Guddi (1971) Script

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"So that we can win victory over our minds."

"So that we can become victorious over own self..

..before winning over others."

"So that we can become victorious over own self..

..before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"So that we can win victory over our minds."

"So that we can become victorious over own self..

..before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"Remove the feelings of differences.."

'Remove the feelings of differences from our hearts."

"Remove the feelings of differences from our hearts."

"Make us forgive when friends commit mistakes."

"Make us forgive when friends commit mistakes."

"Keep us always away from falsehood."

'And fill our hearts only with truth."

"Keep us always away from falsehood."

"And fill our hearts only with truth."

"Make us win our own self before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"So that we can win victory over our minds."

"So that we can become victorious over own self..."

"..before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"Do us a favour, when we are in trouble.."

"Do us a favour, when we are in trouble.."

" that we can tread the path of religion and perform our duties."

" that we can tread the path of religion and perform our duties."

"Help us have confidence in ourselves, and not fear evil.."

"Help us have confidence in ourselves, and not fear evil.."

"Make us win our own self before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

"So that we can win victory over our minds."

"So that we can become victorious over own self.."

"..before winning over others."

"God, please give us the strength of the mind."

I cannot tolerate indiscipline!

Don't you know you are the incharge of the school prayer?

Yes I know.

You'll not be spared just by accepting your mistake.

Explain why?

Explain why?

I went to the market in the morning, bought barley..

..cooked food, fed my father, and then I came.

Hence, I'm late.

Do you do all this work?

No. My sister-in-law does it. Then?


Sister-in-law is extremely ill today. She has high fever.

That's why I had to perform all the chores.

What if sister-in-law is sick and I had to do all the chores?

Why should you bother?

You can punish me.

Whatever the reason, I have not followed the discipline.

It's very bad. Very bad.

I am sorry, Kusum. I didn't know all this.

Go to your class.

Go, go to your class.

Thank you, Madam.

Have you seen, even she is so young, she has to perform all the chores.

Even she doesn't have a mother. Poor girl.

Poor girl. No, helpless girl.

They will surely detain Kusum. Will she fail?

No! She'll have to wait for at least two hours after school.

Hi, Tara!

What happened, Kusum? What happened?

Nothing. You apologised?

Instead, the headmistress started to apologise.

She said, 'I'm sorry, Kusum. Go to your class.'

'Go to your class.'

But how did you manage?

I conned her so well..

..I acted in such a manner, that I was better than Meena Kumari.

Listen, today's first period is Ms. Chaudhary's, right? - Yes.

Let's sit in the last row and gossip.

She will read a novel in the class and ask us to write a five-page article.

Sit down.

I will take the attendance later on.

First, write a five-page article.

The topic is...

The Roll of Cinema on Public behavior.

It's Saturday today. Let's watch a movie. Which one?

'Aadmi' starring Dilip and Waheeda.

Dilip Kumar? Oh, gosh! Why?

I mean, the movie will be good, but it will be very slow.

Emperor Salim can't sacrifice his love for the throne of India.

You can bury me alive, but not my love.

And the film will get over.

Kusum, what's the commotion?

They are discussing films, Madam.

Yes, Madam. We were exchanging notes since we have to write the article.

It's okay. Sit down. Sit down.

Tell me, will you come?

No. Sister-in-law will shout at me.

Tell sister-in-law you had gone at Tara's place for studying.

No, I cannot lie to her.

And what about last week's movie?

That was for 'Anupama'.

I'll come if we watch 'Anupama'.

You'll watch it again? So what?

Dharamendra has acted so well.

I'll come only if you go to watch 'Anupama' or I won't come.

You're very stubborn. Anyway, let's watch Anupama.

"O people of the world, either listen to my heart.."

"..or let me be quiet now."

"How can I say I'm happy when I am sad?"

"If any one says so, let them say it."

"O people of the world, either listen to my heart.."

"..or let me be quiet now."

"How can I say I'm happy when I am sad?"

"If any one says so, let them say it."

"O people of the world, either listen to my heart.."

Guddi. What is it, father?

You're so late today.

Father we had special classes today.. final exams are nearing.

Then inform us, and go dear. We get worried.

Since afternoon your sister-in-law is very much worried for you.

Okay, go now.

Sister-in-law, quickly give me food. I'm famished.

She threw her books again.

I have told her so many times not to do so.

Sorry, sister-in-law.


Sister-in-law, give me your hand.

What's this?

This morning, I had a very bad thought.

As though you were extremely ill and I was taking care of you.

I went this way, now I'm out of danger. What?

The fever or the care?! Both.

Save you from all the evils!

So why are you late today?

Today? Sister-in-law, I had special class today.

We had a test.

But I had been to your school. They told me, the school left at 1:30 pm.

Father said you were going up and down ten times..

..then when did you go to school.

You liar! What is this?

You again went to watch a movie.

With whom did you go?

Lata and Tara.

Guddi you tell me, if you don't excel in your exams..

..what will everyone think?

That nobody took care of Guddi since mother passed away.

Everyone will blame me.

They'd all say that a sister-in-law can never replace a mother.

No sister-in-law, that will never happen.

You see, I'll top the class.

What's going on?

Give me something to eat.

Guddi, look what I've bought for you?

What is it, Brother? Have a look.

Frock. Oh, thank you so much.


Sister-in-law, look what brother has bought for me?

Beautiful, wonderful, one sea two flowers.. - What is it?

'Anupama' will run house full.

Where are you going? I'll be back.

Atleast finish your food.

Here you go... your blouse-piece.

How much is it? One metre.

One metre? Why this much?

Only 3/4th of a metre is enough for one blouse.

If you get slimmer day by day, then what can I do?

Was I this fat before to wear a blouse of one metre?

Hey! What's this? What are you doing?

She wore the new dress. That's why she is taking your blessings.

I see. From where did you learn this? From sister-in-law.

How is it sister-in-law? It's too short.

Come on sister-in-law! This is the latest fashion.

It's called mini frock. I don't want to know about fashion.

You have grown up now. Learn to wear a sari.

Look even Mala Sinha is older than me..

..but even she wears such frock in the movie 'Paisa Yaa Pyaar '.

I'm going out to play with Tara.

You stop buying frocks now. Get saris for our daughter.

Daughter? Whose daughter? She is my sister.

But she is my daughter.

If you desire to become a mother then.. Don't poke fun at me.

See, in her joy she forgot to have her lunch.

Brother, telegram. Telegram? Oh, God! From whom?

I hope it's not uncle's.

In his last letter he had mentioned that he was very sick.

But it is from uncle from Mumbai. What happened?

Your brother is coming here. Navin?

Yes. He is coming by train tomorrow, for some interview.

I'll receive him on my way back from the office.

Go on. I'll join you.

Navin, you've come dear? Live long! Live long!

Didn't Kishan come to receive you? He's coming. He's outside.

But what's this uncle?

What? I left these pawns like this a year ago.

You haven't played since then.

Just play with me..

..and you'll realise what changes have taken place in one year.

Then shall we? Yes ofcourse.

Okay. Yes. Come, sit.

What is this? You started playing as soon as you came.

Did you meet your sister? Yes, he will meet, he will meet.

What's the hurry?

He would be staying here.

What happened? Navin didn't come?

He came. He's down. Playing chess with father.

He began playing as soon as he came? Okay, good.

Father will also get a company for a few days.

Since mother's death, he has become so lonely..

Why? Don't I give him company?

Yes, and you bore him. What?

Your move. Now, save your horse.

Navin, how is uncle?


Why? What happened?

Lost a horse. Horse?

When did uncle have a horse?

Oh not uncle's, I am losing my horse.


What's this?

It's our game, uncle.

Until I say 'over', she can't move.

Tell her 'Over' dear, tell her 'Over.' Okay.


Daughter-in-law send some tea.

You won't get tea, father. The doctor has forbidden it.

