Guddo moningu sho (2016) Script

You two are still up?

Morning. Good Morning.

Something wrong?


It's Ken.

You tell dad.

I'm getting married.

And that's that.

The girl he's seeing is pregnant.


So that's that.

No, that's not "that."

You're still a student.

It's my decision.

Hold on. It's not your decision.

Think about it.


How will you live? I can't support you.

Keep your voice down. Listen You don't start a family until you begin a respectable career.

You mean like yours?

Eating cake on TV every day.

Hey Wait a second.


Good morning.

Morning. Let's go.

Morning, Keiko. Good luck today. What's up?

When can we start going to Work together?


When will you split with your wife?

Why would I do that?

Because of us.

And what we had.

What do you mean "what we had"?

I was a bit drunk the other day, but that was it.

Sure, blame the alcohol.

Meaning what?

We'll talk more about what comes next.

Nothing comes next.

I want to announce it on air today.

Announce what?

Everyone will be so happy.

Listen to me, Keiko.

Be a man and own up to it.

Own up to what?

There's nothing between us.

I've nothing to own up to here!


Very cute.

Give one to everybody. To open on air.

"Return to Variety Show Roots!"


What's our lead story?

Hiroshima’s tax evasion.

"MP's taxes" Any footage?

"Madeira & Susanne’s hot romance" Press conference's at 2.

How about celebrity gossip?

Madeira and Sukarno are officially dating.

Our exclusive?

Now that's a scoop. Nice.

That's our lead.

Celebrity gossip? Seriously?

Which one draws more viewers?

Why report from a fire site that had no casualties?

Strong visuals.

Anti-government protests in Virgo must be top story, too.

Who cares about that?

Everyone. It's global news.

Why always go from news to sports to entertainment?

Who made that rule?

It's got a hook.

Let's lead with entertainment. Viewers want that.

People need their love gossip.

If our main host says so, it's done.

3 minutes. Now hold on!

Information must be presented as a product.

Feature video ready?

Let's start with an update on the hair salon murder... local travel, pension reform issues... latest consumer appliances, EU financial crisis... and gourmet report on popular sweets.

2 dense hours of content.

Today's viewer question?

"Do you keep or discard gifts from your ex?"

Who says "discard"?

All the women.

Tell me why.

"Madeira & Susanne’s hot romance" "MP's taxes"

The lineup is set.

A word with you, Midas.

How about government support of 20-somethings making babies?

Bury that somewhere.

Mr. Yamagata, cheek these temps.

They look good.

Cake coming through! Clear the aisle.

It's for the show so don't anybody eat it!

Today's horoscope has arrived!

Give me a 10-second zoom out on the clock tower weather cam.

Around 7:20.

Okay, thanks.

The country name is misspelled. Get the flag right.

Got it.

Good morning.


I've come to borrow news footage.

News is not free.

It was earned by sweat and tears.

You guys just COPY it-


We're indebted to you.


It came from above. If our ratings don't improve... the news department will take over next season.

They'll keep me on, right? I've done evening news.

I'm afraid not.

Seriously? They're cutting me loose?

We'll send you off big.

Tell me something.

Are they still upset with me?

Why didn't you tell the truth?

Going home?

Oh, good morning.

Late news is on a roll.

Big pressure following in Mr. Sumeria’s shoes.

I'm assigned to morning, too.

You miss the news?

My son thinks... all I do is romping around.

We're not the news. Anything's game in variety.

If we get too highbrow, we lose viewers.

Not as hot as usual... ll I wish I could do variety work.

Like you do.

Listen, Keiko.

You still have that?

Well, it's from you.

I gave one to everybody.

But mine's especially cute.

You misunderstand.

I can't wait... to tell the world about us.

About what? I have no idea what you mean?


If Ken marries, we'll have to look after them, won't we?

I mean, he'll be a student father.

How can we afford to with our mortgage?

Well, you'll just have to work more.

I gotta go.

Here are the temps.

The sponsors won't like this.

We could pix elate.

How's this?

You can't see anything.

We're live in 30!

Mr. Midas, news copy here.


All across Bulgaria on the 6th...

The mass demonstrations across taking place Bulgaria... have led to clashes between citizens and police.

Mr. Midas.

Mr. Midas!

