Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) Script


Oh, God, it's coming!

Oh, God, it's coming!


Please, give him to me.


No. Please, my baby. Please, give him to me.

Damn you!

When Michael Myers was six years old, he stabbed his sister to death.

For years he was locked up, locked away in Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

But he escaped.

And suddenly...

Halloween was another word for mayhem.

He needed to wipe out his entire family.

He struck them down at night, and always on Halloween.

The police tried everything to stop him.

He overcame them all and disappeared.

The world thought him dead, But I... I wasn't sure.

I wasn't sure that Michael Myers had died.

Jamie, come to me.

Jamie, come to me.


Come with me if you want to save your baby.

Oh, God... He's coming. We've got to move, now.

Come on.

No! Oh, God.

Come on.

It's okay!

You can do it. You can do it.


It's that way!

Go, now. Save your baby! Go now!




What are you doing in my truck?


What the hell're you doing in my truck?




Danny. Danny.

Kill for him. Mommy!


Mommy's here.

What is it, baby?

The Voiceman. He's here.

No one's there, sweetheart. But I've seen him.

You've been watching way too much TV, you know that?

He says things. Bad things.

Like what?


Stay away monsters, stay away ghouls.

Stay away from Danny, you jerks know the rules.

Better? Here.

Good night, Danny.

Good night, mom.

It's "Back Talk" with Barry Simms.

Who is that guy?

We're in the second hour of a special Halloween edition of "Back Talk". I'm Barry Simms.

As usual, we're coming to you live from high atop the Sears Tower here in Chicago.

Tomorrow night, we will be coming to you from Haddonfield, the town that has banned Halloween since 1989, when infamous serial killer Michael Myers, his niece, Jamie Lloyd, and about a dozen cops were killed in an explosion.

We have a caller waiting.

Who's next to talk to me?

I... I know this may sound crazy, Barry, but...

I really think I'm in love with him.

He's so untamed, so uninhibited.

He's everything I've ever wanted in a man.

You know, this is good. I can see the tabloids now.

"Psycho Lays Nympho: The Best Sex He Ever Dismembers"

Is this the type that you always fall for, lady? Any other serial studs on the list?

You know, Bundy, Manson?

What about that Dahmer guy? I bet...

- I bet you could really cook with him. - No, I just want Michael.

I... I wanna know what's behind that mask.

Deep down, I think he's just like you and me, Barry.

He just needs someone to understand him.

- Someone to love him. - Yeah, deep down I'm sure that's true.

You're talking about one of this nation's most notorious serial killers like he belongs in some kind of sex seminar.

You know, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, lady, but Michael Myers has been dead for six years.

Now... we've got someone who actually claims to have seen that Michael Myers.

- Does this wacko caller have a name? - My name's Tommy.

I was only eight years old, when I saw him.

But I was one of the lucky ones.

I survived.

There is help out there for people like you.

It's called electro-shock therapy!

Come on. You don't really believe that Michael Myers is actually alive.

Michael's work isn't done in Haddonfield.

And soon...

Very soon...

He'll come home...

To kill again.

But this time I'll be ready.

Actually, Tom, I hear Smith's Grove is having a blue light on Vicodin; check that out.

The lines are open, so give me your best shot at 1-800-968-7825.

Now, Dwayne.

What's on your feeble excuse for a mind tonight, Dwayne?

I'd just like to say that I listen to your show every night, Barry.

I think you're the best. I can't tell you how excited we are that you'll be paying a little visit to our little town tomorrow night.

So do you have a point to make here, Dwayne, or should I just keep spanking the monkey?

Barry, you're too much.

I'd just like to say that I understand how things have changed in the 90's.

Gays in the military, cut off your husband's dick and become a national hero.

I just can't see any sense in bringing Halloween back to Haddonfield.

Wink, wink. Thank you, Dwayne. You may leave me now.

Next caller.

I say it's about time they had a Halloween revival in this town.

Now my kids can stop driving me crazy.

That maniac's either long dead or long gone.

Either way, I say let's bury this sucker and get the party started.

