Gutland (2017) Script

Kyra! Stop it!

Come here!



Do you speak German?

I heard you need someone for the harvest?

Says who?

I heard at the pub.

You do know that the wheat harvest is almost over?

We started two weeks ago.

I don't know how they do it over there...

...but here we find our workers way in advance.

Come. Come.

Now there, nice and calm.

We usually only take on Poles around here.

I won't ask any more than them.

Who said we don't pay them well?

Do you need someone or not?

You're messing up your shoes.

Excuse me.

Paul! Five draught beers please.

Don't worry, I won't keep you from dancing for long.

You're the guy looking for work in the middle of the harvest?

News travels fast.

Welcome to Schandelsmillen.

What's your name?


Yours? Jens.

Did you find work?


Now what?

I'll move on tomorrow.

Lucky you.

I wouldn't stay either if I had a choice.

Fucking small town.

Why don't you leave then?


...I don't have the guts.

But being a farmhand...

Aren't you fed up with always shoveling other people's shit?

As long as I don't own the shit.

Any plans after the harvest?

I'll buy an island in the Pacific.

With what money? My money.

I wouldn't mind that either.

Away from everything.

Can I come?


How rude! So what?

Then you can't come either. Where to?

To my bed.

Are you coming?

Or not?

You're the German, right?

Come on, I'll give you a ride.

Jos Gierens.

Jens. Fauser.

Did you enjoy last night?

The party. Nice, wasn't it?

It was okay.

Not really my thing. Yeah, you're right.

We can't compete with your folk music.

They weren't at their best last night.

Do you play an instrument?


This is Arno Kleyer. He needs a hand for the rest of the summer.


You can start straight away if you agree on the terms.

300 euros a week. Only for this season.

Don't be like that Arno.

Like what? He can live for free up in the caravan.

And he gets fed.

Give him 400.

400. And you can sleep here for free, ok?

Deal. Great.

Thank you.

Don't mention it, you were lucky. Chubby here needed someone.

Show him where he'll be staying.

Everything works.



But the shit you'll have to empty yourself.

Hey Nicole! See you later at the Schlosser's!

Yeah, we'll be there!

Focus straight ahead. You're doing it all by yourself.

Super. A bit to the left.

Here's your water.

Great! You're doing fine.

You came to help? Yes.

A few more bales and we're done.

Hendrik, who was the champ that stacked these?

Get out of the way!

You're falling!

You're already pissed!

A few more... we can make it!

Come on kids, hurry up!

Can you manage, Hendrik?

For fuck's sake!

Come on!

There are none left.

Are you afraid of water?

Last one.

Well organised, as always. Thanks, Irene!

Good evening, everyone!

What a nice crowd you've got here.

Sorry I'm late, I was in a meeting.

I hope you didn't get soaked.

Jos, how are you doing? Mister Mayor, it's about time!

Sit next to me. Sorry, I was in a meeting.

Hendrik, I heard it went well today.

Not bad. With a good team, it's easy.


Wait until you're served!

Josiane, coffee? Yes, please.

Who else for coffee?

Excuse me. Got another beer by any chance?

In the fridge.

In the refrigerator. Thanks.

I still can't believe you actually did it.

Of course I did. Can't you see?

Don't you think? Show us!

They don't believe me.

I did it, look!

Oh my! You slut!

I can't tell the difference.

Aren't they pointing in different directions?


There you are.

Mister Gierens.

Jos, please.


How are the Kleyers treating you?

Can't complain.


Some whiskey?

I'm okay.

Come on, drink up my friend!

What have they got here?

Drink up!

There you go.

Where are you from exactly?


Big-city boy. Very nice!

I lived in Germany myself for a few years.

Bonn, the former capital.

Good times.


Don't you think you'll get bored here?

It's rather provincial, isn't it?

I actually quite like it.

People here are rather...

...simple, don't you think?

They may seem a little distant at first...

...but give them some time.

As soon as they know that you're a decent guy...'ll find nothing but friends here.

That is, as long as you don't...

You know...

...fuck married women.

I better go back to the others.

I know you don't play any instruments, but...

...can you read music? No.

Well, it's not impossible to learn.

So this is where they put you...

Wasn't there room in the house?

I like this better.

I looked for you at the Schlosser's, but you'd already left.

I brought you some stuff.

We don't need them anymore.

Try them on.

See if they fit.

They'll do fine. No, try them on!

Now? Now.

Come on!

Do you have a girlfriend where you come from?


You can tell me, I don't mind.

