Hak gam (1997) Script

Mr. Tang Shu-be, the Deputy Secretary for Mainland Affairs Association becomes the first communist to visit Taiwan He'll be arriving at Chung Ching International Airport this 15:52 People supporting the Independence for Taiwan movement and those who support unity of the two shores are staging a riot Which resulted in a massive fight Against corrupted China Taiwanese cheer up...

I am thankful to the Taiwan Police Force What I see at the airport is not a courteous way to receive a guest

Get ready Quick

Cheer up! Cheer up Cheer up...

Chung-shu Tell me... why the party should nominate you Because I love Taiwan I am loyal to the party I love the party I am loyal to the chairman I am loyal to you I love you

Thank you so much!

Chiu-sen, why should we nominate you?

One reason, if you nominate me, I'll win If you nominate him, he will lose So, the seat will be taken by the other party You're right The boss shares the same point of view with you In fact, we are inclined to nominate you

Chung-shu, how much have you spent on the election so far?

About 15 million Chiu-sen, send him 20 million within three days And then send a sum of money to the boss I'll tell you the exact amount Thank you, Chairman

Go back and settle your gang Don't lose your cool and get into trouble Chung-shu, it's settled wait for the next election Don't you have any hard feeling

I won't yield

A nationwide raid against triad code named 1st Liquidation was conducted in 1989 Chau Chiu-sen was put behind bars for five years Now, he is an entrepreneur with a net worth of over NT$3 billion Let's focus on his electronic games business He has 38 electronic game shops which are actually underground casinos With a daily turnover of fifty million NT dollars He is bigger than Mcdonald's Approximately half of his revenue goes into bribery for government officials This big boss Being the head of the Sung-lin Gang Now wants to enter politics He has enrolled as a candidate for the coming Legislative Council election

There is a government practice Once a person becomes a legislative councilor, he is above the law Even his seedy past will be buried It doesn't make sense So? Let's do something about it Let's stop him As for the corrupted departments...

Let's wait for the right time to act Because it involves too many officials Be patient

Yes sir, I know the importance of timing I am proud to have you as my student

So many expensive cars are parked here!

Thank you


Dear customers Grab a seat quickly...

The sooner you put a bet on the sooner you can win

Damn you bastard! All you care about is gambling


You've won the jackpot!

You've won an electric rice cooker This is filled with gambling electronic games Call the police


The cars parked outside are too expensive ride for this crowd Fong, the police said they've just finished their routine inspection They said that this shop is legally run They rejected our case Call again, tell them someone is trafficking drugs here

"Staff only"

Only members are allowed to enter


The couple who have just entered are using membership card number JKO843 But this card was reported lost a few days ago

This game is specially designed for you It brings extraordinary excitement...

There will be six participants appearing on screen Their horoscope signs, blood type and physical condition will be shown Push the right button to place a bet The maximum bet is 50 points minimum bet is 1 point The dividend paid is shown on the screen Good luck

Police raid Change the boards at once Change the board

It's alright, go on...

Routine inspection only Miss May I buy you a drink?

They're in trouble

Ask him to hang on for ten more minutes Fong said to give him 10 more minutes Good luck Nice to meet you Some coca cola?

You're so kind My pleasure

We received a report that you are selling amphetamine Must be sore losers Tso, we are making so much money here already Why do we want to sell drugs?

We can provide them for free We never sold any drugs Captain two small sized electric cookers

It's too small!

Bring two big ones

Go exchange them for money

Ah Koon, you go do it I'm in uniform maybe it's not a good idea

Two big electric cookers are worth $200,000 Wait, I'll get the right sum Two hundred thousand You count it

He stole my cooker

Alright, stop it, just tell them


May Li, move

Go down this stairs and then turn left Turn right and walk for 30 meters

Turn left, walk 23 meters

Where are we?

I can't open it You can't open it?

Are we at the right place?

Open the door, if you see water then it's the right exit

Over there! Move over there Go!

It hurts!

Be gentle!

Don't be naughty

Let go of me!

Please be gentle...

It hurts!

Sir, you should get a massage more regularly Your health is poor Really?

When I press the pressure points and he feels great pain That means those parts of his body are in bad shape So how come he is not screaming like I am?

