Guide (1965) Script

Well Mr Raju, you're out. All the best.

Thank you very much, jailer.


My city... my home.

Remember those times? Your life... your loves...

Hurry, Mummy! I'm hungry!

You must wash your hands before eating.

I'll miss the bus. There are buses and buses.

Won't you spare some time for the shop?

That kid is minding the shop. And he's all alone.

Your father left you the shop. And you want to become a guide!

Do you know what every tourist asks for?

They ask for Raju, the guide.


This one is for Gaffoor.

Stop honking. Here's your share.

Now let's see how fast your cab can make it to the station.

Let's show him!

The betelnut comes from Mysore. The leaf comes from Calcutta.

The catechu is from Bombay. The lime is from Bikaner.

A sample of national integration!

Raju, you make my son work too hard for too less.

I pay him ten quid! No one else is going to give him a job.

You should pay me for putting that imp to work.

The accounts...

Nowadays, I get lesser customers. But there are more and more people... asking for Raju. Way to go, kid.

Ever wonder why I brought you here... instead of taking you to visit those palaces.

Poetry has been written about the lanes in Paris.

People love to walk in the terraces in Rome and Venice.

Zauq, the poet has said: Where is life but in the gullies of Delhi?

Were I a bard, I'd roam the world singing about the lanes of Udaipur.

The famous Zoo!

Talk to the peacocks while I take a break.

You might wonder why the entrance to such a huge palace is so narrow.

Even a one-man army can fend off the enemy.

Taken it in? Now come with me.

Let me show you something unique.

This mural is composed of thousands of small stones.

Go on. Touch it and see for yourself.

Think it over once again.

Time was when you were the talk of the town.

Are they going to laugh at you now?

Time was when you lived like a lord.

They might even call you a thief!

I have tormented my mother. I have tormented Rosie.

I have mistreated my friend. And I've just come out of jail.

This city holds nothing for you. Go away from this city.

Make a life for yourself elsewhere. If you can.

Praised be the name of Lord Ram.

A holy man has set foot in this temple after ages.

What is the name of this village? Rampuri I am Bhola.

Where are you coming from? Where are you going?

This journey is not my doing.

Man wishes. Fate disposes.

You speak words of wisdom.

So one day, I asked my fate: What can you do to me?

And says he, stop fooling around, and go where I send you.

Well all right, I said.

So here I am today, there tomorrow... whither the day after? Truly said! Truly!

I stood on the bank of the river contemplating suicide.

And suddenly, I saw you. And something tells me:

Bhola, here comes the man God has sent your way.

I haven't a penny on me, my friend.

If it serves any purpose, you may take this piece of cloth.

You are very kind. But it's something else.

I am in deep trouble.

A man's woes will follow him to his grave.

True. Very true. But it's all my father's fault.

Oh yes! My father married three women.

I was born of one. A half-mad boy was born of another.

And the third bore a girl. She's the root of all troubles.

Anyway, she's my sister.

God is my witness. I brought her up well.

And this is how she pays me back! She refuses to marry?

I found her a suitable boy.

Do you know what she did the day I finalised the match?

Ran away from home! You know everything!

I looked for her! For four days!

And where do I find her? In a fair. 80 miles from here.

And now she has locked herself in. She won't eat. She won't drink.

She won't even talk. And all she does is weep!

And I'm worried! And the wife is worried!

Everyone else in the village is worried.

If she dies, I will be a sinner!

What can I do?

The advice of a holy man could change her.

Will you please speak to her? Bring her here.

The aura might work.

Some fruits for you.

She wouldn't come! And then I told her... that you possess divine powers to make her wishes come true.

When she heard that, she came.

There was a time when I lost all faith in mankind.

I would weep, and I thought the whole world is my enemy.

But there is no despair that may not be dispelled.

No sorrow that may not be overcome.

What is your name, child? Maya The Lord creates these illusions.

This earth, the skies, the nature, this temple, you, me, Bhola... everything is an illusion, isn't it?

Might be.

But the truth is that the love a husband can give you... not a hundred brothers can!

Am I wrong? No.

Eat this.

God will bless you.

A small gift! For you! Deign to accept, Swami!

What's the occasion?

You know everything. You poke fun at me.

The date of the wedding is finalised.

Maya's wedding? Has she agreed?

Come here.

Why are you standing there?

Come here. Tell the Swami to stay on in our village.

No doubt he is enlightened!

He has come to save our village!

You talk like a moron!

Does enlightenment grow on the field like carrots and radish?

These fools are out of their minds!

Now listen! Making a Swami out of any Tom Dick or Harry is a sin!

Enlightenment is accompanied with signs.

Men who have studied the scriptures can know what the signs are.

The Swami!

My good fortune! The whole village is fortunate!

Not again, Bhola!

He does not like anyone touching his feet.

Come here. Hurry!

Why these rituals?

You have been telling stories. My lips are sealed.

But tell me, can anyone conceal the rays of the rising sun?

Lay a seat for the Swami.

The fan! Bring the fan!

Send my sister here. For the blessings.

Stop crowding. Have patience.

Have you heard of anyone who was forced to become a Swami?

Do you go to school? We don't have one in the village.

Let's confront him!

My word! Come with me.

Do let us pay our homage to the wisest of men!

Glory to the Swami! Glory be!

What did you say his name is? Why a name? There's a saying.

Ask not the Swami his name or caste. Ask him words of wisdom.

Test the sword by it's sharpness. Cast the scabbard aside.

Words of wisdom are what we seek.

Be seated first.

Can I dare to sit while you stand?

Come, sit. He is enlightened.

I'll lay another bench for you. This is for the Swami.

Do not be foolish!

You must know whom to respect, and whom not to!

Let's hear you say what it means.

Doesn't he understand?

How will he understand? He doesn't even know Sanskrit!

You don't understand?

What about you?

How can you understand? You don't even know English!

Glory to the Swami!

Welcome, Miss Nalini! What brings you here?

Raju is supposed to be released today.

I think that's also why his mother is here.

