Gus - Petit oiseau, grand voyage (2014) Script



Mama? Hi.

Are you lost? You wanna be best friends?

Fr... iend?

Friend? We'll start slow. What's your name?


No, no, no. What's your name?


You-name? That's your name?



I've got my work out out here.

Come on, honeybun.


Look, it ain't complicated.

You play nice, or I'll bust your teeth until you look like pigeon puke. I'll rip your feathers off till you cry to your mommy!

Not bad!

You had good volume, conviction. But watch what you say.

I'll bust your teeth? Look at me.

Do I have teeth? No, not one. Ahhhh! No teeth!

I'll never get it right.

Hey, this is for your protection.

I just don't feel comfortable, Bug.

Come on! You always say you're scared of all the dangers!

The rabid raccoons, the killer hamsters...

Yeah or gerbils with sharp teeth or super violent bloodthirsty groundhogs.

Hey, I've heard stories!

I get it. You're terrified, it's adorable.

I'm trying to toughen you up!

Tough just isn't me, Bug.

You say you want to get out and see the world.

But you'll never go out that door!

Look, I can't go right now.

Besides, there's plenty to do here.

What about a game of "Big Face"?

Biiiiiig face... little face!

Big face!

Little face!

Or maybe a little "Cardboard Roll"?

You're a bird, fella, a bird.

A bird flies, it glides, it goes "ka-kawvvw"!

You could see the whole world!

The oceans, the mountains, the buffaloes! The giant ostriches that wiggle their behinds like this!

The baboon-oceroses, the orangu-possum!

It's really out there, you know. Just like in the pictures.

Sure you don't want to see it for real?

Good morning, everyone.

Come on, children, settle down now.

Everyone on their branches! Quickly, Anton.

Lisa, would you please hang up the astronomy chart?

Yes, miss!

Just you wait, I'll get called on again.

If you'd learned the lesson, you'd have nothing to worry about, Max.

That's why you fail Night Sky Studies, but get an "A" in Goofing Off.

Now try to remember. Which planet lies to the East of Saturn?

Miss Delf! Miss Delf!

Um... Jupiturn?

Why not Plu-turn? Or Mercuturn? Shut your beak.

Who cares about the stars? If you don't memorize where the stars are at your age, it'll be too late, you supercute doodooheads! Learn it, be confident. The sky won't fall on your head, you know!

It's only a leaf, kids! Don't panic.

What? I'm not panicking. Who's panicking?

I know what it is. It's a leaf from a Cyclobalanopsis Lithocarpus.

You're a Litho-Crap-us!


How did it fall on you? From above.

You didn't shake the branches? No.

Nobody pulled on it? Shook it? Tickled it? Wiggled it? Hopped around?

OK, lesson's over for today, kids.

Wow, thank you, Leaf!


Already? Nobody pulled on it?

Shook it? Tickled it? Wiggled it? Hopped around?

That settles it. Autumn's on its way.

Yes! We're going to Africa! Awesome!

Let's go tell the others!

Where is Africa?

And... where are we?

Wow, hold on...

Couldn't we go someplace... I don't know...

A little closer?

Off to Africa! Time to fly!

Come on, little bro! You can practice during the trip.

Janet! It's autumn! We're outta here!

Oh, already?

Michka! Get a move on. We're leaving!

What? So soon? But we're not ready yet!

Anton, I'm sick of tidying up your toys! Finish molting and stop clowning around!

I gotta molt, I can't wear this color for autumn!

Mom, Anton's annoying me.

Darius! So we're leaving? Why am I the last to know?

I'm next in line, your second-in-command, wing-man, back-up.

I should be the first to know!

Well now, Karl, you're always saying you've got a 6th sense!

I thought you knew already.

OK, OK! That's very funny.

"You're always saying you've got a 6th sense"!


Everything OK?

What? Oh, sure. Are you worried about the iron birds?

Sometimes I feel that the seasons are all out of kilter.

But I'm sure that's just my old bird brain!

But don't you worry, it's going to be a wonderful trip, just like every year.


Everybody goes crazy!


Come on!

My shot.

Oh no!

Oh, sorry, honeybun!

