Gridlocked (2015) Script

Tensions are mounting as some of the protesters have already started gathering here in New York City across the street from the United Nations, where it was just announced that the Israeli Prime Minister would address the assembly later this month.

More on that to come. But first, let's go to Danielle.

And in entertainment news, actor Brody Walker is making headlines after a video leaked online earlier this week.

The footage shows an intoxicated Walker attempting to drive himself home after leaving a nightclub.

When a paparazzo confronted him, Walker assaulted the man.

You doing all right tonight? I'm always good, bro.

Yeah, you gonna drive, dude?

I'm a big boy. I can figure it out.

Got some DUIs last month. You sure you want number three?

**** you, dude. Come on, man.

Don't get in that car.

You gonna be drunk on set tomorrow, Brody?

What did you say? Too many DUIs, man.

Too many ******* DUIs? No, you're good. Hey!

A former child star, Walker's films have collectively grossed over half a billion dollars.

But sources say his run-ins with the law and his purported substance abuse have left those around him worried.

This doesn't fare well for Walker who just landed a major role in an upcoming franchise that starts shooting later this...

Marty, it's not as bad as it looks.

Oh, really? Because it looks pretty fucking bad to me.

I've been on the phone all morning with the studio.

They're getting cold feet.

You said it was a done deal.

This is Hollywood. It's never a done deal.

Do you have any idea the kind of hoops that I had to jump through just to get you fucking insured on this thing?

Brody, this is serious. Do you understand that?

They want to press charges. I barely even pushed the guy.

It doesn't make a difference. This isn't your first criminal offense, and you can't afford a scandal right now.

Do you get that? Then pay him off.

Oh, that's brilliant.

See, just pay him off, Bill.

That's all. Can I ask you a question? Seriously.

Are you just naive or a complete fucking idiot?

Yeah. Bill, what the fuck are we gonna do with this guy?

Huh? You don't know? That's great.

We got to figure a way to avoid a conviction.

Oh, really? Got to appease the courts.

We got to make it look like he's going to lake responsibility, and we're gonna spin it and try to get the studio back on set.

And how do you suggest that we do that, Bill?

No idea.

Doesn't know. Terrific.

You know what?

Maybe there's a way to make an example of him.

Make it look like we're taking a loss, but really everybody wins.

I love that. How are we gonna do that?

Let me talk to the prosecutor about that. I got an idea.

But he has to plead guilty.

Whoa! Absolutely not!

No fucking way! I'm not pleading guilty.

Brody Walker plead guilty to assault and battery charges just weeks after an incident involving him attacking a photographer.

However, Walker's lawyers accepted a plea bargain and admitted him into a judicial diversion program which will see him spend time shadowing law enforcement for the duration of his sentence.

Walker's lawyer, Bill Donner, says that they are confident that he will complete the program successfully and that he should be back at work shortly.

The nice thing is that he's already staying out of trouble.

And I can assure you that he's under the care of New York's finest.

Hey, man. What's up? Face down.

All right. Cool.

Hands behind your back.

That pain you're feeling, that's carbon steel.

That's temporary compared to the pain you will feel if you don't tell me what I need to know.

Nod your head if you understand.

Good. On your side.

Ease up.

Is he with you?

I told you to wait in the car.


Yo! Was that Brody Walker? Damn!

Shut up. Take it easy. He's a fan.

Hey, Brody! Damn!

I don't believe this shit.

Are you kidding me? Damn!

Oh, man. I knew that was you, man.

Brody Walker. Yo, Double Barrel, I loved that movie, man.

That's my jam. Hey, yo. You think we can get a photo real quick?

Yeah. Let's do it. Don't even think about it.

What? You can't talk to Brody Walker like that, man.

Incredible Hulk.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brody! Get in the car.

Hey, yo. When you tweet that, hashtag thug life, hashtag we made it.

So when do I get to arrest somebody or hold a gun or something?

What? I should be able to do everything you do except I'll do it with a little more compassion.

Look at this guy.

Yeah, man. My arm hurts.

See? Hey.

You better listen to Brody, man. Yeah, listen to Brody.

Disrespectful, yo.

That's what I'm talking about.

Movie star, bro.

I just feel that, you know, I just think that you and I should be chasing something bigger instead of wasting our time busting crack heads. No offense.

None taken, Brody.

I mean, shit, I ain't do nothing anyway.

Hello. You've reached the offices of Dr...

How much are they paying you to babysit me?

Not nearly enough.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being good.

Really good.

Do you even like what you do?

Whoa, man! That's my head.

Let's get something straight. This is not a game.

The last thing I wanna do is babysit you. You got that?

I'm your last line of defense from you spending the rest of your life in a concrete closet. So sit back, shut up, do as you're told, and you and I will get on just fine. Have you got that?

Have you got it? Yeah.


Is that Scotty? Yeah.

You better move on through. I got this one.

Thanks, Sully. All right, buddy.

Jason. Hey.

Oh, so close. Maybe next time.

Come on, Sully. I could've slipped through here.

