Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) Script

Ok, go on through.

All metal objects into the tray.

Purpose of visit?

A patient pick up and transfer to Smith's Grove.

You're late. Yeah.

Should be on the road. Yeah.

Hell of a night, huh? Real charmer.

Yeah. I'll take you down there. All right.

Let them in. Ok.

First time here, huh? Hope it's the last time.

You never get used to the faces. Never.


Jesus ain't got nothing to do with this place.

Come on.

Yeah, this is where the society dumps its worst nightmares.

Yeah the one you're picking up ...

Just thinking about him gives me the willies.

A decade ago, Halloween night ...

He murdered 16 people ... maybe more.

Trying to get to his sister.

Nearly got her too.

But his doctor ... of all people, shot him ... six times.

Then he set him on fire.

Both of them nearly burned to death.

Yeah, I'll be glad to see this one gone. Yes, indeedy!

Welcome to Hell.

Doctor? Yes?

The transfer personnel are here.

Smith's Grove? Yes.

I'm Dr. Hoffman, medical administrator.

Has he been prepped? Ready to go.

Who signs for him?

I do.


Check him out.

I'd assumed Dr. Loomis would be here.

Michael Myers is still his patient.

Well, if Loomis read memos, he'd be here.

Fortunately his position is more ceremonial than medical.

And with Myers gone ...

My hope is that he'll either transfer ... retire...

or die.

All right, let's move him.

Watch it.

I got this end.

I can safely say that Michael Myers is now in your hands. Yeah. I guess you're happy to see him go.

Locked and loaded. Let's roll.

Night, doc.

Drive carefully.

Did Hoffman say anything about living relatives? Yeah.

A niece living in his hometown.


"And?" She's too young to be his legal ward.

So the state owns him? Great.

You know, I still don't understand.


Kido ...

It's 4:00 in the morning.

I can't sleep.

What is this? Four nights in a row?

You going for a record here? The seven-year-old insomniac's hall of fame?

Do you love me, Rachel?

Serious questions tonight. Of course I love you.

Like a sister?

Jamie, sometimes it's ... Like a real sister?

We're not really sisters, Jamie.

But that doesn't mean that I love you any less.

Sure it does.

I know you miss your parents. It hasn't been that long. It's been 11 months.

Your mother used to baby-sit me when I was your age. I'll bet you didn't know that.

You're lucky. I wish she could do the same for me.

Come on, Jamie. Let's go back to bed.

Come on, Sunday.

Sleep tight. We'll have French toast for breakfast, ok?


Come on, Sunday.


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul will take.

God bless Mr. and Mrs. Corruthers.

God bless Rachel, God bless Sunday, God bless me.

And God bless mommy and daddy in heaven. Amen.

Help me please! Somebody help me!

Help me!


Oh, dear God! It's all right, sweetheart.

A bad dream. That's all. Just a nasty old dream.

I've got you. You're safe now, see?

It's okay, baby. It's okay.

It's okay. Shh.

You're gonna be just fine. It's okay, baby. You're gonna be fine.

Damn it! Darlene!

There's a clean one in the laundry room next to your blue slacks. Hello?

Honey, this tie's got a spot on it. I can't wear this today. I got a 10:30 with Chuck.

Hang on, Mrs. Pierce. Not that tie. On the other side.

That's not the only thing you're eating, Rachel!

Mom, I'm on a diet. You want an oinker for a daughter? Found it.


Do you suppose Susan could just bring her crutches?

Stupid question. Tell her I hope she feels better.

Susan's mother. She can't baby-sit tonight.

Why not?

Susan broke her ankle last night at the ice rink.

Rachel? Mom, please.

You'll have to watch Jamie tonight.

Not tonight. I've got that date with Brady. You know how important that is.

Well. Tonight is very important for your father and me.

Can't you find somebody else? It's too late.

What am I supposed to tell Brady?

"Sorry, but I've got to baby-sit my foster sister. Go and have fun by yourself."

It's not exactly the end of the world for goodness' sake. Oh, sure it is.

I think tonight Brady was ready to make a commitment.

But now, my future relationship my engagement ... my marriage, my children and your grandchildren have all been wiped out, because I have to baby-sit.

I'm sorry I ruined everything. If I wasn't here, you could go out.

Good job, Rachel.

That little girl needs all the love we can give her right now.

And all you can do is think about yourself?


I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

I can go out with Brady tomorrow night. It's no big deal.