I didn't mean to hit it so far. Now you'll have to get it.

It's no big deal...

Ow, ow... What's the matter?

Boy, does that hurt! I sprained a mandible or twisted an antenna...

Legs... paralyzed!

Oh, you've gotta get that acorn!

But... you shot it really far out there.

You! Valiant friend! Don't abandon us.

You're our only hope.

We can play with something else.

Never! It came from my great-grandmother!

Didn't you say you found it in the forest?

It's been in the family for generations! Please, honeybunny!

I'm begging you!

Oh, the pain!

OK! I'll do it. Just stop calling me bunny, OK?

I'm only doing this because we're best friends.



Will we really fly across the sea? Absolutely!

And the desert too?

Yes, Lisa. And the desert too.

Now go and get plenty to eat. To stock up for the long journey.

This is the one time I'll let you stuff yourselves. Go on.

Sounds good to me!

Oh yes...

Once we get there, we'll find a separate bush for the two of you.

Young lovebirds need their privacy.

We're not... Dad!

What are you saying? Did you eat a bad blueberry? Willy and I aren't together.

You kids must be as blind as bats!

Only you haven't noticed you're made for each other.

It's as plain as the beak on my face!



I'll be back shortly, lovebirds.

Get everything ready for our departure.

I'm counting on you.

One foot in front of the other.

Keep walking... get the acorn... What is that?

A radioactive mutant coyote!

No, just branches.

OK, let's not panic. There is nothing dangerous out here, just trees.

Just big, twisty black trees with claws!

Right! Focus!

No acorn left behind! Get that little soldier.

Hey, little guy!

We're gonna get you out of here.

What was I scared of?

Red alert! Abandon acorn!

Please... Somebody...


That's just what I was gonna say. Help me!

Help you? Help me!

Please, somebody! Please help!

I can't, sorry! I... I got some dust in my eye!

I'm allergic to pollen! Are you still there?


OK, I am, but listen... I'm uh...

. I-m gonna go get help! DON'T go!

I'm begging you! Hurry!

OK, but let's do this quick and you better not be bleeding!

I cannot stand blood!


Well, you don't look so good...

You gotta help me, little fella...

I don't have much time left. OK, but we can't stay here.

My family has to leave before winter comes.

It's a matter of life and death!

We'll get you home and you'll be just fine!

Man, you're heavy!

If my children don't leave for Africa right away, they'll all die!

You want me to help? We just met and I'm not exactly the hero type.

You've got to go find Karl, my nephew!

He's the only one who can get them to Africa.


Karl. If I'm still alive in 10 minutes, I'll tell him.

How much do you weigh? He must change the usual route to avoid the iron birds! They're all over our route this year.

Just a suggestion: Give up carbs.

The iron birds, promise me you'll tell Karl!

Yeah, sure.

Promise me!

I promise. He's got to go the way of the pointed rocks, then the river with the fireflies, then change directions till the sea.

Karl's got a 6th sense... if he can just learn to hear it, to follow it.

This is a lot of information.

Can you repeat the first part?

You must tell them!

OK, OK! "Karl," "pointed rocks,"

"fireflies," "6th sense," I got it. Now let's get out of here!


Daddy! Where are you?

Something's wrong. He was only supposed to be gone for a couple of minutes.

Over here!

No! Daddy!



Listen to the yellow bird...


Yellow... bird... Daddy?



Hey! You!


Who are you? What were you doing here?

I... I...

I'm sorry.

Karl, what do we do?


Are you Karl?

Ladybug? Are you going to Africa for the winter?

Yes. But without Darius...

Without Darius? You're gonna need him!

What? Need him? For what? Need him for what?

To get you to Africa! OK, OK!

Listen, buggy, we're a pretty tight group.

We've been through a lot without dragging along a skinny yellow bird.

Wait a minute. "Yellow bird?"

Pay no attention to the ladybug.

She lives alone, she's crazy.

It's true. This guy is the only one who knows the new route.

The new route?

You can't take last year's route because of the iron birds.

Only he knows how to avoid them!

Iron birds?! This is insane.

We are listening to a raving insect!

Did you speak to my father? Yes. I tried to help him.