Protocol. What are you...?


You got to be kidding.

Thank you.

Access granted, Scott.


There are reasons for the protocol we follow.

One of them being that I get to do more than just sit at a desk all day.


See you around, Sully. All right.

Thanks for that.

Anytime, rookie.

I don't understand, man. I'm coming up on two months, and the old man still demands to see my ID every single time.

I'm at two years. Get used to it.

Some things never change.

Hey, hold up a sec.

What did we say about being first one in?

Come on.


Rookies are first in or you get friendly with the mop.

That's right. You get friendly with the mop.

So what happened today?

I wasn't first in.

No, you weren't.

All right.

Keep it up, rookie. Thanks for the advice.

Sorry, what's that?

Fuck yourself.

Fair enough.

Yo, police brutality, man! Ain't none of y'all seeing this?

Shut up. I told you watch out for my arm.

Hey, brother! My brother! Look at this shit, man!

Hey, listen! This man needs anger management!

Take care of this asshole! What the hell?

Hey, Brody! Wait for me. All right?

What the hell are you doing? Go and sit down.

What's going on, Vince? This place is empty.

Short staffed. Summer's tomorrow.

What's up? It's where the PM lands at two.

Chiefs trying to make everything work out following his code.

Mm-hmm, no excuses, no overtime, right?

There isn't gonna be any overtime if you stick around long enough.

I've been pleading for a bigger holding cell ever since the brass dropped you off here.

Don't hold your breath.

Never do.

So how long does this usually take?



The bust.

What about this one?

Of course not.

So when are you gonna let me shoot someone?

When they start irritating me.

So what's it like hanging with Brody?

Highlight of my fucking life.

You think you might be able to hook me up with an autograph?

You know, for the kids?

Vince, you don't have kids.

Doc, this is Dave Hendrix.

Been trying to reach you all day. Yes, David.

Hi. Look, we're not supposed to be talking.

Okay, Fed-Ex this express, not by fucking donkey, okay?

Brody, hi. What's happening?

Marty, I don't wanna do this anymore.

What's the problem?

Problem? Problem is I've been sitting on my ass for three days watching this guy bust fucking meth heads. That's the problem.

You said I'd get to see some real action.

You said I'd get to fire a gun.

No. What I said was if you're lucky, you might get to see him fire his gun.

Listen, I need to get back to my team.

We've been over this already. You're still in the recovery stage.

I can't clear you.

Come on, Doc.

I've been closing down gangsters and thugs for weeks without breaking a sweat.

You should see some of the shit they got me assigned to.

Marty, this isn't what you told me.

Brody, a lot of actors have endured a lot worse just to get that dream role.

Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis or Ed Norton.

Ed Norton actually joined the Aryan Brotherhood for American History X.

The dude tattooed a fucking swastika on his chest, Brody.

On his fucking chest. And it's still there.

Doc, I really need to do my job.

What you've got to do is you have to grow a pair of big boy nuts and suck it up because this is not public indecency, Brody.

This is fucking assault, which means if you don't do this, you go to fucking jail.

You go to fucking jail, then you don't do the fucking movie.

There's no fucking movie, you can kiss your fucking career goodbye!

Okay, I'm just trying to make myself perfectly clear.

You do your job. It's really that simple.


David, I can't talk with you anymore about this.

Doc, please, I...

I'll submit my reports at the end of the month.

I'm sorry. Goodbye.


Get the fuck down! All you get the fuck down!

Come here! Shit!

Get out of my way or the kid fucking dies!

You got to be fucking kidding me.

Is somebody gonna help me here? Fuck.

Hey. Hey, back off!

You don't need to be doing this.

I'll blow his fucking head off right fucking now!

Come on, now. No one has to get hurt.

Are you fucking deaf? What's your problem? I'll kill him!

All right. Go ahead.

What are you doing?

I'm serious.

Oh, I believe you.

I'll do it.

Well, maybe you should.

Are you crazy?

Don't move.

Get this sack of shit off the floor!

Hands behind you, come on.

You all right? You fucking hit me.

Hey, I saved your fucking life. Stop your whining.

How did you know the safety was on?

I didn't. I got to go to the hospital.

Come on, you pussy. Fuck.


What the fuck is that for?

It's a tampon.

Stick it up your nose.

I'll wait for you outside. Fuck.

Ed? Hon?

Mr. Ross?

Who's there?

I hope I haven't startled you.

Is Bill Ross around?

No. I'm his brother, Ed. Who are you?


I was under the impression that the premises were vacated.

Name's John Lowery. I'm with DEC.

Department of Environmental Conservation.

We're out here investigating reports of poaching in this area.

Your brother has given us permission to set up a surveillance post here.

I take it this is your daughter?

This is my wife, Nancy.

And we're house sitting.

Bill didn't say anything to us about this.

Well, let me ask you. Have you... seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, anything you might deem suspicious?

No. No, nothing.

Are you able to do something about those local boys always littering by the side of the road?


Well, Nancy, if I come across them, I'll have a word.

You can count on that.

