Halloween II (1981) Script

I want you to listen to me. I want you to go out of the house...

...and down the street to the MacKenzies' house.

I want you to knock on their door.

I want you to tell them to call the police and send'em over here.

All right?

Laurie. - Do as I say. Yeah.


Get help!

Come on!

Come on!

Oh, no.


It was the boogeyman.

As a matter of fact... it was.

What's going on out here?

Call the police!

Tell the sheriff I shot him!


Tell him he's still on the loose! Is this some kind of joke?

I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight!

You don't know what death is!

Trick or treat.

I shot him six times!

What? I shot him six times!

I... I shot him in the heart and...

He cannot get a very far, come on. I shot him six times!

This guy... he's not human!

Harold, you want mayonnaise on your sandwich?

How about mustard?

Up next some more spine melting madness "Night of the Living Dead"

Are you asleep again?

This is a WWAR special bulletin...

Police in Haddonfield have just made the grisly discovery of three bodies...

...in the upstairs bedrooms of this house.

It appears that the murders took place some time early this evening.

Authorities have confirmed that all three of the victims are teenagers.

Two girls and a boy.

Police are searching the entire area for a middle patient, who escaped last night

...from the Smith's Grow Warren county sanitorium.

He is now believed to be at large in Haddonfield.

This is Robert Mundy... live.

They're coming to get you Barbara.

You're ignorant. They're coming for you, Barbara.

Stop it. You're acting like a child.

They're coming for you.


There comes one of them now.

She'll hear you. Here he comes now.

I'm gettitng out of here.

Mrs. Elrod?!

Mr. Elrod?

Are you okay?


There was someone screaming next door.

Yeah, Mr. a Mrs. Elrod.

His wife's always picking on him.

He probably got angry and decided to start beating her.

Okay, deal.

Are your folks home?

They are gone.

My dad had to take my Aunt Ruby to Harden County and my mother's decided to go along.

Didn't you hear?

Hear about what?

Some girl got killed in Haddonfield.

It's on the radio.

Hold on.

...and the police have curtain off the entire area to repeat...

Three teenagers have been found murdered... in the house in the Northwest section of Haddonfield.

The names of the teenagers have not been released...

I can't believe it.

I know.

You know we probably knew her. Where did it happen?

Down on Orange Grove.

That's right down the street. I know.

Police confirmed the girl was rescued that she...

Sally, I can hear the sirens coming.

They said the guy got away.

Do they know who it was? No.

Oh, god.




Haddonfield police is... Alice?

... all point bulets within description... Who is it?

Alice? Where are you? ... the main streets in town.

Who is it? - Chief to the Haddonfield police department says...

He believe that suspect will be apprehended...

...within a matter of hours.

Neighboor say they heard scream during the early evening, ...but activity a noise it's for usual haloween.

I came out on the lawn. I asked him what was going on.

He said... Inside you guys.

He said he'd shot somebody.

All right folks. Give'em a room, please?


Can you hear me? Don't let them put me to sleep.

It's all right, take it easy. We're gonna go to clinic, all right?

Don't let them put me to sleep. It's okay.

Hey... you know this chick?

Yeh, her name's Laurie Strode.

She goes to school with my little brother Ziggy.

Her old man... eh Strode Realty? Yeah.


Okay, just get out easy.

It's gonna be okay.

Just walk real slow, okay?

Are you all right? Are you all right, hon?

Oh, god.

Here. Just... just put it up there real gently.

You okay? Let's go. Just walk real slow. Come on.

Fill out this form. Someone will be with you in a moment.

Well, we should see the doctor right away.

He's with a patient. Would you please wait in room "A"?

Come on honey. Thank you.

Where's Doc. Mixter?

He's been at the country club. I think he's drunk.

Oh, great.

What've we got?

Stub wound, left anterior chest, possibly penetrating. Multiple...

It's Laurie Strode. - Come on, let's go ... fractured right ankle.

Janet, get me some more coffee.

Get that out of here.

Oh, Laurie.

Hi there.

Well let's see what we have here.

Ah yes... you lost a lot of blood.

We'll need to a type it.

When was the last time you had a tetatus shot?

I don't know.

Get me some...

3.0 nylon on... Cutting needle?

Yes. Right away.