His health must be much better than mine No, it's only because he has a strong mind He can tolerate great pain Tell us about the strong parts of his body Tell us Why talk about the strong parts of his body?

His weakest organ is his kidney When I pressed the point which reflects your kidneys It must hurt so much you want to piss in your pants

I can hear the ladies laughing That reconfirms that you've a weak kidney which is already affecting your sex life I am sure I have the right diagnosis

You're so generous!

Do you know what this is?

A nutcracker Apart from cracking nuts it's a very versatile tool Yeah, I also use this when I eat crabs

San-pao, take him to the toilet Take off his trousers Crack his nuts...

So he understands how a depressed sex life feels like Take him away

Chinese people said blind people are usually smart He must be the exception That's right

Come on...

This case will determine the legitimacy of the electronic game business Whether it can legally exist in Taiwan

Welcome, welcome!

Playing electronic game isn't gambling We support Mr. Chau Playing electronic game isn't gambling We support Mr. Chau Playing electronic game isn't gambling...

Mr. Chau, what is your view?

Here comes Mr. Chau

Mr. Chau, we support you Thank you...

You are invited to our restaurant for a dinner at 6pm this evening As a gesture of our appreciation

Quiet Please be seated The court's in session

From the official report provided by the Education Dept It's said that, the electronic games which are popular in this society has not categorically been defined as gambling It means that we have no legal ground for indictment I find the defendant Chau Chiu-sen not guilty All electronic games & computer IC boards must be returned to Mr. Chau at once Rumor has it that you have a very good relationship with the Education Department Chiu-sen is a nice guy he has friends everywhere Right?

You are the chairman of the Union of Electronic Game Centers So why do you operate underground casinos?

Since the definition between gambling and electronic games isn't clearly defined yet Being the chairman I have to be proactive So I would like to hold a public hearing To invite representatives from all walks of life to help draw up a standard code of practice Then I'll make sure our members will follow the set rules Hopefully it will clear up any misunderstandings You are the accused but you are sounding like the judge!

Excuse me, goodbye

Excuse us...

Chiu-sen has to rush off to officiate an inauguration for a highway Please excuse us and save the questions for some other time Thank you

Ling Fei, are you alright?

I am fine

"Righteousness is usually late but it'll come sooner or later!"

Stop playing around Dinner is ready

Good evening, this is your DJ This afternoon, I received a call A young man wants to dedicate a song to his dad He wishes his dad to be happy forever The song is...

Mei Lan-fong's Drunken Concubine

How's business today?


You know, your dad is always picky about whom to pick up Especially single girls If they are not suitable to be my daughter-in-law I won't give them a ride Have you seen the picture I gave you last week?

The girl is pretty and well educated A customer you met on the street?

A customer I chose on the street!

Fei, I have to stop here A lady wants a ride Taxi...

Excuse me, will you take me to Bei-tau?

Sorry, I am in a hurry, I am sorry

About the book report You haven't written a word yet You just go shopping everyday I don't know how to write it I am not going to the meeting This Heritage Society is organized by the wife of Chairman Hau The members are all wives of senior officials I put in a lot of effort to make you a member How can you refuse to go?

Give me a reason why Damn it I am not well educated, they despise me

I don't think they are well educated either It's an excuse for them to do some networking I am satisfied just to be your wife I don't need to be the wife of a legislative council member

Do you remember the days of the First Liquidation?

Don't you think it's enough to be kept behind bars for five years?

During the Second Liquidation we were lucky to be in Hong Kong Who knows when the government will launch a third liquidation?

Now, I am rich enough to bid for a seat in the legislative council It provides the best insurance Otherwise, how can we be sure to have a stable life in the future?

But you have to spend 20 to 30 million dollars to be elected!

You fool, don't you understand what investment means?

Once I have power I can get many times return on my investment

Alright, be a good girl I'll help you write the report And you memorize it and go to the meeting tomorrow You've ruined my dress Go buy another one

Hello This is a live report by Ling Fei in the Benefaction Villa A charity auction for ash urns is being held right here

Excuse me. Thank you

Please give way...

