Gypsy (2020) Script



Om Nama Shivaya!

Allah, please keep us and our baby safe.

Protect the rest of them as well.

We're leaving. Hmm.

Don't hurt us. We're innocent.

This land belongs to us!

This land belongs to us!

This land belongs to us!

Calm down, baby. It's okay.

“To your beautiful future…”

“Make this melody your pathway”

“Flying in the skies like a free bird”

“Keep your journey going”

“To your beautiful future…”

“Make this melody your pathway”

“Flying in the skies like a free bird”

“Keep your journey going”

“Reflecting in your endeavors”

“Is the symphony of life”

“Destination shall reveal itself”

My life journey unfolded in Chennai.

With passing time, life took me places.

Few years back in the shrine of Ajmer… I've learned to drive away evil spirits.

Shaving heads in Tirupati… Cleaning the premises of Gurudwar… Cooking meals at the Syrian Church in Goa… I was a master of all trades.

There was no place I haven't explored.

Music was my partner in crime.

I was joined by this horse and this little boy in Ludhiana.

They've been everything to me ever since.

We were never in a single place.

We migrated depending on the season.

What's your name, boy?


Music is everything to him.

“Words come together in harmony”

“Footsteps come together in your journey”

“When there's food to fill your stomach”

“You make it through another day” Come. This is for you.

“Life is…”

“A canvas of dreams!”

“To your beautiful future…”

“Make this melody your pathway”

“Flying in the skies like a free bird”

“Keep your journey going”

“Reflecting in your endeavors”

“Is the symphony of life”

“Destination shall reveal itself”

“Words come together in harmony”

“Footsteps come together in your journey”

“When there's food to fill your stomach”

“You make it through another day”

“Life is here”

“Life is here”

“Words come together in harmony”

“Footsteps come together in your journey”

“When there's food to fill your stomach”

“You make it through another day”

How dare you!

You thought you could threaten the people of Karnataka?


Tamilians, huh?

Don't get scared. Tell me.

Yes, sir.

Where were you headed?

Hosur, sir.

Alright. Hop in.

'Glory to Karnataka! Kaveri River belongs to us!'

'Glory to Karnataka! Kaveri River belongs to us!'

Glory to Karnataka!

Karnataka is love!

Kaveri River belongs to us!

Glory to Karnataka!

Karnataka is love!

Kaveri River belongs to us!

We shall sacrifice our lives for Kaveri River water.

Brother, I love watching you on TV.

Your speeches are simply amazing.

They're all one of us.

Let us go, brother.

Here's his ID card.

Thanks, brother.

Listen! Call me if anyone stops your vehicles further ahead.

Thank you, brother!

Hello. Thanks a lot.

Let him through, guys.

Go! Go!

Glory to Karnataka!

Glory to Karnataka!

Karnataka is love! Kaveri River belongs to us!

Don't play with the lives of farmers!

We won't rest! We won't rest!

Until the Kaveri River water is supplied.

We're Tamilians, brother!

I watched all your speeches on TV.

You're a real gem, brother.

They're all our people only.

Let us through, brother.

Keep the slogans going.

I'll handle it if there's any trouble.

Go carefully.

I repeat, you're a real gem, brother.

We won't rest! We won't rest!

Until the Kaveri River water is supplied.

I've travelled all over the country in these 70 years.

From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari… I can give you a number as to what the distance is.

But the distance between two hearts… I'm yet to figure that out.

Hello, Philosopher!

One drag got you all overwhelmed, eh?


I really feel it now, son.

All the rich fathers… They pass on 5 Star and 7 Star Hotels to their sons.

But I'm passing on a Million Star Hotel to you.

You need a companion in life.

Scared for life in a bone-chilling weather… I spent 2 entire nights in a cave, along with your parents.

Soon after they stepped out… They got killed within seconds.


These religious terrorists have no hint of humanity.

When you die, there will be this one person beside you.

That's the truth.

You should live your life for that one person.

Happiness, Sorrow… All of it!

I missed that.

I still have her image etched right here, on my heart.

You will find someone special.

That person will treasure you for life.

Stand by you till the end of time.

Don't miss it.

Don't miss that person.

You're like a plant now.

I want you to grow into a fricking tree.

And you will! Rightly so!

Am I supposed to smile or cry?

I don't know.

Chai, give Sir a massage. He'll rest for a while.

My dear senior, why don't you lie down?

I'll play some music.






Wake up.

Come on! Freshen up.

I'm still sleepy, sister. Sameera!

First wash your face. You'll be fine.

Sameera… Coming.

Are the kids ready?

They're freshening up.

Ask them to quickly gather for prayer.


Dad wants you all inside.

Make it fast.




You read the Quran every day, right?

What's the purpose of prayer?

Whoever reminisces Allah for 12 hours in a day… They will be awarded a special place in heaven.

Fazeela… When you recite 'assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh' once… How many times of recital does the result equal to?



You get the result of reciting it 30 times, father. Hmm!

I might not be noticing you.

But Allah always is.

Wahida… Father.

It's time for their class.

Drop them there and pick them up later.

Get going.

Chances for economic recession worldwide.

Economists won.

The Asian Economy is also declined.

What's up, sir?

How much do you have in the account?

I don't have a voter ID. No scope for making money.

Chai, poor man doesn't have a bank account.

Tell him how much you have in your Swiss Account.

Come on, Gypsy!

Take him somewhere else.

Naughty boy!


Thank you, buddy.

Chai, I'm going to order in diapers from London for you.

You're shitting all over town.

We live here, man.

I think you have to calm your horses, bro.

Can't shit around.

Good boy.

Look! A horse!

Maybe he'll be at the shrine at nights.



Hey there, King of Music! Gypsy!

How long are you staying?

Around 4 months, farmer.


It seems to love you.

It still remembers you from Delhi. Hmm.

Gypsy… Where's senior?

Where is he, man?

We came across you on YouTube.

Oh, is it?

Can we take a selfie?


Chai, look.

Whoa! How are you, people?

This is Chai and our lovely crew.

Get ready, Chai!

Okay. Okay. Welcome.

You can watch for free.

Come on, Chai. Let's go.

Chai, be energetic, okay?

Okay. Okay. Come on, Chai!