But you wanted to go out tonight. It's my fault you can't.

Well, tonight we're going to do something better. We're going to go trick-or-treating.

I don't want to.

It's Halloween! I mean: don't you want to get dressed up in a really scary costume and get some candy?

How 'bout this afternoon I pick you up from school and we go get ice cream?

Double scoops?

Double scoops. Now let's get some breakfast.

Dr. Quinn, call 7402.

Why wasn't I notified?

About what? You know damn well about what.

You let them take it out of here.

For Christ's sake, spare me the speech. I've listened to it for a decade.

The fact is that Michael Myers was a federal patient and a federal prisoner. Therefore he's subject to federal law.

We're not talking about any ordinary prisoner, Hoffman. We are talking about an evil on two legs.

I can see this is useless.

Do you know what today is?

Do you know the date?

Every day I look at myself in the mirror and ...

And every day I remember.

Look at me ... Hoffman!

Take a good look!

I don't want anyone to have to live through that night again.

I've said this before. I think you're the one who needs mental help.

Yes? Dr. Hoffman.

I see.

I see. Thank you.

Apparently there was an accident just south of Mill Creek near the bri ... Loomis?


Is that it?

Yes. When did this happen?

Sometime in the night. They probably lost the road in the storm. Come down the embankment. It happens.

An accident? Yes, sir. Do you believe that?

Why shouldn't I?

How many people in the bus?

Four ... plus Myers.

How many bodies did you find? It's hard to tell, they're all chewed up.


It's over. Leave it alone.

He's gone.

He was here ...

... but he's gone.

Did you find any other bodies?

Not yet. There's a lot of ground to cover. You won't find him.

He's done all this.

Now he's escaped. You don't know that.

Michael could've been thrown from the bus.

I've seen bodies thrown 50 - 60 feet from a crash site.

Even if by some miracle Michael's conscious ... his ... his muscles would be totally useless. Give the troopers a chance to search.

You're talking about him as if he were a human being.

That part of him died years ago.

Now where are you going?


It's a four hour drive.

You can reach me through the local police.

If you don't find him in four hours ...

I'm sure I will.

Hey Gar. How 'bout a 9/16 socket over here?

Hey! Hey there!




Is anybody here?



Is anybody here?

God in heaven.


Why now?

You waited ten years.

I knew this day would come.

Don't go to Haddonfield.

If you want another victim, take me.

But leave those people in peace.

Please ...


Goddamn you.


Hey Jamie! Where's your costume?

Where's your mask? Or are you wearing it? I don't need to wear a stupid costume!

That's because every day is Halloween at Jamie's house. Right, Jamie? - 'Cause your uncle's the boogeyman.

Boogeyman! Boogeyman! Jamie's uncle's the boogeyman!

How come your mommy didn't make you a costume, Jamie? How could she? Her mommy's dead.

Jamie's mommy's ... a mummy!

Stop it! Okay? Stop it!

Jamie's an orphan! Jamie's an orphan! Stop it! Please, stop it!

Jamie's an orphan! Jamie's an orphan!

Jamie's uncle's the boogeyman! Jamie's an orphan!

Every day is Halloween at Jamie's house.

Boogeyman! Boogeyman! Boogeyman!

... didn't make you ...? How could she? Her mommy's dead.

You're okay, you're okay.


Jamie, are you okay?

You remember Lindsey, don't you?

Hi Jamie. Yeah, hi.

You ready for some ice cream?

I wanna go trick-or-treating ... like the other kids.

But I thought you didn't wanna go trick-or-treating.

You know Rach, discount mart's having a sale on Halloween costumes.

No. Brady's working there till 6:00 today. I know.

Don't you wanna talk to him?

I don't wanna look pushy. You won't look pushy.

Well, I don't wanna come on too strong.

A guy hates a girl that comes on too strong. Fragile egos, and all of that.

You won't come on too strong.

Well, I don't wanna seem desperate or anything.

Face it Rach, you are desperate.

You're just gonna go in and buy a costume for Jamie. Perfectly legit.

I don't know.

Well ...

Do I drop you at the discount mart or the Dairy Queen?


Discount mart. Can we get an ice cream after?

You bet.

Hey, Wade. Why don't you go ahead and make your move?

Don't rush me, Brady.

Timing's gotta be premo.

Yeah well, money talks and bullshit walks. You know what I mean?

Double or nothing, you don't ask Kelly out.

