Hangman (2017) Script

307 en route from Kreskie and Pine. D4, 17.

307 to 309. Male, white, elderly.

Black high-tops...



Dispatch, I got a hit and run.

Blue van. Pulling on Raylene and Kreskie.

Dispatching officer to intercept.

Lead him over to Washington.

All units divert to Washington.

All units divert to Washington.

Eastbound, now on Washington.

Crossing Jackson. All units intercept at Magnolia.

That's good!

Out of the van, now! Possible 10-79, bomb threat.

Dispatch, we need a bomb squad here right away.

Sir, wait! There could be a bomb.

Fuck the bomb.

Son of a bitch just ruined my car.


Step out of the van!

Hands where I can see them!

On the ground now!

Hi. Christi Davies.

Thank you for agreeing to do this, Detective.

Well, the way the chief put it, I didn't really have much of a choice.

Guess I drew the proverbial short straw.

So, what exactly are you hoping to get here?

Well, with all the tension between civilians and police officers lately, my goal is to get some honest insight into what it's really like to be a police officer in the heart of America.

I'm not here to choose a side, just be true to my subject.

And I figured my hometown was as good a place as any...

All right, listen. Look.

I'm sure that shit reads great on the page. Okay?

But if you want me to be open with you, you just got to give it to me straight.

I have my reasons, Detective.

How'd you get your scar?

Being a New York Times investigative journalist isn't always just awards and accolades.

Sometimes finding out the truth... leaves scars.

Do you mind if I film you for this portion of the interview?


Do you like your job, Detective Ruiney?

Well, it's all right. I guess.

I think I used to like it more.

You like yours?

Yeah. I do.

Place has changed a lot since I left.

Yeah, a lot's changed.

The place used to be all farms. Now it's condos, development.

That's America.

All units, 10-54, Bancroft Elementary.

You first on the scene?

Yeah, no one's come in or out.

Stay here. Can I...

Sir, backup is on its way.

Police! Show me your hands!

Are those mannequins?

What the hell are you doing? I almost shot you.

The officer you left me with went around the back.


I told you to stay put.

Listen, your captain signed off on this and I didn't sign up for this to sit on the sidelines.

So... I'm sorry, but I'm coming in.


Game of Hangman.

Two dummies playing the game.

925 is your badge number.

I'm good with numbers.

I remember yours.

Who's the other number?



Hey. Hey.

You know, most people go fishing in retirement, Archer.

Do they?

People don't go fishing when they retire.

No. What they do is they hang around waiting for their... pension checks to kick in, and then wonder, "Whatever happened to my life?"

Still doing crosswords, huh? Why not?

You're doing them in Latin?

Well, yeah. I'm an altar boy.

Way back. That's where I learned my Latin.

Once an altar boy, always an altar boy, huh?

Oh, that was funny.

Never thought of it that way.

How have you been?

Good. You look prosperous.

Yeah, you too, man.

You're looking good.

Well... You working out?

Am I working out?

So this is it, huh?

Thirty-six years working Homicide, and you end up outside a dive bar doing crossword puzzles.

That upsets you in some way?

Doesn't upset me. I'm very happy with it.

You know, I like to watch the world.

Because, uh, I never sleep.


Yeah, me neither.


You want to talk some more about this nonsense or you want to tell me what's on your mind?

There's a body over at Wayward Elementary.

Female. Late 20's.

Hanged with an "O" cut into her.

Almost perfect circle.

He took his time doing it.

Displaying her. For us.

For us?

Both our badge numbers were etched onto a desk at the scene.

Serious? You tell me.

Autopsy's this morning.

Why don't you come on down, take a peek at the vic, crime scene photos.

See if you can figure out why this perp is calling us out.

Does it remind you of anything?

I don't think so. At least it...

Doesn't look familiar? There's a different MO.

Hey. Donut shop's open.

I'm buying. Free donuts.

You got 'em last time.

That's the highlight of my day.

Well, you know, it took a bit of getting used to.

I mean, local PD is nothing like the FBI.

Some of my, uh, former colleagues thought I was crazy to move back here.

A demotion in their eyes.

But, you know, for me it's all the same.

Still, uh, catching bad guys.

What brought you back?

Personal reasons.

Look, let's just keep this about the job, okay?

I'm just trying to get a better sense of who you are.

Audiences really connect with personal stories of their subjects.

Yeah, I'm sure they do.

There's no information. Oh, am I bothering you?

I'm sorry, sir. There's no information.

Well, you just let me know when finding out what happened to my wife is a priority, asshole.

Miss Davies.

I trust that my detective is giving you everything you need.

Oh, yeah. We're, uh, tethered at the hip.

Miss Davies, I just want to remind you that the body that you saw was a person.