Show them what you're made of, man!

Move! Give way!

Stop it right now! Hold on, Chai.

Bro! Bro! Ask him to keep the smoke away.

It sets him off.

Please, bro. Take the smoke away.

Father is coming.

Hold on to the horse tightly. It might charge on to the people.

Hold on, Chai! Calm down!

Calm down, Chai. Bro, please stop that.

Oh, no! I can't watch this.

We'll smack you right here if something happens to Imam sir.

I've already told you to keep the smoke away from Chai.

Who was that guy with the smoke pot?

What is he saying?

Looks like a dangerous guy.

We've had our eye on him for a while now.

Maybe he's linked to those causing religious riots.

Find out where he came from.

What's your name?


Gypsy, what?

Who are you people?

There's 5 of us, including Chai.

He looks off to me.

Gypsy is a weird name.

What's your religion and caste?

We're beyond religion.

How dare you! Stop.

Which God do you pray to?

I'll pray to you if you want.

There's something suspicious about him.

Tie him up in our backyard.

Enquire who they are.

If they still resist, we'll see how to go about it.

Okay, brother.

He's still grinning after all that he's done.

We'll visit grandma at the hospital and go to the shrine from there.

Mom will be home in some time.

Hey! Go inside and close the door.

Let's go.

Watch them closely.

We'll return in the morning.

Okay, brother.

Let's hand them over to the cops in the morning.

Cops? Like, seriously?

Bro, I'm thirsty. Can I get some water?

Fazeela, get some water.

Okay, brother.


My hands are tied.

Baby, for me?

Hey! Get inside now!

No water for him.

Brother… At least get Chai some water.

It can't ask for it, poor soul!

Where are you guys?

Over here, bro.


Get a chair.

I'll be right outside. Call me if you need anything.

'He looks like a rich bro'

'Wonder what he's up to'

Want water?


Will the horse dance?

Hmm. Very well.

Will it dance now?


Make it dance and I'll get the water.

Get the water and I'll make it dance.

Gypsy, I smell some delicious mutton biryani.

Get biryani also.

But how will you eat?

Try untying us.

No way! You'll escape.

I swear on Allah. We won't run.


Bro, I feel itchy. Untie me.

Quick. Okay, bro.

I just realized something, Gypsy.

Both the good days and bad days feel the same in your company.

Make the horse dance quickly.

Dad will thrash you if he's back.

“I just witnessed an image come and go”

“Where did it disappear?”

“That hidden face mesmerizes me”

“Those glances sigh something at me”

“Capturing me in those eyes”

“Casting a spell of love and stealing my heart”

“Peeking through, like the moon behind the silver clouds”

“Who am I?”

“What am I to her?”

“The first glimpse had me hypnotized”

“I was all over the country until yesterday”

“I'm not sure where I will be tomorrow”

“Who's going to be my companion?”

“Who's going to walk in my footsteps?”

“Who's going to stay by my side?”

“This feeling of hope is magical”

“Capturing me in those eyes”

“Casting a spell of love and stealing my heart”

“Peeking through, like the moon behind the silver clouds”

“A free bird has hundreds of confidantes”

“The swaying branches are its abode”

“That's how my life also goes”

“No part of my journey is planned”

“Lord has blessed me with the art of writing”

“Music blends in perfectly well”

“Songs have become my way of living”

“I don't have anybody of my own”

“But you make me hopeful”

“Capturing me in those eyes”

“Casting a spell of love and stealing my heart”

“Peeking through, like the moon behind the silver clouds”

“You're like the moon”

“You're like the moon” Wahida! Get in!

“You're like the moon” Fazeela, dad will be here any minute. Tie them up. Go.

Sit back down. Dad will be here soon.

Quick. Hurry.

Dad will be here any minute now.

Sit down.

Make it fast.

You're lucky that Imam Bhai is safe.

Otherwise, you'd have been dead by now.

We've enquired about them.

They make a living by singing songs.


Train the horse properly.

Chai, are you satisfied now?


Buraq, who escorted Prophet Mohammad to heaven, was also a horse.

Consider Chai a manifestation of Buraq and forgive him.

Bro, he'll keep on talking. Just let him go.

Send them away.

Useless fellows!

Get out of here. Don't ever repeat this.

I'll make sure of that.

Hey, one anklet is missing.

Chai! Where's the anklet, dude?

Hello. Excuse me.

Did you happen to find an anklet in your backyard?

One of chai's anklet is missing. Gypsy!

Hey! What's going on?

Nothing really. Our horse's anklet is missing.

Hello. Gypsy! What are you doing, man?

What did I do? Everyone's watching.

What did I do wrong? Let's get out of here.

Come on!

What do you think you're doing, Gypsy?

Go. Please.

People are going to blast you, for sure.

You're just jealous!

Where's the horse guy?

Who? Gypsy? Hmm.

Nobody knows where he is at any point in time.

He migrates to different cities, depending on the season.

Is that your sister waiting over there?

Hello, sister! How can I help you?

What happened?

He doesn't know. Okay, let's go.

Sister, wait.



Hello, who is it?

Who are you, sir?

You called me.

What? You're the one who called me.

Who are you?

Gypsy… The guy with the horse.

And you?

I'm Imam, the novelty shop owner.

Oh, you're the horse guy from before.

Why did you call?

What have you got to do with me?

You called me first, brother.

Quran says you should give respect and take respect.

Duly follow that, please.

What the hell!

Ticket! Ticket! Ticket!

Buy your tickets.

Where do you have to get down?

The bus doesn't stop here.

Wait till the next bus stop.

Where are you taking me?

Come. I'll tell you.

Whoa! The dancing horse!

Yeah. Come on.

Sister, look.

Let's go.


Hey, guys!

The missing anklet!

Yeah. I know, right?

How did it appear here?

Who tied it?

I don't get it.

They say you're miraculous.

Is this one of those instances?

Jesus Christ!

I finally realized why a whole community believes in you.


Let's go, guys.

Hold on. Hold on.

You sang beautifully the other night.

Thank you.

Ask him what he wants.

What do you want?

Umm… I'm looking for a silk cloth.

Bengaluru made with roses.

Ask him which color.

Which color do you want?

Umm… Chai is white in color.