Look, the Department would be more than happy to put you folks up at a hotel for the night while we go about our business.

Nonsense. We'll stay out of your way. You go ahead.

No, no. I have to insist.

We don't wanna inconvenience you any more than necessary.

No. Thank you. Save your money. We'll be fine.

And if you know my brother, Bill, you know he'd have my head if I missed a night of feeding his fish.

All right then.

We'll just get ourselves set up.

Just one more thing.

The two of you, you're out here alone, are you not?

Yeah, just us.

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.

Service will be up in 20.

Finn's preparing the feeds now.

You fucking kidding me?

Nancy, you should have taken the hotel.

So how do we know we can trust these guys?

We don't.

Wanna come in for a beer?


Right. I have some friends coming over anyway.

Sure you don't want...

Okay. So I wanna talk about this kid, Brody Walker.

Did anybody see that video of him punching that dude in the face?

What is he thinking?

Been on TV and doing movies as long as he has and look at the way he's wasting his life.

Twenty years old and the kid is a washed out has-been.

Walker falls out of the has-beens...

I don't why this Brody kid is still news.

He hasn't made a good movie in years.

This guy's doing nothing. He's a joke.

Shut up.

Come on, man. It took me forever to get here.

Open up.


Come in.

I'll probably get my rims stolen in this place.

You know, you look a lot better when you smile.

So, do you have a wife or a girlfriend or anything?

You ask a lot of questions, Brody.

And you like to avoid them all.


Is this you? This is some serious SWAT shit, man.

What are you doing here, kid?

I mean, seriously.

You have all these amazing opportunities in life, yet you keep fucking them up. I mean, you're a goddam movie star.

Why are you blowing it?

What, you not happy?

You don't seem too happy yourself.

Well, that's what happens when you get shot.

Look, here's the truth.

Okay? If I don't do this, I am done.

You think anybody gives a shit about me if they're not making money?

At least you got a purpose.

You save people's lives.

Be a hero.

Be a hero?

There's nothing heroic about what I do.

I get paid to knock down doors for a living regardless of what's on the other side.

If we happen to make a difference, well, that's a good thing.

Do you?

Do I what?

Feel you make a difference?

I could ask you the same question.

Not that you really give a shit, but this opportunity that I have, this movie, is my last chance, man.

I know I've screwed up.

I pissed a lot of people off.

Do you have any idea what it's like having the press constantly knocking you down no matter what you do?


People only know what they see.

I'm being told what to do, what to wear, who to date.

I don't even know who I am anymore.

But I know what I need.

And I need your help.

No more bullshit.

I promise.


Let's take a drive.

Come on.

Everything ready? Yeah. We're all good on our end.

Just make sure you're back online the second that grid kicks back up.

We will be.

Ryker, Ben, synchronizing.

Five, four, three, two, one.

We've been driving for, like, an hour. Where are we going?

I already told you.

No, all you said was, "You'll see."


See, this is why you don't have any friends.

Hey, great to see you back, David.

You too, brother. You're good.

Hey, I really appreciate this.

I think he's a good kid.

Stupid, but good.

It works for me.

Come on. Hey.

I'm gonna be giving you a visitor's badge.

It's the only way anybody, other than staff, gels to go through.

I'm gonna need your ID and your cell phone.

My cell phone? Really? Yeah.

You too, David. I'm sorry.

Safety's on.

Two mags. You came prepared.

Welcome to the clubhouse.

The place was originally built in the '50s as a meat packing plant.

Government bought it in the early '90s.

Retrofitted into a training outpost.

No nosy neighbors.

Are we a little light?

Yeah. The other team's got recommissioned to the city.

What, for that summit? Mm-hmm.

Central's got a tech unit on the way to install some new feeds so we can monitor everything.


It doesn't count because spins, we've gone over this.

I know. As much as you want.

It's technique. I have a technique.

It is a score.

All right. Listen up, everyone.

He's back.

You kidding me?

Are you back for real? Soon.

How you doing? You knew about this?

You look good. You must have known.

Who's this?

Scott Galloway, sir.

Scott... Galloway.


Yeah, he'll be trained for this one.

He still doesn't know the difference between a RIM5 and a rimjob.

Guys, this is Brody Walker.

You may have seen his penis on TV.

Brody. This is SRT5.

Hey, I'm... Lesbian.

That's new information, Gina.

So, bro, I follow you on Instagram, man.

Really? Yeah.

What's her deal? You didn't hear? She's a lesbian.

Not for sale.

She is now.


All right, I'm out of here.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

What's his story?

I'm babysitting.

Last thing we need is for Bambi to read the schematics of this place.

Nah. He's harmless.

Who's taking reign in the killhouse this month?

You know, I don't wanna brag, but I will. Fine.

Fifty-nine flat, 95 percent accuracy.

Here we go again.

It's not my fault you can't keep up with the big boys.

Do you guys need me to pull up my scores or what's happening here?

Is this a challenge?

With you? No. It never is. Yeah.

What about you, boss? You feeling rusty?

