Hancock (2008) Script

All units all units. Code 3 pursuit of 2-11.

White SUV heading east on Alameda service road.

Suspects: three Asian males.

Be advised. Shots fired shots fired.

Cheryl can you see how many suspects are in this car?

As far as I can see at this point there are three sus...

Oh this is just coming in..


What boy?

Bad guys.

Trying to cut them off. You can see them there.

They have their hands outside the white SUV... shooting randomly on the freeway..

What you want a cookie? Get out of my face.


What? You heard me.

Please stay off the freeway.

I understand that there are three suspects in the white SUV...


Watch out!


Damn it!


Beat it 'Soulja Boy!'

Hancock is in the car... and he appears to be negotiating with the gunmen..

He smells like a bar!

You pay for new roof!

Fellas hey. I don't give a shit what you did. I don't care.

Three guys in the car no girls rave music.

Hey I'm not gonna judge.

But if you don't pull over and give yourselves up quietly...

I swear to Christ your head is going up the driver's ass.

His head is going up your ass. And you drew the short stick... because your head is going up my ass.

Shoot this asshole!


What the FUCK?

The department is on their way. There's just chaos here on the 105..

What? I'm not Japanese man!

Put us down!

Oh now you "speaky Engly" huh? "Speaky Engly" now?

You broke my glasses.

I'm sorry! Take my Ray-Bans!

Put us down! You want down?

Yes please! Please! Help me!

I'm real good at down. I'm real good at down.

All right? All right.

This Hancock's latest act of so-called heroics... took a hefty financial toll.

Initial damage estimates are said to top $9 million... which if accurate... represents a personal record... for the notoriously publicity-shy Hancock... who as usual can't be reached for comment.

With all the cracks to the concrete all the bullets water damage fires...

L.A. would be better off if this guy would leave... and let us get on with our jobs..


Don't think I'm crazy okay? We've looked everywhere for you.

Going to the Roxy and the Viper Room and Jumbo's... anywhere we thought you would be at. I found you.

I got you.

So what's it like when you fly?

No what? - I ain't gonna fly you.

I got a cousin Narelle. She's my best friend in the entire world... and I swear to God she would not be here today if it wasn't for you.

She crashed her car up in Malibu when you flew her to the hospital.


I will break my foot off in your ass woman.

You got a car?

Hey want a drink?

So this is where you live. This is your hideout.

Your Batcave.

Your Fortress of Solitude.

It's a couple trailers I stuck together. What's all this?

Jiffy Pop. Jiffy Pop.

What do you do with it? Pop it.

Jiffy Pop pop. I like that. Hey hey.

Hold on.

Want me to give you something else to pop?

I didn't catch your name. Pop this Superman.

Not much for the chitchat huh? Let me set this over here.

All right. Now there are some rules. Hello?

No I know I haven't seen it yet. Excuse me.

I know probably. All right all right.

Let me call you back. Listen.

You're gonna need to focus. All right I need you...

Hey that's... That's not focusing. What's in there?

Okay all right hold on. Stop. Stop it. All right now...

...when I get to the moment... The moment?

You know the... Start climbing the mountaintop you know?

You know... All right? Yes. Yeah.

You're gonna need to be as far away from that as possible.

Far. That's hot. - No that's not hot. It's not hot.

Oh yeah. Okay.

Hancock. Oh yeah.

Now you're doing too much. Hancock.

Oh mountaintop! Mountaintop!

Mountaintop! Watch out!


That's not fair to anybody.

Thank you for being okay with that.

I know it's... - Can I use the bathroom please?

Yeah. Hey you...? You want some Jiffy Pop?

No thanks. - It's straight back.

You all right? Yeah.

Yeah I was trying to tell you.


Listen... You know if you want I could fly you.

It's really beautiful you know? Earth.

You could see the...

Might have to get you a helmet so your face doesn't tear off.

What do you think?

Sir? Ray Embrey.

Ray. Pleasure.

So... - Ray's like the Bono of P.R.

Well actually I think Bono is the Bono of P.R. but I do try.

Well let's see it.

Okay. I'll get right into it. Good morning everyone.

I'm here to talk to you about charitable giving.

Okay? And we all know the way that works.

You give one maybe two percent of your net cash... and you get an armband or a ribbon or whatever. It's nowhere near enough.

And that's why we at Embrey Publicity would like to offer you... the AllHeart symbol.

Now you would be among a very select group of corporate giants... to bear this logo on your product.

And what this would say to the public... is that your company Pharmatopsis... has made a radical contribution to helping our world.

Here's all you need to do to qualify.

Your new TB drug Mycodin?

We would like for you to give that product away for free.

Did you say "free"? I did.

Only to those who need it.

Only to those who without it would otherwise die.