Red looks bright and colorful on him.

Give me the red one.

Your guys only tore it that day.

I'll get the cloth.

Go check on the horse.


The horse is outside.

Go check if the anklet is intact.



Yeah, it's there.

Okay. Stay here.


Her dad's here, guys.

Why did you come to the shop?

I asked her to come alone, didn't I?

She'd have to come by herself, so… I knew that, okay?

First go home.

This is good. How much? 300 rupees.

I'll handle it. You go.

300 rupees, father. Hmm.

Sir, bill.


Thank you.

Chai, let's go.

Guys, run!

“Are you the one?”

“Are you the one walking by my side?”

“Are you the one?”

'Hey, Gypsy!'

'You will find someone special.'

'That person will treasure you for life.'

'Stand by you till the end of time.'

'When you die, there will be this one person beside you.'

'That's the truth.'

'You should live your life for that one person.'

'Happiness, Sorrow… All of it!'

'Don't miss it.'

'Don't miss that person.'

“You're all I need”

“You're all I need”

“For the first time”

“My heart feels burdened”

“Why do you think that is?”

“Heart tells me”

“It's because I've seen you” Hey! It's the horse guy. Keep walking.

“To the symphony of my life” He's following us.

Excuse me. Don't say anything. Keep walking.


“Be my companion for life” Excuse me!

Just a minute. Hold on.

I just wanted to thank you… For finding that missing anklet of Chai's.

Thanks a lot.

And… I'm not saying this.

These are Chai's words.

You speak Urdu?

Hey, little girl!

I'm passionately in love with you.

Go inside.

And thank you, once again.

Hey, Wahida! What?

Hey! Come here.

With the consent of both families… And with the blessings of Allah… This engagement hereby ensues.

This wedding card, written in the presence of Religious Masters… Has been approved by them.

Both the bride Wahida… And the bridegroom Ali have agreed to this alliance.

Religious Masters have approved the same.

Hailing from Virugumbakkam, Chennai… Son of Khaja Moinuddin, Ali… Hailing from Alauddin Nagar… Daughter of Imam, Wahida… Are scheduled to get married on the first Friday after Ramzan.

Welcome, uncle.

What can I do for you? Where's mom?

She's getting old.

She can't manage by herself anymore.

She'll have some leisure once Wahida comes home.

I've paid the advance to the function hall.

I've also arranged everything for the wedding day.

Give me your guest list.

I'll send the wedding invites.

That's the only pending work.

Should I send Wahida along to buy clothes?

Or will you take care of that? No need, uncle.

Sister-in-law takes care of that stuff.

Someone needs to look after stuff here.

Okay then. I'll leave.

Okay, uncle. See you, son-in-law.

Dude, let's have fish tonight.

Where will we find it at this time?

Gypsy, look.



What's the matter? You're here for somebody?

Oh. Chai!

Chai, look who's here for you.

He says hi.

Come inside.

No. I have to go.

Come on! You can come into our house.

Watch the horse. We'll be right back.

Please come.

We did the whole set-up.

Our hang-out place.

This way.

This is one of my houses.

My Palace in this city.


It's all hand crafted.

Oh, these?

The Bible!

My friend Samuel from abroad gifted me this.

This is the Quran.

A Religious Head from Kashmir gave it to me.

And this, the Bhagavad Gita.

I got it from a saint in Haridwar.

All these books have the same content.

Different names, that's all.

That's me and my senior.

You've been to Taj Mahal?

Come on! I have a house right beside it.

Really? Yeah!

Not just that.

I also have a house beside the Parliament.

Qutub Minar, Charminar, Mysore Palace, Tirupati… I have house beside all these monuments.


Found it on a street in Kashmir.

Felt a deep connection instantly.

It's been with me since.

You like it?

You can keep it.

Keep it.

Gypsy, Imam Bhai is here for you.

Stay here.

Salam-Alaikum, Bhai! Alaikum-Salam!

Is your horse still intimidated by people?

That was a silly accident.

What can I do for you, Bhai?

My daughter's getting married.

In the morning of 3rd.

You better show up early.

Sure, Bhai.

I need the horse to escort my son-in-law. Done, Bhai.

I want you to handle it well, okay?

Okay, Bhai. Sure.

See you. Remember the date. Don't forget.

I won't. See you then.

Alright. I'll see you. Hmm.

Come. I'll drop you home.

Didn't you go to sleep, dear?


Go to bed.

Salam-Alaikum! Alaikum-Salam!

Hey, there!

Did you make the arrangements to take Wahida?

Uncle is taking care of that. Alright then.

Bhai, I'm going to the function hall. Take care of everything.

Okay. You go.

Hey, dude. Hi, Gypsy.

What's the score?

Settle down first.

What a batter, man! Amazing!

This will definitely go for a boundary.

What are you doing, man?

Why is he cheering for Pakistan?

No chance! No chance!

Okay then. I'll see you.

Where are you going?

I'll drop Chai at Imam Bhai's house.

Gives me extra time to decorate her in the morning.

See you.

Excuse me.

Why are you crying?

It's okay. Don't cry. Your players will win. It's an easy target.

Your batting line up is also pretty strong.


Your players. Team Pakistan.

Who told you that?

Indians are my people.

This is my country.

Are you crazy?

India and Pakistan are one and the same to me.

I cheer for both of them.

I'm tying Chai here.

Watch it. I brought it for you only.

I'll come in the morning.

Just a minute.


I'll ask you for something. Will you do it?

Tell me.

Will you take me on a horse ride?

Right now?


Okay. Please come.

One minute.

Please come.

Watch your step.

Careful, Chai.

One small ride before the big night.

Slowly. Careful.

Hold on tight, okay?


Shall we go back?

Little further.


Hey! Where's Wahida?

She's sleeping inside.

Wahida! Aamir, wake up.

What happened?

Sara, wake up.

What is it, Sameera?

Let's turn around?


Wahida! Wahida!

What's wrong?

Come. I'll tell you. Wahida!


Hey, Allah!

Let's go back?

Can you take me with you?

Thanks, man.

You guys take care. Bye, dude.