It was your father's final wish.

Could you excuse us for a moment?

Are you crazy? Karl is supposed to lead them.

Not if only you know the way.

I don't know the way!

Sure you do! Just follow the old man's clues.

Pointed rocks, fireflies... It's easy.

You have as much instinct as any other bird.

You left the house. Just keep going!

Just... keep on... going?

It's your chance, honeybun, to be a part of a real flock.

You'll never be alone out there.

But what about you?

I can't leave you behind.

This has all been very weird. So, if you can give me the new route, we'll get out of here.

Darius told me the way.


And he made me promise to take you there.

Impossible. I'm the next in line.

A promise is a promise.

Come on quick!

Let's fly!

Oh no! Help!

Fleck! Willy!

No, that way!


Hey you! Wait for us!

Fleck, you're alright?

Thanks, buddy. You saved his life.

Hi! I'm Willy, the worried older brother.

My father placed us under your wing.

So, which way do we go now?

Let's all just calm down here!

Don't listen to a stranger. Why change...

Karl, don't forget Dad's last words: "Listen to the yellow bird".

Right! Darius says "yellow bird". 2 minutes later, a yellow bird shows up!

This is nonsense!

Darius talked to you? What did he say?

Well, he made me promise to take you to Africa. He said that?

Yeah, he did. Crazy, right?

Because I've got a 6th sense.

A 6th sense?! Ridiculous! I'm the only one with a 6th sense.

The pointed rocks!

The pointed rocks! It's this way!

Apparently you're not the only one!

Hold on! The stars aren't even lined up!

That's bad luck! We're against the wind!

And why isn't anyone listening to me?


It's the pointed rocks, just like he said! Wow!

Something is telling me we have to find... a river with fireflies.

Yep, I'm getting a vibe. A vibe?

I'm getting a vibe myself. A different vibe.

Go on!

Fly away, honeybun. I did it. I'm so proud.

Wait... Who'll be my best friend now?

May the migration go smoothly, may the wind be at our backs, may the sun shine, not too warm, keep the northerly breeze not too cold.

If you set the temperature at 65 degrees, that'd be nice.

Hey, Maggie, are you praying or giving us the weather forecast?

Let's see, river with the fireflies...

River with the fireflies...

This is crazy. Crazy, right?

We should just take last year's route, which is in the opposite direction!

And come across the iron birds?

Get torn to shreds? Cut into pieces with flesh like confetti...

We get the message, Janet.

Do you think these iron birds really exist?

Well, of course.

Thank Birdness, you popped up with the plan to avoid them, eh, mastermind?

Oh, "mastermind", that's such a strong word.

Well, if Darius picked you... Where you fly, we follow.

Well, yes, ma'am.

You can call me Janet! I'm the mother of that stubborn Karl.

I'm also Delf's aunt and I'm married to this one.

Michka. Delighted. What's your name?

Well, uh, Ladybug calls me honeybun.

Honeybun? No, your real name?

Well, I don't really have one.

That's it! Fireflies!

It really is a river of fireflies.

Hey look. See?

He does know the way!

You know, I wanted to thank you, leaving your house and friends behind for us. It's very brave.

Brave? Me? Oh, well... Yes, you are.

For a little bird, a non-migrator, this is a big journey.

You got that right. Africa is, what... at least 3 or 4 hours from here.

You're funny! And a real optimist!

You need to be, when you think about all the dangers.

Right, right. All those dangers just waiting, huh?

Dangerously lurking.

Ha! Hilarious... Maybe we should take a pit stop.

A little break sounds good. Gotta think of the old-timers!

My wings don't flap as well now!

And I'm getting a little hungry.

You're not a little anything!

Doesn't it look like the South of France?

It's probably the south South of France. Or even already Spain.

Why did we stop here? It's the pits.

And it stinks. Maybe it's an "arm" pit!

Miss Delf said to stop in the city, 'cause it's warmer here. It's a great thing called pollution.

Right, Miss Delf? Correct, Lisa.

She said that's correct!

Hey, look!

Free food!

Hey, guys, can I ask you...

Excuse me... Beat it!

Move it, shorty. Find another corner!