With a family, friends, a life.

So I trust that you'll treat anything that you saw with absolute sensitivity.


And you know, the mayor may have signed off on this all access pet project, but I didn't.

If you print anything that compromises the work of my detectives in this case, you will find yourself standing in a court of law.

Do I make myself clear?


"Yes, Captain."

Yes, Captain.

Can you excuse us, please?

Thank you.

Let me talk to you about Archer.

Dr. Parker, please report to pathology, room number one.

Hello. Anybody home? Dr. Parker.

Uh, you know, most people go fishing.

Oh, you know, Ruiney tried that joke on me earlier.

Ah, damn it. Didn't work then. Hi.

So good to see you. It's just like old times.

I missed your hugs.

So... Oh.

Whoa. Sorry.

Yeah, get that press pass out of my face.

Last time we had paparazzi on a case, evidence went missing.

Sir, I've been nominated for a Pulitzer.

Archer. Yeah.

You recognize her?

No, I don't.

Kerry Cooper, 24.

Foreign language teacher. No record.

Parents filed a Missing Persons three days ago.


So, Abby, what do you got to say?

Oh, well, cause of death is definitely asphyxiation, which isn't at all, you know, surprising.

Time of death?

Well, the body was still warm when it got to us.

I'd say sometime between 10:30 and midnight.

And I can tell you she was actually still alive when this happened.

You see the uneven strokes?

She struggled.

Any idea what was used?

A large knife. A box cutter maybe?

I can't be sure until I have something to compare it to.

Oh, also, it looks like the killer redressed her after the fact.

Meticulous. Purposeful.

Oh, and also, uh, you know, she has seen her fair share of the inside of ER.

She's had everything from a broken pelvis to several broken ribs.

They've healed, but they're all fairly recent.

What are you thinking? Like, what, domestic violence?

Uh... perhaps.

What about these, uh, contusions here?

Oh, uh, severe blows to the head.

I mean, I can only presume that was to knock Miss Cooper out.

Okay. Thanks, Abby.

Yeah, sure.

Looks like she was quite the smoker.

Nasty habit.

So what is it you guys are looking for exactly?

Well... I'm not quite sure.

We're just looking.

Oh, look at this.

Look what I found.

Joey Truman.

Her parents said she went out on a date with Joey.

Joey... Archer.

Hey, Ruiney. Let's get an address on this guy Joey.

I think I'm gonna be sick.


You think that's our guy?

Oh, I don't know.

You know, parents didn't give me much.

They said they knew him, but they never met him.

Oh, hello.

Let's get Forensics in here.

Then why the badge numbers? I don't know why, but it's big enough to get me out of retirement.

Help you with something?

Yeah, you can.

I'm looking for a fella named Joey Truman.

Would he be around somewhere?

What do you want with Joey?

I don't want anything, just want to talk to him.

Huh. Yeah, yeah, he's inside.

Knock yourself out.

Oh, okay. Thank you. Wait here.

Hey, Joey! The cops are here!

Police! Don't move!

Don't move!

Stay down!

I didn't do anything.

Shut up! Stay down!



You all right? Yeah.

I'm sorry. Joey, what's wrong?

Joey. I'll explain later. I'll explain later.

Hey, I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything!

Hey! Whoa, whoa!

Help me out, guys! Help me out!

Okay, honey. Honey!

Honey, hold it, hold it... All right!

Still prefer retirement, Archer?

I never preferred retirement.

Well... it looks like the abuse wasn't the only thing Kerry kept from her parents.

She doesn't look worried.

Yeah, she didn't even ask why she was being brought in.

Better let me do the questioning, otherwise her attorney will have a field day.

Your show, buddy. Your show.

Look, I'm sorry I ran. Okay?

I was scared.

You didn't look scared.

Right, you didn't look scared.

Look, I've been doing so good.

Okay? I just been clean for a couple months, and I just slipped up.

"Slipped up"? That's a bit of an understatement, don't you think?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about your girlfriend, Miss Kerry Cooper.

No, no. She liked it rough sometimes.

Okay? And you have it backwards. She was the aggressor.

You don't think I have my own bumps and bruises from her?

It went both ways.

Well, that's comforting to hear.

Look, I don't expect you to understand.

I don't.

I never met anybody like her.

And she didn't treat me like I was some screw-up.

Yeah. So I was scared I was gonna lose her.

I freaked out, okay? We got into a fight...

Did it get physical?

Yeah, yeah, but it wasn't like that. Okay?

And I apologized like crazy.

And we're working things out.

When was the last time you saw her?

Last week.

Dropped her off at the school.

She said she would call, but... she just needed some time.

Look, call her.

You'll see. I didn't hurt her again. I swear.

So... should we ask her now?