“The one I gave my heart to”

“The one who fills my thoughts”

“The one I dreamt a life with”

“The one I hope to marry”

“It's you I want to walk along with”

“It's you I wish to live with forever”

“You make my heart skip a beat”

“I make you this promise”

“Even if the Earth and the Sky collide”

“I'll not let go of your hand”

“I make you this promise”

“The one I gave my heart to”

“The one who fills my thoughts”

“The one I dreamt a life with”

“The one I hope to marry”

“I'll treasure you in my heart”

“I'll adore you, my precious one”

“Excitement runs through my veins”

“Joy is out of bounds and you're the reason”

“Your companionship is all I desire”

“I make you this promise”

“Even if the Earth and the Sky collide”

“I'll not let go of your hand”

“I make you this promise”

“The one I gave my heart to”

“The one who fills my thoughts”

“The one I dreamt a life with”

“The one I hope to marry”

Let's get married?

We're together, right?

What do you want from me?

I want you to marry me.

And then, we'll be inseparable.

Not even my father or family can do anything.

Salam-Alaikum, Bhai! Alaikum-Salam!

This is my friend Gypsy.

And that's his fiancé.

They want to get married straight away.


I'll take care of everything.

You can go.

Thank you.

1,101 rupees.

1,101 rupees.

I do. I do.

“You're the words to my melody”

“You make my universe complete”

“I'll travel to infinity with you, my love”

“I couldn't ask for more from life”

“Our breathe and souls unite in this moment”

“I make you this promise”

“Even if the Earth and the Sky collide”

“I'll not let go of your hand”

“I make you this promise”

“The one I gave my heart to”

“The one who fills my thoughts”

“The one I dreamt a life with”

“The one I hope to marry”

Gypsy… Can I tell you something?

Hmm. Tell me.

I'm pregnant. Delivery is in 2 months.

Doctor asked me not to travel for some time.

I can't go anywhere for 4-5 months.

And for that, we need a house.

This is the area.

You think we'll get a good deal?

Let's go look.

That will not work out for us. Sorry. Sorry.

This is our area, Gypsy.

We'll definitely find a house for you.

Hey, auntie! Elections are coming up.

You must be demanding at least 5K from each party.

Mind your own business.

Sister, show us around the house.

Please come.

Have a look.

Sister, you like the house?


Come. Sit here.

Chai! This is the new chapter of my life, dude.

Get used to it.

We should get him married, too.


My sweetheart! He can't do without me.

He's angry.

Hey, horse guy!

What do you think the baby looks like?

You or me?

Like you.

I want a beautiful baby girl.

With the same beautiful eyes and nose.

I want a spitting image of you.



Coming. Coming.

It's election time.

We're in full demand.

Gypsy, come on out!

Hold on.

See you.

Take care. Hmm.

Make it fast.

Hold on.

Come on, Chai.

I was born and raised in Tanjavur.

I'm living in London now.

I'm touring the world out of passion for music.

He's the unsung hero I came across during my journey.

I've never heard such harmony in anyone's voice before.

He has a unique style.

His voice is a rare diamond in itself.

His talent is restricted to road-side singing for election campaigns.

What do you expect?

That's my bread and butter.

Come to London with me.

I'll make you famous on the International platform.


Wahida has made me a family man.

You want to make me a famous musician.

I just want to live free.

You see… Like those birds.

“My country is the greatest”

“The tricolored flag is our honor”

“It's the identity of all Indians”

“Let's break the walls of disparity”

“Let's pen down a new history with pride”

“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian”

“We're all brothers and sisters” Public is divided on which party is going to win.

I wonder who's going to make it.

No matter which party wins… It's the public that's going to lose. Come on.

“There's purity in our hearts and honesty in our words” Bro, half kilo beef, please.

Want the liver?

Whose horse is that?

It's ripping the posters.

No, thanks.

Hey! Whose horse is that?


Hey! Why are you getting aggressive?

Gypsy! Hey! Hey! What's the matter?

What's wrong?

That horse is ripping the posters.

Your leader's going to do the same post elections anyway.

Mind your own business. Go!

Are you crazy?

Why are you getting into silly fights?

Do something dramatic. That's Gypsy.

Hey, will you go to school tomorrow?

You can't miss another day.

Gypsy, you're campaigning for all the parties.

Who do you think will win?

Honestly, I don't care.

Whichever party wins is my official party.

“My country is the greatest”

“The tricolored flag is our honor”

“It's the identity of all Indians”

“Let's break the walls of disparity”

“Let's pen down a new history with pride”

“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian”

“We're all brothers and sisters”

“We work hard towards the nation's glory”

“We pray for one another's well-being”

'It is time we show them what we're made of.'

'It's our responsibility to preserve our existence.'

Let's fight against the opponent, no matter what.

We should be the winners.

Victory to us!

Victory to us!

Victory to us!

Rice is enough, bro.

Don't want more? Put in more pieces.

Thank you, bro.

Let's go. Come on.

Wahida must be hungry.

Hey, Wahida darling!

Did you change the wallpaper and see a flashback?

Any pains?

Now and then.

Your baby is also horse-dancing like you.



Light him on fire!

Burn him down!

Help! Help! Save me!

Help! Somebody help!






Pull them out of the houses.

Don't spare anyone.

No one can get out of here alive!

Kill them!

Die, you low lives! Aren't you dead yet?

Die, you bloody rascals!

How dare you kill our citizens in our country!

Hey! Shut her mouth.

Mom… Let's get out of here.


Mom! Mom! Mom!

Mom, wake up.

Why are you lying down here?

Mom, wake up!

I'm scared. Please wake up.

Mom! Mom! Mom, let's go.

Police will say whatever we want them to.

It's all in our favor.

Don't you worry. I'll handle everything.

A man's bloodshed is another's honor.

This is the law of politics.

This should telecast in Media tomorrow.

Check if there's anyone in there.

Sit here.

You thought you could hide here and live?

Get up! Now!

Kill her, guys!



You're fine, right?

[People talking indistinctly]

Hey leave me.

Wahida, get up.

Let's go.

[People talking indistinctly]

Stop stop! Auto. Stop, one minute.

Wahida, come. Get in fast.


Drop them at Viveka nagar centre. Careful!

Wahida, careful. Wait for me at the centre.

I'll come there.

I'll get Che along with me. You be careful.