I'm never rusty.

What's a killhouse?

Let's go show him.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.

You were? Of what? A mermaid?

Jason, you're up.



Hey, how you doing? About time you showed up.

I'm sorry. We got nailed over at the 1-7 at midtown.

They told us they needed a quick fix.

Next thing you know they wanted the Sistine Chapel in there.

All we want is finger painting.

Identification and cell phones? Yeah, you bet.

Here you go.


Gentlemen, just gonna need to take a look at your equipment.


Carl will tag along.

Your clearance level doesn't permit you being unsupervised.

We're all clear. All right.

Have fun, fellas.

Have a good one.

This can't be right. Nice penmanship.

What are you, four?

No way. No.

We got to go again. Double or nothing.

Double or nothing. Double or nothing. Yeah.

I'm gonna go take a piss. Is that cool?


Upstairs to your left. No wandering around.

Hold on.

Sully, I'm sending the kid up to the head. Keep an eye on him.

Copy that.

No fucking sense. Four?

Come on then.

Right away? Yeah.

You don't wanna stretch for your sciatica, glass of water maybe?

Here we are.

We gotta disable all come. Do a hard reset to patch in the new feeds.

Notify your HQ you'll be offline for five minutes.

Hey, Sull. Get a call over to dispatch.

Tell them we'll be going offline. These guys need five minutes.

Copy that call.

And come are down.

You wanna check Facebook while we're here?

Sergeant Maddox.

Take three of your men and cover the front.

Wait for my orders. Copy.

Let's move out!

Hey, man, we got a problem over here.

And like that I am in.

Powering down cameras in three, two, one.

What the hell?

Slow and steady wins the race.

Keep dreaming. Kid not back?

Not yet.

Really? No.



Hey, kid.

You can't be wandering around here.

Sir, you should come take a look at this.

Sam, you all right?

I can't see shit. What happened?

Hey, kid. You hit?

What the hell was that?

Shit! I can't tell if he's breathing.

Stay with him.

Don't move!

Put the gun down!


You in there, get out here!

Show me your hands! I wanna see them now!

Sully. Hey, over here!


Code red. Code red!


Sully's down. What happened?

I don't know. Some kind of explosion.


Come on, kid.

Got any movement?

How many spotted?

Two, maybe three. We got to get to Sully fast.

Oh, fuck that.


Come on.

Hello and welcome.

Please follow these voice instructions and call 911 now.

And remember, stay calm.

I am calm. Can't you tell?

And cameras are back up now.


Hang in there, Sull. We got you, boss.

Firmly place paddles on patient's chest and torso as illustrated.

No pulse detected.

No pulse detected. No shit, Sherlock.

What's the problem? Carnage.

Oh, shit.

Make the call.

HQ, this is SRT head division. Sergeant Maddox.

Coms are back up and everything's running smooth again.

Move in now. You copy? I need my guys out of there.


Come on, Sully. I got ya.

I'm out!

Shit, Sam's down!

System charging.

System charging.

System charging. Come on.


Oh, fuck!

Is this your sick way of getting attention, you narcissistic prick?

Get the fuck up!

Stay on me.

Holy shit!

Come on, Sully. I've got you.

What the fuck?


Let's move!

Let's go! Move out!

You okay?


In here!

Fuck! Jesus Christ, man! I've seen enough.

Get me the fuck out of here!

We got to move. We got to get him out of here.

Is everyone okay?

Sully's bleeding fast.

Okay, put me down. You're all right.

Here, here, here.


Sully, you got to hang in there, man.

I'm depending on you.

I knew I was getting too old for this shit.

You're gonna be okay.

Somebody wanna tell me what the fuck is going on here?



All right. Guys, we got to call for help.

Sully, where are the phones.

Don't bother. They're fried.

It's all burnt out.

Anything electrical that was on during the blast is useless.

The only power running through here now is from the backup generator.

Hang in there, Sull.

We're fucked.

Think this is a coincidence.

The night before a major summit, we get attacked and bumped offline.

That doesn't happen. They must be after security, right?

They're not after security.

They must have had another objective.

You just worked that out now?

All right. I don't exactly wanna stick around and find out.

You're staying put. Any other exits besides the garage?

Yeah, but they're reinforced steel.

There's no way they can lift those doors.

We'll find another way.

Sully, what do you remember about these guys?

Everything checked out.

Immaculate ID's precleared in the system.

Guys, I know I'm not exactly the expert here or anything...

That's right, you're not. So just shut up, and we'll figure it out.

If we've been knocked off the grid, that should show up on someone's monitor at HQ, no?

They would have planned for that.

We need to get an SOS out somehow.

How? Didn't he just say everything was fried?

Old landline behind my desk.

It hasn't been plugged in for months, but it could be of use.

Go check it out.


Let him go.

You don't think this thing is gonna make a difference, do you?

I guess the good thing is I'll be dead before we find out.

Cigarettes will kill you, you know?

Got it.



Holy shit. I've got a dial tone. Thank God.

So, how do we do this?