We need a report tomorrow from the site of the salon murder.

A field report? Please?

Sorry, could you ask someone else?

Violence has erupted at supermarkets and banks.

In the capital of...

"Mistake Midas"


Good morning, Mrs. Midas.

Mr. Sumeria's warming his voice right now.

What's with the chin-scratching he does?

It's a signal to lie for Sumeria's whatever.

Is the rumor about Keiko true?

He consoled her when her boyfriend left her.

That's dangerous. Keiko tends to get obsessive.

He took a "wrong turn."

Breaking news from the Kyoto wire.

Police say around 6 this morning... a man stormed into a cafe' near Saki Station... taking staff and customers hostage.


Confirm that!

Check with police.

Assemble staff.

About the standoff in Saki...

It's very close!

Live feed? In 15 minutes.

Leave the live footage to me.

That's our lead story. New tel ops!

I'm off.

I made two versions of the tel op.

Get confirmation. Right.

No hearsay!

Bring confirmed info here!

That's the news desk's job!

Get all the updates to us.

Send another news truck!

We're on air soon. We'll need to work together.

I agree.

But you must ask for it.


You get all the sexy stuff.


"Standoff, hostages, Tokyo"

Yamagata, preempt the feature video.

Can't be helped.

Find archived standoff footage.

From here to there. Okay.

From there.

In 15 minutes!

The Madeira date story is our scoop. It has to stay.

We can't cut the congressman.

Let's nix sweets.

You told us we'd be on air, so we baked loads of product! Come on!

Shots from the site yet? No.

Good morning.

Good morning.


We'll be leading with the standoff incident.

Pardon me.

Change to darker clothes.

Understood. Leave it.

Good luck. Thanks.

Let's talk later, Keiko. Please don't be rash.

I'm very serious.

Please no...

Don't stir things up.

We hear rumors about you and Mr. Midas.

You'll all know soon.

I respect Mr. Midas. He's serious and smart.

I agree. He's my goal.

Even when he's under fire.

Yes, he never made excuses for himself.

So admirable.

But I can't forgive his toying with you.

Well I lured him.

He's kind only to me.

We've got video.

Lucky it was nearby.

Good Morning Show staff?


I must speak with your boss.

Live in 1 minute!

Someone clean this up.

Cards aren't ready.

Ad lib? Please.

Post updates. Got it.

30 seconds!

Relax, Satsuma. Slowly...more in the middle.

Like this? Yeah.

Okay, good luck.

Standby to go live.

No time for free talk today.

We'll see about that.

Come on, Keiko.

5 seconds!



Title in.

"Good Morning Show"

Good morning.

Good morning.

This news just in.

A man has stormed a cafe near Saki Station... taking staff and customers hostage.

What you're seeing is live footage of the incident site.

It began a little past 6 this morning.

About 10 customers are said to be in the cafe'.

Police are trying to confirm the number of staff.

This is how the site appears at this very moment.

Police have already cordoned off the area.

And you can see the cafe in the back.


Breaking news.

Police are asking the man to release the hostages and surrender himself.

I repeat.

Is that all we got?

We've just been informed that the man has a gun.

This footage was taken by a citizen.

Do we have that?


Gunshots can be heard.


Like I said... he demands to see your host, Mr. Midas.

Midas? But why?

No idea.

Must be some mistake.

Can you put him on?

He's live on the air now.

I can't talk to him?

We can't stare at this shot all morning.

Cut back to the studio. Move on to politics.

And skip entertainment? People need their love gossip!

"Feature: umbrella style"

Over here.

Tax evasion's the lead? Yes.

Let me see the whiteboard.

Just keep me updated.

We'll update you on the standoff as news comes in.

In other news...


Fisheries Minister Hiroshima... continues to be under investigation for tax evasion.

Cue video.

The Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office... says a source inside the minister's support organization... was ordered to avoid taxes.

Hold off on a commercial break.

A compulsory search is scheduled.

And could develop into a massive case of tax evasion.

Another politician in a financial scandal.

If true, can we allow such people to run our government?

I fear for Japan's future.

Secrets can't stay hidden.

Not these days.

Secrets do surface.


What is it? A secret perhaps?

Why, no. Of course not.

Inquisitive today.

Well I have a secret.

Really? What? Actually...