[People talking indistinctly]


Sir, please leave him Leave him sir.



Leave him.

This is the place your husband told me. Get down.

Don't worry madam, get down.

There won't be any fights here. Your husband will come, wait here.

Tell me.

Speak out.

Hey, tell me.

Don't beat us. Say..

Speak out.

Sir, please sir. Listen to me, sir.

Did they say anything? Yes sir.

Sir, please sir.

I'll tell you sir.

They're not listening to me. They've shot our Che.

Stop it.

Sir, no sir.

Hey, what's your name?

Sir, they shot Che and killed him.

Sir, my wife is waiting at Viveka Nagar centre.

Sir, please sir let me go. I'm asking you what's your name.

Sir, my wife is pregnant.

Hey! Tell me your name first.



That means you're a Muslim?

Speak out. Are you a Muslim?

Then are you a Hindu?

Or a Christian?

Who are you?

Which extremist organisation do you belong to?

Are you the reason behind all the fights that happened?

Sir, I'm a human being.

Why can't you understand?

My wife is pregnant And is waiting for me.

How many times should I tell you?

Leave me.

Who is the father of your baby?

Your husband isn't here yet?

There are fights happening in the whole city. It is not safe to be here night time.

We'll search for him tomorrow morning.

Come and sit inside.

Don't get scared, come and sit.

Don't worry, come.


Sit carefully.


Let's go to my house.


You're pregnant, please come carefully.

[People talking indistinctly]

He lost his horse.

Fights happened in 12 places.

We got 250 people for enquiry.

People are increasing, sir.

It is torture with enquiry commissioner Ajay.

All these fights are useless.

They name them as political fights And hand it over to us.

Media people start questioning us.


Yeah, tell me.

He got exposed in media very well. Yes.

We found him sir.

We got him.

And kept him inside.

Put him in the lockup and stay there. I will stay there, sir.

Sir, like always we'll get the bail.

Till then take care of us.

Mutton biryani tonight.

Shut up!

Don't forget the cigarette packet.

Hail the leader.

Take blessings.

Sir, all of them are our boys.

They'll give us their lives if we trust them.

Any day success will be ours.

Did you see how much responsibility they've given you?

[People talking indistinctly]

We're from Human Rights Commission.

We got to know what happened to you because of all the fights.

We will stand for you.

Listen to me carefully.

We will produce you all in the court.

If they ask you whether police had hit you. Tell them no.

Did you understand what he said?

No one should talk extra there.

If we get to know that you slipped your mouth.

We will book you in the bomb blast case and encounter you.

Give your finger prints and get into the vehicle.


Move, move.

Get in.

Come, get in.


Did Police hit you?

Don't get scared, say the truth.

Did Police hit you?

No sir. They didn't hit us.

They've beaten them so much.

Pity them. Silence!

These boys have been arrested as they are the accused in all the fights that happened.

Not just how Police behaved towards them is totally wrong.

But the court also understood that they tortured them.

This is a warning to the Police that their enquiry is wrong in such cases And is releasing the accused.

"Did the other half from you go away?"

"Did this cruel world separate you both?"

"Where should I search to find you?"

"This country which has just hatred"

"And where there is fraud happening"

"Where did that life go?"

"Did it forget everything?"

"What might've happened to that life?"

Wahida, you go away.

"What is justice here?"

"Did the other half from you go away?"

That is when I saw Wahida for the last time.

Our lives got spoiled because of those fights.

"She came with love filled in her eyes"

"It went away leaving tears"

"But time will show the path"

"Solution will be found somewhere"

"Your friendship will help you"

"Your sorrow will get reduced because of that help"

Nobody knows where were you I went on searching for your wife with this photo and media's help.

I got to know that she's in Kerala with her father.

After going there I tried talking to her.

But her father didn't agree.

Just like Wahida, many people were victims in those fights.

I wanted to do a concert, "Where is god" on all of them.


Higher officials had put pressure and stopped me from doing it.

I feel very happy for meeting you now.

If I am this happy how will your wife feel seeing you.

You first go and meet her.

Now it is important for her.


Why did you come here?

To see if she's alive or dead?

Because of you we lost our dignity there and came here to live.

You've come here also.

Why are you playing with our lives?

They killed Che.

They've put me in the jail.

I was searching for you.

I know that I'll find you.

Our daughter!

Come Wahida, let's go. Hey!

Get lost.

Because of you her life got spoiled.

Talking about daughter? All that is past.

Allah gave me my daughter back.

I'm warning you for one last time.

I will not leave you if you come to my daughter again.

Get lost.

Get lost!

Go away.



He spoiled my daughter's life.

Now he wants to kill her.

I'll call the police. No husband!

I should call he police. Husband!

Hey, go away.

Hello, Police Station!


Hey Gypsy!

When did you come?

What happened buddy?

Where is Che?

Why are you standing outside?

Come, let's go inside.

We've organised many meetings after those fights.

I didn't know you also lost so much in those fights.

They made us fight with each other because of Religion, Caste, God.

And spoiled everything.

All the jails in India are filled with people who didn't commit any crime.

That is the situation now.

Your wife is also a victim because of those fights.

This photo came up in every newspaper.

The one who's standing with knife, his photo.

Your wife Wahida photo.

These two photos are from Varanasi fights.

They got identified because of media.

Before talking about those fights.

Everyone is talking about these photos.

We got to know from our comrades that she is staying in this area.

I tried to arrange a meeting with her.

But that didn't happen.

Your father-in-law didn't accept it.

He didn't allow her to come out.

He didn't allow her to talk to media as well.

He's a fundamentalist.

Look at her eyes in this photo.

I think her heart got hurt, Gypsy.

She's unable to come out of it.

And her father is playing games using this.

You don't worry.

This is our place.

I will go and talk to your father-in-law.

By the time you go back from here..

You will go along with your wife and daughter.

That's it.


Yeah, coming comrade.

I'm tuning the Guitar.


Do you know who's he?


His song will make your heart melt.

You cannot become like him, but listen to his singing and learn from it.

You go and keep the room ready.

"You should not get scared because of what happened today"

"We all have tomorrow in our lives"

"You take the next step with confidence"

"No power can harm you"

"Human beings will be having good and bad times"

"And the one who faces them is a real man"

"You should take the risk to win it" This is my place, but it's ok I'm giving you. Take it.