I think it's too late.

This is not Kerry.

That's not... That's not her.

It's what we're dealing with here. That's not...

No, no, no. That's not Kerry.

What's the matter with you?

I need to see her.

Right now! I need to see her right now!

Is she dead?

Yes, she's dead.

No. She's not dead.

Please don't tell me that. Please don't tell me that.

That's not Kerry. That's not her!

I need to see her right now!

Let me see her!

That can't happen. Please.

Please don't tell me that she's...


Please tell me...

Let's just, uh, take a little break here.

That's not her.

You want a drink?

How 'bout I get you a water or a soda?

I'll get you a soda.


You still think she did it?

Well, she just admitted to playing rough.

But does that make her a murderer?

I don't know. Who knows?

You know, sometimes they start playing and then it escalates.

I've seen it.

No, this doesn't track.

Habitual domestic violence is impulsive in nature.

Our perp is calculated, methodical.

She's not our guy.

Oh, my God. Detectives!

Oh, my God!


What the hell were you two thinking leaving a soda can in the room?

Especially with Lois Lane outside your door.

Have you ever heard of a paper cup?

Because we have 150 of them in the break room.

Yeah, look. I'm sorry. I screwed up.

Yeah, you're damn right you screwed up.

Look, Ruiney. I know what you're still going through, all right?

But you have got to get your head in the case.

In this case.

Or you're gonna have to take some more time off.

No, I got this. It's good. I got it.

So do you have any idea, Captain, how the girl's doing?

The doctor said she was touch and go for a while, but she's stable now.

That's good.

She was also able to give an alibi, which checks out.

And Ray, you're here as a courtesy.

You're not a cop anymore. So don't push it.

Okay, Captain.

Both of you, get the hell out of my office before I change my mind.

So, Forensics found traces of human blood mixed with animal blood in Kerry's bedroom.

Got a DNA hit on it, and comes up... a felon named David Green.

This is the right place?

I don't know, honey. Your guess is as good as mine.

I looked in the PO file and this was the address.

This place has become quite popular with ex-cons over the past year.

Ex-cons finding Jesus.

I like that. Hallelujah.

Did you hear that?


Where's it coming from?

Yeah, this way.

Oh, God. I can't believe I'm back in the church again.


You okay? Oh, you okay?

Yeah. What happened?

You stop right there!

Don't you move! Christi, how's Archer?

Don't move, don't move, don't move. Christi?

I don't know, maybe he... No, it's my back, my back.

Your back? Ruiney! I think I may have... just, just my back.

Come here. Dispatch, we got an officer down at Sacred Heart Mausoleum.

Suspect on foot. Over. What do we got here?

What is that?

I... I don't know.

So, you see anything?

I didn't get a good look at him. It was too dark.

What about you, Ruiney?

No, I was too busy saving your ass.

Thank you.

Well... it does confirm it, doesn't it?


Monroe's got a serial killer.


Excuse me, sir? Yeah?

The victim was Gene Wilson.

Recent parolee who did a three-year stint for armed robbery.

Okay, get a BOLO out on David Green.

No need to, Detect... Hmm?

Sorry, old habits. He just got here.

He's here? He's over there.

Uh, David Green? That's you?

Yes, that's, uh... You're David Green?

Yeah, I'm David Green.

Well, that's good.

"God... who gives joy".

So Reverend, how does a convicted felon become a reverend?

God forgives.

The church? Not so much.

I had to jump through a lot of hoops in order to do the Lord's work.

Um, even now, I'm only allowed to work with ex-cons trying to start over.

Well, Reverend, we got a problem here.

Actually, we got two problems.

Two? I don't... I don't follow.

You see, Reverend, there's a dead guy swinging in your church.

You knew him, right? Gene Wilson?

Yeah, he was the janitor.

What was he doing here so late?

He cleans whenever he can.

He... he was just released and was looking for a fresh start.

What are you thinking?


Reverend, we're gonna need you to write down exactly your whereabouts the last three days.

Okay. Yeah, that's not a problem.

Um, I was in Springfield, uh, giving a guest sermon at the Unitarian Universal Church.

Um, I just got back tonight...

Okay. Okay.

How about Miss Kerry Cooper?

How did you know her?

Cooper, I don't... I don't... I don't believe I do.

You don't know her? No.

Well, you're gonna have to do some explaining then because your blood was in her apartment.

My blood in her... I don't... I don't have...

Y-Y-You're not gonna believe this.

Frankly, I... I... I still don't understand it myself.

But, um, a couple of months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with someone standing over me.

A man.

And he... I struggled, but he put something over... over my face.

And eventually, I passed out.

When I woke up...

...there was... there was blood coming out of my arm. I mean, it was dripping down my arm.