Raju was given a remission of 6 months? You don't know that?

He was released ages ago.

You were away in London, weren't you?

And how come he hasn't seen you since?

I just returned from the village.

So was it a successful Europe tour?

The papers are full of it. When did you return?

Come inside. Would you like a cup of tea?

Excuse me.

I won't let you go home walking.

Out of my way, Rosie. Leave me.

I beg of you! In public!

What are you doing?! Come. Please come.

So many times I thought I'd come to you.

I wanted to tell you that I'm not as bad a woman as you think me to be.

No excuses, please! I can never forget!

All I had was a son! And you took him away.

And now he's nowhere!

I don't understand you!

Why did you marry the man you didn't want to live with?

Why did I marry?

You want to know?

Then listen.

My mother was a courtesan.

All she ever wanted was to keep her daughter out of the trade.

Through school and then college, I always lived in a hostel.

But I could never keep myself away from music.

Get out!

Remember, your daughter was born in filth! She is going nowhere.

What is it? Nothing.

What is it, Aunt? Aunt, tell me.

Mr Banwarilal is willing to pay 2000 quid a month for you!

That mothers of yours is mad!

How about this one? I don't want to marry yet.

I want to dance. On stage. I want to make a name for myself.

You have no one to call your father. And you don't have a husband.

Your mother has a bad name. What name will you make for yourself?

Get out of here. Marry a respectable man.

And then no one will be able to lift a finger at you.

I like your daughter.

Please eat a sweet.

You too.

Mr and Mrs Marco, I am happy to accept your affidavits.

Your marriage is now registered under the law.

There's a lot of difference between your mother's status and mine.

Do I have to tell you that?


My child!

Rosie! What is the matter?

How do I tell you this?

A child can never come into this family.


You seem to be from here? Yes.

Can you tell me where I can find Raju, the guide?

Ask any kid, any passenger any policeman, anyone at all.

I'm asking you.

Who are you? Why do you want to know?

Won't you be polite? Who asked you to barge in?

Damn the guide! I'll manage without him.

You'll manage. What will I do?

I knew! You'd be a problem! Then why did you bring me along?

My mistake!

I shouldn't have written to the guide!

Are you Mr Marco? Why do you want to know?

How did you know my name? Forgive me. I'm Raju.

I should've known!

Are all the arrangements made? Yes.

And the taxi? Waiting.

What is this?

The next time, you pay for it.

I'm interested only in the old caves. I wrote to you about it.

See that house on the hill?

The caves are hidden in the forest behind it.

Let's get fresh and set out.

Not today. It'll be nightfall by the time we get there.

If you want to go there, you must set out early.

So today is wasted! Then I'm no guide.

The sights that are here! I don't have time for small talk.

I'm here to see the caves. I'm here too.

I might have other interests.

Do you have a good library here? Oh yes.

Drop me there. And show the lady the sights.

I'm not going alone.

If I wanted to travel alone, I wouldn't have come with you.

But I must see the library. I simply won't go without you!

Why does a man marry?

That means you just don't care for me!

I don't care what you think!

I'm leaving!

Coming, madam.

Show me the sights. lsn't Mr Marco coming? You want me to spell it out?

Gaffoor, show her the sights. Sure.

Where to, madam? To hell! Just move it!

If they want to go to hell, why do they come... to such beautiful places? Just shut up and sit tight.

This is the library. Stop the car when you're asked.

Got it Gaffoor? Just shut up and sit tight.

If you hate to hear your guide speak, I'd rather leave you to yourself. Goodbye.


Do you know where the snake-charmers live?

Can I watch a snake dance?

I'd appreciate it if Mr Marco doesn't get to know about this.

As you please.

You don't come with me anywhere. Why should I go with you?

I'm not begging. Oh go away!


Where to? The caves. Where else?

Will you go alone? Are single men not allowed in?

Not that. We might not be back before this evening.

And she will be left all alone. What can I do? She just refuses!

What was that?

What's wrong?

This is getting too dangerous. The animals are invading this place!

Open the room, and cook lunch.

Keep this money for expenses.

We'll go to see the caves after you've had a wash.

Don't throw the rat away. You can serve it for snacks.

You haven't had breakfast, have you?

How about a bet, Raju?

I bet you there must be another cave like this somewhere around.

I haven't seen any.

You'll see it when I've found it. And find it I will.

No matter if I have to dig it.

Can you get me some hands for the excavation?

And put me up in that house on the hill.

Go to town right away. And get me these things.

I'd rather you went back.

Every moment is precious! I can't waste time!

But your wife is still there.

Oh yes! I forgot! What a problem!

You aren't married are you?

Here's the mission of my life! And my wife!

Open the door! I'm Raju, the guide!

I have a message from Mr Marco.

It's no use. We've been banging away all day!

You do have the master key?

I have it. But I've never opened the door when a guest is inside!

I'll take the responsibility.

It's on your head.

She's dead!

It's poison, isn't it?

Call the doctor! Hurry!

What's all this, Joseph?

This is superb!

Black coffee every four hours. And the medicines.

Under no circumstance must you leave her alone.

I'll get her husband right away. Are you out of your mind?

It's a 10-hour journey. My car is a bullock-cart-in-disguise!

There are no lights on that road! The forest if full of animals!

I'm not going! What do we do?

I can't take any more responsibility!

I'm going to get a heart attack! It's on your head!

You either take her away. Or you look after her. Personally.

Do you need anything?

Run! It's crashing!

Awake? How are you?

What are you doing here?

I'm doing my job. Taking care of you.

Where is my husband? He's still there.

He didn't come back last night? He had work to do.

What's more important than my life?

But he doesn't know. Doesn't he?

Or did he think I'll never have the guts to do what I say?

You mean you told him you'd do this?

Oh he doesn't care! He'd be rid of me if I die!

Why did I have to live?

But you haven't heard it all. Do you know why I came back?

When we got there, Mr Marco was a changed man!

He regretted that you weren't with him.