All right. Ten bucks. Let's see it.

He's not gonna do it.

Chicken. - Don't forget, man. She's Sheriff Meeker's daughter.

Her daddy don't scare me.

Fuck off, Wade.

Hey, maybe you can come over right now.

Oh, cool!

Call me. Okay. Bye.


What are you doing here? I thought I was supposed to pick you up.

Jamie needs a Halloween costume. You do?

Okay. Go down to aisle A. We've got the best costumes in the whole town.

Come on, Rachel. In a second.

We need to talk.

Okay, sure. What about?

About tonight.

Rachel! I found the perfect costume. Come see.


My parents' baby-sitter's cancelled. So?

So I have to watch Jamie tonight.

When did you find this out?

This morning. You found this morning?

Why didn't you tell me before? I mean it's 5 o'clock now, Rachel ... shit.

Don't get angry. I'm not angry. It's just ...

Can I come over after Jamie goes to sleep?

My parents are gonna come home early tonight.


I don't know, Brady.


I guess, I'll call you later.

Jamie, what happened?

It was the nightmare man.


He's come to get me, Rachel. You're okay.

You probably saw a mask and it scared you.

At least you're not cut.

Come on. Let's go home.

You gonna be okay?

She'll be fine

Come on, old man. Let's go!

Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Get it in here, old man.

I ain't got till Judgment Day!

Thank you.

Anything for a fellow pilgrim.

We're all on a quest. Sometimes we need help getting where we wanna be.

Reverend Jackson Pete Sayer of Dumont county.

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

How far you're going, Mr. Sayer?

God's country, Promised Land.

Where you heading, Mr. ... ah Loomis.


Car trouble?

Sort of.

You're hunting it, ain't ya?

Yeah, you're hunting it, all right.

Just like me.

What are you hunting, Mr. Sayer?

Apocalypse, end of the world. Armageddon.

It's always got a face and a name.

I've been hunting the bastard for 30 years, give or take.

Come close a time or two.

Too damn close!

You can't kill damnation, mister.

It don't die like a man dies.

I know that, Mr. Sayer.

Oh, you're a pilgrim, all right!

I saw it on your face back there in the dust.

I saw it clear as breasts and blue suede shoes. Would you like a drink?

* Yes, we'll gather at the river *

* The beautiful, beautiful river *

* Gather with the saints at the river *

Okay Jamie, we're leaving.

Where's Rach? I don't know.

Here I am.

Come on, hon.

How do we look?

You guys always look great.

We'll be at the Fallbrooks.

The number's next to the phone. I know, and next to that is Police, hospital, fire and probably the National Guard.

I want you two to have fun tonight. Make sure Jamie's in bed by 9:30.

You're gonna be late. You don't wanna blow your promotion.

Don't make fun. Tonight is the difference between vacations in Bermuda ...

... or spending another two weeks with your grandmother in Cleveland. So hurry up.


See ya. Good luck, dad.

Rachel?... Can I get my costume on? Yeah. Hurry up.


Is Brady there?

He's not back from work yet?


Well, when he comes in, could you tell him to drop by about eight? I should be home by then.

This is Rachel.



Come on, Jamie. You're gonna miss all the good candy.

Come on, Jamie!

Come on, Rachel!


I thought you said you were ready. I'm ready! I'm ready!

Okay, let's go.

Ah, I need to speak with Sheriff Brackett.

Then you'll have to travel about 3,000 miles south of here.


Brackett retired. Back in '81.

He moved to St. Petersburg.

Oh, Well, who's the new Sheriff? I am.

Ben Meeker.

Oh, Sheriff Meeker ... my name is Dr. ... Loomis.

Folks around here aren't likely to forget your face.

At least not cops.

So, what brings you back here after ten years?

Michael Myers ... has escaped from Ridgemont. He's here in Haddonfield.

That's impossible. Michael Myers is an invalid. He's here, Sheriff.


Ten years ago ...

He tried to kill Laurie Strode.

Now he wants her daughter.

Are you talking about Jamie Lloyd? Wherever she is, that little child is in mortal danger.

Myers has been locked up since before she was born. He's never laid eyes on her.

Six bodies ... Sheriff! That's what I've seen between here and Ridgemont.

A filling station in flames!

I tell you, Michael Myers is here in this town!

He's here to kill that little girl and anybody who gets in his way.

All right, Pierce, call the troopers and check his story out.

