Gui ma shuang xing (1974) Script

Chow time

A lousy place Why do you choose such a filthy place?

Would you try your luck?

Of course What is your bet?

Three and four Fine

Look at that newcomer


No. 14. he is one of those Is he aggressive or passive?

Feminine all over Too bad nobody thinks I'm feminine

One again, impossible I lost two meals yesterday It looks like I've got to starve

Start work

Give me one Quick. Iook out ,

Take things as they come You win some, you lose some To fortunes, cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Are a bagful of tricks, i say Fleecing the fool is our art Prison life is just a part To fortunes, cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Are happy and gay Life is but a gamble Luck does twist and ramble Winners keepers Losers weepers A crook's life's better than the crown Caught red-handed, you are a clown To fortunes, cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Shouldn't see light of day

To fortunes, cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Are happy and gay Life is but a gamble Luck does twist and ramble Winners keepers Losers weepers A crook's life's better than the crown Caught red-handed, you are a clown To fortunes, cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Games gamblers play Games gamblers play So cool

No. 21

Banker wins


Twenty one...

Seven's are coming in a row Come and place your bet Seven again, wonderful

Where are my clips?

You didn't place your bet, dumb man

Insurance open Few face cards are seen. bet on it , What do you think?

My husband appeared in my dream He said I'd win, we're alright Right, we can forget about insurance

Hey, bet or not?


You make me angry It's black jack

It's all your husband's fault I had to bet before He was never nice to me before he died Now he fools me even in my dream Right I'll burn his tablet at home

Place your bets I've run out of cash Then you should go away I've waited four hours for a place Give up your seat if you have no cash

This seat made me lose for 3 months You're bound to lose As you wish

Five for small

34th Fong Lei lottery ticket is on sale now

You're asking for a beating up I've just gone crazy for losing

Hsieh What's the matter?

Take over while I go to the toilet Why do you keep going to the toilet I ate too much sashimi My stomach is full of germs Why don't you drink some brandy?

Would brandy kill germs At least it can make them drunk Nonsense

What do you mean?

You told me to take a walk I walked here Fortune doesn't blow only one way

This is mine

You take it

Mora You and me, your hat...

Come on...

How sad to lose my last cigarette I can't smoke Hurry, someone is coming


Just here Of course What do you think it is, a hotel?

How much money does your father have?

No father or no money?

No money And you should come to jail, too Can't you see my things are all here I'm afraid of sleeping up there Can you...

What're the names of... the three monkeys Speak no...

Right, so speak no more

Why are you here?



How about you?

It's my summer resort here Don't ask why when a hero slips Why are you asking me?

You are not a hero Tell me why you're here

I stole chips from a casino How much was it?

Forty or fifty thousand

Come on down What's the matter?

Come down first We are brothers sharing a cell Sleep down here if you like Have some dry beef

It's more expensive than diamond here When did you buy this beef?

Last time My wife and sister brought it to me When did they last come Last year

You stole $40,000 in a go It's a short cut to fortunes and become millionaire This can't be your first attempt When our terms are over. we can... , No. I didn't mean to do it , Others got away with it I got it from them But I got caught for it

It's not your job, then no smoking Go up Ridiculous

You like this game too?

Do you like it too?

I'm an expert

We'll have fish tomorrow Shall we make that the stake?

You've lost it already Is that so?

I'll do it As you wish

My cards are a sure winner

Did you say we'll have fish?

My cards are stronger than yours We'll surely have fish Show me your cards Open them for me please

What was your job?

I worked in a soft drink factory I arrange bottles into rows by rows And take out the bad ones It was chicken feed Do you want to make fortunes?

Of course I worked so hard It's only fair for me to get rich Riches can't be earned by working See the cow in the country side Rich people need not work How long is your term?

Six months, and you?

Less sundays and public holidays I've seven months and four days more


Wen I've never been picked up out of jail I know exactly what you miss There are specially for you

Keep it Thanks Where are we going?