Who said to do that?

We're off air.

Revisions. Thanks.

Listen up. What?

I'm not sure why but... the hostage taker wants you.

Me? Why?

Can you think of any reason? A grudge maybe?

No! Why in the world would there be?

Wait. There is?

I once said something I promised would be off the record.

I botched the name of a Living National Treasure.

Stand by!

What's going on?

The suspect wants Midas brought to him.

That's ridiculous!

We just got a call from the police.

Seriously? Yes.

Let's send Midas. It'll be our scoop.

Too risky. News compliance is strict.

We're not the news. We're variety.

Same thing.

We give viewers what they want.

That's our priority.

No means no.

Stop bowing to the news desk.



On in 5...4...3...

We're live.

Let's hear from you.

What do you do... with gifts from an ex?

Keep 'em or toss 'em?

Press the blue button for "discard", red button for "keep."

We'll announce the results... at the end of the show.

Today's question is another hard one.

How about you, Sana?

I wouldn't know.

Nice deflection there.

"Ask Keiko"

Coming next, sports.

Don't be evasive.

I wasn't.

Now for sports.

What now? You're going on site.

No! This is crazy.

The Shaw's ending.

No more morning pay. Salary cut.

Don't do it. There'll be other shows.


You liked the field.

You called it the roots of a reporter.

I'm scared.

You did the right thing back then.

"Typhoon's Torrential Rain?' Midas is on site as the first day

"Mudslide kills 2" draws to a close. Mr. Midas?

BK Woods has set the single-season, stolen base record!

And he broke the 33-year-old record at home.


A new steals record?

From the cafe standoff in Saki.

Whether it's bases or hearts.

Nice one.

Oh my God, no.

In fact, I myself have had something stolen.

What was that?

I'd like to announce something.

Thank you, Keiko.

Let me make it.

I will be leaving to report from the field.

Keiko and Sana will host in my absence.

It's all yours.

Sana, continue with sports.

Now to "Nikki Sports."

Wait, come back. We've got new info!

I order you to stay!

He says he'll resign if it goes bad.

He'll take responsibility.

On a motorcycle? Really?

Don't we have a car?

My horoscope!

April birthday.

The pits.


It'll be mostly overcast in Tokyo today.

With occasional clear skies.

Let's start with the national forecast.

Shikoku, Chug and Kyushu regions.

It'll be rainy this morning in Kyushu and Shikoku.

"2 employees"

"Lone suspect"

"Occupation began 6 a.m."

Let Keiko lead.

My first time hosting!

Sana, you co-host.


We have an update from the cafe standoff in Saki.

There are 2 cafe staff. The suspect is acting alone.

His demands are...can I say this?

A show exclusive.

The suspect is demanding to see our show's host, Mr. Midas.

Why dad?

Viewer Center.

Is it true?

Why Midas?

It's a hoax. A prank.

Is it true? Get real.

Twitter's exploding!

The suspect demands to see our host Shinto Midas.

Midas is currently on his Way

"Explain with the map" to the standoff site.

Let's look at a map and cafe layout.

It's a first-floor shop 5 minutes on foot from Saki Station... in an area of mostly commercial buildings and offices.

Stall for a minute.

Prepare to go live.

Is this our lucky day?

Thanks a lot.

You staged it!

It's all for ratings.

An insult to the victims!

Apologize! Liar!

Now's the time to exorcise the past.

We still don't know the exact situation at the site.

Mr. Midas!

Care to comment, Mr. Midas?

Do you know the suspect?

What did the police say?

Any idea who he is?

How do you feel?

Let our news team handle this.

Our host Midas has arrived at the scene.

Stop filming Midas!

Talk to witnesses! We're news people, not entertainers!

Your evening news has food segments.

Okay, you're wired to the studio.

Mr. Midas, can you hear me?

Mr. Midas? Can you hear me?

What's Wrong?

Mr. Midas, comment.

Mr. Midas? Can you hear me?


You talk for a living.

Speech is your weapon.

Pardon me. I'm here at the scene.

Can you see?

It's the store with the red canopy. I'm 100 meters away.

But we can't tell what's going on inside.

Whoa!. He's on every channel.

The atmosphere is tense.

Show your reporter roots.

Everyone is anxious.