It's a lovely forest! It's a lovely cave, he said!

And that Joseph! He's a brilliant cook!

Only one thing amiss, he said. Rosie should've been here!

We'd have had a picnic too!

And I thought the loneliness would be a perfect setting.

The words are his, believe me. The poetic touch, well that's mine.

You think I'm lying?

You think you're convincing?

Here's your medicine. I'll have tea sent in.

Not necessary. Quite necessary.

I'll get it myself.

She's better. Maintain the dosage.

I'd rather you administered the medicines.

This morning, the tea was used to wash my shirt.

I'll take the medicines. Can she undertake a journey?

She's going to her husband. She will travel in a car.

That'd do her a lot of good.

Who told you I'm going? Poor Mr Marco.

Last night, he didn't turn up and you took the pills.

Tonight, if you don't turn up, he might take the pills!

If my husband smiled like that I would never refuse him.

Are you refusing me because I make you smile?

Are you married? Not yet. Thank God.

Why do you ask? You'll make your wife happy.

You think so! I'm a very strict man.

I'll make her cook. I'll make her serve.

And if she does what you did last night, I might thrash her.

But you'll love her, won't you? I guess I will have to.

Then she will cook. And serve. And she will take a few thrashings.

I'm not coming, Raju.

But you must promise me not to tell him anything until he asks.

I'm amaZed! How could this cave lie undiscovered?

In our times, when the Ajantas, Elloras and the Khajurahos... are cherished icons, how can a treasure like this lie in ruins?

Do you know why no one discovered this cave?

Because I was destined to!

I was destined to discover this, to tell the world about this cave.

I will bring to it the recognition it deserves.

And your name Raju, will be mentioned in the book.

You are the one who led me here.

Aren't you forgetting something? What?

Like, the time of the day, perhaps?

And I thought I'd missed something about this cave!

I've brought all the things you asked for.

This was carved ages ago!

I've brought your things.

Fine thank you. But please leave me alone.

Why don't you look after the lunch? I'll join you in a while.

Don't you want to ask me anything?

Go away. I told you. I'm writing an important note.

What I have to tell you is more important.

You just won't leave me, will you? All right, go on.

If you don't have anything to ask me, I won't tell you.

Strange fellow!

Mr Marco

Shouldn't you ask me how your wife is?

So what happened? Is she here? Or has she gone back?

Rosie tried to kill herself!

Look, she isn't going to believe me. You must tell her that...

I couldn't come last night because the taxi had broken down.

There you are. Fit and fine!

Aren't you happy to see that? But Raju told me...

You're all right! Instead of calling me here... you could've come over easily!

I didn't call you here. And I don't want to go there.

Why don't you understand? I have very little time!

Who's responsible for the time I've wasted coming here?

You think you're wasting your time coming here to see your sick wife!

Have you ever considered that you've ruined my whole life?

Why did you take the pills? You want to give me a bad name?

Have I ever denied you any comfort that money could buy?

And you want to tell the world that I'm torturing you to death!

I know why you took those pills! You just want to irritate me!

You just want to get even!

If you really wanted to die, you would've taken 2 more pills.

You'd be rid of me forever! But that isn't what you want!

You accuse me of not wanting to die! You want to see me dead! That's it!

She's gone!

Leave me!

Stop following me.

Go away. I won't do anything now.

Why don't you come with me?

Do you see that island? It's a dog's mausoleum.

A dog? From the royal kennel.

The king loved it.

Even a dog is better off!

If you curse your fate, fate will curse you too.

Come. Mr Marco must be waiting for you.

I can't say how long it will take me. Go home if you want to.

You'll find 1000 rupees in the envelope.

Can I find a pair of anklets here? Anklets? Why not?

How much? Ten quid.

Come on! Wait for the change.

Are you coming, or aren't you? But the rest of the money...?

For me, it's priceless!

What are you staring at?

Where did you find this one, Raju?

For heaven's sake! Take the anklets off!

Why? What do you mean why?!

If you're so embarrassed take the other side of the road.

Well all right.

Now come on. Help me.

Hey that's Raju! What's he doing with that girl?

A change of profession, I think! Look at that!

Guide, show me the sights today! Show me something spectacular!

How far is Chitor from here? Very far. And no transport.

What guide can't arrange transport?

I swear! I switch my job!

Back to the hotel! Please! People will think I'm flirting with you!

Where's your commentary? What a guide!

I don't get this! Till yesterday, you were...

40-something and very bored.

And today, you all if 16 years!

Adolescent, innocent and full of childish pranks.

Do you know why? Why?

You dance very well!

Why did you stop dancing?

My husband thinks anyone who dances is a whore.

Puritanical. But how come the two of you married?

I had no option. I come from a family of courtesans.

My mother wanted me to get out of the vicious cycle.

As luck would have it, here comes Marco.

He did me a favour by marrying me.

For me, the marriage meant stepping into an obligation.

A large mansion, numerous servants, money, comfort, respectability...

And love?

So much for love!

In olden times, a woman was supposed to be a slave. Not any more.

A woman could suffer. But not a word could she speak.

In olden times, caste and status meant everything. Not any more.

Were it within my power, I would've showed Marco... that you are a woman of parts. Not a half-caste.

An artiste isn't an entertainer. The world respects artistes.

How did Uday Shankar make a name for himself? Dancing!

And Shanta Rao. And Bal Saraswati. Those are famous names!

I'm so tempted! You never tried!

You never know. Some day, your name might spell magic!

I have never been lucky.

Luck! Carve your own destiny.

And the Maker of destiny will ask you where you want your destiny to lead!

If you have the courage, if you possess the art... and if you persevere, then even the impossible you shall attain.

I must speak to my husband once again!

Don't let her go in. He's going to be furious!

Rosie, maybe we should not go in now. Why?

Please don't ask. Let's come back tomorrow.

Raju, I'm not a kid.

Is the sahib in there? Yes... no!

Come on, Rosie.

This is what happens when you try to drive a car on a mule-track!

And now my car is at the mercy of the road!