Nowhere Too bad I can't go to hell Do you want to go to hell?

Sure, gamblers, girls and drunkards Gather in hell Heaven is too boring for me I've come to ask a favour What is it?

With your gambling technique We can con the world We'll make a lot of money this way Have you got capital?

Keep watch for me

I can try to get capital

You said nobody would lend you money I just knew a loan shark His interest are high But we are sure to win so that's OK

You're right We're partners now Arrange the game and ring me up I'll win them all in to time What's your telephone number

What are those two guys Why didn't you give them hell?

The way they looked We're lucky we didn't get robbed

Sorry, traffic's been terrible Let me introduce This is Pei Pei He is Chieh Pei Pei, please come and meet my other friends Can Pei Pei join us too?

Sure, sit please Fine

Don't be rough on me Watch your hands What about them?

Sure win for banker That's terrible

Sorry, I'll ring up my friend See if he's coming


Speaking I'm losing, you'd better hurry I need help I must have eaten something wrong I have a very bad stomach now I'll come soon Come here first I must stay in the toilet now

Even the flush is drained You go ahead

Another win for me

I'm sorry I must stop now What the hell, you are very poor... like a beggar


I have lost my way Can you give me $10 for taxi How old are you?

I'm forty How can you lose your way?

Is that illegal?

No, but guess how old I am?

How old?

One month That must be a joke How else would I buy your lie?

Give me $10, stop joking You are lucky, you meet me

$1 is all I have You shouldn't have wasted my time That will bring you bad luck

My luck can't be worse

You scare me

You're a born liar Here's food and drink Are you hungry?

I must eat whatever you buy Today I have a headache I have taken some Saridon Whats Saridon?

The box on the bedside

Why are you laughing?

Those are my Birth control pills

How is your harvest?

I won $7,000

How much did my prison friend lose? Is that all?

Didn't you win $7,000?

Where's the $6,000?

Don't be mad at me I borrowed money from a loan shark It's heavy interest They got me at the door They took $6000 for interest

$6000 for interest?

It's lifelong debt They will kill me if I don't pay Who's that guys?

Brother Chuan's follower Brother Chuan?

Come again This breakfast is too expensive

$6000 for ham and eggs is too much It won't happen again Forget it See you See you

I was looking for you all night

34 Wah Mei Estate I lost $5000 Without ham and eggs Well, here's $1000 I didn't mean to do it You offered yourself It's borrowed money Listen Let's try our luck Our money will multiply Then we can clear debt and can go dancing Make your money inside Follow me

Where shall we go dancing How about dancing with my wife?

Nice coming home, brother Sure, it's been 3 years You look slim

Where is my wife?

She left early for work What work?

You have sent us no money And all factories have closed She's doing an extra for films Today is morning watch He's Chieh, she's my sister Hello. Chieh ,

What should I call her?

Call her any name No, I call her Miss Teng Sit down please Where are my slippers?

They're broken and lost Shit I'll buy you a new pair later Get some food for Chieh Don't bother I'll get you some biscuits Go get them

You're home again?

You can't tell when I'd be released You go to jail so often If I keep track on you I'll have no time for meals We've been living without money from you He's Chieh, she's my wife Hi Have some biscuits Thanks Take that in for me I'll ask Mrs. Chow now Please remember The winner can get $10,000 How long did Kwong Hsu rule China

35 years I don't know

35 years Who claims to have this Air of Equanimity What is that?

Air of Equanimity Air of Equanimity Mencius I give up Give up, it's Mencius, the next question now What is used to make atomic bombs?

Uranium 235 Peanut oil No. it's Uranium 235 , I never heard apple pie is made of Uranium 235 It should be peanut oil

The $10,000 question now What number comes after ,, I don't know It's 36, Ladies and gentlemen Our prize next time is $12,000 Please join our game, goodbye How do you know all the answers?

I studied about them in middle school I'm a technical college graduate Really?

Let's join the game Honey, it's dinner time It's dinner time

What are you talking about?