Having just arrived, I don't know the situation.

As soon as I do, I will report it to you.

I'm Kurosawa, Metropolitan Police.


We got his name from his bicycle registration.

Sta Tanisha, 28.


Ring any bells?

Tanisha? I'm afraid it doesn't.

Think hard.

What? Wait a second!


Sta, Sta.

28 years old.

Got it? Don't overdo it.

We've got the suspect's name. It's our exclusive info.

Wait! Confirm it!

It's from the police!


Let's get this going.

Make a tel op!

Sta Tanisha, age 28. Hurry!

Got it!

Sta Tanisha.

We're coming to you live from the crime scene.

Suspect! Suspect.

We have the name of the cafe suspect.

It's Sta Tanisha, age 28.

Yes! It's all ours!

I can hear the ratings rising.

The name is Sta Tanisha.

"Sta Hindustani’s blog"

He's got a blog!

Let's start over! Leave it to our news people!

Hold it, Maharishi!

The cafe' had a fire 2 years ago.

The source? Web video.

Confirm that.

Video of the fire.

Copy it.

"The cafe..."

We have an update.

The cafe' where the standoff is taking place... had a fire 2 years ago.

We're looking into a possible connection.

Our sources say... the suspect's uncle has reported his hunting gun missing.

Someone's coming out.

Mr. Midas.

Midas here. We have movement. Can you see?

One of the hostages has emerged from the cafe'.

What can you tell us, Mr. Midas?

She appears to be an elderly woman. She looks frail.

Police have reached her and are escorting her to an ambulance.

I of the female hostages has been released.

I can't confirm from here... but some 10 or so hostages still remain inside.

I hope they're okay.

An elderly female hostage has been released... and is being taken in an ambulance.

I'll report on any further changes. Back to you in the studio.

That was Mr. Midas on site.

A major development has taken place.

One of the female hostages has been released, and is safely in police hands.

If you're that worried about them...

Go in there?


That's crazy.

It's that or working a middle management job.

No answer.

We called his cell. Not answering.

We spotted dynamite behind the barricade.

No confirmed detonator. Explosives, damn.

Let's bring Midas closer to calm him.

Safety first.

Mr. Midas.

Come with me.


This way.

Hold this.

We'll do the talking. If we sense danger, we'll head back.


Get ready!

Flak jacket, bomb suit!

Stand here.

Excuse me.

Wait a sec.

For the feet.

This will protect you against a bomb.

A bomb? What?

Can you walk?


Can you walk?

Not really. A little.

Is this okay?

Hey! Take it easy!

There's a pin camera in here.

It shouldn't be detected.

One's a bit obvious.

That's where you put 'em?

That many? They're dummies.


This one will record your face.

Ow, ow, ow! You're fine.

Don't mess with the news.

I've waited for something like this!

Okay, calm down.

With this...

you can report from inside the cafe'.

You're creepy.

Stay on that mic if it kills you.

Is that Mr. Midas?

What's that?

Are you going in?

Why the mic?

I just don't feel right without it. Like a talisman.

And the badges?

Make me feel brave.

What did you attach?

We're ready.

Let's go. Be sure to follow my orders.


Excuse us.

Stay behind us.

Give it your all.

You can't be serious.

I watch your show often.

If he speaks to you, remember 3 things.

Don't contradict him.

Don't believe him.

Don't promise him anything.


No contradicting.

No believing.

No promising.

We return to the crime scene.

Mr. Midas is heading for the cafe with the police.

We now go to his camera.


What the hell?

Whoa, dad.


Midas is accompanying the police... to the occupied cafe.

He's making the news a peep show.

Video's breaking up.

Shotgun shells...

Don't get killed.

In the line of duty.

I think it's too risky. Let's return.

Is that... a rival sponsor's product?

It's gonna be a problem.

Mr. Midas.

Turn away. That's a poster for one of our sponsor's rivals.

Give me a break.


I'm right outside the cafe.

It seems very quiet.

But how is it inside?

What're you doing?



Police. We've brought Mr. Midas as requested.

We're coming in.

The police are protesting.

They want Sumeria's camera off!

So does the Press Club.

Maharishi! Bring tea.

Stop the live feed.

Our program is like an endless race.

We run for as long as we're able.