We're going to have to put her out. No!

No, don't put me to sleep. Okay, relax.

Nylon's not gonna hurt you.


Please don't put me to sleep.

Take it easy.

Try to relax, Laurie.

Doctor Mixter have you stitched up in no time.

Take it easy, Laurie.

Circle the block again.

How long now?

It's about 30 minutes. Put light down there.

There, by those trees.

There is nothing.

Well, keep going.

You know Doctor, I'm just about there.


The point where I stop taking orders from you.

Alright sheriff whatever you want.

The primary concern is that we stop him.

You let him out.

I didn't. His own goddamn doctor.

I didn't let him out.

Hey Brackett come in please...

Hey Brackett come in please...

Who is it?

Geez, this is amsey.

Say again, what is it?

This is Ramsey.

Where are you?

I'm out by the bakery moving north on the Scottsville road.

Get the hell back in the town.

Go up 17th street, meet me by the bypass.

10 - 4 Ramsey clear.

Will you put that thing away!

You couldn't have shot him six times!

You think I'm lying, sherif. I think you missed him.

No man could take six shots. I've told you this isn't a man.

Look out! Slow down! Why? - Over there! Look, look, look!

Is that him?

I don't know.

Get back!

Run! Come on, run!


Get back!

Get back you kids! Loomis!

Stop!... Get out! Loomis!




Don't shoot!

Stop! Don't kill him!

Oh, sheriff Brackett.

He came out of nowhere.

I couldn't stop.

Is it him?!

Is it him or not!?


We've been found three bodies. Where?

Across the street from the Doyle house.

Three kids...

Leigh... one of them was Annie!


Does it hurt a lot?


Oh sweetie, I can't understand you. Look, it'll be okay.

We'll play some games tonight and...

Repeating for those of you who just tuned in.

Three people are dead tonight... as a resolve an attack by an escaped mental patient.

I understand we're going to stay on the air now?

Repeating for those of you who just tuned in.

Three people are dead tonight... as a resolve an attack by an escaped mental patient.

Any further details will be report coming as soon as we get them.

This is Robert Munday... reporting you live.




Oh, how are you feeling?


What happened?

Cracked the bone.

Lucky it wasn't a break.

Doctor Mixter felt that he should wait untill tomorrow, before he put cast on.

You have to get some rest.

Come on, Jimmy.

Can I get you something to drink or anything?

How about a coke?




Come on!

Jimmy, we've got to roll. Another call came in. - Okay.

I'll get you that coke later.


Moments ago police reported that Michael Myers, formerly of Haddonfield, who fled the Smith's Grove Warren county Sanitarium last night

...was believed to have burned to death.

Meanwhile, three bodies were discovered

...in the upstairs bedroom of the house directly behind me.

Identification of the victims is being witheld. Pending notification of their families...

Forget that. forget that. I wanna concentrate on that house.

Talk to some kids. See if anybody saw anything.

You need the parent's permission to use a statement.

If you can't find the parents, get a statement anyway.

Not now...

Give us a minute, fellas.

I... uh have to... go and tell my wife, before somebody else does.

Go on home, Leigh.

Go on home, I'll take care of everything.

Damn you! I'm sorrry.

What have you done? I haven't done anything.


I didn't let him out. I gave orders for him to be restrained.

Now is there anything else, that we can do for you?

If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car... then lot of other kids are gonna be slaugtered tonight. - He's dead.

I saw him. You saw man at the mask.

It was him. - I wanna believe you, but I gotta be sure.

I can't stop, untill I'm certain it's dead.

You talk about him like he's some kind of animal. - He was my...

Would you keep it back? He was my patient for fifteen years...

He became an obsession with me, until I realized, that there was nothing within.

Neither consciance nor reason that was... even remotely human.

An hour ago I stood up and fired six shots into him and he just got up and walked away.

I am talking about the real possibility, that he is STILL OUT THERE!

Where'd they take the body?

The Coroner's office.

Get a dentist to meet me there in half an hour.

Despite the fact that the man, who rescued Laurie Strode, claims to have shot him six times at close range.

Haddonfield police have no explanation for the suspect's disappearance...

But say they're confident, he will be captured soon.

I cannot believe it. - Paramedics are now removing the last of the bodies.