Anyways, If not for me, send atleast for Navin.

When he comes upstairs, he will get it.

Sister. What?

Come here.

Hi, fatso! Hey, I am not fatso now.

Even I am no longer short. Look, I have gained height. Look.


Hey! You moved. Come here. Come here.

Come here.

You are very bad.

I thought I would say it first, but you said it.

Come on, come upstairs, let's go out.

Wait, wait I am trapped here.

Dad, please lose. Let go of me.

Otherwise this game won't end.

Lose the game. Let go of me.

Lose the game. Let go of me.

Lose the game. Oh no!

Okay, okay, enough now. Go now.

Let's go.

Uncle, we'll continue in the night. Yes, yes.


Thank you. Why?

You saved me. He almost defeated me.

Old man had trapped my horse. Hey!

I'll keep these books and be back.

Come fast. Okay.


Hey, sister!

What happened? Why are you shouting?

Won't I shout? Won't I shout?

Your brother has come to meet you from so far.

And you don't even bother to ask my well being.

Forget about mine, atleast you should've asked about uncle's.

Stop it, I'll whack you now.

What's this? You didn't even freshen up and already started eating.

But I'll have to wash up after eating sister.

Then why do it twice?

Navin, how is uncle?

He has lot of complaints against you.

He says, had your parents been there.. would have been there regularly to meet them.

But uncle has raised you.

And his house can't be your parental house.

How could I come, Navin?

There's father, husband's office, Guddi's school..


Sister-in-law let's go for a picnic tomorrow. The way we went last year.

Why? Don't you have your school?

Sister-in-law, it's a holiday tomorrow.

Sister-in-law, I think brother will be having a holiday too.

We will all go. All right?

Sister-in-law, can I wear this frock and go?

No, wear a sari and go.

I won't let you wear this short dress, and go with Navin.

Sister-in-law! This is mini-frock.

By saying that it half, you make it even shorter!

Listen Guddi, you're no longer a kid. Wear this sari.

I won't wear it. Then you can't go for the movie.

Fine, I will not go.

Do as you wish.

You're a grown up now.

Who am I to order you around?

A huge bridge is being constructed there, uncle.

It's a government undertaking. I have to go there for an interview.

What will you do for the construction of the bridge?

Navin is an engineer, father. Oh, yes, yes.

When teacher came here..

..he had mentioned that you were studying engineering.

Teacher? Your uncle.

Father refers to him as teacher instead of professor.

Father, take your medicine. Where has Guddi gone?

It's a quarter to six. Doesn't she want to go for the movie?

Bless you child. Bless you.

Daughter-in-law whose daughter is she?

Father, she is our Guddi.

What? Let me have a look.

Let me have a look.

I didn't recognise you. When did you grow up so fast?

Did you see, how beautiful you look in sari?

You call me 'Guddi', and ask me to wear a sari.

Okay dear, now we won't call you Guddi, we will call you Kusum. Okay?

And now I can't call 'shorty' at all.

Navin, don't you dare call shorty, err.. Kusum anything else.

You two better go now. It's already 6:00 pm.

Go on.

Did you see? She has grown up now.

I don't want to see, rest I start worrying about her marriage.

As if you would do anything!

This is also my problem. I need to think about that as well.

Have you done something?

I haven't done yet, but I have something in my mind.

What? Navin.

I will speak to uncle about Navin.

Good. Good. It's a very good thought daughter-in-law.

We won't require to give any dowry.

Teacher is already against dowry.

Daughter-in-law, you've not been to Mumbai for a while, have you?

Do one thing, after Guddi's exams, take her along with you.

You can meet uncle, and talk to him as well.

But father, we need to know what Navin thinks about this.

Try to find out what's in his heart before he leaves.

Leave that to me. I will ask him.


You're annoyed because I didn't take you for the movie?

When you come to Mumbai, I'll take you to the movies daily. - Liar.

Okay, I promise. Will you believe now?

What would have happened if we had gone for the movie today?

You wasted the whole day.

How does it wasted?

I think it's been a lovely day. You've been with me!

Wouldn't I have been with you in the cinema hall?

Yes, but in that crowd..

Oh god! Won't there be a crowd in a cinema hall?

That's why we've come here. You would have been lost in the crowd.

Lost? Am I a kid?

You are really a kid.

You didn't understand why we came here instead.

Why not? I am not stupid.

Then tell me. What tell me?

You don't like the movies, but these broken statues. What else?

Kusum, just think.

These statues were made thousands of years ago.

And today, here, you and me.

Don't you feel that thousands of years ago perhaps here you and me..

Navin, there was a same dialogue in the film 'Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi', right?

Oh god! Can't you think of anything other than movies?

Really, I like movies very much.

Fun, action, dance and songs.

Fine, then sing a song for me. Not today, tomorrow.

I'll be gone tomorrow. Why?

Will the world turn up-side down if you wait for one more day?

I have to go for an interview.

When I become an assistant engineer, then just watch..

..I will build a beautiful bridge.

A bridge over the river, and a small bungalow on the shore.

I'll travel in a boat everyday. You will take me along, won't you?

Definitely. Promise?

Promise. But you'll have to sing now.

What are you thinking?

Which movie song should I sing?

Oh no, not a film-song. Why?

They all sound the same. Very noisy.

You sing that classical song. Which one?


Papihara! Yes.

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The clouds are pouring, but the heart is still thirsty."

"My heart is thirsty and yearning for you everyday."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"With her eyes filled with drops of tear..."

"With her eyes filled with drops of tear..."

"...she is sitting so that the spring can take away..."

"She is sitting so that the spring can take away..."

"..those drops and shower in her beloved's place."

"..those drops and shower in her beloved's place."

"My heart is thirsty & yearning for you everyday."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"Spring brings a message..."

"Spring brings a message..."

"...and sees the drop of tear in her eyes."

"...and sees the drop of tear in her eyes."

"Comes from the house of my father."

"Comes from the house of my father."

"My heart is thirsty and yearning for you everyday."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

"The cuckoo is saying that..."

Tell me. Why don't you speak?

Why are you troubling me sister? What do I know?

Don't you know whether you like her or not?

Did I say that I didn't like her?

Then say that you like her.

Shall I speak to uncle?

Tea. Thank you.

Thank you my foot! I asked you to wait for a day, but you don't.

And you order for tea as if it's a hotel.

Look, you won't find any other girl like my sister-in-law.. matter where you search.

I will write to uncle tomorrow.

As if everything will happen as you wish.

Did you ask her?

I can persuade her for you.

You speak as if your in-laws have bribed you.

They are my in-laws, not yours.

What if it becomes mine too?

Your monopoly will be broken.

Oh, really?

Chanda Rani.

Who is she? Hema Malini.

What happened? Nothing. It is Jitendra's photograph.

Oh, god.

Kusum, you know, when Jitendra had fever..

..she kept a wet cloth on his photograph and was fanning it.

Yes, I did, so what?

What did you do when Rajesh Khanna was suffering from conjunctivitis?

I can give away my life for Rajesh Khanna.

What a killer smile! Am I right, Kusum?

No. Wrong number. She's a fan of Dharamendra.

Now forget about Dharamendra.

Exams are coming up. If I don't get good results..

..then everyone will defame my sister-in-law.

They will taunt her saying a sister-in-law can never replace mother.

For one month, no films, no stars.

Day and night only studies.

Do you want to fall sick?

You are studying day and night.

I have to top the class, sister-in-law.

Come on, go out for some time.


Tara, take her with you.

Kusum there's a film-shoot near the fort tomorrow. Will you come?

No. The exams are approaching.

And then we have extra classes too.

Yes, but Waheeda and Dharamendra have come.

Dharamendra? Yes.

Who told you? My brother. He knows them.

Will they allow us to watch the film-shoot? - Why not?

If you speak to brother, he will make arrangements.

Is Kundan brother at home? Yes.