Party, woo-hoo! Beer! Yeah!

Thank you, Ashley.

Barry, what happened to that psychiatrist of his, Loomis?

I heard the old quack was dead.

Not dead. Just very much retired.

Good God. Terence. Come in. Christ, what a night.

Not even so much as a sign for five miles on that road!

That's the beauty of the countryside.

I thrive on it.

God, you look good, Sam. I feel great.

I had surgery, plastic surgery.

Skin grafts. It cost a fortune, but at least I don't frighten people anymore.

Don't tell me the revered Rasputin of Smith's Grove has grown complacent in his old age.

Well, I won't believe that for a second.

Well, I can't remember you making house calls, Dr. Wynn, especially at this hour.

And you're right. I've come to celebrate?

Why are you listening to that jerk?

Oh, it's a program about Haddonfield.

I'm taping it.

So, who is responsible for getting this Halloween rally thing together?

We are, the students of Haddonfield junior college.

But why go to all the trouble of throwing this soiree?

So what if Halloween has been banned in Haddonfield?

Who gives a damn?

We do! We live here. I mean, it's time we got on with our lives.

That's what tomorrow night is all about.

- This town is dying, Barry. - Wow.

You know, I've heard Michael Myers blamed for a lot of things tonight, but this is a first.

He's actually killed the economy!

Look, tomorrow night is going to change all that, especially after you do your broadcast live from campus.

You have reached Haddonfield Emergency Services.

Due to severe weather conditions, all circuits are momentarily busy.

If this is not an emergency...

You gonna get up there on the stage with old Bar'?

- Uh, yeah, I will. - Yeah?

Well, I'll see you tomorrow night. This is "Back Talk" with Barry Simms.

Give me a call at 1-800-968-7825. That's 1-800-YOU-SUCK.

So come on, all you boogeyman believers out there.

Give me a call.

Call me tonight.

Well, after 32 years, guess who is finally relinquishing his duties as chief administrator of Smith's Grove?

Good god, you don't mean to say you'reŚ Retiring!

I came by to give you the news myself.

Well, I wish you well, Terence.

It's been in the planning stages for some time now.

To old friends...

To retirement...

To new beginnings.

Old friends.


I want you to come back to Smith's Grove.

You should know that it's not wise to play Halloween pranks on me.

It's no prank. You are the one I've chosen, Sam. I want you to come back.

After my stroke six years ago they practically had to hold a pistol to my head to get me to retire, but...

Things are different now. I'm different.

I've buried the ghosts. I've buried them in this manuscript.

I don't want to practice medicine anymore.

- They're coming! They're coming! - Yeah. So they're coming, they're coming.

Don't tell me, your name is Joan...

Joan of Arc, and you're also hearing voices, right?

Now, who's coming?

It's Michael.

Michael Myers.

Look, someone, anyone...

Help me. Dr. Loomis, are you out there?

- Can you hear me? Dr. Loomis, I need your help. - Please, please. No, no, stop. Stop that.

What the hell is going on tonight?

Every looney in the state is calling. What is this? A full moon?

Oh, man. I guess Halloween brings out all the wackos.

I can't wait until we get to Haddonfield tomorrow.

Shhh. Shhhh.

It's okay.

Yes. It's alright.

Shhh. Yes.

It's okay.


Leave us alone!

You can't have the baby, Michael.

You can't have the baby.

Enough... of this Michael Myers... bullshit!

Now, you stinking kids got about three seconds to get the hell off my property!

One! Two!

It was Jamie Lloyd.

That was six years ago, Sam.

You know she died with him in that explosion.

You know it! That's what someone would like us to believe.

But I tell you Michael is alive. I can feel his evil heart beating, I can see him just as I did all those years ago behind these very same walls.

Staring, staring. Always growing stronger.

Please. As my colleague, as my friend, I can't go through this again.

Not alone.

I need your help to stop him.

Dr. Wynn, I didn't expect you in this morning.

Donna, this is Dr. Loomis, the man I was telling you about.

Oh, yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, doctor.

It will be wonderful to have you back at the hospital.