Take off, Twiggy-

I just want to know which way to get to Africa!


For a little fella, he sure got some bounce!

We're being led by a moron!

That hurt!


Delf! Janet! It's too dark! I've got dark-aphobia!

What're you doing?

Sorry, I was just in there inspecting the...

Forget it. Let's get outta here. This place stinks.

Well yes, we were waiting for you.

We need to pull everybody together. This detour thing is...

Well, Karl is nervous about it.

Listen, I don't think this is gonna work out.

It's too dangerous. I gotta go home, lots of housework.

I've got a bug to feed. What?

Here's what I'm thinking:

Do we really need to go to "Africa" Africa?


There's gotta be a ton of nice places that are a lot closer than Africa.

Places very "Africa-like", you know?

OK. I get it. I knew it was too good to be true.

Why'd you help us out, save an entire family, just 'cause of a promise to a dying bird?

No big deal. We'll go our separate ways, we'll be fine.

I'm sure you will. Fantastic!

Bye. Lovely. Really. Bon voyage!

We'll survive for 6, maybe 7 days on our own.

Don't worry about it. We'll just make them count.

Nah, well, it's just it's a lot farther than I thought. I'm not built for this.

I'm sure Karl will be very happy to take over.

Stop making excuses! If my father wanted Karl to lead us, he would have said so. But he asked you. He must've had a good reason.

I really can't think of one. Plus, he didn't really...

My dad was never wrong, never.

Maybe he saw you had a good heart, you wouldn't leave us in the lurch.

And you had a 6th sense.

He had like a "6th sense" sense? Like a 7th sense?

You are a bit weird, it's true.

But my father could spot potential.

He saw right away you were something special.

I've finished my speech. You're supposed to say: "Yes, Delf, you're right", I had my doubts, but you turned me around."

Sorry, my 6th sense must be off.

Pull yourself together, honeybun!

You, here?

Trying to convince you to lead our migration.

I'm not really here. Not here?

Yeah, you do seem a little absent.

Maybe that knock on your head...

So, you hear what I say? Maybe she's right about the knock.

I'll tell you another thing: You can't leave them in the lurch!

I can't? That's right!


I mean, I can't leave you all in the lurch.

That's what I think.

It's time to take charge.

Time to take charge. Really?

Follow your instincts. I'll follow my instincts.

- Besides, she's cute. You're cute.

Excuse me?

Sorry! That was my 6th sense talking!

Yeah, it's working now.

So, you'll keep going? Yeah, OK!

I can sense what's ahead!

Wow, amazing!

You are acting a little weird but amazing!

Let's go!

Fall in line, campers! The sun is rising.

We've got an Africa to get to!

I am not moving. You can all take off to your doom.

Just go without me. Bon voyage, have fun.

OK. See you next year!

You would take off without me?

Who does that?!

Hey little bro! Ready to fly?



Thanks, pal!

Sorry about that.

No problem.

I love kids. Just not for breakfast.

You have to put on some weight, bro.

Catch a strong breeze, you'll wind up in China!

Don't sweat it. Your wings will grow soon! So will your voice.

You think so? 'Cause I gotta say, I've really had it with this voice!

Hey kid, why are all the others going in the opposite direction?

That's weird. They probably don't have all the latest info, like myself.

I should let them know. I'll be right back.

Hey, guys! Excuse me. I'm in a bit of a jam here.

Funny story: I got some kooky directions.

You wouldn't happen to know which way is Africa?

And how about South? You know which way is South? Oh, forget it!

I don't know what my 6th sense is telling me.

My other 5 senses have gotten us lost.

Trust yourself. You'll find a path...

Really? You got me into this mess, you get me out! You tell me the path.

Sorry, honeybun! Bad connection... I'm losing contact.

How convenient!

I knew it! You don't have a clue where we are, do you?

Sure I do...

Don't insult me, Yellow-nerd. I'm just being social!

You're not. You're lost, you're just a con man!

We're no closer to Africa than when we started.

So, let's out the charade. Go tell everyone what's really going on.

You and I both know by now we should've already reached...

The sea! Yippee!

Yeah! We're at the sea!

What is the sea, Miss Delf?