I know how stubborn she can be!

It's nearly midnight! And I can't use cuss-words in front of a lady!

Bloody stupid car! Got it!

Come on! Let's share it.

It's chilly! Let me use it!

Get up! Take a look!

In her place, I would've spat in his face!

I would've divorced him!

Look over there. I'm going this way.

Raju! Over here!

Down there!

But there's no way down! Give me your hand.

Watch it. It's full of brambles!

If this is the guts you have, you're a crying shame!

Marriage isn't a dead end.

So what if your husband makes you unhappy?

Does it mean there's no way you can find happiness?

Marco isn't happy either. But that doesn't make him desperate.

He find his release among those rocks.

Is that because he's a man? And because you're a woman...

You make yourself suffer! Wrong Rosie! Wrong!

You're where you are because you don't want to revolt!

Either you lick the feet that kicks you.

If not that, then it's no sin to fend for yourself!

But you put up with injustice! That's your sin.

To accept defeat is sin. To live like the dead is sin.

To kill your soul is sin. To kill yourself is sin!

This is sin! Sin!

No one is a slave! No one stands in obligation.

Helplessness is a delusion.

Take it lying, and you're helpless. Stand up, and you'll find strength.

I have seen that strength in you! I saw it! I saw it when... you put these on.

If you still think you're weak and helpless, I have no cure for you.

But there's one regret. Why did I save your life so many times?

There are these fools who deserve to die. If you're one of them...

I'm ashamed I ever knew you!

Where's the man? In the cave.

I had thought...

We've been through all that.

And we've reached a consensus.

I do not necessarily agree to everything you decide.

The decision was yours.

You wanted to get out of your mother's calling.

You wanted the respectability that comes with my name.

Your name?

I think my mother's calling is more respectable than your name.

If dance is what you have in mind...

Iet me remind you that I won't have it in my house.

I'm blood and flesh! Not stone like these statues!

The statues don't harass me. Because they are all stone!

And you have buried me under these rocks!

Just bring these statues to life, and then you will hear them!

You will hear them scream like me! I want to live!

I want to live!

Aren't you alive?

If living like the dead is any life, then I am alive.

You have your work. What have I got?

What does a woman need? A home.

A husband makes a home. Children make a home!

Is that my fault?

God doesn't will it. What can I do?

I'm not finding fault with you. But what do I live for?

What do I aspire for? What can I think about?

If not the children, let me have my ecstasy!

If ecstasy is all you want, why did you leave your mother?

To come to my husband.

I had no idea there would never be a husband!

What do you want me to do?

Am I to give up everything? Am I to romance you?

If you hate romance, why did you marry me?

Because I fancied this mess! You never fancied anything.

You needed a doll in flesh-and-blood to feed your perverted fantasies!

Such language! You deserve it!

Will you call me a pervert? Aren't you?

You don't want a wife. All you need is a woman.

No matter what she looks like! That's why you love your women!

The women who don't ask for anything but quick release!

You aren't human! You are an animal!

Where are you going? None of your business.

You cannot do anything against my wishes.


I have a right over you!

Have you?

How can you forget what I've done for you?

What would've happened if I weren't there for you?

That which is going to happen. I won't let this happen!

I won't have third rate people pay pennies to watch my wife dance!

I won't have people laugh at me! I won't tolerate that!

Then I won't force you to.

Someone is poisoning your ears! Someone is instigating you! Who?

You want to give up a secure and a comfortable life... for a life on the streets! Why all of a sudden?

I woke up from slumber and I saw the world around.

Is there nothing else? Tell me! I want to know!

Is there another man?

Might be.

You've been sleeping with another man!

If I cheat on you, I'll do it openly.

I won't hide in a forest while I do it.

You are accusing me! So?

You doubt me! You're insulting me!

You're trying to justify your adultery with a false allegation!

Anything else? You want to hear this?

Never for a moment have I forgotten what your bloodline is!

If I married you out of necessity. I bought you!

You're a moron if you ever thought you're worth... becoming a respectable man's wife. And I hate you! I hate you!

I can have thousands like you! Out! Get out of here!

Raju, will you give shelter to a destitute?

Bring the luggage in. Come in. I'll introduce you to my mother.

Mother, we have a guest. This is Rosie.

That's a pet name. It has nothing to do with her religion.

Will you please make tea? In the meantime, she can freshen up.

Afterwards, we'll go out. To talk.

You lit the fire in me. Now I've burnt my home down.

I have nothing left! I have no one!

All I have left behind are ashes and ruins.

What lies ahead is a long lonely path.

Where it leads to, I don't know.

In uncharted seas, one needs a guide.

And the guide is at your service. Don't you see that?

I wanted you to help me for only a few days.

I don't want to be a burden.

You will light up my life.

I am a fallen woman.

If you are fallen, then let it be my lot.

No Raju! This can't be! I never thought of it this way!

Till yesterday, it'd be adultery. Not today.

Till yesterday, it'd be a sin. Not today.

I want to make your dreams come true. If only you will let me.

I can give you nothing. I can make no promises.

Do not put me in a quandary. I could ruin you!

Will you listen to me with a cool head?

You need not make any promises. Instead, I'll make a promise.

Who is she? Where is she from?

I met her at the railway station.

She came here alone? Why?

She wasn't alone. Her husband was with her.

So she's married?

Unfortunate. The marriage was never consummated.

She's getting divorced. And she comes to you!

She has come to you. Throw her out if you want to.

You mustn't blame me for this. What thing to say!

What will people say?

Hi Raju. How about inviting the neighbours?

You're enjoying the dances all by yourself!

You've womenfolk at home too. Else, I would've given you a fitting reply.

Womenfolk there are. Not someone who dances.

Get down here!

Down I say!

Where are the stocks? Why is the cash box empty?

Don't you touch the kid! Talk to me!

Your son has looted my shop!

In the first place, the shop isn't yours.

The shop belongs to the railways. Ask the station master.

Passengers are complaining. You're perpetually out of stock.