Where I come from, there are no women.

It fits.

If you lose a bit of weight, it will be perfect.

Can I take it off now?

Did that come from there?

The scar?

Yeah, where you came from.

Can I touch it?

They were rough on you.

Not really.

Sorry about last night.

I could have been a bit nicer to you.

But... maybe I can make it up to you.

This is from Gierens.

He says you should practice a little bit every day.


A trumpet!

Alright cow, don't move.

There you go, bull's eye! Nice shot!

How long until it takes effect?

About three to five minutes.

If you get the muscle.

If she doesn't react by then, I'll have to shoot a second dose.

How much would you need for a human?

One fifth of a dose.

Depending on the character.

You'd need a full dose to get you under control.

When did you last shave?

No idea. Don't you like the beard?

You'd look better without.

If you ask me.

But I'm not asking you.

I thought about it.

You can come along. Where to?

Wherever. No idea.

Don't you want to leave?

I don't know.

What's keeping you here?

Can we wait until the end of the summer?

The corn harvest hasn't even started yet.

Who gives a shit?

You live at your parents', you don't have a job, it sucks!

Don't you like it here with me?

That's not the point.

Lucy, join us for a swim!

Let's go!

Where? For a swim.

Isn't it nice here?


Do you think we came here just to lie around all day?

Yeah, I thought we could just lie here.

Well, I'm going for a swim. Come on!

Come on! Lucy, wait.

No! What? Stay here!

Just because we fucked three times, now you think you own me?

Do what you want!

Here, and here. And now watch how pros do it!

Try to do the same.

It's difficult at first but just try it.

Oh man.

Press them down straight away.

Irina! Irina!

And from you I don't want to hear another word!

I don't have time right now, I'm busy!

You're busy! You're busy!

Next time, you'll hang in the slurry pit!

What have you done this time, Sammy?

What happened? Arno Kleyer here.

The boys were playing with firecrackers in the hayloft.

So, where were we?

Let's try again. Everything in position.

Easy, boy.

How are you?

We'll have four more. And a pack of cigarettes.

The usual? The same, please.

Your first words in Luxembourgish!

Good evening, gentlemen.

Good evening, Josiane. Hello.

What can I get you?

Two beers, please. Sure.

How are things? I'm about to go on holidays.

Nice. Where to? Corsica, for two weeks.

With Luxair Tours. I can't stand the heat.

Interpol sent us down here.

They're looking for three men who held up a casino near Cologne two weeks ago.

They took off with a five-figure amount.


At first they thought the trail had gone cold.

But then our German colleagues found a car matching the description.

Dumped near here after an accident.

Headquarters sent us down to check if you'd seen any shady-looking people round here lately.

We've got a really shady German sitting right here.


Yeah? They're asking about you.

They're looking for a dangerous murderer.

Check out his suspicious behaviour. He's getting all nervous.

Thieves. They haven't killed anyone yet.

Here. Your turn.

Is he working locally?

Yes, at Kleyer's.

He's been coming here for years.

Started on the German side.

But then he found out what you earn on this side of the border!

Six seconds. No, they're six bars.

Six bars. That's one bar.

Don't over-explain. He can't read the notes anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we're ready.

Claude, you too? Good.

We'll continue from where we left off last time.

Everyone know where we're at?

Seventeen, right? Good.

Attention, please.

Okay, let's try again.

Listen to your neighbour.

How many times have I told you. A bit softer on the kettledrums.

Not as hard, alright?

The good old times...

Long long ago...

Look at this one.

That's me. In my mid-twenties.

And here, Arno before he got fat.

Who's this?

No discipline...

Most of us would have been happy with half his talent.

You have to make an effort.

If you want to succeed.

Work hard, like all of us.

And like you, my friend. You played very well today.

It was okay... No, it was very good. Keep it up.

Gentlemen, are you finished?


The others took in his animals, after he disappeared.

Kleyer still has one of his bulls.

Except for this one.

He didn't want to leave.

I tried to take him home, but he ran straight back here.

I've been feeding him here ever since.

Haven't I?

They were inseparable.

You and Georges.

Georges's little baby.

Where did the guy run off to? Who?

This... Ostermeyer.

One day he was just gone.

Didn't come back.

Nobody really knows.

He left everything behind?

He didn't give a shit about anything.

Always looking for trouble.

At war with everyone.

The more people hated him, the worse he got.

He gave up on everything.

He was drugged-out the whole time anyway.

Nobody even noticed he was gone until the cows started screaming because they needed milking.