Balu is telling me that you sing well.

Will you sing?

If you sing in this area, I will break your teeth.

Did you get it?

My guitar...

Don't touch it.

It isn't a guitar.

That's my wife.

I warn you.

"You should not get scared because of what happened today"

"We all have tomorrow in our lives"

"You take the next step with confidence"

"No power can harm you"

Who are you?

Where did you come from?

Do you even know your caste?

They told me that a Muslim killed my parents.

A Hindu murdered Che and was the reason behind my separation with my wife.

I only know that.


I'm an original Urdu Muslim.

Without skipping even for a single day I pray for 5-6 times daily.

She went away and got married without informing me.

We thought wherever she is, she was happy.

He left her on the road.

Why are you talking about the past?

Gypsy is your daughter's husband.

They got married according to your Islam rituals.

Sir, this is not about your party.

Yeah, they both got married and have a daughter too.

You don't get involved in my family matters.

That is why, in front of our religous heads My daughter will ask him for a divorce.

Make all the arrangements.

If a husband doesn't take care of his wife for an year.

She can give him a divorce.

It's in the Quran.

Fourth friday from today.

Infront of our religious heads.

My daughter will announce divorce.

There is nothing else to talk in this matter.

He told his decision.

Who took this decision?


Who else will?

Ask Wahida to say the same.

When men has decided what to do, Why will a woman talk?

She doesn't want you.

Ask my wife to say this.

Go. Get your daughter.

I'll come!

I'm confident, Wahida will not say it.

Let's see what happens.

I got my daughter.

All these men are asking for your decision, tell them.

Say it dear.

What's your opinion?

Hey, say something.

They're asking you.

My daughter has given her opinion.

Decision is in your hands now.

I'm ready to say it.

Quran says a husband can give a reason and divorce his wife.

I didn't marry her to take a divorce.

I'm saying that I'll be with her for the entire life.

Breaking the bond between 2 hearts is a sin.

Elder people like you keep saying it.

In this council that you're doing, You only don't humiliate your god.

He agreed to the divorce.

Give him sometime.

Boy has agreed for the divorce.

He asked for sometime. Let's give him that.

To get separated, girl should accept the divorce only once.

There will be many reasons for a boy to agree for the divorce 3 times.

That is why, we're giving him the time.

There is time for the 3rd meeting till fourth friday, Let's see what will happen.

"If you're not with me"

"There is no life"

"Without you how will my life have a future?"

"Can I even breathe?"

"If you go away from me?"

"Talk to me once"

"I searched all over for you"

"I am living for you"

"I came here after knowing your whereabouts"

"Our bond will never break"

We all know that many people lost their lives in the fights that happened recently.

Not just that.

Wahida is the eye witness for these fights.

Wahida who escaped from there facing many troubles Is now staying with her family in Kerala.

Gypsy who came in search of his wife, Wahida Started singing songs in front of her house last night.

After her father gave a complaint that he's making nuisance police arrested him.

As per Wahida's father Matherba complaint, Wahida's life got spoiled because of Gypsy.

Also, he's roaming around the countries not just to inspire people with his songs, But also making people agitated.

We got this information from Kerala police.

Everyone is talking about the same now.


To make you and your wife come together I'm giving you my help.

Take it Comrade.

Gypsy is not just singing for his wife, For this society too.

Gypsy songs must become viral.

We should do this with responsility.

Ok Comrade!

Just like how movie songs become popular in all the platforms

These songs should become even more popular.

We should all take this as a campaign.


"Do all the love stories end up in tears?"

"Hearts that loved eachother"

"Will only be left with memories?"

"Without having you beside"

"Will I be able to live?"

"Don't go away leaving me"

Look dear!

Do you want to go back to your husband?

They're asking you, answer them.

We understood that the girl doesn't like to get back.

You accept the divorce.

Infront of all these elder people, I'm accepting the first divorce.


Accepting first divorce is done.

Get ready to say it for the second time.


"In this world which has no morals"

"I'm standing with tears"

"I am requesting with pain"

"I asked you whole heartedly"

"Times when we were together"

"Was all that a dream?"

"How long should I be away from you?"

"Won't you come to me?"

Girl is accepting for the second divorce too.

You also accept it.

"You've become a doll with no life"


"I will have no words for the rest of my life"

Go away. Leave everyone.

Please go.

Move, move.

[People talking indistinctly]


What is it?

Sir, he wants to pass urine

You want to pass urine.

Drink this.

Drink it.


He wants to pass urine itseems.

He wants to pass urine itseems.

Give him another glass of water.

Sir, here is the file you asked for.


What mistake did he commit?

He sang a song.

We can say anything good with words and a song.

That's every Indian's right.

Did you get it? Stop it now.

He's singing songs to agitate people.

We got orders from higher officials.

What should we do?

I also know who the higher officials are.

Media people are waiting outside.

Release Gypsy before this issue gets big.


Greetings sir.

Ok sir.


Hey, let him go.

Ask him to leave.

Come Gypsy!

Yeah go.

Comrade, one minute.

Hey, hold him.

What are you doing?

If you don't allow them to pass urine...

This is what happens.

Will you give me some more water?

[People shouting indistinctly]


Greetings Comrade. Greetings.


Hey, you guys sit here.

Hey! Get toddy for him


That day when she was folding hands in front of me, it felt weird.

My heart was in pain, Comrade.

Why did all this happen, Comrade?


I never felt bad even when my senior who brought me up left me alone.

I only loved and wanted two of them in my life.

One is Che and one is Wahida.

Che passed away.

He got buried in front of my eyes.

Wahida is the only one who's left.

She's here.

She's right here.

If she accepts the divorce for third time, I cannot see her again.

I want Wahida, Comrade.

I want my daughter.

I only have her in my life.

They both are my world.

I'll be the rich person If I have both of them with me.

I'll be the king.

What is this Comrade?

How did you keep all this pain inside?


You married her only because she came out happily.

Why did this happen?

All the ladies are same.

They change everything as per their wishes.

You don't feel bad, Comrade.

I'm with you, Comrade.

I will fully cooperate.