What do you mean?

Well, have you ever called 911 before?

It kind of defeats the purpose with our profession, don't you think?

Who else are we gonna call? I don't know.

Don't you guys have like a secret emergency phone number or something?

You actually look kind of sexy when you're mad.

You guys are totally fucking, aren't ya?

Shut up.

911, what's your emergency?

This is Scott Calloway with Strategic Response Team Five.

We have a code red. Several casualties.

We are in urgent need of backup.

What is your building access code?

Building access code is three, alpha, five, seven, whiskey niner.

Copy that, Officer Calloway. Please hold.

Come on.

You're in SRT head division north?

Affirmative. We've got an unknown number of hostiles in the area.

They are heavily armed.

All right, Calloway. Hold tight while we divert a team your way.

When they arrive, identify yourself with the code word Tallahassee.

If you're under duress, use Malibu.

Copy that. Dispatch EMS as well.

We've got an officer down. He's got a gunshot wound.

I don't know how long he's got, but you got to hurry.

Well, this don't look good.

Come on.

What are we dealing with?

Six or seven of them holed up.

Put up a bit of resistance, but shouldn't be a problem for you.

For us?

My men are not equipped for this level of engagement.

You brought us here purely on a contingent basis.

You don't think this is the sort of contingency you're being paid for?


Merc pricks.

Fucking mercs, I told you.

Did you get it? Went to shit.

Some civvy was there, botched the whole thing.

What about Dallas?


Sir! Got to talk to you.

Sergeant Maddox.

Consider your rate doubled for you and your men.

You got any guys who are good with a scope?

Yeah, a couple.

You get them with the ground unit, and you cover the gates.

One more thing.

Don't you ever try to negotiate with me again.


I got something.

It worked. CRT's on the way with EMS.

That's great.

Aren't you guys CRT?

We're SRT. CRT is NYPD.

What's ERT? Canadians.

Jason, Scott, watch out front.

I don't want our boys running into any surprises.


This is good, right? We're getting out of here?

That's the plan, yes. Yes.

What do you think they're after?

No clue.



The door... What?

The door around the corner.

Yeah. This is where they took cover.

But it's just storage.

What are we even looking for?

Here, give me the flashlight.

Sully. What's with the room?

Supposed to be for archives.

I know what it's supposed to be.

But what's it for?

Sully, come on. We've known each other forever.

A couple years ago...

Department of Justice was trying to figure out what to do with the assets of high profile busts.

Evidence, lock-ups, OUCBs... ripped off.

We had to find some way to make it more protected.

You telling me the government's been hiding seized assets in police facilities?

I'm telling you they found a way to move valuables around off the books without anyone knowing.


What we did is we took down the next bad guy... and the next and the next.

Think of it as a recycling program.

What if there's like a nuclear bomb down there?

Chemicals and shit. Could they want that?

Let's ask him.

Hang in there, Sully. You're gonna be okay.


Who are you? What do you want?

Who the fuck are you?

They're coming for you guys. You don't stand a chance.

They ain't coming for you.

At the rate you're bleeding out, you'll be dead in half an hour, less if I intervene.

Go fuck yourself.

Go fuck yourself. Why do they all say that, huh?

What are you gonna do with that?

What's your objective?

Fuck you!

What's your objective?

You're wasting your time, asshole!

Fuck. What's he doing to him?

What's your goddam objective?

Fuck you! Fuck me?

Fuck you!

Sully. I can do this all day, pal.

Hey, Sully.

I didn't exactly plan it this way.

Oh, fuck.

I can't go on that long fishing trip I been planning... all those things I'll never see.

We're in position.

Anything? No. I got nothing.

I'll get it. Yeah, go.


SRT, this is HQ. Calloway?

Yeah, speaking.

We've got a mobile unit moving in from the east.

You should see their headlights any minute now.

You got anything? Hold on.

Hey, Scotty. Scotty, we got lights.

Yeah. I think they're here. Thank you.

Good guys are here!

What are you laughing at?

I know you...



Hey, Sully.




Sorry about your friend.

Let's get out of here.

Please tell me they're here already.

SRT 5. Calloway?

I need you and your team to identify yourselves.

Tallahassee. Let's do this.


Open up. Open!

Cease fire!

We're gonna need more men.

How the hell did they know? I don't know.

I was there when Finn was on the line. I thought they bought it.

That'll be enough.

Beg your pardon?

Take it easy, sergeant. We got the advantage here.

With all due respect, I've already lost four of my men.

You're short one.

And I don't know why you guys are keeping things so tight.

Three hours from now, the next shift arrives.

Odds are not in our favor.

With all due respect, sergeant, you're not the one with the money.

Neither are you, sir.

You wanna tell me why I did that?


I did that because I don't have time to stand around and argue semantics with you.

You are an insubordinate low level grunt.

You are a gun for hire. This is my playground.

It's your job to make me happy and, sergeant, you have failed to make me happy.

Oy, you've just been promoted.

What's happening?

It looks like they're covering up the cameras.