Like I'd gotten a shot or something. So...

Okay, so you're telling us that a guy broke into your house and stole your blood?

That's the story you're telling?

That's... I told you...

I told you you wouldn't believe me.

Well, I've heard some stories.

But you know, this rings a bell to me.

Yeah, it's kind of a coincidence when you think of it.

Last Thursday... I don't know if I told you.

I woke up in the middle of the night.

And for some reason, I had a pink tutu on.

And a serious fuzzy feather sticking out of my ass.

You know, you're right.

I don't believe you.

These days, you know, he can't bring himself to look inside that file.

But he's unable to let it go.

That's why he keeps it so close.

Archer, there's something that I think you need to look at.

You want me to look at that?


You and I both know you're not supposed to be anywhere near here.

This is important to this case.


At first, it just looks like random slash marks.

Oh, shit!

I don't know. I think...

I'm so... so sorry.

I missed it.

I missed it.

So much was going on at the time, you know, it was...

It was all...

You had no way of knowing then.

You know, I introduced them to each other.

She asked me to walk her down the aisle...

...to give her away.

I don't see how I could have missed it.

You didn't even know what you were looking for back then.

You were too close to it.


Good work, Christi.

There are at least a dozen witnesses that can place him in that church in Springfield.

And I checked out the report from three months ago.

Turns out Reverend Green is telling the truth.

Lab found traces of chloroform in his blood.

No items were reported missing?

The only thing missing was his DNA.

This doesn't make any sense.

No, Captain, it does.

He wanted us to go to that church.

This guy is definitely a psychopath.

But I would classify him as an organized killer.

There's nothing random or spontaneous, frenzied, about these attacks.

They're planned. He leaves a controlled scene for us to find.

I think we're looking for a white male, 25-to-35.

Extremely high IQ.

And what about this... this pig head business?

Pigs. Cops. Maybe he's just taunting you guys.

Okay, this information doesn't leave this room. Do you understand me?

Of course. If the media gets a hold of this, they're gonna turn this into a frenzy in seconds.

And if I had it my way, you would go home now.

So with Reverend Green's alibi checking out, then what does that mean?

I mean, does this mean we're back to square one?

We're not even on square one.

You see, it's all about the hangman game.

So far, we have two homicides.

But... we have three letters.

Which means... we haven't even found the first victim yet.

And, judging by the game board...

he's gonna kill seven more people.

Same pattern as previous victim.

Petechial hemorrhages in the eyes, look, the ligature marks around the neck.

Cause of death was asphyxiation again.

Our perp's been leaving us clues to the next vic.

So far, we haven't got much to go on.

Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?

No, nothing. Time of death?

Uh, sometime between ten and midnight last night.

It was eleven p.m. sharp.

Well, it's a little difficult to be that precise.

Well, his Rolex broke. Right there. Eleven p.m.

But clearly last night, that watch didn't fit him.

I don't know too much about Rolexes, except I do know janitors aren't running around wearing them.

That's not his watch.

Yeah. You want to dust this for prints? Sure.

No, he's too smart for that.

Tell me. Eleven p.m., that'd fit into the time frame for all the victims, right?

Yeah. That would be correct, Detective.

What? Twenty-four hours.

Hangman is gonna kill someone at eleven p.m. every 24 hours.

So that gives us two and a half hours before the next victim falls.

Come on, guys. What are we missing? There's got to be something.

Oh, wait. Uh, the ligature marks, they weren't like the previous victim.

Why? Well, okay, see, they were made of the pigskin.

Pigskin? Yeah.

I think I can help here.

The FDA stamps serial numbers on all their meat, so in case of contamination, they can trace it.

That's it.

Let's get the captain to wake up the FDA.

Good stuff, Abby.

You okay? Yeah.

I just need to talk to you about something after this.

Go that way. Stay here.

Well, this is fun.



Did you guys do that?!





I saw... I saw him! I saw him, I saw him! You all right?

I think I saw him.

Yeah, because I did lock it up at night.

We got rigor mortis already?

Uh, no. He's actually frozen stiff.

Identifying our vic is gonna take time.

I'll have to warm up the body before doing the autopsy.

That could take up to a week.

Wait. We don't got a week.

I know.

We're lucky we even have 24 hours.

Eh, Will?

Hey, how come the meat isn't frozen?

How cold is it in here?

There's a thermostat over there.

It's, uh, 37 degrees.

Oh, well none of that meat's frozen in there.

So how come our guy's frozen stiff?

Well, he's not a-a slab of meat.

And he has more water density.

So, any prolonged exposure, even at that temp, would cause him to decompose.

Well, hasn't been here long, has he?

How long has he been here? This place been open all day.

You know, you would think someone might have seen a stiff, dead guy hanging in here.