Then come let's go. Come on.

Mother. What type of a get up is this?


You won't understand mother.

This is the latest Shammi Kapoor style.

Kundan, now look out for some job.

It's two years now since you left your studies.

Studies won't be of any use for your son.

Not everyone has what your son has.

Only few possess it.

I didn't notice anything unique in you.

The whole world will see it.

This face and this voice of mine.

A hero needs only these qualities.

Let my film go on the floor. Then just watch.

I hear they are discussing it with Sadhana.

Sadhana? Which Sadhana?

That Bansi's aunty.

Mother, you're too much.

Sadhana, the great, the great, filmstar.

Now the time has come mother.

With a blink of eye we will have car, bungalow and everything.

Mother you are not aware..'ve not given birth to a son, but Aladdin's lamp.

Give me Rs. 10.

Hurry up mother, I have to go, I have an appointment at 4:00 pm.

That's like sweet girl.

That's like sweet girl.

That's like sweet girl.

Thank you, mother.

Brother, take us to that film-shoot.

No, no, it creates a lot of disturbance in work.

We won't disturb at all brother. We will watch from a distance.

Why don't you all understand?

While acting, If the artist gets disturbed..

..then their expressions falter.

I mean.. Let it be, brother.

You are just bluffing. No one must be knowing you there.

No one knows me?

You know Dharamendra? Our Dharamendra?

He'll do whatever I ask him to do?

Anyway, I will speak to him.

Who all are going? We are in all ten girls.

Will any teacher accompany you? No.

Fine, then.

I'll speak to the production controller, Mr. Kadar.

What have you thought about me, Mr. Kadar?

You just don't worry.

I have lot of financers. I will start very soon.

Start it soon. It does not start that soon.

There is a shortage of around Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000.

Once that is arranged, the film will go on the floor next month.

We have Dharam with us. Dharam?

Yes, Dharamendra. He is my pal.

I'll allot a supporting role to you. Thanks alot.

What did you say? Thank you.

All right.

Do one thing, if you can arrange the amount of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000..

..then quickly go to Mumbai.

Go to Ranjit Studio. What?

Ranjit Studio. Yes.

Go there, and ask for Mr. Kadar. What? Mr. Kadar.

Ask where Mr. Kadar lives? Anyone will guide you. - Yes.

And then I shall begin the shooting. Okay.

Mr. Kadar, shall I ask you something? Yeah sure.

Sadhana will be cast opposite me, right?

This is amazing. This proposal is for another movie.

In this film, do you know that baby? Baby? Baby Naaz?

No. Not her. Then?

Sharmila. Sharmila!

Yes, Sharmila. We call her baby.

My god.

Everyday she keeps on asking me, when I will start.

When will I become the producer? I didn't get a chance till now.

Now that you've given me the money, I'll start soon.

Got it?


Since long, I've been asking for a cup of tea.

It's Dharamendra, my friend.

He doesn't even drink tea given by others.

Has tea only if I serve him.

I have to go now. Do you need something?

Do you have it? Yes. Rs.10.

Will do. Take this.

What did you say in English?

Thanks a lot. Lot.

Please, sir, autograph. Autograph please.

Kusum, pen.

All of you are from the same school? Yes.

Have you bunked your classes? No.

We have taken permission. Oh, really?

Your teacher is very nice.

She gave you permission to go, and watch the film-shoot.

No, actually the school left early today.

Because our principal passed away today.

When we used to go for a hockey match, we used to say the same.

Our principals have died as many times as we went for matches.

Where is Waheeda? You mustn't speak like that.

She is elder to you, you must address with respect. - Sorry.

It's all right. She's sitting over there.

Take your pen.

Thank you.

Won't you meet Ms. Waheeda?


What's this? 'Anupama'.

Did you watch it?

Three times. Oh, my god!

After bunking classes.

No. Then?

Once I went with my family.

And twice..

So how was it? I liked it very much.

Which other movies did you watch?

Actually all that films, 'Phool aur Pathar'..

..'Devar', 'Bandini'. All your movies.

Give me your pen.

What's your name? Kusum.

To Kusum, with love.

Date? Sixth.


Six, six. Seventy.


Thank you. Happy?

Thank you very much.

"I have bound you with my life."

"I have bound you with my life."

"All your traits are welcome."

"I have given you my love in exchange for your love"

"I have responded with love."

"All your joys and sorrows are mine."

"I have bound you with my life."

"I have bound you with my life."

"All your traits are welcome."

"Even if a fairy comes to me, I won't look at her."

"I won't be led astray by seductive smiles."

"Your beautiful eyes have cast a spell."

"All your tantrums are welcome."

"I have given you my love in exchange for your love"

"I have responded with love."

"All your joys and sorrows are mine."

'What's your name? Kusum.'

'To Kusum, with love.'

Meera's sacrifice made her a great lover.

The one, whose image was engraved in her heart..

..she took him as her lover, her master..

.. and just everything and spent her entire life.

Madam, didn't Meera marry?

In worldly terms, Meera was married.

But she could not give any happiness to her husband.

She considered her love as her eternal relationship.

She got all her happiness in it. That's why she says..

'Only Girdhar Gopal (Lord Krishna) is mine, and no one else.'

'He, who wears the peacock feather in his crown, is my spouse.'

Madam didn't Meera's family members raise any objection?

It's obvious that such questions would arise for Meera.

But Meera's love was true love.

And the power of truth is also the power of God.

All the worldly bonds come to an end before the power of truth..

..if your determination, your love, is true.

My love is true.

I have always loved you.

I even loved your image.

Hence, I have seen all your movies.

I didn't miss even one.

Like Meera broke all her worldly bonds..

..and went in search of Girdhar..

..even I run away from school to see you.

My love is just as true as Meera's.

I know that you are married.

But I am not at all jealous of your wife.

Because she's not my mistress.

She is like a sister to me.

And your kids..

Why are you blabbering sitting alone? Nothing.

Sister-in-law, I have to write an essay on Meera.

Write the essay later, first wear this sari.

It's a silk sari. So what?

I've decided that I'll never wear silk clothes.


Sacrifice, sister-in-law. Happiness lies in sacrifice.

Do you plan to write an essay on Meera or become an ascetic?

Come on, wear this sari.

You won't understand, sister-in-law.

The power of truth is also the power of God.

The worldly bonds appear false before the truth.

Brother! What happened? You look very happy?

How was your exam?

First class. Now I will accompany you to Mumbai.

Not with me, but with your sister-in-law.

Why you are not coming?

Some work has cropped up suddenly. I will come later.

Come, get in.

Kusum. Yes.

Exams are over? Yes.

When are you leaving for Mumbai? Tomorrow.

You will have lots of fun then. What fun?

What is there to see? Only sea.

Why? There are Rajendra, Jitendra, Dharamendra.

Yes, like they all are waiting in line to give me a glimpse.


Tara, what happened?

I'm sure something is wrong. What happened?

Why are you crying? What's wrong? Speak up.

Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!

What happened, Tara?

What happened?

What happened? Tara, why are you crying?

I don't know. She started crying as she entered.

What's wrong, dear?

Brother Kundan ran away from home, sister-in-law. - What?

Yes. He took all of mother's savings and since yesterday mother is..

Oh, god! Was there a fight at home? No.

Perhaps he's gone to Mumbai. He's said he'd become a hero there.

Mother said, you are going to Mumbai, if possible then..

Yes, yes, we will surely search for him.

And If we find him, we will surely persuade him to come back.

Don't cry, dear. Don't cry.

"Love.. Love.. Love.. Love"

"Your savior is still safe and alive."

"He has come to you with lots of love."

"With lots of love."

"Give love. Take love."

"Give love. Take love."

"Love.. Love.. Love.. Love"

'Rita, I can give up my life for you.'

'Raja, even I can't live without you.'

'How dare you?'