I told Chieh to join the TV game He knows every answer It's a slim chance to be selected We can try anyway It's dinner time You like bishop's nose, take this Thanks It tastes terrible No really You can have it if you like No, it's your favourite No, it's for the guest

Get me another bowl of rice

Do you really like the bishop's nose You are still single What do you think of my sister I'm struggling for ran existence It's too early to talk about marriage

Love is a light boat Basking in morning's first rays Two is one, one is two, Like lilting note trailing in spring air

Love is holding hand in glorious sunshine Whispers of undying devotion Forgetting one, forgetting all Till a kiss seals it all Love is the vanishing distance Linking two burning hearts Ever here, ever there, On the sorrows of separation

Love is an unfinished dream Visiting the hollowness of a single pillow You were mine, i was thine, All thoughts are lost in steely moonlight Shall we go and have a steak?

No, just a sandwich will do All right

Let's see it

Watch, a pair of queens I've got three eights, though But I've got a flush Damn it Are you treating Why are you always winning?

You go to hell I'll get changed

I'll do that too

Get out

Have a soft drink?

Can I join in?

Do you have money?

Will that do?

Sit down

I'll deal, all right?

Just make sure you lose Ten dollar a stake

Twenty dollars

How many cards for you?


How about you?

Two And you?

Two Give me four

This is a family treasure You may be needing that

Two hundred I'm fine

$200, and whatever you've got What about you?

I'm out

I'll follow Let's see the cards Let's see yours first

3 aces your turn

Quickly Come on

We've got 6 aces here?

And card of different colours It may cost you to win That depends on who's a better fighter

You dare to cheat me?

Come on


Chieh, how did doctor say?

It is not serious. And will be recovered soon, Let's go Wait till I've got my prescription

That man has a wounded head Serve him right for fighting Mr. Wen I'm here Take this thrice a day Come for injection tomorrow How much?

Forty dollars

What does the report say?

Tubercular virus. , inflammation of the membrane I never heard of it before Never mind You've got to know what your sickness Honey Excuse me. what's his sickness? , Inflammation of the membrane That's V. D.

V. D.

What happen? None of my business I will teach you for that

Here is good news for you What is it?

We're selected for the TV show The winner will get $12,000.00 Sounds like a bank robbery It's an aggregated cash prize When?

Tonight Tonight? How can I go like this?

With a bandage on my head You can go instead What? Me?

I'm too shy, I can go with you What shall we do?

How do I know, we may miss chance

Wen, why can't you go?

Don't bother me

This is a simple game You'll rise for answering right And drop for answering wrong There are crocodiles in the water They will only kiss you Your lives are in no danger

Our cash prize is now $12,000 In the grand final 10 years later If there are accidental deaths There'll be more valuable prizes Which my assistance will now explain

Our prizes include a house A Rolls Royce;

A large yacht A 747 jumbo, and... my escort around the world for 3 months

For those losers our consolation prizes are House... hold utensils A trolling car A 747 jumbo... where you can find, tissue paper And an escort for a week in New Territories

I'd rather take tissue papers

Our questions begin now Name a famous Chinese Writer

Liang Chi-chao Right

What's Yi Hsing famous for?


Night pots Pot is near, try again

Alcohol pots No

Water pots No

Sesame paste No Jackpots No Small pox No It's tea pots

What car did The Yellow Emperor invent?

You've 3 answers to select from

1, Tanks, 2 Compass car, 3, Hearses Funeral cars No, it's compass cars

Funeral cars are a necessity for wars Which months has 28 days?

February Sorry, every month has 28 days

Then February should be right too Sorry, don't argue Customers are always right when shopping Here in our television only our answers are always right

What does turning a deaf ear mean?

Please repeat? I didn't hear you Not hearing is the correct answer

Who is 4 times movie queen?

Lin dai Right

In Mahjong, with 3 one's, 3 two's

3 three's. 3 four's and a five , What do you need to win?

Anyone of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Correct

What are you doing?