As a concept free is kind of up there with you know lethal side effects.

Mandatory product recall. Get indicted go to jail.

Get out work at IHOP for the rest of your career.

Understandable reaction. It's a radical concept.

But it is the brand that represents a fairer and better world.

The brand... that everyone is talking about.

Who is "everyone"?

We do already have a sports franchise.

NFL? NBA? MLB? Soccer.

MLS? Which team?

Well it's a local team. Encino Hurricanes.

It's my son's team.

Anyway we can save the world.

All right? Someone's just gotta go first.

What do you say?

Are you a crackpot?

Hey hon. You're probably at the store. I am on my way.

I think I made a connection.

Not really.

Listen tell Aaron that I'm coming and I... Damn it.

And I want some meatballs okay?

I need some Spaghetti Madness. I'll see you in about 20 minutes.

Hey! What is it National Horn Day?



Hey. Hey!

Move it. There's a train coming.

Do you not hear that horn?

Let's go! I got a train!

Move it!

Back your car up! There's a train! I can't go anywhere. Get out!

Son of a bitch!

Fix the handle Ray. Fix the handle.

Get out!

Get off the track! Move!

Let's get him out. Get him out of there.

Somebody help him. You all right?

Please that guy's still in there.

You sure?

Get him out of there!

Will you look at that?

Ah shit. - I'm all right. I'm okay.

All of you people... blocking the intersection... you're all idiots.

You threw the dude's car at her. And what's with the train?

Why didn't you just go straight up in the air with the car?

You've obviously injured that poor woman.

She's right. She should sue you. Yeah she should sue you.

Well you should sue McDonald's because they fucked you up.

You're an asshole.

And I can smell that liquor on your breath.

Because I've been drinking bitch. You're a drunk asshole!

You think you're such a hero. Asshole!

You're nothing but an asshole. We don't need you in this city.

Some superhero you are! Fly off!

Shut up!

Don't you understand? I'm alive.

I get to go home and see my family. I should be dead right now right here.

Yeah he could've gone straight up. Obviously you should've.

You know and I was upside down for the train but...

No. Thank you.

Thank you very much Hancock. Thank you.

Thank you Hancock.

You're not flying by the Valley are you?

Throw the ball!

Monte one guy'll line up here all right? Hike the ball.

This guy'll be right here and he says "Hut!"

This guy'll drop back. Hut! Drop back. Chuck it.

Great. Thank you.

Nice aim. The driveway would've been better but...

What's going on Dad? Hey buddy.

Daddy's had a little bit of a day. Look at you huh?

I want you to meet somebody.

This guy here dragging Daddy's car into the driveway.

Who's this? Hancock.

That's right. Hancock this is my boy Aaron.

Ray what happened to the car? Oh boy.

You would not have believed it.

I came this close to getting hit by a train. If it wasn't for that guy...

He saved my life. I mean... Hancock this is my wife Mary.

Believe that? I almost kissed a train. Saw my whole life flash before my eyes.

He saved your life? He sure did. Thank you.

Hey you good? I am good yeah.

All right. Keep it off the tracks. I will definitely.

Hang on a... One second.

Hancock you eat yes? Human food? - Yeah.

You like meatballs? No.

Aaron sweetheart he has to go and do...

I love meatballs. - Who's so busy they can't have a meal?

And it's on us. Please.

I'm not even gonna take no for an answer. Get inside the house.

Why do you have an eagle on your hat?

Do you like eagles?

This guy's like a little talking machine huh?

We don't have a lot of guests over here.

Look at that huh? Hon is the heat on?

No? All right.

We started Spaghetti Madness about two years ago.

We do it every Thursday and we have not missed a Thursday in...

Ever. Yeah.

Ever? That's a long time. Yes sir.

A very long time. - That's some good meatballs boy.


Your mama's calling you. Yes Mom?

No. His name is Aaron.

Hey Aaron how was school today? Fine.

Yeah? No more problems with that bully Michael?

Michel. But not like a girl's name. Michel. No no I know.

It's French. - Yeah. Michel Hancock is this...

Hancock? Michel is this neighbourhood bully.

We've been trying to teach Aaron a little... about conflict resolution. You know what I mean?

Yeah. Turn the other cheek all that? That's exactly right.

Well just never turn that one all right?

Never let them punk you.

Got it Mr. Hancock. Aaron eat.

The way you deal with bullies you take your right foot... bring it right up and catch him in his little piss pump.

You don't have to do that honey okay? Seriously.

It's a good idea.

You aim straight and make sure he can't use that thing... for nothing but a flap to keep the dust out of his butt crack.

Okay please just stop.

Michel is not a man okay?

He's a little boy. And his parents... happen to be going through a bad divorce. That's why he's acting up.