Pin the tail on the donkey and bobbing for apples. Actually bobbing for water. No less.

Well you gotta use water to see if you don't...

I am never going to another halloween party as long as I live.

Especially not at Stevie Mather's house.

And of course now I'm gonna be late.

Oh, you gotta drive me home first.

Oh Darcy, I don't have time. You've got to.

Oh, can't you ask Eddie Lee?

He's in Russelville.

It's five minutes to your house another five minutes back to the hospital.

Mrs. Alves's gonna kill me.

You promised me.

I know I did.

One survivor...

17-year old Laurie Strode was found directly across the street from the home

...where the murders took place.

The teenager was taken across town to Haddonfield Memorial Clinic.

Paramedics on the scene...

In of aftermath of the killings the streets between Chestnut and tenth third jamed with people and... cars.


...these streets a Chestnut and tenth there are just jamed with both people...

Well, I sure could go for a pizza now.

Nice be with sausage, onions, peppers...

But no mushrooms. I hate mushrooms.

The names of young victims are not yet released, but... people would probably recognized, that is neighbourhood teenagers.

Looks like a goddamn homecoming.

Now... back... to Dementia...

Thanks, Mr. Garret.

Julie saw him you know.


Michael Myers.

Come on.

I swear. Yesterday, when she was coming to work.

Where did she see him?

Near the shop and bag out by the mall.

Well, she stopped at the light... and saw him walk in that field behind the Lost River Dive in.

Julie said he was so creepy. Julie's full of shit.

He didn't escape until last night.

Well you don't have to swear, Budd.

She's a goddamn moron anyway.

Every other word you say is either hell or shit or damn.

I'm sorry.

I guess I just fuck up all the time.


Hey, you're here.


You're late.

Yea I know, I've got to get on the ward.

Hi. Jimmy.

Oh, hi. Karen.

Come on.

See you later.


Amazing grace... come sit on my face Don't make me cry...

I need your pie Look, why don't you just shut up, all right?

What do you all worked up about?

Look it could be Ziggy, you know?

It could've been your brother Mark, we pulled out of there.

All right, so what do you want me to do?

Look Jimmy...

Rule #1: Never get involved with a patient.

Nurses... that's another story.

But patients is no good. It never works out.

Where you going college boy?

I'm telling you, listen to old Budd.

You were late again tonight.

Just fifteen minutes.

That could be the difference between life and death for one of those kids.

You're right. I'm sorry Mrs. Alves. I don't wanna hear any excuses.

You're a good nurse Karen.

I'd hate to loose you.

But you've got to learn to be on time.

Now. Let's get over this list.

I'll be fine, really. I'm sorry. I promise. Okay..


Mrs. Carr, 9:30 tommorow morning.

God, they should have...

They should have handled him more carefully.


Michael Myers.

Michael Myers?

Yea, he...

He was that guy, that was after you.

You mean the Myers house?

That little kid who killed his sister? Yea.

But he's in a hospital somewhere.

He escaped last night.

How do you know?

It's all over the radio.

Television too. It's on right now.

Why me?

I mean, why me?

Times up Jimmy.

Let's go.

Okay okay...

No you won't!

Visiting hours are definitely over.

Men... you can't live with'em, you can't live without'em.

How's that shoulder feel?

A little better.


We've been trying to get ahold of your parents.

Dr. Mixter told me, they were at the same party he was... but they're not there now and they're not at home.

Do you have any idea of where else they might be?


I'll just keep trying.

Oh, this is just...


Yes Mrs. Alves.

Go tell Mr. Garrett, we're having trouble with the phones.

Right now.

He's at the other end of the hall. Janet.

Yes, Mrs. Alves.

What's wrong with the phones?

Nothing for you to worry about.

Just get some rest right now.

I'll let you know as soon as we get ahold of your parents.

I'm gonna go check the phone.

You wait here and I'll call you. I have to get back on the floor!

It'll take me five minutes. - But I don't even know, how to use this thing!

I think somebody broke into the store room. The lock was off.

Mr. Garrett?

I can't hear you.

One of you had better drive down to the sherif's station right away.

Mr. Garrett, how do you work this thing?


Mr. Garrett.

Mr. Garrett?