Don't you think? I agree, yes.

Now, if his body was wet, would that make him freeze faster?

Yes, of course it would.

Archer, what are you thinking?

Well, I'm thinking... when I want my beer to chill faster, I wrap it in a wet paper towel.

He was already wet before he was brought in here.

There you go.

I think this boy wants us to sweep the river.

Archer, I think you should tell him.

Yeah. You know how many hundreds of families I had to tell these grotesque stories of how their loved ones died.

But it was nothing like this.

Okay, so, uh, can you give me a minute?

Yeah, of course.

Yeah. Here's the photo.

This is taking too long.

Eight hours, 46 minutes left.

Bullshit game.

I know that look, Archer. Just say what you got to say.

I need to... I need to show you something.

What? From Jess's file.

Jess's file?

It's a photo.

A photo from Jess's file?

Archer, what the hell are you doing?

Well... look, we both know she put up a fight.

We missed it.

Missed what?


There's a letter "V" carved in her chest.

This was his first victim.

No, Arch, no. This is... What?

This is a completely different MO, Archer.

She wasn't hung.

We didn't know the MO at the time we found her.

Archer, it's a different MO. She wasn't hung.

She wasn't hung because...

he was interrupted from his ritual.

He didn't get a chance to hang her, you understand?

Why don't you walk me through what happened right before you went through the door.

Go ahead.

Jess called me up... and told me to come home.

Said we should try and work things out.

So, I got home, I parked my car in the driveway... went down the back, picked some... tulips to give her.

You know, just like I used to.

That would've given him a chance to know someone was there, and that would've stopped him.

Or he was still in the house while she was in my arms.

Guys, get me somebody to...


Whoa! Whoa!

Eric Anderson.

Easy, Ruiney, easy.

No time, Archer.

Where's that sound...

...coming from?


Oh, man.

Look at this.

This is Cooper's school.

This is a replica of Monroe.

I think I know now where we're gonna find our next victim.

This is the Fostoria Line. Let's go.

NS/Fostoria Line at Columbia and Harrison.

This is an emergency. Shut that line down.

He may still be alive, because we beat this psycho's timeline.

Ruiney! Yes, I see it.

There he is.

Ruiney. Ruiney, there's nothing you can do!

Ruiney! The train!

He's still alive!

We need to get up there to help him! It's a steel cable!

Come on!

Get him! Come on, get it off your neck!

Get it off your neck! Come on!

Gotta get off the track!

I'm not leaving him!

Train's coming! Come on! I'm not leaving him!


Freeze now! Freeze!

Freeze! Come on, you guys! We got to go!

Just get it off! Get it off!

We got to go! I'm not leaving him!

Ruiney! We got to get off that track now!

Christi! Christi?

Guys! Are you okay?

Holy shit!

Holy shit. Oh, my God.

What the hell were you doing?

I could've saved him.

He was dead before the train hit him.

That is bullshit!

You're the only one who could've been saved here.

That was not your call to make. It was not your call to make!

It was my call. You know, I'll tell you what my call is.

My call is... that you're chasing a ghost.

You're chasing a ghost, buddy.

And that will get you killed. That's for sure.

Is that what you want?

Look, I don't give a fuck.

That's right, don't give a fuck.

Don't give a fuck about what? Your life?

You don't care if you die, do you?

Let's all die. Come on. That's easy.

Then we don't have to worry about Jessica anymore.

Or the Hangman.

Let's all die.

I should've never told you. That was a mistake.

What? You are cracking.

I'm cracking? Yes, you are.

I'm cracking?! That's right!

You're the one who left, okay?! Oh...

You left! I left.

I stayed on the force! You left!

You're rewriting history!

I retired. I didn't quit!

You guys, knock it off!

You begged me to get back! I came back!

And I've been with you ever since.

And I'm glad. I am.

I have no regrets here.

I have no regrets about being back.

Listen, Will.

Listen to me.

I know how much it means to you to catch this guy.

I know that.

And, I feel like that myself.

You understand?

I loved Jessica... like she was my child.

You know that.

Sorry, man. I...

We're gonna find this guy. You understand what I'm saying?

I messed up, man. I messed up. I'm sorry.

We're gonna find him. I promise you that.

Well, what have we got here?

Right now we're breaking into your regular programming for this emergency report.

We're told there's a serial killer loose in Monroe.

One of the most shocking serial killers.

Residents are living in fear, as another gruesome discovery has been made.

Police are finding victims hung by a noose...

There's a serial killer loose in Monroe. Full story at eleven.

...carved in the bodies. The public is dubbing the killer the Hangman.

Let's turn that shit off.

Okay. What do we got?

Well, Forensics are still scraping the tracks.

You know they're not coming up with much.