Maybe you don't know this... but not everything in this world gets resolved with force.

Not everything has to be bang... I'm set.

...scream blood more blood. - Baby I got plenty. Angel! We're okay.

She watches so much news... that sometimes it gets to be a little too much.

You got a toilet? - Yep. Yeah just past the fridge.


Did he just take the whisky bottle to the bathroom?

Do you want him to kill us all?

Thanks for coming on in. Good right?

Very yeah. - Wanna say goodbye to him?

Bye Hancock. - Hey all right little buddy.

Are you okay? It was a joke.

Come on Aaron. - Hey sorry. I was just trying to...

He got it. She didn't get it.

I owe you. You gave me my life back today.

Hear me out. I'd like to return the favour.

Do you know what I do? I'm in public relations.

You know what that is? Of course you do. We're image consultants.

We change the way people see products companies people that stuff.

Listen I see you on the news and I see you out there today... and it can't feel good that people you know hate you.

It's good to meet you Ray. No I'm sorry.

But hear me out.

People... Don't get me wrong they should love you. They really should.

I wanna deliver that for you. It's the least that I can do.

You know you're a superhero.

Kids should ask you for your autograph.

People should cheer you on the streets.

What the hell are you pricks looking at?

No no they're not... It's all right.

They're not pricks they're just people.

But I want you to give me one short pitch you know?

That's all I ask. Okay?

You use...

Put it under here?

Put it right there. Perfect.

E-mail me or whatever. You just fly on over I don't know.

I want you to think about it.

Just be careful when you go. Sleep on it all right?

You get back to me?

I'll be right here. All right.

Please don't stare you guys. He's kind of one of us.

What about AllHeart?

It's a nonstarter babe you know? I'm chasing windmills with that.

Maybe I can't change the world but I can change this guy's life.

Think about all the good he can do. I think you're wasting your time.

You really hate him.

Hate? I don't hate him Ray. I don't even know the guy.

Just look at the news. You can see what he does.

I think he just needs people to care you know?

You see the good in everybody Ray.

Even sometimes when it's not there.

I have a feeling about this. Don't work with this guy.

I know this kind of guy. He breaks things.

My bad. Everybody all right?

I'll go and get my mommy.

He is an asshole.

What's your name boy? Michel.

You know who I am? - My papa says you are an asshole.

Well that's not really a nice word to call a person is it?

Asshole? Yeah.

Because that could make someone very angry... and you know maybe hurt their feelings.

You behave like an asshole.

All right...

Do you know Aaron?

Well seems to be a pretty good kid.

Just wanna ask you to lay off of him a little bit.

Why asshole?

You're gonna stop calling me that. Asshole.

That's not my name. Asshole.

Call me a asshole... one more time.


How about you thickness?


Hancock! You son of a gun I knew you'd come.

Ask Mary. I had a feeling.

I said he heard me and he's ready for a change.

This is great. Did you do this? You come in a little hot?

I'll meet you in the house.

I know you don't drive but... Oh damn it Ray.

All right. You're all right. You're all right. You're all right.

Oh stop crying punk-ass. Go ahead.

Not okay. Okay? He all right.

Really not okay. This is some of the stuff we're gonna work on.

How do you think that conversation's gonna go down with his mom?

Landing like that in the street's also on the uncool side.

No that was already like that when I got here Ray.

I live here. I know what the street's like.

We'll make those problems of the past.

I'm gonna teach you how to interface with the public.

Where's the wife? - Mary took Aaron to his soccer game.

Hancock pulled some stuff up on Youtube.

Surprisingly large amount of not-great stuff on you that's gonna be helpful.

What is this?

That's me trying to change the world.

Unfortunately not doing real well.

Come on. Let's get to you.

This stuff was on Youtube.

Everybody loves a Nutty Buddy I get it but this doesn't work sir.

Hey give me a Nutty Buddy. Back up back up.

Hey give me a Nutty Buddy. Back up back up.

Mom! Mom! Mom!

Those are children.

We've been waiting a long time... Get that camera out of my face..

You ever put out an apartment fire Ray?

No I haven't done that. I'm in P.R. No. My ass was hot.

All right. How about this? This is Walter the grey whale.

Everybody remembers him stuck on the beach north of Zuma.

Along comes Hancock.


I don't even remember that. Yeah.

Greenpeace does. Walter does.

This gets redundant after a while... but my basic diagnosis of your fundamental problem is...

Do you wanna hear it? No.

You're an asshole.

I know. I call it like I see it though.

It's not a crime to be an asshole but it's counterproductive.

But you are an asshole don't you think?

Be careful.

All right how about this? I've been thinking about something.

This kind of goes to how you present yourself.

Come on. Really? It's the middle of the day. What Springs to mind... when you see this?


