Gureitofuru deddo (2013) Script

Lucky TV Shopping!

We have a hot deal for today's Lucky TV Shopping.

Thank you as always.

It comes with this cookbook which contains 40 recipes.

So it's beginner-friendly.

Simply grill, simmer, steam, and boiI. It's easy and convenient.

This is a big hit product.

Now the offering price is... onIy 9,999 yen!

What!? Is it that inexpensive?

We are all alone.

We're born alone, live alone, die alone.

This is my house.

Our breakfast, Omelet de Provence.

Dad cooks it for Mum every day.

But Mum's not interested in the omelet.

She's into donating to poor children overseas.

What are you doing?

Be careful when you're eating.

Mum's not interested in me.

And Dad's only interested in Mum.

Ouch... oh...

What? Takashi, what happened?

Call an ambulance!

Please get me Mr. Okano!

Hey, what happened?

Yes! I did it!

Please come in.

Excuse me...

Is it true that Nami...

Where are your parents?

Um, they said they're too busy.

I asked you to make sure your parents would come, didn't I?


Are you aware of what she's done?

I haven't really understood the situation.

She severely injured her classmate.

I'm so sorry. l really am.

I'm really, really sorry...

Little victims of poverty and despair who live on the other side of the globe.

Love saves the earth.

Every day, Mum was concerned about the future of children overseas.

The kids need my help.

I need to go at all cost.

Good bye.

One day, she finally left to go beyond the sea and never came back.

Ever since then, Dad cooked nothing but Omelet de Provence.

And got himself a mistress.

The name was Atsuko, she said.

Two of them would often disappear into the secret room.

I called the mistress Akko-chan.

Akko-chan of Secret Room.


Nami, wake up.


You know what.

I decided to live with my boyfriend.

I'm gonna make a normal family with him.

I'm sorry.

What on earth is a normal life?

What is a normal family?

My big sister ran off with a normal guy, and l was left all alone.

Now, the trade-in price is 1 0,000 yen. And the price for this is?

It's 34,800 yen.

Remember, the trade-in price for this rice cooker is 1 0,000 yen, which means, the price for this will be 24,800 yen.

Thank you for calling Lucky TV Shopping Center.

"Lucky TV Shopping"

This is Lucky TV Shopping.

Please sign here.

Thank you very much.

"2 months later"

Now, the price for this digital camera is... onIy 1 4,900 yen!



Dad, please wait.

Don't ignore your daughter.

Please don't ignore me!


Don't ignore me.

After all, we are all alone.

We're all alone until we die.

How silly I was to have been overthinking.

Half a year later, Akko-chan disappeared, and Dad committed suicide.

Today, we have a new diamond ring.

How would you like it?

Here you are. Please take a look.

When l turned 20, l inherited a small fortune from Dad.

l'm enjoying every day as if those days were not real.

I have a hobby now.

Found a Solitarian.

I called those who'd gone crazy due to loneliness "Solitarians".

And l spent all my time on Solitarian-watching.

That's cute.

The ecstasy l feel when l spot an A-rank Solitarian is exceptional.

"Solitarian Observation Diary"

I observe their behaviours in detail and keep a record.

"Found a new-type Solitarian!!! !"

There are various kinds of Solitarians.

Their ecological systems are diverse.

It is said that she lost her sick only son on a muggy summer night.

Her solitude must have been unbearable.

She repeats this prayer 49 times a day.

That's why I call her "Endless Summer".

Her summer never ends.

He wanders about the business district on the same route almost every day.

His strong spirit makes him take the determined route despite any obstacles.

People like him must've contributed to the rapid growth of the Japanese economy.

His nickname is "Mr. Fierce".

I bet he was quite a spirited salesman when he was young.

Here's the house of a Solitarian l've had my eye on.

This mail box probably suggests.

Infinite desire is swirling around this room.

I named the resident "Mr. Inexhaustible".


"Cialis" (Erectile Dysfunction Pill)

Say cheese!

My neighbour's house is giving out a bad smell.

I'd appreciate it if you could go see how he is.

May I have your name and number?



You're Nami, aren't you?

Damn... I forgot it was a danger area.


What have you been doing?

How come you never answer my call?

Mum, I'm hungry.

Wait for me. We'll go home soon, OK?


Hey, are you listening to me?

Good grief.

You got a minute, right?


Watch me.

Hop, skip, jump!

Auntie, watch me again.

Hey, be still! Geez.

Are you eating well?

You're just idling away your time and not working, right?

Thought she'd behave well when she's done kindergarten, but I was wrong.

My sister had broken up with the guy whom she'd run away with, and married to a guy she'd met at work 7 years ago.

A pet phrase of hers is...

The ordinary is the best, you know?

You shouldn't spend money on sketchy things even if you're rich.

Right? -Yes.

She loved the ordinary.

What are you doing? Come on.

Is that him? Must be.

Come on, drop it. He's "Loony", you know?

What's that?

"Loony of the Central Park". You know him, right?