The lab reports came in.

There's nothing on the shirt.

Blood? DNA?


Well, there must be something. Let's run some more tests.

There's nothing. There's no fibers, there's no animal hair... there's nothing.

Where you going?

We have less than 30 minutes! Okay?

Nobody goes home tonight! Keep working!

Find something!

I take it you didn't get any rest?

No. You?

I don't rest. Ever.

This damn game.

Every scene has a lead to the next vic. But this one, I just can't see it.

Well, I think he's just messing with us, Ruiney.

We outsmarted him at the track.

You outsmarted him. Got ahead of the timeline.

Tide would have revealed that car when it was too late to stop him.

He doesn't want us to save anyone. He wants the game to continue.

Well, we got pretty close.

We almost saved that guy... let's face it.

Tell that to his family.

Do you guys think it means anything, all the other victims were left hanging for us to see.

But this victim got taken out by the train.

The Hangman wanted us to see him get hit.


Wait a minute. How did he know?

Know what?

How did he know that Eric Anderson had a model train set in his basement?

I mean, there's gotta be a connection.

Detective Ruiney? Forensics finally found a finger on the tracks.

They got a hit off the prints.

Forty-six years old, Nathan Shine.

Nathan Shine? Nathan Shine.

Hold it. Hold it. Did the captain come in today?! Is the captain here?!

No, sir. She's not here today.

Who the hell's Nathan Shine?

Nathan Shine is the drunk that run her off the road, crippling her.

He's got her!

He's got the captain! Let's go!

How long for SWAT?

Five away. Keep this perimeter locked down.

No one in or out. Christi, stay here.

Ruiney, she's still alive.

Archer, stop! Stop!

Trip wires. Son of a bitch has got the place rigged.

Dispatch. Ruiney. Probable 10-89. Over.

Grab her here. I got her. I got her.


Get it off! Let's get this thing off her.

Get if off!

Breathe. Just breathe. That's it.

Here, breathe. Okay, let's get her down.

He never finished carving the letter. He's still here.

Suspect's still on site.

Send in backup.

Be advised, there are trip wires.

You in the bathroom, move out slowly with your hands where I can see 'em.

Archer, I got a deceased male!

All clear.

Archer! He's a cop!

There! There! There!

Wait! Stop! Hold on! Wait! Hold on there!

Son of a bitch.

Dispatch, we need an EMT...

Dispatch, we're in pursuit of a blue Honda motorcycle heading east on Jefferson. All units respond.

Suspect on a motorcycle.

Ruiney in pursuit, eastbound on Jefferson.

Partner, what the hell ya doin'?

What are you doing, Ruiney?! Come on!

Ruiney! Stop! Ruiney! Stop!

What are you doing! Ruiney, stop!

Hey. Hey.

How ya holdin' up?

Slight concussion, but no big deal.

How are you?

You know, I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Thank you.

Christi, listen, uh...

I've been thinking.

Maybe you should walk away.

Ya know? This is getting dangerous.

I just feel like we were lucky, you know?

One scar's enough already.

Hey, babes, we gotta move.

So what are we gonna do with the captain?

I mean, I think she should be questioned.

She's the only one who saw the Hangman.

Already did. She didn't get a look.

She was jumped from behind.

What a fight she put up, huh?

In a wheelchair.

Yeah, wheelchair, no wheelchair, that's one tough cop.

Got nothing from the motorcycle. Stolen. No prints.

Figures with this guy.

How you doing, Christi?

You okay?

I was doing this piece on drug cartels, and it was in the middle of nowhere, and...

I was going to my car late at night.


I just felt like something bad was gonna happen.

There was this guy, and he just came up, um, behind me and he knocked me down and... he just started beating me.

He had a knife to my neck.

I didn't know if I was gonna live or not.

The detective who was assigned to the case...

Detective Michaels, he vowed to find the guy who did this to me.

I don't know why.

I don't know why he cared so much.

But he did. He found him. He found the guy.

And the guy shot him.

Detective Michaels had a wife...

...and a little girl.

People don't understand why you guys do what you do.

They don't understand how much you give up and how much you sacrifice.

So, this story, it's not about me, it's about...

It's about him. It's about you.

It's about you guys.

So I'm not... I'm not giving up.

I guess you guys are stuck with me.


He's killed four people in four days, one every 24 hours.

He doesn't stop. That's part of the game.

He kills Jessica and he stops... for a year.

You want to put a new team on Jessica's murder?

Archer, we had four homicides in four days.

We don't have the resources to put a team on a homicide that happened a year ago. Please, it not about resources, man.

Something happened. It's very obvious.

Look, I agree with you. There's a gap...

I know, there's a gap. ...between murders. So let's just talk about it.