They shouldn't even know those things are active.

Get them on the line.

That's all of them.

I still don't understand how they can monitor anything.

Let alone intercept telephone lines.

They just have to emulate the signal, run a little interference.

If they disabled the cameras before the blast, they could still be operational.

How did you know they weren't CRT?

Hmm? How did you know they weren't CRT?

When I graduated from the academy, there were six of us.

Our Call sign was "CALIBUS".

We did the nasty shit. Shit that other units wouldn't touch.

A lot of fun.

But as the years went by, things got unethical, out of control.

So I got out.

But the unit kept growing.

And I suspect this asshole...

is part of the same team.

No one else is gonna say it. I guess I will.

Those are our own fucking guys out there.


You have any idea who brought them here?

I have a good idea.

His name is John Korver, LCO.

About a month before I transferred out, our unit took down a local kingpin that was laundering money through a mining company in Jersey.

We caught on to him. Made our bust.

But we lost a couple of guys.

Korver didn't take it so well.

He felt we were entitled to a few extra zeros.

Just so happens our suspect was rumored to be in possession of about one hundred million in Central American bearer bonds.

I knew the guy would never give them up.

But Korver, he took three fingers off him by the time the feds showed up and nearly lost his badge.

Those bonds are still out there.

From what I hear, he's been looking for them ever since.

Now, if Sully's right about this place...

Then what better time to come after them than when 90 percent of our resources are in the city.


Yeah. Who am I speaking with?

Show me yours, and I'll show you mine. What do you say?

Oh, you've got a sense of humor?

The door that my men were attempting to breach, the one...

Yeah, the one with the keypad and ladder.

We know.

There's a room in the sublevel right below you. Archive number one.

In that room, there's a locker. Locker 974.

You will retrieve the contents of that locker and bring it out to me.

We will remain 30 yards away, safety's on.

We will not approach until you have resealed the door behind you.

Nobody else has to die.

You've got 20 minutes.

What do you think? It's him.

What are you doing?

Reacquainting myself.

Brody, tear the cover off.


Holy shit. That guy looks like Brody Walker.


That's impossible, isn't it?

Just what the hell are you doing here, Dave?


What's he doing? Is he going out?


Boss. Are you sure you wanna do this?

Just keep my six. If anyone moves... shoot them.


Try not to get shot.

Hey, hey, hey. Help me shut the door.

Target is in sight.

Is that really you, Dave?

Hello, John.

Good to see you, old friend.

Been a long time.

Not long enough.

What the hell are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be sitting behind a desk somewhere?

What's the matter? Don't you trust me?

You taught me better than that.


here I am.

So what's the plan?

You come out here to try to reason with me?

Something like that.

You haven't changed a bit, have you?

I want those bonds.

You know what they're worth.

You can still be in for say... five percent if you make the right choice.

It was never ours to take.

We are entitled to that money.

We earned that money with our blood, blood of our brothers.

The same brothers you turned your back on and walked away from.

Hey, folks.

You might wanna pay attention here.

You even know who this man really is?

He burns his friends.

I want guarantees.

We give you what you want... and you let us walk away.

What you've got is 12 minutes.

This conversation's over.

Come on.

Like I said... good to see you, old friend.

Let him go.

Gina, cover the door. Kid, come with me.

Come on.

It's a big fucking hole.

Take that. Stay behind me.

This place stinks.

Creepy fucking place, man.

This is it.

Holy shit.

Yeah. Don't touch anything.

There it is. This is what they're after.

So we just hand it over. Live to track 'em down another day.

Uh-uh. Something's not sitting right.

We still don't know if they're gonna come in here guns blazing.

We don't.

But we got four minutes to make a decision.

Can you guys give us a minute?

Are you serious? You want us to give you a minute?

Go on.

Yeah, sure. We'll check the door again.

Okay, so hear me out. Ever watch action movies?

My only concern is what if they don't hand it over?

They're not stupid. They've got no other play.

It's not their stupidity I'm worried about.

You're crazy.

You know it's not going to make a difference.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

Mr. Korver.

What the fuck is he doing?

Hendrix, you son of a bitch, what are you...?


No! No, you bastard! You're burning my money!

You son of a bitch!

Everybody in that building dies. Everybody!

Hold on. Fucking money's gone.

This has all gone too far. It's not part of the plan.

Yeah, and they know who's on the other side.

Do you wanna go down for this? I don't!

Get the canisters ready. Get them! We're going in.


David, for Christ's sake.

Gina, we need to take control of the situation, fast.

What the hell is this guy doing?

Look, I trust him. I just don't know what his game plan is.

Look, he's been out of commission for months.

We have no idea what his problem is.

David. David!

Christ, David. What the hell do you think you're doing?

They're gonna come in here, and they're gonna kill us all.

They were gonna kill us anyway.

There's no way Korver could have known about the bonds unless someone told him.

And I bet my life on it, it wasn't Sully.

You do realize what you're suggesting?

So what, Bieber is out? Fuck you.

It's a question of probability. The kid doesn't have a fucking clue.