Yeah. Heard he's real disgusting.

Rumour says he killed someone.

Let's go. Yeah.

Forget the rumour. He doesn't have the guts to be a murderer.

Hey, bite my ass.



Let go!

Hey, you!

Let him go!

This is crazy. Stop it.

Let me go, you bastard!

We're sorry.Very sorry. You apologize too!

Please let him go!

We're sorry!

Oh my god!

Let's go!

Run! Hurry!

Found...a Solitarian?

Look. Isn't he a celebrity?

An entertainer?

What was his name?

Ah, I think I know. Umm...

Hey! Shut up!

I'm sure l've seen him somewhere.

Can't remember his name...

"...and sitteth on the right hand of God, the Father Almighty.

From thence, he shall come to judge the quick and the dead I believe in the Holy Ghost".

"The holy catholic Church, The communion of saints, The forgiveness of sins, The resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.


"What a friend we have in Jesus. All our sins and griefs to bear.

What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

O, what peace we often forfeit. O, what needless pain we bear.

All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer!"

Ms. Su-Yong.

Do you have a minute?

"Lonely Death"?

When elderly people who lost their spouses retire they shut themselves in and die alone.

It's become an issue of public concern in Japan.

Oh, l know that.

It's common now in South Korea too.

Oh, is it? -Yes.

Well, l'm doing volunteer work now.


Yes. I visit elderly people living alone, and read the Bible.

"Lonely Death" is often caused by losing touch with society, so it acts as prevention.

How's that sound? Would you join me?

Who, me?

Yes. I'd really appreciate your help.



There's, um, client's office nearby, so I just dropped by.

I bought you a present.

You like rice crackers, don't you?

What do you want?

Well.We sent in an application, and we need some reserve fund...

He's your son. Manage it with your own money.

No use putting him into a private school for appearance' sake!

What's your problem?

I'm leaving.


You asshole!

lt's been several years since I started Solitarian-watching.

This may be a fated meeting.

Coming through!


Mr. Shiomi? Delivery here.

Mr. Shiomi? Delivery!

You're late! Please sign...

What virility for his age!

Hey Nami, do you have time to spare?


We'll go on a trip to Hokkaido during the kid's vacation.

Why don't you join us?

You seem lonely by yourself

Visit us sometime soon. OK?

" l month later"

Been a month since I started observing him.

A-rank Solitarians become weak very quickly.

I don't need it.

But... please, It'll only take 5 minutes.

I said "No".

Could you let us explain at least...

You intend to cheat me out of my money, don't you?

That's enough.

Go! Go away!

Are you OK?

I feel beaten.

I'm sorry I'm useless.

Not in the least!

Your company means a lot to me.

Good work today. Thank you.

I have something to do. I'm gonna go.

Sure. Good work today.


Um, I'm a volunteer...

Would you like to read the Bible together?

No, thank you.

Stop pestering me.

Would you like to read the Bible together?

Pull, pull, shake, shake, Twist and pinch!

It's fun!

So, what do you say to going to Hokkaido?


Don't give me no "Huh?"

We've already decided on going.

We have to prepare, choose a hotel and everything.

Gotta find a low-priced package tour, too.

How about l pay the costs and you go with your family?

Why do you say that? You're my family too.

Alright. l'll go, if you insist.


Hey, stop it.

You can't do that without permission.

"Solitarian Observation Diary"

"Jesus answering said to them, Have faith in God For most certainly I tell you, whoever may tell this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea, 'and do not poo in the sea...'


He didn't say so?

No. I see.

"...forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your Father, who is in heaven, may also forgive you your sins..."

What is wrong?

That's not true.

I can't be forgiven.

Why not?

Ms. Su-Yong Believe it or not, I used to be successful.

I was quite a well-known celebrity.

People would make a big fuss over me, but when things started to go wrong

they unblushingly left me all of a sudden.

I can't...

I can't forgive those who betrayed me.

I can't forgive them.

I can't.

God won't forgive me who can't forgive people.

Will he!

Yes he will.

God's love will forgive anyone.

Mr. Shiomi, you can change.

God will surely forgive you.

So, Mr. Shiomi, please forgive others.

This can't be true.

Not true...

This is just like that time.

"Vengeance is mine"

"It is more blessed to give than to receive"

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

"Their day of disaster is near"

Oh God, listen to my prayer.

Don't hide yourself from my supplication.

Attend to me, and answer me.

I am restless in my complaint, and moan because of the voice of the enemy,

because of the oppression of the wicked. For they bring suffering on me.

In anger they hold a grudge against me!

God will forgive everything.

That's mine...

That's mine That's mine!


Is it true that you're a murderer?

Listen to what l say and l'll let you touch me.

Is it going to be OK?

But Dad's the one that called us.

You said you had a big fight with him, though.

Oh hello Dad. Long time no see.

Is that Tetsuo? How you've grown!

Dad. Huh?

What's that?

You don't even know a cross?

Hey, come in.

You've really grown up.

What's going on?