What about that? Homo in red.

Norwegian homo. I'll give you that.

Let's move past the comics. Let's get into something a little deeper.

I think that deep down you behave badly because you're lonely.

I think deep down you want people's acceptance.

Come on now. You save people's lives... and they reject you and so you reject them back.

And it's a... And we're gonna switch that cycle.

We're gonna start fresh start anew.

This is outstanding. If you turn some of this power into willpower...

Almost. - And then he kicked it in.

Hey Hancock! We almost won.

Yeah we did. Okay upstairs. I'm making lunch. Go change.

Hey sweetheart.

Have you been watching the news?

No we've been working on... Interfacing with the public.

This has been on all day. That's very good.

The law is the law Mr. Hancock and you are not above it.

Felony destruction of property... amounting to tens of millions of dollars theft and now this.

From where I sit I see a selfish self-absorbed man... with a lot of muscle but no regard for anyone but yourself.

Mr. Hancock let me remind you.

You are not above the law.

You have failed to show at over 600 subpoenas in civil suits.

Anybody else would be held in contempt. But oh no. Not you.

You may be a superhero but let me tell you this.

You're not nearly as strong as the U.S. Constitution.

Bank on it buddy.

We do not condone the t...


Things just got real. This is exactly what we need.

There's a DA trying to figure out how to put you in jail.

Bitch can try. I say you go.

People take you for granted. Make people miss you.

People don't like you Hancock. I do.

Two weeks you know? The public will be clamouring for you.

When they do we'll be ready.

Worst-case scenario is I'm wrong and you just you know fly out of there.

What do you got to lose?

"I apologise to the people of Los Angeles."

My behaviour has been improper and I accept the consequences.

I ask my fellow Angelenos... for their patience and understanding...

You're an asshole Hancock!


"Life here can be difficult for me."

After all I'm the only one of my kind.

During my incarceration I will be participating... in alcohol-and anger-management treatment...

You're a drunk bum!

"You deserve better from me. I can be better. I will be better."

All right.

Good morning ladies. Welcome to your new home...

It is the duty of each of you... to remember your inmate serial number..

Turn to your right.

Turn to your left.

Okay scumbags. Let's go.

Give me the hand playboy.

I see you punk!

Oh I get it.

I put some... Most of you in here.

Yes you did.

I can understand you feeling some kind of way about that.


So I'm gonna do me and I'm gonna let you do you.

I don't want no trouble.

All right?

I just wanna go to my cell.

That ain't gonna happen. Nope.

Excuse me.

Excuse me please.


If you don't move your head is going up his ass.

Y'all fellas sure you wanna ride this train?

Choo choo asshole.

Get him out! Get him out!

Did you shove a man's head up another man's ass?

We're gonna... We're gonna circle back to that.

The DA's office wants your sentence to run eight years.

It's a big number but not something we didn't anticipate.

You know our plan is... What are you doing?

Hey hey hey!

It sounded like you said they want me to spend eight years in this shithole.

Eight is more like four and a half with good behaviour.

But it's irrelevant because with you out of the picture... and with the crime rate going up through the roof... the DA and the cops they're all gonna call for your immediate release.

They're gonna demand it. Where are you going? Sit down.

Hey. Hey. Stop right there.

Stop it. Hancock. Move.

Hancock! Get back!

You're being a coward!

Who you talking to? I'm talking to you.

Who are you talking to Ray? - Stop pretending that you do not care.

You have a calling. You're a hero Hancock.

You're gonna be miserable the rest of your life until you accept that.

Trust me. Trust this plan this process. Just stay in here.

When they call a hero's what we're gonna give them.

How we gonna do that Ray?

All right guys let's start sharing.

Don? You had something? Yeah.

Yeah I think I might've had a little bit of a breakthrough.

Good for you.

Yeah I mean I realised that breaking necks is... it's easy.

But I'm sitting there and I'm staring at myself in the mirror... and I thought "This is tough." - Yeah it sounds tough.

Why do you always laugh?

Picturing you looking at the mirror. It would scare the shit out of me.

Every time I'm talking he completely ruins the cycle.

Now let's watch the crosstalk.

I'm not gonna share anymore if he keeps doing that.

No no no.

Keep sharing. Let's move on.

Mr. Hancock do you wanna share today?


Your landing is your first impression. It's your superhero handshake.

Don't come in too hot okay? Don't come in too boozy.

And don't land on a $100000 Mercedes. All right?

People have to be happy that you've arrived.

Mr. Hancock your share.


So you've used the door and the building's still intact.

People are happy that you've arrived. They feel safe.

There's an officer and he's done a good job... so tell him he's done a good job.

What the hell did I have to come for if he's done a good job?

Oh man!

KBLA radio AM 850.