And while I'm no saint...

You have more of a grudge than anyone here.

Sully was close to retiring.

Yeah, I could use the extra money. Wouldn't we all?

How many people go in and out of that door every day?

Korver could have help on the outside.

That sounds convenient. Shut the fuck up, kid.

This is the guy that called the fake cops, right?

You know, other than Brody, you are the only outsider here.

You have the same access we do.

What are you saying, Gina?

Yeah, Scott.

How long have you been here?

This is bullshit. We're just gonna start pointing fingers now?

Yeah. I'm pointing my finger at you.

Don't you fuck...

Hey, hey, hey!

What's in your pocket, Scott? My dick.

You want me to surrender that to Sully too?

Empty them. Fuck you.

Fuck me? Empty your fucking pockets. Do it now.

Come on.

Gina, get his gun.

Empty your pocket.

Just do it, Scott.

There's nothing in my...


This isn't mine. This isn't my fucking phone.

Son of a bitch. That's not my phone!

He's been sending them information.

That's ridiculous.

Gina, he was with you guys when you made the call.

Could he have picked it up then?

Gina. It's possible.

He could have removed the battery before the blast.

Tie him up.

If I'm gonna get shot tonight, it's not gonna be in the back.

SRT 5.

You know protocol. On your knees.

On your fucking knees!

Don't test me.

That's a good boy.


Do you think we can use that phone to get help?

We can't risk it. They'll still be intercepting calls from this area.


Something you wish to share with the rest of the class?

No money to pay us is the problem.

You're still in this because you got no other choice. We do.

Money's a problem?

Your name's Beck? Yeah.

What's your first name?

Joe. Joe.

All right if I call you Joe?

Sure. You just... you hang on one second, Joe, all right?

Finn, get me Hendrix, will you?

Hang on.

SRT 5. Are you there?


It's Korver here.

I want you to know that little stunt you pulled isn't going to deter us.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Now, it just so happens that a couple of other fellows came to join the party.

I'm standing here with a fellow named Joe Beck.

That's B-E-C-K.

It's rude to speak over other people, Joe.

Hendrix, I just want you to know who's with me in case you need to know later.

I'll be seeing you soon... old friend.

So, now you got skin in the game too.

What are you doing? Improvising.

Check the kitchen.

Get as many bottles as you can and some antifreeze from the garage.

Owl's white smoke grenade.


What the fuck are you doing?

This is yours.

What am I supposed to shoot with this, a fucking leprechaun?

They're wearing vests.

Aim for the face and knee caps.

Point and shoot, right?

Now you can. Ever fired a weapon before?

Played a lot of video games.

Are you fucking kidding me?


So, you think I shot one of these, huh?

You're ignoring me again? Really? We're back to this?

Fine. If they wear a vest, aim for the knee caps.


Oh, shit. Are you okay, man?

Don't worry about me.

I'm kind of relying on you so I don't get killed.


David, we got a problem. They're gassing us out.

We got to move now.

Where are the gas masks? Everything's downtown.


I need water. We got to hurry.

It's coming in fast. Come on!

Grab me some water. Here, here.

Pour it on. Pour it on the shirt.

Pour it.

All right.

Just pour it. Pour all of it!

Here we go. All of it for Christ's sake.

All right. You, stay put. Jason, Gina, come with me.

I got it.

All right. I'll just wait in here, I guess.

Stay alive, kid.

It's in the locker room.


Locker room and storage are sealed.

You got chlorine poison. The gas is burning your lung tissue.

I need piss. Are you serious?


Right. Gina, check him.

Come on.

Come on, kid. Hang in there.

I know it's hard to breathe, but stay with me.

Come on, Jason. Let's do this.

I'm doing my best.

Come on. You can do this.

The gas should be clearing up by now. Still need to hurry.

Come on, Jason. Let's go.

It's all I got.

Hold him down. No!

No, no...

You sure this will work?

You know how fucked up this is, right?

All right, bring him up.

You all right?

What the fuck? Is that piss in my mouth?

Yeah. And that piss neutralized the gas.

That's why you're breathing.

I have piss in my eyes.

Where the fuck did you come up with this shit?

I didn't.

Hey, you all right? Yeah.

All right, we're clear.

Come on. We haven't got much time.

Ryker. Go ahead.

That's a negative on the gas.


Alpha team is ready to engage, waiting on Bravo.

Okay. They are in position.

Let's do it.

David, slow down!

Where are you going?

I can help you guys out there.

When the police arrive, I want you to remember John Korver, Ryker, Joe Beck and the vault.

I'm not gonna leave you guys. Kid, this is not gonna end well and someone has to tell the police what happened. All right?


Get in.

Boss. Give me a minute.

You did good today.

Do you think I can make a good cop?


Take care of yourself.

David! Hey!

Don't you think we could use him? David!

We are. Just not for this.

Oh, shit.



Get down!

Hit it!

Light it up!


I can't be in this fucking thing.

Thanks, David, put me in a fucking tin box.