People wait 2 hours to buy this. The sugar will help.


Chief Nunki.

Prepare for a news broadcast.

Clear off the desks.

The news team is taking over!

Out of the way.

Don't touch that.

Every station's airing this. We have to be careful.

Change the feed cam.

Our Cam's out.

No choice.

Go with this one.

You're cafe staff?

Is anyone injured?

We're here to talk.

Zoom in. I'll try.

We're unarmed.

I wonder what your father's life insurance is worth.

Maybe it's tied to what he did during the typhoon report.

Could be.

An angry disaster victim, perhaps?

He'll release 2 more.

I watch you daily.

Release him first!

The child!

Mr. Midas, interview the suspect.

Midas here.

Midas here!

I do the talking.

What's that get-up?

Show your face.

He can't hear me.

Show your face!

Come on!

We met your demand. Will you release the child?

Pardon me but...

I don't know you. Shut up.

No, you shut up!

I made it clear I wanted to talk with "him"!

Have I... done something to you?

You timed your occupation with the show?


What is it?

You knew I'd be live on the air.

It's all right. Don't be scared.

Don't move! Don't move! Or I'll shoot!

Get back.

Okay, listen to me.

You're broadcasting this live, right?

I'm famous by now, huh?

What do you want with me?

What do I want?

I'll tell you what I want.

Apologize in front of the camera.

Apologize. Apologize.

Apologize! Apologize!

Yes, I'll apologize. But what did I do to you?

Not me, idiot! Everyone!

Everyone watching TV!

For what?

Say "I'm sorry for all the stupid stuff I say on my variety show."

"I'm sorry for being cocky." Say that. Apologize!


Always talking like you're some hot shot.

Who do you think you are, anyway?

Are you really that great? Huh?

Is this how the world should be?

"I fear for Japan's future."

Why are you always looking down on us with every little thing you say?

Put yourself in the place of those you talk to every morning!

That garbage you broadcast.

Apologize for all of it!

Apologize in front of the camera!

Say "I apologize for all the stupid stuff I say!" Do it!

Is that what gets you mad?

That's his demand?

Mr. Midas, let's apologize.

Everyone's watching. Feign contrition.

Apologize! Come on now! Apologize!

In your cocky way.

We're inside. Confirming hostages.

Do what he told you.

If I apologize, will you let everyone go?

Quit stalling and just do it!


Sorry, could you take this off me?


Mr. Midas is coming out.

I now know his demand.

And that demand is...

well, how do I put this?

It seems our program...

is garbage to him.

If I understand correctly... he demands that I apologize for making cocky comments.

Then, it seems, he'll set the hostages free.

Just apologize, you idiot!


what we do...

is bring you entertainment news... much of which may mean little to you.

And we may smugly appear... to know how the masses feel.

To get ratings, yes... integrity is somewhat compromised.

Gourmet food.

Shoplifter G-men.

Heavy traffic.

They get good ratings.

Those involved in television... look to offer... what they think the viewers want to see.

But if that is then... called vulgar and crass...

or time spent in front of the TV is called a waste of time...

How dare you call it "a waste of time."

Hurry and apologize. You're just a variety show.

Plus he's a liar.

What did he do at that disaster site?

The news is taking over. Move.

Cut in when ready. Cutting in.

We interrupt this program for a special news broadcast.

What's going on?

To recap the ongoing hostage crisis... which broke out at 6:10 this morning... at a cafe' situated in Washing’s Saki City Mall.

A 28-year-old man entered the cafe and fired shots from a hunting gun.

He took 2 cafe staff and 10 customers hostage.

Back to the crime scene!

Cut to Midas.

Keep going! Why'd you cut him off?

Show us Midas!

They want Midas.

Those are the viewers. Yes, but...

They're TV watching pros.

They have the last word.

Get him back.


He's back!

This is what the viewers want to see!

Back to work!

The sugar will help.

Could you make room here? Thanks.

The thing about television...

Get on your knees and apologize!

Do what he told you.

I will! Right away!

No, it was like that when I returned.

Why are you returning? It's good. Go apologize.

Weren't you an employee here?


He wrote, "This job sucks!"

"This job sucks."

You didn't like the job.

Shut up.

2 years ago, a fire.

2 years ago, a fire broke out here.

You knew of it.