Mr. Garrett... I gotta get back on the floor.


It's difficult.

Even the gums are charred but...

...look here.

See here?

No fillings.

He's young. Maybe seventeen, maybe eighteen.

Michael Myers is 21.

Positive ID means we check x-rays and dental records.

That'll take hours!

No other way to know for sure. I'm sorry. We haven't got hours.

Listen to me. We've got to assume, that Michael Myers is still alive.

Everybody goes back out.

But we just closed it up.

I want to sweep from Chestnut South to the bypass.

I want every street... every house... every backyard.


You've got it.

Thank you.

All right, that's enough. That's enough!

Now come on, get out of here. You guys, go home. Michael Myers not here.

This is Hunt in another vehicle. The old Myers house 45 Lampkin Ln. - The tribe.

One of their number was butchered, this is a wake.

Heightens my sense of security.

All right. Knock it off!

Come on folks, go home.

Knock it off!


Plus we've covered the whole east end of town. There's nothing.

Check it again.

He just isn't here.

CHECK IT again!

You know.

Haddonfield was a pretty quiet town before tonight.

The only a... gunshot you ever heard were start tracking for the local highschool.

Yet one night in 1963 Michael Myers... did murder his sister in that upstairs bedroom with a large... butcher knife.

I remember.

On halloween. I was sixteen years old.

It's his anniversary, Mr. Hunt.

He came back.

After fifteen years?

He waited with extraordinary patience, There was a... force inside him biding its time.

The stuff grew accustomed to his immobility and silence.

In many ways he was the ideal patient. He didn't talked he didn't... cry. He didn't even move.

He just waited.

The staff was unprepared they didn't... know, what he was.

Did you know?

Yea I knew.

Excuse me.

Mr. Hunt?

Yea. What is it Craig? Yea. I'm worried about Bennet Tramer.

He isn't home yet. Yea. And he left the party at ten.

It's only a little after... eleven boys.

He was real drunk.

How old is he?


He had this stupid mask on.

All right boys.


...and wearing a mask.

Oh god. We should check his dental records.

Old reservoir road. They had break-in the elementary school.

They're pretty sure it's him. Come on!

Oh, stop.

Aw, shit!

Shit. - Oh, you idiot!

You could've broken it.

I wish I had!

I also could have used these on you.

What an asshole.

Happy Halloween.

Budd... you are the biggest jerk...

I've ever met.

But you love me.


I'm an idiot.

Let's go down to the therapy room.

Budd's finger needs a little bit of therapy.

I can't leave the kids right now.

Well, everybody is all weirded out tonight?

All this Michael Myers crap.

I just...

I just want...

The therapy room's three doors down.

I suppose if we left the door open, we could hear if somebody is coming... or if the kids started to cry...

No. I... I got to check it out first.

Fifteen minutes.

If everything's okay.

You're wasting time.

Why don't you tell me?

Why don't you ever tell me anything?

I told you...

I'm NOT your mother.

It's hot.

It's hot in here.

It's just me.

I'm not kidding.

It's too hot in here now, Budd.

Why don't you go check?

It's cold out there.

It can get cold in here.


Forget it, Budd.

I have to go back to work.

You wanna go for breakfast later?


I'm sorry.

I just have to get back. That's all.

Now. Budd, don't be that way.

He got in here.

And look over here.

And here...


Is that it?



What's this?

It's gibberish.


It's a celtic word.


It means the Lord of the dead.

The end of summer.

The festival... of samhain.

October 31st.

Dr. Loomis?


I have to talk to you.

Oh, I didn't recognize you.

What are you doing here?



Dr. Loomis...

You've been ordered back to Smith's Grove.


He can't order me. No, no... but the governor can.

He spoke to Dr. Rogers personally a few hours ago. - The Governor... well, well...

Dr. Loomis this thing is all over the state.

Patient escapes once, murders three teenagers. You shoot him with a gun, he escapes again.

Someone should have listened to me earlier.

I know. I'm sorry.

Dr. Rogers is just afraid that this could jeapordize our whole rehabilitation program.

He doesn't want anyone from the mental health department anywhere near Haddonfield.

Why did he send you down here then?

In case you already found him.

... alive. Tell Dr. Rogers...

Tell him you couldn't find me. Tell him anything. I can't leave Haddonfield now.