I told my family, I won't go home for dinner

The water is too cold Come and down If helps circulation Let me try

It's terribly hot That's boiling water You can cook fish in it Forget it

It's been terrible If our stakes are not limited We'll make fortunes I know one place... that's suitable Where?

The greyhound course, you can bet $100 Right You can also bet $10,000 Right How about a million?

That's accepted too There is no limit then

Forget your silly ideas If you lose $100, then you bet $200 What's your capital? If your $200 wins on a hot favourite Even money, you'll win $20 You still stand to lose That's true

Your bracelet isn't worth $30 It's a good luck charm What do you think you are? The Exorcist Your glasses are terrible

What do you mean?

It keeps me on a winning trend True. it's old and tattered But it's still usable

Why are your eyes of different sizes?

Does not look ugly?

Not ugly, but uncommon Do you know something?

They say that Men with unmatching eyes will get rich

We won $12,000 on TV We need more capital for something bigger Shall we push our luck a bit?

Don't I'm finished if you lose again The $5,000 I lost to you Was borrowed on high interest I must return it Take care. miss , Tell me if you can't stand it Who is it?

We shall call him Bully Bully...with a scar on his face?

A dumb looking man?

How do you know him?

We used to be partners He was then a pimp How he is in money lending

You must have lost again

Who would like keep losing What are you thinking?

I've got a winning way now Again?

Yes. Iisten , There's six hounds in each race Everybody knows that If No. 1 is hot favourite We'll bet on this sure winner if we buy ticket in bookies That won't give you much profit Let me finish We'll bet $40,000 off the track Bet $10,000 on Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 inside The winner's pool is so small If we bet $10,000 on five hounds Will the plan work?

It'll work How much would no. 1 pay?

About six dollars The others will be about $1 to $2 Right, that would give us $240,000

Leaving profit of $200,000 Less the other $50,000, we win $150,000 If it pays $1.10 We would only win $4,000 Now we push it up to $150,000

What if No. 1 doesn't win You still don't lose completely You've bet on every other dogs Besides, we must chose carefully

This is a good idea Dose it work?

No Why?

You can push up the dividend But bookies can also put heavy bets on No. 1 Its dividends go down Can they do that?

What if they forget to telephone What if the bank forget to close the gate You can go to pick up money easily

Great, you're here I collect money with this hand If not, my other hand can kill you Cool it, I'll pay you Hey, buddy Hello. Wen , Does he really owe you money?

Never mind. we're all friends , You know each other already?

We used to be partners But you got caught and went to jail How are you these days?

Are you still a pimp?

Yes. I collect bad debts too , Are you doing alright?

Difficult but not too bad

Watch out for this cupboard Never mind, I used to be beaten by boss My memory has gone bad Why have you changed your name?

Is your boss that bad?

He never hesitates to beat us up I need the doctor frequently

Why not find a new boss?

His influence stretches far and wide Who else can I work for?

Who is he?

He is Chuan Chuan?

The money is all here Total $214,000 Why so little this week?

Someone won a quinella Why didn't you transfer the bet?

I expected it to lose Did you wash your hair?


You'll be finished next time

What is going on?

You never know how luck strikes If one is fortunate, he will win easily Buddy, trust me, follow me to bet Big

It's been big for ten times Someone has won a fortune

Bet quickly Thirteen for big What happen? Win again

There's a hero on a losing streak Have you cleared your pocket?

No, you stepped on my foot Follow me and you'll win Come on, big again Changed a table with me


Please open small to win me once Stop this table What happen?

Sorry, this table is closed Try other tables please

I want to play here Why can't I play here

You're pushing too far Take him in

What is it? World War lll If you lose your life for winning Who would gamble here?


Take it easy

What do you mean?

Your mum wants to see you Who are you?

She wants you to go home Yes, hurry up But mum is dead already She still wants to see you What's the matter?

Come on That's robbery

My girls made $3,000 today


Did you wash your hair?

Yes. Iast week ,

What's the matter?

Think it out

Have you thought it out?


