Ha-roo (2017) Script


a LINE FILM production

This is the captain speaking.

In 30 minutes, we'll be landing at Incheon International Airport.

The current temperature in Seoul is 12°C.

The current time is 9:58 a.m. on Tuesday, May 17th.

Thank you.

Yong-sun? Doctor?

May I have your autograph?

Yes, of course.

Use this.

How about a picture together?



KIM JUN-YOUNG It's on airplane mode.

One, two, three!


I'll send it to you. Your number, please.

Are you on any SNS?

Dr. Kim does great things, but people don't know.

You know what I mean? Here.

Thank you.

We'll be landing soon. Thank you.

I'll send the picture. Thank you.

Cut it out. Why? It's publicity.

We're running out of donations, you know?

Written and directed by CHO Sun-ho But I handle this stuff. Don't worry about it.

I'm so tired.

Why didn't you accept the business class tickets?

You're so holy and I'm materialistic, huh?


Eun-jung, daddy's worried. Please take my calls. No reply?

A busy dad and his temperamental daughter.

Your dad was gone for 2 months?

My dad is a world-famous doctor. Nice.

My dad's famous in town for making my mom mad.

Better than being famous for being drunk.

Dads have their reasons.

Still, my dad's better.

He still buys me chicken and stuff everyday.

Mine too.

Dad always walks me to school.

Is your dad really famous? Never saw him on TV.

He wasn't there for your birthday.

My real birthday is today!

SILLY DAD It's your dad. Yes, your famous daddy.

Aren't you answering?

Forget it!

She's all you have. Why miss her birthday?

You booked the trip then!

If UN calls you, you go!

I did it for you!

Don't blame me.

Hello? Why you...


Really? Thank you.

We can use the VIP gate.

I don't need to.

We're in a rush! Let's go!


What's wrong with the boy?

What's wrong? Seok-hoon! Sweetie!

Oh no!

Help me, please!

I'll take a look.

I'm a doctor. Yes.

Let me check.

Can you cough?

Let's sit up.

He's Dr. Kim Jun-young. Really?

I'll hit your back hard.

Yes, he is!

He's Dr. Kim Jun-young. Are you on any SNS?

Look at me.

Please take pictures.

Careful with candy.

Isn't he great?

A word?



SILLY DAD It's your dad again.

Forget it!


Stop calling her. It won't solve anything.

What can I do?

Here. Chocolates for Eun-jung.

Did you buy anything for her?

Some dad you are...

You have to show her how great you are.

Try going on TV and stuff!

She'll brag about you.

She'll think you're the best! Game over!


Solve things with Eun-jung and our business.

What business?

Hello, Dr. Kim! Welcome back.

Why didn't you tell me? Because you'd say no then.

Thank you.

It's true!

Eun-jung? What?

No special reason.

DR. KIM JUN-YOUNG RETURNS FROM UN Those places need doctors the most.

- How was the response Wow!

In asking for more UN support?

There. See? They agreed mostly.

But they needed time to discuss.

Is it because you treated political dissidents and terrorists?

I don't know much about political or religious problems.


I'll treat anyone who needs it. It's what a doctor does.

You became the youngest professor and doctor of a hospital.

But you left to volunteer 3 years ago. Why is that?

My daughter almost died then. That's when I decided.

Don't worry. Dr. Kim's daughter is healthy.

She's really temperamental and...

Eun-jung? You know I love you, right?

A lot!

See you tomorrow!

Take care!

Goodbye! Bye!

See you.

It's Eun-jung!

How embarrassing! My friends are making fun of me!

Sorry about that.

Why not just live there?

Why'd you come back?

Brought gifts?

Of course, I brought lots.

Come by noon or else...

I'm leaving!

I won't be late.

Love you! Silly.

Let's go!

Speeding control zone.

See you later. Bye.

Hello. Hi.


Oops! Oh.

I'm sorry! I'll get it.

No! I'll give you the change.

Oh no.

Take your time.

Thank you.

I'm sorry. Have a good day. I will. Thank you.



Mister! Leave him!

We should get him out. Let me check first.

We could make it worse.

But still! I'm a doctor.


He's hurt badly. Push this back.

Is he okay?




Will you help me? Yes.

Hold him.

Slowly. Gently.

And the ambulance? Yes. They're coming.

Put his head back.

Over here!