It's what lies between us and Africa, Gigi.

There it is! There's the sea, right where it was supposed to be!

It's all part of the plan. I did it!

That's basic migration math, really.

After the fireflies, I plotted a perpendicular line to the sub-cutaneous cloud bank, the one shaped like a kitty cat.

I just had a feeling.

We should stop for the night before we cross.

What a nice place to stay!

So lucky we found it!

I wonder where the others are! Welcome to the Beachfront Tree, the finest accommodation on the coast!

Sir? We're having a special on our vacation suites, room service included.

I thought the season was over, sir...

Shut up. This is extra-business, putz.

Aren't you expecting other travelers?

You know, crossing the Mediterranean?

Ain't that like half a world away?

Mediterranean. Oh, of course!

So many guests visit the Mediterranean here!

Lots of tourists, day and night.

Busy like bees. But we don't have bees.

Clean bill of health. What? Oh yeah...!

But he said the season was over.

No, no! You're just early!

Lucky you're the first here.

'Cause after that, it's booked, booked, booked!

Wait. Excuse me.

Can we back up a sec? What do you mean we're "early"?

Where are we exactly? In Holland.

This is Spain. Just look all around you at the lovely Spanish scenery.

Spain over there, Spain over here. Spain left and right. Look behind you, more Spain!

Yeah, you won't get much more Spanish than us!

Bien-vah-neeedo! Olé! I've been to Spain.

Where are the olive trees?

Where...? Frozen.

Dead, all of them. Just like that, CLACK! Such a disaster.

My wife and I wept!

Wept and wept! Especially her. She just kept saying:

"Where are my olive trees?"

Boy, what a painful time in our lives that was.

Wow! Yeah!

Sounds like a national tragedy. "Olive-Apocalypse," we called it.

"It'll never look like Spain!" I said.

It makes it look nothing like Spain.

Terrible, right?

You know, with global warming, globalization and whatnot, everything looks the same, wherever you are!

Take this hole. One of our luxury suites.

Low fungus, no sap, ventilation marvelous.

Had a bald eagle stay here once, true story.

Follow me, folks. I have a nice room for you all.

Boy oh boy! I could get used to this. Not with this sea air.

I'm starting to freeze!

You never had a real first name? That's awful!

Nah, it's just that my parents never had time to give me one before I was...

I've got a few names we could call you.

You must have thought about choosing one?

Uh, no. You know what? It never came up.

What about "Scatterbrain"?

Or "Chicken Wings"?

Enough, Karl! Don't pick on him. He's had that his whole life.

Not my whole life...

Of course the poor thing never had a name.

So small he's been forgotten. Just a bundle of feathers.

Bring a dish of crunchy maggots to my room.

Right away, sir.

You're gonna love 'em. The best in Holland.

Holland? Holland!

I meant Spain... You said "Holland!"

No, no. "Hollan-daise sauce," amigo!


How did you get such a sense of direction if you're not a migrator?

He must have an internal compass like homing pigeons.

Are you part pigeon on your mother's side?

Something like that...

Who sent you? Where are you taking us?

Into a trap? What?

To get rid of us? Karl, what're you doing?

Karl, stop it! Willy, stay out of this. It's true.

Calm down, son! What's this all about?

He's an imposter.

And we're in Holland, not Spain! He's leading us straight North! He's probably against migrators. You're sabotaging us!

Karl, we're here by the sea.

On the coast of Holland!

That's North!

When will you people wake up?

Please, where are we?


Well? You're trusting rodents now?

They're a bunch of liars!

Hey, that's "Anti-Rat"!

Sorry, this is just a little family problem.

Just "a little family problem"!

No matter what I say, my family never seems to listen to me!

What's your problem with me, huh?

Am I too ambitious? Do I speak my mind? Maybe I'm too modest?

I'm too loud for you, am I?


Well, yes.

OK, in a word, yes, right.

Right on the button.

Well, you won't have to put up with me anymore.

I'll go find another family, one that will take me as I am.

You mean super-obnoxious? Max!

Karl, we gotta stick together. Gotta calm down, sweets.

Relax. You're far too tense.

I'm not "too tense"!

Let's take a little flight.