What does it mean? Okay, look.

There are only three reasons why a serial killer stops.

One, they die. That hasn't happened.

Two, we catch them. That hasn't happened.

Or three, they're in prison on an unrelated charge.

Well, sounds possible.

In jail for some unrelated charge.

So, why don't we get one of the techies to look at everybody who was put in prison from the time that Jess was murdered to the time Reverend Green's blood was taken?

Nine-month period.

That's gonna yield hundreds, maybe thousands.

Yeah, that's the problem. We don't have the time.

So we need to figure out a way to refine the search.

But, I think that this is personal to you guys.

He put your badge numbers on that desk for a reason.

She's right. He called us out.

So, let's refine the search to us.

Everyone you arrested this past year, and everyone I arrested.


That son of a bitch killed Joey, as a payback to us for saving the captain.

He's that kinda guy.

Please, tell me you got something.

I searched the records and used the filters for the date range you gave me.

Yeah, and? 26 arrests in your time parameters.

Five released in time to be your guy.

Put it up. That's all right.

So... who might that be fits the profile?

Adam Kellerman. Adam Kellerman.

Pull up Adam Kellerman.

Yeah, here we go. Kellerman, Adam. Assault with a deadly weapon.

Look at his address. And home.

Toys N More.

Eric Anderson. Eric Anderson's basement was full of toys.

Give us those shots from, uh, from Anderson.

This familiar?

Train set.

Son of a bitch sold it to him, I'll bet.

Let's go.


It's clear, Detective!

Holy shit!

Get Westlin down here.

Get the prints off the wall.

Run 'em against Kellerman.

This is Ruiney.

Let's get Forensics up here. We have a deceased male.

No powder residue on his face.

And residue on his hands.

Oh. Got his paint bucket there.

Oh, look what we found.

Will? Will?

I think we got the son of a bitch.

You know, maybe it's not the way we wanted it, but it's better than him...

...winding up in some prison playing cards every night to his heart's content.

So it's over?


Yes, it could be.

I think maybe I should check down at the station house and go over Kellerman's background.

You know, Christi, why don't you go on back home, honey?

I think, uh, it's been a long day.

I'll get an officer here to take you back.

Call me if you guys find anything.

Yeah, sure.

Officer, make sure she gets back to her place safely.

This guy went to extreme lengths to get our attention.

Made sure we followed every lead, found every victim.

So why off yourself before the game is finished?

I mean, we don't even know what the word is.

Guys like this, like Bundy, Gacy, Ramirez, they don't just stop, Archer.

So what are you saying to me?

You want this thing to make some kind of sense?

Tie it up in some way?

That's not the world, you know.

You're still young enough to believe it is, but things like sense and logic, well, they, uh... they quit having any effect.

I could never look at things from your perspective. I never will.

I'm not asking you to.

Maybe you're not ready to let this whole thing go.

Because that would mean, in a way, that you're giving up on Jessica.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm not.

But I need to be sure, Archer.

I need to be sure.

That's an impossible wish, but go for it.

Let's go see Christi.

Listen to her recordings. Maybe she's got something.

Sure, why not?

Spirit of sense and logic. I will go.

Did you guys do that?!


Holy sh...!



One scar's not enough for you.



No, she's still not answering.



Come on. Shit.

Goddamn it.

I'm gonna run a trace on her phone.

Yeah. Oh...

Hold it, hold it. Won't do any good.

Son of a bitch.

Goddamn it, I told her to walk away.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, my God.

I know who the killer is. Call dispatch.

Have them run a check on the guy that sideswiped me last year.

I wouldn't move around too much if I were you.

You know something?

We have a lot more in common than you realize.

Scars... tell stories.

Hmm... So, I think, seeing as you've had to focus on me this whole time, that it's only fair that I turn the camera on you.

So come on, Christi.

Let's have a little smile. Our viewers are waiting.

They're gonna track that feed, and they're gonna come for me.

Can you hear them? Can you hear them coming?

Can you?

Never came for me.

You think I didn't think of that?

You see, the thing is... we have plenty of time before the cops show up.

But, um, unfortunately, you don't. He was part of the foster system.

Next of kin? Next of kin, next of kin.

Veronica Townsend was his last foster parent.

Uh-huh. How about birth parents?

Birth parents, uh... Dorothy Stewart, OD'd '97.

Uh, George Stewart, '98 suicide.

Oh! George Stewart... hung himself.

Hung himself.

I think I know where he's gonna take her, and why.

What's the date of his father's death?

Wait a minute. October 9, 1998.

He's celebrating the anniversary of the death of his father.

That's twenty years to the day!

Holy shit.

Archer, where are we going?

Goddamn it! Fuckin' shit!

He hung himself in front of his child.