Is there an aspirator?

No. I have an AMBU. Give me that!

Hold on.

Know how to use this? Yes.

Please take over.

The taxi driver must go to a hospital now.

Lung suction is urgently needed and he has head injuries.

Are you a doctor? Yes.

Someone's hurt at the crosswalk, but I haven't checked.

We'll take it from here.

Grab the AMBU. Yes.

Call Team 2! Yes, sir.

Make way please!

Eun-jung? Sorry I'm late.

I'll be right there. Hello?

Unlock the cab first!

Who's this? Hold on.

Keep people back!

It's my daughter's phone. She was in an accident.


There's been...

No! I said come here!

Please back away people! It's dangerous.


Move please!


In 30 minutes, we'll be landing at Incheon International Airport.


The current temperature in Seoul is 12°C.

The current time is 9:58 a.m. on Tuesday, May 17th.


May I have your autograph?

Yes, of course.

How about a picture together?

Really? Sure.

She's all you have. Why miss her birthday?

But if UN calls, you go.


Really? Thank you.

What's wrong?

Do you know him?

The boy's just choking Seok-hoon! Help me!

YTN reporter.

Why do you offer medial aid to only war zones?

Dr. Kim?

Sir? Dr. Kim?

It can't be.

A word, please.

Dr. Kim?

The press conference was embarrassing.

Where are you?

What? Since when did you care about me!

Stay put. I'll come to you.


No, I'll meet you there at noon. Don't be late!


Here. Oops!

I'm sorry!

I'll give you the change.

Oh no.

Just a second.

Wait! Your change!

She probably didn't hear it coming.

Look at all the blood.

I can't look. Poor girl.

What's wrong with him?

Dr. Kim?

May I have your autograph?



They're yours! Where's the VIP gate?

How'd you know?

That way.

Daddy's sorry...

Let's cancel. Don't go there.

Where's Dr. Kim?

I'd like to know that too!

Dr. Kim Jun-young's press conference has been cancelled.

Let's cancel. Don't go there.

Not again.

MY SWEETIE Hey, sweetie!

Do you hate me?

What do you mean?

You must hate me.

Always leaving me alone and forgetting my birthdays...

My friends' dads...

They walk them to school and buy them chicken and stuff!

I don't hate you, sweetie. Listen to me.

I don't believe you.

You can't come? I hate being alone!

I can explain. No!

I'll wait there till you come. No! Don't!



Please leave a...


Stupid! It's one-way!


You move!

Move! Hurry!


This is a one-way street!

This is the captain speaking.

That man took my candy!

Who races down an alley?

Excuse me! Hey!

Are you okay?


Are you okay?


You need to see a doctor!




You're a taxi driver, right?

You'll be in an accident near Park-moon High at noon!

You have to believe me!

Sir! Wait!

Out of set path. Searching again.



Eun-jung! No!


She's bleeding so much...

If only I came sooner...

I should've come sooner!

Stupid! Why!

Who are you?

Who are you!

Everyday is the same, but you!

Don't you remember me?

We met before.

Is there an aspirator?

No. I have an AMBU. Give me that!

I'll do it.

Are you okay? Please go back people!

She's my wife.

It couldn't be...

I thought it was a dream.

It won't open! When's 911 coming?

Mister! Wake up!

But it wasn't.

The person you are calling...

Damn it.


No matter what, I couldn't stop it.

But... Your wife...

I don't know where she is!


But you were different.

The accident...

The people...

And the time it ends were all the same.

But you were different!

Who are you?


Today repeats for you too?

Just like me?

What should we do?

Please help me.

Say something!

It'll end soon.

Today will end soon.

Let's meet! We must talk!

As soon as we wake up!

Got any plans?

First, let's meet and talk!

Why here?

We have to stop the accident!

We tried! We can't.

What? We still have to go and try!

And... Think about it!

Why does it repeat just for us?

It's to save your wife and my daughter.

It'll keep repeating until we save them.

So let's find a way. How?

I tried everything! But there's not enough time.

We can't stop the accident.

Then stop them from going.


If your wife doesn't take the taxi, the accident won't happen.

The taxi...

She won't answer. We fought.

What if I call?

What if she won't answer your call?

Then we'll stop Eun-jung from going there.

Let's change everything we can. Then the day might change.

But she won't take your calls.