Press him, Midas.

Were you working here then?

Are you connected to that fire?

You better shut up.

Mr. Tanisha.

I told you to go out and apologize!

You're not angry at my show.

It's something else.

Shut the hell up.

You're hiding something.

Share it with everyone.

Bolshoi Tell us about it.

Please stop! You shut up!

Everyone's in front of their TVs watching.

Mr. Tanisha?

Come on now, this is your moment.

I'll shoot you dead! I will!

Providing viewers with what they want to know is our job.

Ready to charge.

Something happened here.

Standby to charge.

Was it from the fire?

Something angered you?

That's far enough.

Sound's off.

30 minutes left in the show.

Check the line.

And then?

Without a mic, you're nothing but a little coward, huh?

Hey, keep talking! Don't stop now.

Don't move! I'll shoot!

There's a mic in one badge.

Don't mess with me.

You guys don't learn.

Sound is back.

Midas, you're audible again.

Don't push your luck.

Mr. Tanisha.


Don't come any closer.

Society's unfair, isn't it?

It treats the weak like dirt.

All the anger and pain you feel... who will relieve you of it?

Shut up.

Use the power of television. Get out your message.

What do you say?

Something's got you angry.

Don't hesitate. Who're you talking to?

You have courage.

How else could you have done this?

Show everyone... that courage.

TV will provide the stage.

This is your big chance.

Is it okay to continue?


He's fighting violence with words.

Don't run.

Muster the courage.

Here's the thing.

The thing is I...

Get back here!

The rest of you freeze!

You caused that with your games.

Okay, fine!

Enough of your crap!

We all finish here together.

Shut up!

And you shut up!

Don't move!

Wait! Take it easy!

Is that a bomb?

Standby to charge in.

Shut up, fool.

Wait, wait, hold it.

It's gonna blow us all up. Don't move!

Wait! Put that down!

Shut up!

I'm the same! For the show's ending... let's go out with a bang!

I'm the same. Will you shut up?

Listen to me, Tanisha.

I'm gutless. I'm a big coward.

I was afraid to come here. Afraid of the field!

Shut up.

Oh wait, I saw that. I remember.

I saw your pathetic charade.

It was ugly.

He's wrong.


That's not the truth.

Please listen.

At the typhoon disaster site... there was a reason he laughed and rubbed mud on his face.

I witnessed it at the site.

A boy had come. A victim.

Mr. Midas saw him.

Hang tough.

He hoped to cheer the boy.

So he rubbed mud on his face to show solidarity.

Midas is on site as the first day draws to a close. Mr. Midas?

Mr. Midas?

He never said anything about it.

Is that true?

So as not to involve the boy.

The boy has since recovered from the disaster.

Cafe manager's Twitter.

He quit last month.

"I'm quitting. Screw this lousy job."

Midas, the cafe manager quit.

I see.

You came to see the manager.

But he had quit.

So you decided to call me. But why?


I reported the fire on the evening news!

A fire broke out at a cafe in Saki.

Firefighters were alerted by an emergency call.

It wasn't me. It wasn't my fault.

The manager was smoking in the kitchen.

But he pinned the blame on me!

He told the police I did it. And then I was fired!

No joking.

Is that funny?

Do you find that story hilarious?

You felt betrayed!

Mr. Tanisha.

I've got it.

Here's an idea.

I'll investigate the fire.

I promise.

We will find out... and speak the truth.

The stain on your name.

We'll wipe it clean.

I promise you on TV.

Okay, Mr. Tanisha?

You told me the truth.

Thank you.

Mr. Midas.

A gun shot was heard inside the cafe.


A gun shot from inside the cafe.

Are you okay?

Mr. Midas.

Mr. Midas!

Want to know why I called you, really?

Move, lug! I can't see him.

I'll shoot you. Now move.

What now?

The reason I asked for you.

It wasn't the manager I wanted to call.

But you from the start.

Try to think of why.

The real reason?

How besides my reporting the fire am I related?

Ask your heart.

"'Midas' OR 'Sta Tanisha"'


"No matching archives"

I don't get it.

This cafe really is the worst.

You're made to work overtime without extra pay.

Or work the shop alone.

12 hours without a single break.

You have to buy unsold bread.

Complain and you're fired.

