Gut (2012) Script


I'm going to steal your nose... Gotcha!

Dad, give it back.

Bye girls.

Bye Dad! Be back in 10 minutes!

He always gets my nose...

Oh, no!

It's Carl Weathers and he's got a gun!





Now the zombie, Carl Weathers!

Carl Weathers, zombie! He's gonna eat brains!

That's good...



Wanna get some food?

What's with you lately?

What do you mean? What I mean?

You're always so distracted all the time, and you never use to leave that much food on your plate.

What are you? My fucking mother? Just an observation.

That is all.

Yeah. Guess, you get a lot going on.

Yeah, I think I may need a vacation or something.

Or maybe I'm just bored, I don't know.

I know what you need.

Beer, junk food and, most importantly, another horror movie all nighter.

Fortunately, unlike some pussy with motherfuckers I know, I am talking about you, by the way.

I still have all the above in-house and I for one can't think of anything better tonight than to waste it with your sorry ass.

Why didn't you call for the love of a channel "The Living Dead 3" action.

Mindy Clarke...

Mindy Clarke...

She's still the queen. Fuck yeah!

Oh, but what could your questionnaires possibly have lined up for tonight anyway.

Well, me and the other "crusty ones" I live with actually had plans to eat dinner and watch the latest Pixar flick.

What? The last one look like garbage!

Talking fruits? I mean, come on...

How does did even compare to what I'm offering?

Look, I promised Katie.

Yeah. Yeah... Katie...

Dude, we're not 15 anymore.

Besides, aren't you getting tired of watching the same old cheesy hard-flicks all the time?

Fine, we can see what's new if you want.

I'm sure we can find something.

Not tonight, I can't. Sorry.

We never hang out anymore.

We're hanging out now, aren't we?

We're on lunch. You asshole.

You know what?

I'll see you back there, okay?

You're all good?


Thanks. You're welcome.

Light time, Dad.

Light time...

Baby, it's still hard...

Did you...? Yeah.

Of course.

Are you for some lunch?


Well, I'm bagging it.

Well, my momma gave me lunch money today, so I'm heading out!

Have fun. I will.

Alright pal.

We're here with Tom Nelson, actor and star of the upcoming horror film by Dan Jones.

- Tom... may I call you Tom? You're an idiot.

Tom, what was it that impressed you into the part of psychopathic killer Fred Vorley?

Man, stop... I don't... Stop this shit.

Let me rephrase the question for you.

How many dicks did you have to suck to get the part?

Man, fuck you!

Do you enjoy the taste of penis in your mouth?

- Fuck you! Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Be very careful with that, please.

Now, it's on you, asshole.

How do you feel to have written and directed the worst piece of shit that has ever gone into a camera?

Thanks man. It feels great. Can I have my fucking camera back?

Please don't let it fall. Please don't do it.

Oh, you dropped that camera! I swear to God...

- Balls on your chin. Palls on my chin?

Balls resting on your chin. Give me that fucking camera!


Hey, Dan!

No, no. He's still upstate. I thought I told you.

We're looking for a new place.

Oh, we've talked about it before, but you know...

Tom really hasn't been very happy at work lately, and... you know, we just thought it was time to get out of the city.

I remember that he told you.

Oh, no, no no, no. We are still at the beginning stages.

You know how long these things can take.

Of course.

Later tonight.

Yeah, absolutely.



Talk to you later. Bye.

Have a nice trip?

What are you doing here?

I hear you're moving.

We are looking.

When were you gonna tell me about it? Or were you even going to tell me at all?

I really haven't told anyone yet. We've only started looking last week.

How could you not tell me?

I mean, did you find another job? How far away are you moving?


It's late, Dan.

Go home. I'll see you at work tomorrow.

So that's it? You just going to blow me off?

Go home, Dan.

You're supposed to be my friend.

You're making that kind of difficult right now.

Go home. We'll talk tomorrow.

Why are you leaving? I said we'll talk about it later!

Hey, hon, what's going on?

Oh hi, Dan.

Are you coming in soon?

Just a second, honey. Okay.

Go home, Dan. Get some sleep.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Yeah, okay.