This is my island in the Pacific.

Sometimes I stay over.

He likes you.

I know that. I know.

I helped myself to a beer.

Hope that's okay?

What are you doing here?

We said two months.

Nikkel agrees, we've waited long enough.

Long enough?

The fucking cops were here a week ago.

Looking for us!

I can't take it anymore, I need to get out.

How did you find me?

We're working with a few Polacks. The one who lives here told me.

And if they see you? I didn't talk to anyone, trust me.

I'm safe here.

The money as well.

The money...

I don't even want to know.

What do I say to Nikkel? He'll go ballistic!

Tell him to keep his fucking mouth shut!

He's lucky he didn't come here himself.

Make him understand he has to lay low.

I don't want to go back to jail.

Now get the fuck out of here.

And don't come back.

I'll contact you.

Arno! Fire!

Let me go!

I don't want to go in there!

Let me go!

I have to go home. Shut it!

Keep fucking quiet!

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Come here!

What the fuck?

You were going to hang them in there?

Are you crazy?

Go home.

Now! Go home!

You don't tell us how to raise our kids!

D'you hear me?

It's not that bad, he did the same to me.

You hung him down there too?

Sometimes it's necessary.

Jens, go feed the cows.

Go feed the cows.

Come! Enough!

Stop it!

What's wrong with the boy?

He didn't tell you? No.

Can you help me with this one? Let's do it.

I know he's been up to no good.

He doesn't want to tell me.

It's nothing bad.

Our secret.

One... two...

Oh fuck!

I'll hear all about it from the village anyway!

Yes sir! Yeah!

Not bad, buddy!

See how it's done?

Smells of manhood.

Smells like defeat!

Get them all! Come on!

How much, zero?

What happened?

Want to kiss?


Go on! Get them!

I'll get them all!

A point for the Kleyers!

Mark it down as a nine!

What do you want?

You should close the door when you're inside.

If we get caught... they'll hang you in the slurry pit!

Can you smell it?


There's an animal rotting in the field somewhere.

If we don't find it, we can't start harvesting.

It could wreck the machine.

Frank and I will check over there.

Sven is going in on that side and you just go straight ahead.

Straight ahead!

Did you find anything?

Did you find anything?

I'm still in here!

Do you hear me? I'm still in here!

So Heng nearly shredded you?

Didn't you hear me?

You can't hear a thing in that racket.

Get in, I'll give you a lift.

You're getting soaked!

We thought you'd found your way out the other side.


I'll show you my new room!

Here's a bowl, some dishes. They should do for now.

If you need anything else, call me. Okay, will do.

I'll drop by tomorrow with groceries so you can do some cooking.

Thanks Mum! Good luck you two.

Thank you.


I'll recycle these for you, alright? Sure.

See you tomorrow. Bye.



What's this?

Is that it? Yeah, that's it.


Alright, follow me! To the living room.

I put a painting up!

"...and the trees made room for her to see the big city lights.

Everything was quiet, in the deep, dark forest."

Hit me!

Hit me! What?

Hit me!

Hit me, Georges!


Are you coming down?

Breakfast is ready!



Come on!

Wait a minute, I'm coming.

Good morning, son.

Don't feed the dog at the table.

Georges, what's the matter?

How are you?

We were worried about you.

Better let him rest.

You poor thing, how are you?

He'll be better soon.

We'll see you later.

All seems in order.

We'll be downstairs if you need anything.

So, Georges...

We weren't always happy about your relationship with our daughter.

But a family without a father, is not a good way to raise a boy.

We understand that now.

And you Lucy... you look so much better.

You've changed a lot, you know?

We thought you'd never come around.

We're really impressed, aren't we?

And if Lucy's happy, so are we!

Let's wipe the slate clean and give you a second chance.

Run back to the village.

Where's Mum? Run!

Man the fuck up!

That shit's contagious! I've been bitten twice, so what!

Georges! Sit down!

Did I say you could get up?

I tried everything. Shut up!

You're just as fed up as I am!

Here I am!

We want our money.



Go ahead, dig.

Tell me...

How deep did you bury it?

I don't know.

It's got to be here.

Jens, what's going on?

Don't fuck around.

I can't find it.


Come over here.

Over here! What are you doing?

Shut up! Bring her here!

On your knees!

On your knees!

Alright... Tell us where the money is!

I don't know.

She doesn't know.

I'm sure she knows something!


Nikkel... what's wrong? Shut it!

Marcel! Marcel!