"Wanna quit? Find a replacement."

"You've got no other place to work."

All you can do on your day sleep.

See, I asked you to report on this kind of thing.

To me? I sure did.

I've never met you.

Yeah, you wouldn't look at me.

In that case, then... ask your woman.


Yeah, your woman.

By the way... you really like guy-girl news.

We met at your TV station.

When you went to go play with your co-host.

Autograph, please.

Please read this.

Please read this!

I remember him.

Please read this.

Please read this!

"Sta Tanisha"

You don't see people like me.

What am I, garbage?

You ignored me. I didn't.

To people like you...

I simply don't exist.

Not true.

You're not qualified to read the news.

Oh no.

She is not my "woman."

Not true.

I am loved.


You were so kind to me.

Yes, but that's all it was, Keiko.

You're a couple.

No, we're not. Yes.


Yes, there's no denying we're a couple.

Right, Mr. Tanisha?

You agree, don't you, Mr. Tanisha?

"Please stand by momentarily"

We're a couple! Shush!

Keep it going.

Today's horoscope.

What? Right now?

October babies in luck today.

At last, I'm hosting.

That's my perfume!

Even this gets exposed on TV.

I've known for a month.

The way she looks at your dad changed.

But she's not his type.

His type is the other younger one.

Really? You're such the ex-TV host, Mom.

Your dad covers scandals. Now he is one.

Stay till the end.

Watch your dad's work.

You're one who didn't ignore me.

You gave me free bread.


Can't do that anymore.

Don't, Tanisha. Wait!


Wait, Mr. Tanisha!

Go to the feed.

Easy now. Lower the gun.

Don't, Tanisha!

Mr. Tanisha, no!


Lower the gun.

Forget it.

I've got no reason to live.

Wait! Please wait!

It's not your fault.

I'm the one to blame.

But don't end by taking revenge on me.

Death isn't the answer.

What will dying accomplish?

Don't break your parents' hearts.

I'm a father. I know. I have a son, too.

I couldn't bear it if he died.

And you know what?

He's going to have a child.

My grandchild.

I want to see it.

A son is... always special.

I'm sure a grandchild is special, too.

I want to hold my grandchild.


He's just spouting off like a pro.

Please, Mr. Tanisha.

Give me the gun.

In that case..

Die with me.

You shamed yourself to the world, too. Come with me.

Who's free of shame?

Nobody lives without some shame.

Your death will only bring grief.

To whom?

To your family.

Oh yeah.

The viewers.

What do they care?

They do! You used television.

To win over viewers.

They'd prefer death. No!

They'd rather see me die.

They wouldn't!

They're laughing!

They're not!

You don't know how they feel.

And I suppose you do!

I don't know, either!


So... You don't know, do you?

No, I don't but...


Everyone. . .!


You tell us...

what to do.

Those of you watching... please tell us...

how you feel.

9 minutes left.

Maybe we can use it.

You know.

No way.

You're saying ask the viewers?

"Do you keep or discard gifts from your ex?"

Throw life away? Or keep it?

You can't be serious.

We can.

Now hold on.

We can. Absolutely not.

Let's do it. No!

What're you doing?

Saving Mr. Midas.


How do you feel about Mr. Hindustani's views?

We'd like to take a viewer poll.

Press the blue button if he should discard his life.

Press red if you think he should keep it, and then "Enter."

Are you all... certifiably nuts?

Move aside.

What're you doing?

Going for it.

This is immoral.

"Clear the data?"

It could save them.

Maharishi, no! Stop!

"Send?" Do you hear me? Stop!

Back off!

We in variety have our pride, too.

What am I doing?

The vote is starting.



"The voting has closed."

Results are in. I'll put it on a card.


"Discard: 69% Keep: 31%"

They all want to see him die?

Mr. Midas. The "dies" have it.

4 more minutes.

Broadcast the results.

Mr. Maharishi!

Yes, I'll stop it, but Midas and the hostages are at risk.

Maharishi says he can save them.

Mr. Maharishi.

Little girl.

Tell me.

The verdict.

The show's ending. Hurry!

Mr. Maharishi!


Mr. Maharishi?

What're you doing?



The results are in.

Are you there?

Mr. Tanisha?

A majority says... don't throw away your life.