Today's big story no surprise here: Hancock. What's your take?

I for one have had enough of this guy.

I'm glad he's doing time around bars and I hope they don't let him off easy.

Let my cousin Pookie out..

"I see you don't wear a bulletproof vest security officer."

I respect your courage...

"...because bullets don't bounce off you they bounce off me."

This city is being run by gangs and drug dealers.

Hancock makes them shake in their boots.

He doesn't tie a pretty ribbon around it but he gets the job done.

Besides he's hot..

Let me hear you say it. Let me hear you say "Good job."



Mr. Hancock would you like to share?

Pass. Good.


Good j...

Good j...

Good job.

Good job.

Jail watch day five and true to his word Hancock remains incarcerated.

Meanwhile crime is still on the rise.

The L.A.P.D. is reporting increases of up to 30 percent... in the last five days that Hancock has been behind bars..

Hancock! Hey Hancock! Hey little buddy.

Hancock. We brought you something! Hey hey.

Hey what's up Hancock?

Where's...? Where's Ray?

No it's just us. Ray's working.

Aaron really wanted to come and see you... so we just dropped by with some Spaghetti Madness.

I should probably let the guard check for keys...

No no. Here. - Okay. Here you go.

Oh you brought me meatballs huh?

Just dig in. - Oh man look at that. Look at that.

That's a good meatball. Thanks Hancock.

Ray is a good man.

Whatever this is you're doing don't let him down.


Okay. Well we should probably go buddy.

Already? I wanna stay with Hancock. Yeah. Sweetheart... we have to go. Come on say goodbye to Hancock.

Here Hancock. It's my favourite one and I want you to have it.

That was very sweet. Thanks Mom.

Come here.

Mr. Hancock would you like to share?


All right. Phillip?

I love you guys man.

We love you. - We love you too Phillip.

For when they call.

I ain't wearing that Ray. Yes you are.

Oh no I'm not. No you are.

Actually I'm not Ray.

You think you're not but you are.

I will fight crime butt-ass naked before I fight it in that Ray.

You know you have fought naked. We've got that. That's on Youtube.

Hancock this is a uniform. A uniform represents purpose.

Doctors policemen firemen right?

It represents a calling. It's been two weeks.

Yeah? - Nobody out there is missing me Ray.

Just be patient. You gotta trust me on this. All right?

Perimeter breach perimeter breach.


You're still a fake-ass punk.


Mr. Hancock?

It's your share.


Come on man try it. Let it out. Come on John.

I don't have nothing.

There's nothing on your mind? Come on John.

It's cool man. Come on.

Come on. Do it.

First time for everything.

Feels good to release now. - Let it heal. Come on man try it.

Come in here all these days you don't have anything to share?

I'm Hancock and I drink and stuff.

All right. Thanks for sharing.

Okay. Thank you.

All right. That's awesome.

That's a clap. Yeah. There you go. Good share.

Hey Hancock.

Come on get up.

You got a phone call. Take a message.

It's the chief of police.

He says he needs your help.

The trapped officer's husband is Corporal Joseph Blake... who was killed last year in Iraq... leaving her two small children. We are waiting for the latest news... but apparently there are three suspects and...

What's going on?

I'm out!

Stay down! Stay down!

Stay down!

Get out! Get down!

Get it down!

Let's go! Everybody's gotta get back! Let's go!

Back! Move!

We got perimeters set up on the north east and South sides.

The West Side is open.

Don't break the building don't break the building.


It's a little tight. What you got?

Bank job. I got at least eight hostages. Four bad guys.

Officer pinned down. We can't get to her.

They been spraying the hell out of us all morning. And...

They got some kind of heavy artillery. Fifty calibre or bigger.

I don't know if that matters to you. No I'm good.

Good job.

Good job.

Really good job.

Get down!

It's Hancock!

Take him out!

Good job!

Do I have permission to touch your body?


It's not sexual.

Not that you're not an attractive woman.

You're a very attractive woman... Get me the fuck out of here!

He's on the move!

He's moving he's moving!

Good job.

Are you hit anywhere? My leg!

Hancock! Good job.

You said that. I need you to end this now.

Check the flanks.

Secure the perimeter.

Spread out!

They're gonna come around the back.

What happened to him?

Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

What is happening?

I heard you was in the slammer. Out early.

Why's that? Good behaviour.

Do you know what this is?

I'm guessing it's some kind of detonator-type deal.

There's 8 pounds of C-4 strapped to each and every one of them.

This is a spring-loaded dead man's switch.

If my thumb comes off it.

And now since we've had a little change of plan... between the police showing up and you sucking out all of my associates...

I want you to break into the vault.

You'll find three quarter-ton pallets of small bills inside.

Thirty million dollars.