Dr. Wynn, there's something you should know.

Donna, I'd like you to get Dr. Loomis anything he needs.

Files, tests, records of every treatment we've ever administered to a former patient of ours, Michael Myers.

Michael Myers? Is something wrong?

I just received a phone call. That girl Jamie Lloyd...

Her body was found this morning near Haddonfield.

Notify the Haddonfield sheriff; tell him we're on the way.

I want the entire staff on alert.

We go to code red lockdown for twenty-four hours.

If that maniac is really out there...

I plan to bring him back.


Yo, G, wassup?!

Barry's my homeboy from Chicago.

Yes, that Barry Simms.

Beth and I are down on this gig.


Look, you just bring the posse tonight, and we'll hook you up.


Doesn't Danny look cute dressed up as his Uncle Tim?

Great. Now I've got a six-year-old gang member for a son.


This is the famous Tim Strode stomach pounder.

You down for the challenge? Hit me, G.

Good try, Dan man.

You better stick to orange juice.


Defacing my property.

I showed them. John, they were just kids.

Kids, my dear Deborah, are what's ruining this country.

Everywhere you go it's the same damn thing. There's no goddamn respect.

I rest my case.

Kara, you'll never pass that exam on an empty stomach.

"Cognitive therapy and emotional disorders". What are they teaching you in college these days?

The art of going crazy?

It's called psychology, mom.

Living in this house is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Oh, yeah?

Well, who the hell asked you to come back here in the first place?

I better get Danny to school.

Doesn't show her face around her own family for five years... then comes back and expects us to roll out the red carpet.

You think going to college is gonna make up for your mistakes, girl?

John, please. Lay off her, dad.

Let's go, Danny.

Kara, wait, please. John, can't we just sit down for once and try to be a family?

Sorry, Mom.

Oh, yeah, that's it, Deborah. Just keep slipping her the cash.

You know, while you're at it, I got a great idea. Here.

Why don't you give her all of our goddamn money?

Why don't you leave her alone?

Nothing ever changes, does it?

You've gotta wake up.

I got news for you, girl.

Before you came around, everything was going fine.

Until you landed on our doorstep.

You and that little... bastard of yours.

I see only one bastard in this house.


Get away from her!

You shut up and stay outta this!

John, please, don't! Kill for him.

You ever talk to me like that again and so help me God...

You understand?

Give me the knife, Danny.


Hey. Make way for the Hardin County Express. Where's Tim?

We're supposed to go over the list of events for tonight.

Oh, God. Did he do that to you?

Another episode of "Father Knows Best" at the Strode house.

What the hell happened this time?

What's gotten into you? Just glad to see you, that's all.

You guys okay?

Tonight's the night we bring some life back into this town.

Shit, Beth, why do we have to be the ones to organize this friggin' fair?

I mean, it's only Halloween.

How many times do I have to tell you. It's not about Halloween.

Now, Danny, you know Grandpa didn't really hurt me, right?

Right, Mom.

Well, you'd better go catch your bus.

But tonight when you come home we'll go trick-or-treating, okay?


I love you, Danny. I love you, Mommy.

Give me a squeeze.

Yeah. Okay.

I just can't live with her anymore, Deborah.

You don't understand, do you?

It's not about Kara, it's about you.

I don't care what she's done; she's your daughter.

She's not my daughter anymore.

Beth, who's that guy who lives across the hall from you?

Why, you interested?

Yeah, right.

He's always staring out his window.

Last night, I caught him watching me.

That must be Tommy.

On a weirdness scale of one to ten, he rates about a 13.

Supposedly some scary shit happened to him, when he was a kid.

Messed up his head pretty bad.

He's harmless, though.

He's probably just lonely. Or horny.

Something you probably haven't felt in a while.


Happy Halloween, Mrs. Blankenship!

Best part about living in that boarding house is that crazy old lady wouldn't hear a truck drive through her living room.

Please. Look, you've gotta listen to me! They're coming! They're coming!

Yeah, so they're coming, they're coming. Don't tell me. Your name is Joan...