I hear the oxygen is really pure up here, but we gotta fly real high.

I'm not "too tense"!

Max, come with us. You'll like this.

Do I gotta?

Don't get back too late, OK?

Go easy on the oxygen. Max is still young!

Goodnight, you two.

I'm really sorry about Karl.

Delf, you know, Karl's not as bad as all that.

He's right about... some things.

Don't doubt yourself again. Africa is right across the sea.

Why are you so sure? You've come through.

Show off a little! Why is that so hard for you?

It's just that...

I'm not a migrator, that's all.

Maybe my 6th sense is... kind of senseless.

It'll be over soon. We're almost there. Then you're free to go.

You're afraid that once we get there, we won't let you leave.

That we'll make you lead us back home, then depend on you year after year.

Is that it?

Let me tell you...

A friend of my dad's is waiting for us.

A veteran migrator. And once we're in Africa, he'll take us under his wing until one of us can take over.

So, can you just get us to him?

I think so. What's his name?

His name? Yeah, you know... His name!

His name is...

Sass... Saaa...



Sam? O.


O... O'Coole!

"Sam O'Coole"?

Yes! Sam O'Coole!

He's... Irish!

Sam O'Coole?

That is the coolest name ever!

He is cool. If you get us to him, after that you'll be free, I promise.

You can go home to your friend Ladybug, she can call you "honeybun" all day long. I bet you miss that a lot.

Yeah... Well, uh...


Promise. Until you're in good hands with Sam O'Coole.

Fantastic. Alright. Goodnight.

Yes, g-goodnight.

Sorry, I'm just... Excuse me.

See you tomorrow.

I'm OK! I'm fine!

I'm just gonna go stretch my legs.

It's mine! No, it's mine.

No way! That was mine!

Stop it! Mommy said we weren't supposed to...

No, it's mine! Ow!

Hey! Some of us are trying to sleep!

Quiet down now!

I told you no fruit flies indoors!

We don't play with food! Now brush your feathers and go to bed!

Hey, kids! You want a bedtime story?

Nah, give us a break. No, thanks.

Nah, give us a break.

Pity. It was a story about the iron birds.

Is it a really scary story?

Are there people who get chased and scream like...

Well, to tell you the truth, we don't know much about the iron birds.

All we know is, there are more and more of them.

But no-one's ever seen an iron bird egg.

So, they must come from another planet!

6th sense, 6th sense, pfft!

I don't even know if I have 5 senses!

Now, if the North Star is over there, that must be the evening star in relation to the constellation of "I've-no-idea-what-I'm-talking-about!"

Well, don't look at me!

I'm not an astronomer.

Excuse me, ma'am?

Huh? Ma'am?

Sir! Sorry. Good evening.

Where exactly are we?

On the beach!

Yes, I know that, thank you.

I mean, in relation to Africa?

That's the Mediterranean there, right?

Not quite, pal. Sorry to say, Africa's not around the corner either.

Oh, no!

The Equator, the tropical countries, which way are they?

Oh, you'll have to ask my wife about that.


Coming, honey! I'm just shopping for dinner!

OK, babydoll, but this young fella wants some directions to the Equator.

The Equator? Oh, that's easy.

It's at right angles to the trajectory of the setting sun, opposite the North Star.

Is he staying for dinner? No, thanks.

Any tips for finding my bearings out there?

Oh, well, you know, Marjorie and I never go anywhere on vacation.

He never takes me anywhere.

"We're fine where we are", he says!

She loves it here.

I'm totally useless.

What're you saying that for?

I've been leading a whole family in the wrong direction.

Just because I wanted to see the world.

I was only thinking of myself and I put everyone in danger. What'll I do?

I think I know exactly what you need.

Come here.

Well, how do we feel now?

Crushed... by love!

Did I tell ya or did I tell ya?

Breathe it in! The good stuff!


The stars all floaty...

See that unicorn?

You won't be able to fly in a straight line tomorrow!

What do you say? Maybe a little higher?

I'm very impressed!

It even worked on the big ones. In the master's hands!

So full of yourself! Ls Fleck in bed too?

Yes. In the hole right across from us.

Where could he have gone?