Sir Chiu-sen, I'm so glad to see you

Please rise

The Benefaction Villa Supreme Sung Miu-tin

May we have Madam Chiu Chairlady of the Chai-sai Association Also Mrs. Hau Deputy Chairman of the Council to host the auction for us

The objective of this auction is to gather all the kind hearted people for those uncared we can now offer them free urns and a good buried place Those who has done good... will find internal peace At the same time, Master Sung will offer the donors his special spiritual blessing to help them to avoid evils and bad luck And to strengthen their luck and wisdom The starting price for each urn is $300,000 I hope all of you will do your best to contribute

Madam is a great lady I am really touched by her speech To show my support I'll buy ten urns

The starting price for each urn is $300,000, is that right?

So how much is ten urns?

3 million!

You know how much Madam Chau paid?

$60 million!

How generous!

That may be the political donation by Chau in order to get the party's nomination Is that right?

That's right It's possible How is the money channeled from that charity association?

Who knows?

You're right Look at this On last Monday and Saturday Chau and the Deputy Commissioner of the Public Works Department... played golf twice

Mr. Lam is the boss of Tak-cheung Construction Company He wants to bid for the construction contract for Bin-hai Road But he received anonymous threats He suspects that it was Chau so he came to report the case

Now, all the government construction contracts go to Chau He is a triad He knows nothing about construction Kidnapping, killing setting fire... they are experts They can easily burn a building down But they have no idea on how to build one The triads are connected with the officials They share most of the gov't construction budget with the Public Works Dept And allocate only a small sum for the actual construction The quality of the work is thus grossly compromised Even before an earthquake the building will collapse Our government is collaborating with illegal gangs Our construction site is being forcefully occupied, my staffs are beaten It's worse than what's shown in Hollywood movies They sent this to my son's school Open Paper pagoda tombs Two big ones and a small one do you get it?

How dare I report to the police?

They are all bribed If I go to the police, I am just leaving myself wide open for further danger I come to you just to try my luck God knows you are getting nowhere And you want me to be your undercover?

Don't you feel ashamed even asking me?

We serve the community in different ways I construct building and you beat crimes Are you kidding me?

Alright, you are a nice guy I know you from the TV report You are straight But you'll have it do it on your own I can't help you at all

What's the matter?

Shut up!

See what they have done to my son!

I swear, I would take revenge for you

Thank you


Nice haircut? I did it Be careful, someone might find out

Competition - Tea Ceremony

Mr. Lam Nice to meet you Me too Take a seat Thank you

Alright, let's start the meeting The late comers have given up their rights Who will make the tea for us?

Come on, speak out don't just look at me I am just the organizer I don't have to be the chairman

Mr. Chau, I am sorry, I was caught in a traffic jam, I am sorry


Move the empty chair away

Since everyone is kind enough to give me face I'll serve the tea Please turn off your pagers and mobile phones

Sorry, sorry...

Mr. Chau, I am late It's because of a traffic jam Traffic jam? What car are you driving?

I have a...

Mazda We all drive Mercedes or Rolls Royce And you drive a Mazda that's why you are late You are not even qualified to join this meeting

Find a seat Yes, thank you

Can you find any?

No You are 11 minutes late that shows you don't respect this meeting You are despising us So how can you expect us to treat you as a buddy?

Wait for my call at home I'll call you later

About the Bei-hoi Road construction A total of 18 companies are planning to bid for the contract According to my estimates

9 companies are not big enough to handle such a big project So I talked to them before this meeting And they gave me face too They decided to withdraw Which leaves us, the nine companies And one has just forfeited So, there are eight of us left

We are all resourceful and strong But I would like to call for unity If we bid separately Will the successful bidder end up being a winner?

I am sure the final price will be so low it's not worth it I hope we would make money together To share the profit from the project After all, it's the government's money Our government is very rich

I'd like to make a suggestion Actually I would like you to do me a favor I'll be frank I want this project Since my business is growing rapidly my cash flow is tight And here is my offer Firstly, the government's budget for the construction is 1 billion Say I'll make 20% profit that's 200 million I'll allocate 40 million The seven of you can share it That is, each of you will get just over 5 million Secondly, the government will offer 3 more contracts in the second half of the year I promise I won't be bidding I'll be satisfied with my nominal share of the profit as calculated similarly to this project I'm finished Yes, or no?