And you're gonna carry it for me.

You are gonna get me safely away from here with the money... or else they'll be cleaning up these hostages with a mop.

I'm gonna have to say no to that.

I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf.

I will blow up this entire building you asshole.

I really don't like that word.

I will blow them sky-high... and their blood will be on your hands.

Do you hear me asshole?

Call me a asshole... one more time.


Go go go. Move in! Go on you're safe!

Let's go. Let's go. - Take it right in. Let's go.

Bring it around now.

Keep your hand on that trigger.

Good job. - No. You good job.

Thank you. Good job.


Say hi to your fans. Look what you got.

Here we go. This way.

Hancock. At the bank today intense. Thank you.


Good job Hancock!

Hey. Boy they'll let anybody in here huh?

Hancock meet these guys. This is Mike Kilbourne and Jeremy Himmel.

Gigantic fans. Insane!

These guys are partners at the biggest ad firm.

You never call man.

I have called. A couple of times. Water under the bridge man.

Could you guys get used to this or what?

How'd you two meet?

I was married once before.

First wife... she died giving birth to Aaron.

It's another dinner. But... But...

So there I am I'm with this beautiful little baby.

I don't know what the hell to do.

And I was in the supermarket... and I'm in the baby aisle... and I've got a brand of diapers in each hand.

I'm staring at them but I don't know how I'm gonna get through the day.

An angel... sees me.

She knew. She was... She gave me this look.

And even in the trance I was in I knew that somebody somewhere... was throwing me a little rope.

You know?

Starting that day you really put my life back together. Right?

You're drunk. So? Come here.

What about you buddy?

You're from another planet aren't you?

No man I'm from Miami.

You didn't come in on like a meteor or...?

Nope. Woke up in a hospital first thing I remember.

Government hospital yes? Experimenting on you and...

No Ray. Regular old Miami emergency room.

Come on. - My skull was fractured.

They told me I tried to stop a mugging.

Somebody knocked you out. - I guess I was a regular guy before... and when I woke up I was changed.

The hospital nurse tried to put a needle in my arm... and it just broke against my skin.

And then my skull healed in like an hour.

The doctors were astounded... and they wanted to know my story.

Just like you. But I couldn't tell them. I don't know who I am.


You know the blow to the head. Yeah well that's what they figured.

You don't remember anything? No.

Only thing I had in my pocket was... bubble-gum... two movie tickets.

Boris Karloff Frankenstein..

But no lD nothing.

I went to sign out the nurse asked me for my John Hancock.

I actually thought that's who I was.

How come I didn't hear any of this... didn't read about it in any newspapers?

It was probably in the papers 80 years ago.

Eighty years ago?

Oh I don't age. This is it.

That's nice. - Gotta wonder though.

What kind of bastard must I have been...

that nobody was there to claim me?

I mean I'm not the most charming guy in the world... so I've been told but...


Whoever it was they'd be dead by now anyway.


Hey Mary. You all right baby?

Yeah. Too much wine.

I am a lightweight.

I'm sorry.

You ain't do nothing.

This was a nice dinner Ray.

It was a good one. Almost call this fun.

That didn't tire you out coming up the stairs?

Not really. - I'm real spinny.

Could've just flown me upstairs.

I could've done without that. Get your shoes off here.

All right that's all you're getting off of me though.

You believe in me don't you Hancock?

Of course Ray. I believe in you. Help me up here.

I got something to say to you.

Listen to me. This is important.

You are like a Dodger Dog.

It's something people don't think they're gonna like... then they try it and they love it right? It hits the spot.

It's good for the soul. You're like the world's Dodger Dog.

I don't know. But you know what I mean right?

You're gonna do great.

You're gonna fix everything.

You get some sleep Ray. You sleep tight too.

Hancock tucking me in.

All right he's asleep.

Okay thanks. Good night. Good night.

Look I just don't want you to think that... That Ray... you know drinks like that because...

Oh no. - This was just kind of...

...a celebratory night. No I understand.

Yeah I know that. Okay.

The damn babysitter never cleans up after herself.

You have a bruise on your hand.

Yeah I don't... I don't know what that is.

I've been feeling kind of funny.


You should go.

Getting late.

If Ray finds out about me...

you're dead.

Joan we're gonna take care of that okay? Don't you worry.

Hi honey.


Hancock sneezed huh?

Can you believe it? It's amazing that you slept through that.

You're a good sleeper. Holy shit.

I'm not gonna say I told you so but...

You told me he was gonna sneeze a hole through the house?

I just said him being around...

Oh sweetheart can you get that? Thanks.

Oh God you strong man. I got it.

But you don't worry about anything.

I already apologised to the neighbours. Called State Farm.

Everything is taken care of.