Joan of Arc and you're also hearing voices, right?

Come on. Now, who's coming?

It's Michael.

Michael Myers.

Look, someone, anyone, help me.

Dr. Loomis, are you out there? Can you hear me, Dr. L...

It's Michael. Michael Myers.

...your attention, please. Bus 611 from Pontiac...

Look, someone, anyone, help me. Dr. Loomis, are you out there?

Can you hear me, Dr. Loomis? I need your help.

God, please, help. May I have your attention, please?

Bus 34 from Peoria, Russelville and Gardner... with through service to Chicago, Illinois... will be arriving in five minutes.

Ticketed passengers, please wait inside the door until arrival of bus number 34.

Can I help you, sir?

Can you tell me if a bus arrived from Pontiac last night?

Sure did.

Are you looking for someone? Thank you.

May I have your attention, please?

Bus number 34, service to Chicago, has arrived and is now ready for boarding through the side doors.


Shhh. Shhh.

No. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay, man.

It's okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Good God, what's that?

It's... his mark.

He's come home.

Dear God.


Only God can help her now, sir.

Sam, don't. Let them take care of her.

Doctor Loomis. Yeah.

They told me you'd be coming.

Now I suggest you go right on back to your crackpot asylum.

You people got no business in my town.

Michael Myers is my business.

It's been quiet here for six years and that's the way it's gonna stay, and the last thing I need now is you going around spouting off ghost stories.

I suppose it was a ghost that did all this, then.

It was a ghost talking on the radio last night.

That's a ghost being carried out of here right now?!

Yo, check it out!

Tonight's gonna be killer.

Kara, I swear. One of these days, you're gonna get lost in that thing.

I can't find my term paper. So copy someone else's. I do it all the time.

Works primo.

Oh, shit!

Looks like your little boy has got himself quite an imagination.

He's been having nightmares.

I think it's cool.

Must be some nightmares. Beth, we got work to do.


Are you gonna be okay?


I need to see a doctor.

What seems to be the problem? Uh, it's my baby.

There's been an accident.

What kind of accident? Get me a doctor! Now!


Sam, there's nothing you can do for her now.

Dr. Loomis?


Dr. Loomis...

Thank God you're here.

You heard her last night, didn't you? It was Jamie.

I'm sorry.

I don't know you, do I? I'm Tommy.

Tommy Doyle.

Laurie Strode, Jamie's mother, was baby-sitting me the night when...

Tommy Doyle.

What're you doing here?


I need to know the truth.

Michael Myers has come home, hasn't he?

What do you know about Michael?

I know he's still out there.

People in this town, they want us to believe he's dead, but I know. I've always known.

She's out there fighting for her life. If she should die...

She is the last of his bloodline. No, Dr. Loomis.

She's not the last.

Oh, God.

There's a family. Relatives of the people who adopted Laurie: the Strodes.

They're living in the Myers house.

Dr. Loomis, about Michael...

It's just a theory of mine of... That's him.

Meet me tonight. 9:00 at the campus rally.

Tommy, wait!


Tommy, wait!

Oh, there you are.

Who is that boy?

An old friend.


I'm very sorry, Mrs. Strode.

Is everything all right?

Who are you?

I came to help your family.

Shh. Shh.

It's okay.



You like that name?

Yeah, I think it suits you.

It's okay. It's alright.

I won't let anything happen to you.

For 15 years I've been obsessed to find out what was going on inside of him.

It's been my life's work, and my ultimate failure.

This force, this thing that lived inside of him came from a source too violent, too deadly for you to imagine. It...

It grew inside him.

Contaminating his soul.

It was... pure evil.

What makes you think he'll come back here? This house... is sacred to him. He has all his memories here.

His rage!

Mrs. Strode...

I beg of you.

Don't let your family suffer the same fate that Laurie and her daughter suffered.

Jamie? I... I thought that sheŚ She's been found.

Outside Haddonfield, stabbed.

What should I do?

I really am sorry, but you haven't a moment to lose, Mrs. Strode.