I object

I always tell my friends that Mr. Chau is someone I really admire He gets the contract and he doesn't need to lift a finger You'll take half of the 1 billion And then subcontract out the project With several levels of subcontracting The quality of the building material will be compromised Then you work with the officials of the Public Works Department To build in an over-budget allowance of 300 to 400 millions You will end up making at least 700 millions from the construction And you are offering us such a pathetic sum of money You are out of your mind

What he says makes sense

I told my buddies not to come But they insisted on coming They are just small timers and don't know the better But, Mr. Chau I've talked to Mr. Lau beforehand about this contract We've decided to join up in the bidding We are determined to win But, after listening to what you just said We find it hard to accept


I am impressed You are not Chinese You're like Americans You are such good negotiators you are just like the Americans Alright, this is my last offer First, each of you will get 7 million Second, Kiu-wu and Mr. Lau will be my authorized subcontractor I'm done, yes or no?

I object

I agree I object No, I agree I agree We agree too

Get out

Thank you for giving me face please go back Mr. Lam and I will sort out our problem Let's go...

Why don't you stay a bit longer?

Do you have your own driver?

You have intentionally tried to make trouble in the meeting today Who is backing you?

Damn you Shit! Mr. Lam has got a gun

Chau Chiu-sen, I am an upright person!

I am not afraid of any triads To hell with you!

You should know what I mean




Nicotine, turn on the taps

You're tough Thank you You're lucky to be alive

Last year, more than 160 people were hurt when three projects Using inferior building material resulted in collapses Look!

Citizens are furious about the triads rigging such biddings in collaboration with government officials Director of the construction company Chau Chiu-sen has disappeared The Public Works Dept announced today that the Bin-hei project will be suspended for 3 months All investigation will be conducted on the alleged collaboration between government officials and bidding contractors Leading the investigation is Fong Kuo-fei the investigator who has headed the government's anti-electronic games gambling campaign Fong and his team of investigators...

Are the true guardians of Taiwan Doing their best to maintain its peace and order I am Ling Fei, reporting live

I watched your report you've done a great job Congratulations Thank you, I am just reporting the facts But my boss always criticizes me of being too forthcoming

You've come to buy pet's food?

Yeah, for my daughter Doggie or kitty?

Neither, I'll show you

Look, this is Evita Pretty!

Who do you mean?


This is for you

Thank you

This is for you They are my kids Li, Dun, and Fei

Welcome, Miss do you have any reservation?

Yes, Mr. Fong's table for two please This way please

Over there Thank you

He is a nuisance! A chain smoker!

It doesn't matter She doesn't always dress like this We don't mind Please sit down They are my partners They insist on coming I can't say no, I am sorry You are a considerate guy What's the matter, you don't measure up?

But you've bigger ones Stop teasing me Mr. Fong, excuse me Someone ordered wine for you Who?

Mr. Chau A gift from Mr. Chau This is a Petrus This wine is worth over $60,000 NT dollars Please do us a favor Please accept the wine Otherwise, we will be blamed

Alright Please open it Thank you

Please pick up my handbag

Thank you Mr. Fong, let the wine breathe for a while Give it 20 minutes I think my friend would like to taste it now


The wine has gone bad That's highly unlikely There shouldn't be a problem I think the taste is weird You try it Sure

Mr. Fong, I am sorry...

Don't worry Send the wine back to Mr. Chau Tell him that both the wine and its master are rotten I am sorry

What did you drink?

Come on, water please I toast you How can I be so stupid!

Why didn't I take ketchup instead?

I am sure the final price will be so low it's not worth it I hope we would make money together To share the profit from the project After all, it's the government's money Our government is very rich I'd like to make a suggestion

Recently there are all sorts of rumor...

Spreading all over town A lot of people are taking this chance To attack the Public Works Department for collaborating with triads You are responsible, do you know that?

The boss is mad

What do you expect your punishment to be?

Don't tell me he will withdraw my nomination

You are right

We decided to nominate Ting Chun-shu instead

At least he is obedient

Any chance to rectify the situation?

What do you think?

If it's money, I can pay more It's not that simple

Better forget this year's election Wait for the next one

So the 60 million I paid'll be treated as an advanced payment for the next election Damn you! Cut the bull shit!

I've done enough covering up for you In the last few days I've kept running around I didn't get enough sleep, and I drank so much. And it's all because of you Why should I even bother?