Did you wash your hand?

I washed them today Stretch out your hands

I know now, I got $6,000 But I lost $3,000 You know how dumb you are You can't even fool a kid Yet you try to cheat me You pay for it next time I know

There's a hero in a tragic pose

I won a few thousands

$30 again?

Your meter has expired It's out of order See. it doesn't take coins , Call up the traffic department Nobody answered the phone Fatty inside there knows The telephone co. can get the line over Nobody answered either Fatty inside there knows I always stick to the book Fatty inside there knows

How long have you been here?

A while

Move over

What are you doing?

Sex maniac

Why is your beef red?

Half cooked beef is a source of energy Don't believe that Try it Does Chuan like gambling?

He likes mahjong, why?

Don't you try it, Wen Why?

He knows a lot of tricks How good is he?

He often gets an extra card Sometimes two But I've never seen him do that What does an extra card serve?

It means changing cards Without letting others know

Can you arrange a card game Wen...

You know how good I am He's not nice to you I've give you a share Let me try.

I'll go now Arrange it quickly Good

What would you eat?

A soft drink and a hamburger Me too. ,

I want the beef medium rare

Hold it

What a way to win You can laugh

You're really lucky There's a quinella double Shall I transfer the $60,000 bet?

You can raise the dividend They can push it down What if they forget to phone?

It's solved You're winning this hand?

No Shut up then

What did you play?

Are you blind? I played this one Hurry up

It's the bird-card I win with the card. Full house , Wait, I'm winning too

Throw your cigar away, it stinks

Have a cigarette instead

There's a dog which must win No. 1 in race 4, Bonny boy We'll do it your way Back Nos. 2 to 6 at the race course at $10,000 each Good

This is the last hand How about some side bets?

How much?

$20,000, winner gets all

Good I'll be the referee

Shift new cards

Shift a few more cards

Place you bets at the last minute So our bookie can do nothing Yes

South I want that card

North I want that card

West I'll take the west-card

I'll take the east-card. watch out ,


Well, are you scared to play it?

I have to win this hand Win again, very lucky Yes This hand is way too big Oh my God, don't win too much Thanks, play again some other day What's your limit for off course betting?

We'll take as much as $10,000

How much would you bet? Which dog?

I'll bet $40,000 Bonny Boy, No. 1 in race 4 What's the expected dividend?

It's a hot favourite, It can't pay much I'll accept it

Thanks, goodbye

Boil water Sorry No. 2 win, keep it up

Hurry up

Hurry up, please

Can you give me $10 for a cup of coffee?

You're asking for too much It's my birthday today I'll give you a dollar

Race 4 is about to start The totaliser shows The dividend for No. 1 has shot up It pays $6.4 now

Chuan, Bonny Boy that guy bet... has already raised up to $6.40 It is still raising Should we transfer the bet?

Of course, hurry up

All the phones don't work, go to next room

We can't get the line here, how shall we do?

Go downstairs All the lines are cut

Race 4 has just started No, 5 is leading, No. 1 is coming up It has taken over 3 horses No. 1 got chance to win this time The others left behind No. 1 is leading all the way The winner is No. 1 It pays $8.00 The guy bet $40,000 for No. 1 We are losing $320,000 It is still favourite

Oh Bonny Boy Can I collect the dividend now?

Give him a cheque

You surprise me You don't look capable of winning You don't look like a boss either What does this mean?

Got it

Come again You go to hell

How shall we do?

You're wasting money Money can make the house look nice

Who is it?

I'm Valentino Chen Come in Who is it?

He's my ltalian tailor

Are you sure?

It's none of your business Master Chen, come here please

What are these materials?

They're right from ltaly Girl of Rome and Paris love these They're best suited for you Really?

How do I look?

Terrific I just bought it What is this?

Chief is too conservative I want him to be mod This is what they call Unisex Unisex?

Where's the Chieh

The jeans are so tight I fear it may fall to pieces

Wait Honey, your phone



How did he know

What is the matter?