Oh, fuck. I should have just went to prison.

Get the door open!


Go! Go! I'll draw their fire!

Come on!

Go, go, go!



Move up!


Go on!

Fall back!

Die, you motherfucker!

Go, go!

How you been doing, Davey? Been awhile.

Tell me something.

You still handing out those parking tickets?

You still sucking John's cock?

You know your problem, Hendrix?

You never did wanna get your hands dirty.

Five years later, you're still soft.

You're still an asshole.

Where's Gina?

I don't know.

Go find her.


Hey, douche bag.

That's disgusting.

You all right?

Where's your vest?

Get out of here!

Gina? What is she doing?

That bitch.


Dude, it was Gina.


Gina. She must have put the phone in your pocket.

You can't trust chicks, dude. Believe me.

Next thing you know, your dick ends up all over the internet.

Watch out!

What the fuck, Gina? Why?

Why else? For the money.

Boom! Played dead, bitch!

Oh, shit.

I should get an Oscar for this shit.

That's fucking gross.

Kung Fu, bitch.

Ah, shit.

Lesbian my ass.

Finn, we move out in ten.

Wipe the hard drives. Kill the signal.

We were never here. I may need more time.

We don't have it.

What the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay put.

Yeah, well, Scott and Gina are dead.

What? No, it's okay.

Actually, it's not because she deserved it and he didn't.

Never mind. Let me explain later. Can we just get out of here, please?

You're shot. Yeah. Bad ass, right?

It's a graze.

You're such a pussy. Let's get out of here.

You still alive, Dave?

So you burned those bonds just to hurt me?

Well, you did.

But I'll tell you something, my friend.

When you did, you sentenced yourself and all your friends to die.

Loudest sound in the world, Dave.

Slide locking back.

Looks like you let your team down again, Dave.



David, you in there?

You okay?

Yeah, I'll live.

Oh, fuck.

How many did you get?

About 15.


Yeah, about 15.

The kid?

And Gina?

That's a long story.

Come on.



Fuck, those things hurt almost as much as the real thing.

Why were you trying to hide this thing?


I didn't wanna get shot in the knee caps.

Oh, don't shoot! Don't shoot!

I'm so glad you guys are okay.

Who the fuck is this prick? Wow.

It got pretty crazy in there, huh? I don't know.

A lot of misunderstandings, a lot of emotions, a lot of things said we probably didn't mean.

He's with them, right? You're okay.

Yeah, it looks like it.


Nice shot.

About fucking time.

This is SRT 5. This is SRT 5. Come in.

I can't believe it.

All this for a bunch of money.

Burnt to a goddam crisp.

Yeah, about that.

You're crazy.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

You know that copier in the rec room?

It's got a lot of paper in it.

How much did you take?

How much did you take?

Maybe a little.

Define a little.

More than you wanna know. Oh, fuck. Brody!

After surviving a near death experience only one year ago, actor, Brody Walker, is bouncing back with his new blockbuster, Gridlocked, which is set to take the weekend box office by storm.

Walker is currently on a press tour and has been garnering praise for his portrayal of a rookie cop, a role he is expected to reprise in an already greenlit sequel to the film.

Ben has the exclusive interview.

Brody Walker, how you been, man? It's good to see you.

Nice to see you too, Ben. I'm doing well, thank you for asking.

I've got to ask you.

It was about a year ago that you found yourself in quite a bit of trouble.

A few run-ins with the law, a number of rumors about you.

These things had to have an impact on your career.

I was in a dark place, man.

It was dark. And...

But, you know, I'm feeling better now and Brody's back.

So no more troubles with the law?


No more violence?

No more drugs?

Nobody's perfect, Ben. Right.

Okay, so you're going through this rough patch and then all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of...

I guess we got to call it a surreal experience.

Walk me through that. What was that like for you?

Well, when you're staring death in the eyes, and it's staring back at you... it's scary.

Even for Brody Walker.

I just kept on thinking to myself, "It's not my time.

It's not my time.

There's thousands of fans depending on me."

I guess I got to wonder with everything that's happened over this past year, have you been able to take those experiences and use them to shape your character?


I mean, I think it sewed as the basis of my performance.

You know that they actually strapped me down and waterboarded me?

They waterboarded you? Yeah, waterboarded me.

It's a form of torture. Yeah.

Except they used urine.

They pissed in my mouth, which brings me to my book, In the Line of Fire, that's gonna be on shelves later next week, which will get into a lot more detail of all the stuff that happened.

I mean, the director said he wanted to use apple juice.

I said absolutely not.

I wanted the real thing.

And again, in the mouth.

You can't duplicate urine.

From where you were to where we are today, is there anybody who deserves a thank you for getting you here?

Well, Ben, actually there is.

I know he's not gonna admit that he's watching this right now, but...

David, I know you're out there.

I know you're watching this right now.

Why are you not returning my calls?

I took a bullet for you, you son of a bitch.

Call me back. I left all these voicemails.

He doesn't even call me back anymore, Ben, this guy.

I took a bullet for you!