The contract has been cancelled. A new contractor is being appointed.

My father ran this shop! Let me see who throws me out.

Is that so? Come here, sonny. Let me explain this.

Gaffoor! Raju is going to get killed! Hurry!

All this is happening because of me!

No. Not because of you.

Sister, I've brought you vegetables from my farm.

Salt the bitter gourd and pickle it in oil.

It's going to taste wonderful!

Sit down. I'll make tea for you.

I had gone to the city.

When I returned, I got your cable.

Greetings, Uncle. God bless you.

But Mummy, you never told me that you sent him a cable.

Hasn't she?

In such matters, she must consult the elders.

I get to hear stories and stories about you!

I'll give you the lashing of your life!

Your tea.

Keep up the practice. This my house.

And I'm not afraid of anyone. Go on. Dance.

So you're enjoying yourself!

If you want to make the monkey dance to your tune... you must learn how to play percussions.

Enough for today. The lesson continues tomorrow.

So lady, is this your father's house?

Your brother's house? Your husband's house?

If not, then why are you here? We don't keep dancing girls at home.

Uncle! Please! Stop crying crocodile tears!

Just listen to me. Take the first train out of here.

I'll buy you a ticket.

You don't know how to talk to a lady!

So that's how far it has gone!

You have no right to insult my guest in my house!

Offering her your hospitality, are you, you son of a dog?

Do you realise what that insult means for my mother?

For the sake of a whore! Uncle!

If you want to do whatever you want, you will leave this house first!

Mummy! Ask your brother to stop. Or I might do something unpleasant!

And what will you do?!

Are you happy now, you witch?

Mummy... Don't you dare!

Peaceful, isn't it now?

You didn't take it otherwise, did you?

I've thought it over, Raju. I'm leaving.

I've thought it over too.

What? You aren't going.

I don't want to hear anything else.

An hour to go before the train leaves.

Time to start packing.

It was nice to have you. But you know...

Rosie my child, do you know that the train leaves at 4:30?

Have you packed? Your clothes are still here.

Rosie isn't going anywhere. And you know it.

Be reasonable, Raju. She is another man's wife.

She will be fine in her own house.

She has no home. She has no one. She will stay here.

In that case I leave! My sister's house is my own house!

I won't let you leave.

Dump her in the train. Your mother stays here.

Do you think she will live with a dancing girl?

May I please have some silence? I'm talking to my mother.

Who do you think you're talking to? Throw her out, I say!

I won't. Very well then.

Pack your clothes. We're taking the train.

Mummy! You aren't going away!

What a shameless girl! She can't be from a good family!

Please don't go away! I beg of you, Mummy!

Mummy! In a while you'll start calling me Uncle!

Your mother needn't leave. I can throw you out!

Your father was no fool! He left half the property to my sister!

If you go away, I will never see you again in my life!

Mummy, I'm hungry.

Has Mummy gone away?

Your uncle forced her.

And you let her go away!

No Rosie. That outrage was directed at myself!

I swear it by you, Raju! I begged her!

I wept! And I told her I'd go away!

But your uncle caught me by the hair, and he threw me on the ground!

You went through all this. And I do this to you!

You should've done that long ago.

I have torn a son away from a mother!

I should kill myself!

Mummy hasn't gone far away. She has gone to live with my uncle.

She will come back as soon as she cools down.

Raju, throw that woman out.

You've made so many enemies for her sake!

She has deserted her husband! You think she will stick with you?

One more word, and this friendship is over!

To hell with this friendship! A woman makes friends fight!

Get up!


Get up!

Why don't you throw me out?

How many fights will you pick for my sake?

Who else do I have but you? It has been decided.

I have no vested interests. I am merely serving society.

I love my country. I appreciate my culture.

And I want to revive our ancient culture.

But upon you lies the greater onus. You, the professors, the teachers.

You tend the blossoms that will grow into the trees tomorrow.

You will mould their character.

And their tastes. Will they grow up to appreciate cheap entertainment...

Iike rock-and-roll and twist? Or will it be classical music?

The decision is yours.

Let me remind you about the annual celebrations in your institutions.

Here in our own city, lives one of the greatest exponents... of classical dance. Miss Nalini.

Miss Nalini?

Please do remain seated.

Meet my friends.

They are planning a show. They'd like to know if... you'd like to perform? What kind of show?

A fancy dress ball, some music, some dance etc.

Am I expected to dance in a fancy dress ball?

Not at all. Your performance is going to be exclusive.

Right! Sure!

They'd like to know what kind of a programme you have in mind.

You want me to show you a dance? No! You're getting me wrong!

We're sure that your performance is going to be exclusive.

But they'd like to mention some details in the invitation cards.

But there's no music to accompany the dance.


If you want to see then...

I was afraid she might take it otherwise.

Why did you take the trouble? Oh thank you very much!

One minute, Raju.

Where chimes the anklets which hath set this city afire?

That high priestess of the arts! Wherefore art thou, Nalini?

Who asks for her?

A guide. The name is Raju.

He serves the people who travel to see and to learn.

He is their eyes, and the colours he shows them, are the colours they see.

So the facts he tells them are often coloured and distorted.

All said and done, that's what life is like, really.

There's nothing that isn't coloured.

And as for men, the more colourful the better!

I'd like to place my services at the disposal of Ms Nalini.

That is if she would like my services.

I'm afraid she's resting.

Please come back some other time. And who are you?

The name Rosie. I serve Ms Nalini.

But you want to see her, right? Such colourful times we live in!

In Rosie, I see Nalini. In Nalini, Rosie!

She will do. Do...?

As I told you, I show people around. I tell them stories from history.

With words I draw pictures from the past.

The past many will tell you about. But I tell you about the future too!

What do you see up there? A ruined house, you'll surely say?

You mean I'm mistaken again? Look ahead.

Into the future. Say six months ahead.

The legend on the door says Ms Nalini.

And that garden is in full blossom.

And that trendy car... it belongs to Ms Nalini.