If it weren't for me this tape would have leaked out For sure you won't be sitting here watching this so comfortably You would have been arrested by the investigators You must be crazy Is there something wrong with your brain?

Your ass is transplanted to your brain isn't it?

Damn it! Isn't saving your ass worth $60 million?

I have never demanded a cent more Damn it Bastard! You should think before you talk

Thank you, Chairman, thank you for your benevolence and generosity It's all my fault I will go back and reflect on my mistakes Chairman, take care and have a good rest I am leaving now

I've been cheated They took my 60 million And then turn the investigators onto me Actually, they have never really considered nominating me Damn!

I'll have to fight this

Great, now that you are here


What the hell did you feed her?

I didn't feed her anything So, what's happened Maybe, she'd stolen the drugs from somewhere else She is your disciple You are responsible Don't worry Leave this to me Is her family here?

Don't worry Her family is far away from Taipei She has no friends or family in Taipei Anybody knows you are here?

No, impossible I've created a double as a cover

Ask Leung to help you to get rid of the body Yes Can you fix it within an hour?

Sure You promised Yes If not, I'll cut you up into two Yes

It's fixed I just spent 53 minutes

I am proud of you Thanks for the good work Thank you

And I wish you a happy holiday

I've approved your leave of absence


Cheung, please come here


Didn't I teach you?

Just obey your orders And never ask why Come in

Go to Captain Fong's office Collect everything about Chau Chiu-sen Sealed them and put them into the confidential file Yes Sir

This is signed by the Commissioner

You should at least give me a reason

You embarrassed me How dare you check the account of the Cai-sai Association behind me?

Is this the reason?


You acted without the consent of your superior According to the regulations I can sack you right away

Any other reason?

You better reflect on what you've done wrong

And learn from your mistakes Thank you I shouldn't have been your student You don't deserve to be a teacher

Do you always come here when you're unhappy?

Yes I think this is the best treatment

Don't give up, I'll support you

Thank you

Good morning Good morning The case against the bid rigging is most encouraging Yes, but we could have done more But why has it stopped?

Who told you that?

As I know, it's still proceeding Is it due to a shortage of staff?

I won't deny that We have always been over-worked We are seriously understaffed How do you rate Captain Fong Kuo-fei?

He is the finest But, particularly in light of the staff shortage situation Why is he suddenly suspended?

I haven't received a report on this case So I can't answer your question Commissioner, when can you give me a satisfactory answer?

This is internal personnel affair I don't need to discuss it in public good bye Commissioner

Ling Fei Commissioner Off record please Is Fai your friend?


Just an ordinary friend I didn't ask whether he is your ordinary friend or boyfriend He is a special friend This is a letter from him

What are you laughing at?

Long live China Long live our party chief Long live China Long live our party chief I have to thank the party for the opportunity and the trust A special thanks to the party chairman I, Ting Chun-shu would give my best...

No matter how difficult it gets...

Ladies and gentlemen, journalists Chiu-sen has an important announcement

I, Chau Chiu-sen now declare From this second I withdraw from the party An independent fighting for a national peace and prosperity I will enter the Legislative Council Election As an independent candidate I would appreciate all your support

My campaign would be fair honorable and transparent And I will be a very formidable opponent for Mr. Ting

Behave yourself, mind your image

Thank you

National Prosperity and Peace



Thank you for your taxi company's support My pleasure It's our pleasure, thank you

Mr. Chau, congratulations on the founding of your election headquarters Not only will I support you personally Everyone of our taxi company will put up your election flags

Dear fellows, Chau Chiu-sen is one of us He is not only our friend But a man of honor and integrity We should support him What would you say?


Chau Chiu-sen...

Chau Chiu-sen...

Miss, take my cab, Miss Miss, take my cab!

Damn you!

How dare you grab my customer?

I arrived first So what?

So what?

Thank you...

A driver from Pai-yun is having a fight with a driver from Chuen-kuok San-pao

Call Mr. Kwan


Check where the wife of the Commissioner of the Police Dept. Will be going tonight

Mr. Kwan, what happened?