They know I cut their wires How shall we do?

Now Chuan is after me What shall we do?

We've got to hide

Is it safe here?

Better than staying at home Why two rooms?

We've sweated for such a fortune Now is the time for some fun We'll try our luck downstairs Then get a woman here I can't have sex without love Besides, your wife and sister may come Coward Do you want the companions?

I have all sorts of girls I can give you a discount You're too young for these things I can get you a student You can chat for a while

You shut up

Here's a dollar for candies One dollar?

Very beautiful Yes

I'll call Pei Pei here Shall she get a girl for you No That's it

What are you looking for? Come in Sit down The teapot's been you only company There's over $300,000 here If anything goes wrong You know what to do Keep it under bed

I will be together with you You don't have to worry You should be safe

Also...don't disturb me We are chatting

Room 8073 is over here Are you looking for that oldish man?

Shut up He has no money What has that to do with you?

When will you be free?

What do you mean?

Let's go out tonight

I hate kids So do l, but there's the pill

Funny you still remember me You're always in my heart But I've no money and time I'll take a shower first Do what you like

Is it room 8073?

I think we shouldn't come Brother is in trouble We'll be a burden to them I know him best He'll spend his money on women I must check on him Champagne and two glasses Two hamburgers, with half-done beef Who's that It's me

What are you doing?



Very beautiful I told you not to come I'm in great trouble Danger lurks here That's why I must be at your side She wants to see Chieh too He is in the next room Why do you need two rooms?

Don't you know, he's got B. O.

I don't feel it How do you know?

I want to see Chieh How can you stay in a room with him She doesn't mind

I told Wen not to get you here Get dressed and go away Coward

Who is it?

It's me

That way, hurry up What's the matter?

It's tough anyway Don't run around with your money Let me keep part of it OK I should keep part of it too What's wrong with you? I meant...

What are you doing?

You are so passionate today After our honey moon You've never been so nice to me What are you up to?

Who are you?

I told you not to clean my room Why must you come? Go away Let's take a walk outside

That's why you want us to go out She isn't mine She is Wen's girl Tidying the room?

With just a towel on?

With streaking so popular You can ask Wen He brought her here How dare you?

Champagne Champagne and two glasses Two hamburgers, medium rare I'll share the champagne with you It must be an action scene I'd better go away Wait for me Sister-in-law

What are you doing?

This girl is under age I didn't check her age You'll go to jail for this Besides, your wife is on her way here My wife?

Is the one from your home town She'll come any time You will understand later Get up, quick

Where's the hiding place?

No. I'm alone , Get off


He must have gone that way

Check inside

What's wrong?

Check inside here

Hold this

You are nutty

Why did you hit me?

Don't wear shoes next time



I saw him in casino

What are you doing?

After him

Are you blind

Stand up


Double up Of course

Seven Really

Seven again

One seven more

Take your profit please Your stake has passed our limit Do you know I shall have won?

You were lucky There is no such thing as luck I changed the dice They give me any number I want I didn't notice this You're useless Get the manager here

I'm the manager, what's the matter?

What's wrong with him?

I cheated, yet he didn't notice See for yourself

I've seen a lot of crooks Your sense of humour amazes me Of course I trust you know what to do Call the police

You owe me five packs of cigarettes I'll give you back next time Come again soon I know

Have a cigar

How are you?

The jail is never nice Lucky we still have a fortune Any new tricks after your marriage?

You've been in jail so long There's a new game, Jai Alai I've worked out a winning plan It takes six players Animals are difficult to control Human beings are easy If five players get sick This plan is workable

We're bound to win Your plans are never workable If five players get sick

This plan is terrible You're right A fool used this plan last week He lost $300,000 Serve him right, who is he?

Me You deserve it

Life is but a gamble Luck does twist and ramble Winners keepers Losers weepers A crook's life's better than the crown Caught red-hand, you are a clown To fortunes, , cheating's the only way Games gamblers play Games gamblers play Games gamblers play Hip, ,,Hurray