And that crowd? Don't you know? Those people are mad about her.

They stand there all day hoping to get a glimpse of her.

That man? Don't you know who he is? Her manager. Whole-and-sole. Raju.

See the way he walks? He's proud. You see everyone bows before him?

And why not? He has worked a miracle! He created a Nalini out of Rosie!

People think he's a genie!

Really? Hundred percent!

In every mirror an image.

In my heart is mirrored a beauty.

But she lies hidden. Really?

Move on.

Will you marry me?

You're divorced.

You ask me?

I could die for you!

Do I take this for a yes?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Even if I have to sacrifice everything... for the sake of raising a family with you...

I'll give up everything. With a smile!

We won't give up anything we've worked hard for.

What after we have kids?

Marriage doesn't necessarily mean having children right away.

Must we marry right away?

Not before a courtship.

You can see the Lake Palace, the temple, the City Palace... and the yellow villa on that hill is the residence... of the famous danseuse Nalini.

10 shows each in Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

That's 30 days. 10 days in transit. In all 40 days.

Are you unhappy? You've become what you always wanted to be.

You're doing what you wanted to do.

I never imagined... What?

That life is going to become so hectic.

It seems to be going on and on.

You should tell me you're tired. I won't accept new programmes.

You were fabulous tonight!

I'm glad I saw you.

Is Rosie in there?

What are you doing here?

The last time we met, you were ooZing etiquette.

The last time we met, you thought dancing is a profession for whores.


I want to see Rosie. Rosie doesn't want to see you.

So you've asked her already?

I don't need to. I want to see her. For once.

I will be very polite with you. Go away.

If you try to force your way in, I'll be forced to throw you out.

You know how much money I've made in this tour? 40,000!

I have a share in it too. Are we two different people?

You aren't happy to see the cheque?

Something as common as a flower is enough to make someone happy.

Or maybe nothing in the world can make someone happy.

Marco had no dearth of money.

Marco... all of a sudden?

Your article on Ms Nalini was just excellent.

The photograph was not good. He hadn't clicked it.

Where's Nalini?

Ms Nalini, you must hear Mr Varma's poetry.

Why not? Let's it down.

How long are these people going to hang around?


I've invited my friends for lunch. And you're still here.

Go on. Entertain your friends. Let me stay with my friends.

You call these people friends? This wretched starving lot?

Is that all you see in them? They are devoted to art.

And your friends! They can't even socialise without drinking!

Small talk, meaningless banter and plastic smiles! I hate it!

A thousand. Show.

Cash please.

I'll pay up. After the game. It spoils the mood of the game.

Lend me a thousand, please. I'll give you a hundred thousand... if you need the money. But not for gambling.

All you have to do is get up, open the safe and get the money.

You want me to sign cheques every other day.

Why don't you take your share? My creditors will foreclose me.

Two thousand? But you drew 2000 the day before yesterday.

The expenditure is commensurate with your status.

Maintaining the status you have risen to, is a costly affair.

My status! Indeed!

Here's a thousand. Show!

What are you doing in my room?

You're awake?

No. I'm talking in my sleep.

Do you remember Rosie only when you're drunk?

I drink when I think of you.

Oh go to your room. Go to bed.

You're becoming touchy.

Leave me. Keep lying.

No, Raju. I don't like this anymore.

You don't like me? I don't like anything.

Because I drink?

Because I gamble?

Then what is it?

After a time, one gets over it.

You mean love? Why love?

For no reason at all.

But if there is a reason, a purpose, love is a sham.

Did you love me for a purpose?

Do you love me for a purpose?

If I tell you something, you'll say I'm drunk.

Go on. Use the pretext of being drunk.

I think Marco was right. He was right.

A man mustn't live off a woman.

You're mistaken.

I've been instrumental to your success. You're forgetting that.

Every penny you earn is the result of my efforts!

That you're rich today, is because of me.

True. I never denied that.

A parcel addressed to Mrs Rosie Marco.

Do you know why no one discovered this cave?

Because I was destined to!

I was destined to discover this, to tell the world about this cave.

I will bring to it the recognition it deserves.

And your name Raju, will be mentioned in the books.

You are the one who led me here.

These papers have come from Delhi.

Jewellery worth 30,000 rupees is lying in a locker...

Mr Marco wants to close the account. The jewellery is to be withdrawn.

The application for the transaction has to be signed by both of them.

Mrs Marco has to sign first. Then the papers will be sent to Mr Marco.

So Mr Marco wants to steal Ms Nalini's jewellery.

Mr Marco wants to give the jewellery to Ms Nalini.

So he wants to prove how magnanimous he is?

Ms Nalini doesn't want Mr Marco's jewellery.

Please tell that to Mr Marco.

You won't let me meet Mrs Marco! And you won't see reason!

We are not bother about their fights.

The bank wants to see that the jewellery is withdrawn.

For all we care, you can throw the jewellery into the sea.

If you can't have it signed, I'll send it by registered post.

Watch it, Raju!

Marco is getting clever. Jewellery follows book!

He might be trying to woo her.

Rosie mustn't get to know about this.

You don't seem to have time for me nowadays.

I wanted to ask you something. But it's late. Let's talk tomorrow.

I decided I'd ask you right away. Where have you hidden Marco's book?

Mani is going to get himself fired.

But sir...

One word more, and you're fired!

Who do you work for?

You talk behind my back! And you give me excuses!

Don't you do that ever again! Now get back to work.

Can't we get over this distance between us?

Keep trying. I'm trying. Won't you help?

I have no complaints against you, Raju.

That's what I don't like. I want you to scream at me.

Slap me if you want.

Do something to show me you care for me.

You did as much for Marco.

I've built up walls around me. Nothing can reach in.

I am immune to emotion.

I set you free, Raju.

You know how to find happiness. And I'm happy for you.

Don't push me away. I'm desperate!

Please, Raju. I'm tired. Lie down in my arms.

You never used to get tired.

What are you doing? Leave me.

What we are doing is nothing new.

Why this sudden surge of hatred Rosie?