'But Father.. Shut up you nasty girl!'

'I'll kill you today. No!'

'I'll shoot you.'

Uncle.. uncle. Statue!

Sister, you haven't even stepped in and you're trapped!

How can you do this, no wishes, no greetings, no blessings...!

Over! It's over.

Bless you child! Uncle, statue!

What's this, uncle?

You didn't reply my greetings.

You don't bless me, even though I touched your feet.

Guddi, now say that it's over. Poor uncle.

I will say it on one condition uncle.

Now you won't move, just blink your eyes in reply.

Will you get me ice -cream?

Will you take me to the movies?

Do you want anything else, sister-in-law? Speak up. Speak up.

Do you want an aunt?

Come on, say over now.


It's all right, Guddi.

I will trap you when you take your nuptial rounds.

I won't marry. Oh, really?

It's final? Shake hands, then.

Why are you happy, uncle?

One more member is added to our Bachelor's Union.

What's this? Pudding.

No, no. My stomach is full.

Take some. Enough, enough. What are you doing?

Have it, uncle. Don't feel shy.

Consider this to be your house.

Your height belies the fact that you have grown up.

But one can make out from your talks.

Even I am worried, uncle. She has grown up now.

We have to marry her off now.


What's the rush? Let me have the pudding first, then we will see.

Have you seen a guy for her?

Yes, and I have discussed it with father as well.

I just need your permission.

Mine? Yes.

Oh, really?

Hey! Where are you going?

Great. Do these modern girls also feel shy?

What is your opinion, uncle?

Why do you ask me? Ask the one who sitting here?

Murarilal, what's your opinion?

Why do you ask me?

Don't feel shy. Even I committed the same mistake.

I too bowed in shyness. My family thought I was refusing.

And the result was that I remained a bachelor all lifelong.

Answer clearly as 'Yes' or "Absolutely yes"!

I don't know.

I have no objection, Uma.

But I have a condition. What?

You will have to give dowry. What?


You'll have to give a big bowl of pudding in dowry.


You're crying? What happened?

This marriage is not possible, Navin.

I can't marry you.

Don't misunderstand me Navin.

I don't want to betray you.

I'm in love with someone else.

Kusum, I'm glad that you trusted me.

Tell me who he is? I shall speak to him personally about your marriage.

Marriage? I can't marry him either Navin.


He is already married.

What? What are you saying?

He has kids too.

How do you know that he is not fooling you?

He is not trying to mislead you?

No, Navin.

He shows the way to those who go astray.

Like God.

What Lord Krishna was for Meera..

..he is the same for me.

Kusum you are very naīve.

Tell me who it is?

No, Navin.

Don't compel me. Now leave these film dialogues.

Tell me, or else I will tell everyone. No.

Then tell me.



You mean that Dharmendra - Sharmila of the movies, a filmstar?

Dharamendra? The film-star.

It's no surprise Navin. It's the story of every house today.

Who is spared from the influence of movies?

You know that I don't watch movies.

But I know the names of the film-stars as I hear them all around.

Rajendra Kumar.

Asha Parekh.

Shashi Kapoor.

Rajesh Khanna.

Guddi is still a kid.

Nowadays even a husband and wife..

..look for Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu in each other.

I did not wish anything like that, uncle.

But if Kusum..

Now look Navin.

Guddi is so innocent ..

..that she thinks the images on the screen to be real.

It's not love, but infatuation.

It's infatuation.

It will pass.

But I... I don't want to marry her.

Navin, tell me something.

Do you love Kusum?

Look I'm not just your uncle, but your friend too.

But uncle.. No ifs and buts. You just answer me.

Do you like Kusum?

Is it not your duty to save her from this infatuation?

Help the poor girl.

Go and tell your sister to forget whatever she has heard..

..and treat Guddi as if nothing has happened.

She shouldn't realise that anyone else knows about this.

Leave the rest on me. Go.

Deshpande speaking.

Deshpande, this is Gupta here.

What were you doing? Hope I didn't disturb you.

No, no. Not at all.

So tell me how come you thought of me after so long?

I need a favor from you.

A film was made on your novel, right?

Yes, till the time no movie was made, it was my novel indeed.

After the movie was made, they have ruined the entire story.

The hero romances the heroine in so many disguises.

The comedian plays astride on his father's back.

They've ruined it very badly. It's unbelievable!

Now I have decided never to give a story to a film producer.

The way they make everyone go around.. can't make out who is after whom.

And even if the heroine is lame, they will make her dance.

If not directly, then in the dream sequence.

And let me tell you one more interesting thing..

..when the hero chases the villain during the climax.. cars, on horses and even on foot..

..I mean, in the end when the hero bashes the villain.. wish to have died before watching all that.

Oh, just listen to me. I don't want to sell any story.

I just want to meet that hero.


Dharamendra. - So, you want to take his autograph in this old age?

No dear, I had some work with him.

I'll tell you later.

It's necessary for my thesis. Can you get me an appointment?

Sure. I will just fix it up.

So take the appointment and call me back.

Thank you.

Give me some alms. I'm blind.

Give me some alms. God will give you money.

Listen mister.

What's this? You're not blind?

Yes. I can see, hear, walk and earn as well.

I'm not a beggar, sir. I am in makeup.

Make-up? Yes.

I was rehearsing my dialogues. I work in the films.

I'm very sorry.

Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.

You seem to be new to this studio.

Yes, first time.

Mr. Dharamendra is shooting here. I've come to meet him.

Dharamendra? There is his makeup room.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Give me some alms. I'm blind.

Give me some alms. God will give you money.

What is it? I want to meet Mr. Dharamendra.

On what business? I'll tell him.

What's your name? Professor Gupta.

Please come in, Professor.

Tell me.

I wish to talk to you in private. In private?

Only five minutes. Pandher, leave us alone.

Brother, just for some time. I will call you.

Please be seated.

Tell me, Professor.

Actually Dharamendra, I am in such a problem that only you can help me.

Problem is.. that I have a niece..

Yes, please go ahead.

The problem is that..

..she loves you. What?

Don't worry, she has never met you.

And she loves me? What are you saying Professor?

Please just listen to me patiently.

Not only my niece but millions of girls..

..who have never met you, but they love you.

These days I hear that Rajesh Khanna has turned on his charms.

You're very modest.

The thing is, each girl holds a special place for a special man.

And you.. I mean the actors of Hindi films..

..take that place very easily.

Because they see so many qualities in you..

..which are impossible to find in a single man.

You fight with twenty men single-handed.

You can kill a lion barehanded?

You jump from a plane into the ocean, and still remain unharmed.

Not only that, after all this, you surface and start singing!?

You're a poet, engineer, pickpocket.

You excel in your studies, and at the races as well.

Your qualities are at par with your movies.

You are their real hero!

But what can I do in this?

Just that, let her meet you.

No, no, professor as it is our film line has a bad reputation.

On top of that, this crazy niece of yours.

Dharamendra, she is my niece after all. Let her come.

Let her see, how much hard work and pains you people undergo.

When she meets you a few times, instead of your reel image..

..she will see the real, hard working image of yours..

..which I know, is more impressive than the screen image.

But professor why are you dragging me into this?

Because there is one boy who likes her deeply.

This is a question of the lives of both the boy and the girl.

You always act in the movies.

How about some acting in real life as well?

Professor in our film line, someone else thinks..

..another one writes, and we just deliver the dialogues.

But here, it appears, I will have to think, write and deliver.

Look Deshpande told me everything about you.

That's why I could gather courage to give this proposal to you.

But there is one thing Mr. Dharamendra.

The girl shouldn't know of this plan.

She should feel that she met you all of a sudden.

Mr. Dharam, the shot is ready. Will you listen to the scene?

I won't take more of your time. I will take your leave.

I don't want to humiliate you by saying thanks.

Nothing of the sort. We'll meet again. Sure.

Good bye.

