Halifirien (2009) Script

Long ago, in the dying years of the Third Age, war was brewing. in the dark lands of Mordor, armies of orcs were preparing to destroy Minas Tirith, the last city of the realm of Gondor. [It wasn't, of course - but it was the capital.]

Its destruction was imminent, and the only hope of aid lay in the anicent beacons, the great fires that could be kindled by wardens on the highest peaks of the Ered Nimrais.

Their plea would be taken in flames across the mountains, for those pyres, when lit, could be seen for many miles, and their cry would carry from Amon Dîn to Halifirien, the last of the seven pinnacles, whose beacons, when lit, would summon the men of Rohan to the rescue of Gondor.

But until that time, the beacon wardens must watch and wait, in hope and dread, for their time to come.


(shouts a challenge)



Eradur, I wanted to do more fighting.

We've only just got here; we've got the rest of the day ahead of us.

Shall we not just go hunting?

Don't you realize how important it is?

Keeping watch for the beacon?

We should be fighting for Gondor!

Not waiting on some mountain for somebody to light an old beacon.

Let's go hunting.

Orcs have crossed the main stream.

Let's make for the capital, and prepare for battle.

Where are the two boys?

They cannot be involved in the fighting.

They'll stay on the other side of the mountain and watch.

Alert the others.

Go to the armory, prepare to attack.

Do you think they've forgotten us?

What's that?

Our friends could be in trouble!

We were told to stay here. It's our duty.

Abandon our friends? And miss all the excitement?

We must stay here, and save Gondor.

Stay here. Save Gondor alone!


(orc growling)

(orcs attack the watchers)

(orcs grunting a ways off)

Fire away!

Eradan, get out of here!

Come here!

(orcs make a frontal assault)

(orcs grunting)

We're all that's left. Let's finish this.

I thought I'd find you here.

There was a fight.

We left them to die.

What was it?

It was an orc raid.

The wardens - they're dead!

I saw them die.

Sure, sure, we must go back. Come on.

What about the beacon?

(orc growling)



Are you all right?

It's nothing.

I can't leave you like this.

We should split up. I'll meet you at the camp.


Boy. I'm here.

Did any of our...did any of our company survive?

Eradan's hit. None live.

Where is he? Is he safe?

He should be here.

It's up to you to guard the beacon together.

What if he doesn't make it here?

Then you must guard the beacon.

I cannot do this. Remember, true courage comes from hope.

No matter how little.


I couldn't fight them.

I ran, like a coward.

No! You were brave. You drew them away.

I'm going to die.

You're going to be all right.

There's nothing you can do.

Go back to the camp. Get a horse. Leave this cursed mountain. Right away!


Noo! Noo!

(arrow strikes the ground)

(orcs in pursuit)


("Get a horse. Leave this cursed mountain. Right away!")

("It's up to you to guard the beacon together.")

("We should be fighting for Gondor!")

("Don't you realize how important it is? Keeping watch for the beacon?")

("Stay here. Save Gondor alone.")

("He should be here.")

("Then you must guard the beacon.")

("True courage comes from hope.)

("No matter how little.")

The beacon of Calenhad has been lit.

Our friends need us.

(ridiculously overized orc throws a boulder)