We'll talk tomorrow.



So, when you planning on moving?

Probably some time over the spring.


It depends on how soon we can close on the house.

What about work?

We got some savings.

You know, if I can't lock a job down right away...

I can always do some work for Lily's father.

Hope we won't come down to that.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wanted to.

I just...

I don't know. I just didn't know how to...

bring it up. You know?

I wasn't sure how you'd react. You know, I'm sorry about that, I am.


You're my best friend, you know?

I'm glad that you guys worked everything out.

So, how did you like the movie?


What movie?

The Pixar thing you ditched me for last week.

Oh, yeah. It's... pretty much what I expected, you know.

It's fun enough. Well... with that sterling recommendation, I'll be sure to rent it.

I'm sure you will.

What's with you today?

You've been acting extra doofy all morning.

See some good horror porn lately?


Well, this now I have to hear about. No, this you have to see to believe.

Why don't you come over tonight and I'll show you?

I mean, unless of course you are...

You're not really going to call me chicken, are you?

No no, I was going to say you're in office.

You know, cause your ball, you know, the ball sac is without the balls, so it's just a little... it's dangling in the wind.

It's gone with the wind, really.

Your nuts are just wandering around looking for a home... and they can't find one, because your sac has got no nuts.

Alright, alright, yes. I'll be there. Done.

Alright. After work, my place. And bring the balls.

You know, if you can find them.

Hey, is causing trouble over now?

No, no.

Enjoy. Thanks Sally.

Thank you.

Damn, she's got a nice ass.

So, what do you think?

What do I think?

Yeah, I mean...

Do you think it's real?

Feels real, doesn't it?

Where did you get this?

I... I ordered it online, you know?

Some underground website.

Huh, figured what the fuck..

I got to go. Hey, wait man!

Hang on for a bit, have another beer.

Don't you want to talk about it?

Talk about it?

What the fuck is there to talk about?

You had me worried there.

That makes two of us.

You should have told me.

You wouldn't have believed me. So what?

You still should have told me.

What the hell were you thinking?

You said you were bored.

And you thought that would help? No, I don't know, I mean...

Last hardly slept at all last night.

What about you?

Dude, that shit kept me up all night.

Do you think there's any more of them out there?

Oh no! I mean...

We could find out...


Don't even go there... You need to get rid of that shit.

Destroy it, that's what you need to do.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Cheese, you're a little Speedy Gonzalez today, aren't you?

I am Speedy Katie, not Speedy Gonzalez.

I don't know... What does Dad think?

What? What does Daddy think about what?

Get Daddy, get Daddy! Get Mommy, get mommy...!

I'm gonna get you! Get Mommy!

Ready? I'm going in! I'm going in... For a bite!

Hello there, cowboy... What's got you so spooked?

You're telling me, it's not like all me.

What's the password?

Password is... "I'm tired."

You're tired? What is going on with you?

What's going on with me?

It's funny coming from you.

If you haven't noticed, I was just throwing myself at you back there.

So what? I'm suppose to flip whenever you want me to?


Growing boys need to clean their plate.

That's right, I'm just not that hungry today.

Even after last night?

See you later. Bye, Dad.

Look who it is.

My two favorite troublemakers. Anything to drink for you today?


You look really nice today, Sally.

You know what? I am thinking of bucking the trend here.

What do you recommend for a day like today?

I think I've got just the thing for you!

I can't wait.

Did you just...? I did, didn't I?

I'll tell you, man, She's got fire in her belly.

You're not serious.

Half an hour late for work, hitting on the waitress...

You're just full of surprises!

It ain't over yet, brother!

Here you go, hon. Need some more time?

I think we're ready.

I'll take the cheeseburger deluxe, medium... and I think our friend over here knows what he wants.

I will have the cheeseburger deluxe with swiss.

Medium rare would be fine.

Nice choice.

Man, the look on your face...

So... why so late today?

Check my P.O. Box.

Since when do you have a P.O. Box?

Since they replaced my mailman with a fucking retard.

No, really... he is a actually a retarded mailman.