Michael Myers has come back to Haddonfield to kill.

Strode Real Estate.

John, something terrible's happened.

What do you want now, Deborah?

A man came by the house, a psychiatrist by the name of Loomis.

And he told me about the terrible things that happened here in our house.

Deborah, what the hell are you doing? Talking to strangers, letting 'em in our house?

John, they found Jamie Lloyd this morning. Someone tried to kill her.

Deborah, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

You ought to stop watching those damn TV talkshows.

I'm getting the children out of here.

At least until I know what's going on.

John, I want you to come with us.

You know. You know, Deborah.

You've lost it. You know that, Deborah? You've just lost it.

The reason you moved us into this house...

Your brother could never sell it because of what happened here, could he?

And you knew.

And you didn't tell us, John.

You knew.


Happy Halloween, little girl.


We want the child.

Who is this?

Oh, Michael.

I'm coming.

Yeah, I'm...

Get ready, oh, yes! Yeah. Yes.

I'm coming, all right, and you'd better be there at the Halloween Harvest fair.

Let's do it, together.


Mom? I'm home!







Are you there?

What are you doing here?

I'm your neighbor from across the street.

Tommy Doyle. What are you doing with my son?

And... and where's my mother?

She wasn't here... when Danny came home.

Danny, go downstairs.

But Tommy's my new friend. He knows all about dinosaurs.

You're in danger. Come with me.

Hi, Mrs. B!

You don't really expect us to stay here, do you?

I want you to watch your house. You can see everything from that window.

Do you know how insane this is?

Who am I supposed to be looking for?


Yeah. It's okay.

It's okay, Steven.



Not now, Danny.

Here you go.

Come on.


Here. Let me try.




All it takes is a mother's touch.

Uncle Michael, please don't hurt me. Oh, God, please forget me.

Your work is done now, Jamie.

I let you down again, Jamie.

I never should have left you.

Runes were a kind of... early alphabet... that originated in Northern Europe about 500 B.C.

They were symbols carved out of stone or pieces of wood, used in pagan rituals to portend future events and invoke magic.

Of all the runes, Thorn had the most negative influence.

Among the ancient druids, Thorn represented a demon that spread sickness, destroyed crops, and brought death to hundreds of thousands of people.

According to a Celtic legend, one child from each tribe was chosen to be inflicted with a curse of Thorn.

To offer the blood sacrifices of its next of kin on the night of Samhain.


The sacrifice of one family meant sparing the lives of an entire tribe.

So why are you so concerned about us if Michael's only out to kill his family?

In his mind, anyone living in his house is his family.

For years I've been convinced there must be some reason.

Some method behind Michael's madness.

And the common link I found is Thorn.

The druids were also great mathematicians and astronomers.

The Thorn symbol is actually constellation of stars that appears from time to time on Halloween night.

Whenever it appears, he appears.

I've traced it back to 1963, when Michael murdered his sister, Judith.

The next time was in 1978; Michael escapes from Smith's Grove.

It happened a decade later, and the year after that. He kills again.

Now Jamie says Michael is back, and for the first time in 6 years, Thorn reappears. Coincidence?

What would happen if he succeeded, if he killed the last member of his family?

Well, Michael's power would end, and the curse would be passed on to another child.

I think that's why these people, whoever they are, are after Jamie's baby.

To make it Michael's final sacrifice.

Where are you going?

To find the only man who can stop him before it's too late.

Oh, no. Where's Danny?



Mrs. Blankenship!

Have you seen...

Danny, don't ever walk off without telling me where you're going!

Take him upstairs.

Lock the door and wait till I get back.


Whatever you do...

Don't go back to your house.

You let him get to her! How could you?

Dr. Loomis, during surgery we discovered that Jamie's uterus was hemorrhaging, and we found this.

It's placental fluid.

Good God in heaven, do you mean to sayŚ I estimate she gave birth no more than 24 hours ago.

Then the question is: Where is the baby?

I think I... I may already know.

Do you know why we celebrate Halloween?

Because that's when we go trick-or-treating and get candy.