I'm afraid you don't have a choice.

There's a marshal waiting for you outside.



I know that... you don't know me very well.

But I just wanna let you to know that...

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.





Dr. Mixter?!

Dr. Mixter.

Dr. Mixter!

Dr. Mixter?

Dr. Mixter...

It's an emergency!

Dr. Mixter, it's Laurie Strode.

She's had a reaction to the medication.

You better come quick.

Dr. Mixter.

This is ridiculous. I'm gonna go find Mrs. Alves.

Mrs. Alves?


You okay?

We will find him.

Where're you gonna look?

I don't know.

Neither do I.

Mr. Garrett?

Mr. Garrett!?

Mr. Garrett?

Mr. Garrett?



I can't find anybody.

Budd's gone... Mrs. Alves is gone.

We gotta find Laurie.

All right, listen.

Why don't you check the East wing again?

All right?

And if you don't find anyone, I want you to get into your car...

...and drive out to the sheriff's station. Get somebody out of here.

All right?



I'll keep looking.





Laurie wait!

Wait Laurie...

He didn't believe me and now they're dead.

I'm sorry.

Don't feel sorry for me.

Feel sorry for that little town back there.

It'll be years before they forget this.

Dr. Loomis, I think there's something else you should know.

You see the blackboard back there in the Elementary school?


In order to appease the gods, the druid priests... held... fire... rituals.

Prisoners of war, criminals, the insane... animals... were... burned alive in baskets.

By observing the way they died, the druids believed, they could see omens of the future.

2000 years later we've come no further.

Samhain isn't... evil spirits.

It isn't goblins, ghosts or witches. it's the unconscious mind.

We're all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.

Dr. Loomis, please listen to me.

There's a file on Michael Myers, that nobody knew about.

I've seen everything. No.

No. It was hidden. Sealed by the court after his parents were killed.

Now after the Governor heard what happened tonight, he authorized Dr. Rogers to open it.

What file?

It isn't fair.

They should've allowed you to examine everything.

That girl... that Strode girl, that's Michael Myers sister.

She was born...

2 years before he was commited.

Two years after... his parents died and she was adopted by the Strodes.

They requested, that the records be sealed in order to protect the family.

Jeez, don't you see, what he's doing here in Haddonfield?

He killed one sister fifteen years ago. Now he's trying to kill the other!

Tonight after I shot him, where did they take her?

The clinic.

Clinic where? Do you know this area well?

A little bit.

Where's the hospital located? - Dr. Loomis we're under orders from the Governor!

It's back around Seventeen about three miles.

Turn this car around now!

I can't do that. I've got orders.

Those orders have changed! Dr. Loomis!

Doctor, you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble.

What is your fellows usually do? Fire a warning shot, right?


It's all right.


Okay, we're gonna get out of here.

I think, I think...

I ought to handcuff you to the wheel, but I have a feeling I'm gonna need you in there.

Can I trust you?

What have I got to lose... except my job?

I need help...


Help me...

Help me...

Go and check all the rooms down there.

Go on!

Dr. Loomis. You stay with me and shut up.









Come on, get in!


He is dead!

No, he's not. Look at him!

He's still breathing.


There's a two way radio over in the marshall's car. I want you to go outside.

Get on that radio and get help!

Now wait a minute.

I'm the only one authorized to use that.


I'm sorry I left you.

Are you all right?

Why won't he die?

Get away from him!

But he's stopped breathing!


Unit calling. Identify.

Marion Chambers with Dr. Loomis at the clinic. He's here.

10-4. Unit calling. Indentify suspect.

Michael Myers! Just get your ass over here!

Take that gun. Come on! No.

Take it.

Take it!


Michael STOP!

Get out. get out. Go on.

Go on. Get out.

Get out NOW!

It's time... Michael.

What's the count?


So far.

Do you have any firsthand information... Just leave me alone. about what happened inside the hospital? Excuse us.

Can't I ride in front?

No Laurie. I'm sorry, I have to put you in back.

Are you ready?

Watch out for your feet.

She's now being assisted out of the wheelchair... - Drop your feet careful.

...and into the ambulance.

Big step...

Big step...


Keep the leg up. We'll have you out of here in a second.