I thought I told you about that. Anyway, I wouldn't have been late... but I had to wait in line, at the window, to pick up a package, oh I don't know, about...

... yea big ...

You didn't... we agreed! Come on!

Besides I already ordered it before.

You have to get rid of it. Come on!

Don't "Come on" me, get rid of it!

What kind of cheese is that again?


American it is.

You two behave yourselves while I'm gone.

We could still watch it first.

Want another beer?


Do you want to watch it again?

Dude, it's very late.


You have it?

- Drop it! Give me the ball.

Let go.

- Go on. Let it go.

Stop it!

You're awfully quiet today.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

I think we need to give her a puppy.



Why don't you join me?

It's um... it's on me.

Big Spender! You sure know how to treat a girl.

I'll tell you what:

Why don't we upgrade that to dinner and drinks?

Anywhere but here.

Just name the place.

Do you have a car?

Cause I don't.

Finished already?


Just need a glass of water, hon.

I'll get up in a sec.

Are you bringing it for me to fill?

Sure thing.

Go back to sleep, I'll be right there.

You download those already?

I thought for sure they'd become a permanent part of your collection.

Didn't keep 'em, you know. I've got other copies anyway.

I can't keep these in my house.


You made copies?

How many copies did you make? Just those.

We have to get rid of all of them.

Yeah, right.

I'm serious.

I heard you the first time.

Did you?

Because we wouldn't be talking about this if you'd done what I asked you to do in the first place.

What the fuck is with you?

What the fuck's with me? What the fuck's with you!

Hey! You know what?

No one had to twist your arm to come over and watch the last one, okay?

Just get rid of them.

I told you I'll take care of it.

And don't order any more.

I wasn't planning to.

But don't worry. I won't tell you if I do.



Why does he get to go first?

I should be the first, I'm still growing!

This means that your mom's old fashioned, that's all.

And what's that got to do with anything?

It just means that I have a soft spot for your dad.

So, how's Dan?

You know...

Same old Dan.

Maybe we should have him over for dinner.


I like Dan.

He's silly.

Be right back.

Don't go away.

What can I get you?

Yeah. I'm new.

Wasn't my top choice of employment either but I got to pay the rent somehow.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I was... just expecting someone else.

Yeah, well...

I know I don't exactly fit down to the rest of the old bitties, but... what I don't have in saggy tits and wrinkles, I make up for it with personality.

I'm sure you do.

We're lucky to have you.

You got that right.

Now, do you know what you want or do you need a menu?

Let me guess... coffee?



Look man, my shift's just about over... so why don't you make it easy on me and tell me what you want?

Why don't I just give you another minute.

Is that your friend over there?


Well, it's about time you showed up. He's been waiting for you a long time.


Dan ?

Dan, what's wrong?

You haven't been working two days.

You look like you're coming apart. Now, what the fuck is going on with you?

She's dead.


I killed her.

What di... What the fuck are you talking about?

Sally... Who?


The waitress? Yes, the waitress!

He killed her, okay? To get to me or because of me.

I don't fucking know, okay? I don't...

Calm down. Just... calm down.

Tell me what the fuck... are you talking about.

I notice this in my box.

You know, I didn't... order anything or ask for anything.

It was just there.

You need to close that box.

What the fuck good is that going to do?

He obviously knows where I live, with who I spend my fucking time with!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

What? Where are you going?


Call the police!

We can't tell anyone, okay?

I mean they're going to think it was me. They're gonna think I killed her.

So did you?

What? Did you kill her?

Fuck you.

You have nothing to worry about, do you? Nothing to worry about?

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Look, if you didn't do it. They don't have any evidence.

They can't convict you without evidence.

Well, if I were the last person to see her alive?

You bother to think of that, Perry fucking Mason?

Okay, fuck it.

We'll just have to get down there, open while we still can.

You still have the... the disks and the envelopes in which they came in, right?

We give everything to the cops, we let them sort it out.

What else can we do?


I got rid of everything already. The discs, the envelopes, everything.

What? Why would you do that?

Why the fuck would you do that? Because you told me to get rid of them!

I'm sorry, okay? I... I thought it would keep us safe.

You know what? You know...