Let's just go.

l'm Yanagi. Nice to meet you.

I'm Pak Su-Yong. Nice to meet you.

Ah, thank you very much for caring my father.

Forget the formalities, idiot!

You're a foreign friend, right?


Hey, is it fun?


Why? You keep losing, huh?

You wanna watch TV shows Grandpa is in then?

Can I? Yes!

Alright. Give me a second.

Must be a copy somewhere.

lt's unusual your dad talks about his old days.

He hated it so much...

Kiyonao. Come here.


About Tetsuo. Put him into the best school you can.


I'll pay for his tuition.


Thank you!

Tetsuo, l found it.

What happened?

A scary woman is staring at me from outside.

Nobody's there. Did you see a ghost?

No one's there.

Whoa! A ghost!

Today was good.

Mr. Shiomi has a nice smile.

Yes. Um, I'll drop you near your place.

Thank you.

Oh, l have one thing I want to tell you.

Mr. Shiomi was nice today, but you shouldn't visit a man living alone by yourself. It's dangerous.


Thank you.

Excuse me.

I'd like to take my car out.



What's important is speed.

Think you can get away with someone's possessions?



Are you afraid of death?

"When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Jesus.

With the criminals...

One on the right and the other on the left..."

Stop it.

Don't look at me like that.

And Jesus said...

I said stop!

And Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, For they don't know what they are doing."

Then Jesus said to the woman,

"Your sins are forgiven."

I've been told.

I don't need forgiveness!

I won't come here again.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

I hate you!

Don't look at me like that. I hate you!

I like your eyes a lot.

Poor little thing.

Don't look at me like that.

"...Or what man is there of you, who, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone?"

Mr. Shiomi?

Who's this?

The police.

We're from the police. Do you have a minute?

The police?

Sorry for visiting at this time of night.

My name is Onoda of the Metropolitan Police Department.

I'm Tanaka.

Great house. Do you live alone?

Yeah Must be tiring Well, 3 days ago, Mr. Michihiko Yanagi and Pak So...So...Pak...?


Ms. Pak Su-Yong. They came here, didn't they?


We received a request to search for them.

What? They're missing.

Missing? Yes.

Ms. Su-Yong...

Who's there?

"When you pray...

When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites.

For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men."

This isn't fun.

What are you doing?

Bring it to me now.


Slowly, slowly.

What are you looking at?

Go away.


Stay away from me.

What's important is speed.

This is mine...

Cook me lunch OK!

What are we having for lunch?

"3- I l -9 Gotokuji, Setagaya district"



Um, may I have your name?

I'm a new volunteer.

Oh, from the church.

Well, l can't get a hold of Dad lately...

He just went to sleep.

I'll just drop in to see how he is.

He's sleeping now.

Well then, l'll leave him to you.

Excuse me.

I'm going in.



What's going on?

What the hell?


What? Run!



Gotta clean up again.

Are you OK?

You wretch...

How dare you killed my son!

You killed Ms. Su-Yong too, didn't you!

I won't forgive you.

Never! You wretch!


What'd you like for dinner?

I'll never forgive you, you wretch!

I'll make you dinner.

You should eat nourishing food.


Kiyonao Kiyonao!

Hey, look at her.

Isn't that blood?

I ,380 yen.

999 yen.




This is war.

It's war...

It's war!

What are you doing!?

What happened to your clothes?

Wait a minute.

Why are you here, Sis?

'Cause l read your distasteful diary.


"Solitarian"...something. Why don't you lay off?

I can't handle any more crazy people other than parents.

They were bad parents, yes.

I left home early and went through hardships too.

But the ordinary is the best, you know.

You mustn't go astray.

That poor feeble elderly man...

Hey, wait a minute!

I said wait!

Don't pull!

That hurts!

Friggin' hurts!


Hang in there.

Woman! I'm here! Come on!

I told you to be a good boy!

Come on!

I'm here! Come on!

That hurts, you bastard!

You wretch!


Get back!

That hurts!

What the hell...

I'll kill her...

Kill... Kill...

Over here!

It's war...

We are all alone.

One must spend all his time fighting a battle with himself until his death.

A battle with solitude that never ends.

I won't give in.

Over here!

You know whose this is?

You wretch!

You're thinking about nothing but me now, aren't you?

How sweet!

You wretch!


I see nobody but you.

So l want you to see nobody but me.

See me.

Kill... Kill...

See me.

Since long ago, you've always been by my side.

Lucky TV Shopping!

Today, we present this new-model TV.

The Iist price is 60,000 yen, but we may be able to lower the price with your help.

Mr. Lucky!

Hi, good evening, everyone. Mr. Lucky here Let's get to business.

Tonight's Lucky item is...

32-inch new model TV Now let's decide the price together

It's a deaI! Super Lucky price is...

49,999 yen! How's that sound?

You've been with me since long long ago.

Ms. Su-Yong!

Ms. Su-Yong.

Come on now.


Do you...

Do you think God will forgive me?

Poor thing.