It's good to crack up with you guys, because I love you guys!

I love you!

But you don't love me. No, you don't love me.

We do love you, man, we do.

What is that?

It's my heart beating out love for you guys.

An iron bird!

Fleck! Where are you?

Fleck! Answer me!



Oh, no, he wants to try to fly!

Fleck! No!

Iron bird!

We saw an iron bird!







Oh, my little brother! You're alright.

Don't ever do that again!

Sorry. We didn't see the little guy on the cliff.

Yeah! We're at the sea.

You saved him again! Thanks, super hero.

Don't thank me, thank him!

Thank the blubber!

Really, thanks for everything!

I know what to do now. Goodnight.


Thanks again.

Delf, I have... something to tell you.

I think I know, Mr. Hero.

You do? I've seen you look at me.

That's not it! I'm sorry.

I mean, it could be, but not what I was...

That was stupid of me to assume...

Wow, Delf. You really stepped into that one. Excuse me.


I do look at you! I'm looking at you now... leaving.

Why is it so hard to tell her the truth?

Yellowbird! Wake up!

There are lots in this tree.

Go! Go! I'll catch up!

What kind of a racket are you...

That's it! I'm staying somewhere else next season.

No! Don't go that way!

Delf! Delf!

Hey! Hey, Stop!

Everybody stop! Look who's back.

Delf, wait!

Look, I don't need an apology.

It's not what I'm trying...

Get us across the sea if my father's wishes mean anything to you.

That's it! I don't think this is the right sea!

What's going on? You're making everyone nervous.

Everyone, listen to me! I think we should head back.

Enough already! Hey! There's a headwind up ahead. And a big bank of scary-looking clouds.

We should listen to him and head back.

Too late for that!

Too late?

From the smell of it, that storm is gonna hit us.

So what do we do, son?

We need to drop some altitude and get under the wind tunnel.

Then, try to spot somewhere to land, a bank of seaweed or the tip of a rock.

I don't like this.

Can you guys see anything?

No, not yet!

Stay under the wind but above the water! I know it's hard!

Mom! The Wind's making me cold.

Hang on, Anton. We'll land soon.

If we can find somewhere... We don't have much time.

Wait a minute! Over there!

We have to wait till the storm blows over.

The kids are hungry.

They'll never reach the coast with empty bellies.

Maybe there's something to eat down there.

Any other bright ideas?

Karl, listen to him for once.

For once! Excuse me, Delf! Right from the very start, we've followed every suggestion of this total s-s-stranger!

How long will he be a stranger?

We're in a pretty bad situation, Delf honey.

He couldn't have predicted the storm!

Isn't that what a 6th sense is for?

Say something.

I... I...

I'd shut it. It's no time to make a speech.

I'll look for food. Wait up!

I'm coming with you.

Willy, go with them. Michka and I will go this way. The rest of you, stay where you are.

Hey! Wait for us.

Why is Karl being such an idiot?

You can't say he's completely wrong.

You're siding with him?

I'm not the only one. Look where we are, Delf!

You've got a crush on him... What? No!

That's not it! It's OK if you do.


I can hardly see a thing.

And it smells like a garbage dump.

Please tell me that was your stomach.

See how Delf sticks up for that yellow bird?

Yeah... well... I...

Where's Anton?

Your eyeballs popped right out of your heads!

OK, scaredy-birds! I get the point.

Maggie, give me a hand!

The children!

They must be in trouble. We gotta go back!

Don't panic! Keep calm! Yes, right!


DON'T PANIC! Calm down.

Right... Sure.

Let me catch my breath. This way!

Mommy, I really don't feel too good.

You'll be fine, honey. You can eat something...

Listen! There are zombies all over the place!

We've got to get out. If we can remember where we came from, we can go the same way. The kids are exhausted.

You have a better solution? Stop sneaking up on us! What'll we do?

We can't stay here!

We can't go back into the storm!

That's enough! From now on, I call the shots!

Anyone who doesn't agree with what I say will have to go it alone! Understand?


Get the kids out. We'll take care of Karl!

Come on, kid.

Alright! Fleck, what're you doing?

No sweat, Mich! I've got it covered!