Who will stop you to take your wife?

If anyone comes in the middle, I'll handle them.

I will take care of that Muslim family.

Take Wahida and your daughter, go to Kashmir and start a family.

What are you thinking?

Oh about the horse?

I will get a horse which suits you, Comrade.

You want a horse, right?

I wil get it. Is it ok if it looks like this?

I will change myself like a horse for you, Comrade.

I will change into a horse.

Don't feel bad, Comrade.

Don't feel bad.



See this.

See this Comrade.

This is my friend's horse who entertain people in beach.

How is it?



Get your people.

You come.

Hey, you wait Comrade.

Let's see the position inside.

Very comfortable.

Let's move.

Move comrade.

You come this side.

Come, come.

Wait, Comrade.

If your father-in-law comes.

I will shout "Allah Hu Akbar"

If police is here, I'll shout "Hail Inquilab"

You go and come back with success.

Greetings Comrade.


What is it?


Wahi, whom are you scared of?

Come, let's go.

Wahida, this is not Che.

Your not my old Wahida.

You asked me to take you with me that day.

I will take you with me now, come.


I will not leave you alone this time.

I will construct a house for us beside Taj Mahal just like how you wanted.

I will take care of you and our daughter.

I'm missing you and our daughter so much, Wahida.



Baby, this is your father.

No, I will not give you. Leave her.

Hey baby! Give me the baby back.

Nothing will happen, wait.

Give me back the baby. You and go call Wahida.

My darling baby! Sister!!

Give me the baby back.

Oh god, this man is coming.

"Allah Hu Akbar"

Give me the baby back. If not I'll tell my sister.

You go and call Wahida. "Allah Hu Akbar"

"Allah Hu Akbar"

Comrade, come on.

"Allah Hu Akbar", Comrade.

Hey, you wait.

Where are you going?

Greetings sir.

Hey, you wait.

Baby, don't cry.

My sweet daughter.

Don't cry baby.

I don't even know your name.

I will give you a name.


Don't cry baby.

I'll get your mother soon.

See! Our home is here.

See baby!

My darling daughter.

My darling daughter.

I'm your father.

Will you play with this?

Don't cry baby.

I'm your father.

My sweet daughter.

See this. Is this good?

Will you play with it?

See this.

This makes nice sounds.

See this.

Isn't this nice?

See this.

My darling daughter My sweet heart.

My baby.

My lovely daughter.

You go to Balu's house.

I'll come there.

Few of you go to party office Okay boss. Start immediately. - Okay!


Hey!!! Abbu. - Fazilla, don't talk.


Today morning, your father-in-law came with all the religious heads.

We tried so hard, Gypsy.

He wants you to accept the divorce for third time tomorrow.

If this was anything else, I would've dealed it differently.

They do politics in the name of religion.

Even her position is not good.

We should deal this very sensitively, Gypsy.

Don't feel bad, Gypsy.

Look there!

Many great people who lost their lives fighting for our Independece.

This is a place which was calm for few days You stay here.

I will see how will the divorce happen without you being there.

Why should I stay here?

Marks said it is called a community only with good people in it.

Come Comrade.

The same community changes people, Comrade.


Come Comrade.

What you said is right.

Politics is something that can change people.

You should think how and when will that happen, Comrade.


Girl is getting scared seeing me.

Don't know what happened during those fights.

She's getting scared to see people.

When she came with you leaving us.

As a mother, I felt happy that she will be having the best life.

But, she came back to our house in a situation where she couldn't even recognise us.

That is why, she's getting scared seeing you.

She's still like a doll with a life.

Don't know how to make her a normal person.

It is politics everywhere.

They keep women in front line for fights, arguments and religious issues.

And then they insult the same women.

A woman stands like a mother and goddess.


Why should she get hurt in these fights?

Why should ladies like your wife stay back home and lead their lives?

Is anyone thinking about this?

They're using innocent people for politics and religious fights.

They're using them for their business.

Not just that.

They're killing animals and turning them into their religion.

We should fight back with them.

We should see that such people doesn't exist.

Our ambition must become the weapon.

And that weapon must be you, Comrade.

They should understand what will happen if they play with innocent people lives.

Hey boy!

Where are they?


We are all waiting here.

Boss, Gypsy is missing.


Are you playing games with me?

What is the need?

He's missing.

We are also searching.

"Powers like Religion, Caste, Status"

"Are playing around with poor people lives"

"All these plans made by politicians"

"There are people who dance to their tunes"

"It is a disease"

"Religion is a harmful disease"


"Where is the option of survival to people?"


"This country is mine"

"There isn't anything that we can't achieve if we want it whole heartedly"


Everyone whose life got spoiled after these fights were lost.

We don't even know where they are now.

"We should all come together and fight back with them"

"We should win"

"We should move and save everyone"

"Come, let's all do this together" He used to stay near the temple, don't know where he is now.

You might get some details, if you go to the temple.

"Show us your support"

"We should fight with these religious people"

"Let's have a war and win this battle"

Which god should we share all this with?

We prayed to each and every god But what happened?

They killed my parents.

My husband went to the shop with our younger daughter.

I got to know that they died after watching all that in TV.

They came and buried our house.

They killed my parents in front of my eyes.

Hey, I'll stab you.

I will kill you.

"Concentrate on the bad eye"

"Beat him up and throw him away"

"The day this happens"

"No religious man will be able to face you"

"Show us your support"

"We should fight with these religious people"

"Let's have a war and win this battle"

"It is a harmful disease"


My sister is blessed with a baby girl, sir.

Durga Devi!

Your uncle is here baby. Look at me.


So many people died in those fights.

Your daughter came out alive.

It is all god's grace.

"It is a harmful disease"

"Men who rape women should be killed"

"People who forget morals must be buried"

"When you do wrong, this is what happens with you"

"The law must change and do justice"

"Start your fight"

"Start your fight right away"

"Beat them"

"Beat the religious people now"


"Religion is a harmful disease"


"Where is the option of survival to people?"


"This country is mine"

"There isn't anything that we can't achieve if we want it whole heartedly"


"It's your duty to end these fights"

Hey, what do you want?

What are you looking at?

Move aside!

That time has ended, brother.

In those days, people would get scared just with my name.