Mr. Dharam there is a brilliant story idea for the next movie.

Birenda, you stop writing, I will start writing now.

Brilliant, brilliant idea!

Uncle, are you going somewhere?

Yes child, I'm going on an errand for you.

For me? Where?

You wanted to go shopping, right?

Oh uncle, you're omniscient.

I was here for it. Okay, go and get ready Statue!

Not now, uncle.

Come here. Come here. Your previous three smacks is still pending.

Three from last time and three now. Six in all.

Ramdayal! Ramdayal!

What is it, uncle?

You're still roaming around like this. You are not ready?

Where are we going? Shopping.

What would I do there?

If nothing else, you could at least help carry the bags. Come on, hurry up.

This coolie will prove expensive for you.

You'll have to buy me two shirts. I will. I will. Don't bully.

Where have we come? One minute, I have some work here.

Here? At the studio? Yes, wait here. I'll be right back.

Please come in.

Goodness me!

Are you with Professor Gupta? Yes.

Please come. You've been called on the sets.

On the light, Okay.

Do it over here. Okay.

Switch it on.

Dharamendra sir, would you have some tea?

No, I don't need anything.

It's a difficult scene, so I am nervous.

You're such a good actor. You've done all sorts of difficult scenes..

..and this simple one still makes you nervous?

Look, Professor. Film is fiction and..

They're here.

Is that you, Miss Kusum?

I didn't think we'd ever meet again.

Remember? We met at the outdoor shooting the other day?

You recognised me immediately?

Who could ever forget you after having met once?

What's so special about me?

Perhaps you don't know.

Someday look into the mirror, and smile just once.

You'll realise how beautiful your eyes are.

Guddi, why are you standing there? Come here.

Dharamendra, he is Navin, my nephew.

And she is Kusum, my niece's husband's sister.

Tell me how are we related!

Anyway, forget it. She's my Guddi.

You please sit down.

Kusum studies in school, right?

She does go to a school, but God knows whether she studies or not.

Ask her.


The shot is ready. I'll be back after a shot.

Miss Vimmi, let's rehearse it once. Okay.

Hrishida we are ready.

Dharam, you sit here.

Vimmi, you stand there. Here?

Ms. Vimi, your dialogue starts as the song gets over.

Okay. Give Dharmendra his coat.

Why there's no solar in the full light?

No. 22, press that switch. Okay.

"Today's companion is beautiful. Today's night is young."

"Live your life tonight who knows what happens tomorrow.."

"What happens tomorrow.."

"What happens tomorrow.."

Did you like the song? Yes, very much.

When you were singing, the words seemed to blossom on your lips.. the flowers in spring.

Like the dew drops from the sky.

Ashok, I wish you'd keep on singing like this..

..and I'd listen to you just like this all my life.

Disperse George.

Wait, Hrishida, just give me five minutes.

Mr. Dharam, you please rest for some time.

Lights off.

Yusuf, just clear up the mess there. Okay.

Please sit down.

You sing very well. Who? Me?

I'm awful. That was someone else singing.

How's that possible? One who knows how to play a piano..

..can't be out of tune.

You're talking about that piano? It's worse than me.

This is not real, Professor. It's a dummy.

Oh, I see. I was confused. I could see only you and the piano..

..but wondered where the sound of the drums came from.

Then I thought that the servants might be listening to you..

..and playing it in the kitchen.

Mr. Dharamendra, Kusum has come here from another town.

Could you arrange for her to see a few shoots? - Why not? Sure.

I'll call you first and then you could send them over.

Start sound. Camera.

Take five.


Oh mother, you are sitting here.

Bless me so that I may return victorious.

What war are you going for?

It's just a badminton game, isn't it?

Mother, it's no less than a war.

Today there's badminton championship in the college.

If I win, I get a silver cup or else..

Dear my blessings are always with you.

You will surely win. Mother.

Then why didn't you think about my happiness?

I had just one desire in life.

Why was it trampled upon so brutally?

When Rajesh looks at Asha, I feel like I am being slapped.

My blood curdles when he smiles at her, and talks to her.

When he touches her, my body burns all over.

Uncle I can't bear to see Asha in Rajesh's arms. I'll kill him.

Looks like you want to get me married not for my happiness..

..but for your stubbornness.

Fine then. I will satisfy your whims. I'll do whatever you say.

You're my parents, and you've given your word to Saxena.

He has a status in the society.

My refusal might disgrace you. Ajay!

Scene two, take four.

What's this, Shyam?

You are romancing in the middle of the road?

Hello, Chenu. How are you?

Forget that, first tell me who she was?

I want all the details.

She stays in the building next to mine, and she's a classmate.

You guys have fun. Get me admitted into your college too.

You can. They want someone to ring the bell.

No problem dear. At least I can ring something.

Sound rolling. Action.

Did my sister come here?


Did my sister come here or not?

No. She didn't come here. Take a swear.

Take two.

I know what you want to ask, Meeta.

But I've reached so far in love that.. Stop, stop.

What happened? You have come too close. See the mark.

Sorry. The dialogue was such.

One more. Mr. Rajesh, one minute.

The camera is low. So please don't hold your chin up. Lower it a bit.

Like this? - A bit more, bit more. That's fine. Okay.

Thank you. Okay, one more.

Start. Should I come?


I know what you want to ask, Meeta..

..but I've reached so far in love that it's impossible to return.

Anil can you prompt please. And neither do I want to return.

And neither do I want to return.

Actually Meeta, love is like the moon..

..either it decreases or... I forgot the dialogue.

Next. - Camera.


41E/4, take one..

Cue. I want to commit suicide.

Listen dear it's a sin to commit suicide, This life is meant to be lived, not wasted away like this.

Cut. Cut it.

I have to take a turn after saying 'Life', isn't it - Yes.

Start again. Start sound.

Sound running. Clap. Give me the cue?

Take two. I want to commit suicide.

Listen dear it's a sin to commit suicide, This life is meant to be lived, not wasted away like this.

Only He who has given you this life has the right to take it.

Look at me dear. I'm 60 years old.

And I wish to live for 40 more years.

Cut it! Okay?

Beautiful sir.

Take another shot. I'll have tea.

Sit down.

Was the shot okay? Yes, beautiful.

What beautiful?

May I ask you something, if you don't mind? - Of course.

From few days, I've noticed that the directors tell the actors..

..what they should do and what they shouldn't.

Writers write the dialogues for them..

..and the cameraman presents it on the screen.

Then why don't they become stars?

Why is it only the artists who become stars?

Navin it's like this.

When we see a beautiful painting or statue, we praise it.

We never think of the painter or sculptor.

Similarly, though there are many technicians here ..

..such as directors, cameramen, editors..

.. story writers, scenarists, who bring the film to life..

..but we're the ones praised because we appear on the screen.

Ramu, give me your beedi.

This way.

Take this. No. - Keep it.

Keep this too.

Hello hero. Welcome, Mr. Pran.

Sit down. Sit down, or else I'll go back and the shoot will be cancelled.

When did you come back from Madras? Yesterday.

It was too hot. Look, I'm tanned.

Meet him. He's Professor Gupta, Kusum, and Navin.

Do you act in films? No.

Do you want to act? No.

Why not? You've a good personality handsome face, curly hair.

Just like Dharamendra...well-built... I mean like He-man.

If you wish so, I could talk to some producer.

Any producer will give you a chance.

No. I'm not interested.

I'm happy with what I am and what I do.

Strange? He's the first man I've come across..

..who isn't taken by the glamour of films.

Mr. Pran, what a lovely watch.

Oh, this? Yesterday someone gave it to me forcibly.

I even told him that I have too many watches already, I don't want it..

..but he didn't listen. Look, it has a blue dial.

Look, you like it? It's a beautiful watch.

I don't like it at all. Here, keep it.

Mr. Pran, I didn't mean..

I'm telling you, keep it or I'll hit you. Come on.