Fleck, no!


We did it, guys!

Bravo, little brother! That was one supersonic flight!


They're birds just like us!

Come on! We can still save them!

We're safe!

Oh no! We're caught in a stream of cold air!

We must slow down! We're heading North!

Hold on to me! I can't!

Go and warm up the kids instead, Willy.

They need you. Go.

We're all gonna die here in the cold!

Because of you. Oh Karl, please.

I should've taken over from Darius!

But he picked you. Why would he do that?

He didn't.

You're right, Karl. I lied.

I lied to all of you. I was just a messenger.

Darius just wanted me to tell Karl to take over.

He said it was your time to lead.

Darius said that?

I'm sorry.

I wanted to be part of the flock.

I had no idea it would... How could you do that to us?

I trusted you!

I tried to tell you so many times.

I never wanted to hurt you.

I am so, so sorry.

Wait! Delf...

Let him go.



It's the dumbest idea I ever heard!

I don't think the iron birds are dangerous.

They swallow humans, but spit them out somewhere else.

You're out of your mind. We'll all get killed!

This guy is both a liar and a numbskull.

No offense. No, that's right.

The reason we changed our path was to avoid the iron birds, not to serve ourselves up as appetizers!

We don't know if they eat birds.

Miss Delf, are we gonna be eaten up by the iron birds?

Don't worry, Gigi, that's not the plan.

I don't know. The stories we've heard!

Just stories. This might be our only hope.

Or the worst idea ever.

That Yellowbird has gotten us into enough jams. He's never been straight with us. This is a dangerous, untested plan.

He's not qualified to lead this group in any way!

You realize that? That's enough! Stop!

Listen up or I'll turn your earrings into guts! I'll eat your teeth till your mother looks like pigeon puke!

No, it's actually "I'll rip out your guts" and I won't eat your teeth...

I deeply apologize to your mother.

What I mean is, I know I'm responsible for our troubles.

But I also know that if we stay here, we're going to die.

If we try this plan, we have a chance to survive.


I'll go with a maybe. Me too.

Me too. Count me in.

Heck, my whole life is a maybe. Let's do this.

Yeah, alright.

The cold must've frozen your bird brains!

OK... but... which one?

That one.

I don't want you to see this.

Aw, Mom!

OK, we're good to go!

Oh, boy! That's cold!

Now what?

We go in there.

Into its behind?

As soon as their backs are turned...

Now's our chance!

Wait! Where's Karl?

Stay here!

Karl, we gotta go!

Quick! You can all doom yourselves. I won't!

I can't believe this!

What's that?

Let me go!

I won't leave you.

Oh no!

Come on!

The door is closing!

Get in there, Karl! Go!

Is this normal? I think we're flying!

Karl... What?

Thank you.

Don't mention it. OK.

I mean it. We don't ever mention it again.

Ever, you hear?

You should come and see this!


So wonderful to be back!

Look at this splendid view.

It's beautiful!

Even better than I remember.

We did it, guys. Hurray!


Yeah, man!

Now we stay put for 6 months.


Where do you think you're going?

Well... you're in Africa.

I'll just leave you guys alone.

You can't go now.

You don't need me now. You just have to find Sam O'Coole.

Sam O'Coole? Wow! What kind of made-up-on-the-spot name is that?

You're joking, right?

Only a turkey falls for that! Wait...

Delf, when you said...

And I said... So the whole time...

I'm such an idiot.

No, I don't think so.

You sure took me for a ride. Sam O'Coole.

No-one can carry off that name. Someone could.

I mean the Sam part.

"Sam!" Yeah!

It suits you perfectly. Totally!

You need a real first name, right?

You're not getting a say in this. If all this yelling and judging and pecking at each other doesn't make us family, I don't know what does.

We froze in a snowstorm, and I was right...

Karl! Drop it!

OK. Riding those iron birds was a pretty good idea...


Hey, little fella, you're part of the flock now.

Well done, honeybun! I'm so proud of you!

Maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you don't mind?

You did ever so well, Sam.

Hey! We gotta celebrate this.

Let's go.


Subtitles: J. Miller, a.s.i.f.

Subtitling: Ymagis