- YTN reporter. Wait.

I have something to say.

Eun-jung! Let's change our meet up place!

Let's meet at Central Park at 12:30!

Not the Pasta place, but Central Park!

Wow! Your name is on TV.

Your dad says... Forget it!


Did you call? Mrs. Jung Mi-kyung?

Yes. I'm your husband's friend.

Hold on. Taxi!

No! Don't take the cab!


Fatal accident near Park-moon High. Send backup now.

Until we save them...

It'll keep repeating, right?

I think so.

Let's meet at Central Park at 12:30!

Your dad says... Forget it!

What if it just ends?

What if we can't change it no matter what?

No! It can't be!

His daughter can't be reached!


I won't be late today! I love you! See you soon!

Don't take the cab, Mi-kyung!

Are you on it?

Get off the cab now!

You should've warned her!

We need to find the cab, right?

I'll try whatever it takes.


Min-chul! Bro...

What happened?

It was a hit-and-run. Where? How?

A taxi near Park-moon High.

Park-moon High?

Plate number?

An orange taxi. An orange taxi.

34BA 3829...

Wash off first.

Stop that taxi.

We will! Hurry.

Wash off. The taxi...

Got it!

Stop the taxi. A hit-and-run at 11:47.

Orange taxi 34BA 3829.

It's on the run near Park-moon High.

I repeat.

A hit-and-run. Orange taxi. 348A 3829.

Search near Park-moon High.

Crazy? No way.

What's so crazy about having a baby?

We already talked about this.

We don't have money.

What's money got to do with raising kids?

Everything! We're struggling as is.

Honey! Then I can work too.

I'll quit school.

Damn it!

Do I have to say it?

We can't have a baby now.

I have to work late tonight.

In a few years, I'll get promoted.

Let's wait till then. Fine. Stop it.


I'll pick you up at school at one tomorrow for lunch.

I'm sorry Mi-kyung.

Hey, hey, did you find it?

They'll find it soon.

They have to hurry. Go see a doctor.

Catch the bastard!


Search carefully. Ask for backup when...

Crazy fool!

There's not much time! Fuck!

I'm at the intersection.

I don't see the taxi.

Must've gone elsewhere.

Patrol 3 and 4?

Patrol 4. No sign of it here.

Patrol 1 and 2. Block off nearby streets!


No accident?

Patrol 3 heading out. What accident?

Everyone's calling because of your press conference.

Where are you? I'm at the park.

At Park-moon High intersection. Was there an accident?

No word of that. Really?

There was no accident. Go see a doctor!


Patrol 1 and 2. Check nearby roads.

Yes, sir. Moving out.

You're the 12th caller.

Yes, he's my dad.

Talk to you later!

There was no accident, right?

Eun-jung just called. She's at the park.

- Mister? Yes?

I'm meeting Mi-kyung at school.

Bring Eun-jung. Let's have dinner together.

Great. See you later.



Are you late again?

No, I'm here at the park.

That's surprising. You're always late.

And even miss my birthday.

I won't do that again.


From now on, I'll take you to school everyday.

And I'll buy you chicken and stuff.

I'll never leave you alone.


Of course!

Patrol 4. Found the taxi.

Roll down your window, please.

Open the door!

Stop! Hey!

Found the 3829 taxi. Driver refused inspection!

He is on the run towards Central Park!

What the hell?

I don't see you.

Hold on.

Where are you? I'm by the buildings.

I see them. I'm on the opposite side.

Silly daddy.

You're right. I'll be right there!


Answer the damn phone!



I saw the interview.

What interview?

You changed the meet up place.


No matter what, it's no use.

What do you mean?

She's just dying now.

She should've died 3 years ago.

Who are you?


Eun-jung! What?

Eun-jung! Run!


Listen to me.

It's not just an accident!

The taxi driver... That bastard killed them on purpose!



My wife...

He killed her and Eun-jung! That bastard!

Who are you?

But how'd he... The press conference...

He saw that and came.

It's not just us. The day repeats for him too.

Eun-jung! Let's meet at Central Park at 12:30!

That's why we can't stop it.


He knows me.

He said we met 3 years ago.

Hi, Min-chul. Want some coffee?

There could be some missing, but I'm not sure.

I'll handle it. Thanks.


Dr. Kim?

Congratulations on your work with UN.

We're very proud of you.