Where is our love gone? Have I done something wrong?

I'll give up drinking, gambling, friends, everything!

But for once! Give me my Rosie!

Let me hold you in my arms! And tell me you love me!

And I will never make you unhappy!

If you don't leave, I will have to.

You told me there'd be work to do after the show.

Get a glass for yourself.

No thanks. I have work to do.

Come on. Or do you hate talking to me?

You're embarrassing me.

Have you been drinking all alone?

I was dying to talk.

So I thought I'd talk to myself over a drink.

Mani, of late I've become irritable.

I'm sorry for blowing my top.

Please don't apologise.

Life is such a high! It's great climbing upwards.

But when the downslide begins...

What kind of a joke is this?

It would've made a good joke.

But for the fact that we are going our ways.

Had we not met, we would've never parted.

No. This is not a joke.

Is there any need for this buffoonery?

Just what a buffoon like me does.

Please do allow me the privilege of escorting you to your car.

You'll change that dress now, won't you? I'll expect you.

Is there no end to these great expectations?

What's come over you?

Look, it's time for the show. My time is over. My show is over.

And you've seen it all. So you won't come with me today?

I always wanted to. But I can't keep this up.

Raju, I know what you mean. Will you hurt me like this?

But for once, ask yourself.

Was it all my fault? May no one ever hurt you.

Chauffeur, to the theatre please.

Is he back? Not yet.

Are you waiting for someone? Everyone has left.

Any news? Sorry. No news.

Mummy, your Raju is back. Life is so empty without you.

I keep up all through the nights. I just can't sleep.

I have no one to cook for me... no one to tell me bedtime stories.

Please ask uncle to forgive me.

After all, he is family.

I knew he would mend his ways someday.

Come on. Let's pack. We're going to town.

Hi there! Wait outside.

And I thought you had decamped!

So what brings you here, friend? I'm here on call of duty.

Please come in.

Not the right thing to do, Raju. It would've been another thing... had you done it to someone else. You shouldn't have cheated Rosie.

She has given you hundreds of thousands already!

And you do this for the sake of a few jewellery worth 30,000! Only!

And you forged her signature?

Who told you? Who told me?

The whole city knows! Here's the warrant.

I have been asked to arrest you.

And how do you prove it's my signature, and not Nalini's?

You still expect her to lie for your sake?

She broke down when she heard this. She said...

I never expected this from Raju.

Where do I go now? The lock up.

That is till the courts give you a verdict.

Today? Right away.

Won't you let me see Rosie one last time?

Why not? I've been a friend to you.

But she hates the sight of you. I know that.

Still, I could see her. For one last time.

As you wish.

Curtain call, madam. Coming.

Madam! The curtain is up.

What are you lost in?

Come on now. The last show is over.

Have you spoken to Rosie?

Yes. It's over.

Why did you do such a thing? You could've asked me for the money.

I would've sold all my jewellery. I would've sold the house.

Why did you have to do such a thing?

I thought at least you would understand.

See how wrong I was?

The truth is you never understood me. And I have never understood you.

Raju is held guilty of forgery He is hereby sentenced to 2 years in jail.

Now that you've gone away from me, I know what you meant to me... what you did for me. And I didn't even tell a lie for your sake!

The fault was mine all along. I should've married you.

But I dreamt I'd make you a queen before I married you.

And before I knew, my time was up.

And when I woke out of my dream, here I was. In jail.

Just two years. Afterwards, let's start life all over again.

Yes. I'll have to start all over again.


And the last two years, I've lived with hope.

Hope that Raju would forgive me someday.

And now, my hopes are dashed!

I don't know whose fault it is. And I don't want to know.

But I've lost my son.

Where is he? How is he?

The government has accepted the petition.

Next month, we're going to have a post office.

A school, a hospital, and now a post office!

You've turned this village into a heaven!

All right. Now stop screaming... and tell me what kind of story you want to hear.

I'll tell you a story my mother used to tell me when I was a child.

Once, in the time of famines, when the fields were parched... and not a drop of water rained. Birds and animals all died of thirst.

And people were dying. And they wondered if God wants to destroy them.

But there came a holy man. He fasted for 12 whole days.

And he forced God to rain water upon the earth.

Twelve days? And he ate nothing?

No food. No drink. And then it rained?

Of course it rained. That's a miracle.

Is that ever possible? Why not?

If your house was on fire, and if your son was trapped inside... wouldn't you brave the fires to save your son?

And you are only his mother.

To the faithful, God is a father, a mother, a friend.

So I was telling you about the famine.

I haven't a grain. I've run out of stock.

He's lying. He has it stashed in his larder!

Glory be to Lord Ram! Food.

Where's your brother?

In bed. In bed?

Lying wounded. Wounded?

He got hit on the head. He's bleeding.

How? Where?

At the grocer's! There's a riot.

There are swords out there! And knives! And daggers!

What nonsense are you saying? Sit down and tell me what happened.

Is there fighting in the village? Yes!

They didn't loot the grocer's shop? They did!

Are people wounded? Yes. There'll be fights tonight.

These are such trying times! People should be helping each other.

Instead, they fight? Are they animals?

Go to the village and tell them, if anyone dies, I'll kill myself.

And if they don't stop fighting, I'm going to starve myself.

Starve myself...?

Take that food away. And send them to me.

No sight of the rains yet. And this is what happens!

For the rains! I'm going to starve myself! I'm going to kill myself!

I'm going to starve myself! I'm going to kill myself!

I'm going to starve myself! I'm going to kill myself!

Why do you want to starve? Not l! The swami!

Why does the swami want to starve himself?

For the rains! He's going to starve and kill himself!

He told you that? Yes. He told me that!

He's going on a fast to bring the rains?

Is he going to perform the ritual fast?

Remember the story he used to tell us?

We do injustice to a Mahatma! He wants to lay down his life... for our sake! And here we are! Fighting with each other!

Shame on us!

The swami! Here he is.

The fighting stopped as soon as they heard about you.