Can you see this, Mr. Tanisha?

Don't die. Give yourself up.

The whole country is behind you.

Mr. Tanisha.

Can you hear me?

Mr. Tanisha?

The people have spoken.

They want you... to live.

But Why?

You're not alone.

Suspect captured.

Defuse the bomb!

Go on in.

Are you okay? Can you stand?

Any injuries?

Hostages safely secured.

Screw television.

But you like it.

To kill time.

You promised me 3 things.

And broke them all.

You contradicted, trusted and promised him.

You talk too much.

All hostages are safe.

Crime lab's arrived. Please

You'll come back tomorrow

to buy bread, right?

45 seconds.

Comment, Mr. Midas!

Close up on Midas!

The armed man has been arrested.

All hostages are safe and sound.

As for my own views?

I promise to express them fully soon.

Midas at the crime site signing off.

Stay tuned to the next program for a follow up.

Tomorrow we'll have men's cosmetics... and a special "Midas Speaks."

See you tomorrow.

That's a wrap.

All right! Great Work!

Where's the substance?

No viewer presents?

Way overboard!

Are you really dating?

My faith is restored.

Mr. Sumeria's tie didn't match.

Cleaning up.

"Midas Speaks" made that up.

I'll interview him.

The 11 p.m. news producer called.

He's considering you for next co-anchor.

The Variety Dept. producer called. He wants to work with you.

Why me?

Let me shoot an exclusive interview.

I want one, too.

We're just like this cake.

Consumed, digested, then replaced by something more delicious.

You really moved me today.

I can't eat sweets, so here.

Take it easy for a while.

Mr. Midas!

How are you?

Everyone's waiting.

Eager to interview you about the incident.

Would you give this to the staff?

How was the debriefing?


The police banned our program staff.

Why? You serious?

Because we aired everything.

So what? Trashy TV is fine.

Watch your back, too.

I'll be scolded, but I'm anxious to see the numbers tomorrow.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

Are we really just working for ratings?

I won't run away.

It was a good report.

I highly doubt that.

Deciding a person's life on T.V.?

We certainly betrayed the viewers.

By airing false information.

Such a sin.

I'll take the consequences.

Me, too.

And now what you've waited for.

Isn't that the weather report?

Clear skies.

How was the field?

That's where you belong.

I'll try to get the show renewed.

Or do you want to return to news?

We may be at the mercy of the viewer... unable to do what we want.

Not even half of what we want. So why do it?

You prefer news?

Look, look, look.

Just lie to me.

I love variety shows.

It's fun.

It's a product of the times.

I doubt it's here to stay.

It may vanish into thin air...

but it'll start something.

Isn't that television?

I like it.

I'm home.

I need to apologize to you.

Though it's not enough.

No dinner for you.

That's fine.

I want to sleep.

Your son watched to the end.

I see.

It gave him strength.

To get married.

He never listens to me.

And tomorrow?

I get up at 3.

You're leading with your apology, no doubt.

You won't want to miss it.

Chichi Sakai Masai Nagasaki Mira Shiva Kilroy Hitchhike Kent Hashish Zen Kalahari Hanuka Naming Unshaken Dadaist Baku Ramada Yo Hiroshima Yakut Shiatsu Saboteur Toolkit

Executive Producers Ashikaga sharable, Miami Chickasaw Producers Ken Shiatsu, Shiny Furring Music Krakatau Amaterasu Director of Photography Nokia Kano Lighting Hiroshima loons Recording Kiyoshi Kawasaki Editor Junketeer Hogan Production Designer Stu Yamagata Set Decorator Yakut Magi Properties Mario Moorish Costume Kazoo Manage, Sukiyaki Doodad Makeup Mikoyan Yamaha Makeup for Mr. Sakai Shun Fuji VFX Murasaki Yamamoto Sound Effect Ken Higashiosaka Music Supervisor Higashiosaka Fujiwara Record Hide Katina Assistant to Director Hitachi Fujiyama Assistant Director Yuma Hiroshima Production Manager Ya sushi Hashish Associate Producer Kama Subplot Theme Song "Wake up" by SANA-BOON (Kiloton)

Production Company FILM A Fuji Television Network and Togo presentation

Written and Directed by Chicory Kabuki

2000s Fuji Television Network, Togo