No big deal it's just a small misunderstanding God knows how it becomes such a massive battle Boss, if we can't solve it as soon as possible The traffic of Sai Mun-ting will be totally jammed This is a good opportunity You have to support me Anything you want, just tell me I want you to choose ten spots with heavy traffic Ask all your drivers to start fights with the other company's drivers at the same time I want traffic in Taipei to come to a complete stop San-pao Boss Mobilize the Ten Generals Each of you lead three small teams to 3 spots to back up Kwan You lead a team to Fu Huo Bridge Yes Remember, Fu Huo Bridge is the main battle ground And the rest are covers I get you

Now, it's five pm, it's rush hour I want a complete mess in Taipei within half an hour The messier the better

Mrs. Tung will go to a ball held by the Taipei University Graduates Association at the Hyatt Hotel at 6 pm That's great Have you been invited?

No, neither have you Get an invitation By hooks or by crooks find a way to get in But I wouldn't have a seat assignment

Keep switching tables and chatting to different people Or, dance with some of the university graduates You are beautiful and a good dancer It will be their dreams to dance with you It's too late I have no time to get changed


Alert the press to wait for further instructions My bedroom will be the War-room for this operation To anyone else I am drunk and have fallen asleep

Except by you, I cannot be reached Go

A fight resulted from two taxi drivers solicitating the same customer Now the two taxi companies are gathering their gangs After heated argument they began fighting Now the heart of Taipei is completely paralyzed The police is now on site to try to solve the dispute If you are intending to pass through Sai Mun-ting, please reroute Son, I've seen my daughter-in-law...

Reporting on TV Work is important but she can't work with an empty stomach I'm going to send her some food Dad, don't go there, it's dangerous Dangerous? Not compared to what I've been through before When I fought the Japanese you were not even born yet Cut it out, will you?

Damn it!

Yes Don't worry, I'll take care of it

Damn you!

I want a fight but the Commissioner wants negotiation The other gang just doesn't want to talk Damn!

Drivers of the 2 taxi companies are fighting fiercely... under the bridge And we can see more taxies from Chuen-kuok Company are still moving in The situation will definitely get worse Right here, we see only 20 cops But no one from any government dept is on the scene

What! Do it!

Yes Kwan, go

No shooting...


It's dangerous. Leave!

Have you seen my dad?

What did you say?

Have you seen my dad?

You must leave here at once Leave me alone

Run, my son!

Push! Push!

Son I'm fine

When did you change your hair style and dress?

I went to the ball You're really something

Commissioner Mr. Chau, I'm so sorry to bother you!

We know you are not well we have no choice but have to bother you Please take a seat

If we haven't seen Madam Chau in the ball I'll have no way of locating you My anti-riot troop has been dispatched to the scene But, before any action is taken If they could reach an agreement That will avoid a lot of unnecessary casualties So, I wish you would help settle this riot I have been asleep for an hour how come the world has become a mess?

Let's go

Mr. Chau don't you need to change first?

We need to save lives time is of the essence here Let's go

Give Kwan a call

No pictures...

Chau Chiu-sen candidate for the Legislative Council Election, has effectively put down a riot between the taxi drivers Chau Chiu-sen is willing to give assistance... to the injured and deceased police and drivers I feel very bad about such a riot I can't imagine that such small fight would end up to be a tragedy like this A small quarrel could ignite a riot in Taiwan Watching the guys lying on the floor soaked with blood If you were their relatives how would you feel?

While we are threatened by external military power We are still fighting among ourselves domestically So much worries both externally and internally is breaking our hearts What we don't understand is Why peace only comes after severe injury?

Please take it back I am leaving OK

Don't look

This is what I found while I was being suspended

What do you think?

I think Chau Chiu-sen, Ting Chung-shu And those on the video tapes are all criminals They should all be put behind bars I hope the Commissioner would back me up in this mission You do know there are still big bosses behind them?

I know So, why do something you have so little chance of succeeding?

I love this land I can't let these scumbags mess it up Many years ago they ruined Mainland China Our people retreated to Taiwan If they ruin Taiwan now Where can we go?

We have our backs against the sea You are as tough as I was Very good We are waiting for someone to light up Taiwan You are the torch we need Kuo-fei, go ahead and do it I will support you Thank you

What took you so long?

The air conditioner is out of order I'll go fix it right away

Boss, something's coming up Take a look

Isn't that Ting Chung-shu?

Chairman Hau's wife is here to collect his takes again

No smoking What's up?

Do you want to stuff this in?