Ready? I'm coming. Did you see that?

You please don't take the watch.

He must have given it to you with some purpose.

Purpose? Yes!

He never does anything without a bad intention.

Just because he always plays the villain in movies?

In real life, this man is no less than an angel.

He always thinks good about others.

Our profession is strange, Professor.

A respectable man has to play the villain and a man like me, a hero.

Hero come on, the shot is ready. Come here.

Excuse me, professor.

Hey Guddi, did you think he's a villain in real life too?

What they play on screen is only their character in that film.

Didn't you see? The writer writes their part..

..the director tells them what to do and they only follow instructions.

The real heroes of the film are behind the cameras.

Quiet on the floor. Start sound.

Camera. Rolling.

41B/6, take one.



Why are you wasting your life, young man?

You could still tell me where the map is.

I'll reward you handsomely..

Should I sell my country for this wealth?

Should I sell the secrets of that country where I was born?

You fool. What has this country given you besides soil?

This soil is my motherland.

I was born in this soil and I will perish in this soil.

This soil is my country. which is called as Hindustan.

Fine. If that is what you want, I will ensure that you perish in the soil.


Did you hear that dialogue?

When this film is released, Dharamendra will say..

This soil is my country. It is called as Hindustan.

Just watch the response of the crowd!

Poor writer.

He wrote the script, and somebody else would be applauded.

Sit. Please sit down.

That was a wonderful shot. Thank you.

Mr. Pran, you're always getting thrashed in the films.

Young man, Dharamendra is such a hero, who you would like to get beaten up.

Otherwise I've been trashed by heroes who can be blown away with a puff.

You would've heard the proverb, 'wolves kill the lion.'

Mr. Pran, there's a call for you.

Who is it disturbing me at work? Excuse me.


He's dressed up exactly like Mr. Pran. Who's he?

He's a duplicate of Mr. Pran. What do you mean?

All the risky jobs that are there.. running through fire, jumping from a height, or fighting..

..all these are performed by these duplicates.

In the film it'll appear as though it is the artist. - Start sound.


Take two.



He is badly injured.

Don't worry. They'll surely edit this scene from the film.

Nobody would ever know.

Thirteen - two.

Game point.

Game up.

Navin, you play really well.

Where did you practice?

You got me sweating!

If you want to lose intentionally, then why did you play?

Fatso, you've got no brains, you wouldn't understand.

Navin, both of you come home with Bhagwant.

Bring them home.

What was the need for you to lose the game twice to show your bravery?

Don't you worry. I'll be there.

Yes, I know it's a 7:00 am shift.

What? No, there's no party at night.

No, not even at Mr. Sippy's.

Yes, they are here. Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Come, Navin. Have a seat Kusum.

Your uncle had called up. Is it?

Yes, he's asked you to buy a paan (betel leaf concoction)

..from the shop around the corner.

Paan? But uncle doesn't eat paan.

Yes, he doesn't eat paan. I know that.

The last time he was here, I treated him to a Banarasi sweet paan.

He loved it.

Now he wants you to buy two of them for him.

Okay, we'll take your leave now?

Why? Have dinner with me.

No, thank you. We've had enough. And sister must be waiting.

Fine. Please drop in whenever you have time.

I'll get some badminton practice.

Okay, good night. Good night.

Should I come with you? You don't need to.

Quietly give us all you have.

What happened? What happened?

Nothing. What happened?

They were some goons. Goons? In this locality?

They're all over the place these days. What's this?

You're bleeding. It's okay, it's okay.

Now don't try to tear off a piece of your sari..

..and bandage it like they do in the movies.

Did you see? I don't need a duplicate to fight.

Get in the car.

My God. Professor, your nephew is very sharp.

What was there in his hand?

A punch. Didn't you see?

One punch has rattled my lower jaw.

Professor, my upper one is gone too.

If we had taken him in confidence, we could have avoided this.

No Professor, he's got a lot of self respect!

He'd never have agreed.

Come, I'll drop you home.

Should I get some iodine for you?

No need for that.

Uncle, what happened to you?

Nothing dear. Nothing.

I was trying to do somebody a good turn. So?

I guess I went overboard.

They came all of a sudden?

Yes uncle, and they clasped my mouth from behind..

One of them demanded me to give him whatever I have.

I screamed.

Then Navin came and started bashing them up.

What happened? It's the pain. Then what happened?

Then? The tiny goon fell far off..

..and there was one fatso as well..

That fatso goon.. ran out of fear..

..that uncle, if you would have been there, you would've enjoyed it.

I already enjoyed it. Just by hearing it.

Uncle, Navin is a brave boy.

Don't mention him.

Go and bring me a hot cup of tea. Okay.


Mr. Dharamendra, what are you doing?

Professor.. nothing, just taking care of my jaw.

All my teeth were rattled.

Madam heroine was narrating the tale of Navin's valour.

Really? That means my experiment was successful.

That's why I called you.. to report the progress of the case.

Professor you were right.

I've performed from written scripts very often..

..but this real life drama is real fun.

While I know my dialogues well..

..but I'm never sure when a punch could come flying into my face.

I've troubled you a lot..

..but I will never forget this favour of yours.

I can already mark a change in her.

It's quite evident that Kusum is changing.

Just a little more support. Everything will be all right.

Don't worry, Professor. I'm always there with you.

Good night, sir.

Turn on the light there. Move it, move it. This side.

Crop it a bit.

Please close that door.

Yes. Okay, we are ready for the shot.

Okay call the junior artists. Yes sir.

Please come. Come.

Come. This way.

Brother Kundan.

Who? That one.

Didn't I tell you about Tara's brother? Look there.

Mr. Kundan.

You're Kundan, right?

Tara's Kusum's classmate, that's how I know you.

How's Tara?

And mother?

Why? What happened?

A sister whose brother has left home..

..a mother whose grown up son has deserted her in old age.. could they ever be fine?

Where have you landed? Who misled you?

No, no one misguided me.

I myself went astray by the glitz and glamour of the film world.

I thought that getting a chance in films is a matter of luck..

..and wanted to try my luck too.

But after coming here I realised.. much of a struggle and effort it actually is.

And here I was, untrained and unwilling to work hard.

Why don't you go back home?

I can't go home.

You... you don't know..

..I had stolen money before I left home.

How can I face them now?

Kundan, a mother doesn't look into your face. She looks into your heart.

A mother is like God.

Does man feel ashamed of facing the Lord after making a mistake?

Take this money, and go back immediately.

No, I won't take the money. I'll earn it and then I'll go home.

When you earn it, you can repay me. Consider it a loan.

Mr. Kundan, I'm no outsider.

Please consider me as your brother.

When you meet Tara and your mother..

..when mother wipes your tears and embraces you..

..I'd be there too.

I'd have a share in the joy of the mother, sister and the brother.

Here. Please keep it.

You called me, Uncle? Yes!

Do you remember Mr. Dharamendra had called us for lunch.

Take Kusum to Mohan Studio.

I've work, I won't be able to come.

Cancel it then. I don't want to go.

I've called him, and said that you are coming.

But uncle what would I do there?

I feel awkward.

You aren't going for yourself but for Kusum.

Go, ask her to get ready and take her.

Mr. Dharamendra..

..please give me the interview with photograph today at least.

Today it's very difficult. I have no time at all.

Somehow take out some time.

Could you wait a while please? Thank you.

Silence on the floor.

Start sound.

Scene 49/2. Take 6 Action!

Sir, I just need a rupee.

Patwari didn't give me a single rupee. What a miser!

Hey Pandit, Madanlal Patwari can't be a bigger miser than me.

Listen. Thirty five years back..

..I bought pure clarified butter from Punjab worth a rupee..

I kept it sealed in a box.

And I eat ghee applying it on the rolled bread daily..

..but still the ghee didn't get over.

How come? Very simple.