Your room will be kept as it is. Come back anytime.


Really? Yup, We found a heart donor for you.

So I can go home now?

You'll be home in a few days.

But who's giving me the heart?

Why do you ask?

Because I'm thankful.

I'll tell you that later.


Can I have pasta when I get out of here?

I don't like the hospital food.

Actually, I don't like it either.


What is it?


The guardian...

rejected the organ donation.


What's he saying?


I'm going to the hospital. A boy is bleeding heavily.

I'll call when I get there.

Go in and stay with Eun-jung.

There's not much time left. You should be with her.

He's brain dead. How's the guardian?

He's in surgery. He has a severe head injury too.

Really? No other guardians? I don't think so.

A relative should be notified.

What should we do?

Call neurosurgery to confirm that he's brain dead.

Open the door!

You fool!

Get out of there!

Come out!

I gotta see this!


Crazy jerk!

Let me go!

Good morning everyone!

It's May 17th. Welcome to Issue Today!


Let's start with some good news.

Two days ago...



He's called the Saint of the War.

Dr. Kim will soon arrive at Incheon Airport.

We'll cover his press conference live at 11:00 a.m.

I heard he may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Really? I had no idea.

- Actually, I started the rumor. I see.

It's my personal hope.

But I think everyone in Korea hopes that too.

Some may not be familiar with Dr. Kim...

Watch his upcoming press conference...


Where's his guardian?

In bed 6, sir.

How is he?

His brain damage is severe. He's unconscious after surgery.

He had a severe allergic reaction during surgery too.


Anything to tell me?

What happened?

What did you do?


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

How the hell could you do that!


Move it! Hurry!

Who are you?

She didn't know! Get out!

Where'd you pick her up?

Not Mi-kyung! Please! She is innocent!

Do you know where your sister is now?

I may not be able to go home, right?

I know it's a big surgery.

But I'm okay.

I know you loved me more than anything in life.

That's all I need.

Your wife has to give consent. I don't know where she is!

Help me.

I'm sorry.


Lee Kang-shik...

Where'd you pick up Mi-kyung?

Tell me, you bastard!

Pull him out!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you! Fucker!

Seok-hoon! What's wrong?

Help me! He's not breathing!

Somebody help me!

Seok-hoon! No!

Seok-hoon! Look at mommy! He must be choking.

Look at me! No! He can't breathe.

No! Seok-hoon!


Seok-hoon! Help us!

He killed Mi-kyung and Eun-jung! But you want to save him?

I have to tell him. Tell him what?

I'll beg for forgiveness.

Nonsense. Think that'll stop him from killing?

If I apologize... So what?

Would you forgive? I wouldn't!

But I have to... I just have to find Mi-kyung!

That won't end it!

You do what you want.

I'll catch him and kill him even if it takes years!

I'll find Mi-kyung!

Mister! I'm a doctor!

Can you help me? Sure.

Open the door. Okay!

Be careful.


Look at that pretty nose.

You hear the heartbeat?

It is strong.

A pink dress will look good on the baby, I guess.

Is there a patient named Jung Mi-kyung?

She's about 3 months pregnant.



Why did you save me?

I know it is selfish of me. I'm sorry.

But I had to seek forgiveness.

I was scared to lose my daughter.

I'm very, very sorry.

I apologize.

I'm so sorry.

At first, the repeating day... felt like god's gift to save Eun-jung.


It was like hell.

All I could do was watch her die over and over again.


She doesn't know anything.

It's all my fault. So please...

Please don't kill Eun-jung.

I beg you, sir!

I had no choice back then.

My daughter was dying.

It was the only way I could save her.

If you were me, you'd do the same.

Any father in the world would do the same!



I would've done the same.


If you were me...

what would you do?

You'd get revenge just like me.


I hesitated dozens of times whenever I woke up.

Because I had to kill your innocent daughter...

over and over again.


Thinking about Ha-ru...

I had no choice.

If I didn't do it...

it'd kill me inside.

I know. I understand!

But I have to save Eun-jung.

I'll do anything you want. Please don't kill Eun-jung!

I beg you, sir! Please don't hurt her!

Please, sir! I beg you!


Please spare Eun-jung.

Given another chance...

I'll kill your daughter again.

Kill me instead!

Kill me instead! Please!

Kill me instead!

No! No!