And assuming what you say is true. It's true, Sheriff! - All right, all right. It's true.

What the hell can we do to avoid a repeat of ten years ago?

Find this little girl.

Get her someplace safe. Call the local TV station.

Tell them to get people off the streets and behind locked doors.

Can't get long distance, Sheriff.

Operator says the lines are down.

All right, let's go.

When he makes that call ...

All right, Pierce, do it.

Let's check on this little girl.


Jamie, wait for me. This is great, Rachel. Come on!

Trick-or-treat. Oh, my, what a scary little clown.

Let's see what I have for you. There you are, sweetheart.

Thank you. You're welcome, honey.

Had enough? - No way. Halloween's great. Can we stay out all night?

Forget it, kiddo. We're home by eight o'clock.

That clown costume is really cool! Really?


Hey, you wanna go with us?

Go ahead.

Come on.

Come on, come on. Let's go up there.

Come on. Let's go!


Hi Rachel.


Here you go, you little monster.

Thank you. You little clown. - Thank you.

There you go. Thank you. Trick-or-treat.



Rachel! - Brady! Just a second.

Rachel ... I got an expla ... Rachel I ...

I got an explanation. You don't owe me anything, Brady. No explanation.

Will you just hold on a second?

Just leave me alone and let's forget it.

No, you don't understand.

I mean you blew off our date at the last minute. So you hop onto the next best thing?

I thought you were different from other guys. I'm different. It's just that ...

I just got pissed off ... that's all. Oh really? Well, I'll just let you get back to little Ms. Hot Panties.

Rachel! Jamie?


Are you coming in or what?



Great, Rachel ... just great.

By order of the Sheriff's Office, all citizens of Haddonfield are asked to clear the streets.

I made that payment nine days ago and still have nothing ... You were right.

Everybody, shut up a Goddamn minute!

Shut up! All businesses are asked to close as soon as possible.

What's that shit about, Earl? Stay tuned to the station for updates.

Not like ol' Ben Meeker do something like that.

Sure ain't.

Martians could land on Ben's doorstep and all he'd do is spit once and get himself a shotgun.

Who are you calling? Police station.

Ain't closing down without a good Goddamn reason.


Just rings.

Well, come on!

Jackie, watch the register for me, hon. You got it, Earl.

What's going down?

Where are we going, Earl? We're going to Ben's.

The phone never just rings at a Police station, no way, no how. Wake up the Sheriff.

Load it up. Come on, come on.


He's been here. How do you know?

This is starting to spook me, doc.

At least I'm not alone.

Logan ... I want you to stay here in case the family gets back. - Right here, Ben.

You look sharp. You understand? No problem, Sheriff.

Hey, you!

This is city property.

No trespassing.

What are you, deaf?

Don't try that Halloween shit with me.

All right, I'm on the telephone to the Police right now.

Don't you even think about leaving.

Yeah! That was a fun!

Come on, kids, we're going in the car right now.

Come on. I said move in, get in there.



Rachel, is that you?

Is that you?





Oh, God!


Whoever you are ...

I have a big dog with me and he bites!


Where have you been?

Don't ever go off on your own at night again. Okay? Not ever.

Rachel, Jamie, thank God! What's going on? - Get in the car.

Come on, quick.

Is that him?

Is that him!?



Oh, Christ. Doc.

Dear God.

Hey, don't shoot!

Oh, that was great! You thought it was me, didn't you?

Sheriff! Get home, damn it!

There's a curfew!

I catch your ass, it'll be a weekend in jail!

You all right, doc?

Come on. We'll get to the station. We'll get these kids safe.

It's okay.

Station, this is 132. come in, pierce.

Come in, Pierce.

Come in, Pierce.

Oh, Christ!

Wouldn't have given up without a fight.

They didn't know, what they were fighting.

How can a man do this, Loomis? Tell me.

It isn't a man.

What is he?

Tell me!

What the hell are we dealing with?


What the Sam Hill is going on?

Go on home, Earl. This is Police business. What the hell did this?

Looks like to me you're out of business. Now I want some answers.

I haven't got the time or the patience to argue with you. Now go home to your families where you belong.

It was Michael Myers. He's come home to kill.

Let it be, Earl.

Let the Police handle it.

Like the last time?

How many people killed back then? How many kids?

Al here, lost his boy ten years back.

Well not this time, Ben. I'll handle this my own way.

We're gonna fry his ass.