I cook the rolled bread and stand in front of the box.

The rolled bread sees the box and box sees the rolled bread.

Then it is ready, so I eat it.

What happened to him? What happened?

He had fever since many days. So, he fell unconscious.

Pick him up. Hurry up.

Quickly take him to the hospital in my car.

Kusum, Navin please come with me.

Hey, Lalit. Come here. Yes.

Are you the in-charge of these workers? Yes.

When you knew he is sick, why did you hire him to work?

Om sir I refused him, but what can the poor one do?

If he doesn't work, what would his family eat?

Do one thing. Take this Rs. 100. and give it to his family..

..don't let him work till he recovers.

If you need more money, ask me. Go.


Brother Shiraj, our film line is also very strange!

Looks so glamorous on the outside. But no one knows what's inside

Dharamendra sir..

Dharamendra sir, you have the time now. May I click a few pictures?

You should be ashamed.

That poor electrician is dying there, and you need photographs?

Why don't you take his photographs?

Why don't you write about him?

I'm sorry Dharamendra sir. I'm very sorry.

Take a seat, Navin.

How do you like the place?

This film studio?

Yes, this entire film world.

Very strange. Every step is ridden with fear of getting lost.

In this glitz and glamour, anyone could go astray..

..but I see that you are still untouched.

Navin, despite being a part of this industry, I do feel strange.

Perhaps because I am from a village..

..and a village boy can never cut off from his roots.

I used to feel so secure, standing on my lands.

I knew that this land will feed, not only me but everyone else.

But here, I feel alone, very alone, away from my roots.

I know that as long as I am in the limelight in all this glamour...

..people will watch me, applaud me.

But the moment these lights have turned away..

..I'll be lost in the darkness of anonymity.

Where everyone will forget me.

You know who the one messaging Mr. Om's legs in that scene was?

He was one famous hero of the silent era. Master Shiraj.

No one knows about him in today's day.

Come, let me show you something.

Do you see this devastated studio?

I started my career here, with Mr. Bimal.

Bimal Roy was making "Bandini".

Mr. Bimal is no more neither is this studio.

'Do Bigha Zameen', 'Bandini', 'Madhumati'..

..Kishan Chopra's 'Char Deewari', 'Heera Moti'..

..are only a few of the classics that were shot here.

Who remembers them today?

One day it will fade and get washed away.

And this place, which should've been the pilgrimage of art..

..may turn into a soap factory someday.

And then..

..I feel everything here is artificial and temporary, just like me.

Look at that light.

It must have lit up the faces of so many famous actors and actresses.

And even glamorized them.

Today it is lying in the ashes with its blurred eyes.

Oh I forgot, come let's have lunch. No, not today.

Allow us to leave today. We will come some other day.

I understand, after all that's happened today.

It's okay. We'll take your leave now.

Okay, all the best. Thank you.

Mr. Dharamendra, I'm sorry to trouble you, but I need to speak to you.

Tell me.

I have a wife and two small kids.

I have a graduation degree too.

In college days, photography was a hobby.

Today, that degree lies useless..

..but that hobby is earning me my bread and butter.

You were upset that I didn't take the picture of that labourer.

You tell me, who'd buy the photo of a labourer.

You do know the press.

They aren't here to serve the truth.

They just want to earn money.

That's why they fill all magazines with nude and glamorous pictures.

I know I contribute to it, in my own way.

I know this is a type of prostitution.

Prostitution. But you tell me..

..which prostitute enjoys being at a brothel?

Doesn't she do it out of helplessness too?

People buy magazines for the photos of film stars.

They cut out and frame these pictures, and put them on their walls.

How many people do you think have put up..

..the photographs of our soldiers on a wall?

I'm sorry.

The accident made me lose my temper..

..and I said a lot to you in a fit of rage.

I know you are not at fault. The system is such.

But I'll give you an interview..

..and this time, I will tell you something..

..that has never been published in any magazine.

Come with me.

Uncle. Don't you get bored of reading?

Yes. I do.

Then what do you do?

I start teaching... to bore others.

Oh god!

Why? What's the matter?


Let us go out for an outing today.

Fine, today I'll also come with you to see the shoot.

Not the shoot, somewhere else.

Okay then call that Satyanarayan here.

He has caught an infectious disease.

Disease? What happened?

He'd already contracted your habit of reading.

Now he has started writing as well.

He is sitting so seriously as if doing his school homework.

Go and convince him and if he doesn't listen, then force him.

Force? He is four times my size. Fatso.

Look, where physical strength doesn't work, use brains.


Enough now.

You've been writing from three days as if you are great poet Kalidas.

Don't disturb, Kusum.

Don't disturb.

Let's go for an outing.

Take uncle along.

I don't want to watch any shooting.

Not shooting, we'll go somewhere else.

What? Yes, I am bored of the shoots.

Bored of shooting? Yes.

All farce! Just a show.

Strange, you got bored of Dharamendra's shooting too?

So what if it's Dharamendra's film shooting?

What are you looking at?

Not looking, I'm listening.


Devil praising God.

Don't joke. Come on.

Come on.

Maybe you can't see through your dark glasses that I am working?

So you won't come? No, until I don't finish writing.

Kusum, I don't like such jokes. Kusum!


What happened? What happened? He's coming. He's coming.

Kusum. Kusum, return my book.

Return my book.

Look, I don't like such jokes.



There is a limit to childish pranks.

'The glitter of this film world is strange.'

'It's studded with pieces of glass.'

'When the lights go on, it glitters like a precious jewel.'

'Without light..'

'..they are naked pieces of glass once again, not emeralds.'

'One hero, how proud he must feel while playing a patriot.'

'How his face glows delivering dialogues for the rights of the poor.'

'But when the scene ends and his role is over, doesn't he feel empty within?'

'When labourers working on his films don't get two square meals a day..'

'..doesn't he feel that he is not the leader of the world but just an actor?'

'Till now I had seen finished movies in air-conditioned theatres..'

'..but now in those studios, I have seen so much pain..'

'..I don't think going to the theatre will ever amuse me again.'

'Such a vast difference. From the same movie..'

' earn millions while the other starves.'

'This difference is the biggest ailment of this industry.'

'But why only this industry?'

'Doesn't this difference ail the rest of our country as well?'

Here's your book.

Keep it there, on the table.

I asked you to keep it on the table.

I've read it.

You've written very well.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

Will you get it published in a magazine?

It is not Dharamendra's biography.

Why must you keep taunting me all the time?

What have I done?

Just because I made a mistake once, does it mean...

Guddi where's your sister-in-law?

Must be in the kitchen. Why?

No, I just wanted to show her some pictures.

You see, which one do you like?

Who are they?

Navin's wives.

I mean not all of them. If he likes one of them..

Do you like anyone?

How would I know? Ask the one who wants to get married.

Let me hear your choice. None.

None? What about this one? She's good.

Is that a nose or a parrot beak?

What about this one?

Look at her hairstyle. As if she's some film star.

I'm expecting another one this evening.

I heard she looks like a fairy.

Might be.

What happened to you? Why do you look to depressed?

I'd like to go home, uncle. Back to my father.

Where have you reached? What's the hurry?

I want to go.

Look, don't be stubborn like a girl.

Brother celebrates my birthday every year.

I'll celebrate it there this year too.

Your birthday? When is it?

Next Friday.

Then we will celebrate this good Friday here itself.

We'll call friends, sing songs. You can't go now.

We'll have such a grand party..

Mr. Mehra, believe me..

..I would've asked the same question over 50 times in childhood that..

..mother who would eat the cake if I had not born?

Come, Bharat come. She is Guddi.

Many happy returns of the day. Thank you.

You have brought very beautiful flowers.

If you think that by giving these lovely flowers to a lovely girl..

Bharat you'd better watch out for the sour grapes.

Don't have any hopes pinned to Guddi. - Uncle.

