciitis.

That'd do it. Can I do the biopsy?

Sure. I didn't know you had a big interest in dermatology.

No... I don't. Just the surgical part.

That's all right. It's good. Branch out.

Dr. Bailey, I'm not interested in Derm...


We're doing a bicoronal incision. Expect a lot of bleeding.

Once I get going it'll all happen fast, so stay with me.

Stevens, grab a Bovie.

All right. Here we go.

You are not bringing an 8-year-old child into the OR.

He's scared, doesn't know what's gonna happen. No way for him to imagine it.

Letting the boy see a bloody OR isn't gonna help.

Dr. Hahn has a thorascopic lung resection in an hour.

Three tiny incisions, no blood. What's that gonna do?

It shows him the room, the instruments, someone under anesthesia, still alive.

Pinning him down and doping him up is...

It's gonna be traumatic for him, and...

Showing him how it works is such an easy fix.

You can't see, can you? Nope.

I don't want to go in there.


[# Josh Radin: One of Those Days]

Well, there's not gonna be any blood, nothing gross, nothing scary.

Just three tiny cuts that are so small you can barely see 'em.

The first time that I went in there, that room, I was scared.

But that room is the most magical room in the world.

Only the finest doctors get to go in there.

A lot of the great ones are not even allowed to touch anything, just watch.

I'm pretty good, so I'm still a watcher.

The people that work in there, they're the best.

The very best.

It's the safest place you'll ever be in in your entire life.

Where'd that guy's face go?

You lost, O'Malley? Sorry!

No, wait! I want to see! I want to see the guy with no face! Stop! Stop!

Promise not to mention this to anyone, I'll give you what you want for life.


Good afternoon, Duncan.

Come on in and take a look.

I want to go back to the other one. We're not talking about the other one.

This one's boring. Well, yours will be boring too.

Do I get the big lights? Yeah. You get all the big lights.

Where's the suctioner? Right over there.

Can I feel it? I just want to feel it once.

Move over first.

Can I touch the scalpel?

You just need to lie down. I just want to see everything.

Look here. See this? Yeah.

It's a video camera. You'll be able to watch the whole thing when it's over.

Start shooting right now. Lie down.

See you after surgery.

[Derek] OK, don't squeeze too hard.

The teeth on the forceps can leave holes.

That's good.

Very good. Keep going on that plane.

Great. OK, let me take over.

Cowboys don't have friends.

Dr. Grey, you ready?

Have good visualization and start suturing right here.

All right. Keep going.

Very nice.

All right. Give her a little room, O'Malley.



You can tell Dr. Yang she's a better teacher than I would've thought.

Sorry. Save it.

Your colleagues know more than you do, milk them for all they're worth.

Lie to me again about your experience, the next heart you see will be your own as I cut it out of your chest with a steak knife.

Mrs. Grandy, your husband is in recovery.

It was a tough procedure, but overall it went really well.

He's gonna be OK, Mrs. Grandy.

He is never gonna forgive me.

He was sick, and I told him he was lazy and boring.

He was sick. You didn't know.

Well, I'm his wife. I should've known.

[# Brett Dennen: Ain't Gonna Lose You]

People are terrible to the people they love sometimes.

They're mean.

You were both going through a really hard time and took it out on one another. It isn't fun, but it is what people do.

It doesn't make you the worst wife in the world.

It just makes you a person who made a mistake.

I miss anything good?

You're gonna love this. The redhead just gave the short one a case because she thought he'd find it interesting. A pyogenic granuloma.

Gave it away.

We could transfer.

Maybe we'd be happier. We'd die of boredom.

Die with great skin.

I had the biggest derm emergency that exists today, and it was fun for about a minute, 'cause the woman almost died, then we saved her, and all she needed was a stupid biopsy.

I tore a guy's face off. I reattached a coronary artery.

I hate you both.

We are not happy, glowy, people.

Yeah. Yeah.

We gotta get out of here.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Lexie] Still no word on the test?

George, I'm sure you passed. It'll be OK.

I mean, you're gonna buy me a beer tonight, and then it'll be OK.


Test results.

[Lexie] You passed.

I passed? George, you're not an intern anymore.

I passed. We are so gonna celebrate.

I passed. I passed.

I passed. I'm gonna... I gotta go tell Izzie and Mer.

No. Go tell them, and then we'll... OK.


To George O'Malley, repeater no more.

You're gonna be impossible now. Lexie!

Come on and join us. I'm gonna get a drink first.

Hey, Joe, could I have a beer? Sure.

Want me to bring it to the table? No. I'm just gonna sit over there.

Hey, Joe, can I get another vodka tonic?

George passed his exam.


Just the people I was looking for. I want to buy these two a drink.

You're the best roommate ever. I am.

Just to be clear, you two pull that crap on one of my cases again, I will have you thrown out of the program.

You know what? I'll take my drink at the table...

I know, OK? I know I'm being an ass.

I can't help it. I'm pissed off all the time, so much I can't even breathe.

You can't be pissed at a crazy chick for losing her mind.

There's nobody else to be pissed at except you.

Nobody else.

We need to have rules.

What? Rules.

We need rules about how we're gonna deal with the motherland, because it's undiscovered country, and...

...maybe it'll be the best vacation either of us has ever had, but... it's mysterious and dark, and there should be rules.

Oh, and an embassy.

And a safe word.

I'm sorry. What the hell are you talking about?

Below the...

Below the Mason-Dixon line. Of your pants.

I'm not sure I'm ready to go there.

Me neither.

There's lots of undiscovered territory above the belt. Uh...

We can take it slow.

Maybe... just first base.

[laughs] OK.

Whoo! OK. Thank you.


Finish my wine.

I'm gonna look at the menu while you let your blood pressure drop back down to normal.


Maybe second base, too.

[# The Rescues: My Heart With You]

I could always move back to the trailer.

No, I want you here.

I mean, I may not always be so graceful about it, but...

...I want you here.

You need a place for your things.

It's not an unreasonable request.

You can use this as your den or your office or whatever.

It's your mom's den.

But she isn't here. You are.

What about you?

You need someplace.

Someplace you can get away to.

Well, I can always go to Cristina's or whatever.

I think I have a better idea.

[Meredith] We like to think we're fearless, eager to explore unknown lands and soak up new experiences.

But, the fact is, we're always terrified.

Maybe the terror's part of the attraction.

Some people go to horror movies, we cut things open, dive into dark water.

"October 13, 1977.

I haven't slept in three days..."

[Meredith] And, at the end of the day, isn't that what you'd rather hear about, if you've got one drink and one friend and 45 minutes?

Smooth rides make for boring stories.

A little calamity, that's worth talking about.