Maybe... maybe it's alright. Maybe that's...

Oh fuck! No, no, no! Why... What the fuck were you thinking? Huh?

We're never gonna be safe now!



We'll just have to... tell someone, or...

What about the website?

We can still use it, right? They can track it, right?

There's not really a site exactly, Okay? It's more like a... like a search engine from an anonymous file sharing network, you know?

There are millions of users...

I just wanted to get a hold of some out of print movies, you know? But... you can't always find everything to download, so sometimes I would...

I would just post to my box address and... list what I was looking for, you know? To see if... if people would mail me copies.

You told me you ordered the first one online.

I swear to you, okay? It just showed up in my box.

Well, from then on, they must have got my address from one of my post.

You lied to me!

Why would you fucking do that?

I didn't mean to. I mean I...

I thought we both were kind of getting something out of it, I mean... you were coming over here and... and we were hanging out... and it was kind of like old times, you know.

And maybe it was fake, anyway. Fake?

Your fucking girlfriend is dead, asshole!

It's real.

It was always fucking real!

And we knew it!

Goddamn it!

What am I supposed to do now, huh?

Where are we going to go?

What am I supposed to tell my wife...

and my daughter?

Don't call me anymore. Don't talk to me at work.

Don't come by my house.

I'm sorry.

Moby, do that. Up, up, up! Look!

Come on, Moby.

Good boy!


Oh, hi!

Not bad. Hold on, I'll go get him.

What? Why not?

What do you mean?



No, I appreciate it.


Okay. Bye.


I know you talked to him.

What did he want?

What did he want?

Just to talk.

To you?

Why not?


I don't know what he said to you, but he's just trying to get in between us.

Between you...

Katie and me.

He's a manipulative, sick, fuck, and we're done.

I don't want to call him. I don't want him coming by.

The sooner we get out of here, the better.

And I'd appreciate it, if you didn't talk to him anymore.

This is really not your decision.

I don't want you talking to him!

I'm talking to you! What the...

What the fuck is wrong with you?


Do you want to?

Do it! Won't you?

Come on! Show me how you really feel!


You couldn't hear yourself.

Come on!

I'm sorry.

It's... okay.

This is Tom.


What do you want?

Alright, I'm hanging up. No, wait, please, don't!

I got nothing to say to you.

Just... just don't hang up, okay?

I don't have time for, I'm at work.

If you want to co-op, that's your own business.

I know. I... I didn't mean you want to see me, so I..

I'm sorry.

It's a little late for that now.

Are we still friends?

I don't know.

I'm sorry! I didn't mean for any of this, you know?

I just need you to be my friend, okay?

I don't know if I can do that, right now.

That's okay, you know... I know you need your space.

Look, maybe... maybe I can call you tonight and we can get a drink or something, you know?

I don't know, man.

I don't know.

I'll call you if I feel enough for it, but... you should probably do your own thing for now, alright? I got to go.

I really wish you'd come.


Drive safely.

Mum, mum, mum...

I'll trade you for a kiss.

Okay. Bye.

Thanks, Dad.


Oh, hi.

Yeah. No, I... figured as much.

How's that going, anyway?


Yeah. Well, no, that's good, right? So...


Yeah, I mean... as long as I won't be imposing...


Okay, um I'll...

I'll see you then.



Nice choice.


Hey, babe.

Oh, no, she's busy with her cartoons.

So..., how did it go?


Oh my God! Baby that's fantastic!

You are so awesome! I am so excited!

Yeah, me too.

Yup, a little bit earlier.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't worry, I'm fine.

What about you guys?

What are you doing?


It seems like a lot of work.

If it turns out okay, I could be persuaded to try it again.

Oh, really?

Well then, I look forward to being persuaded.

Listen um...

I wanted to tell you something.


I just... well, I don't think that's a good idea, he's not...

No, just wait. Before you go over-reacting, just listen.

Yeah, okay.

Well... I just wish you'd talked to me first.

What? No.

Of course not.

Why would I...?

You know what? Just forget it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You do that.


I love you too. Bye.

Oh hi, Dan!

What do you have there?

Come on in.