You just... enjoy that breakfast.

What's this? Are we going on vacation? Are we?

Just the three of us.

End of the summer? Tonight.

Tonight? - Spur of the moment.

Tonight might be a little tough. Come on. The three of us?

Me in a bikini?

Sounds good. - Let's go somewhere.

Knock knock.


I was just telling Ray here I hope you're done sneezing... because I don't think our house could take much more of your sneezing.

Yeah sometimes I sneeze when there's dust...

or if I get really surprised.

That's unfortunate. This is Kilbourne.

Mike? How you doing?

It was great to see you too.

Yep. Well...

Right. Go ahead shoot.

Okay. I got a pen right here.

Right. No I know.

It's right here in my hand.

I am warning you.

All right go ahead.

Okay good.

Now... And that's still in 310 right?

Hang on one second.

Do me a favour...?

I'm sorry Mike. Yeah.

We're gonna talk.

Go away.

Well it is something that I'm really excited about.

I'm gonna do this all day. Shut... Shut up.

I... I suppose...

Fine. We'll talk okay? We will.

And when we're done talking you go away and you leave my family alone.

My place at 4:00. Whatever.

It means... Well I'd rather not talk numbers now.

I'd like to save them for the pitch. So let's just set a time.

That's good with me. I will see you then. All right.

Yeah 3:30. Great.

Hon is it hot in here?

He hurt you didn't he?

Come on use your words.

How did it make you feel?




It's because he took your power. And you have to get your power back.

And no one will give you your power back. You have to go out and take it.

You understand me?

We're gonna go find Hancock... and get your power back.

Well I'm here.


You wanna do it? Do what?

I don't have time for this okay? You ask the questions...

I answer them honestly and then you leave L.A.

I ain't leaving L.A.

All right all right. Jeez.



You and I. - "You and I" what?

We're the same. No.

I'm stronger.


Oh yeah.

Who are we?

Gods angels. Different cultures call us by different names.

Now all of a sudden it's "superhero."

Are there more of us? There were.

They all died.

It's just the two of us.

What is this?

Who are we to each other?

We're brother and sister. That's a lie.

No I'm your sister. That is a lie.

I'm your sister. That is a lie.

Sisters don't kiss brothers the way you kissed me last night.

You're lying deal's off.

Let's go see how Ray feels about this.

Get your ass back here!

I'm telling!

The AllHeart symbol will be known globally... as a symbol... that represents companies that are committed to changing the world.

They can give away their sustenance goods okay?

Food drugs power clothing for free..

We were talking about Hancock... Number two.

You stay away from me and my family.

You are not gonna do this to me again.

What? I don't know what you're talking about.

Hey! I love you Hancock!

It can't work. It always ends the same way.

Persia. Greece. Brooklyn.

Brooklyn? I've never been to Brooklyn.

I have put up with your bullshit for 3000 years... and I am done! Done you listening?

I don't know what you're talking about! Finally I am happy!

You are not gonna mess with that! - I don't know what you're talking about!

I hate to burst your little crazy-lady bubble... but it must not have been all that great because I don't remember you.

Call me crazy... one more time.


All right hold it. All right.

You better not hit me with that truck.

For companies to qualify they need to prove they are a leader in the global...

We wanna talk about Mr. Hancock.

They're committed to bettering the world.

They can do this in four ways. This is how they...

The most important thing with AllHeart is brand recognition.

I've mocked up these examples here... in Tokyo London Dubai Paris.

Oh no.

We need maximum exposure market penetra...

Is it snowing?

Stop. Stop it.

Stop. Stop. Stop! All right let's just...

Get off me!

Get off me!

Stop. Stop!

Get off!

Get off me! Listen to me!

I hate you! I am sorry!

Whoever I am whatever I did... Look at me.

I'm sorry.

I don't remember.

You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Oh my God.

Why were you flying? You were flying Mary.

Yeah she was definitely flying Ray. Okay I was flying.

And I'm very strong as well.

It's just the way we are. "We"?

Me and him it's just us now. The others paired up and died.

You didn't say anything about pairing up at the trailer.

You were at his trailer. This is hard to explain.

Great I'm all ears. Me too.

Do me a favour just give me and my wife one moment.

Don't bring it here Ray. The adults are talking.

Technically speaking... he's my husband.

Holy shit.

What? - We broke up decades ago.

Long before you were born. He just can't remember.

But you can right? You knew?

That's something you bring up on a first date Mary.

"I don't like to travel. I'm allergic to cats. I'm immortal."

Those are some things you give a heads-up on.

Whatever we are we were built in twos okay? We're drawn to each other.

No matter how far I run he's always there.

He finds me. It's physics.

Are you saying that you two are fated to be together?

I've lived for a very long time Ray.