He did it at one of them pig farms off 28.

Pig farm off 28? Archer, Christi's not there.

What do you mean?

Those pig farms are gone, man. They're gone.

What are you saying to me?

That whole place got developed. They're condos and golf courses.

You serious?

Ruiney. Hey, guys!

Okay, we've got visual confirmation that Christi is still alive from a live feed that he is broadcasting on the Internet.

Son of a bitch. You guys got a trace on that?

No time for a trace, Captain! What are you seeing?

It's hard to say. I see...

I see marble walls. Um, I see plaques.

There's lots of plaques. Oh, my God. Ruiney, where's he buried?

Where's his father buried? Okay, so it's the state's responsibility to bury the destitute in a public graveyard.

So where's the closest public graveyard?

Public mortuaries. We got St. Catherine's, St. Joseph's.

Holy shit. Archer, Sacred Heart Mausoleum.

That's it.

It's coming together.

He wants us there, Ruiney.

Only we got to beat his timeline.

That's how he knew the Reverend Green.

How far away is SWAT? Approximately 20 minutes out.

So please, please tell me that you guys are closer!

We'll be there in seven.

I want all my units at that location now.

Now! Go! Go! Go!

Let's have a talk.

Come on, Christi.

You haven't figured this out yet?

Why the... Why the game? Why the hangman game?

I dunno. This one just kinda stuck with me.

And also, there's a slight thrill in being in control.

You know, it's an exhilarating feeling, you know, being able to tell who lives and who dies.

And that justifies killing innocent people?

You should really feel privileged because I'm about to give you a double value letter.

Wait. Wait.

I have more questions.

Why do you redress the-the people?

If you just kill them, why do you redress them?

I used to work nights in a department store.

I used to dress the mannequins.

They had to be perfect.

And I was in control.

S-So it's all about control.

And I get that. I get that.

Something happened to you in your past, and you want to make it right.

You think you understand?

You think you understand?

You don't know shit!

You people don't know anything!

You want to see control?! You want to see control?!

I mean, I'll flick the switch now. I don't have to wait!

Ten fifty-eight. Two minutes.

I don't need that. You want to see control?

Watch... Fuck you!

If you're gonna kill me, just kill me! Just do it already!

Now that's the spirit.

Yeah. We're just waiting for one more player.

Can you feel it?


One minute to go.

He's not coming to save you.

I always thought journalists smelled like pig shit.

Your time is up.

Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! It's Archer!

Oh, oh, Jimmy. No, no, no.

Just hold it, hold it a second.

It's me.

Don't, Detective.

Let's just talk for a minute. You and I, Jimmy.

I remember the last time I saw you.

You were just up to here.

Just a little boy.

About five or six years old.

I was a cop. I was doing my job.

Is that your daddy?

When that day was over...

I washed my hands of you.

I did. I know I did.

And I know now that was a mistake.

It was a tragic mistake.

Jimmy, I remember those little eyes looking at me as if...

I was the one who killed your father. But I didn't.

I didn't do it.

He hung himself.

I was there, Jimmy.

I was there witnessing that trauma that changed your whole life.

Don't you patronize me.

Oh, come on now. You don't need to do it.

I'm not gonna do anything! Don't you take another step!

What am I gonna do to you? You tell me.

I left you, Jimmy. I know.

And I forgot whatever happened to that little boy.

You want to know what happened to that little boy Jimmy?

After losing my father and that house I went through years of brutal pain.

Pain that you could only read about in your stupid fuckin' police files.

But you got no idea, do you? No idea.

If I'd have done something, if I had followed through, if I had inquired even about how you were you doing, it was...

It would've been different, I'm sure... You know what, fuck you!

I've achieved heights of greatness that flatfoots like you only dream of.

And you know what? You know who's to thank, Detective?

You know who kept me going through all those years of abuse and neglect?

You know who that was?

It's you, Detective Archer. It's you.

I could've helped you. I know that deep inside my heart.

Let me take this young woman's place.


I was too damn callous.

I had no empathy.

And that is unforgiveable.

I'm not asking for forgiveness. All I'm asking you to do for me now... let this woman go.

Do you really need her when you want me?

That's why this whole game has taken place, because of me.

Don't you mind-fuck me!

I'm not doing that at all. Listen to me.

Let's be fair. I'll stand in her place right now.

Don't do it, Jimmy.

Let's take her down and away.

Should she die for what I did?

No, no, no. Jimmy, don't. Hey!

You got her?! I got her.





Archer. Hey.

Archer, hey.

Hey, hang in there. Hey...

It's over.

The game is over.

Yeah, it's over. We got him.

I was... the "I."




I was... the "I."

No. Archer? Archer?








Aim! Fire!



Up and...

Hey, Mister.