This crook is doing one of his fake Miracle Split shot again His disciples are really buying his act Each of these photos are selling for $5,000

During the last few days I have been very restless I can feel some evil spirit disturbing me What?

What kind of bull shit is that?

Vice-Chairman Hau To make it simple I feel that someone has been tailing me during the last few days

I don't know you that well How come you have my phone number?

Lease don't call me again

Get rid of him Use the press against Chau Chiu-sen

Let's go Got you Go

What are you doing?

Please help...

We are trapped Someone tried to shoot at me but a woman was shot instead Call the ambulance

Be careful!

Now I am in front of the noodle stall Now I am in front of the noodle stall

Now I am in front of the noodle stall

Nicotine Mei Li, take Nicotine away

Come on, please hang on Watch out and be careful Get down

Get down

Everyone, get down!

After them!


Legislative Councilor candidate Chau Chiu-sen is rumored to be...

Associated with the shooting of inspectors Fong & Ngai at the Shi-lin night market Chau was alleged to be running video arcaded casinos and is also behind the rigging of bidding for gov't construction contract Fong and his team members...

Including Wah and Mei Li are all missing What are you laughing at?

You are really popular these days I keep seeing your face in all the media You have a bigger exposure than our president Tell me, what's so funny?

If you can't give me a satisfactory explanation, I'll beat you up All right! I am thinking what if you become our president one day It's not funny at all Really?

Yesterday, I imagined how you would look when you grow old...


Just like our president!

You are holy...


Stop crying!


Chau Chiu-sen Murder must withdraw It's rumored that a guy named Chau is involved in bid rigging for a gov't project Investigators were able to get proof Chau is also rumored to be involved with the murder of an investigator I Chin-kuo in Shi-lin Night Market Now, the focus is on Chau It's suspected that it is a revenge by Chau My friends...

Murder must not become a Legislative Councilor The murderer should withdraw from the election Damn you!


Beat him!

Stop your bull shit!

If you have guts Come with me in front of the temple to make an oath I swear my husband never did such a thing If he did I, Tsui Miu-heung will be found lying dead in the street so everyone can step on me But you have to make an oath too If you maliciously spread such harmful rumors You'll die a horrible death with no children bearing your family name any more

This is not rumor started by me This is written in newspapers This is public knowledge Everyone knows it Besides, I have never said your husband is a murderer I never do my watching with my ears But I did see you working in a nightclub as a hostess 10 years ago You readily provided sexual service to any man who asked No, you liar!

No, I assure you it's a right fact Damn you! Ting Chung-shu Are you a real man?

You can insult me But you cannot insult my wife Let me handle this Chiu-sen, you are a gentleman let me say something Quiet!


Quiet please, listen to me let me say something Quiet

Ladies and gentlemen Yes, I worked in a nightclub I have an unfortunate past I never denied it There are things I regret having done Chiu-sen knows everything But, he hasn't despised me Yes, he was a triad kingpin But bygone is bygone I hope everyone would give him a chance So that he can do something for our country Think, if he can help reform me Surely he can help reform this country as well

Chairman, how are you?

I saw your car from above That's why I come to say hello Chairman

Are you going to Ting Chun-shu's funeral?

No, I am going to attend my friend's wedding

When did you join the air force?

The traffic jam is getting worse If I don't buy a helicopter I can't control my time Chairman, there are so many social problems to be solved I wish to become a councilor as fast as possible So I can work with you to service our people

Do you want a ride?

That's great, I am in a hurry

This way please

Have you seen the TV live broadcast?

Chau won the election by a big margin

Chau has been elected councilor The big surprise is as a first time candidate Mr. Chau... got 125,000 votes a very high figure With all the controversy surrounding him lately He is receiving a lot of press coverage building awareness for him What a beautiful way to begin his political life

Good morning Good morning Time is running short Soon, I will be forced to resign Do what you have to do

The Master splits again

Now, you are watching proof of your crime You know you are guilty

My name is Sung Miu-dee brother of Sung Miu-tin Miu Tin has forced me to be his split image cover I was short and thin He didn't let me do any exercise And he stuffed me with food He gave me plastic surgery He removed half of my hair Broke my knee caps to make me taller He ordered me to wear high-heel shoes everyday Apart from your profitable religious racket You still sell drugs with Ting behind your boss's back Urn number 19 is the place you hide the drugs, right?