But today, even kids laugh at me.

They made me do all nonsense in the name of religion and god.

That is why all this.

My sins will never leave me.

That day with boiling blood, I did everything listening to them.

After they used me in everything they needed, In a parade, They accused me of working for ex-party members and made my men cut my hands.

For whom I did all these mistakes He is in a very big position today.

All those who were with him are MLA's and Ministers today.

Not a single person from them is coming to see me today.

I won't be useful for them in anyway.

Without even considering me as a handicapped person They warned that they would kill me and my family.

They're scared that I might tell everyone about their misdeeds.

When I was thinking about me I understood, These religions, rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim.

Nothing will give us food.

Where is it written to kill people in the name of Allah?

Or to murder people in the name of Lord Rama?

They all are idiots who use god's name.

She is my wife.

She's working hard to take care of me and my children.

There are many ladies like her whose life got spoiled because of me.

Man like me will not find a place even in hell.

I was used like a weapon in those religious fights.

Many people like me who did not study, Spoiled their lives because of them.

That is why my children should have education.

I'm making sure they study well.

Only then, their future will be good.

Just like how me and Wahida got separated, There are many others in this country who are living separately.

Many lives have gone like Che.

So many children and mothers.

This should't continue.

Swords, guns, bombs all these should end.

I will try from my side to change this.


Wahida's father came to our party office.

He's asking you to accept the divorce for the last time.

He is arranging everything to get Wahida married again.

They're playing with your wife's emotional state.

I will take this case to the court.

No, Comrade.

Ask them to get Wahida too.

I will accept the divorce.

What Gypsy? What are you talking?

No Comrade.

As per their rules, in front of her Having all of them around, I will accept the divorce.

Tell them I'll do it only if she's there.

Atleast that way, I can see Wahida and my daughter for one last time.



This world needs Peace, Love and Humanity.

Two people whose life got spoiled because of religious fights, Are going to meet on one stage Presenting Gypsy's Peace Concert.

Last year the violence happened in Tharakabad and surroundings, Spreading across 12 districts.

And it lasted for 24 hours.

1044 people were killed

3000 went missing

258 men, women and children were burnt alive in this massacre.

And this is the riot that shook the entire nation.

Gypsy on 12th April..

Sonu Kumar who was the reason behind these fights in April last year, And his wife whose life got spoiled.

Gypsy told the media that he's getting both of them together on this stage.

Now, he's talking lets watch live.

Please talk.

Speaker Say the truth.

Sonu Kumar is standing with a knife in his hand to kill.

Wahida was requesting him not to kill her by folding her hands We can take this as a sensational news.

We all know that this incident not just shook India but the whole world.

In this concert, With his music, he will also talk about unity and human values.

We got to know that behind all these that happened, there's a politician And he did all these because of his selfishness.

Sonu Kumar revealed all this to the media.

If we knew about him earlier, We would've arranged everything.

Yes sir.

Now, we shouldn't do anything.

We should escaped as if we know nothing.

Only if you get your daughter there, my friend will accept the divorce.

If not, let's go to the court and solve it.

He is in power today He will not accept it.

We should do our work.


If we want our theory to win, we shoudn't leave anyone who's against us.

If not, they will put us in trouble Did you get it?

What happened?

Random people are coming since morning They're talking nonsense and warning us.

Children are getting scared.

Will you not think about us?

My wife and children should not suffer because of them.

Come with me.

I will see that they don't harm you.


Yeah sister.

Come Gypsy.

Take them inside. Let me hold the baby.

Go. Come!


Don't get scared of death Getting scared is more dangerous than death.

It isn't a problem even if we die so that few poeple lives will be in peace.

Hey, wait.

Go inside! Go.

Come fast.

Take care of children Stay here.

Don't get scared.

Who is it?


Who is it?



Hey, wait.

Come, let's go.

Come, come.

Nothing to worry.

[People talking indistinctly]

Someone is firing the gun. Who is he?

Shoot! Shoot me.

What are you looking at?

Shoot me and my children.


Beat him.

Kill him.


Bullets in the gun cannot harm us.

If you try to make a single person shut his mouth Hundreds of people will raise their voice.

"Bad times made us apart"

"Useless fights separated us"

"Who's the reason behind this?"

"How long should we stay far?"

"Oh my love!"

"You gave me your heart"

"You won my heart"

"You totally forgot our bond"

"This religion made us apart"

"I can't live without you anymore"

"How long should we stay far from each other?"

"I can't handle this pain now"

"Come to me my love"

"Oh my love"

"You're my life"

"Break this silence"

"Come and talk to me"

"Who's the reason behind this?"

"How long should we stay far?"

"Oh my love!"


"You came to me like a girl and gave me motherly love"

"I have all the love in my heart only for you, my girl"

"You came to me like a girl and gave me motherly love"

"I have all the love in my heart only for you, my girl"

"How long can you be in relationship which you actually don't like?"

"How can you say no to a realtion which you cannot let go?"

"Oh my love!"

"Please help me reduce my pain"

"Oh my love!"

"Come celebrate with me"

"We should be together for this life"

"These problems won't be there life long"

"All the time I spent with you"

"All the time I spent with you"

"I was very brave"

"Bad times made us apart"

"Useless fights separated us"

"Who's the reason behind this?"

"How long should we stay far?"

"Oh my love!"

"Our relationship is something that will never break"

"It is pure love, my girl"

"Our relationship is something that will never break"

"It is pure love, my girl"

"You being me and me being you"

"You and me, being there for each other"

"This world should be around us"

"Let's live together, love"

"Bad times made us apart"

"Useless fights separated us"

"Who's the reason behind this?"

"How long should we stay far?"

"Oh my love!"

"Oh my love!"

As per our Muslim traditions, You accepted divorce in front of us two times in the past.

Now, it is time to accept divorce for thrid time.

As per our traditions, if you accept it for the third time You and your wife will not have any relation in future.

Your life will be different And hers will be different.

You both can live as per your wishes.

Accept divorce for the third time

Infront of all elder people,

I am giving you..

For the third time..

For the third time..

"Talk to me once"

"I searched all over for you"

"I was living for you"

"I came here after knowing your whereabouts"

"Our bond will never break"

My darling daughter



My baby.