What have you told them?

Whatever you told me to tell them. What did I tell you?

That you'd kill yourself. And?

You'd starve yourself. For how long?

For 12 days. When did I say that?

You didn't say that. I didn't either. But that's what they think.

They think you're performing the 12-day ritual. Then it will rain.

There came a holy man who fasted for 12 whole days And he forced God to rain water upon the earth Come with me.

This is becoming a melodrama! You people are mistaken.

I have never claimed that I am a Mahatma!

Even if I were, d'you think a man can make rain by starving himself?

It's just a story. A story for kids!

All I did was to make a threat. To stop this rioting.

Now that the fighting is stopped, you may please send me some food.

I'm dying of hunger.

What are you staring at? Have mercy on us!

We have sinned! But hunger drives us!

We haven't eaten a meal in two days! The children are crying in hunger!

The wife is ill. And last night, my cow died of hunger!

That's what it's like! In every house!

Only you can save me now!

You've gone mad! What can I do?

Our prayers don't reach God! But God can never refuse you!

If you perform the ritual, every one in the village will fast too.

We've decided that. People will take turns fasting with you.

Some people have even pledged to sacrifice a meal a day!

Mercy, Swami! Have mercy on us! Else we will perish!

Why just 12 days? For your sake, I'd starve myself to death.

But I am not what you think I am. I used to be a simple guide.

I fell for a woman. And I went to jail.

Jail? Yes. Jail.

Once you've heard my story, you'll know... that there's nothing extraordinary about me.

I have my weaknesses. I have cheated. I have lied.

And people cursed me for what I did.

They've been in there for hours.

Let's take a look.

And for a whole year I lived like a tramp.

And then I found this temple. And you thought I was an ascetic.

In reality, I was disillusioned, disappointed and disconcerted.

You might call me a fraud. You might hate me now.

But for me, it's important that I make a clean breast of it.

Swami, the way to enlightenment is tortuous.

Valmiki was a bandit. And he became a saint.

Tulsidas killed a woman. And he became a Mahatma.

This I speak out of conviction.

In 12 days, your soul will be cleansed.

And your prayers will rip the skies apart!

And The Gods will weep tears.

And the thirst of the earth will be quenched.

Quo vadis, Swami?

Today is just the second day of the fast!

Go in! See for yourself! See if you can find the rainmaker!

Will you step aside, please?


Watch it!

We hear of a Mahatma. Some 100 miles from here.

He is performing a great ritual for making rains.

Let's visit the Mahatma. Come with us.

Move ahead, please. There are many people in the queue.

Please don't disturb the Swami.

Please! Let me ask the Swami just one question.

Don't disturb him over trifles.

He has been fasting for 6 days for us. He hasn't even had a sip of water.

Please be patient.

How many times have I told you that no one is to touch my feet?

I told her not to!

Look lady, I told you!

Belief creates this faith in a stone.

And pilgrims flock to the shrine.

And a man who inspires men becomes a Mahatma.

And the Mahatma's presence turns a ruined temple into a shrine.

And in thousands, the faithful... flock to the shrines seeking salvation and enlightenment.

And there sits the Mahatma calm and serene.

For he has bowed his head and he has purged his mind of doubts.

For he has realised that he is merely the means to the end... a mere tool in His hands. For Thine is the glory.

Then do His bidding and do it in His name.

Remember, like the stone idol, the Mahatma is beyond all emotion.

Mummy, I should be the one taking care of you now.

Go to sleep.

This lady is from a big American television company.

She wants to ask you some questions.

If 40 million people fast for a day, 40 million more can be fed for a day.

The faith these people have in me,... inspires me to believe.

Rosie is here at last! And Mummy too!

What will happen if it doesn't rain?

To think I ran away from life! And she still wants me!

The faith of thousands! Their hopes will be dashed!

What will they think of me? A fraud! A pretender!

You think it's really going to rain? This is blind faith!

But you're educated! And you begin to believe... that the rains have anything to do with your fasting?

I don't know! This is so confusing!

I've begun thinking about things I'd never imagined!

But now it's more important than life and death.

The question isn't whether it's going to rain.

The question isn't whether I'm going to live or die.

The question is whether there is a God?

If there isn't, then I don't care whether I live or die.

There's no point living like blind mice!

But if there He be, does He care for His flock.

That remains to be seen.

Raju, have you fallen asleep?

I was asleep all the while. But now, I'm coming awake.

No way. I told you. You don't understand this!

Listen to me. See this photo?

He looks like a friend of mine. My best friend. This photo.

All I want to know is whether your swami is my friend.

But you belong to a different religion.

My friend! I knew! I knew it was you!

What have you done to yourself?!

Do you know what my religion is?

Love. That is my religion.

The brotherhood of man.

Have you heard?

Raju's life is in danger.

Do something!

My child!


They think I am Your son!

And You are so far from me!

Heed their prayers Lord, if not mine.

Take my life.

My life for theirs!

Fear not this sorrow my child.

For sorrow purge the sin.

I am not far from you. I am within you, around you.

Everywhere. I am everywhere.


I am free!

I am beyond emotion. Beyond pain.

In my hands, I hold my life. And death, a plaything.

You know what it's like to die?

I feel as if I could have anything I wish! But I wish for nothing.

Don't you wish to live?

No! You don't give up your wish to live!

I travel towards enlightenment.

This body might not live. But I shall live forever.

Raju! Save me!

My breath!

Not fire will burn me. No sword will sever me.

You are the manifestation of my ego. You must die.

I am the Soul. I am beyond death.

I am beyond life and death. Beyond pain and pleasure.

Beyond human bondage. Beyond man. Beyond God.

Only l Only l

Drops of rain are falling on the hills.

My body is soaked.

I should change.

Raju! You succeeded!

It's raining! Look! Everyone is dancing!

Raju! Get up!

Raju is gone!

No. He has just left his body.

I am beyond life and death. Beyond pain and pleasure.

Beyond human bondage. Beyond man. Beyond God.

Only l I!