You use religious healing as an excuse To rape a lot of woman disciples Mrs. Hau?

That's right I'll be damned...

How come you have this picture? He screwed Mrs. Hau?

Computer-graphic I only suspected it But judging from his face I know I am correct Get ready Alright, time's up

Let him talk

I know I am guilty Please give me a chance

How are you, boss?

Hi! Master


This is for Madam Chau

Master Hung

This way please

May I propose a toast to the four new Legislative Councilors Welcome Cheers

In the Legislative Council there are 164 seats Thirteen of us are from the triads Now, what I have to say is this We must be united We must not have a Judah betraying each other

I heard that the government is preparing a 3rd liquidation The code name is Chi-ping That's why you are invited We need a solution

May I know where the toilet is?

Last month you earned 87 million Which is 17 million more than the previous month You are to be complimented That's because Madam Chau and Mr. Chau decided to join our Board of Directors It brought great Fung-shui to our villa Really?

Mr. Chau rises so rapidly It's just like he is sitting in a helicopter That's because he bought a helicopter

We treat the government as our buddy We are most obliging to their needs Anything they want we provide money, manpower But, once he thinks you are useless or gets in their way He will get rid of you First Liquidation and Second Liquidation an iron fisted campaign No judiciary process instant arrest and jail sentence Quite a few of us here, including me were imprisoned Tough life, huh?

As our master Tao Yu-sang said

The government treats you as a night pot When it's no longer useful they think you stink They will just throw you under the bed

During the first and the second liquidation None of our buddies were legislative councilors Now, among the 164 seats We occupy 10%

And over half of the rest are closely associated with us They include local representatives Mayors, etc Many are gangsters We have over 2 million gangsters in Taiwan May I ask a question Can you tell me whether the 13 legislative councilors here...

Are politicians or triads?

They've become one When wise guys become politicians After the process of white wash From black to white What exactly have we become?

I said, we are neither We are a hybrid

So, why don't we organize all our buddies all over the country Dissolve all the gangs And form a new party I guarantee that We will become the biggest party within three years We can easily be the ruling party We can have our meetings in the President House We don't need to act stealthily

We can hold our heads up

Let's go to Lu-tao by helicopter And turn the place into a golf course Let's go play golf Yeah, play golf in Lu-tao Good speech!

Last month, we're supposed to make a deposit into a bank account held by Mrs. Hau's distant relative a Mr. Leung The sum was 3.2 million dollars The man claimed he only received 1 million The signed receipt should be with you I hope you can check it for me So I can inform Mrs. Hau immediately Alright, please wait Thank you

Ling Fei, I would like to employ the influence of the press

Master Sung is tying his shoe laces at location 18, on the 2nd floor Something's wrong

Arrest them

The master is missing


Call our people from Tao-yuen Sin-yuk, Nam-han and Tai-yuen Instruct them to stop those guys I'll be there in three minutes

This way...



It's too late, the press has arrived What?

Excuse me

How do you find me here?

The boss knows everything

Do you have a solution?

What do you think?

I can go very high with my offer How high?

Sky high

Are you willing to leave Taiwan?

Yes, but I wish to come back at some point The Boss has a similar idea

Actually you don't even need to leave Taiwan Just live in Benefaction Villa Never to come out again

Damn it Are you in a hurry?

Would you like me to give you a lift?


Can we talk about it?

What do you think?

Now that we are in the air Can your offer go sky high?


Any news on Chau Chiu-sen?

This is Ling Fei reporting live We are following Legislative Councilor Chau on his escape route Chau is being escorted by over 30 vehicles The entourage is traveling on Jie Tung Highway heading south

Watch out, there are journalists ahead

San-pao, what is that strange noise?

Go for him

Get him

San Pao!



Chau Chiu-sen


The biggest scandal since Taiwan entered the age of democracy has just erupted Legislative Councilor Chau has been found guilty Capital punishment has been imposed Master Sung Miu-tin who turned witness for the plaintiff Also the Minister Sun were both convicted...

And are given jail terms on Lu-tao Prison This case has sparked off an avalanche of scandals A lot of senior government officials has fled the country The chief inspector Fong Kuo-fei and Minister of the Legal Department have both resigned under immense pressure from society at large