And the one thing I learned... fate doesn't decide everything.

People get to choose.

And you chose... to let me think I was here alone.

I didn't think you'd miss what you didn't remember.

Great. Now what?

I didn't plan for this.

Prison authorities confirmed... that the prisoner uprising was led by Kenneth "Red" Parker Jr... who was also the leader of last week's Spring Street bank robbery.

At least eight prisoners are not accounted for.

More information on the prison riot in Norwalk.

Construction workers at the prison were knocked unconscious.

The prisoners stole the workers clothes... and it's feared at least some of them have escaped.

Parker is considered a criminal mastermind.

He is very effective at using psychological persuasion... to organise criminals from different backgrounds.

He is a former psychology Professor from Stanford University.

While there he organised a notorious criminal network... comprised of graduate students from diverse...

Ninety-one ten.

Ninety-one ten? You gotta be shitting me.

Ninety-one ten.

Highway robbery.

What? - I'm taking the money.

I can relate to that.

You know? If you want something... nobody can stop you from taking it... you just take it right?

I like that.

But can you take it?

My Zagnut bar versus your gun.

Sorry about your window.

I need Room 1020. Clear!

I need Room 1020.

I need IV line blood quality CBC electrolytes a PT and...

Where's his IV line?

That's not gonna work. I'm in.

What's happening?

This just in. John Hancock has been rushed... to Los Angeles General Hospital.

Hancock is in serious condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

No story yet as to how this happened to him... but we will continue to cover this story live. Reporting live from L.A...

Any lead on the assailant? Mr. Embrey!

Just a couple of questions sir please. Can you describe how it happened?

From what I've heard he was trying to stop a robbery.

Do you know if special ammunition was used in the gun that shot him?

Not that I'm aware of.

Could this have to do with the mysterious woman?

He was seen battling her. I do not have that answer.

Could this woman be more powerful than Hancock?

Here are the lab results for 209.

You're becoming mortal.

It's us... being close to each other.

It's never happened this fast before.

You have to leave.

The further you get from me the better you're gonna feel.

You'll start getting your powers back... and be flying and breaking things... and saving people before you know it.

Well it's like I said we were built in pairs.

And when we get close to our opposites we lose our power.

Why? - So we can live human lives.

Love connect... grow old die.

What happened to us?

Summer of 4 B.C.

We were becoming mortal like now.

They came after me with swords.

But you saved me.


They set our house on fire.

You pulled me out of the flames.

Eighty years ago.

What happened then?

We were living in Miami... and a new movie was playing in town.


And after... we walked down Flagler Street... and you took my hand and you held it so tight.

And they attacked us in an alley.

They hit you so hard. There was so much blood.

They wouldn't let me ride in the ambulance with you.

And by the time I got to the hospital you were awake.

But you didn't know me.

So I left.

Every time we're together... they come after you through me.

You're built to save people more than the rest of us.

That's who you are. You're a hero.

The insurance policy of the gods.

Keep one alive. You.

To protect this world.



Mary! Stay down!




Oh no! No! Please!

Stay down.

Hey! Mary!

Let's go get her up!

Come on Chuck. Let's go let's go.

Morphine. - Here. Help in here!

Hold her down. Hold her down.

Hold her down.

Hold her down.

You want the monitor now? Stay calm.

Hold her hold her hold her. Need EKG leads.

Upon us all Hancock.

You're no different.

Time to shut her down Hancock.

It's been a nice run.

Oh we are all sincerely gonna miss you.

But it is time for you to move on.

And maybe to a happier place.

You can thank me if you want to... superhero.

You didn't!


What about Attila the Hun? Completely cross-eyed.

Cross-eyed? Yep.

All right what about Queen Elizabeth?

Needy. - J.F.K.? What about him?

Oh yeah.

"Oh yeah"? Anything more?

Not like that. I was in Cuba for the whole missile thing.

Yeah hang on.

Hello? Ray.

Hey I've been trying to call you..

Yeah I was out of cell range.

Are you outside? -Yeah..

Look up. - All right I'm looking up.

I'm looking up.

Baby? What?

You're gonna change the world.

Good job Ray. Oh my God Ray.

Hey. Look up.


I'm proud of you.


Will I get in trouble for that?

Freeze! Don't move!

Oh my God! Sam! No! Drop your weapon sir!

Get back! Get back! Get back!

Drop it! - Get back or I'll shoot! Get back!

Get back! I'm not playing.

Get back. Get back!

Damn Handjob. Where you come from?

All right relax. Just tell me what you need.

Tell them cops to take their guns off of me.

All right. - Tell them to take the guns off me.

Just take them off. Lower your weapons.

You're gonna get us out of here with that tight-ass Wolverine outfit on.

Now let's make it happen asshole.