You son of a bitch! You just created a lynch mob. You haven't got a Police force!

These men may be the only defense you've got.

Ok, let's move it up. Come on guys, let's go.

Let's hunt this bastard! God help us.

132, 132, this is 134, over.

This is 132, over. Ben - uh ...

I just heard about the station.

Now you go over to my house and we'll call the state boys from there. I'll be there in five minutes.

Honey, I don't think they're home. How do you know they are not home?

'Cause the lights are all out.

I told them to be here by 9:30. It's not 9:30 yet. Come on, let's call the Carters.

Come on, come on. You call the Carters.

Kids? Rachel? Jamie?

There he is!

I've seen his face.

Right there, Al Right there in the bushes.

Come on.

Shit, Earl!

It's Ted Hollister.

You dumb son of a bitch.

You said, you saw Myers.

Let's go upstairs. Huh?


I think we're doing just fine right here.

Oh, I think I'm in heaven!

Oh, Brady. Oh, Brady.

Oh, shit.

Oh, it's my dad! Your dad? Your dad!

God, if he catches us like this ...

... he's gonna skin you alive ...

What? - ... for starters.

Oh, no.

Come on! I'm going. I'm going.

Where's that deputy? He'll be here in a minute.

Rachel, take your sister upstairs. First door on the right.

Dad, what's going on?

Kelly, I want you to close and lock all the downstairs windows. Why? - Just do it!

Where's the radio? Right through the kitchen you'll see the basement stairs.

Brady, you know how to use a gun?

Yes, sir.

Think you can handle that? Um, yeah. You wanna tell me what's happening?

Yeah, when I have time. You got your riot gun? In the trunk of my squad. - Go get it.

Take these.

Okay, you got a hammer ... and roofing nails. And I want you up in the attic securing it, so nobody can get in.

You know, if something's happening, I should just go call my parents. Just get up in the attic.

Oh yeah.

I catch you groping my daughter ...

I'll use that shotgun on you.

You understand?

Now get the outside shutters. What are we doing?

Making sure that no one can get in here.

Isn't all this a little paranoid?

If you'd seen that Police station, you wouldn't even ask.

You two okay?

We've been better.

What's going on?

Michael Myers.

Who's that?

Ten years ago ...


He's Jamie's uncle.

The kids at school were right.

I'm gonna be outside ... upstairs in the attic.

That's all the windows, dad.

All right. Good, good. Logan, I want you right here by the front door, ok?

This is the dead bolt key.

All right, We're secure.

I now padlocked the back door. This is the only way in and out of this house.

You got that? You got it, Ben.

I want you to go make us some coffee. All right.

Ah, shit!


Who's there?

Can we go home soon, Rachel?

Real soon, Jamie.

Now, shh.

How's it powered?

Batteries. I'd planned a generator for the house next week. I wish I hadn't waited.

This is squawk 79-o-zero Haddonfield broadcasting on a State Police emergency frequency. Can anyone hear me?

Can anyone hear me?

Damn it!

Everything all right?

Jamie's sleeping.

When can we go home?

State Police will be here soon.

Not long after that.

Don't worry.

I'm trying.

It won't be long.

I hear someone.

Hello, this is Frank Bute over in Tuckerville. You got some kind of emergency? Over.

Thank Christ. This is Ben Meeker, Sheriff over in Haddonfield.

Our phone and power lines are down and we have a killer running loose in the street.

Michael Myers. Is this some kind of Halloween prank?

This is no joke.

We need those troopers and we need 'em now.

All right, I'll get the troopers right away.

Hang on. I'll need some information. We're not going anywhere, Mr. Bute.

Rachel ...

... is your sister all right?

She's fine.


Sheriff's radioed for help. They'll be here soon.

Hell of a night.

It's not over yet.

Where you going?

The Corruthers' house.

That's where Jamie lives. That's where he'll go.

Leave Myers for the State boys.

The State Police won't know how to stop him.

Do you?

It might be nobody knows how to stop him.

But I've got to try.

Are you looking for this?

I didn't know you and Brady had anything, okay?

You knew.

You just didn't care!

He's not married.

Besides, I've got a right to do what's best for me.

Don't you mean, what you do best?

Wise up to what men want, Rachel.

Or Brady won't be the last man you lose to another woman.

Have some coffee.

Over Alan Gateway shot Ted Hallister by mistake.

Well, is he dead? Yeah, he's dead.