Oh, well...

Yes, but...

A long, long time ago, it was a night of great power, when the days grew short and the spirits of the dead returned to their homes to warm themselves by the fireside.

All across the land huge bonfires were lit.

Oh, there was a marvelous celebration.

People danced and they played games.

And they dressed up in costumes.

Hoping to ward off the evil spirits.

Especially the boogeyman.

What's the boogeyman?

Come on, Danny. Say good night to Mrs. Blankenship.

Good night, Mrs. Blankenship. He hears the voice, you know.

Just like the other boy that lived in that house.

What are you talking about?

I was baby-sitting with him that night.

Little Mikey Myers that lived across the street.

And that's when the voice came, the night he murdered his sister.

Michael heard a voice?

It told him to kill his family.

Where the hell's Barry? Let's go! Don't get star-struck on me now.

We got a real agenda here, and Barry is gonna help us get the message out.

Hey, look...

Helloooo, Haddonfield!

Barry! WKNB presents "Back Talk" with Barry Simms. live from Haddonfield, Illinois, Barry! the home of Michael Myers!


I'm home!

Thanks for the dinner.

Come out, come out...

Wherever you are.


She actually left.

I know what's going on.

It must be the boogeyman.

Here I come, boogeyman.

'Cause, you know, I am really scared.

What the hell?

The power's off.

Tell me, kids, how's it feel to... finally pull Halloween out of the proverbial Haddonfield closet?

What we're saying here is... we will no longer let the powers that be control our minds.

For years...

Halloween has represented everything that's wrong with Haddonfield.

But Michael Myers is long gone.

There is NO boogeyman!


Does she get this riled up in the sack, Tim?

I bet she wears crotchless panties and barks like a dog.


What do you say, honey? You and me, uh...

As I was saying...

We have to stop acting out of fear.

Just look at Tim's family.

They live in the Myers house.

You do?

We do?

Uh... yeah, we do.

Great house.

Strong wood. I see. You mean to tell me you actually live... in the house... of the most brutal mass murderer in history?

This is the Barry Simms show.

And when we return... we'll be coming at you live... from the one... the only...

Myers house. How's that for a Halloween shock-fest?

How far to your house, kid?

About half a mile, but I don't know if my folks...

Good, I'll meet you there in five.

What about the kids? We're supposed to throw all the candy.


Relax your crack, sweetheart.

Quick tootle around the old household and we'll be right on back.

Pull the van out back, so that I can sneak out of here nice and quietly.

Oh, no. No, no, really, really. You're too good to me. Really.

No. Thanks for putting me in the middle of this cheap-shit country bumpkin outfit, Paul.

I really appreciate it!

My fans expect better than this.

No, no. Look, you tell that penny-pinching whiner Mike Sarducci that when I get back, I am personally gonna cut off his balls and wear 'em as earrings.

Where's the goddamn van? God!

Oh, no, I'm trotting out for a cheeseburger. I'm taking the show to the real Myers house, where we should have done it in the first place.

Ten minutes in that house and I'll have every fruitcake medium in the country calling in trying to channel the spirit of that pussy Michael Myers.

Sure, we can do another show about him.

Kick the audience in the face enough and they'll lick you all over.

I'll call you when I get back, Paul. Bye-bye.

Where the f...

What happened to the lights?

Do you really think Barry's gonna show up?

Let's hope not.

I'm sorry he turned out to be such an asshole.

It's okay.

Where is everyone?



They're probably at the fair, which is where we should be.


What you said before about Michael Myers living in our house.

Is that really true?

It was a cold Halloween night.

He stood in the shadows, watching through the windows... as his sister and her boyfriend made love.

Then he crept inside... picked up a huge butcher knife... and made his way up these stairs.

He raised the knife up behind her...

She turned around... and he stabbed her!

Cut it out, Beth!

I really didn't know that Michael Myers lived in my house, okay?

It freaks me out.

I'm sorry.

I was just fooling around.

It's okay.

Let's get the candles.

Just a minute.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining. It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining red.

It's warm.

Why is it warm?