She's a staunch member of our Bachelor's Club.

Welcome, Mr. Chaturvedi.

My Guddi, Kusum. Stay happy child..

Come. Please have a seat.

Guddi. Brother!

Brother how did you turn up all of a sudden?

How could I ever miss your birthday?

So I reached.

Guddi, go from here. Why?

Just go.

Don't pretend.

The one you are here for, is making my chutney in the kitchen.

What? I mean she's making chutney for me.

Go. Meet her first.

Uncle, you'll never change.

Welcome. Welcome. Greetings.

Brother how is father? Why didn't you bring him along?

You know he never steps out of the living room.

Guddi.. where are you going leaving the guests here?

You go and freshen up quickly.

Guddi, party is nice, isn't it? Yes, but..


Oh yes, Dharamendra hasn't come as yet. So what?

No, I mean..

Why hasn't that fatso come? Who fatso?

Oh Harihar! Yes, he too hasn't come yet.

Must have got busy with something.

He had called a few times before I came home.

There must be something important.

Yes, something important outside, but inside the house..

I know, he's done this deliberately!

Why would he do this deliberately?

One day, on the terrace I told him..


Nothing. - Did you abuse him? No.

Forget him, doesn't matter if he doesn't come.

If one in hundred doesn't come, how does it matter?

He is equal to hundred. Is it?

What else? Didn't I tell you how he bashed those goons?

You brought that up again?!

Navin, you? What made you come here suddenly?

Your friendship has brought me here.

I've got a very good news.

Thought of giving you first.

Go on, quick tell me!

You remember, I had given an interview?

Yes, you told me. I got that job.

So, you got it! Congratulations! Thank you.

I was the fortunate one.

Why fortunate? You're the capable one.

Sit. You don't know how happy I am. Perhaps more than your uncle.

I know, that's why I came to you.

I knew that you'd be happy for me.

Everyone would be happy to hear such good news.

Did you tell Kusum?


It's her birthday today. There's a party at home.

Yes. You are going, right? No, I won't be able to make it Navin.

I'm expecting some guests at home. Apologise on my behalf.

Look I can't ask for two apologies.

As it is I'm late, and you aren't coming either.

Doesn't matter, I'll call personally.

What are you going to present her with?

Nothing.. I didn't buy anything.

Why? Just like that.

Didn't think of something.

Navin, should I say something please don't feel bad..

..your attitude shows that you're still upset with Kusum.

Nothing like that.

Navin, I know everything about you and Kusum.

Initially when your uncle approached me..

..I was confused as to what I've got myself into.

But today I'm happy that not only did we bring an innocent girl on track..

..but I also found a friend like you.

Cigarette? No thanks.

I'm really proud of you.

But if I'm the cause for your anger, then forget that.

And please forgive my innocent sister.

Why do you talk like that?

If I had anything against you, I wouldn't have come to meet you.

Look, If you keep the same attitude with Kusum..

..then I'll consider you a true friend.

Okay, when are you going? I have to leave today itself.

Today? That's why I came to meet you.

Okay, I'll take your leave now.

Okay, all the best. Thank you.

Hello, Modern Florist?

This is Dharamendra here.

Look I had ordered a bouquet.

Yes, yes, look don't send it from my side.

Write on it.. 'With love from Navin'.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

The party is great.

The party is great.

At the moment these thesis are going. So you will..

Uncle, look. He hasn't come as yet.

Where should I look?

You find this funny? Aren't you worried about him at all?

What's there to worry about? Strange.

If a family member doesn't come home, shouldn't one worry?

Who are you talking about Guddi?

Brother.. About Harihar.

Harihar? Who's that?

Our Ramdayal. Ramdayal. Ramdayal?

Oh god!

Guddi's fatso. Navin Chand.

Oh, yes. Where is he?

Professor Gupta? What is it?

I'm from Modern Florists? Mr. Navin has sent these flowers.

Navin? Thank you.

Uncle, aren't they beautiful flowers?

This is the best bouquet that I've received this evening.

Guddi, even now if you don't sing, it won't look good.

I'll sing and cut the cake only when Navin arrives.

Navin will be here in a moment.

They say that Nawab Wajid Ali Shah's hookah announced his arrival.

Similarly, Navin's arrival is announced by these flowers!

You start singing, he'll find his way here.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

According to our movie culture.. birthday party is complete without a song.

Kusum, a.k.a Guddi, will now sing a song.

Applause. Very good. Time for a song.

Excellent. Excellent.

As per tradition, the singer must refuse a couple of times.

No, Uncle. Please.

Hence more applause so that she refuses again, and we applaud again.

No uncle, I won't sing.

The more you refuse, the more we applaud.

So you better sing immediately. Come on.

Guddi, sing a hit number from a hit movie.

Otherwise audience these days get bored and leave when the song begins.

"Please come.. love."

"I am waiting for you for so long that..."

" eyes are feeling tired of looking at the road"

"Please come, my love."

"I am waiting for you for so long that.. eyes are feeling tired of looking at the road."

"Please come, my love."

"My relationship with you is for ages."

"Then how did you forget me, my love."

"My relationship with you is for ages."

"Then how did you forget me, my love."

"I am pining for you day and night."

"Please come.."

"I am waiting for you for so long that.. eyes are feeling tired of looking at the road."

"Please come, my love."

"I am the river, still I am thirsty."

"The matter is small, but the mystery is very deep."

"I am the river, still I am thirsty."

"The matter is small, but the mystery is very deep."

"I feel so sad without you."

"Please come.."

"I am waiting for you for so long that.. eyes are feeling tired of looking at the road."

"Please come, my love."


Great! What an entry? Just like the hero in a movie.

The moment the song ends, the hero enters.

Navin. Thank you very much.

You sent lovely flowers.

Flowers? Yes.

I didn't send any flowers.

It's you, brother-in-law!

See? Isn't that a cool surprise?

What news, Mr. Engineer? Excellent. Got it today itself.

That job of an assistant engineer? I got it. - Got it?

Yes. Good news on a good day.

I called up many times, but you weren't home.

Due to postal delays, I received the appointment letter today..

..and I need to join tomorrow.

Tomorrow? How's that possible?

I'll leave by tonight's train. I've booked the tickets too.

Tonight? You're leaving tonight?

Yes, I have to.

Kusum, wish you all the best in life.

So Giridhar Gopal, you don't have much time with you, get ready.

Go and tell this good news to your sister first.

Where's sister? She's in the kitchen.

No, on the terrace?

On terrace? What's she doing there?

She went there sometime back. Said she had a headache.


Where's sister? Downstairs.

But you just said she is on the terrace.

I purposely sent you here. Why?

I want to tell you something.

You're leaving today?


Can't you wait a few more days?

Why? What difference would it make to you?

What if it does? Will you wait?

What would you gain if I lose my job?

What if I gained, would you wait for me?


What's the need of getting separated and walking along?

Good, I got the job. And at the right time too.

I wasn't feeling good here from few days.

Once I go away, I won't miss anything.

I'll forget everything.

Then go. Go away. Forget everything.


Don't cry, Kusum. Please, don't cry.

How does that matter to you?

You have to leave isn't it? Then go.. go away.

If you keep crying like this, how would I go?

Kusum, please. Trust me.

I don't want to hurt you today.

You're lying. You always hurt me purposely.

You know that I trust you.

I have faith in you. That's why.

That is not true.

Here, on this very terrace, you had said one day..

Enough.. is that the only truth to you?

Look Kusum you yourself raised this issue today.

Kusum, I really don't know what's my place in your life.

You might only consider me as a friend but I... you won't understand.

But one who is in love can't bear this.

That's why I am going far away.

It is better I leave from here.


If you don't reply me in the affirmative..

..I'll never say over for the whole life.

You'll stand like this forever.

Tell me.

Once you're there, will you arrange to take me there as soon as possible?

Blink your eyes and answer me!