Oh, Christ. 04 out there? This is Ben Meeker.

Answer me, damn it.

Sheriff, what is going on out there?

Yeah, I'll swing by with you get my brother John maybe with couple of buddies over there.

All right Rachel, you stay by this radio.

The State boys will send word once they're in route.

When that word comes ...

... you go tell deputy Logan. Okay.

Now, you understand? Uh huh.

... pick me up in ten minutes. We'll find out what's happening.

You know where the hell Earl's at?

No, I haven't heard from him in a while.

I'll get Alan Gateway. I doubt I'll be back before the troopers get here. Maybe you ought to wait here till they do.

Hey, I got a town full of beer bellies running around in the dark with shotguns.

Who's gonna be next!?

Somebody's wife? Somebody's kid?

I can't stand by for that.


I thought you might like some coffee.

It's pretty boring out here.

I wish they'd fix the power.

At least we'd have some ... MTV while we wait for the cavalry.

Haddonfield, we should have cars dispatched in five minutes.

ETA 35 minutes. Over.

Uh ... okay.

Great. We'll be waiting.

Ah ten-four. Over.

Uh ... over and out.

Deputy Logan.



Oh, God.

Oh, God.

What's going on?

I've gotta find Jamie. No, no. What we've gotta do is get out of here ...

... right now. Not without Jamie! - Look!

Do you think she stands a chance? She's not dead! - No.

Is there another key? I don't know!

Get out of the way, get out of the way.

It's metal! Goddammit, it's metal!

What does that mean?

We're trapped in this house.

Jamie! Oh, Rachel!

Rachel ...


Get back!

Brady! No.

Son of a bitch! Shit!

Brady, come with us! Go!


Get up there, Rachel!



Get up there, Rachel!

Brady, come with us! Go! - No, Brady!



Rachel, come on! Come on! No! I wanna help!

Brady! Rachel, come on!

Leave us alone! God, leave us alone!


Go! Go!


Jamie, get down.

Get down!

Get on my back, Jamie! Hold on.

Get on.

Hold on.

Hold on ...

Grab on, Jamie.

Grab on.

I want you to get down to the chimney, Jamie. I can't! - Well, try. Damn it!


I'm gonna lower you down, Jamie.


Rachel? I've got you. Come on.

Go down now.

Rachel. I've got you, Jamie.

I've got you, I've got you!

Oh, come alive, Rachel! Please, come alive! Don't be dead! You can't be dead!

Come alive, Rachel!


Somebody help me!


Help me!


Help me!

Please! Somebody help me!

What are you doing out here alone? Everybody's dead. I just wanna go home! No. No, you can't.

I've just been there. That's the first place he'll look for you.

Where's the schoolhouse?

The schoolhouse.

Where's the schoolhouse? It's over there. - Come on.

Come. We'll be safe there.


We'll hear some sirens soon.

Then we'll be safe? Yes.

You don't believe that, do you?



No! Oh, please!

Somebody help me!


In the school! Pull over, Earl.

What's going on here? We heard the alarm. He's inside!

Jesus. Where? In the school!

Let's get this bastard!


He'll kill you too.

We have to get out of Haddonfield the State Police are on their way. Let them handle it.

I don't know about you Earl, but that makes sense to me. Let's get the hell out!

He's not our patient. Let the troopers have it. That's what they get paid for.

Screw it. Let's get out of here. Al.

Okay, everybody, listen up.

I've got Rachel Corruthers and her sister in the truck.

I'm taking them out of town ...

... route 410. State Police are on the way.

You got that? Got it, Earl. Okay, out.

There's the cavalry.

Coming out of Haddonfield? Yeah. Myers is in the elementary school. We're taking these kids to safety.

Okay, there's a highway patrol substation about four miles down the highway.

You'll see the turnoff signs.

There we've got officers on duty. They'll take care of you.


It's gonna be okay.


Die ... you ... son of a bitch!

Jamie, I want you to stay right here in the truck!

Sheriff Meeker, we killed him. Calm down, calm down. Are you all right?

Are you all right? Yes, I'm fine. - Where's Jamie?


Get away! Don't touch him, Jamie!

Get down!

Oh, babies!

It's over. Yes.

Michael Myers is in hell ... buried ...

Where he belongs.

These kids aren't likely to forget.

They've survived this ordeal, they'll survive it's memory.

I'm going to take Jamie upstairs.

Stay with Rachel.

Come on, honey.