Dr. Loomis.

It's happening.

Your sister would kill us if she knew we did it in her bed.

Hey, that was your idea.

I am bad, aren't I?

Only when you wear crotchless panties and bark like a dog.

Where are you going?

I gotta take a shower.

You know, to stay fresh.

Watch out for the boogeyman.

Hey, Beth, can you bring a towel in here? I'm freezing.

Where are you when I need you, honey?


I'll be in in a minute.


Hold on a second, Danny.

Danny... Come to me...

Hello? Mom? Wait, who is this?

No, this is Beth.

What are you doing there?

Do you know where my mother is? She's not home. No one is.

What's wrong?

Is Tim with you?

He's in the shower.

I'm across the street.

I can see you.

Beth, I want you to listen to me.

Get Tim and get out of that house. Right now.

Carol, what the hell is going on?

Beth, look out! There's someone in the room. He's right behind you!



Danny, no!







It's okay.

Danny, run!


Come to mommy.

Danny, please.

The baby.

Where's the baby?


Open the door!


Open the door! Someone help us!

Please, somebody help us!

Help us, please!

Help us, please!

Get 'em upstairs!


Where's the baby?

He's gone.

Who else knew I had the baby?

No one. No!

There had to be someone else...

Who knew? Nobody knew except me and...

Danny. Come to me.

Danny. Come to me.

Come Danny, come to me.

Danny, no.



Careful with the girl.



Mrs. Blankenship! Oh, God, hurry! We have to...

Hello, dear.

Where is she?

Where's Kara?

I feel like I've been drugged.

We have been drugged.

Why are they doing this?

Why didn't they just kill us?

It's his game.

And I know where he wants to play it.

Dr. Loomis, you know that can't stop Michael. Nothing will stop Michael.



I tried to tell you in the hospital.

I think Michael is under the influence of an evil rune.


I saw the symbol marked up where we found Jamie stabbed.

Well, there are runes of light... Protection.

If Thorn could somehow be trapped by these runes the energies could cancel themselves out.

The evil could be destroyed.

You wait here.

Don't go anywhere until I come back.


About time, Dr. Loomis.

Welcome to your fate.

The time has come for you to know the truth.

The time has come for you to join us.

Why now?

After Jamie escaped last night, I knew that she would come to you, and I knew that you would lead us to her baby.

Her very special baby.

I needed her, just as I need you now.

It's your destiny, Sam. It lives inside you.

It always has. You know that, don't you?


are... a madman.

Look around you, Sam.

Madness everywhere.

Famine, war, a great plague.

These are signs that we must restore balance to the natural order of things.

We merely provide the means. Michael?

We've given him the power. The gift of Thorn.

I am its deliverer. I follow it, act as its guardian.

I protect Michael, watch over him.

And now it's time for another.

Now it's time for you....

Dr. Loomis.

I thought Michael was a monster.

But you...

Leave him there.

It's his office now.

Spirits and powers of the flame.

Attend and witness this ritual.

Bear our gifts to Thorn.

Open us to the path of darkness.

By these runes transform us.

Let the hammer descend on the chosen one to whom we offer this sacrifice of innocent blood.

And then, Danny, your journey begins.

Kill for him.


Michael, your final sacrifice.

Michael, you can make him stop it.

Don't kill the baby. You can stop it.

You know whose baby it is, don't you?

Michael! The baby is yours, isn't it?

Isn't it, Michael?

Back off!

Untie her. Do as he says. Do it!

You should join us, you have talent.

Shut up.

Danny, come on.

Go! Okay? Let's go.



Go, go!

Move it! Go, go!


Come on! It's not working.

Come on. It's not working!

It's not...

Back up from the gates!

Get 'em out of here!

Get in there! Go on, get in!



Tommy! Where is he?

It worked. The power of the runes stopped him.


What have they done to you?

Where do we go now? As far away from Haddonfield as possible.

Come with us. No, I have a little business to attend to here.



It's all over.

It's all over!

It's all over now.


Michael's gone.

It's your game now, Dr. Loomis.