Don't die!

Don't die! No!

Please don't die!


be stuck...

in hell.

Who's in there!


I found out where Mi-kyung is now!

We can save them!

We can end this!

It's over!

Are you listening? Once today is over...

It always ended at 12:30!

But why isn't it ending at 12:30 like always?

It was always the same!

No! It has to end!

Today has to end! But why...

It has to end!

I know where Mi-kyung is! I can stop her from taking the cab!

We can stop the accident! It's the only way to end it!

This is the captain speaking.

In 30 minutes, we'll be landing...

Today repeats for you too?

No matter what, it's no use.

It's not just us.

Forever be stuck...

Until we save them, In hell.

It'll keep repeating, right?

Why did you save me?

Can't be...

Hey! I found a clue!

Mi-kyung is pregnant.


I didn't know.

Because of me... she must've been so sad till she died.


To have an abortion... till when do I have to decide?

Mrs. Jung?

Why would you do that?

It's a blessing for you and the baby.

I finally found her.

But will it end today?


He'll never give up.

I'll kill that bastard.

No! You can't kill him!

It's the only way to end this for sure.

Listen to me! That's not it! No!

I'll kill him.

No! Min-chul! Wait!

Please leave a...

011... 3249...


Run away!

Min-chul's going to kill you!

Run away now!

Mr. Lee! Listen to me!

Mi-kyung is pregnant!

You killed them both!

It was... just an accident!



But you!

You ran away!

Help us! Please!


Please save my son.

I took you to the hospital!

If you had saved us right away, Ha-ru wouldn't have died!


Why do this? It won't change anything!

Your son won't come back!

Die! Die!

So that Mi-kyung can survive.



Eun-jung! It's okay!

Daddy's here.

It's okay now.

Eun-jung. Listen.

Wait here for a bit.

Don't go.

Look at me, Eun-jung.

There's something I have to do for you and me.


I'll be right back. I promise.

Accident at Park-moon High intersection at 12:00 p.m.!

Don't die! No!

Why are you saving me?

If I die, it's all over.

If you die, the day repeats again!

If you save me...

I'll kill your daughter again.

You can't do that!

Killing Eun-jung is like killing Ha-ru!

I know you wanted to die.

Know why today keeps repeating?

It's to save you!

It's your son, Ha-ru.

He's inside Eun-jung.

He wants you to live. That's why today keeps repeating.

So you have to live!


Min-chul! No!

You can't kill him!


He has to live!

We have to save him! Out of my way!



Let's save him. Please.

Please! Move!

Let go of me!



We can't let him die too.

Don't speak. Hang in there.

Let's save him.

For what? He won't give up.

He'll get revenge. He has to die!

Don't. You can't kill him.

What if you die like this?

It's okay.

It's all my fault.

No. You can live.

Don't go.


Eun-jung and your wife...

Everyone is alive. Let's end it here.

But you'll die!


Eun-jung! Don't...

No. Eun-jung...

No. Eun-jung...

Eun-jung! No!


Eun-jung... No...


I survived thanks to Ha-ru.


He's with me so please don't leave us.


My dad is a world-famous doctor. Nice.

My dad's famous in town for making my mom mad.

Better than being famous for being drunk.

Dads have their reasons.


How'd you know to come here?

Ah, I can explain...

What's the matter?

I'm sorry Mi-kyung.

Is everything ready?

We're coming.

See you soon.


Thank you!

Let's have the baby.

Let's have our baby.

It's a text message from a stranger.

I'm sorry.


Our baby is a girl.

What should we name her?


Let's name her Ha-ru.

You're Ha-ru?

Nice to meet you!

What was Ha-ru's favorite food?




That's amazing!

I used to hate sweet stuff.

But after the transplant, I crave chocolate all the time.

It's because Ha-ru is in me.


That's cool!

Thank you.

Well, I guess...

It's because I'm Eun-jung and Ha-ru too!

I can't believe that.

Well, let's say it's true.

But don't do it.

If it's all over, just leave it.


I have to do this, Yong-sun.

I have a confession to make.

I did something terribly wrong to a son and his father 3 years ago.

Now, I hope to pay the price.

What did you do, Dr. Kim?

Who are the son and father?

Could you explain?

Why are you confessing now? Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kim? Tell us more!

Kim Myung-min Byun Yo-han You Chae-myung